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Get the most out of every exercise in this stabilizing Mat workout with Connie Borho. She adds a twist to the traditional Mat repertoire by adding the Overball the entire time. She also includes Reformer exercises like Stomach Massage and more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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May 27, 2015
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My name is Connie borough and we are going to have a traditional classical mat class with balls. So you know you have to have balls to get through life. So here we have them. So I down onto your mat and bring your the ball between your knees and just lie all the way down. Everybody. Okay. Today, nothing I should know about. So bend your knees, put your feet flat on the floor. Go ahead and just take a couple of deep breaths like nice deep breath in. Let's move your feet forward just a tiny bit so that they're not behind your knee. Cubs. There you go. Another deep breath in.

I'm just going to start with some warm ups. So wrap your shoulders to your back, bring your ribs in towards the back and just gently squeeze the ball so you don't have to kill it. Squeeze it like it's an egg. Okay. And release. Now you just felt that what I want you to try to do is squeeze the ball like you're closing and elevator door. So your whole leg goes in, your knees don't just flop in like a flapper. Okay, so it's closing an elevator door. Your whole leg goes in and release again, your whole like from the top of your thighs to your knees, or it's even and release. One more time on the axe house. Squeeze now want to hold that ball like it's an egg.

And so you're about 50% of squeezing. Okay? Curl your tail under and just rock your pelvis to a pelvic tilt and release and inhale and rock the pelvis to a tilt and exhale and release. Again, holding the ball like you're closing and elevator door, but Sonai get in there and release one more time and release again. Close like you're closing the elevator door. Curl your tail up and begin to roll up into a mini bridge. Just a mini bridge so the back of your sacrum comes off the mat and then slide right back down again from your ribs down through your tailbone.

Let your tailbone release at the bottom again, squeeze the ball closure elevator door, curl up, funnel those ribs down just to your top of your sacrum, and then roll right back down again. One more time. Close your elevator door curl. Funnel your ribs down and roll right back down again, keeping your feet right where they are. Inhale and let your knees come over to the right. Just swaying your knees to the right and exhale with the left oblique.

Pull your legs back and up and into center. Staying going, right. So we're going to inhale. Go right. Use your leftover toe to pull back into center and holding that ball like an egg. Two more. Inhale, let it come over and exhale, pull it up and one more over. Close your elevator door and pull up to the other side on over. So you want to notice, is it harder to go to one side than the other?

And keep that in mind. And most of us have a smart side and a dumb side, so it all depends. You want to keep everything in alignment on both sides so your pelvis doesn't rock up and down in a hike. One more and come back and up and into the center. All right. Take the ball, put it in between your ankles and bring your knees into tabletop position for the hundred. Curl your head, neck, and shoulders up. Reach your arms long and begin pumping for the hundred. Inhale for five.

Keep your knees bent over achievers. You don't want to go too fast. And actually I was going to be a long 45 minutes in hell or five and exhale. Now lengthen the legs to the ceiling. Keep closing your legs like you're closing the elevator doors. So from the pelvis out through your big toes. Same amount of pressure.

Lower the legs down to 45 degrees. Drop back through the ABS and opposition. Big Arms. Keep your fingers together. Reach out through your armpits to stretch. Good. Two more breaths and how? Reach out through your arms struts. Look at your belly button. And one more breath. Good job.

Bend your knees. Grab that ball between your hands and sit up. Put it underneath your feet so you're gonna stick your feet right on top. Flex your feet, heels down, arms go forward for roll up. Curl your tail under and roll back one vertebra at a time. Turn your palms down to face the floor. Nice arms come back behind you.

Now press into your ball. Close your elevator door. Curl your head through your arms and scoop. Roll Up. Push into that ball. Oh, all right. Now sit up tall. So we're going to go through my golden triangle. Yeah, sitting up as tall as you can. Find your sits bones. Pull them into gather. Find your inner thighs. Pull them into gather.

Then pull your right inner thigh and your right Sitz bone together. Your left inner thigh and your left Sitz bones together. Now pull that all up and into your low belly. Hinz yourself off of your hips. Curl. Stretch away from your Golden Triangle right there. Yes. Now keep that golden triangle. Close your elevator door, arms.

Go to the ceiling curl. Press down into your feet that you didn't even need my help there and roll up. Reach Long. Stay curled. Roll back down. Reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. Pull those sitz bones together and I'm just come back. Look down your nose, arms come back to the ceiling, roll up. She did. And so that's like one of the things that is the bane of everybody's existence as the roll up, right?

