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Adrianne Crawford doesn't waste any time in this flowing Mat workout. She teaches a quick class that keeps moving from one exercise to the next. It is a great class to help you work on transitions so you can keep your pace.
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So Hi, we're here to um, do a math class. Today we're going to do a, probably an intermediate level, so I'm going to have you to lie down on your backs however you'd like. You can cross your arms to sit down, pressure legs, and slowly sit down to lower your mat, self down. You'd have a Palo if you're next ever get tense. We just to give you proper positioning and let's start with your knees into your chest, legs that there's going to be a quick Matt, take your leg straight up to 90 degrees. Then lift your arms and your head. Go ahead and lower your legs down to about 45 degrees or even lower. If you feel like you can support your spine and then start breathing into the hundreds to five and out. Two, three, four, five loads.

Lower your legs a little bit and squeeze your seat. That's it. Two, three, four, five. Now you're not just pumping the arm. Do you want incur Lynch yourself? So slow your arms down a little bit. That's it. Breathing in, open your chest a bit more and down, down, up six to eight. Oh four or five. Squeeze your bottoms. Pull in this stomachs in and up. 80345902345 go ahead and lower your legs. Stretch your legs out, long arms up into the ropes right away.

Arms up and round up and touch your toes. Nose between your knees. Bring yourself as a right back down here. Do five and and curl up Pullen stretch. Don't whip your arms forward. Can Nice and smooth. Yes, you're moving, but not whipping the movements all the way down and two more. All the way up. Don't let those feet bounce up. Keep those feet on the mat.

One more time. Keep the feet down and stretch. Bring one leg into your chest. Once you're down, take it up to lake circles so that left leg is down and now you're going to circle your leg. Keep those hips still and left on the nose five times too. Big Kick on that. Keep those hips really still. Four and five. Reverse it five times and up one. Try to really get that leg up. Two and up.

Three and up for no shoulders and Ben, that leg switch sides. You can take the left leg up and now circle down up one, down, two down, three. Keep going down around, up floor. And one more. Reverse around and up. Once chest open. Don't tense your shoulders. Three up four and bend your knees. Set up, lift your bottoms and you're going to sit at your heels. So go ahead and set up going into a rolling like a ball.

You can grab your ankles, drop your heads and rolled back. I wrote back up. Pull it five times. Now you want to come up to balance each time. So don't let your dose touch dope and back at all the way up three and together, back and all the way up for last one. Get those tummies to pull back. As you come up, lower your feet, lift your seat and stretch back. Lie Down for single leg. Stretch a. You might have to, yeah, move your pillow bed.

Bring her right knee in, right hand on the ankle. Left hand on her knee. Left leg is up. You're looking at your stomachs and switch legs. You want to get the length and switched to and switch two and switch three and switch three. Keep those legs lying with your hips. So this one, I'm here for get scooped five fuck in six and quickly switch and seven and seven and eight and double leg. Arms and legs go up together. Stretch out big circle the arms grab onto the ankles. So grab your ankles. So knees apart, two and three doll at your chest drop.

Keep those chest rounded up. Three reach those legs out long for, get that length out of the hips. Five oh six tumor out stamped there. And so the last one out. And I walk up one leg and pulse the leg towards you into a scissor. Pulse, pulse and switch. Pulse, pulse and switch to two two two. Don't let your hips move. Stay quiet.

In those hips they stay [inaudible] three and post pulse, four four, five, five, five, five can you reach for your ankles way up there. Six. Get a nice stretch. Seven seven, seven, seven, eight, eight, eight, eight hands behind your heads. Lower lift, both legs. So legs are up. They are lower. And you lift one now curl up into your sternum too and sorry, lift up a little higher. That's it. Lift your legs all the way to 90 degrees. That's at four and five. You should feel burn here up six a little bit quicker. Set stamping your chest though, Chris. Cross elbow to the knee. What? Switch on.

Get those hips to stay turned out two and two and reach three and reach four and four and five and five and pull in six, eight and sit up and go into your spine. Stretch legs are apart. Arms forward right away into your stretch forward. Drop your heads, come back up, set up tall. Deep breath in. Now the tighter you are, you can bend your knees doing this. Otherwise try to keep those legs long and try to get your head on the mat and come right back up tall and inhale. Lift your back.

Exhale around, go all the way down and come right back up quickly. Bubba. Bubba, you want to stay in flowing and keep the exercise moving. That's it right back up. One more time. Deep breath in and exhale all the way down. Go ahead and grab your arches and pull yourselves down.

