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The Golden Triangle

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How do you pull into your body to get the most out of it? Connie Borho explains how the Golden Triangle gives you the connections you need for every movement. By activating the three anchors of the pelvis, you can find a lift from the basement of your spine.
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May 24, 2015
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Hi, I'm Connie Baro and we are going to be doing a tutorial today on what I call the Golden Triangle. And, um, what is very interesting to me as far as [inaudible] goes is really all of the movements are just like Jane Fonda used to do all of her calisthenics. Um, we don't obviously feel the burn, but what makes [inaudible] different than Jane Fonda's calisthenics is, are the connections that, that we ask you to have in each of the, in any of the positions. So how do you pull into your body to get the most out of it? Does that make sense to you? Okay. So the first one we're going to look at is the Golden Triangle.

And what this is, it's the three anchors of your pelvis and the three anchors of the pelvis attach the legs into the pelvis and really, um, allow the legs to move freely from the pelvis. So yes, we're attaching, but it's also a way to allow the legs to move freely. The other thing that does, um, which I love is in a unilateral exercise, like one leg circle or single leg stretch. Um, it squares your pelvis off. So it attaches the two sides of the pelvis together. So you're not hiking, you're not wobbling, you're not Mambo. Hipping. Um, things like that. Okay? So this is how it goes. So, um, we're gonna look at first the inner thighs, which is the first part. So what I want you to do is take your fingers and poke right at the tops of your inner thighs. And don't be shy. It's right next to your pubic bone poke, poke, poke. And as you're poking, I want you to activate the muscles. So you're drawing them together, the inner thighs, and you're activating them at the same time. So it's kind of like an isometric, but it is. They are moving together. Okay? So now take your hands away, put them techs down next to you and see if you can get that same feeling of activation and drawing together. Okay?

So that's the hardest one to get the hardest connection of this golden triangle. So we think we have it. Okay. The next part I want you to do is sit on your hands and I want you to feel your sitz bones right in the palm of your hands. Okay? Now, believe it or not, you can draw your six bones together. I spent my entire career not believing this, that how can that possibly be? And I remember in ballet class, my, my ballet teacher saying, pull your sitz bones together, pull it out. And I'm like, that just is not anatomically possible, but it is.

So it's not a huge movement, but it's a very small, subtle movement. So I want you to think of underneath your hands on top of your hands, okay? You're not going to scrunch your butt. You're not going to do like a glute squeeze. All I want you to do is activate it and then draw them together again, your own.

It's only going to be a little bit of an activation just a little bit and then release it. Now want everybody to look at that. So did you see her lift up when she did that? So we want you to do that. It's a lift without a scrunch in short box, pinch lift and grow in horseback. And all of those exercises where we're lifting up out of the pelvis, this is what's doing it saying we don't want to but squeeze, we want to activate them. Okay. Now take your hands away. Do the same thing without using your hands.

So I want you to think of activating the glutes just like 50% and then draw them together and perch. Yeah. And then relax it. Yeah. Do it again. So you're going to draw it in together. Yep. And that helps to get that lift. So it provides like a basement for your spine to lift up out of. Does that make sense? Okay.

It also provides someplace where your legs are going to hang from nicely when we get to it. Okay? So the next part of this is you're going to take the inner thigh on your right thigh and your sitz bone on your right thigh and pull them together. And never thought this was anatomically possible, but it is. There are muscles that draw those, um, the tops of your femurs in towards your sitz bones. So we want to activate those muscles. That's again, it's not a big huge movement.

So think of drawing those two together. So your inner thighs and your sits bones on your right and your left draw in together. And that's going to give you even more of a lift. Okay? And then relax that. Okay, so now let's put it all together. Got me. So we're going to imagine that you're pope, pope poking your inner thighs, activate your inner thighs, draw your inner thighs together. Then slide your sits bones together as if you're sitting on your sitz bones.

Then draw your right inner thigh to your right, sitz bone in your left inner thigh to your left sits bone. Feel that basement now lift the basement up to the first floor and that's up and into the low belly, and then release. Do it again. So everything comes up. Now you're going to see there is no quads going on here. All it is is that basement activation and you're lifting up. Okay? All right.

