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Restore and Strengthen

60 min - Class


You'll find a lovely balance of restorative movement and strengthening exercises in this Reformer workout with Michele Larsson. This class is great for the student that is still learning the intermediate work as Michele teaches at a more deliberate pace and takes time for teaching moments with her students. You'll work through exercises such as Footwork, the Ls, Coordination, Short Spine, Rowing, Chest Expansion, and more. While the students use light Hand Weights for Pulling Straps, Hand Weights are not a necessary prop for this class.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Let's just start simply with your arches on the bar. Don't even think about anything, and just take a nice deep breath however you want. And let your arches really just set on that bar. And the next time you exhale, feel that your thighs just drop down into your pelvis straight down. And then the next time you exhale, just think of the bottom of the ribs, the low ribs just dropping into the floor.

The next time you inhale, think of getting really broad smile through your clavicles so your clavicles get really broad and they dropped down. And now let your eyes drop to the back of your skull. Just really easy, very small head shake. No very tiny. Just shake your head no on the top of your cervical spine, back and forth. Tiny and easy. There you go. Come back into center. Do the same thing with the knees. So the knees just go side to side. Tiny, tiny, tiny. All you're doing is putting a little jiggle, a little wobble in your body. That's it.

And now come back into the center and now go back up to the top of the spine. And just nod. Yes. So just find out where your cervical spine and your skull meet. Very tiny, very small, up and down. Can I lower this for a little bit for you?

Get it down to that. That a little better. Yeah. So you're not up quite so high. Good. And now come back down to your pelvis and then just do the same thing with the pelvis. Rock to the top of the sacrum and to the bottom of the sacred. All you're doing, just let your body adjust. Find where it needs to be. Yeah, there you go. And get that little rocking through your body. Yeah.

Now let's start parallel on the heels and put your heels opposite your sitz bones. So when you straighten your legs, you really find that hamstring connection. So inhale, straighten the legs. Exhale, bend the knees straight up, start slow, and then we'll pick up the pace in a moment. What you want to do is you want to continue stretching the spring all the way out. Continue bringing it in. Inhale, exhale. Just fold the knee and the hip joint or the ones that are folding everything else's lines. Still. One more. Very simple and easy. Last one, go out and stay out. You want to lengthen your right leg without shortening your left.

So press the right leg into the bar and relax. Press the left leg into the bar and relax. Now press both legs into the bar so you find the front of the hip socket opening. Bend the knees straight up to the ceiling and come in. Slide down onto the anatomical arch about the fifth metatarsal joint. And again, inhale out.

Exhale and inhale o x no the whole time you want those springs to keep moving, there's no real stop and back in for more. And so you're out in, uh, and in is that eight I lost. Count One more and coming in, slide all the way down into a little bird foot wrap and drop the heels and the same thing here. Out and in and out. Think of pressing the bar towards me daily. That's it.

And n good and I n. N. Four more. Nice. Inhale as you go out. Exhale as you come back in and come in. Good go. Pilati is v on the balls of the feet.

Now, why want you to be a fairly narrow v but I want you to lift this part of the foot. Does that make sense? So you have to think of rapping there. You feel that now going out, inhale out. Exhale and inhale out. You have two different, very different feet. So you have to make a decision which foot you're going to work match. Does that make sense? Right? So you're going to match this foot.

Are you gonna match that foot? You know, I don't know your body well, so we'll have to figure that out. Okay. As to which one you want to match so they're not real different. Okay, let's go parallel on the toes and let's just simply go out, lower the heels down, lift the heels up and come in lower twice this time, lower lift, lower and come in three times and then four times. And that'll be it. Is this one making all that noise? Pretty Casta Nets. Do you have Mecca metal in there or just it's just the injuries come up onto the arch. Just relax for a sec. Do a simple, nice way to the right and just stay there for a moment.

