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The Golden Triangle

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How do you pull into your body to get the most out of it? Connie Borho explains the Golden Triangle gives you the connections you need for every movement. By activating the three anchors of the pelvis, you can find a lift from the basement of your spine.
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May 24, 2015
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Hi, I'm Connie Baro and we are going to be doing a tutorial today on what I call the Golden Triangle. And, um, what is very interesting to me as far as [inaudible] goes is really all o...

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Seems like a great way to cue pelvic floor without over activating it. Looking forward to using with clients. Thank you Connie!
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"Now you have a Golden Triangle!" Yes, I do, Connie! Thank you for this!
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Very interesting cue for pelvic floor engagement. Thanks.
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Super helpful! Thank you!
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Very helpful!
Thanks everyone for leaving a comment! I'm glad you find The Golden Triangle helpful. It has really helped me keep my loose pelvis under control!
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Delightful student!! Love the way her reactions were unscripted and I felt like I could vicariously share her experience. Maybe next time consider introducing/thanking her by name. I get it...soooo much to remember when being filmed. ;) So enjoyable to watch true interaction between student and teacher while talking to "us" out in cyber land. My favorite tutorial yet!
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Thank you, Joni! My reactions were totally unscripted, and I truly enjoyed it.
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Just watched this morning, and used the cues in my Y class this morning! Has some great responses. Seemed natural to "use" similar cues through out other exercises! Thank you..will watch over and over until I get it all down in my brain! Looking forward to more!
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I love this concept to keep the work out of the hip flexor and front thigh. Bravo Connie!!
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