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Reformer Combinations

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Get ready to flow in this challenging Reformer workout with Courtney Miller. She has created 5 different sequences, so you can work each part of your body without changing the springs. These combinations include a lot of unilateral work so you can address any imbalances you may have. These are great flows to do all together or to add to any of your favorite classes. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Weighted Balls

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Hi, I'm Courtney and I'm here with you today on Pilates Anytime. I have what I think is gonna be a really fun class but you'll have to try out and tell me what you think. One of the most common questions or comments that I get through social media is asking me about how I choose my flows or combinations when teaching on Pilates Anytime or in a group class setting. What I did today is I put together five flows for you. To answer the question sometimes I choose exercises based on the muscle groups they're targeting.

Sometimes it is on the equipment or the apparatus that I'm using. Other times I'm very cognizant of the tension that I have on and my goal is to choose a series of exercises that you can do on that spring load to help to promote more fluidity in your class. The latter is what I'm doing today. I am on a Balanced Body apparatus, Reformer. I have colored springs so I'm going to talk about the colors but you're gonna have to just feel it out and see what works best for you.

My first flow is on a yellow spring, this is really light. If you don't have the color springs, choose your lightest spring that you have. I also am going to be using the toning balls. You know I love to use props. You don't have to use these though.

The last thing here is I have the bar in the low setting, obviously not all the way down, but the reason I have it here is to give my shins a little bit of support. Alright, let's get started. I'm gonna begin standing on the gray platform first and then up on to the carriage. I'm gonna pivot and turn once I'm up here. So that I'm standing in a parallel position with my hips square.

Now, one thing you're gonna want to note right away, or actually two, one is that the narrower your stance the more wobbly you're gonna feel. So widen it if you need to. The other is if you're not pulling in and out through your inner thighs you're gonna be whoa. What's keeping the carriage in right now is me pulling my back leg forward and a sense of scissoring my legs together. Good, so hips are square.

I'm gonna bend into the front knee, lift my back heel and draw my elbows. I just pinch forward. Just a little bit on a neutral diagonal. Now, I lower the shape down as I extend my arms. I want to use my right glute to pull me back up and reach the arms to the sky.

Here's the flow. Down, two, three and abs, glute. Two, three, and lift. Down, two, three, extend up. That's the tempo I would keep for this one.

Go slow. Feel the front of the hip open on that back leg and then really squeeze that glut on the forward leg. Reach and pull. (exhaling) Three more here. Bend, nice stretch.

Belly drawing in and press. Two more. Bend. Hinge. Squeeze and reach.

One more. Bend. Extend. Reach and lift. Now on the next one stay down there.

Bend the elbows and the back knee. Ten presses. One, (exhaling) two, low belly, in and up. Now you know why that foot bar is there. It's helping me to keep my shin and knee in alignment.

Last four. Back heel's lifted. Three. Next is long. Two.

And one, come all the way in. Now, pivot and return to your starting position. I'm in a relatively narrow stance here. As narrow as I can keep my feet. Extending the arms long.

Now from here I'm gonna bend into my supporting leg as I stretch. Then pull everything back and in. Inhale. (exhaling) Exhale. Keep on going.

Keep those knees traveling right over the mid-feet. Again, that foot bar is there to give me a little bit of tactile reminder. You want to press the hips back when you go low. In opposition to those arms. Reach and pull.

Legs are parallel. Push towards the outside edges of the feet. (exhaling) Of course you can always omit the weights. (exhaling) Last three. Hips back.

Just as on the other series you wanna really work the glute on your supporting leg to pull yourself back. Two. (heavy breathing) And one. Hold it here. Bend the knee as you pull the elbows in and reach. Now this is more about the stabilizing leg, cause it's so light.

I got eight. And seven. Shoulders and neck long and relaxed. Six. Five.

Four. Get lower if you can. Three. And drive those heels down. Two.

And one. Come all the way up. Now place the weights down for a moment. Use the foot bar and transition to a standing position. Now I'm gonna cross my back leg in front.

So that my hips can rotate towards you. Shoulders are square. For modified snake I inhale, press out, chest lifts. Exhale, tuck the chin. Flex and return.

