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Romana's Pilates® Flow

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A well-rounded basic-intermediate class taught in the style of Romana's Pilates®. Adrianne introduces the basic mechanics of an exercise and builds from there, allowing the student to experience the exercise in its original form.
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Dec 26, 2009
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Okay. I'm going to have you guys begin by lying down on your backs and your knees bent and about hip width apart. Yeah. Uh, let's see. Let's have you slide your feet slightly forward of your bodies. That way you're not crunching your knees and I'm just going to have you start to go into a breathing exercise getting into your bodies. So begin by taking your arms up to 90 degrees [inaudible].

So what we call your imaginary window. You want to be able to see that window so you don't ever want your arms to go outside of your peripheral. Take a nice deep breath in and begin to exhale. Lower your arms down to your sides. Nice. Exhale trying to ring out the lungs. Start to feel your enables.

Pull up and into the mat, into your spines. Again. Take your arms up. Nice deep breath in. Begin the exhale this time. Start to open up your chest. Really think of stretching your arms out, long, feeling your shoulders lengthening, pulling down your backs. And one more time. Begin taking the arms up.

Fill up your lungs. Inhaling, start to exhale. Try to get rid of any space between your backs and the Mat. That's it. Pulling up and arrest. Go ahead and drop your arms to your sides.

Stretch your legs out long on the Mat. And I'm going to have you do the same thing. This time it's going to feel a little bit different because your legs are straight. You want to try to get the feeling of imprinting or spines into the mat. So think of squeezing your bottoms and wrapping the thighs around so that you can start to feel the inner thighs working. Take your arms back up.

Same movement you just did. Nice deep breath in. Start to exhale as though you have resistance, some heavy, thick gear. You're pushing the arms down, pulling up your powerhouse. So Navel to spine, no arching in the back and still wrapping the thighs around. One more time, arms come up. Nice deep breath and just getting your minds into your body. And exhale.

Let your next lengthen. Start to drop your gaze down to your navel. It's your next day, nice and long. Okay, I'm gonna start with what's called your hundreds. You're going to bring your knees into your chest and at any point you get to an exercise that becomes too challenging, just please leave it out and join us. On the next exercise, you're going to begin to reach your arms out long by your hips. Your arms will come up about three to four inches above your hips and you're literally going to be pumping them up and down the whole time.

The breathing is a deep breath in for five counts and a long breath out for five counts. Exactly. So just practicing the and the breathing. Nice deep breath in. Two, three, four, five long breath out to five. Lots of energy in the arm, so you're really pumping them up and down to five and exhale, two, three, four, five. We're going to add on. You're going to add your heads by lifting your heads up, looking at your powerhouse and looking at your belly buttons. That's it. Keep moving the arms and keep the breathing up. Nice deep breath in two, three, four, five. Exhale. Feel your navels pull in. So you're trying to flatten or scoop the tummies in.

Deep breath in for five long breath out. Three, four, five. If you want to challenge yourself, you can begin to straighten your legs, but keep the breathing going. And exhale. Inhale to four. Five exhale round. And your stern was pulling her stomachs in deeper. The lower the legs go, the harder this becomes. Excellent. Two more. Nice deep breath in. Long breath out except by last one five.

And exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Bend your knees. Drop your feet. Drop your head. So now just begin to relax. Okay, so just starting to get the blood flowing. I'm going to have you guys sit up for a moment. Your knees will stay bent and I'm gonna turn myself around here. You know, hold onto the back of your thighs with your heads down. Try to keep your next and really relaxed. You're rounding into a seeker.

So from the top of your head down to your tailbone, you're in a sea from this side, right? Go ahead and bring your heels together. So you're in what's called a [inaudible] stance. Heels together, toes apart, and you're just going to slowly start to round backwards. And when your arms are straight, you're going to stop. Try to keep your feet from moving. Stop your position, push your shoulders down and feel your stomach's pull in. Take a nice deep breath in, lightly hold onto the legs and start to exhale round back up.

So you're really working that powerhouse pulling in again. Start to take that backwards and Hailey curl your hips under. You're really trying to articulate the lower part of your vertebra. And exhale. Start to come back up, pulling in. Drop your shoulders. If you're feeling this in your neck, try to relax the shoulders more. Again, inhale, if you want to make it a little bit more challenging, you can go ahead and lie all the way down and start to exhale.

Feel those hips kind of tuck underneath you. Push it under here. Good. All the way down. Drop your arms, drop your heads. So go ahead and arrest on the mat so we're gonna make it a little bit more challenging. So you're starting from a lying position. You want to reach for your thighs, take nice deep breath in. You're going to begin to come up and start to exhale.

If you're not able to come up with the feet lifting than [inaudible], just come up a little bit. You don't have to sit all the way up. Again, start to lie back down. You want to articulate from the lower spine to the middle spine, upper spine lasting down as your head. First thing up is the head nice deep breath in. Curl into yourself so you're exhaling. Scooping your navels in. Stretch over, said [inaudible].

