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One Repetition Reformer

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Sharon Gallagher-Rivera is back with a challenging Reformer workout that is perfect for the advanced practitioner! She does one repetition of each exercise so you can get through the full advanced repertoire. Her clear guidance and smooth transitions will help you move through these advanced exercises just as beautifully as Jackson and Quillet.

For those following the traditional order, Corkscrew, Control Balance, and the Arabesque Dismount were left out due to "unintentional forgetfulness."
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm Sharon Gallagher Rivera. And, uh, I have my lovely students here today, Kayla at Romaine and Jackson Grantham, and they've been, um, studying with me for a little while, so it's really great to have them here today. Uh, what we're going to do today is we realized that oftentimes we never get to practice all of the advanced work and it just ends up being those exercises that we never try. So, um, in order for us to get through the full rep, we are going to do one repetition of every exercise and this is just a great way to practice, um, remembering your order and, um, getting a chance to, to do everything. Um, I am gonna have them start with full reps of footwork and a hundred so that they're ready. Their bodies are ready for overhead when we get there. Um, so here we go. Go ahead and stand close to your reformer. You're gonna sit on the corner and in one motion, roll back and place your feet in a v. Excellent. And here we go. Inhale up. Exhale, inhale. Good. So using this as a warm up and to uh, activate what parts of your body are grounding into the carriage and pulling you back in. Good. Feeling that three dimensional core activate little more legs to pull you in Paul and tail heavy. Good.

And in last two and in good. This is going to be the easy part and arches on the bar. So I like to go closest to the heels. Excellent. And here, inhale, wrap the feet around. Inhale back, pull yourself in. Good. So your legs are actively working in both directions. Find your u-turn, see if you can find that grounding of the outside of the hip, the wrapping under of your sit bones lifting through your center. Great. Backrooms try to stay down on the carriage. Inhale back, pull in right center line and AH, great. Three more. And try to keep that inner thigh line lifting up with you. Beautiful. Good.

And feet are active. Curling. Yes. And heels on the bar. Super Flex your ankles. Take them with you. Inhale back. Exhale. So the pinky toes, they're both doing a really nice job. Those pinky toes need to be peeling back with the other toes so that your knees don't finish. I want you to find a little more lift up. Beautiful. Yes. And in Nice [inaudible].

See if you can use your back breathing and your side breathing to remind your rib cage where to be good. So the ribs are grounding, not getting popped off of the carriage. Nice inner ankle bones even are magnetised and lifting up in and back in. Stay all the way in, balls up your feet on the bar. I like to do this parallel. Some people teach it turned out so either is fine from here. Inhale back. You're going to lower to three, press two, three and down to three. And I'm trying not to lock those knees, so I want you to find yes.

Find that inner system good that responds to the grounding of your base, of your big toes. Right? So it's not all about the knees, right? Talking to that center line. Last one, you're going to lift up and bend your knees in. Take your foot bar down with your feet. We'll do full rep of hundred coming from the bottom. Good. So as you stand in your arms, your shoulders are anchored, ribs are anchored.

And here we go. Exhale up and pump in x. Remember this as a breathing exercise. So you want to make sure that you're filling those back ribs up and using that to send your backwards away from the pelvis. How full can you make your breath yet? It's really ballooning. The background's open.

I'm going to get your legs a little higher so you work at the angle that you can stabilize and that is supporting you. Nice. Lifted under the armpits, not clamping down for an added challenge. You can clap your heels, make it really coordination. Challenging. Good, right? Big breathing doesn't have to be loud. It just has to be full. Nice. Three more. Excellent. And last one. Strong legs.

Excellent. Good. And come on down. Both handles in your right hand. So now we're going to drop down to one repetition of everything. Teas are off to your side and drop down to two springs. So there's no, uh, throwaway movements. You only get one head. Rest comes down, arms to the ceiling. Now your legs need to be remembering hundred.

Your whole body is remembering a hundred good. You're going to pull down and legs. Flip over on your inhale. Lift up between the breath. Good, nice and lifted through the pelvis. And then keep the pelvis lifting through the feet as you peel the spine down. Good. Reach up through there. Good. Now keep that length of the low back.

Curl the knees into the chest. Bend the elbows. Curl the upper spine up. Inhale forward. Open the legs. Close the legs now from the spine. Curl those knees and then bend the elbows. We'll do one more for the variation. Inhale forward clapping down. Two, three, four, five, six, two, three, four, five, six from the spine. Bend the knees, bend the elbows. Excellent. And come on down.

Both handles in one hand you're going to drop down to one spring. Uh, sometimes I like to center the spring. Uh, you don't have to drop the other two swing. You're like straight around through the back. Always trying to find the most efficient transitions. Good and knuckles together. So hands all the way into your sternum. Elbows high and wide. That's it from here. Inhale round, back.

Keep going. Round out. Good. From there, open the arms. Press the arms back first, press back, then dive forward. And don't let your carriage move when you die forward. Nice hands. Lift up one. Lift up to lift up three. Now keep those arms straightening as you lift them all the way up and around in your spine. Keeps going forward over your toes. Beautiful. And Jackson, go ahead and switch which leg is on top four flat back.

We're going to start with the elbows bent. Arms into the sockets. Inhale, lift those back ribs out of the pelvis. Now advanced version. We're gonna straighten the arms here. Stand into your pelvis and keep pulling your arms back as your spine goes forward. Pull those arms back, make your spine, make your low spine go forward. Yes. Good. And then arms on the outside of the wood. Pull back. Try to find that three count. Lift. Lift up one, lift up to straighten the elbows. Lift up. Three. Keep the spine stretching.

Board one your shoulder blades. As you come all the way around, that's it. Nice and stack back up from here. Close your springs. You can set your handles down for a second to spin around. Pelvis is all the way back. Nice. So your thumbs are gonna grab over the handles, theater, long inner thighs all the way together. Good. And from here we're gonna.

Inhale forward. Make sure those arms are seated back in the sockets here. Good. Exhale down. Just tapping down. Now you're going to pass through arms at 90 degrees here, but from this point on, the carriage doesn't move. Stand into your pelvis. That's it. And press down. Get Tall. Beautiful. Now from here, hands come all the way down. Flex your ankles. Round your spine down this, this starting position, inner thigh there you're going to inhale. Slide your hands. Reach beyond your toes. Keep that strong flex reach.

Reach a little further now lengthen through your low back. Keep lengthening out in space. Lift your arms all the way up by the ears. And exhale, press down, get taller. Good, quick. Switch up the handles. You're going to cross your legs. It's hard to do one rep reach up. Good. Now, elbows back behind the ears. You're gonna, uh, start with your arms up straight.

Good. And then you're going to bend your elbows wide so they come behind your ears. So bend your elbows, right. And from here we're going to inhale, lift up. Keep those elbows wide behind the ears. Excellent. Now lift your spine, bring your spine upright. Your arms are going to come to the side as you switch, which leg is in front. There we go. Good. Inhale into your back and your side ribs. Exhale.