Just put that spiral in your spine and then coming back. Simple, nice way to the other side and coming back. Open up on the arches to the corners of the bar. Take both your arms up to the ceiling as you straighten your knees, open the arms and the whole body inhales and then the whole body exhales. But come back in both of you this time. Don't think turnout, right? So don't get yourself all the way out there. Get yourself in. So what you're doing as you straighten the legs is your narrowing here and broadening at the top here, you're narrowing at the top. You're broadening at the bottom. Does that make sense?

So you make a v narrow into that V, right? So you get into the center line of your body. There you go. [inaudible] that's it. So nice big breath motion. [inaudible] one more. Come all the way back and keep your feet where they are. Put your arms by your side and do a nice way.

So you take your right knee to your left toes and let it take your back with it. Now roll back from your ribs. So your ribs, pelvis, there you go. That's it. And need opposite toe and then roll back. Now what you're gonna do is you're gonna take need opposite toe. Then this knee comes up to this knee, comes to this shoulder, rolls to the other shoulder and finds the bar, the foot.

Then the other leg goes and comes all the web. That's it. So you really run and let that go into your back. Yeah. Don't forget it. Come on. Let your, let your foot dangle. There you go. Put this through here, right? And Go. That's one more each side. And really milk this. Come on. Just just really use this to Raul. That's fine. There you go.

And come back round. That's fine. Good. Yeah, it feels good. Yeah. Good. Now come back and go onto your toes parallel. This is for you. Okay. Come up so that the little toe joint is on the bar too. These are nice big bars.

And try to think of this with your toes right now. Lift up into Barbie feet. So your way up. Try to straighten the legs. Stain in Barbie feet. Lower both heels under the bar. Lift both heels up and come into Barbie feet. Lift those feet.

Okay, so try to stay into Barbie food. Lower down, lift up and [inaudible]. They come in twice more. Just like that. So you really up up, up, up, up. Now. Down. Now come back up, up, up. There you go. And come back down. Last one. Go down, come up and come out. Now go all the way out and do a very slow run.

We're slow. It's like you're in mud. Slow two more. And Bend your knees and come all the way in. Yeah, take both your legs up in the air and just shake them out. A, shake them out. Let your ankles go like my wrist. Hold on. Do your knees. Relax your feet to your butts. Circle in the same direction. There you go. Just let that whole, Oh, Becca and now I'll circle in the other direction.

Good. Good. Put your legs straight out on top of the bar. I want you to roll up and go to two medium weight springs. Just roll all the webs. Swing your legs to the side. Go to to medium weights. Roll back down and put your left toes on the bar and your right knee into your chest. Okay. Arms by your side. You're gonna straighten both legs, one to the ceiling and the other just pushing away. Flex both feet.

Point both feet. Bend both knees. Now you want to be this simultaneous. You want to, same time, same time, same time, same time. That's it. Out, down, up in, out. Denim, up in one more out. Come down up now just stay here for a second and bend your right knee into your chest. Put your hand on the knee and circle it. Now reach with the left leg into the bar.

That's the important leg. The right legs. Just going along for the ride. Change Direction. Come back center and bend your left knee and come all the way in. Change legs all the way out. Bend up, flex up, come in four of these and then out for niesters. Wow. Now pressing to me. Press. That's it. Now Push. Does that in. Come in. Come in, go out.

Stay here. Go Out, press into me now. Resist me. Resist. Resist on, resist. Resist, resist there. Press down. There you go. Now resist. Resist, resist. There you go. Press down and resist. Resist. Come on. Last one. Spread these.

Spread these. Let them go there. Feel that there's where you want to be. Yeah. Okay. Ben, that top leg in and do your leg circles. Sorry. Ruth. Neisser. Niesters. There you go. Find this. Yeah. You okay there? Yeah, that's totally different and reverse. You might want to work on a jump board so you have something to push against somehow to get that feeling or get your buddies to.