And then I'm gonna have you probably move a little bit for both of you and your mats for your open like rockers. So you'd have some room behind you. So you're gonna hold your calves for this, facing each other. All right, our legs up, get into your seat. You'll do about five of these. Your heads are down, you're going to roll back yard or roll up. You're going to try to balance and then you're going to try to stretch. So once you're up, hold that. If you need to bend the knees, it's fine.

And three marching down, curl up, get bent position, stretch into em back. So the goal is to get looser on these and that's why repetition's important and stretch our right this lying to your backs with both legs up for your corkscrews. So now keep those next long shoulders down, legs, long little circles, no lift. You're going to circle around to the right with both legs, heads there, down center, and then go left down around to the right center. And around and center reversing your circles.

So your courses, but don't let your hips go with you. Keep those hips really still. That's it. One more time around and that's enough. Bend your knees. Sit Up for your saw. So legs are apart, feet are flexed, arms are out to the side. You're going a twist in. You're in a saw your little toes. Yeah.

So sorry. I should have told you, you guys could go the opposite directions and lift and tall. And so as you go to reach, go ahead and reach out. Put your nose underneath. If you need to bend those knees, do that cause it's really getting that stretch in your back work and stretch and center. That's enough. Let's have you flipped to your stomachs. Onto your tummies. Yeah. Why don't you face that direction? That's fine. You're okay here. Palm on top of palm or excuse me, I'm sorry.

Hands Underneath your shoulders or your neck roll. You're going to push into the hands. Come up off your chest, open your chest, lift those ribs here. Not collapsed here. You want to get away to those ribs higher. Higher. That's it. Net and that drop your chin. Lift collapse a little bit. Now look right, roll your heads down around to the left. Look Center. Look left. Drop your head down around under the right look center.

Do that again. Look right, open up your chest more. Get those shoulders back and center, Eh, look left down around to the right and said July all the way down. Up Onto your elbows for single leg kick. So you make a fist with each hand you can bring your knuckles towards each other. So like this and your ribs are up. Adrian, lift your head a little bit. Ribs way up in here.

Get that scoop and their right heel kicks your bottom two times. Kick, kick and left. Kick, kick and kick kicks. Where's your butt kick? Kick and kick to up here. Kick, kick and right and left la all the way down with both hands behind your back. Turn your right cheek to the mat. Good. Slide your hands as close to your shoulders as you can to kind of clasp your fingers. Take both feet. Kick your seat. Three techs. Ready? Kick one, two, three. Drop your feet, take your hands and reach for those ankles and stretch and switch sides. Kicking. One, two, three and stretch so you're not clasp your hands aren't locked.

Switch cheeks. Hold your fingers like this. There you go. Now kick one, two, three and stretch and last one, turn and kick. One, two, three and stretch and hold and come down. Drop those feet and they're going to sit back on your heels and stretch out. Just a moment. Get your backs lengthen. And then I'm going to have you turn around. You can face each other like you did in the beginning with your, your life flat for your neck pole.

So both is there a long theater hip with the part in flexed. Take your hands behind your head and now your feet are hip apart, hip with the part, and then you're going to curl yourself over to your toes all the way. Push those heels out. Drop your heads between your knees and then you're going to sit up tall. Check that your feet aren't sickling and then you're going to round back down.

So tuck your chin, pull in and curl that under, under, under touchdown. And now up and Oh, all the way over and all the way up. Now it's going to get a little bit quicker. Head up, stretch, and now around down. And as soon as your heads touch, you're gonna come up. So heads touch in there now, over and tall. Really quick on that. Lift and come back down and over and now energy up.

And now around. That's it. And two more. N o over tall and down. Last one. And over. Nose between your knees. Lift your back, bring yourself down. You're going to stay down. Alright, lie on your left side. Get set up for some kicks, that's fine.

You're gonna prop yourself up on your palm. Gaze forward. Get yourself nice and long, sir. Yours shoulders line with your hips. You can always check the back of the Mat. All right. Right leg is up hip level. You're going to do kicks. So I'm going to have you prop yourself up on this pump. Okay. And now, right leg kick, kick forward and then stretch back.

Keep your upper body quiet. Don't let it move to kick kick three. I want to shift you your hip. Stay right on top of each other. Right here. Now keep kicking. Keep them there as you go back. That's about right. Kick, kick five big kick. Kick, kick six and kick kick chest open seven. Get that chest and shoulder back, Adrian eight and come back and hold.