We're going to switch the breath. Inhale for nothing. Exhale, inhale to open and come all the way in. Excellent. So from here, go ahead and put your handles down and we're going to set up for Swan. Add a spring. You're going to put your long box on and you're going to want a sticky pad at the end of your long box. So depending on what reformer you're working on, a, on the balance body reformers, you can really stand inside the wood.

On the grots you have either the choice of the wood, if your feet fit comfortably or on the foot bar. Um, everything is, is perfectly fine. So you're gonna stand either on the foot bar or on the wood. Good. And uh, open your springs to place your knees down so the placement is going to be on your thighs so that the knees can be bent inside the well. Good. So Collette standing inside the wood. Jackson's on the foot bar. Both are great. What I want you to find is this lifted position of the belly. You're going to feel like you're in a seeker. Tail curling down. Excellent.

From here, arms by your ears. Inhale, lift up and out in space. Vendor needs to come up and keep bending your knees to come up. Look up. Open your arms out to the side. Exhale, shoot straight forward. Good. Reach out through your straight arms to come up one more time. So stay straight as long as you can until you bend. Can you get more vertical, more vertical? Yes.

Then straight forward arm stay narrow and come on down from there. Beautiful hands underneath your shoulders. Press the box forward of your body, really standing in your hands. You're going to do a pushup, round your spine in. Toss your sticky pad aside and drop a spring. Great. Now you, you're going to open your springs when you come into this position. So press back out with your yes, you're aiming to place your shoulders just beyond the front edge of the box.

Good. And once you've done that, grab the wood on the outside of the reformer. Lift your feet up and bring yourself home so your legs are already activated here by that transition handles. Go through the handles like you're wearing them as bracelets and grab onto your straps. Lift up. Good. So I like to have the legs lifted so the hips are open. Before you go. Nice. And from here, stand in your shoulders. Inhale, pull the abdominals all the way forward through your chest.

See if your hip palms can get back to the sides of your thighs. Punch your knuckles back. Good. Now keep that resistance in your extension as you start to come down, chest forward, chest forward, chest forward. And then come down. Nice. Slide your hands down to the end of the leather. Lift your arms in a tee before you go anywhere.

It's a lot of work to keep that external rotation. Beautiful. Inhale, pull. This one is aiming for hands above the butt. See if you can get them to pinky fingers to touch above your butt externally. Rotate those shoulders or just and then keep working for that. As you come back in your t nice round over.

Breathe into your back. Both handles into one hand step to the floor. Your free hand is going to add a spring for backstroke and then place the handles in your hands behind your back and you want to sit as close to the front edge. Try not to make adjustments. So, uh, when you sit, yeah, sit first all the way forward and then your knees are going to roll back with you. Try not to open your springs. Ah, beautiful knuckles together. Now there is space and width between the shoulder blades, this way and this way. Keep that. Inhale. Arms and legs to the ceiling. Open around, keep inhaling, reach higher and exhale bold. And we're going to reverse it. Inhale forward, reach open all the way and exhale, fold in around that Nice teaser to one side to drop your spring.

Good and back down. So [inaudible] in staying with one repetition, we're going to do all of the arm versions on one rep. So here we go. Your body is remembering all the stuff we've already done. Hundred arms at the edge of tension handles at the edge of tension. Good. And here we go. Stand in your hands. Inhale yourself up. Take a slow circle. How high can you go? Exhale around. Don't fly, don't fly. Reverse it. Inhale, don't fly. Inhale up and out.

Yes. So there's no moments of of swinging through and lower. Inhale, lift up. Switch your palms for salute or shaving. Solu could go to the forehead. Shaving is behind the back of the neck. Inhale, reach up. Flip your palms. You got it. And stretch your spine. So go ahead and flip your poems. Arms forward and stretch your spine back away from your legs to peel down.

Gorgeous. Take a breath. Good. And then you can put both handles in one hand. Step off to that time for breast stroke. Grab your sticky mat and put it on this end of your box. Nice. So from here you were going to um, make sure you're not inside your straps. Sometimes that's how we set up.

You're going to pull forward. Good. Place your hands on the box and step right onto the box with straight a straight leg and then a straight leg. Excellent. The placement is just the kneecaps off the edge so you're more forward than you are for the other part of long box. Good. Wrap your shoulders into your back so you're ready to go. That's it. And make sure those legs are active. We're just going to kick the button once.

So kick to open the hips. Inhale, reach your arms forward. Now lift your straight arms up. Keep going up by the ears. Then out and around. You're going to grab behind your back. Interlace your hands. Stay lifted. Arch your upper back. Good. We're reversing it. Go ahead and take your arms apart. Fly Up and over.

Can you get your arms all the way narrow. Lie your ears. Keep that as you come back down with your strength. Gorgeous. Bend your elbows. Place your hands on the box. Step to the floor. I'm sorry you didn't get to fly Jackson. Next time. Next time. Okay, so we're going to toss the sticky mat aside. You're going to put yourself inside of your straps for horseback.

You want to sit close to the back edge of the box. Legs are straightened out. The knees are pretty close to being on top of the box. Uh, in theory, uh, you still want to be able to squeeze in your flexed at the bottom. From here, we're going to do that same arm. Let's get you a little more narrow so that you can squeeze it. Yeah, same arm.

You're going to inhale, lift up, squeeze into that box. Let the springs help you. Good. Circle around. Bring the insides of your heels toward me. Yes. Good. And we're going to do that reverse circle from here. You're going to lower if you're still working on building how to get up.

Do this. Turned out it's a little bit more, um, uh, attainable at first and then lift up and then you want to build up to doing this parallel. And then shaving if it's, if it's an option, don't force it in here, in here. Good. Flip your palms, flex through your ankles, feel that. Continue through your spine, coming down onto the box. Bend your elbows and how gorgeous with that. Awesome. Okay. Put your handles down. You're going to take your box back and set up for long stretch. So head rest up, sticky pad on your headrest foot bar, two springs, or actually let's do um, one spring, one spring for a long stretch. When you get onto your long stretch, this is important.

So you're going to do your close hand, four foot peg leg when you step on peg leg. Then far hand close foot peg leg. Now we're doing one spring at first, so make it count. Shoulder blades all the way wide. Good. Inhale back. Using that backline of your legs. Find your u-turn. Exhale, pull yourself in with your center closest brings all the way. Now step forward, step forward. Drop a spring, drop your one spring. Okay, so that means if there's no springs, it's as small as it needs to be for you to stabilize. Go ahead and step back. Maybe it's just holding the carriage still. And here we go. Within your range. Inhale back, keep your pelvis down. Jackson pelvis, way down. Exhale.

Oh the way in. Step forward. Give yourself two springs. Nice. That's a little bit hard. And then come down to kneeling. Heels against the shoulder blocks for down. Stretch. Good. Now in down stretch, I often feel like my heels are kind of dragging up on those shoulder blocks. That really helps me recruit my hamstrings.

So see how tall you can get in your extension. Excellent. And from here, pelvis, way forward and lift your belly. Inhale, drive back with your hamstrings and then keep your hamstring standing in those blocks and lift up through your abdominals. Come all the way up to your fingertips. Keep going all the way up. Good. If it's available to you both arms or one arm at a time, taking the kneeling back, then open the arms out and around. Hands on your foot bar and lift up for your up.