Inhale, press. Little thoracic extension here. Exhale to pull. (exhaling) Inhale out. And exhale in. Remember this is the yellow, so it's a lot of work to return that carriage home.

(deep breathing) Last two. Elbows just a little soft here guys. And protect that low back, keeping belly in and up. And one, you're not done yet. Keep the feet on that angle but uncross the ankles.

Press back out. This time bend in, press out. It's your knee stretches that you know and love. In, out, in, out. In, out, five more here.

This is five. (exhaling) Four, three, two (exhaling) One, lift up and bring the carriage all the way in to try the other side. Now I'm gonna come on down so that I can grab a hold of my weights again. You can stay up if you're not using them. The way I got on was step step. From here pivot turn.

Lift the back heel high. Use those inner thighs to find your positioning. I have my toes right at edge of carriage. I bend into the front knee as I hinge forward and extend the arms. Both glutes are strong.

Now this is the muscle working to pull me back in and reach up. Inhale, bend. Extend, great little hip opener on that back leg. Exhale up. Inhale bend.

Extend. And exhale up. Always staying engaged through those core muscles. Press and pull. Keep that back leg really alive here.

Drop up through the front of the knee. Last three. (exhaling deeply) And lift. Last two. Back and lift.

Last one. Back and lift. Here's our scooter. Control as you go back. Hinge forward, bend in, press back.

Drawing ribs and navel up and away from that thigh. Elbows hugging in towards the torso. Good, you've got this guys. Stay with it. Neck is long and strong glutes for four.

Three. Two. And one, rise up. Pivot turn, good. Here we have the other direction.

You want the toes to be inline with each other, push into the knife edge of the foot. Extend the arms, bend into the supporting leg. Hips move backwards, exhale to pull with this side. Inhale (inhaling deeply) Pull. It's like my carriage leg is just dead weight.

I'm working my abductors and glutes on my left side. Sending the hips back. Inhale and exhale. Last four. Knees right over those toes here and you can feel the foot bar.

It's helping to guide you. In and out. Two. And one. Bring the knee in and under.

Press, pull. Collarbones are wide. Remember this one is about the supporting leg. Verus the carriage leg. Five.

Four. Three. Two, can you get a little lower. One, bring it in and bring it up. If you have weights say goodbye to them now.

Use the foot bar for support, pivot turn. Now I want my pelvis to be angled towards the window. Hands under the shoulders, crossing the back foot in front, I'm up onto my tiptoes. Inhale, I press out. Chest is lifted.

Abs are in. Exhale, scoop lift. Hold that carriage under you. Inhale, articulate up. Chest lifted.

Notice how I'm not just collapsing in my hips. Stay long. Exhale to pull. Try to get those hips to point to the side. Headlights beaming towards the wall.

Not the ground, inhale. And exhale. (exhaling deeply) Inhale and exhale. Three more. Definitely feeling obliques. Two.

And one. Change the foot position, still on an angle, press out. Knees bend in and press. Keeping those elbows soft, shift your weight back over your legs. Abs engaged.

Last five. Four, three, two, and one. Bring it all the way in and release. Good, that yellow spring is no joke. Again, it's super light.

If you want to adjust, use a heavier spring tension. That's the first flow. For our next flow we're going to use a blue spring. So I'm making it just a little bit heavier. Again, I encourage you to play with the right tension for you.

This next series begins in four-point kneeling. I'm going to kneel so that my feet hang off the back of the carriage. Headrest will be in the down position and I'm going to place one hand to the side of the headrest so my fingers go under. This helps to keep me in a better alignment with my wrist. The next hand goes onto the strap.

Now you might want to play with your position here so you feel stable but you should have your knees right under your hips. Draw the straight arm up and back. And slow down. I'm only going to do five each variation. Draw those ribs in and up.

Elbows nice and straight, knuckles point down. Last one here, this is five. Now from here draw the elbow up by the side. Extend the opposite leg long. When the arm is long, so is the leg.

When the knee is bent, so is the elbow. Here we go, five times. One, and two, a little coordination. Three, ribs in and up. Four and five.