Go ahead and lie back down. Both of you are doing well. You're going to stay down there this time. Go ahead and straighten your legs. Now, if those were challenging enough, you would just continue with those. We're going to move on to the roll-up. Take your arms up to 90 degrees. These are very challenging, so like I said, continue with the other exercises.

If these are too challenging, your feet stay soft. You want to again, try to wrap those thighs so you squeeze your bottoms, wrap the thighs around so your inner thighs are pinching. Start to imprint your spine into the mat. By pulling your navel in and up, you're going to take a nice deep breath in and you're going to be given to exhale and round over to your knees, scooping in. Drop your head, looking through that window. And yes you are stretching forward, but not with your shoulders. Start to bring that back down again. It's all about articulating. So you want articulate one vertebra down at a time. Get out of your knees, Tuck your hips. There you go. All the way down. I moved my hand out away and three more.

Exhale scoop. So as you stretch forward, you want to continue with that scoop into the powerhouse. So Navel to spine, so it's not a flat bat. It's rounded. Start to lie back down one vertebra at a time. So get that wrapped in the thighs and rest to more. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, scoop, articulating off the mat round. Start to bring that back down. Soft shoulder, wrap the thighs, curl your hips last one and exhale.

That's it. All the way over as far as you can. Each time you go up and you come over, you're going to, I'm losing my mic. Get a little bit further. All right. Go ahead and rest your head. Bring one knee into your chest. Go ahead and bring your right leg into your chest and give that like a stretch. Your left leg can be extended or you can have it bent. If it's bent, you just have more support for your powerhouse.

So more challenging as a straight leg. Take your right leg up. Place your hands at your side so you determine how much support you have for your back. It's all about keeping it anchored. You want to keep your hips very still, and this is a circle inside the hip. So the circle is really the thigh circling around and up to the nose and circle. Keep your hips very still. Think of the leg reaching up and out of the hip.

That's it. Keep those hips very still. Don't let your hips move. Push your back into the mat and up tomorrow. No more than five to eight and reverse your circles. Take the tension out of your shoulders and neck. Keep those hips very still. No Rock and rolling.

So keep the range of circles small and up and last one and like comes up. Bend your knee and give that like a stretch. Gonna switch legs in just a moment. Okay. Bring your left knee into your chest. Give the like a stretch. And I like to have you hold on to the your thigh as you're stretching so you don't cut the circulation off in your knees. Always checking your powerhouse. You're afraid.

I want to make sure you're working between your shoulders and hips, so your extended leg should line up with your hip. You may not feel where that is. Hopefully you can that center for you. So you're lined up with the hip and then you're going to start to take that left leg up. You can give it another stretch if you'd like. And again, the knee can stay bent for more. Support. Your gig going to begin your circle. So circling around and back up towards your nose.

But is this a stretch and up as you move? Be Conscious of what your hips are doing. You don't want them to move. Really lengthen the leg. So you're reaching up and out of the hip. And two more add up and up. I want you to fill this in more and one more and reverse it and around up to nose one. Really lengthen that leg.

Try not to let your knee bend too. Three about two more. That's it. And you know, Bend your knee. Give that like a stretch. Okay. Hold on to your thigh to stretch. Good. Alright, I'm going to have you guys sit up again going into a rolling exercise called rolling like a ball. So you want to try to sit as close to your heels here, back into that seeker. So heels together, toes apart. I'm going to have you start by holding onto the back of your thighs.

And once again, your heads are down. You're looking at your belly buttons, shoulders relaxed. You want to take any tension out of there as you can. You first just try to find your balance by taking your feet off of the mat. This is a centering exercise, so you're literally gonna put that into a roll. You'll roll back and as you come back up, want to try to round up through your center. So watch where your alignment is on the Mat.

And Go ahead and begin to roll back. Come up and try to balance shoulders down and inhale. Take it back, exhale around, up, shoulders down and round. Come up and balance each time you're trying to find that balance. Good. Two more. And find your center over here. [inaudible] and one more time round up.

And that's enough. Place your feet down. Go ahead and both of you can lie back down. Good. And you're good to go into your stomach series called your single leg stretch. Lengthen the back of your neck.

That's it. Shoulders relaxed. Bring your right knee into your chest. All right, and I have you go into the arm position. This is part of a coordination exercise as well. So right hand goes to your ankle, left hand on your knee theater soft.

You're working from the hip to the top and the Neon, they say, keep the energy out of your toes. Take your left knee in towards your chest, and then take that left leg straight up. Good. You're going to start to lower your left leg to a level that your back can be supported so your back stays nice and anchored and flat. So the lower that extension goes, the harder the exercise becomes. So really keep that back anchored. All right, so about 45 degrees is a good level. Alright, just practicing the arms and the legs. You're going to s transition by switching legs left-hand on your ankle, right hand on your knee. The arms are fairly mechanical. Switch arms, switch legs, so it's always the outside hand on the ankle. Hold your position. Now, just hold that.