Okay, come in. All righty. Okay, so now you're going to do leg circles, but let's go on the heel of the standing leg, which will be the left leg. Now you're gonna do leg circles right out of mat. Okay? But I want you to only think of the left leg. So the leg circles are really tiny. Okay, so straighten the leg out both legs too. And now small. They can be as big as you like or small shit, but I don't want to see anything happening here, so I want to find this connection to there. So drop this down.

Drop this down. Drop that you. Oh yeah. You feel that there? There you go. Did you switch directions while I was picking on the young one and bend your knees and come all the way in and go to the other side? Yeah. When you do one leg and work on the reformer, it, the important leg is this one and circles, not the one in the air. It's this one, right? You have to reach into the bar.

That's it. I hope you've switched direction when I haven't, didn't tell you and come all the way in. Nice. Oh, okay. Just to wiggle your way away from side to side and move a little bit away from the shoulder pads, we're going to go into hundreds prep, so reach back and grab the straps. Oh, you have to move this machine. Correct. Thank you. Okay, so this is what I call them the ELLs. Okay.

So your knees are into your chest. You just go down and I want you to do this breath pattern. I want you to inhale to prepare. Exhale, lower the arms. Inhale, open to the side. Exhale, lower back down. Inhale, come back up this time. Roll your upper body up off the floor.

Open, close and roll back down. We'll do that one more time. Coming up. Open, close and roll back down. Now listen carefully. Coming up, open just the left arm and come in. Open. Just the right arm. Doesn't work, does it? And come in and go down. Okay. So what do you have to do to make it work? Is you open the left, you have to lift the right so you come down and right goes up, left, goes side, come back down, switch, come back down and go all the way down and come back up again. And now coming up and go. Good. Both.

Excellent, good and down and come back down. Last one and coming up one arm. Second arm. Stay here for hundreds and in and, oh in, oh, single leg stretch. Oh, change your legs. Extend both legs. Bend your knees, half an inch, half an inch as if you're pulling. I'm pulling on you.

Come on. There you go. Now you're in your belly and coming in and relax. Let your knees go side side. Nice. Okay. What you're gonna do is you're gonna put these straps on your feet, but bring them all the way up over your knees. Does that make sense? All the way up to over your knees.

There you go. And just let your legs hang. Just let them hang. Okay, now all you're going to do is bring the feet, drop them into the spring, and then come back up. Don't go to the floor just to the springs and dropped down. Now to do this, you have to imprint through your lumbar spine. Otherwise you're going to fall into arch. So imprint through the lumbar spine.

Exhale as you come back in. Inhale, imprint in the lumbar acts one more like this, and then we go into circles in here. And now you go round these separate and around and together and around and together it's small. You want the springs to support the legs so you can really find a full hip action without discomfort. Number five and do five in the other direction. Yeah, so you really want the hips to be completely comfortable.

You don't have too big range. You want support. You want to really oil that hip joint. Just oil that joint. Good, good. Okay. Come back in. Straighten both legs to the ceiling and feel the stretch. Bend both knees and put the feet to the butts. Straighten both legs up.

Flex the feet, point the feet, bend both knees, straighten both legs up. Flex point and bend. Straighten both legs up and stay here. Flex the feet. You're to lower about five inches. Lower straight legs and come back up and lower straightly feels different, doesn't it? With those straps up there, really want you to fire those hamstrings, the connection between your sitz bone and here. Right?

Really shorten that joint. That's it. And up one more and come up. Now rotate the legs from the hips and do the same thing and see what the difference is. You're just paying attention to here. Alright, down up, down. Two more. Good.

Up, down. So this sort of swelling sort of all was there. Okay. Bend your knees. Take the straps off your legs. Good. Alright. Coord a no. Take it back. I'll stay where you are. Put your feet down on the wood.

Head rest down. Separate your feet on the woods. So you're in a wide stance. It's the wood. Just you want to be up here? Oh whoa. Oh well you can be up. We're going to [inaudible]. Well, you get to pick in a minute. Put your arms like this. Palms facing you.

