Class #2183

Reformer Workout

75 min - Class


Sharon Gallagher-Rivera is back with a challenging Reformer workout that is perfect for the advanced practitioner! She does one repetition of each exercise so you can get through the full advanced repertoire. Her clear guidance and smooth transitions will help you move through these advanced exercises just as beautifully as Jackson and Quillet.

For those following the traditional order, Corkscrew, Control Balance, and the Arabesque Dismount were left out due to "unintentional forgetfulness."
What You'll Need: Reformer, Knee Pad, Pilates Pole

About This Video


Hi, I'm Sharon Gallagher Rivera. And, uh, I have my lovely students here today, Kayla at Romaine and Jackson Grantham, and they've been, um, studying with me for a little while, so it's really great t...


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I just watched this one for now, but it was really interesting to see all the traditional exercises!! Thank you xo
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Wow…this class left little out! I loved Sharon's quick paced, 1 rep, advanced classical repertoire class. It is like a visual manual, that I can replay, stop, learn from and just plain be in awe of.
Thank you Tahja. My hope was to give a class that would be a resource for students to practice those more advanced exercises that we don't always get to in a class. I'm glad you enjoyed watching it.
Thank you Alisha. I love the term "visual manual" and I appreciate positive comments.
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Such a great idea for when I don't have enough time to get to everything!!
Thank you Kerry. Yes it's a fun way to keep up practice of the Advanced work. Glad you enjoyed it.
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More details of spring useage and type necessary
Thank you Linda for this question. On a Gratz Reformer, there are 4 springs all with the same tension. If you are using Balanced Body, I believe you can translate those to red springs (when I mention the number of springs used). The class starts with all springs on until Overhead which is 2 springs. Drop to one spring for Rowing Series. Long Box Series starts with 2 springs for Swan then to one for pulling straps until you add a second spring for Backstroke and drop back to one for the rest of Long Box Series. We started with 2 springs for Long Stretch Series. Stomach Massage Series can start with 3 or 4 and drop from there...3 for Flat back, 2 for Reaching and Twist.
for Linda....continued...
This gets you through the beginning of class. As the transitions are also exercises, within my cueing, I believe it should guide the number of springs used. Of course, you'll want to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. If you are accustomed to lighter spring tension, you may need to gradually build up. Please let me know if there are specific exercises/ series you were curious about so I can mention those directly. Thank you again for asking such a great question!
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Thank-you for your detailed answer. I am working with bonpilates machines which have in order of resistance (starting with the strongest resistance) 1x Green, 2x Red, 1x blue and 1x yellow..
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