A lot of times it's because we're not using the three anchors of the pelvis there. Keep going. Instead, we're using hip flexors. Good jobbing. So instead of using your hip flexors, use your sitz bones, your inner inner thighs. All right, last one. Curl up. Head in, scoop, roll. Push into that ball. Excellent. Take the ball now. Put it in between your ankles for rollover arms. Reach forward. Find the Golden Triangle again. Close your elevator door. Curl under. Enroll back, arms down by your side. Bend your knees.

Bring their legs to the ceiling and roll up and over. Legs reach long. Now Flex your feet strongly and roll down one vertebra at a time. Good job. Reach into your armpits. Lower the legs out to 45 degrees. Point your toes. Go right back up and over. Funnel those ribs. Keep your risks pushing into the floor. Roll down and flex your feet.

Hold your ball like an egg closer. Elevator doors. One more time out. Up in, over. Flex your feet to roll down. Keep them flexed. Roll right up and lower your feet to the floor. Roll right up. Put the ball underneath your left ankle for one leg circle rolled down into the mat. Right leg go straight up. Anchor your arms down into the mat.

Flex your bottom foot. Press down into that bottom foot. So keep your golden triangle on. So single legs are all about that. Cross over to your left shoulder, down and around and up. Over around. Scoop up. Keep pushing into the ball and come up. Two more in hell. Around and up. Last one. Hold it there. Switch directions.

Bring your arms right next to your sides. It's harder to keep your arms still next to your sides. One more time. Hold it there. [inaudible] reach for your calf. Curl your head up. Climb a tree. Climb, climb, climb, climb, climb all the way up to a seated position. Yeah, you were climbing. Now climb back down. Climb, climb, climb just to the lower back. Gets the mat and then come right back up. Climb, climb, climb, reach. Your right leg up. Make it active and climb down again. One, two, three. Climb right back up. Push into your ball. Good.

Lower that foot switch. The placement of your ball leg goes down. Roll down into your mat for one lake. Circle on this side. Left leg straight up. Point your toe. Press into the ball. Flex your bottom foot. Cross over, down and around and up. Stretch around. Look down your nose. Lengthen out through the back of your neck. Three more crossover around and hold. Cross over around. Scoop up.

Anchor that right side. Reverse it. Stretch around scoop. Reach the foot for the ceiling. Find your sits bones and pull them together as you push into the ball. One more. Oh God. Reach for the ankle. Curl up and walk up your tree. Curl your tail under. Curl back down. Climb down your tree.

Keep pushing into your foot, up your tree. Pushed into that ball. Flex it and let it roll and down. One more time. All the way up. Good and all the way down. Put the ball between your ankles. Sit Up for rolling like a bone.

Go ahead. So hold that ball between your ankles. Float your toes, sit on the back edge of your sits bones. Wanna take your your hands down by your ankles. My Kaylee. Sit on the back edge balance. Curl your head in. Curl under. Enroll back. Close into the elevator door to roll up and hold. Yes. Curl under. Roll back. Squeeze your elevator door.

Close it one more time. Curl under. Roll back and come back up and balance. Bring your hands down next to your sides. Lengthen your legs up to the ceiling. Bend them back down. One more time. Lengthen. I'm up to the ceiling. Bend it back down. Take that ball, put it underneath your feet for stomach massage.

Bring your hands to the front stomach massage round and okay, so round your back up. Sit Tall on your golden triangle. Stretch your legs out on the inhale. Exhale, pull right back in. Inhouse. Stretch out. Exhale right back in. So from your seat through your feet, stretch, lift your chin up off your chest. Lengthen your spine long. Yes, one more. Hold it there. Pull it in length in your spine. Bring your hands back. Lifting up tall and stretch out.

Pull back in from your see-through, your feet lane, fin and scoop in. Stretch your spine the longer and pull in one more time. Stretch. Pull in and hold. Reach your arms straight out for reaching. Stretch out. Lift taller to come back in. Stretch out. Lift taller to come back in.

One more out tall are to come back in for twisting. Press out, twist to your right, up and around. Hold it there. Stretch. Ooh. Did you stay on your ball or it had one foot fall off? Come right back in and stretch to the other side. Keep your golden triangle pulled in together and come back in. Stretch out and reach up and around and come back in.