Now what you're gonna do is you're gonna lift your pelvis. You're going to press your whole arm and shoulders into the floor and lift your whole back up in a full bridge. And now roll or set yourself down. Choices, yours and again up and come down. Yeah, try not to move the carriage. That makes it a little harder, right? Huh?

And roll down, up and roll that good. Bring the knees into the chest. We're going to do a coordination. Reach back and grab the straps. Has nothing to do with the prep you just did, so don't worry about it. So roll your upper body up off the floor.

You're gonna do standard coordination and going out open-close bend and bend one more like that. Out. Open, close bend. Listen carefully out. Just the right leg. Open, left leg, open, bend and bend. And then going out. Left leg open, right leg open. Bend in bed both legs and out. Open and bend and come in and relax. Beautiful. Okay, let's take your feet and put them in these straps. Feet in the straps you're going to do short spine. Inhale, straighten your legs. Exhale, take the legs overhead.

You do the short spine of your choice. Inhale, bend your knees. Exhale, roll down and pause. Okay, pause in frog. Okay, you did two different versions. Okay, so Ruth, to stay with the version you're doing, which is as a unit, you bring the heels with your Tush. Haley, you stay with the version you're doing very deliberately. Keeping the feet over the face and lowering down in lengthening. Okay, good. So all the way out. Inhale, exhale, roll off the ground. Inhale, bend, exhale, roll down.

They take slightly different timings. That's why you're, you'll be a little ahead Ruth. This time, come all the way down and stop. Just put a period on this. Good. Okay. Open your legs to the side. Just stretch out feeling okay. Both of you.

Good. Take your feet out. Hang the straps up. Let your knees go side to side. Go to one spring for rowing and take the bar down. Okay. You're going to do ease version.

I'm going to sit here. Okay. Uh, you want to look at me from the back probably, right. Okay. So rowing one legs are out straight. You're here, you roll back. Bringing this in. You open out to the side, you're rounded. You come up to absolutely straight arms by your side. Curl forward, dive forward. As you circle the arms around, reach for your feet. Stretch out and sit up, right? So you roll back, arms go out to the side, you sit up real tall, arms by your side, by your hips.

Now die forward. Circle around and good. And again. Cool. Okay, I'm gonna stop you for a sec. You really need to be very strict about yourself. What you're doing is you're coming back like this.

This is throwing you off your alignment from here. You come straight up. So the arms are right here by your side. Then the curve causes the arms to go back. Does that make sense? So awful. Last one. Open. Sit Straight up. Right by your side. No curve forward.

And that takes the arms back and around. Yeah. Good, good, good. All right, hold. I think on these straps, I don't know, but what we're going to do, so we're going to call, I call it outboard motor. You've got both. You have to move the whole thing around. Again, I didn't realize we had that much fussing that we had to do some pre, so you might want to hold up by the room here. So this is made up. Okay, palms are down. You're going to f turn, drop your left arm, rotate. Put it right at your hip curl. Good.

Come back up, pull back, come back up, pull back, come back up. POBA, come back up, pull back. [inaudible] come back up. Last one I believe, and up. Good hang straps up. Turn around face front with your back, against the shoulder pass. Grab those handles. And again, we'll do Eve's version, right? So you're here, you go to your eyes, you go to your, the reformer. You go to your shoulders. Right from here you reach from the Tush and you lengthen your body all the way up and around and fold in. Good eye level down by your legs.

Come to the shoulders from your Tush all the way lengthens up and around. That's it. And up all the way around. That's it. One more. Yeah. Good. And then scoop and then just sit right up. There you go. And scope. Just make this free and easy.

Huh? One more nice. Sorry. Okay. Sit. Cross legged or straight legged, whichever you prefer for hug a tree and salute. Okay. Okay. Start here. Let's do this, where you go out, keep your palms up, little finger. We've done this before. Open fourth finger, open third finger, open index finger, open phone, open index finger, Eh, middle finger and fourth finger, Eh, little finger and come back. [inaudible] Nice.