Hold the position, pulse the leg. 10, nine, eight, seven, you got this, six, five, four, three, two, one, with grace everything comes down. All you have to do is move yourself a little bit closer to whatever side you have the strap. Because you're so close to the ground, don't worry about it, put your foot right on the ground. Place your foot into the loop.

Closer to the arch than to the toes. Now you could take the hands up on to the shoulder slabs here. I'm gonna keep mine down onto the headrest. I sweep the leg up and back. Now this is an exercise we often do on the long box.

This is a great place to master it. And it feels just a little different too. Remember as the leg goes forward, the challenge is not to collapse into it. Keep the spine stable and sweep the leg like a pendulum. Exhale to pull.

One more like this. Hold the position. Flex the foot, bend the knee towards you and exhale, kick back. Inhale to bend, exhale to reach. Elbows are soft, neck is long.

Don't forget about the upper body just because you're working the lower body. Let's do two more here. Consciously firing into those glutes, and one. The foot places onto the ground but you're not done. Pivot turn and take a seat.

Now from here I want to move myself as close to the shoulder blocks as possible. Trust me you'll be happy that you did. I'm trying to sit tall in this position. So, I'm really gonna use my thigh and my knee and even the shoulder blocks to help me. To modify, sit on top of a yoga block.

Inhale to get ready. Foot is flexed. Exhale, press out. Inhale and exhale. (inhaling deeply) you can just hang on to that leg if you need a little bit of support. Last two and last one.

Here's the switch. Keep it in, opposite foot goes in and the one you were just working comes out. Now you're gonna wanna move away a little bit. So I'm gonna sit more towards the foot bar. The more I got that way, the heavier it is.

Same thing applies. Work your posture, use props to assist you. Inner thigh work here. Inhale. (breathing deeply) Good, keep growing tall. Two.

Pulling from up and here. Three, inner-thighs are a great opportunity to also get into pelvic floor. Four and five. Good job. From here go ahead and grab ahold of the strap and easy transition.

It's just to come into your kneeling, single-arm upper-body work. Let's stay low for the first set. Elbow lifts, hinge the body forward. Draw the ribs in. Press out and bend.

And bend. Three, keeping that humorous very stable. Four and shoulder down the back. Five, circle it around to advance the series rise up. Feet against the shoulder blocks if you want to feel that extra support.

Five reaches. One, and two, three, four, and five. Flip the palm and take it to your wide chest press. One, you could also totally add rotation or use a weight on that other arm. Three and four and five, placing the strap down and preparing for the series on the other side.

Spin it around. I love the blue spring. So versatile. I try not to play favorites but i think this one might be my favorite, spring that is. You can do so, so much on this tension.

Good and often times lighter is harder when you're on the Reformer, especially when you're supporting your own body weight. This next one is five. Now draw the elbow up and then extend the leg back. That's the order I like to do it so I feel the most secure. When the arm is straight, so is the leg.

Everything bends. Here we go. One, and two and three. Four and hold everything out. Pulse the leg.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, and resist to have everything coming in. You might wanna move just a little closer to the side that has the spring. Plant the foot foot in the loop. Hands onto wherever you had them in the last series. Sweep the leg.

Slow as it goes down. Now, I encourage you to do more of these if you'd like. I'm gonna keep it at five so I'm even on the other side. One more. Flex the foot, bring the knee towards you and press.

You really have to think about those glutes working as the hip extends. Inhale and press, that's three. Four, and that one's five. Place the foot down so that the carriage is stable and pivot and turn. This is the one were you want to come a little closer to the shoulder locks.

So you can work those abductors. Use the shoulder blocks as a guide. Use your opposite hand however you need to. Exhale to press. Two, and I have to keep the femur a little lifted here.

Three, four, and five. Bring it in. Make the switch and slide away from the shoulder locks. The further away you go, the more range of motion you're gonna have. The heavier it's gonna be.

Pulling in. Five. Four. Three, how you doing? Two and one.

Bring it in. Grab the strap in your hand, pivot turn. Now from here inch forward. Go right into it. There's so many variations of the single-arm work.

We did tricep extensions first. Ribs drawn in, shoulders are down. Rise up to advance. Exhale, forward reach. There's a little mantra you have in your head during this series and it's shoulder down, abs in and then move the arm.