Good. Last one. Keeping the inner thighs pulled together. Excellent. And come back in. Great. Stretch your legs straight out and just fold over. Grab your ball, lie back down, placing the ball right underneath your bra strap right there. Good. So first part of this is just a stretch. Bring your hands behind your head, good knees up towards the ceiling. Knees together.

Slowly let your chest open and come back over the ball. Open your elbows wide to the side. Nice big stretch. God. No. Bring your elbows even with your ears. Tuck your Chin and curl up. Pressing your ribs back behind you. Squeezing the ball with your ribs orange.

I'm going to do that one more time. So coming back, opening up the chest, elbows wide. Reach your chest towards the ceiling. Up over that ball. Bring your elbows even with your ears. Curl Your Chin in and come right back up for a rotation. So this is where we separate the girls from the not girls. Ready. Go back down just a little bit. Now take your right elbow and open it up and try to touch your right elbow to the floor long, longer and longer.

Try not to roll your ball and come right back up and into the center. That should feel good. By the way. Now left elbow opens, reach back. So this is what core, this is what crisscross should feel like and come back up. Let's do it one more time. Rotate and reach that back. Elbow back. Try to get it to the floor cause you're lengthening. It's so much.

And then come back up last time to the left. We're going to add to this stretch, stretch, stretch. Come back and into center. Rotate right. Reach your left leg straight out. Now take that rotation in opposite directions. So look back at your back elbow. Stretch your forward foot even further forward. Haley, lift your leg up just a little bit. Amy, up a little bit with the leg stretch.

Reach, reach, reach, come back and into the center and switch other side reach. Hold your sitz bones together to maintain your pelvic integrity, good and alignment. Come back in. Do it again. Stretch and reach and lane thin out. Pull your ribs and squish the ball as you come back and into the center and switch last one. Reach and come all the way back and lengthen your legs.

Sit Up, grab the ball for spine. Starts forward. Separate your feet about mat distance apart. Bring the ball right between your knees. Place your right hand on top of your left. Flex your feet strongly. Shoulders down. Curl your head through.

Pull your forehead towards your ball as you roll it forward, roll it forward. Stay out there. I don't want you to move up. I want you to pull the ball towards you by pulling your abdominals in. Now use that to curl your tail under and roll back up again. Did you guys feel that? Okay, so pressed into the ball. Curl your head through your arms. Stretch, reach, shoulders, slide down your back. Don't move.

Squeeze the ball and pull it towards you. Curl under and roll back up against. Switch the position of your hands. Same thing. Curl your head through your arms. Stretch and reach forward. Pull with your abs to squeeze the ball and roll right back up again. Flex your feet. And one more time. So find your golden triangle. Sit Tall.

Pull your sitz bones together. Pull your inner thighs together and sit up taller and taller and taller and taller and taller. Good. Put the ball between your ankles. Bring your hands down next to your hips. Bend your knees and balance God hands here. Point your toes towards the floor. Lengthen the legs to the ceiling and lower him down. Lengthen the legs to the ceiling.

Stay tall on your sits bones and lower them down. One more time. Lengthen the legs to the ceiling. Now take your hands behind your thighs for open leg rocker. Curl your head in. Roll back and come right back up. Push into your legs. Squeeze closer. Elevator door. Roll back. Curl your head.

Squeeze. Close your elevator door. Hold. Nice. One more time. Roll back. Squeeze on hold. Lengthen. Now reach your arms past your feet. Keep your feet up. Roll your body down into the mat. Palms to the mat for the corkscrew. Look down your nose. Anchor your pelvis. Lift your legs up.

Cross your feet over to your right shoulder, down and around to the left and back to center. Cross over, down and around and back to center. Now come center over. Achievers are doing corkscrew through our writing. Only wants you to do two works for one, so let's reign it in. All right, so you ready? We're only doing corkscrew one. I wasn't clear. Bring your feet over to your right shoulder, down and around to the left. Back to center. Squeeze and close your elevator door over to the left, down and around. Back to center. Squeeze. Okay.

Now corkscrew two was a little harder. Over to your right, down and around to the left. Right there. Lift your hips up. Just an inch straight up, not back. Yes. Come back over to the other side. Lift your hips straight up, not back. Lift back to the center. Good. And roll up and have a seat for the saw.