Stretch your heels come halfway down the shoulder blocks and it's really important that they are grounding that establishes that your connection is all the way from your sit bones. From here, curl the tail to send your springs out. Pelvis all the way down the pelvis is below the line of your long stretch and your upper back is above the line of your long stretches. A little bit different position. Come all the way home like that. Shoulder blades wide all the way. Good all the way home. And then articulate upper spine, mid spine, low spine, gorgeous. Heels down. Nice.

Now we're going to do a slow and controlled elephant. Inhale, press back with hamstrings. Stand in those hamstrings. Curl and with the spying all away. Gorgeous. Now heels halfway up the shoulder block. Good. Find that same connection we were working on, which is hamstring down into the heel. Take your right leg through the headrest and up. So head rest. Yeah, one repetition. Inhale, press back with your standing leg and lift this leg higher.

You Curlin with the spine. Beautiful. Bring that leg down. Other leg it. Inhale, press back. Lots of lines of opposition here. So you're grounding and go ahead and lift, yes points of contact or grounding and lift through center from there, come back down to a flat foot, right leg up. Inhale back, good and curl and lift this leg. Bring that leg back down. Other leg. Inhale and in that one goes to the shoulder block.

Lift up. Good. If you need to shift forward a little bit more, press back. Good and lift that like higher as you come in. Switch lengths and back. Lift that leg to come in. Now that looks going across over your body all the way to the floor for long back stretch. Awesome. Flip over your shoulder. You're going to replace your hands, heels of your hands on the foot bar, both heels touching the shoulder blocks. Good. Now we have two.

You could do one spring so you can make the decision of what feels right for you. Go ahead and bend your elbows. Inhale, open the springs all the way up into your extension and come all the way in. Reverse it. Inhale, come down and exhale, press up and step off gorgeous. And now we have stomach massage. So just drag your sticky pad forward. Good. And this is either three or four springs and I think we'll just do three springs to make it a little easier for transitions. Okay, so here we go for hand, four foot close, hand, close foot.

As you pull yourself all the way forward, you can open the springs a little bit to get into that position. Really important that your points of contact are grounded. Excellent. Inhale back, stay lifted. As you lower the heels, lift the heels and then curl the spine to come all the way in. Can you lift your upper back higher? Nice. From here, you're going to take your arms forward, Bend your elbows close to your body and reach back. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Now try not to grab the shoulder blocks.

Squeeze your shoulder blades. Open your upper back. Yeah, there we go. If you can hover, squeeze your shoulder blades, hover. Inhale back, squeeze the shoulder blades. Open your chest, lower the heels, lift the heels, open your chest. Exhale, curl the spine. To come in. Good and drop a spring, reaching forward. Good. Make your spine come all the way forward. Inhale back, stay lifted with the heels. Keep those heels lifted and come all the way in. Bending both ends of your spine. Beautiful and one twist each way. Inhale, twist to the right. Exhale. Stay lifted as you come in and to the left and come in gorgeous. And from there, come on up. Take your, oh, I forgot the circles.

We're going to inhale. Two, three, four, five reversed or five inside your reverse. Here's reverse. Now keep your arms up there. Bring your knees together and step to the floor. That's it. Good, gorgeous and tendon stretch. Uh, you could use the sticky mat. I often feel, but I don't need it. So let's toss it aside. So from here, standing up on your carriage, heels off the back edge.

The trick with tenants' stretch is to make sure that your weight is forward so that you're not shoving your knees back. Curl your spine as deeply as you can before you go anywhere, right? So the tail is curling into the heels and the heels are dropping around the edge. One Rep, here we go. Curl the spine to move that carriage forward and exhale, get forward right away onto the balls of your feet. Good. Now you're going to take your right leg forward.

Try Not to let this pike your hips and here we go. Curl the spine. Inhale one rep and come right back up. It's as small as you need it to be. You're going to do a catch replace to take that leg to the side. There we go, and it's a little in front of you. Inhale the carriage back and exhale in and around to the back or not. I'm going to spot you here and back up. Good.

Now Keela you're going to go side back in hillside. As you go out, you're going to pull around to the back. Good, and we're just going to feed through here. There's one more option, but we're going to skip it. Bend your knee and step through and I'm going to have you come around to switch. Nice left leg in front when you're ready. Straight leg. And here we go. Inhale, curl the spine to go out and exhale, lift back and get forward. Do a catch. Replace left leg to the side. Good. Inhale. Keep that leg light. Good. Then around to the back.

I'm going to help you. Good. And inhale out NX. Hello, lift. He let do side back and then you're going to feed this leg through, right? Excellent. And from there, step off to the floor. Now you get to do shorts. Fine. Ah, so two springs. Take your foot bar down. You guys are doing great. It's hard. Hard to do one rep good. So you're going to transition your straps.

The leather loop feeds through the handle. Like you're threading a needle on these growths for farmers. You're going to hold a further back with one hand. The other hand squeezes the loops together. Pull with your arms so you can slip your feet in in one motion.

So we're going to make this short. So I'm really good since we only get one. Good. Let it give you everything you need. Inhale, press out with your legs. Good. Feel the spine really hard. Articulate to take you up and over. Nice. Feel the back ribs inflate as you inhale those knees down.

Hamstring. Stay on an exhale. Stretch your spine forward. Nice. All the way down. Good. Inhale, press forward. Now we're going to come up for our high frog so you can lift your legs to 90 good. And then press forward with your feet to come up. Good. The body's going to be a little bit diagonally oriented. So stand in your butt. A little more lifter. But yeah, that's it. One Bend and straighten.

Good. Try to not get everything pressed back into your neck. So stand on your arms. That's gorgeous. Now from here and once you're straight, you're going to pike over. Sink your chest, lift your straight legs off and over. Beautiful. And then you're going to drop your strips off just pike to the floor. Good. And from here we're going to bend the knees. We'll do that one later. Yeah. And Peel the spine down. Excellent.

And then come on up for head stand. Front and back. So sticky pad on your headdress. Good. And here we go. So make sure that you step right up to the foot bar. You don't want to kneel and then try to reposition yourself. So your, you place your crown in the crevice. You press your forearms down and make sure that you have your hundred curl helping you here. The store has to move into the back.

Good legs are straight from here. Curl the tail, press out so much that you could kind of sling into your belly, like into extension. Good. And then you're going to curl your upper spine, mid spine, low spine. Now we're going to show one more option here. If you're doing no hands, hands come to the sacrum. Elbows wide. Good. And this is more of a balanced challenge. Curl the tail, make sure your legs are squeezing together. That's it. And then up or spine, strong legs, mid spine, low spine hands come back down. Close your springs all the way to step to the floor. Gorgeous. Good and back. Head stand. You're going to lie on your back.

The hands will come to the shoulder blocks. I like to teach this a hip with a part parallel. Um, and that might be because I have had a disc injury in the past. Uh, if you prefer you can do this. Turned out in a v. So here we go. You're gonna press up. Good. Really important when you press up that you narrow your elbows and you reach them back to pick up this upper spine from here, both of your feet, Jackson, right? Uh, reach your elbows back. Really rich and back. Inhale, press back. Good reach and narrow. Good to support this lift lower. Lift your heels there.