Keep pushing your shoulders down and make sure you're not twisting your body as the arms and legs transition and switch and hold. Now you want to make sure that that spine is really anchored, so pull it if it's not, just lift your extended leg higher and switch and whole and one more switch and hold. You're going to add on with your heads. You'll start to lift your head, look at your powerhouse, look at your neighbor, be conscious that your shoulders are lined up with your hips, that you're not twisting. Hold that really scoop as deep as you can into that nail. And you only want to round up to the tips of their shoulders. So lower your back, but a bit more. Curl into it. There you go.

Now switch legs whole. Let me see your navel. Pull deeper on that transition and switch and scoop. Switch and scoop. Now try to bring the knee in towards your ear without curling your bottoms up. So keep those tailbones flat and switch scope. If you're next, get tired, continue to move, but drop your head.

Continue with the arms and legs. And three quick one, switch one scoop two naval despite two, three and three Restaur. Next, go ahead and drop your feet. So go ahead and drop your legs. Good. All right, so that's called your single leg stretch. You're going to go into your double leg stretch next, which is we'll just kind of start to practice the arms and the legs. You can either hold onto the back of your thighs or if it's not too much of a reach, you want to hold onto your ankles. Pends on where it's comfortable for you.

So I'm going to start by holding onto my thighs, keeping your heads down. Just start to take your arms up to 90 degrees. Take a nice deeper thin. Exhale, circle the arms around. So it's a circle with the arms you grab onto the thighs or your ankles and pull your knees deeper into your chest. Inhale, arms come up. Exhale, arms circle. Pull the legs in on the exhale.

You want to once again, pull your stomachs in. Navel to spine. One more time, just the arm. Inhale and exhale going to add on. So now you're adding your legs. So this time both the arms and legs are going to move. You inhale, arms and legs go up. Exhale, arms and legs come back in when the arms and legs go out. It's all about that powerhouse. So you want to make sure your legs are at a level that you can control your spine from collapsing and exhale. So no arching.

We want to keep those backs really flat. Inhale up and exhale. Bring it together. Good. Gonna add on once again, now that you've got the arms and legs, lifting your heads up, looking at your stomachs. Same thing here. If you're next, get tired. Just rest your heads, but try to continue with the arms and legs. You're going to inhale. Arms and legs. Go out to breathing. Exercise. Exhale, ring out your lungs.

Inhale, reach out, and exhale. Come back in. Now you're trying to stretch your whole body. Reach with the arms. Reach with your legs and exit. Pull it back together. Continue moving. Inhale, deep breath in. Exhale. Bring it all together. Watch your belly buttons in hand. Watch them sink in as you come back together.

Two more. Inhale, stretch. Exhale. Bring it in. One more time. Inhale, really stretch. Exhale. Bring it back together and rest your heads. Go ahead and place your feet down. All right, doing okay, so moving on. You're going to go into your single Blake pool, you know, again, bring one leg in. So let's start with your ride. These are difficult because they're also stretches and they're considered an intermediate exercise.

You're going to try to straighten that right leg and walk your hands up as high as you can. It's hard not to add the head here. You're going to lift your head and look at your stomach and then extend your left leg out to a level again that your back can support. So start by lifting up, Lo to about right there. Not too, not too low. Again, the lower the leg goes, the harder it is to support your spine. So keep it at a level that that back is down.

You're gonna pull the leg towards you to pulses. Pull, pull, scissor. Just like scissors, pull, pull and switch, pull, pull, switch scooping in scoop, scoop, continue. Scoop, scoop and scoops. Try to stay grounded in your sternum. So you're really trying to keep just the tips of the shoulders on the mat, so not too high with the chest and scoops. Coop, pushing your shoulders down, keeping your chest open, and the higher your reach, the harder these become. You want to try to reach for your ankles and switch, pull, pull, and now quickly, pulse, pulse, switch, pull, pull and pull. Pull, pull, pull. Push the shoulders down and one more set and scoops. Coop.

Drop your head to drop your feet again on any of these exercises. You're next. Get tired. Just put him down. Okay, now mar, next here. This time you're going to put your hands behind your head [inaudible] and go ahead and start with your elbows in towards your ears. All right, you're going into a double straight leg. Both. Both legs are going to be straight up, so go ahead and bring your knees back into your chest and then take your leg straight up and they might not go all the way straight. You can bend the knees if you have to. Ideally you'd want them straight.

You're going to start to curl up in your sternum. Again, trying to get just the tips of the shoulders on the mat, so go ahead and keep your elbows it and really curl up. Now drop your shoulders. Yes, even higher. If you can hold that now, just the legs are going to move lower than about two to three inches and then slowly bring them back up. Pulling your name, Lynn, go to a level that your back can control it so the lower you go, the harder these become and we're to 90 degrees if you can, and lower careful that your sternum doesn't drop. That's come back up. Don't go too low. Keep lifting, keep lifting. Hold now just a little bit down. Stop. Come back up. Push your tummy in. Lower Abdominal, lower back and tomorrow and [inaudible].

That's it. Stay lifted in your sternum. Last one and up. Bend your knees. Drop your head. Very good. All right. Going into the fifth exercise of the series of five, five different exercises you just did or going into, I should say, bring both knees back in. Going into your Chris Cross. Okay. Hands are back behind your head.