Take the ball in your right hand. Stretch your arms out. Feet about Matt distance apart. Flexed. Yes, we might need to Steiger a tiny bit. Alright, you're ready. Lift up. Sit on your sitz bones. Golden Triangle pulls you up and in. Thank you. And twist up and around to your right. Go ahead, hold and lift and lift and lift and lift and come back and into the center.

Twist up and around to your left and lift and lift and lift and lift. Now hold it here. Take the ball to the floor, right inside your big toe and stretch forward. Reach and reach and reach. Keeping both hips on the mat. Let your ear listen to your bicep. Lolita says there's something sort of beautiful music going on in your bicep there. Stretch now, curl up, grab your ball, go up and around to the other side. Stretch and go forward again.

Now take that back hand and push it down into the mat behind you. So you're gonna take your ball. You're in balls still in your right hand. Sleiman didn't say. Switch your hands. Stretch and press into that ball from your underarm of your right arm and curl up in a twist. Come all the way through the center and give your hand other hand the ball.

Okay, arms out. First one is just to lift, to lift up, twist up and around to your left. Sit on your golden triangle. Reach up taller, lift up tall, twist up and around to your right stretch. Put the ball on the floor, stretch the ball forward. Listen to the music of your bicep. Stretch and reach your arms in opposition. Press pull back through the waist and curl up. Come all the way up through the center, twist up and around to the other side.

Lean out into the front and take your back hand to the floor and press into it. Squeeze that ball with your whole side. Grab the ball, curl up in the twist. Come up and around and bring your feet together and roll down onto your stomach for the swollen. Okay, so bring that ball underneath your hands first. We're going to start there. So hands your arms go straight, straight forward. Lengthen out through your legs. Okay. Forehead on the Mat.

Curl your tail towards your heels and lift your belly in and up. Yes. Press your hands down into the ball and reach the ball forward like you're sliding your shoulder blades off your back. So elevation and now depression. Pull the shoulder blades back down and again, arms go forward. Reaching good and pull back down through the shoulder blades.

One more time, reaching and forward and pull back down through the shoulder blades. Now wrap your shoulder blades in towards your spine. Lift your eyes, nose, chin, and chest. Use your arms to help you come up. Lifting your chest up, pull your armpits back, pull your chest through your shoulders. Now go longer to come back down. Reach and roll the ball away. Good. One more of those. So pull your arm pits back, wrap your shoulders onto your back, pushed down into the ball. Lift your eyes, nose, Chin and chest. Reach long through the legs. Curl your tail under.

Lift your abs off the Mat and go longer to go back down. Mm. Okay. For single leg kick. So this is not a nice one. Bend your right knee and put the ball underneath your right knee if you need my help. Nope, it's right underneath it. Right underneath your knee. Okay, so it's already stretched. No.

Did anybody know that single leg kick is supposed to be a stretch for your quad? Okay. Yes, we are using the um, the hamstring, but it is a stretch for your quad. So flex the bottom foot, point the bottom foot, flex the bottom foot, point the bottom foot. Now anchor the bottom foot into the mat. Okay. Top foot point and flex. Top foot point and flex point and flex.

One more time. Point in hold. Now kick, kick, right foot kick, kick and release. Kick kick and release. Yes. How much is a nice stretch right there or what? Okay. One more late than it. Hold it. Long, long, long, long, long. Now slide your elbows in underneath you and lift your chest up. Good.

Bring your fist together. Same thing. Kick, kick a little bit different. Now it's really hip flexor stretch cause we're, we've lifted the torso up so abs in and up. Press down and into that right hip. You want to still stay. Lift the stope. Stay anchored in the hip. One more. Now reach back with your right hand and grab the ankle. Yeah.

Easier said than done. Try not to get a cramp. Lift the knee up and stretch. Hold. Look forward two, three and release that. Slide the ball underneath the other knee. Hmm. It's a killer. All right, so arms go down first.

Good forehead on the hands and bottom foot flexes. Bottom foot points. Bottom foot flexes, bottom foot points. Bottom foot flexes. Now anchor it in a point. You're an anchor. That whole right side into the mat. Top foot points and flexes and points and flexes reaching long through the leg.

Hold it pointed. Kick, kick in one, two, and return. I want to anchor the left hip down and return. Keep the toe pointed. Yep. And Return. One more. Go ahead. Now slide your elbows in and underneath you. Lift your torso up and kick. Kick off and return. Lift your chest up through your shoulders. Return kick. Kick.