Good. And then you're going to come back in and go ahead and go for your, uh, no hands, elbows wide. She's pushing into her forehead. Good or straight arms is another option. Inhale back. Make sure this is lifting to support you lower lift. If you get straight, otherwise don't lower lift. And then come back in. Hands on the shoulder blocks. Curl your chin to your chest and roll your spine back down. Nice. Hug your knees into your chest for a second. Nice.

Excellent. And then from here and we can do some e circle, either bar up or bar down to do you guys have preference? Okay, we'll do bar up. So here we go. Turn down in a V, hands on the shoulder box, press out. We'll just do one repetition of each. Squeeze your heels together right now. Allow the compression of the arms feeding into the sockets and the legs feeding into the sockets. Good.

So that you can move right from your center arms all the way straight. Good. And then sink your chest. Peel down all the way down. Good press back, but stay contained. Good. Don't go all the way straight. You want to stop where you're still bed so you can articulate back up. Good.

Get all the way open in your hips and bend your knees to come all the way in. Flex those ankles. Reach your knees forward. Reverse. Lean into your upper back to go back. Stand in your hand, sink your chest. Think of chest, more gorgeous pelvis all the way down before you can move your springs. Then come in, articulate all the way up. Good.

Grab the ankles. Pull, stretch, sinker. Chest. Yeah. Good. And here's another lift. Good. Hands back to the shoulder blocks. Pull your head into the headrest. Nice. And Hug your knees into your chest. Good. And come on up for chest expansion so you can take your foot bar down.

Good. And let's, since we're going to go into thigh stretch, get your sticky pad, um, on the springs. That's uh, for the option of doing the arch from the thigh stretch. But we're going to start with just, yeah, two springs. Okay. Kneeling toes hooked off the back edge. Go ahead and grab through your handles onto the leather straps.

Good. Now if there is, um, challenge hooking hook a little more, you can always do this forward at the shoulder blocks. Good. So from here you want to find your open pelvis, open hips all the way forward. Nice. And we'll just do one rep. So you're gonna Inhale, pull. Keep your pelvis moving forward in space. Stand in your arms, look to the right.

Good. Keep your chest open. Look to the left hand. Stay narrow. Center and control the close of your springs. We're going to do one more. Starting left. Inhale, open the hips. Gorgeous. Look left. Keep those arms nice and tight. Yeah, look right. That's it. Center and release. Great. And from here, sit back on your heels to out of spring.

Good. That pad is just in the spring so that when you arch, your hair doesn't get stuck, which is it? Concern for toxin. So hips open. Press your shins down into the carriage. Inhale back. Good. And then press through your shins. Lift your hips, come all the way forward and up. Gorgeous. Now we're going to go into the arch. Press through your shins. Good.

Now the hips have to be open before you go into the upper extension. Keep opening your chest, open your chest all the way down. Gorgeous. Bring your head in line with your spine, Zipper the front of your body together and come back up nice. And sit back on your heels. Now here is where we're going to do the back bend. So if you are doing the back bend, go ahead and put your foot bar up and drop a spring.

Good. So Jackson is going to show an option which is building into the position. So he's just going to come into hands on the, I'm going to drop this man's hands onto the heels. Keela is going to go right into her back. Bend from here. Good. Once you get their ducks and turn your palms around, lift your hips, lift your chest. Good. And from for you, you're going to do three of each here.

So prep, bend, and straighten your elbows. Press out with your arms and bend and bend. Good. Two more. And press and bend. And one more. And press. Now from here, she's not going to jam into her back. She's going to really actively open her hips from her hamstrings. Good.

And back out. Two more times and open and oh, and one more time. Good. Bend your elbows to come in. Good. And you're going to come right back up. Stand firmly in your shins to come up. Take a forward bend. Right sitting back on your heels. Breathe into your back so you can do like a little child post there. Excellent.

And from here, come on up. Excellent. So now we're going to do the kneeling arts one spring. Take your foot bar down. Let's do left shoulder to the carriage or to the shoulder blocks. Good. So you're sitting, uh, kneeling close to the shoulder block and we're going to put the spring in your right hand. Good. Your arm that's not working can press into the side of your thigh.

And here we go. We're going to inhale, open that elbow, breath out to a straight line. Good. And then reverse it. Keep your elbow lifted as you come back. Great. Switch hands. Your elbows going to stay in front of your shoulder, so you're trying to maintain that external rotation as you inhale that arm up all the way by your ear and exhale back down. Beautiful. Good. From here, you're going to switch hands again. Lean your left hand down into the shoulder block.

Scoot out a little bit if you need to for your side bend space. Good. The palm is down and you're looking down. You're going to inhale. Pull that arm up to straight. Try not to move the elbow and bend. Good. We're going to do one more of these to go into a circle. You're going to inhale, straighten. Let that continue circling in front of you.

Keep looking down so the ear, nose doesn't get chopped off. Reverse the circle. You're going to pull out and around. Now here you've got a beautiful sign. Then stretch. If you keep your arms straight, nice and close the spring. Good. You're going to scoot out to the end of your carriage. Good. And from here it's in your left hand. Arms out like a t. Inhale up for Lotus. Exhale pelvis, way open. Yes, and we're going to do a circle in front. So inhale, cross one arm in front of the other and control it as it comes down and reverse in crossing low [inaudible]. Nice.

Hips open and exhale. Lovely. Same thing on the other side. Okay, so setting up close to the shoulder block and here we go. You're going to inhale. Pull that elbow out, punch your arm out. Good. Keep the elbow lifting as you return. Really Nice you guys. And switch hands. Elbow is narrow in line with the shoulder. Inhale up. Exhale.

Keep that elbow narrow. There we go. Yes, you're working your mermaid arm and switch again. Scoot out if you need to for your side. Bend space. Yes, your hips can be all the way open. Palm stays down. Inhale, straighten. Good. Exhale bend. Can You keep your hips opening this time you're going to straightened circle in front all the way down and around and close the spring. Yes, and reverse in ham. Oh, there we go. Straight arms. So you get that nice side bend. Stand in it.

Yes. Good. Excellent. And then you're going to come out for Lotus out to the end. You guys are doing great. It's amazing. Inhale, lift up. Stay long on both sides. Exhale, close, full circle. Inhale, circle in front and reverse. Inhale, cross. Nice and up and around and beautiful.

Turn and face. Front heels against the shoulder blocks. Grabbing onto both handles. Make sure you get your pelvis all the way open so you're almost pitched forward into the spring tension. Bring your hands forward before you go so that you can get yourself set up with some assistance. Good inhale, arms go up. Exhale, pelvis open. Exhale around reverse.

So the arms stay a little bit in front of your sideline. Inhale, exhale. Keep your hips opening as you come down all the way. Gorgeous. And Go ahead and set your straps down. So we are at snake and twist. So here we go. Let's go. Left shoulder to the a shoulder block to start with.