Come all the way up for forehead slam or salute and go out and come in and go up and come in. Go, Oh and come in and go out and come in last one and out and in. Good. Yeah. Bang everything out. Nice. Yes. Long box. Let's do some long box stuff so you lie on your belly head that way if possible. Bosom on. If it's at all comfortable, you really want your arm pits as close to the corners of the box as possible.

Now this has got a off two, four breaths to do this pulling straps. So on an inhale, you just lift your body up. On the exhale you pull the arms back to your hips. On an inhale, you bring the arms forward. On the exhale you round around, you need to come up further cause you're not begging. The box is too big for you. There you go there. So this open. So inhale, body up. Exhale, arms. Inhale, arms forward. Exhale, round. Let those shoulders protrack shoulder blades. Inhale, body. Exhale, arms. Move those shoulder blades. Inhale arms.

Exhale, pro track. Wrap those shoulder blades around. Inhale, body. Exhale, arms. Inhale forward. Exhale, round. Last one. Inhale, body. Exhale, arms. Inhale, arms. Exhale are round. Open up the arms to parallel to the floor.

Lift your body so your flat to the floor and inhale, pull back. Try to get them above your Tush and reach out. Law and hell. Reach out. Law in reach out. Long inhale and reach and let everything round around.

Good. Step off and put your weights away. Okay, we're going to do a reverse swan and swim. So bring the bar up to a low position. You're on your belly. Hands on the bar. Yeah, hold on. There you go. Yeah, you want the bar a little lower than the box or or the box height and lie on your belly. Navel towards the edge of the box. Hands on the bar.

Right. Good. Now just keep your elbows in and your hands on the bar. You probably cause you have a long torso on a back up a wee bit. Good. Okay. Now straighten and bend your elbows, but keep them in close to your ribs or into the springs and bend. There you go. So you connect here. Try to just graze the bar with your nose.

There you go. Right. That's fine. That connection. This time. Go out and stay out and carefully. Opposite arm and leg lift. Slow swim and come back. Arm and leg. Lift and come back. Arm and leg. Lift and back.

Last one and up and back. Come all the way in. Now we're going to go into a passive swan. Straighten the arms, lift the chest to bring the kerogen push back to take the carriage out. Good. And Bend your elbows. You slide off. You need a stick Kia and come up. There you go. And push back and in.

Good. One more. Okay. And come all the way in and step off to the side. Put both hands on the box and just round your spine up to the ceiling. Just let everything breathe. Okay, we're going to do a reverse teaser prep type thing.

So you're sitting this way, right? Hook your heels here. Knees bent. Grab the straps. No, yeah, bring your feet up. So you're in teaser position. You Go Phil, you're really rock back there. Now can you hook your heels to begin with to figure this one out first, right? Yeah. So you don't go falling forward. Now just do some bicep curls. There you go. That's it. Just some simple bicep curls.

Third one. Good. Now straighten one leg and do bicep curls. Good. Straighten the change legs. Straighten the other leg. There you go. That's the trick, isn't it? Ah, you're sliding. Yeah. All of this probably should've had a sticky good and calming down.

Nice. Hang the straps up your, uh, get off the box. Turn the box sidewards and go to two red springs. Bring it. Don't push it all the way back, Brie. And a little bit forward. Are you going to put, you're going to put your feet underneath the, um, strap [inaudible] you know, I would have put it on my machines. I would've put the bar down. Yeah. Just get it out of the way.

There you go. Now come forward. Put your feet on the woods. Separate your feet so your knees are slightly bent. You're on the box right at, you're going to do rollbacks, right? But you're going to move the carriage as you go. Okay? So as you roll back, just put your arms here. As you roll back, straighten the legs and move the carriage a little bit.