So the sequence. Last time. Flip the arm and press. Inhale and press. Last three.

Two and one. Take it all the way down. As I said, there's so many awesome things you can do on a blue string. I can seriously do a whole class more on it. I think it's the best, but you know what I like just as much as a blue spring?

A red spring. So here we go, next one up. It's kind of cool, this like little order that we're doing because a lot of the exercises could be repeated on a different tension for different muscle emphasize. You can take some of the stuff from the series and you can switch it out with a different tension to feel something different. One red spring on now.

Lying on my back. First I'm single-arm and single-leg supine work. From here I'm gonna grab one strap. Same as hand as strap, so it's not going across the body yet. Abs are engaged, pelvis is in neutral.

If you can stabilize it. Legs come to tabletop and my other hand is just gonna hover here. Exhale to pull the arm down. Inhale up right over the shoulder. Five of each.

One, and two. Don't be shy, at flection if you'd like to advance. Three, four, and five. Now on the next one I'll hold the arm down, flex up, hand behind my head, tricep extension opposite leg extends. One, two, three, four, and five.

Good job, arms come up. Both hands go into the straps. Sometimes I like to do a little switch here, so I can make my elbows a little bit wider to go past my chest. Legs extend to advance. Exhale, lift and rotate.

Inhale down. Exhale, pull through center. Inhale down. That's the flow. One, (breathing heavily) and two and three and four and five.

Hold it. Lift a little higher if you can and take it all the way down. Now this strap, same side to leg, can go in. With a whole series that we do on opposite leg but for today this is what we're gonna do. Keep the upper body down for now.

Use the glute as you press five times. You'll feel yourself twist or turn if there's a muscle imbalance or dissymmetry but that's normal. This is your chance to correct that. On the next one press using the hip extensors. Inhale, leg draws up and exhale down.

Five times. It's about to get a little more complex here. Two and three. Keep the pelvis anchored and heavy. The leg moves independently of the rest of the body.

That's five, flex up. Extend the opposite leg. Here we go. One, two, three, hips heavy, four, and five. Both legs low, frog it and press.

One, two, three, four, and five. Bend it in for a moment. If you're headrest is up like mine, go ahead and put it down now. If you have a pillow underneath your head take that away too. So there's nothing underneath the head for single strap short spine.

Arms are involved here. Push them down onto the carriage. Extend the legs long, lift them up. Keep the seat heavy. Beginning to stretch.

Exhale to roll up. Carriage comes into the stopper. Find your external rotation, bend the knees and then beginning to release the spine down. Getting the stretch. Feels a little bit more intense in the side that has the strap.

Pull the heels down and press away. Parallel on the up. Articulate roll, externally rotate. Bend the knees, begin to roll down slow. Pull the heels to the seat and press one more time here.

Keep those collarbones open. If you're forcing it with your upper body, your shoulders will roll off the mat. Inhale, exhale. Pull the heels to the bottom and press. Now one more variation.

Lift up. Stay up here, keeping a little bit of tension in the strap. Inhale, great little prep for some more advanced work. One, and heel down. Exhale, two.

Nice hamstring work. Unilateral. Three. Four and five. Meet the feet and finish through your short spine stretch.

Pull the heel down and press it away. Shall we do the other side. Absolutely. Opposite hand in strap. This is a good time to notice if there's any symmetries.

Abs in, legs come to tabletop. Hand over shoulder. Opposite hand is actually hovering. Two. Three.

Four and five. Hold the arm. Now the chin lift up, bend the elbow. When you extend the arm you extend the leg. Get up to the tips of the shoulder here guys.

(exhaling deeply) Two more. Last one. Lift up a little higher. Add in some fun stuff here or the hundred with single arm and then release down. Both hands go in.

I switch. This is what it looks like. Now my other hand is on top. That's just a preference for me. That way I can my arms down past the girls.

Abs are in, legs are up. Lift, exhale up. Inhale, exhale through. Now you can stay up the whole time here to advance. So the head will not go down or if you'd like a little break you have my permission to take it.

Two more. Really work to keep that seat heavy. To the side and through. Let's do one more. To the side and hold it.