You're going to take one leg up and you want to try to take the opposite elbow and try to tap the knee. As you do that, you want to look towards your back elbow opening up your side. Now what will happen is your stomachs will pop up, push him back in. Scoop, switch, hold, try open up by reaching that opposite elbow back. Scoop your tummies and switch. Careful that your hips don't roll around. As you do this, you want to keep those and switch. And I'm just going to come check on you guys. Keep moving. Okay.

And switch. Look towards that back elbow. Now pull your knee in as deep as you can. Hold. Have you lift this leg so you have more support in here. It's all about this good and switch. Okay.

And they give you a little stretch. It's hard to do on your own. Try to bring that knee in and try to tap inside the knee. So over here with the elbow, that's it. And switch. Try to tap the crease of your knee. So really trying to get that shoulder off of the mat.

That's it. And switch. So you do what your body is capable of each time it'll get better. And now three fast. If you can't ask which one, one scooping two, don't roll those hips to switch three, switch three and rest. Okay, so that's your series of five and now have you guys sit up to stretch next more into your spine. Stretch forward. Exactly. Your feet are apart, your feet are flexed and you're trying to sit on top of the hips. You have to bend your knees to do that. That's fine. It's all about your back. Take your arms up, shoulder height, your feet, stay flex.

We'll let your energy out of the heels. Squeeze your bottom. Take a nice deep breath in and just start to round forward. Think of the crown of your head, going to the mat and go as low as you can. You want to keep rounding your back through your lower back, especially keeps squeezing your bottoms. Go as low as you can. And then to come up, you want to articulate your spine against the pull in.

Stack one vertebra back on top of the other and set up tall. Ideally, the legs should be straight, deep breath in, but if your hamstrings are tight, it's going to be hard and exhale round down. And then one vertebra back on top of the other. Sit up tall. Yeah, we'll go a little bit quicker. Deep breath in. Exhale. [inaudible] don't reach with the shoulders. Keep pushing those down. Keep squeezing your seats. Come back up. Sit up tall. One more time. Nice deep breath in. Lift your backs and exhale round down.

Drop your shoulders even more. That's it. No energy here. It's a scoop. And squeeze down here. Push your heels out so you're still flexed. And then come back up one vertebra at a time. Sit up tall, and that's enough. Drop your arms and rest. Okay. You're gonna go into a little bit of a stretch, part of your open like rocker.

So you'll start with your knees bent just like I do, and your hands inside your legs first. You just want to kind of find out where that balance is. So you might have to rock your hips back and a balancing on the sitz bones. And then just try to find your balance. You're holding onto your ankles and you're gonna take one leg up and try to stretch it. Just go to where your leg will allow.

You may not straighten all the way and bed and then the opposite and bend. Good. Okay, one more set, right. Ben Left. Ben. Now here comes the tricky part, right? Leg goes up, left leg goes up. Try to hold that. Bring your feet together. Open and rest. Place your feet down just to relax for a second. You'll do that one more time. Find your balance right leg goes up, left leg, close, open rest. So that in itself is a exercise.

Now you're going to change your hand position. You'll take your hands behind you. Go ahead and open up your feet and hold onto the back of your calves. Make sure you have enough space behind you cause you're literally gonna roll. So I'm going to move myself forward. All right, so you're holding on to your calves and the closer to the knees you are the better for the beginning and you want around your back.

So your back in that seeker. Okay. All right. You're going to first start to find that balance again. You just start like this, nice and relaxed. It's again a centering exercise to make sure your center and your mat, you're going to literally roll back and then you'd try to find your balance to come back up. Not forcing it, just articulating your spine and go back and come on up.

Now here's where it gets harder. If those are hard enough, just continue with those. Straighten your legs, round your back, roll, roll back. Come on up. Find your balance. Then try to get the stretch. Lift your back and inhale, go back. Exhale, come on up and then lift your spine. The higher the arms go, the harder the exercise becomes. So hold where you can balance and two more. Find your seeker.

C curves rolls you back. So stay in that. See to go back. Stay in the c curve to come up and two more. If you can see her seeker come up, then stretch by sitting as tall as you can. Last one and see curve 10 tucks towards your chest. Don't let the weight of the head move you lift.

Hold rest your feet restaurant and go ahead and lie down on your back. Place your hands at your side. All right. The next exercise is pretty advanced, so you know, do what you can or what your body allows you without failing anything out of the ordinary. You want to bring both knees into your chest. It's called your corkscrew. You're going to take that, the both legs straight up or as straight as you can back is anchored heels glued together. Kinda like you've zipped up the legs. One long leg, you're going to circle the legs. So keeping those feet together, you circle the legs around, come back to your center, being your nose. All right. And then you're going to reverse that. But as you're moving, you want to keep your hips very still. So just the legs are circling.

Exactly. Keep the range of motion small so your hips aren't moving with you. Even smaller here and around here. I'm going to let go, trying to come back up on top of the hips each time. Pull those ribs together and around and centered hips very still. That's it.