Now keep your legs straight and roll forward. There you go. And again, back and forth. And so there should be a tiny bit of movement in the in the carriage. Do you feel that small amount of movement? That's it and up and one more and coming up. Bend your knees. Bring the carriage in.

Take your arms to here. Flat back. Same thing. Lean back in the space space as you straighten your legs. Now as you come up, feel the carriage. Move a hair. There you go. Go back. It moves a hair. Come forward. It moves the hair. If it doesn't move, it's got to move that hair right. That's it right here. There you go.

Hair. There you go. Yeah. So you don't want to do it so much from here as you to do it from here. Does that make sense? And that makes the carriage move there. That's enough. And come in. Good. Alright. Side overs. So get onto your, what do you want to do right or left hip.

First. Left hip. Okay. So top leg, other leg up. Good hands here. Legs straight. Are you too close? You want to move the box? Okay. Yeah. Move the box. No, I do side overs differently than some people.

I just took the whole foot underneath the other one. But if you're more comfortable this way it's, it's depends on your greater trow canter, which is comfortable. Right? You like it there. Okay. Take your hands and place them on your shoulders and I'll go to the side all the way over and coming up a little ways there and all the way over and coming up and all the way over and up. Last one all the way over and up.

Go halfway down. Turn your body to face into the well turn, front and turn and turn and turn and turn and turn and turn. Put your hand on the head rest and just hang. Just hang. Just go. Let your arm go. Stretch your back out. Do whatever feels good. If you like to turn around and face your into the carriage, put your hands on the wood. There you go. From this extreme stretch, please use your hands on the machine to sit back up. So walk back up using your hands. Good. And turn to the other side.

You ready over? You go and dive over and come up. And I've over and come up and I've over of this as double hope, Exxon it and up top, halfway down. And then turn to her, Eh, oh, turn up, turn up, turn up, go to the side and hey [inaudible] oh, double hooks and then come all the way up and take that boxes off. Yeah, I know. I just, I'm looking, I'm wondering what's going on here. Then I look down. Yeah, right, so take the box out. All right, let's do ease version. Oh, she would put nailing round back, kneeling flap back down.

Stretch all together. So probably two reds. Okay, so round back, round your back up to the ceiling. Keep your shoulders very stable. Just six of them rather quick and in, in in five and six flat and your spun. Stick your butt out and go eh, n n. N I'm five and six downs. Stretch.

Come forward slow. Go back and lift. Go back and look, go back. Go back and lift one more own way. Good. Round your spine. Sit back towards your heels. Walk both of you walk your knees a little forward so you're away from the shoulder pads.

Turn your fingers on the bar to face one another and do an overhead press. Just easy. Five or six. So you really trying to find this position. All right, good. And then turn the elbows down for triceps. Same thing. Good. Now come in and take one red spring off.

Okay. You're going to have your left hand on the bar, your right hand on the back of your waist, right? And straighten and bend. Now you want to keep your shoulders really level here. Straighten and bend your elbow. You can open the elbow to the side if you have more strength that way. Yeah, just four. And then change to the other side. [inaudible] good. And come all the way in. Nice.

You're facing the springs. Go down and put a another red and a blue on for stomach massage. I do want you to hold on. So I want you to hold on, but you're going to hold on in order to lift the carriage up. Bye. Opening the elbows so your, your shoulders come forward over everything. Good. And it's quick. So you go out low.

We're lifting in and out. Lower lifting and lower. Lifting it out. Lower lifting in and out. Lower lifting in last one and in. Nice. Reach back. Fingers facing you.

Now the issue, the thing that I learned was you still have that same feeling of scoop and lift and then you have to put the extension on top of it. Right? And Go and out. Lower and lifting in. That's a machine that makes a lot of noise. Last one and relax. Good. Oh, okay. Forget the next to step off. The bar goes down.