Lift up a little higher. Press reach breath and take it all the way down. I definitely feel it, I hope you do too. Here I have same foot to strap. This is also a great opportunity to get a stretch.

That can come later. Beginning just with a press and bend. Really working to use glutes here. It's much easier for me to just push with my quad. Little bit harder to get into the precision of the movement and press through the back of my leg.

Keep the leg straight, inhale up and exhale down. Make sure that leg is going in a straight line. Again you have the back body working here. Hips stay heavy as the leg lifts up. Last one like this.

Now the chin lift up, extend both legs, scissor. Arms hovering to advance. Stretch, and pull. Two, and one. Cool, here's our frog.

Bend the knees and exhale press point. Try to keep those heels inline with your pubic bones. Center body and press. Inhale bend and press. Working those inner thighs like a zipper.

Squeeze. Last time. Rotate to parallel, head down. If the headrest was up for that last series, again let's get rid of it. Inhale.

Exhale, stretch and roll up. Bring the carriage into the stopper. Find your turn out, scoop the belly as you bend the knees. Keep the height of the feet as you articulate down. Allowing for that length to happen.

Try to get the seat to the mat. Pull the feet to seat and exhale press. Inhale. (inhaling deeply) Exhale. (exhaling deeply) Find your turnout, bend your knees. Knees about shoulder width, keep the heels still as you articulate down. Pull and press.

Actually think this is the first time I'm teaching short spine on Pilates Anytime. Wouldn't you know it, it's just with one strap too. Such a beautiful exercise, I don't know why I don't teach it more. And pull and press. We got one more of these.

Remember what I said about the shoulders. That's what I mean. Keep them open. Use those abdominals to roll. Pull the heels and articulate down.

Pull the heels and press through. Here's our little twist, up. Roll. Now keep a little bit of tension in that strap. Leg, inhale, send the leg low.

Exhale, high. This movement is gonna help you with exercises like control balance as well as jack knife. You have to work the glute to extend the hip. That's a really important key into some of these inversions. Last two.

And last one. Meet the feet, bend the knees. Roll the spine. Pull and finish pretty. Awesome.

The foot comes out. The strap comes on. Good work guys. Alrighty, so moving on here. We did a yellow spring.

We did a blue spring. We did a red spring. So now we're going to put the rainbow on. We're gonna hook up all of our springs to stabilize the carriage in preparation for the short box. The foot bar will also go down.

The safety strap will come up and the box will come on short box position. So grab your boxes too. If you normally use the box over the shoulder blocks, go ahead and put it there. If you normally use it in front, go ahead and put it there. I'm gonna actually put mine just over the shoulder blocks but not over the silver pegs.

Now that you have your equipment setup, take a seat onto the box. This next flow is using the short box for a variety of exercises. I'll just put it there so I'll leave it a surprise. Okay, so what's important before we begin is our position. You're gonna need room to roll back.

At the very least I would say one hand width behind your safe ground. Flex your foot. Hug your knee in towards your chest. Tuck the tail and roll until you got some tension in that strap. This is were you're gonna live.

This is your home base. Inhale, arm and leg extend. Exhale, hug it in. Sort of like a version of double leg stretch. Two.

Inhale, three. If tree and double leg stretch had a baby, this would be it. Four and five. Hands behind the head, twist to the knee. Kick the leg straight.

One. Two. Three. Four. And five.

Pivot and turn. Take the lift in length. Exhale as you come up. Inhale and exhale up, one. Go up and over and exhale up two.

Inhale, three. And four, bicep by the ears. And five. Take it down, take a twist. Now from here foot stays flexed in the strap.

Scoop up through the belly. Pulls those ribs in, allow the upper body to hang. Five lengthens. One, and two. Three.

Four. And five. Remember to address the range of motion so that it best suits how it feels in our body. The position stays the same, the only thing that I'd change is I don't have my foot in the safety strap anymore. Lift and rotate.

Point those toes. Draw your lower knee back in space. Lift up and rotate away for now. Place the hands in the sides of the box. Pivot forward just a little bit.

What's making my chest go forward is my engagement through my glutes. Lift up, press back for five. Four, three, two, one. Extend the leg long. Try to lift the chest a little more.