Tried to come back up to 90 degrees and circle 90 now you could go a little bit lower, so you go down around center, left center, not letting either hipbone move last one to each side if you can, and that's enough. Bend your knees. Go ahead and grab onto your thighs and pull your legs in. Just kind of stretch your backs out. Again, those are optional, especially if you've had experience with polarities. Those are good ones. Otherwise if you haven't, I would leave them out. Alright, go ahead and sit back up. Your feet are going to go apart just like you did for spine stretch for your legs are apart and both feet are flex. Going into your saw, trying to sit as tall as you can on top of your hips.

If that's not happening, you bend your knees so you can get your back to lift your feet. Stay Hill here. You don't want them to shift so your hips have to stay still in a twist in the waist. That's it. You drop your back backyard and you want to try to sof your little toe. Ideally, the legs should be straight. Now as you saw, your hip is going to want to go with you. You have to drop both hips.

Make sure there's even weight on both sides. Pull in your tummies. Try to put your nose as close to your knee as you can, and then begin to articulate. Rounding up, centering back out and turn. Try to soft the little toe. Feel anything in your shoulders. Just drop your arms. Let them just kind of drag down here. If the shoulders are not feeling good on this, pull your right hip back a little bit more. That's it. A little bit more.

And I'm going to give you a stretch. Keep flexing your feet. Now you're trying to solve your little toe. Hold it, drop your neck next or is relaxed, and then start to round back up. Pull into here as you come up. Center her back out and turn [inaudible] reach. So automatically you're extending arm is the hip that's going to want to go.

So right now you're going to your right. So your left hips gonna want to move right? Pull it back way back towards me. Even more. Yup. Hold. Relax your knees. There you go. And Center. One more set and turn and stretch and hold.

And I'm going to shift you. So your weight just here. Keep pushing your heel out. Keep that way there. I'm going to give you a little stretch. Take it out of here. No shoulders. Scoop into here. Fill this up. There you go. That's your stretch and soft. Come back up.

Center out last one and turn and or reach dead. That's it. Stoop into those ribs tight. Try to pull them back to you're really rounding your back. Now push your heels out. There's your flex and there's your stretch around. Back up one vertebrae at a time. Center and restaurant. All right, you guys are gonna lie into your stomach's next.

Going into a little bit of a back exercise and I'm going to have you start with your hands underneath your shoulders and your forehead is down on the mat and your legs are just stretched back. So that's it. If you can, ideally your heel should be together. May Not happen today. That's fine. Try to put your hands underneath your shoulders. So palms underneath you.

So let's see like this. It's okay. That's why I'm here, right? All right, so just like kind of a little hovering exercise to start and it's not always easy to feel where your center is when you're on your stomach, but that's center for you. All right, so you're going to begin by lifting your head and then you're going to start to lift your chest up off the mat and then you want to try to take both hands off the mat and just kind of hover there. Now try to come up a little bit higher in your chest. That's it. Hold. Think of pointing your forehead straight down so the back of your neck stays long and hold for about four counts. Two, three, four rest. That's all you're doing.

And head collarbone, both hands. Come off the mat and try to find your balance. That's it. Then you can challenge yourself by trying to lift up a little bit more and hold long neck, forehead down, two, three rest. As you do these, try to keep the tension out of your feet and your knees and just focus on your upper body. And again, head, chest, hands. Come off the mat. Hold that. Now try to lift your tummies up. So try to pull those ribs back up. Hold two, three and rest. Go ahead and stretch back onto your heels.

If you're getting any cramping or anything, you can sit on your heels and just stretch. Uh Huh. Good headset. Okay, go ahead and lie back down onto your stomach's going into the next exercise. It's also a back exercise and it's also an exercise to help strengthen your bottom. So come up onto your elbows in what's called your spring's position. And if you can, you want to try to keep the heels together.

If that's not comfortable, just go ahead and let your legs relax. But ideally you want to try to keep your heels together. Next thing is trying to get that powerhouse to lift so your hips should actually be off the mat. You want to lift your tummies up so much so that your hips are off the mat. You have to squeeze your bottom and try to push your hips down through.

You're not arching your backs, so those bottoms are down. Now your next are long, so keep your forehead down, shoulders. Now you're going to take one heel and try to kick your bottom two times as you kick. You don't want your bags to collapse that. Keep those tummies lifted. Kick get and switch legs to kicks, kick, kick and switch. Kick, kick. This is also a stretch for the top of the thought and you'll feel that if you really try to squeeze your bottom, push your hips down. That's it.

And kick. Kick. One more set. Kick, kick. Not too many of these left kick, kick. And that's enough. You lie back down this time. Take your harms behind you. Clasp your fingers and drop your head. You're actually going to turn your heads here. [inaudible] alright, good. It's called your AA kick. Let's see.

I'm just going to send you out a little bit more. All right. Say you want to try to slide your hands up towards your, um, shoulders as much as you can towards the wings of the arms and you want to lock the, you don't want to lock the fingers to try to clasp your fingers together. Good. Alright, same thing in this. You still have to use your bottoms to think of squeezing your bottoms and pushing your hips into the mat so you're not collapsing your lower backs. You're going to start by keeping those heels together and kicking your bottom three times. So both feet as you kick, you don't want your lower back to move. You want to keep it solid.