Good. So you're going to grab a hand on the far side, good and other hand on the forest side, and then put on the close side. Parallel foot, parallel standing foot. Good. And then the other leg crosses in front. First thing you want to make sure for for your snake is that you're scoring your pelvis off to the floor. Try not to lose your shoulders. So lean your shoulders into your body. Yes, Kurt.

Square your pelvis off all the way. Curl the tail to initiate all the way down pelvis. Stay Square to the floor for snake. Get your hips all the way open all the way, squeezes in her thighs, and then come into your beautiful extension, Sean. Nice. And then drop your head down, round into your upper back. Articulate through. Nice. Uh, you guys have great. Okay, so you're going to press out here. Go only halfway twist.

Look at your feet. Try not to lose your shoulder. Bring your care to underneath you a little more. There you go. Right? And from here you're gonna Twist back nice and round in. Do you guys want to do single arm? Okay, we're going to do single arm and press out. Press out, twist, stay there. You're going to take your free arm forward. You're going to go up to the ceiling. Reach behind you. That's all right.

And up to the ceiling Jackson, you're going to do a little tricep down, up, Aha. And then punch this through the space. Like you're threading the needle and come back in, grab the carriage and come back in. Lovely. A there side. And here we go. Far Hand. That's it. Yeah.

We never get strong in these unless we try them, you know? So here we go. You're going to go parallel foot. Cross in front. Square your pelvis off. There we go. Curl the tail end. Articulate your spine. There we go. That's it. So your inner thighs are really activating here. Get your pelvis all the way down before you open your chest and then eyes into your chest. Articulate back up, upper spine, mid span. Control it. Low Spine.

Nice. Press back. Only halfway. Rotate into your twist. Try to keep your shoulder intact as you look at your feet, right? Find your upper abs a little bit more good. And then twist back. Push the carriage out a little bit to give you some support to Curlin right. And one more time for single arm press owl.

Rotate for your free arm is going to go forward up to the ceiling behind you. Come back up to the ceiling bend, straighten your standing arm, make sure your shoulders intact, and then you're going to thread the needle. Grab onto the carriage when you thread the needle and curl in. Excellent. And step down to the floor. Nice.

Let's grab the long box. [inaudible] great. Okay, so come on your belly with your shoulders this way for a rocking. Nice reach back. Grab your ankles, good. And lift up right. And maybe this is what you're doing. You're just lifting up. Now, if when you lift up, you can get a little bit of a rock going.

Go ahead and find that. Yes, you want to make sure that you're not diving your chin down to give you that rock that you're trying to lift both ends of your body and they're doing beautiful. Now from here, stay lifted on both ends. Take your arms and legs apart for swimming and big swims. Nice. Let your shoulder Blige just speed down into your back to chest can come forward and up. Good. Excellent. And come on down. Nice. From here, you're going to scoot your pelvis forward. Hands. Go to the foot bar for grasshopper. Good.

And we'll just make sure you don't know. Kids, good inner thighs together. Come forward a little more. Little more, right? You're going to need to be able to tip on the edge of that box. Right? Good. I'm sorry, I forgot to have you guys. Let's add a spring. Okay, so here we go. You're going to bend your elbows as you lift your legs up for grasshopper. Good.

Keep your extension. You're going to kick your butt. Lift up and now eight claps as you're coming back up into your extension and from there come into a kneeling position. Child Post's stretch. Breathe good, and they don't get long to breathe. So curl your till under n roll up and set up for short box cranking through. From here you want to springs.

At least you're going to grab your sticks and your feet go underneath the strap. The strap should hit your ankle, not your foot. That helps to lead into that anchoring through the back line of your legs. Instead of over recruiting the quads, one hand goes on the belly. The other hand on that hand. Good.

Sorry I didn't get you set up and from here. So let's go hands. Yeah, so your hands are actively reminding your belly what you want from it and you're going to round forward towards me. Yes. Keep your belly moving back. Now. Initiate from your lowest belly through your low spine. Inhale, begin to roll back. Exhale into your hardest place. Continue all the way back. We're going to take a full back bend. Good. Once you get back there, keep your arms like a box. You're going to take them back by your ears. Nice.

And from here you're going to return your arms, come back, curl the chin to the chest, lengthen through the back of your neck, en curl, all the way forward. Stretch all the way forward. Nice. And as you are stacking your spine, duck up, grab your bar, arms up by your ears. Nice. Now here's where grounding the pelvis really matters. We want to make sure that she's pushing down through her sip phones and not just squeezing your butt and getting picked up from here. Inhale, lift your back ribs out of the pelvis to hinge back. Stand in your pelvis. Look at that. Oh my goodness. Did you guys see that? Oh my God.

So you're going to go to your side then inhale to the right front, diagonal, and then ground the pelvis to come back up and then to the other side. Nice. Good. We're just going to take one twist each way. So exhale, twist around to the right. Keep twisting, twist, just a twist. Inhale, center. Exhale to the left. This is just since we're only doing one rep, we're going to just break it apart a little bit and come back center. Now you're going to go twist flat back. Inhale to the corner. Exhale right back up. Inhale to the corner. Exhale right back up.

Now if you need a little more support, I would say scoot back on your box a tiny bit and we're going to do the um, the spear of the well. So that's what we're gonna do for our side, Ben, you're going to inhale to the right side. Stay in that position. Do your side bend all the way down, right? You're going to come back up, flex through center. Go to the left, right through center goods. Spear the well and come back up. Nice. Good for second. We're going to go reversing over. We're going to do the magic one. That's another option. So you're going to inhale over to the left, let go of your stick. Tap the floor, bring your stick back and come through center flexing. Good to the other side.

We're going around the world for these. Tap the stick and come right back up. Nice and put your stick down for tree left knee into your chest. Good. And from here you're going to take your leg up. We'll point and flex. We'll circle one direction on the other. Good. And you're going to climb up your leg from here. Dive into your leg.

So pull yourself into your big stretch. And then you're going to lean your upper body back so that your leg stays to the ceiling. So you're establishing that the leg isn't getting pulled around good from their climb down your tree. Inhale, go all the way into your back bend. Take your arms, grab underneath your carriage, and you can give yourself a little pole. Make sure this split is really firmly strapped.

And we're going to do one circle each direction. Inhale across and down. Exhale up from your abdominals, reverse good. And then from there, grab behind your thigh and climb back up. Nice. Grab the outside of your left leg with your right hand.

[inaudible] twist. Get your tailbone all the way behind you. As you twist, that's it. Feed your other hand through. Grab the inside of your leg. You can grab the side of your box and a stretch back. Go all the way into extension if it's available to you. Good. Now keep that leg back as you curl the spine up. Bring your spine forward of the leg.

Take that knee behind your shoulder and cross over for your Piriformis. Stretch. Here's the tricky little way to keep your strap round forward. See if you can reach the front of your carriage. Nice and stack back up other side. So feed your other leg through. And here we go. You're just going to straighten up. Point.

Flex a circle in each direction and climb up. Dive into your leg. Nice. From here, give your torso a little space. Reach that leg up toward the ceiling and climbed down. Inhale as you climb, exhale as you dip down into the well, grab underneath the uh, carriage. Good. Inhale your leg across and down. Exhale up and reverse it. Make sure that doesn't Yank on your spine. It's as big as you need it to be.