You're on two springs, you turn around and you're facing this way with your fists in the shoulder pads and your forearms spread out, right foot back on the air. You go and just go out. And then very small, very small and very small. Now this is up stretch as you come in, lift your pelvis as you go out and Tuck your pelvis and come out as you come in, dive head first as you go out and Tuck your pelvis and go out. You already know this one more good and come out. Come back up again. One more time. Find this connection here. Greater trocanter.

Now take both hipbones forward and down. There you go. There you go. You feel a difference in your foot when you do this. Yes. Yeah, so you're, this is what's happening is from that foot thing, you're, I'm going to exaggerate. You're doing this. Okay. So whatever that means in your foot, Haley, you've got to correct that. Good. Okay. One more on your own and come up. Yeah. Okay. Step down guys. Yeah.

That's the trouble with those old things as they start to feed up the body. And that's what you need to watch. So it doesn't feed up your body. Right. So if you need to do something down at the foot area to make it more comfortable so it doesn't ricochet up, that's what you wear or you make the correction. Okay. Don't do it up here. Um, elephant. Thank you. Oh, okay. Simple elephant. Just a simple elephant. Yeah.

Back and forth. [inaudible] and step down. Oh, right. I'd like to do semi-circle with the bar down. I'd like you to do semi-circle with the bar down. I don't want to do it. Head rest up. Bar Down.

Okay. Because we did a short spine already, so I don't, right. So I learned, I, I go down first. That's my pattern. So go down first, then press out, then lift up and in. It's a really, get that articulation through your spine, out. Curl up and coming in. One more in this direction. Really just down through your spine, out.

Curl up and come in and river's going out. Rolling down. Last one. Good. And come in [inaudible] slide out. Let your knees go side to side. Just release everything.

Well, little kneeling, chest expansion. You may choose either to hook the feet or put the knees up against the shoulder pads. Your choice. One spring. There you go. Just simple, just standard chest expansion back with a head turn center and forward back with the head turn. Good, good. All Right, nice and hang those straps up.

Would you sit cross legged facing with your left shoulder into the good. Grab the strap in your hand. Put both hands here and rotate your whole chess back and forth. Now try to keep the hands directly in front of your chest. There you go. If you want to drop weight to get more rotation through your side, you can go to a blue. Yeah, real simple.

Good. You can do this up on your knees, but I just chose not to. Okay. Hang the strap up. Go to turn to the other side. Okay. Do you want last spring? All right. Better? Yeah. Good, good, nice. And hang up the strap. Good.

Put off two roads in the blue. At least foot, work, road, whatever you had for foot work, way far up for running, straighten both legs and off you go. Better feel different. [inaudible] good. Okay. And then stay down on one side. Just let everything release and then coming up and go to the other side. Is this slamming things or breaking it or what?

We're spraining it sprains, multiple sprain. Soft tissue injury basically. Yeah. Could change the other side. So all of this is pulling mm. Soft tissue. Harder than bone. Easier to break the bone, right. I mean not on you, but on the range, on the recovery and then come all the way in.

Yeah, all the way. Yeah. Good. All right. Um, let's just do a simple e. Um, side stretch. Let's do a side stretch. So you're in the Pretzel position, the figure four position, so to speak, whatever you want to call her. So you probably just one spring. Yeah. And over you go.

Just simple and come back up. Let's stay there for a moment and just rotate pure rotation and come back. And now side bend just over. You go and come back up and pure rotation. One more. Just simple like that over you go, coming up and one rotation, come back, go over and rotate. When you're over, put both hands on the bar and separate them.

If you want to come up into extension, you may, but you don't have to. You could just bend and straighten the elbows. It's not a great thing to do to come up in this extension when you're twisted like that and your spine. So sometimes it's, it's not so good. Just bend and straighten the elbows. A few sometimes. There you go. That's it. That's it. Good.

Then turn to the side and come back up and do the other side. [inaudible] and coming up. Good. And then go over to the side. Turn. Put both hands on and just bend in. Straight the elbows a few times. Yeah, you really want, well, untwist all of this, right?