So keep pushing your hips down. Kick one, two, three kicks, drops the feet. Now they feet are going to stay down and Erin and take both hands and start to slide them down. Your spine. Start to reach for ankles, straightening your necks out. Then exactly. You're going to start to lift your head, keep your forehead down and try to touch your heels. So you're stretching her back, forehead down. That's it. And you're just holding that position. Hold, hold, hold and come back down. Switch shakes. And now you look the opposite direction.

Same Movement. Three kicks with the feet. One, two, three. Durup your feet start to slide your hands down your spine. Reach for the heels, stretch back. Try to come up as high as your backs will allow you lifting your stomach's at the same time. Nice long neck so you're not crunching the next good. And now you're going to go a little bit quicker. Drop your head, drop your feet, slide your hands up. And here you go. And kick. One, two, three drops of feet and stretch.

Hold up your forehead a little bit more. That's it. Open up your chest and switch cheeks and three kicks. One, two, three and linkedin reach for those heels long. Next, you don't hurt your neck hold. I'm going to give you a little extra stretch. Drop your forehead and that's enough. Go ahead. And once again, sit back on your heels, stretch your backs out. And again, if any of these exercises don't feel good to you, don't do them. Go to the next exercise. All right, I'm going to have you guys once again lie back onto your back so you're going back into the powerhouse. So that was kind of back exercises.

So you lie down with your knees bent about hip width apart. And I'm going to have you put your hands behind your head. All right? So make sure you're really in line with your hips, that you're not outside of your frame your shoulder with the part or hip with the part and slide your feet slightly forward so you're not crunching the knees. All right, so hands are no behind your head. I'm going to start with your elbows in.

Just gonna start with the lengthening of your neck. You want to think of your neck lengthening from the back so you're not crunching your neck. Kinda think of keeping your gaze down to your navel. Elbows therein. Shoulders are dropped. You're gonna Start to take a nice deep breath and length in the back of your neck, kind of stretching it and start to exhale and curl up.

Come up as high as you can. With that, those feet moving, push your shoulders down more and pull your stomachs in deeper and then slowly lie down. So it's just kinda like a little sit up. You can open up your elbows. Take a nice deep breath in. Start to come up length in the back of your next exhale. Come up as high as you can. Really ideally to the top of the or the bottom of the wings of your arms.

Shoulders and lie back down. Two more. Nice. Deep breath in. I'm going to just check your forms and start to exhale. Come up. Lengthen your next good so your shoulders have to drop. No shoulders in your ear. Now you want a nice crease through here, so curl up a little bit. Hold, pull in scope, scope, scope, and lie back down. Last one, you use the exhale to help push your nails. Navels in deeper. Nice, deep breath in. You can either bring the elbows in or keep them open.

If they're open, it's harder. Exhale. [inaudible] that's it. That's it. Hold Scoop. Your tummies hold. Very good. That's it. And lie back down and around. All right, I'm going to have you guys go into some psychics, so let's have you lie on your right side for now and line up with the back of the mad. I did say right, didn't I so lie on your left side, sorry. Yeah, so we'll start with the right lake on top. It doesn't really matter, but it's nice to start with, right? All right. I'm going to have you go into kind of a boomerang position.

So you line yourself up with the back of the mat so that your hips are right on the edge and your shoulders are on the edge and then you want to swing your legs. So you're in a kind of a slight V or a boomerang position. Two ways to do this with the arms, you can either come up onto your elbow, resting your heads on your palm or like you are. You can lie down on your arm if bothers your shoulder more advances up on your Paul. All right, so you're going to start. You want to make sure that your shoulders are on top of them. The shoulders, hips are on top of head and you're lined up, your spine is lined with that mat. So you want a straight line. You want to fill any gaps in here. So push those ribs back into my fingers.

Exactly. So you really scooped, it's all about your powerhouse and keeping it stable as your leg is moving. So you're going to start with your leg up about hip level out of the feet. Soft feet, tight seats. Who squeeze your bottom instead of your knees? Rotate your knees slightly up. All right, so now your hips are right where they should be on top of each other. Yeah, I'll have you move your hips slightly forward. So this is on top of each other. Right there. Get out of that knee and out of your foot. Alright.

Rotate your knee up. You're going to slowly take that right leg forward as high as you can. Keep both feet soft. That's it. Now as you go back is where your powerhouse is really affected. You want to make sure those hips down on top of each other and you know, arch the back. So keep pulling in your tummies.

Squeeze your bottom and swing the leg forward. Feet swing, leg back and front and back. Make sure your hips don't roll, so that's hip on top of hip right there. Now you're going to add a second kick, two kicks forward first it's a little kick pen, a big kick, kick, kick, swing leg back, little one kick. Then big one kick, swing it back.

What you want to be conscious of on this is those hips are on top of each other and that your body, your upper body is not moving. Just the leg and kick kick for bringing it back. Shoulders are relaxed, kick, tick and back and tumor kick, kick. No more than 10 of these and back. Last one, kick, kick front and swing the leg back. All right, rest your legs on top of each other.