And then from here, grab behind your thigh and climb back up. Good. Left hand, grabs the outside of your right leg, twist away, tail behind you, and you can do this arm or you can use the box for support to help you rotate. Nice. And then feed through right arm, grabs the leg, arch back. If you did it on the first side, excellent. Curl yourself back up. Try to keep that leg back there, Ben, that leg behind your shoulder.

And then pure form of stretch reaching for the end of the carriage. Nice. And Stack yourself back up. Excellent. So what are we at? Mermaid. Okay, come on off. I hope we don't forget something, but if we do, that's what happened. Okay. So, um, one or two springs here.

You're gonna go high bar and you're going to stack. Let's go. Um, right bottom shin, right bottom, shin, left top. [inaudible] both shins against the shoulder blocks. Good. The right arm needs to be a little forward of the shoulder. Nice. And from here you're gonna open up your right side bend as you go so you can go left and by your ears you go open up that side, bend, go all the way down. Now feel that right shin pressing into the shoulder blocks and let that initiate you up in your side. Bend [inaudible] good. Come all the way up.

You're going to take a moment of balance in a t arm, arms and a t to reach and grab through your stir at. There you go. Keep reaching. Now this sideline is continuing to reach as you bend your elbow bend and keep reaching for your elbow. Good. And reach up and come on up. We'll do the other side and here we go. So make sure the bottom shin is really in full contact with the carriage.

That left hand is a little forward of the shoulder and let's go right on by the ear. Press out with your lower half of your body. Keep lifting that side. Bentall all the way over. Nice. And then exhale yourself back up. See if you can still resist into the carriage with your bottom shin. Have a moment of balance here with your arms in a t. Oh yeah, and then reach and stretch this whole sideline lift.

Can You keep lifting your elbow as you bend it? Reach, couldn't bend it. This one. Yeah. And straighten up and come on up. Excellent. So we're gonna do long spine stretch. So, uh, set your straps up for long spine. We have two springs. Head rest is down.

Good. Put this up further. So I'm taking the foot bar down for a long slang. Good. So on the, on the graphs, you're feeding your strap through the handle and the leather strap. You want the hardware on the outside and away from the body parts. And when you're ready, you're just gonna lie on your back and put your feet into the strap.

And here we go. Both feet in the straps. Now there are various versions of this one and we are doing, um, this needs to make sure that they, uh, hardware's not, uh, where the leather loop is. So, um, what was I saying? Uh, we are doing the version where you are extending to go up and extending to come down instead of closing the springs, which is also a great version. Okay. So here we go. You're gonna press your legs out to straight. Good. Now try to lift your pelvis off the carriage. As soon as you can see your arms have to work like crazy state in your legs.

Press into your legs, lift your pelvis, lift up. That's it. Lift up all the way. Closures, banks. Keep going right from here. And then open your legs and pull down. Pull forward. Lift your butt. Lift your butt. Lift your butt. It's extension. Yes. Good. Now you're going to keep your legs apart and you're going to come back up.

Try to lift your butt as soon as you can. Curl the tail. Stand in your legs and curl the goat. That's it. All the way over, right? Not all the way over. A little bit over and legs together. Stand in your feet. Lift your pelvis as you go. Yes. Inner thighs. Gorgeous. Now this is preparing for airplane, which is coming next. So from here, go ahead and fold at your hips are going to slip your feet out of the straps.

Yeah, good. Grab behind the uh, carriage. Your elbows are pulling up. Good. And you're going to take your legs over. So curl up, right. Lift up. And here's the airplane. So inner thighs are pulling up the whole time. Yes. Feet, feet, feet. Yes. Nice. And Hug your knees into your chest.

Nice. Come on up for knee stretches. So we're going to do one round, one flat, knees off, single leg. Here we go. Heels all the way back against the shoulder blocks. Make this round one. Really give you that counter stretch that you need from doing that alongside from here, standing your legs. Inhale, press back. Now leave your legs alone. Make your spine curl, the spring's closed. Nice.

And then keep that support as you go into neutral spine. So tail free. Inhale, press back. That's it. Had an inline with your spine and exhale and shift forward a little bit. Little bit. Round your spine again. Come up for knees off. Inhale, press back. Exhale. Curl the spine to come back in. Nice. Now stay there. Take your right leg straight back. Good. From here, you're going to bring your knee in toward you as your other leg presses back.

Good. And press back again. Now from here, you're going to arch your back. Kick your button. So keep this one, Ben Archer back. Kick Your Butt and press this back out and come in one more time. Try that again. So you're going here, press switch. Keep this in and arch and straighten and switch legs.

And here we go. One just out in in. I learned this as a FTD florists, so you can imagine the shape of just one FTD and then right and then one Tinkerbell and art and straighten out and come all the way in. Nice and close the springs. Excellent running and bottom lift headrest is up. So four springs, whatever you started with in your footwork. Good.

And we're just going to do like four of these because one would not be much. So all the way together, press out and here we go. Um, good. So one heel goes all the way under and lift both heels up and bend your knees to come in. Take your arches wide. You could drop springs here. We're going to keep the full set of springs on. Curl the pelvis up. Now let your spine traction itself.

So use the support of those springs to pull your spine this way. Inhale out, pull the spine longer so that you can actually maintain a longer loba and peel the spine back down. Nice. And come on up with two springs precise splits. So drop your outer springs, you're gonna stand on your carriage bar comes down. If you need a sticky pad, you can put it on the a frame and we'll go like this. So you're just underneath the edge there and we'll just use that same side for good. Okay.

So what that means is you're going to stand on a stand on your carriage, but this'll be the first side that you're facing. So you're going to face the window first. Stand on your left foot, heel toe, your right foot out to the shoulder block. Roll your wait till the outer edges of your feet. Really exaggerate. That makes sure you're parallel parallel, right foot. Yeah. So really exaggerated to the outer edges of your feet. Yes.

So you can lift through the inner thigh line, arms out. Inhale, open the springs, stay there, stand in the springs and see if you can initiate from that center system to pull you back in. Gorgeous. One more time out. Stay out, round your spine, down. Good. You're going to sweep up your flowers, pull them into your chest. As you curl up, keep your hands in front of your chest. Head comes all the way up. Go into your high back release. Open your arms out to the side. As your head comes off and closed your springs.

And again, round down. Try to keep your springs close without losing your arches. Keep your knees straight, curl the tail under so you only go down as low as you can. Keep those knees straight. That's it. Nice. Use this as a frame as you go into your high back release. That's it. Arms Open.

Nice. And he'll tell your right foot back in. Step two the carriage. And you're still going to go on the sticky pet. So you're going to go right foot where the sticky pad is so you don't have to switch it. Good. And he'll tell your left leg out. Nice. Roll your weight to the outer edge. That's it. And from here, inhale, open standing your springs. Let your center and the Shit you in gorgeous and press out.