One more. Yes. And hold it. Reach back through and grab that ankle with your left. Huh? Where is it? Where I help you? There it is. It's a killer. Oh, so that size. Your tighter side. Just a little. Okay. And release that. Okay.

Take the ball between your ankles for double leg kick. All right, turn your right, right face, cheek onto the mat. Bring your hands into your lower back and lengthen your legs behind you and let them come down onto the mat. All right, so right face cheek on the mat. Let your shoulders release. Three kicks to the buttock. One, two, three. Stretch your legs, stretch your arms, lift your chest. Look forward. Press the ball into the mat. Yes, it's so much harder. And then turn your head. Look the other way. Three kids, close your legs like an elevator door. Stretch out.

Push the ball into the floor to get more. Lift. Is this if somebody is spotting you, have you ever had that spot where you can lift up more? All right, turn the other way. Three, two, one and lift, stretch, reach. Lift your chest or your shoulders end blown. Go down and three, two, one and reach and push that ball into the floor. Lift your chest and opposition and come all the way down. Bring your hands underneath your armpits. Sit back onto your heels for rest. Go ahead, grab the ball. Lie on your back for neck pull.

So you thought roll up was fun. And we're going to do netball. So you have steak club bringing the ball between your ankles. Okay, we're going to do what? A couple of different ways. So the Golden Triangle was the thing that's going to get you up. You guys, there's no two ways about it. So I'll stretch your legs. I'll close your legs like you're closing elevator door right there.

So from your sits bones all the way through your heels. Yeah. Bring your hands behind your head. Now connect everything. Lift your sits bones up and into your low belly. Hinge your shoulders back right to there. I keep looking forward though. Don't let your head come up. Curl your tail under.

Push the ball away with your sits bones. Come all the way down. Keep pushing the ball away with your sits bones and come right back up. Don't even think good. Pull yourself down. Stack-Ups stand on your sitz bones. Elbows wide. So close your elevator doors. Sit Up Taller.

Pull your sitz bones up and into your low belly. Hinge back. Push the ball away with your sits bones. Roll down. Come right back up. Keep pushing the ball away. Yes. And come up and sit up tall. How did that work? That was so much better, right? Yeah. Okay. Put the ball underneath your right foot. Oh, I know.

And lie all the way down cause you know what's coming next. Right shoulder bridge. Okay. Bend your left knee. Bend your right knee. Your right foot should be on the ball. Yeah. Okay. Arms press down into the mat. So walk your foot so that your heel is not right underneath your uhm, yeah, so right there is the left one. Yep. Good. Okay.

So press down into your arms, funnel your ribs and lift your hips straight up. Push down and into your right foot. Push down into your right foot. Now pull your sits bones together. Use your goal and triangle to square your hips off. Because right now, even though we're in using two feet, you are in unilateral because you've got one foot on a mall. Good. And Roll right back down again. Okay, keep that.

So press down into both feet. Funnel your ribs, lift your hips up. Keep your ribs moving away from your chin. Push down into your right foot and lift your left knee into tabletop. Hold it, hold it. Lift the hips, lift the hips. Try to keep it under control by pulling your sits bones together. It doesn't come from your legs.

It comes from your pelvis to keep the ball from rolling. Good. Lower the foot back down. Roll down into the mat. Okay, let's do that again. So funnel your ribs, lift your hips up. Keep your ribs moving away from your chin. Curl your tail under a little bit more. Push down into that foot.

Lift the left knee up and straighten the leg. Flex your foot. Now put a heel print on the ceiling. Lift your hips up. One more inch. Lower it down an inch. One more inch, lower down in inch. Press your arms down into the mat. Pull your sitz bones together. One more time. Lift and lower down.

Slowly downed into the mat. Very good sweat. Don't no swearing. You didn't do the left leg. I had my eyes on you. All right, so I know with it's like it's, you know what's coming now, right? So no anticipation is sometimes really good.

So arms press down into the mat. First thing is just push down and into both feet. Funnily ribs, lift your hips up, glue your sitz bones together. Pull into your golden triangle. Push hard into that foot and roll right back down. So this might be your good side. It might not be poor. Sabrina's going, this is so not my good side. Okay. Funnel your ribs.

Lift your hips back up. All right, push down and into that foot. Activate your sips and woo and it's not your good side either. So sits bones pulled together has nothing to do with your leg. It's your sitz bones pulling together, stamp down into that foot. I know, right? And lower right back down. So what tends to happen is if I call it gluteal Amnesia, if, if your butt forgets how to work on one side, that that will show right right off the bat.

