Class #2180

Ladder Barrel Workout

30 min - Class


Get ready for a short and sweet Ladder Barrel workout with Jillian Hessel! She starts at the Ladder with Barre work and moves on to more advanced exercises like the Swan she learned from Kathy Grant. Jillian's detailed cueing makes it so easy to follow along so you will be able to feel stretched and ready for your day!
What You'll Need: Ladder Barrel

About This Video


Hi, I'm Gillian Hessel and this is a very short but favored ladder barrel workout that I've devised. So we're going to start as if this is the ballet bar. If you don't happen to have a ladder, Barrett...


Jillian !!! This is amazing :) Thank you so much for sharing..I just fell in love with the ladder barrel all over again !!
Love this! It felt yummy to my body. So glad to have another ladder barrel routine.
Beautiful swan! The whole class builds nicely.
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Thanks Jillian, I love this Swan variation!
Thank you Jillian! Beautiful class!
Loving the barrel, too often neglected! :)
Love the flow, control
and great cueing....thank you!
Wow, I love It. Great!. Thank you Jillian.
Great to see ladder barrel work. Thank you Jillian!
This makes me want a ladder barrel! Great control, and such a beautiful piece of equipment!
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