Pulse, one, two, three, four and five. Now from here we're gonna come onto the abdomen. Place the hips onto the box, walk the hands forward. Good. For a push-up with extension.

Belly button off the front of the box. Reminds me a little bit of grasshopper. Take the hands right under the shoulders. Legs go up, inhale. And exhale.

One. Two, kind of scary. No, it's not. You're fine. Three, keep those elbows narrow though.

And four. Legs, legs, legs, legs, glutes, glutes, glutes, glutes. And five. Good, slither back and prepare for the other side. Here it is.

Foot was in. I always secretly hope that, that was my hard side. So this is my easy side now. We'll find out. Remember you need that space behind you.

Hug the knee, shoulder down. Go ahead and start to roll back. Just until you feel that tension. Notice that my knee is bent, yours should be too. Good, from here inhale reach.

My torso's not moving. Inhale, that's two. Inhale, that's three. Inhale, four. Inhale, five.

Hands behind my head, twist. In and out. One, two, three, four, and five. Take it all the way over. Any upper body variation here is good.

I have the hand so I can feel the stretch and I can feel my rib inching towards my hips. One, two, three, four, five, take it down. Take the twist. Don't be in a rush here. Scoop, drop, fingertips to the forehead.

Abdominals draw in, lift up for five. And four. Choose your best range of motion. Three. Two and one.

Take it down. Take your time as you come up. The foot slides out. Toes are pointed. Pivot, lift and twist.

At the same time you do that get that lower knee to go back behind you a little bit. If you want to work your glutes that leg has got to go back there. Hands onto the back. Tilt forward. The back leg is up.

It goes up. Back two. Back three. Back four. Back five.

Back extend. Readjust, lift up. Five, four, three, two, one. Take it down. Slight variation here.

Starts off the same. Pressing the hips and pubic bone heavy into the box. Making sure you that you got right above the navel off. Hands are down. From here I'm gonna go into a grasshopper movement with my legs.

Just keeping your femur still and bend your knees. That's the secret for that. I go down. One, two, three, lift higher and press up. I go down.

One, two, three, lift higher and up. Keep your chest lifted, chin lifted. One, two, three. Two more, we can do this. One, two, three and one more time.

Elbows narrow. One, two, three. Glutes and come up and slide back. Very good. I often see people put the short boxes on, do some side bends and then kind of forget what they want to do next.

There's so much stuff you can do. Like way more than that. So have fun with it. Not a whole lot of changes that need to be made here, except for the tension. Let's decrease it, cause we have all those springs on.

I'm gonna take my tension down to one red spring. I could also do this whole series on one blue as well. Blue is gonna be harder, so I'm doing red. I'm gonna place the box on but watch what happens when I do this, okay. I use my knee to push the carriage back little bit.

That way when I put the box on, it's snug against the foot bar and the carriage comes in, just to kinda zip it in. Now there's definitely Reformers out there that have a different setup. This might not be appropriate for all Reformers but I've been on a lot of them and it works. Just make sure that it's locked in. From here I come onto the Reformer.

Placing elbows and forearms into the box. Feet back against those shoulder blocks. Scoop the abdominals in. Shoulders set and strong. Press out.

Let's begin by bending the knees in and out. Five. Four. Three. Two.

One. From here let's pike the hips up and down. Now articulate here. Head then scoop the belly. Two.

Three. Four. Five. Let's pivot the toes here to the side and from here repeat the same thing. One.

Two. Three. Tons of shoulder here, four. And five, pivot turn. Feet other direction.

Scoop lift, lengthen. Two, legs long. Three. Four. And for five.

Bend the knees, bring it in. Good, from here changing focus. Push-up position. I'm gonna take my hands onto the box. Shoulder width.

Take my feet back against the shoulder blocks. Up stretch. Soft elbows. Press the knees back so the front of the hips are open. Keep that.

Inhale as you press away. Upper body drops low. Now lead with the heart, exhale to pull in. Inhale, press. Soft elbows thread the chest through the arms, exhale pull.

Inhale press. The whole front body gets this glorious stretch pull. Inhale press. Exhale pull. One more.