So you have to really think about pulling your sitz bone. Your left sits bone to your right inner thigh, okay? All right. Ready? Funnel your ribs. Press down through your feet. Lift your hips up. Now pull your sitz bones together. Take your ribs down. Good. Now stamped into that foot. Lift the top leg up, lifted up. Much better.

Pull your sitz bones together, your foot heel. Print up and lower down. He'll print up and lower down. Pull your sits bones together. Lower down. One more time. Up and lower all the way down. Yes. And release much better, right? Glue your feet together. Put the ball between your feet and gloom together.

And extend them straight out. Roll up for spine twist. Okay. Arms out to a big tee. Palms down. Glue your thighs together. No rolling your balls. Ready. Lift up. Stand on your sitz bones. Pull your ribs to your back. Twist up and around to your right. One twist a little higher to twist a little higher.

Three and come back and into the center. Didn't move your balls at all. Lift up, twist up and around and up and around and up and around and come back and into the center. Now close your elevator doors. Stand on your elevator door. Basement. Lift up, twist up and around to your right. Two, three. Lift up taller and come back and into the center. Pull your inner thighs together. Lift up to three. Come back and into the center and roll down onto your back. Turn over onto your right side for sidekick series.

The ball goes underneath the bottom. Leg. Legs are making a v. Flex your bottom foot now for this, um, try and go all the way down. Okay, so you're going to go all the way down. Let's lower your head onto your arms. Good. Top foot is right on top of the bottom foot. Bottom foot flexes. What I want you to try to do is think of this as an abduction exercise.

So you're pushing the ball down by abducting the bottom leg. Okay? Lift the top leg, but keep the bottom leg in abduction. Point the top foot. Lower at hip height for forward and back. Kick. Kick forward. Kick, kicked back. Anchor your bottom foot kick. Kick forward. Yes, kick kicked back. Keep abducting into the bottom foot and back. One more time. Stack them for up, down. Lift the legs straight up. Now press both legs down to come down.

Yes. Lift up. Press both legs down to come down. Now you're going to press the bottom leg down and the lift the top leg up and press both legs down to come down. One more time. Up and stretch down a little tiny circles. Point your toe one and two and three. No circling the ball. Abduct that ball. Push your heel into the ball. Good.

Go the other way. Nice. [inaudible] great. Okay. Take that ball and on out from underneath that top the bottom leg. And put, bend your top knee and put the foot on the floor. Ball goes right underneath your foot for inner thigh lifts and lowers. Yes, this is torturous. So this is gonna go in front like that. Yeah, just like that.

And you run away like that. Okay, so push into that ball and externally rotate the knee. Keep pushing into the ball and externally rotating the knee. Go ahead one more time. Push it into the bowl. Externally, rotating the knee. Now lift the bottom leg up and lower it down. You're still pushing into the ball to lift the bottom leg up and lowering it down. So if you don't feel your Golden Triangle now, you will never feel it.

Inner thighs pulled together. Sitz bones pulled together. You guys feel that? Yeah. One more time. Hold the lift of the bottom leg circles. Don't move the ball. Don't move it. Don't move it. Go the other way. Nice job.

Stretch up all out. Put it in between your ankles and roll over onto your stomach for beats on belly. So stack your hands one on top of the other and let your chest release. Curl your tail towards the ball and lift the ball out and up. So keep your legs as straight as you possibly can.

Think of floating the ball just an inch up off the floor. Alright, you're ready. Squeeze the ball. 20 Times 29 eight seven, six, five. Pull your inner thighs together. Close your whole leg like you're closing and elevator door. And 10 more. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Listen carefully. Take the ball and place your right leg on top.

So you're gonna roll your right leg so it's on top. And the ball comes between your legs. One leg is on the bottom, one leg is on the top. So you're gonna roll over onto your stomach. Keep going all the way and you're gonna take your right leg on top. Just like that. Yes. Okay. Ready? Lift both legs up and squeeze the ball.

Squeeze. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Squeeze. This is gonna come here, please. Put this on top. And lengthen. Yes. Squeeze. Squeeze. Oh. Oh, you mean those ones? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Okay. All right. Now the roll with the other way. So the other legs on top, close like an elevator door.

