Class #2231

Reformer Workout

55 min - Class


Get ready to flow in this challenging Reformer workout with Courtney Miller. She has created 5 different sequences, so you can work each part of your body without changing the springs. These combinations include a lot of unilateral work so you can address any imbalances you may have. These are great flows to do all together or to add to any of your favorite classes. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Weighted Balls

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Hi, I'm Courtney and I'm here with you today on Pilates Anytime. I have what I think is gonna be a really fun class but you'll have to try out and tell me what you think. One of the mo...


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Awesome as usual! Thanks Pilates Anytime for having Courtney teach such fun and diverse classes. More please!
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Amazing! Thanks Courtney for those more athletic and originals classes... Can't wait for the next class!! You are really a source of inspiration.
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Brilliant workout! Thank you Courtney!
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Great class Courtney!! Can't wait to give this one a try : ) Loved having the 5 different sequences without a ton of spring changes.
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Obrigada Courtney!! amo o seu trabalho... estou louca para treinar essa classe!! ;)
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So many great treats here that it feels like dining at a gigantic dessert bar! Yay, glute work!
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Lots of great unique movements that I can't wait to share with my students - thank you!!
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EXCELLENT CLASS!!!! I loved all the combination!!!
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As always...amazingly creative and FUN! Just love love love your sequencing, cueing and personality:) Do you give workshops? It would be so fantastic to learn from you. I'm Stott trained as well and it's not easy to find instructors with Stott background. Thank you for being so inspiring!
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This was a perfect birthday present for me??Very interesting Courney. Thank you very much! A tower class would be great;)
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