This time you're going to take your leg up, hip level, your, let's see your left while you're supporting arm, I should say is trying to keep you supported. It's also there to remind you to keep those ribs together so you don't want to pop them out. You want to really try to push in. Take your leg up. Hip level foot is soft. You want to kind of rotate your knee towards the ceiling so you're slightly turn. Now I'm going to take that leg on top of the other leg up towards the ceiling just to where it's comfortable. It doesn't have to be too high.

As you lower the leg down, you want to think of squeezing your bottom, pinching the inner thighs and up, so no energy in those knees. It's very difficult not to lock the knees on this and up and use a little resistance like a nutcracker. Your squeeze and you're right between me and her thigh. So your bottom's really working and up and lower. We're going to add on a stretch this time you go up. As you come down, think of that leg lengthening out of the hip. Make it look as though it's longer than the bottom leg so you really show stretching and up. Squeeze and lengthen.

I know a little bit quicker and up and reach and up and reach a last one up and lengthen. Always conscious of that powerhouse pulling it rest. Okay. Now you'll take your leg up again, hip level, going into little lake circles. The circle is really between the thighs, so you think, think of brushing your knees together as you circle your leg. Now Bend your knee to do it. You want to feel this right here. Three, five times four and five. Reverse your circles. Soft knees, one, two, three, four and five rest your leg.

It should burn a little bit and if it wasn't, it means you were locking your needs too much. You're going to transition your alliance, your stomachs palm on top of palm. Four hit on your hands. All right. You want to think of, well, just relaxing your shoulders and lengthen your neck and you're still kind of squeezing your bottoms and pushing your hips down into the mat.

I'm just going to straighten you out, Candace. Well, it's hard to feel where you are when you're lying down. You can't see yourself. Move your shoulders a little to the right now your hips were fine. Okay, that's pretty good right there. All right. It helps to have an extra eye on you. All right, so what I want you to think of here is lengthening out of the hip so your legs are reaching so long out of those hips that they begin to lift off the mat. Then you're going to clap your heels together for about 20 counts, two, three and keep that length happening. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and then you're going to go a little bit quicker.

So long legs reach for me. There you go. Inner thighs, bottom and clap. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and rest you're, you can lie on to the other sides who we just transitioned. So your left leg is on top now. Sure. Up to you. Okay, so hip hop on top of hip, shoulder on top of shoulder, line yourself, up the back of the mat. You can always check by taking your back arm and feeling the edge of the mat to see if it's really lined up with you or not.

Okay? Feel the edge and your back. Keep your next long way. Keeping your gaze forward. Hip on top of hip, you're not rolling the hips, shoulder on top of shoulder, your left hand is there for support. You can move it around, but try to make sure that your ribs are together and in other words, your back is nice and supported. Scooped in, you're going to take that left leg up, hip level starting with your front kicks. Just start by swinging the leg forward and then you want to take that leg back about two to three inches or two where you have control where you're not rolling the hips and bring the leg front, south feet and back and front. Just kind of getting a consciousness, a feeling of where the control is happening. And back.

One more time. Just swing it up, swing it back. Now you're going to add on. So two kicks forward, little one big one little kick, big kick and backs and now you're adding the stretch and kick, kick soft, soft feet back. Take the energy out of your knees and feet. Work in that hip region and kick kick. And that data here might even have to bend your knee.

To do this. And kick, kick and squeeze your bottom. There you go. And kick, kick and back and out a little bit quicker. Kick, kick and back. And last one kick, kick and rest your leg on top of the other. Both of you are kind of been your feet a little bit. Try to solve them and now you're going into your up and downs.

So you're going to start with your leg, hip level, hip on top of hip, slightly forward right there. That's it. And take your legs up towards the ceiling. It down, squeezing in here. Inner thigh bottom. So both bottom cheeks should be squeezing and damn, that's it. Up and squeeze your bottom. That's it right in here. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And feel as though you're squeezing something between those inner thighs. Now add the length so you want to stretch out of that leg reaching for me.

So squeeze your bottom. That's it. Making that left leg longer than your right. And squeeze and stretch. Good. Keep moving. Try to take it out of your shoulders so your shoulders are back to mar and squeezed. Yes, and one more time up and rest. All right. Rest your legs for just about one. Going into those little circles. You'll start with your leg up hip level. Again, this one I liked it.

Have people kind of bend their knees because it's really easy to lock them. You're going to start to circle your leg, brushing your knees together five times and not rolling the hips. Two, three, five times four, five and now reverse it. Come up to my hand, brush my hand each time. Two, three, four. Are you feeling it in your hip now and five and rest? It's very easy to get into the knees on that. All right, that's enough of those.

I'm going to have you guys load into your back, so just try to keep the knees soft on those and it will go right where it should. Going into a kind of a teaser exercise called your single leg teaser. Just sent yourselves out or try to feel where that center is, so make sure your shoulders are lined up with each other and that your shoulders are lined up with your hips. Pretty good. A little off center here. Let's move your upper body left and your hip. It's this way and then move your legs a little bit this way.