You're going into the up and down. Take the leg up. Lower down to reach your leg away. As you're moving. Keep in mind that chest, it has to stay open, that you're not tensing those shoulders and lift. Lower three lift. Squeeze and stretch the leg out for reach the leg.

Five. So from your hip, from your seat, you're stretching. Six lengthening seven. One more. And now circles. One, two, three, four, five. Reversed that five times one, two, three. Don't let your hip fall that four and five. All right. You're going to turn to your stomachs. Palm on top of palm for some transition.

Beats Richard. Legs out long. Both legs are up. Now you're going to clap for 20 counts. One, two bat, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one and rest onto your left side. Hip on top of hip. Yeah. Why don't you face this direction? We'll get to see both angles. Both legs are forward. You're in a nice long position. Chester, open, left leg up, hip level and hips are turned out. And now kick, kick forward. Stretch back. Tried to kick your nose way up there too. We up here, kick, that's it. Three kick, kick four.

Now don't look down at your feet. Keep your gaze forward and you're next long kick. Kick fat and kick. Kick six and kick. Kick. Use your seats. Seven kick, kick at eight. Take that same leg to the ceiling. Now up, reach that long.

Come back down or right away up. Try to make that leg grow longer as it comes down. Reach it away. Three and reach and pull your tummies up. Don't let those drop for five. Use your seats as you come down. Six and seven.

One more up. Reach into your circles. You go five. Head up to chest. Open. Three, four, five. Reverse. And one, two, three, four, five Lyon to your backs for teaser one. Why don't you turn and face this direction? Great. Fly All the way down. Bring both knees into your chest, heels together, toes apart.

You're gonna take your arms straight up to 90 you're going to take your legs straight up to 90 now you're gonna lower your legs to 45 degrees and start to peel off that mat up into a teaser. You're in a hold your position and take those arms and lift your back. Lift your arms, your ears and lie down. But keep the legs up, everything down. But the legs and two more and around to the toes. Live to the years quick and come right back down. One more time.

Last one and round up and reach. And then come back to bend journeys. Good job. All right, I'm going to have you go ahead and sit up. Hands inside your legs. Hold onto your ankles for your seals. Alright, so heads are down, shoulders are down. Find your balance. So round your backs. Yeah, you're close.

So if you fall back a little onto your set spawn, bring your knees in a bit more. Close your knees. Okay, ready? I'm going to let go. You're gonna start to roll. Just roll first. Forget about the clapping. Roll back around. Just get that feeling first and then when you've got that down, add the three claps. Who Clap, clap, clap. Three times to go back. Three times to come up. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three, up and one, two, three. Back. One to three.

Tumor head sitting down. One, two, three, eight. Back. One, two, three, apple. Last one, one, two, three. Back. End. One, two, three. Up. Come to standing. Crushed your legs. Cross your arms if you can. Otherwise just come up. Normally. Stand up. Turn and face the opposite direction, but stand back against your mat. Take both arms up into a push up position.

So arms are straight up. You're going to walk down your legs and out into a plank. Hands are underneath your shoulders. Your heads are up. Yeah, long with your spine. Squeeze your seat and now bend your elbows into the ribs and pump into a pushup. Don't lead with your head. Keep your head up and lift two and one more. Three.

Walked back to your feet, grab your ankles, put your nose between your knees slowly round up. Keep the weight towards your toes or walk up. Take both arms up. Don't let their shoulders fall behind your hips. Deep breath in and stay up and exhale, grow taller. Okay, you're all done. Quick, man.


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So ordinary basic class not what I joined for many thanks anyway
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This will be a good one to do when I don't have a lot of time and want to get in a quick mat that touches upon a little bit of everything.
Basic, nice cues and quick!
It's amazing how good you can feel after just 20 minutes of focused work! Thank you!
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Great "quick fix" for moms of young children who just needs some centering on a Saturday morning:) Thank you!
Thank you Adrianna nice and precisely cued with not too many words I love the 20/30 minute classes more please!
loved it. thank you! great short class....good pace!!! reminds me a little of mari windsor's 20 minute dvd. :) really enjoyed the instructor. :)
Thanks for watching, happy to hear you all enjoyed the class!
Short and Sweet! Great for starting the day??
I'm working on improving my pace in my intermediate mat class so this was perfect in helping me work on that at home
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