Keep your other hip on the mat. Lift the legs up and squeeze. Lengthen your legs. Length and length, and five, four, three, two, one and roll over onto your left side for psychic series on that side. Whew. So glad that's over with. So ball comes underneath your bottom foot. Extend it, flex it. Top leg stacks on top. Good. Go all the way down. Now. Bottom foot flexes, top foot points. Abductions.

You're pushing that ball down with your bottom leg, trying to keep your heel even with your sitz bone. Good. So you're not externally rotating the foot top foot lifts. Hip Height. Point your toe for four and about kick kick forward. Kick, kick back, kick, kick forward. And I'm kick kick back reaching. Don't roll your balls. Keep abducting that leg. So push down into the ball. Go ahead one more time.

Stack your feet right on top of each other for up, down. Lift the top leg up. Now push down into the ball to lower the leg. Push into the ball to lift the leg. Push into the ball to lower the leg. Abduct, abduct. Good stretch. And pull it in one more time. Point your toes. Little tiny circles. No rolling your balls. So how do you do it?

You gotta keep that bottom like still by anchoring it. Good. Go the other way. Nice. Okay. Take that ball. Put it underneath your top foot for inner thigh lifts and lowers. Yup. So this is where you step onto the ball. Push into the ball, keeping your hips stacked up externally.

Rotate the knee, push into the ball and externally rotate. Good. Push into the ball. Bottom foot flexes anchored into the Mat. Push into the ball externally rotate. Okay. Keep that. Lift the bottom leg up and lower it down. Keep pushing into the top leg and lowering down.

Try to externally rotate and lower it down. One more time and lower down. No circles, no rolling. Big circles that comes from your upper inner thighs. So close your elevator door. Find your golden triangle and pull it up and into the low belly.

Go the other way. Nice God. Lower that down. Bring the ball between both ankles. [inaudible] and sit up facing into the middle for teaser. One leg. Bring the ball between your knees. All right, arms go straight out to a high diagonal. Reach out long. Lift your right leg out and up. Turn your palms to face the floor. Now pull your sits bones together. Pull your inner thighs together.

Look down at your belly. Roll down into the mat, arms behind you and come right back up. Don't hesitate. He who hesitate is lost. Ready? Go down into the mat. Pull your inner thighs together. Squeeze that ball and come up. Switch your feet. Go ahead. Lift up tall. Turn your palms to face the floor and go down.

You're pushing down with your arms. Now push down with your arms to come up. [inaudible] go down. Squeeze that ball and come back up. Now put the ball between your ankles, length in legs out and hold. Hold and hold and hold and hold.

Rolled down into the mat. Arms behind you. Right back up. Reach for your ball. Squeeze that Golden Triangle. Emerald down. Nice. Pull your inner thighs together. Close your elevator door one more time down. Close it and stay up. Bend your knees, put your feet down. Yay. Put the ball between your knees for Cam Cam. Hands behind you.

Make it long and just your toes on there. Bring your knees to the right, to the left, to the right, and kick up. Fold it back down. Left, right, left. Kick up. Close or elevator down and yeah. Oh, over, over, over. Kick up. Last one over, over, over. Kick up. Bend and come onto your right hip for mermaid.

So mermaid stretch. Good. Everybody facing me. All right, so keep the ball between the knees. Yes. Stack your knees as much as you can and you should be on your right hip so your knees should face that way. Good, good. All right. Squeeze. Curl your tail under. You can move your feet out if it's uncomfortable for your hips. That's it.

Now you're holding onto the top leg. Bring your bottom arm up. Mm. Squeeze the ball. Come up and over. Stretch the side. Now come through a tee. Squeeze the ball, close your elevator door and come all the way down and bring your arm over. Turn your palm to face the ceiling. You're on your l, on your wrists there. Come up, up, up, up. Now squeeze that ball.

Close your elevator and come up and over a very nice stretch. Come up and over. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and up. Bring your hands back behind you. Tease your legs to me. Other side. Curl your tail under. Hold on to your ankles. Other arm comes up. Squeeze the ball. Good. Pull your abs in.

Close your elevator door. Come over and stretch. Now squeeze the ball and come down. Elbow to the mat. Arm comes over. Pull your waist away from the floor to squeeze. Now squeeze closure. Elevator door. Come all the way up and over. Stretch keeps squeezing and over. Last one, stretch. Big Stretch. Come back up.