So we're going to take all of that and we're going to put it into a seated position. So I want you to sit around. It's completely different when you don't have your feet underneath you and they're straight out in front. So let's do it and we're ready. Bring your hands to genie. Okay. So draw your inner thighs together, joy your sits bones together. Draw your inner thighs and sits bones together. Get the lift. Now pull that whole thing up and into your low belly and lift your spine up on the basement. So really pull that up. And, and so it's pulling your pelvic floor in. I don't cue pelvic floor really, um, IQ, this golden triangle.

And I'll tell my clients really pull up and into the Golden Triangle. Okay, so again, it provides a basement for your spine, but it also lets your legs move freely. And we're going to s I'm going to show you this right now. You're ready? So I'm going to do roll up. If you don't do the Golden Triangle with roll-up, forget it. You will not get up. Okay? So arms go straight out in front of you. We're going to start with a roll back first. So lifting tall up on your golden triangle.

Hinge back just a little bit to clear the pelvis. Curl your tail under. Find your sits bones. Pull them together. Look straight ahead, pull your inner thighs together, pull your sits bones together, draw them up and into your low belly. Bring your arms right here. You don't even have to go any further. Now Curl your head through your arms. Find the Golden Triangle. Pull it up and in and scoop back up and sit up tall.

Does it feel different? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So let's try one more thing or do one leg teaser. Okay, so slide your hips forward just a little bit. And once we take one leg away, now it's even a lateral. So you really have to think of drawing them together to keep your pelvis squared off. Does that make sense? Okay, so lengthen your right leg.

I'll even hold it for you. How about that? So lifting up tough. Find Your Golden Triangle. Pull your inner thighs together, pull your sits bones together. Draw the whole thing up and into your low belly and lift your spine up off of it. Now hinge back slightly. Keep lifting your spine off your basement of your golden triangle. Curl under, enroll back. Arms come behind you really quick back. Let your head come back. Look straight ahead and roll right back up.

Find that Golden Triangle. Yes. So now we're not so much in the quad there. Okay? You're going to take your leg back to yourself. Ready? Draw your inner thighs together. Draw your sitz bones together. Golden Triangle. Turn your palms down, roll down into the mat. Arms come behind you. Inhale right back up. Pull your inner thighs together and switch legs.

What do you think? Yeah. Okay, so we'll try not to use this again. The what I saw you do is you started to hike your left hip. As soon as this leg came up, you hiked your hip. So what? Yes. So to square it off, all you have to think of now as the golden triangle, pulling your sits bones together. Okay? Turn your palms down and glue your inner thighs together.

Lift up tall on your basement. Pull your abs in and up through the Golden Triangle. Roll down, arms come behind you. Keep your eyes on the belly and roll right back up. Pull your in in five and sit up tall and you didn't hike it all very good. Lower that foot down. You want to try a teaser with that? Okay, so same thing. Um, it's a little bit harder obviously, cause it's Deezer only thing. You're like straight out and I'm going to hold you. No problem.

Hold it here now. No quads. Okay. Glue your sits bones together. Glue your inner thighs together. Turn your pumps down. Now lift your spine up off the basement of your golden triangle. Curl your tail under. Enroll back curl. Pull your sits bones together. Arms come behind you. Come right back up.

Pull your inner thighs in and up and stretch your spine up. One more time. Pull your inner thighs together, pull your sits bones together. Very good. Curl up. Reach and bring your legs down and sit up tall. And there you go. Now you have a golden triangle.

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Seems like a great way to cue pelvic floor without over activating it. Looking forward to using with clients. Thank you Connie!
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"Now you have a Golden Triangle!" Yes, I do, Connie! Thank you for this!
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Very interesting cue for pelvic floor engagement. Thanks.
1 person likes this.
Super helpful! Thank you!
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Very helpful!
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Thanks everyone for leaving a comment! I'm glad you find The Golden Triangle helpful. It has really helped me keep my loose pelvis under control!
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Delightful student!! Love the way her reactions were unscripted and I felt like I could vicariously share her experience. Maybe next time consider introducing/thanking her by name. I get it...soooo much to remember when being filmed. ;) So enjoyable to watch true interaction between student and teacher while talking to "us" out in cyber land. My favorite tutorial yet!
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Thank you, Joni! My reactions were totally unscripted, and I truly enjoyed it.
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Just watched this morning, and used the cues in my Y class this morning! Has some great responses. Seemed natural to "use" similar cues through out other exercises! Thank you..will watch over and over until I get it all down in my brain! Looking forward to more!
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I love this concept to keep the work out of the hip flexor and front thigh. Bravo Connie!!
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