Easy to see from my view is you feel off center. You're totally straight. Now, pretty straight. Let's move your head a little bit more. All right? Now just get a sense of where your spines are. Try to get a nice feeling of a nice flat spine. All right?

Your legs are in a good position. You can actually slide your feet forward of your bodies a little bit. All right? It's checking everybody's alignment here. The back of your neck should be long, so you're gay should actually go down towards your stomachs and that will kind of help stretch your next out arching. All right, you're going to start with your right leg up and you want to glue your knees together, so bringing all the right leg up.

Keep the knees together here to the knees are soft, the leg is up, but you're not locking the knee. Take both arms up to that imaginary window. So shoulder height, thrilly, that's it. You're gonna start to round up. So take a nice deep breath in. Start to lift your heads and start to exhale. Reach for your toes. Once you're there, stopped. Don't come up too high.

Slide your shoulders down and push your tummies in deeper. Hold your position and now stay where you are. But just lift your arms up, stretch back, and then lie back down. Breathing kind of naturally here, so don't worry too much about that and come up. It helps to exhale as you're moving on the exertion hole. Push into your naval scoop shoulders. Stay down next day long.

Lift the arms up, reach and in. Lie Back Down three to five times and let's have you do two more. Come on up. Stay out of your feet, curl into their hold, reach up with the arms, stretch out and in. Lie Back Down. Last one and go ahead and exhale as you come up. Curlier chins towards your chest. Looking at that belly button.

Come up a little bit higher. Hold, hold, hold, scoop. Reach for the ears, lie back down. You're going to switch legs, the same thing. Other side, you can always come up higher, but let's just stay there for now. Really getting the consciousness of your powerhouse. Nice deep breath in. Start to round up in your chest. Look at your tummies.

This is where you're telling me to go pop out and you want to push them back in hold. Reach for the ears. These are hard enough no matter how advanced you are. And then lie back down and start to curl up. Think of your chest, sting open and sliding those shoulders down. Scoop your tummies arms, reach back kind of by your ears and then you rest coming back down two more times. Exhale, hold. Really pull in, lift the arms up, stretch the arms out, lie back down and last time exhaling hold arms up and rest. Rest your legs, restaurants. Okay, I'm going to have you guys sit up, go into one more rolling exercise and does it matter which way you face? You just want to make sure you're in the center of your mat. Ideally, you want to hold inside the legs and onto the ankles.

If that STU challenging, just hold onto the back of your thighs. If you can hold here, great. Find your balance. You're once again in that seeker. If you're going to a rolling exercise next and shoulders relaxed and you're going to begin to roll so you're literally roll back and try to round back up and a rolling on the mic here and back trying to come up to balance each time. And again, I'm going to just show you the other way and come on up.

I can't really roll on that. Stay rounded back. Come on up. Find your balance. Hold. Place your feet now go ahead and stretch forward so you'll reach for your toes. Oh, sorry, I'm getting my mic right. [inaudible] good. Drop your shoulders round backups. Hit as tall as you can.

Take both arms straight up. Try to sit on top of your hips and squeeze your bottoms. Take a nice deep breath in and begin to exhale. Lower the arms down and grow taller. In your spine. So really squeeze your seat and lift your backs up. Two more arms come up.

Nice deep breath in. Excuse me. And exhale. Lower the arms down to your side. Lift your backs up. Last one, arms up, arms down, pulling your stomach. Squeeze your bottoms. Go ahead and stand up. You can face each other. Really doesn't matter if you want to look at each other. Heels together to slightly apart. Three big circles with your arms.

So you're going to take a nice deep breath in. Wrap your thighs and exhale. So you want to squeeze your bottom, keep pinching the inner thighs and lifting tomorrow. Inhale up, exhale down. Keep the knees soft even though the legs are long. Deep breath in. And exhale. Let your arms just hang. Drop your head. You're going to start to round down to the top of your hips.

What's difficult here is trying to keep the weight towards your toes without falling and keeping your hips on top of your ankles, so not behind you. You want to keep them as forward as you can on top of the angles, so don't round down to force. So a little bit higher. Let everything relax. You're gonna give those arms a little push to circle them, letting them momentum take over. So just kind of let them dangle. That's it. Even less energy from you. So let them hang. And then a little push to reverse the circle about five circles. Even less energy. You just let the momentum takeover.

Shift your hips forward a little bit. So I'm going to stand here. Now you're going to start to round up. It's about articulating your spine. So as you come up, you may have to bend your knees a little bit. Try not to touch me. That's it. A little bit more [inaudible] soft here. Soft shoulders come up to a standing position.

Take both arms straight up. Come up onto your toes. Keep wrapping this size. Take a nice deep breath in, lifting the powerhouse and exhale. Drop your arms, drop your feet flat, feet. Shake yourselves out. You're all done. Good job. Okay.


Thanks, Adrianne. I love the archives! You know when you have been doing an exercise for a long time and still can't quite get it, then an instructor says something and it clicks? That happened, today, for me with the single leg circle. V. Exciting. Thanks again. Cris
Thank you, love that you made a connection!
I absolutely loved this. Back to basic. Just perfect. Thank you.

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