Just and that's what this is all about. It's less about spinal flexibility than it is about this grabbing thing. You know? [inaudible] good. And then slide the back hand to the front hand and sit back up. Good. We're gonna do an Eve's lunch with a cat cow.

So depending upon your heights, the back leg will be off the Neal be off. Yeah. And actually start again. Everybody come up. Start again. Bring the carriage in. Bring the top, bring this leg back to meet this one. They're not quite that far. A little more forward, a little more, a little more there. Now take the knee off. So the pelvis is totally level there. So this knee comes off.

So this pelvis is, so you're looking straight at here. You're rounded in cat, so you can watch this, right? So as you bend the front leg and straighten the back, you look forward with and try not to drop into the side. Good. And then as you round, you can check out your evenness here. Does that make sense? There you go. Right? There you go.

And then around that, so you really try and stay very level here. Good. [inaudible] and come back. So it's just a variation on it. There you go. Yeah. Nice. Other side. Well, the top leg goes a little further back. Not quite that far.

The knee on the reformer is off. If you're tall enough, if you're, yeah, but the important thing is the levelness of the pelvis and then going out, pressing out, keeping that Pelvis Levitt level and rolling in. Yeah, so the the, so as stretch in the thigh stretch is secondary to keeping this rectangle rectangular, not turning into a trap as OIT or whatever the heck happens to it and come all the way up. [inaudible] good. And then just step off and then just stand on both feet. Come in on this side.

You can stand facing that way or each other. Good. Move away from the machine. Now all I want both of you to do is to rock forward onto your balls of your feet and back onto your heels and forward onto the balls of the feet. But don't take the heel off and back. Just rock a little bit and back and a little bit and back now very small. Bend the knees, straighten the knees. Now a one inch heel off the floor. One inch.

Okay. Yeah. And Bend and [inaudible]. Now you lift from here. There you go. You feel that? Now hold that connection on. Be a little personal, but that's it. Good and down. So you bend, you straighten, and right from the sitz bones, you float those heels off the floor. There you go. Good. And Now Ben, and straighten and float those heels off the floor right from here.

Don't expect those ankles to do it and come down and straightened and ride from here up, up there. Feel the difference. So there's support that's going to come for that to help that foot. Does that make sense? Don't figure it's going to be in the ankles. It's gotta be way up here. Oh, okay. All right, good.


Simple, basic and great. Thank you so much, i feel really priveleged to have the chance to taste your teaching.
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There were lovely aspects to this class, such as the cat/cow Eve's lunge and the variations of some typical exercises.

As someone watching the class, I grew frustrated with the amount of time Michelle spent talking about Hallie's feet. It happened at least we four, if not five or six, times in a one hour period. While this information was useful for Michelle, I don't need to hear constant critiques about her feet. It would've been nice to have that edited out. I think it probably totaled five minutes, which is just too much pickiness on someone in the class for those of us who are taking this class at home.
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Great way to finish off a long week.Michele cueing is very meditative and clear. Thanks
Megan B
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Wonderful Michele! Great to have you here in my space! Thoughtful, concise, deliberate. Thank you!
Vicente Diaz De Leon
Thank you for all the details mentioned thru out the entire class. Especially gratefull about the help given to Hallie's feet . It helped me equally a whole bunch. I figuered out that my hips were not helping my ankles to do the work . Now I can feel real legs underneath me. Muchas gracias Michele.
Laura H
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Thank you Michele for just being yourself and also prioritizing individual attention! You continue to be an inspiration.
Not too hard except I cannot bend and hang upside down into the carriage unless paramedics were on hand to pick me up! I have yet to find a complete workout that is senior friendly for the not so flexible so I just do what I can do.
This is an all time favorite. Thank you so much.
This class was disappointing, the flow didn't make for a very effective workout. Lots of fiddling and adjusting the equipment for one or two exercises. Instructor spent a lot of time commenting and making adjustments to demonstrators that wouldn't be relevant to a viewer.
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