Stay out. Your right hand is going to sell off your left ankle, round the spine. Try to keep the pelvis square. If you can curl the till under end, round, back up. Other side. Try to keep those springs open and other like curl. I find this one very difficult to keep my pelvis square and curl the tail and come back up. Nice and close the springs still rounded end. Uh, saw off your left ankle, right? So you only go down as far as you can.

Keep those knees straight so you can stabilize and curl the tales to try to keep your pelvis square. If you can. Good other side. Nice. And Curl and come back up. He'll tell your standing leg back in. Nice. We're going to go to a stepping to the carriage turnaround for Gondola. So now you're going to take your pen and turn it out.

So you'll face the window first. Good. And I am going to get you go onto lists, sticks. Um, here's one. Okay, that's not yet. Okay, here we go. So your, he'll it towing out to the head rest so that your foot is kind of up the slope of the headrest. Go into your squat right away, right, and keep your springs closed. There we go. So find your stack, your torso stacking where you're not tucked, your legs are open and good. Your a carriage site is going to press first.

So carriage and in and then foot bar side and in both sides. Press out at the same time. Straighten your legs, lift up with straight legs. Press out with straight legs. Now make your knees go sideways as your heels come together to close the carriage. [inaudible] good. And then just straighten up from there and he'll tell you to come back in other side. Yeah, turned out right.

So you place your foot heel is on the word ball of your foot down. Go into your squat nice and go into your [inaudible] right torso is on top of the pelvis. You're going to press your carriage side out one and in Cary, a put bar side one and in bed or press both legs out to straight. Lift both legs up through your center. Nice. Press right back out. Bend your knee. So thick, knees out, heels in, close your springs all the way. Straighten your legs and come on up to standing. Good heel toe in first.

Sorry. And then from here, a step down for front splits. High Bar, two springs. You can put your convalesced stick away and you can use this at the back edge. You don't necessarily need it. And here we've got standing up on your carriage. Good place your right foot on the foot bar and he'll tell your left foot back.

Okay, I'm just going to have you do the same side just to make it easier. Yeah, it's a switch like, okay. So from here you're in an open hip position. When your springs are closed, inhale, press out. Try to keep this a thigh. Try not to press for your knee. So keep your torso and thigh connected. Good. And then close your springs from here. Stand in that leg.

Lift your arms out and up. Stay Nice and level. You can go hands behind your head. Press out, keep lifted. Lower, lift the heel. Try not to hang on your knee and bend your knee and come back in and reach long to place your hands down on that foot bar. Good. You're going to lift and rotate the knee. So heel back against the shoulder. Block down for Neeley.

Nice heel all the way back. Good. So that his left hip is open. Lean into your front thigh as you open spring. Good. Trying not to let your knee shove down. Good. Come forward into that hip opening to come all the way up.

Nice. Grab onto the foot bar with your right hand and your right arm and knee are creating a brace for you to balance left arm up. Inhale, lift up and back. Exhale as you reach. Inhale up. Exhale up and over towards your right side. Feel that side bend. Nice. Inhale up and come down to switch sides. Good. And here we go. Other side. Start standing.

[inaudible] excellent. And press out. So a rotate in a little bit. Your standing foot. Yeah, a little less turned out so that your knee doesn't get tweaked. Press l good folding. Trying not to let your left knee drop to the floor. You're straightening that leg as much as you can and come back in. Good.

From here, reach out through your arms to bring your arms up. Try Not to change your level hands behind the back of your neck. Press out, lower the heel, lift the heel and come back in. Reach out, straighten your arms, reach to the football or to come back down. Lift and rotate the knee. Good heel comes all the way down and press out.

Opening that right hip. Good. Come all the way in. Opening the hip. Use your left arm and thigh to press into each other for balance. Lift that right arm up and take a stretch up and behind you kneeling back. Then come right back up to the ceiling.

Take your stretch up and over to the left. Come right back up. Good and come down for Russian splits. Standing up on your carriage. You're a headrest. I'm sorry. Your sticky pad can go on your head. Rest, hands on the shoulder blocks. Turn around. Face that way. Hands on the shoulder blocks. Good. You're going to place your right foot turned out on the foot bar and left foot on the shoulder block.

Make sure that you're a whole ball of your foot is up the headrest, not your heel, but the whole ball of your foot. Good. Press out into your lunch. Once you open the springs, it's a little easier sometimes to make those micro adjustments. Good. So from here you're just going to go one time with your hands touching the blocks. Then press out and bend. And then one more time, reach up, hands behind the back of your neck. Try not to let that pick you up. Press out and then reach your arms long to come back to the shoulder blocks. Grab the shoulder blocks, press out to straight.

Good and Pike Yourself. All the way in. We're gonna do one quick adjustment. Bring your heel all the way forward into the crevice. This one, the front one. Take one more stretch. Press out with straight legs. You're going to try to rotate your right ear to your left knee. If you have that range, bending the elbows a little bit and come back in as you stay folded.

Square your shoulders off a little more. Excellent. And then you're going to stand in your hands to hop that foot back. Switch, placing the right foot on the shoulder block, left foot on the foot bar. Nice. And here we go. Press out one time holding onto the shoulder blocks. Press forward and directly under the need. Nice. Straighten that back knee. Reach out with your arms, hands behind the back of your eye.

Keep that back knee straight. Press with your front leg. Really powerful legs and bend. That's it. And then reach long to come back down. Good. Press your front like straight. Good and fold in in a pike and from in you're gonna replace that foot a little more forward. Good. And press out Walmart time, both like straight squaring off your pelvis. If you can.

Try not to let this Bethany, Ben, so powerful back like rotate. Try not to rotate your shoulders. Vocollect let your shoulders stay square to the, to the carriage. Yes, right. And come back in gorgeous and step that front foot back. Good. You're going to take your foot bar down and face front.

The sticky pad can come to the uh, foot bar here. Turned out good. And so you're gonna stand on your carriage, right foot on the sticky pad, left foot back against the shoulder. Block. Heel is down if you can. So it's a little easier to put that front foot. First hands are down on the wood. Front foot. Yeah. Good. Okay. So once you get set up, keep holding onto the frame. Good fold in half. If you can't, so straighten that front leg. That's it.

Now maybe this is the version you're doing. You're pressing out good. You can go out and in right now. You're going to go out. Stay out. And if you have the strength here, you're going to lift up without closing the springs. So try not to hang on your knees, right? Find that lift through your inner thighs. Good. One time.

Come up with your torso upright. Find your outer edges of your feet. Yes. And out. One more time. Last time coming in a little high back release arch. Good. Keep your carriage at home. Round your spine down. Nice. And one more stretch here.

Out Big stretch and pike to come in and switch sides. Nice. You guys are doing great. So front foot places, the other one comes back, fold in half. That front leg is straight before the springs open. Uh Huh. Nice. And from here, maybe this is the version you're doing.

You're just going out and in. So we'll just work for that front leg straight. Yes. And back in. Nice. Try not to hyper extend that left knee and press out. Now find the strength through the lift of your inner thighs. Come Up Nice and just upright as you come in. Right standing in your legs. That's it.

Stay lifted as you go back out and see if you can come in this time. Arched little high back release. Yes. Nice. No. Keep your carry Jenn. Round your spine down. Take one more stretch out. Press and in. Nice.