Give it a stretch. Good. Now bring your hands to the Fluor and you're going to come up onto your knees facing this way. [inaudible] keep the ball between your knees for chest expansion. So feet about shoulder distance or hip distance apart. Flat on the floor. Bring your arms down by your sides.

Gut wrap your shoulders to your back. Lift your arms straight out from your shoulders. Now pull your arms down and through. Turn your head to the right to the left. Come back to the center and Exhale, grow taller. Same thing only you're going to hinge back a little bit. Press down and back. Turn your head left. One Line Center, right center. Exhale, grow taller. Arms forward. Inhale, hinge back from the knees, length in your body and right and left ribs into your back and come back and into the center. So no poppy rib he sees. Um, one more time back and turn.

Turn Taller to come back in for the knee stretch. Okay. Or thigh stretch. Sorry. No, we're not doing knee stretch today. We could, but I'm not going to bring your arms up. Tuck your toes under. Sweep your hands behind you. Grab your heels and lean back. Squeeze. Close your elevator door.

Lift your chest, roll your shoulders back. Let your neck come back. Let your head come back. Squeeze the living daylights out of the ball. Bring your arms out to the side. Lift your head and come right back up. Do it again. Ready? All the way back. The head is the last one to come back. When you come back up, the head is the first one up and come in.

We like that one. Let's do it one more time. All the way back. Squeeze the ball. Let your head come back last. Open the chest up, arms out. Head comes up first. And sit back and stretch your arms for child's pose. And just relax for a second. Good job guys.

Okay. Alright. Come up onto your knees. Move the ball to between your ankles. Hands down onto all fours. Good. Walk your knees backwards until they're behind your hips. So there should be a diagonal. And then like Candice does, just didn't lift your toes up off the floor and squeeze the ball.

Bring your hips forward. So you're going to do like a girly push up, but it's really not going to be a girly pushup cause you'll see what happens. So you're ready. Walk your hands back so that your sh your hands are underneath your shoulders. There you go. Do One pushup. Now Flex your feet, kick your legs behind you and come up into a real plank stretch. Good one pushup. Come back up. Lower your knees right there.

Pull your heels up. Gurley's pushed up and come right back up. Kick your legs out and stretch one. Push up. Good knees. Last one. Squeeze the living daylights out of the ball. Kick it back and come all the way up. Now talk your head in curl. Roll your hips back.

Keep your back rounded and walk your hands back to your heels. Keep squeezing the ball. Good. Walk Right back out again. Keep your head in until the last minute. Keep your back rounded lower back down God and again had in round your back.

Walk backwards. Now send your heels down into the mat. Arms. Stay next to your ears. As you roll up, squeeze your ball. Roll up one vertebra at a time. Arms next to your ears. They go all the way to the ceiling. Keep squeezing the ball. Lift up on your toes.

Lyft, Lyft, Lyft, mice. Lower back down. Keep your arms lifted. Turn your toes out so you're in your own plotty stance. Lift up. Squeeze the ball. Now Bend your knees with control out to the side. Curl your tail under. You're not going all the way down.

You're just going halfway down. Hold it there. Curl your tail under. Lift up an inch. Go down an inch, pull your seat towards your heels. Pull your seat away from your heels. So it's a pole pull down and a pull up. Curl your tail under. Find Your Golden Triangle. That's what's doing the work. Their inner thighs, Sitz bone. Hold it all the way up.

Straighten your arms, straighten your legs, lower your heels down, lower your arms down and there.

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This was a great class! Awesome cueing as usual!
Paola Maruca
Loved this class. Connie's cues are impeccable. I enjoyed the variations and the teacher's great sense of humor. Hope to see Connie teach on the Cadillac and Chair.
Thank you
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Fun class! Paola took the words right out of my mouth! I really enjoyed this class and all the variations.
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Absolutely fantastic class. Thank you for all of the creative moves with the ball. Loved it!
This was incredible. I can't believe all the new space I found in my body using the over ball for a whole class. It really helped me find my 'golden triangle'. Thanks
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Wow! Do *I* have a new relationship to my sitz bones and inner thighs??? Oh yes I indeedy do!
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Thank you, Connie!
This was the first class with a traditional repertoire that made sense to my body. It was amazing!
Great class Connie! So glad golf was cancelled due to rain so I could do this class. Feeling well balanced!
Thank u 4 helping me find gold in my hips??.
The golden triangle is a great cue.
Loved this class??
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