Inhale out. Exhale in. Hips go back just for a moment. Hips forward, press back. Adjust the hands if you need to.

Fingers spread, push up prep. Elbows narrow and press out one. This will really help you with your chaturangas. Two, on Yoga Anytime. Three.

Four. And five. Bring it in. It's not bad on the wrists at all. Taking it to a bridge position.

Cool huh? Feet are gonna be on here. The nice thing is I now have this large surface onto which place my feet for bridge work. So I have a few more options. Tailbone heavy, hands down.

Chest open. Inhale to prepare. Exhale, tuck scoop and lift. Glutes, front of the hips open. Press out, heels drive down.

Pull in five times. It goes one shape down. Notice how your hips will lower and then lift with the body. Three. Two.

And one. From here pivot your toes to one side. Your hips will rotate as well. One will droop down, press out. Come through center.

Go to the other side. Press. Sort of a slalom skier. Little more obliques here. Two more each side.

Remember this is only a rep. This is a lot of work. Pull. Come back through center. Place the feet down and articulate the spine down.

Take it into a wide second position. Knees and toes externally rotate it. Tuck rolling and lift. Pick up onto those heels. From here a little butterfly wings.

Let's do ten of these because they're awesome. (breathing heavily) five, four, three, two, one, plant the feet. Inhale press, pull. Hips will go down. Hips open wide.

Keep the pelvis level, glutes up the whole time. Ribs closed. And bring it all the way in and articulate down. Also love to do my single leg series here. Let me take you through one but you can be creative.

Toe taps. Now, I literally can tap something. Sometimes the foot bar seems like it's this illusion right? (breathing heavily) And press. Alternate sides.

Toe ball heel. Pick that leg up. Shape of the leg stays the same. Glutes. Press and press.

Toe ball heel and massage the spine down. Good work guys. The last thing we're gonna do here with the box on, is the beautiful lunge. You deserve it. In a kneeling position.

The box stays. One red spring. One foot comes up. If you find this work to be a little intimidating on the foot bar, give it a try here. Again, you've got a much larger base of support to help you.

Let's begin by just opening and extending this thigh. (singing) Don't you do that in your head when you do this and press. Now from here curl those back toes under. Good, press with the front leg and come in. Pull the belly in and back.

And come in. We'll do one more like this. And come in. There's many more variations you're gonna want to do here but let's switch to the other side. Since I promised you these would only be ten minutes each.

I'll cut out the stretching. Okay, hug the knee, lift the arm. Draw the belly in and up. Hug the leg toward the midline. Press the hips forward to the back and take it down.

Curl those toes. Straight leg. Hang out here if this feel right. Press with the front leg to intensify and then come in. Two.

Three. And we'll do one more. Press. You can even use the box just to give you a little bit more a push. Come all the way in and down.

Awesome. We just did a super cool full class but I broke it down for flows. Each of these sections can be used beginning, middle, end. I have Pilates class on Pilates Anytime that you'd love anyways where you can do the whole workout through with me. Whatever feels best for you.

You guys did an awesome job. Play with it. Have fun. And I'll see you again soon. Bye.


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Awesome as usual! Thanks Pilates Anytime for having Courtney teach such fun and diverse classes. More please!
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Amazing! Thanks Courtney for those more athletic and originals classes... Can't wait for the next class!! You are really a source of inspiration.
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Brilliant workout! Thank you Courtney!
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Great class Courtney!! Can't wait to give this one a try : ) Loved having the 5 different sequences without a ton of spring changes.
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Obrigada Courtney!! amo o seu trabalho... estou louca para treinar essa classe!! ;)
So many great treats here that it feels like dining at a gigantic dessert bar! Yay, glute work!
Lots of great unique movements that I can't wait to share with my students - thank you!!
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EXCELLENT CLASS!!!! I loved all the combination!!!
As always...amazingly creative and FUN! Just love love love your sequencing, cueing and personality:) Do you give workshops? It would be so fantastic to learn from you. I'm Stott trained as well and it's not easy to find instructors with Stott background. Thank you for being so inspiring!
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This was a perfect birthday present for me??Very interesting Courney. Thank you very much! A tower class would be great;)
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