And bring that back leg forward. A control. Front and back. You're going to gear out. So take your, uh, carry out one gear. So here we are. We uh, took a quick break to add the gear blocks in so that we could put it in second gear for this exercise. So here you go. You're going to go hands on the shoulder books, one foot at a time to the football. You're aiming for PyLadies v in the center, right. And press out like your long stretch. Good. Now make sure the hands don't get beyond under the shoulders only forward.

So you're going to press forward and directly under. Now lift your right foot up. Same thing. Press forward and directly under. Keep your upper abs working for you. Switch likes only one rep and left and directly under. Nice and firm here. Pike to come in. Excellent. Step down to the carriage.

Good. And then step to the floor. Nice. And uh, now we're going to and gear on gear for a control back. Good. So bring your gear block out. This comes back. Yeah, two springs. And then you're going to set yourself up with your hands on your shoulder box. Exactly. Similar to how we got into stomach massage.

Make sure you're more bird on a perch here. Straight legs. Good. So first just the arms press good. And use your upper back end. And now with the right leg, right leg goes up. As you press and, and wrap your shoulders and your back. Left leg. Good. We're going to add a circle with the right leg. It goes up and around. Good. Left leg, up and around. Reversing the circle. Right leg around and up.

Left leg around and up. Find your back. Good one little tricep dip. Wrap your shoulders and your back. Press up and step to the floor. Excellent. Good. So let's do a Russian squats. So we're going to go, uh, two springs and go ahead and grab on to your leather straps.

You're going to start, uh, let's on. Yeah, take that apart. Yeah. And you're going to start squatting down. So you want to be closer to the back edge of the, um, this comes down the back edge of the carriage. Good. Uh, I personally like to hand hold onto my, um, straps. So you're gonna come into holding on your steps very carefully. Walk Back, Colette.

So stand firmly in your feet as you kind of get used to where that pole is coming from. If you lose your feet, you get dragged down into the carriage. So here we go. Uh, you're going to walk back a little further. Good. Now as, uh, lowering down your arms come up. So here we go. Make sure you stand firmly in your feet to go down, right. Keep your feet the whole time. Right now it's Kinda like water skiing. So press into your feet like you're pressing into the water.

Keep your back back and stand up. Gorgeous. We're going to do one more just because, and here we go. We're not going to have them do single leg squats, but this is where it would come. Excellent. Now from here, we're going to do standing up all the way. One standing chest expansion. Move slowly. So you're in control. You're going to pull, squeeze those shoulder blades together. Stand in your hands, look right, stand into your legs. Look left. Center and control at close. One more time. Don't lose your feet. Pull back, look left.

That's it. Look right, center and control yourself home all the way. Careful. Careful. Yeah, you can walk forward so that you are closing. There we go. And start. Set those down. You've almost made it a high bar. This is a two springs, so you're gonna go your closest hand on the bar. Good.

And you're going to take your underneath side foot wedged into this shoulder block. That's it. Super Straight leg. When you get on, that's it. This can come forward a little more good. And then your other leg is going to go squeezing onto the top of that head rest. Make sure that you don't sink in your underneath side. We're going to do one exploding stars.

So the springs open arm and leg goes out and close. Now one where your arm and leg kick forward kick and close. One where your leg kicks back, your arm goes forward, good and close. You're going to take a circle, go forward with your arm and leg circle around, all the way behind you. This arm keeps circling all the way around and the arm finishes forward. Leg comes back to your sideline.

You're gonna reverse the arm does the same direction of circle as the leg reverses. Good. You're going to come with the arm is forward. This leg is back. Bend the knee behind you. A hot, do a little arch. Look for your foot. Twist your chest towards your, toward the floor first toward the floor. Twist. Yes. And then toward the ceiling and step to the floor. Excellent. Other side. Here we go.

Nice. So wedged into the corner there. That's it. Use your other leg to squeeze on top of the shoulder block. Aha. Tried to keep your springs closed as you get on. Nice. And here we go. You're gonna Explode Your Star, Huh? And in kick front, as your leg goes, arm and leg, lego forward and down.

So you come back to that home and then kick back as your arm goes forward and come in, pull yourself together. Right arm and leg. Go forward. Circle. So goes forward up all the way around and finish. Good arm goes forward again as the legos back leg goes back. Finish the circle all the way around where the arm ends forward. Good. Bend the knee behind you. Good key let, you're going to twist your chest to the far he look for your foot. Good.

Then twist your chest to the ceiling in the foot's finding the floor. Let your foot find the floor [inaudible] and come on right so you don't have to stay arched. Yeah. Excellent. And last, if you have backbend the fullback bed. So a two springs, you're going to lie on your back. Feet. Go here. Hip width apart. [inaudible] and press up to your full back then. Good. All the way up. Yes. Stand in your legs.

Good. And from here your legs press out to straight and bend. Yes. And then, and this is an option to do your headstand. Reach your elbows back. Good. And then key. Let your gonna go straight legs. Stay straight. Now find your upper extension just a little bit more and back out.

So the arms are staying straight and they're just doing a little more lift here. Yes, just that and back out. One more. Good. And back out. Now Bend your knees, close your springs, close your springs all the way you can. Yes. Then curl down. Right. Good. Excellent. And from here, scoot back. Hug your knees into your chest. Stand up.

And you guys have to take a bow cause that was amazing.


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I just watched this one for now, but it was really interesting to see all the traditional exercises!! Thank you xo
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Wow…this class left little out! I loved Sharon's quick paced, 1 rep, advanced classical repertoire class. It is like a visual manual, that I can replay, stop, learn from and just plain be in awe of.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Tahja. My hope was to give a class that would be a resource for students to practice those more advanced exercises that we don't always get to in a class. I'm glad you enjoyed watching it.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Alisha. I love the term "visual manual" and I appreciate positive comments.
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Such a great idea for when I don't have enough time to get to everything!!
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Kerry. Yes it's a fun way to keep up practice of the Advanced work. Glad you enjoyed it.
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More details of spring useage and type necessary
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Linda for this question. On a Gratz Reformer, there are 4 springs all with the same tension. If you are using Balanced Body, I believe you can translate those to red springs (when I mention the number of springs used). The class starts with all springs on until Overhead which is 2 springs. Drop to one spring for Rowing Series. Long Box Series starts with 2 springs for Swan then to one for pulling straps until you add a second spring for Backstroke and drop back to one for the rest of Long Box Series. We started with 2 springs for Long Stretch Series. Stomach Massage Series can start with 3 or 4 and drop from there...3 for Flat back, 2 for Reaching and Twist.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
for Linda....continued...
This gets you through the beginning of class. As the transitions are also exercises, within my cueing, I believe it should guide the number of springs used. Of course, you'll want to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. If you are accustomed to lighter spring tension, you may need to gradually build up. Please let me know if there are specific exercises/ series you were curious about so I can mention those directly. Thank you again for asking such a great question!
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Thank-you for your detailed answer. I am working with bonpilates machines which have in order of resistance (starting with the strongest resistance) 1x Green, 2x Red, 1x blue and 1x yellow..
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