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Dance, Yoga, & Mat Fusion

60 min - Class


Let the music move you in this dynamic Mat workout with Courtney Miller! She teaches a Pilates, Yoga, and Dance fusion set to music that will keep you motivated as you start to feel the burn. She continuously flows from one exercise to the next, so the class feels like one seamless piece of movement.
What You'll Need: Mat, Weighted Balls

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Hi, I'm Courtney. I have a dynamic mat, yoga, dance fusion class for you today with some music. We love to move to music. Let it motivate you. Don't let it intimidate you.

Just keep moving, keep grooving, and let's have some fun. All right, let's get started everybody. So begin with your feet together, shoulders down the back. We don't have any mats to begin here. Rock your weight to your heels.

Find your natural Pilates V. Abs in, stand tall, arms down. We just lift those heels up for two. Resistance, squeeze to lower. Good, inhale up, squeeze and lower.

Get those heels to touch each other before they touch the ground. Now leave your heels up, arms to a T and pulse the heels up and up. There ya go, keep those legs long and straight. Press down through the big toes. Strong arms with intention.

Shoulders down the back. Awesome job, lower the heels. Left hand to the hip, hug in, and open. Good, hug, so left hand on the hip, right hand's doing the hugging, squeeze. Good, keep those knees right over mid-feet.

Hug, perfect. Hug, now we open up the right leg, looks like this. I'm in, I open, good, in, I open. Nice and easy, just like you're on the jump board here. So articulate with the feet, slide that leg back.

In and open, hold it open, both arms, now. Down, just point, it's the right leg here, yeah, down, press, there you go. Good, keep those shoulders over hips. Ribs connected, awesome. Now that leg slides to the front.

Down, brush, it's easy. Use the core and resist. We are just warming up with a nice flow. Open, push. Awesome plies, I love how low you're getting.

Hold the next one here, three, lift, good. Now really straighten that leg long, square the hips, take it to the back, lift. Open up through those hips here. Chest lifted, heels together, switch those arms. Hug and open, so now it's the left arm doing the hugging.

In and open. We'll do four more like this. Four, squeeze and zip up those inner thighs. Two, open the left leg. So we're in, open, good, together.

Open, together, open, really slide and drag that foot. Bend when you're in, yeah, good, pretty. Nice, open here, you're down. You point, we're gonna reach both arms long here. Down, point, articulating through the foot.

Down, point, set the shoulders, fingers long. Down, point, brush it to the front. Just easy, squeeze, turn on those inner thighs, turning on those deep abs. All those beautiful Pilates words and principles. Shine those hips straight ahead, hold the next one, pulse it up, lift, get a little deeper in your turnout here, straighten the leg.

Now brush it to the back, arms up, eight. Even hinge forward just a little bit, good. Open it up wide second. Now take it down for two. We're all gonna go that way, lift and pivot and back to center, here's our tempo.

Pivot, center, good, pivot, a little spice in our movement. Don't be afraid to move, just stay light, up. Get low with each knee bend, pivot. Four more. Move the arm with intention.

Good job everybody. Hold the next one, freeze, square your hips. Pulse, arms up. Now take your time and find your form. Any adjustments here, go ahead and make them.

Shoulders are over hips. Four, three, hold the next one, here we hug the knee. It's slow, reach it out long, hug the knee. It's slow, like a variation of double leg stretch and reach. Hug the knee.

Now hold the reach, scooter the back leg, in, in, in. Get a little lower guys, try not to bounce on that standing knee, feel that isometric burn. Shoulders down the back, pitch the body forward. Four, three, plant the foot, open it up. We're nice and slow for two.

Turn, one more slow, easy, and turn. Now that you know it, open, turn, light on the feet. Intention with the arms, very good, keep going. And twist, down, and twist. Even thinking about putting a little bit of hop in your step here, there you go.

Love it. Open, twist, hold the twist, pulse it, arms up. Now as you lift those arms up, grow taller through every joint in your body. Take your time, square the hips, knees directly over the mid feet, back knees low. Stay low, hug it in, it's slow, one, two, stretch and reach it long, tap the toe.

Scoot round the back, reach it long, good, scoot. And reach, one more here. Hug and hold the arms, back leg draws in, out, in out. Pitch forward in that neutral diagonal. Use the abs to pull, pull.

Good job everybody. Pull. Let me see eight more, shoulders down the back, eight. Six. Four.

Three, two, leg is long. Take it back to center, breathe in, arms are up. Feet together, arms down, grab your weights if we're gonna use them, good work. Now we're grabbing two pound weights. You can use none at all, I like one pounds too.

So use what is best for you. Come back to center floor, this time feet together, get low arms behind you, open, close, open, squeezed close, open, squeezed closed, open, squeezed closed. Just open to the sides like a T, open, then back, good. Open, back, open, back. Adding a little bit here, we come up and we open back.

Up and we open back, up, back, squeeze those inner thighs here, up, back, up, back, up, back, good. Hold it up, freeze, lift the arms. Now get low, arms over head, lift up, over head. Lift up, over head, up, reach, up, reach. Last two, (sighs) hold it down for one, right arm back, left arm forward, pulse them up and reach them away from each other at the same time.

Turn the weights in toward each other. Keep the neck long, close those ribs, switch the arms and keep on pulsing up, up. Can you get that back hand just a little higher than your tush? Can you deepen your plie? Lift, well done.

Four, three, both arms back, elbows in, I want you to tap the right foot, pull it in. Tap, pull it in, tap. Keep those elbows up, though, high, pull it in. Tap, good, tap. We should be feeling the arms already.

Hold it back, palms up, little pulses. So start to deepen this lunge, pitch four but close those ribs, palms are up. Shoulders are open. Now keep the bend in your front knee and start to lift the back leg up as you pulse those arms. Find your capital letter T, chest is low, leg is high.

Eight more here, don't give up. There's a break coming up, stay with it. Everybody freeze, lower the arms, tap the leg, lit the leg and bend the elbows up, tap down, resist, good. Up, try to get the chest lower, the leg higher, pull. Narrow the elbows, keep on going, up, down, up, down, good job, narrow elbows, really squeeze, nice.

Up. Perfect. Squeeze, now keep those elbows up, lower the foot, get low, left foot, tap it back, back, it's in. So feel that isometric in your stabilizing leg. Every time you reach the leg back, energy through the crown of the head, you get taller, eight.

Elbows are high and elbows are hugging in. Work the back here, less bend, more extend. Press. Awesome job. It's hard.

Hold it back, palms up, little pulses. Now deepen your lunge, so slide on back, don't be afraid. You're strong enough to do this, I promise everything we do is for a short amount of time. So give everything you've got, start to lift the back leg as you pulse those arms, remember this is like a seesaw so as the leg goes up, the chest goes down. Glutes are working.

Good. Square those hips, everybody freeze, lower the arms, tap the leg, it's a wide row, lift. Wake up that back body, from head to toe. Lift, awesome, row. Narrow row, keep on going, pull it in, really resist against the movement, pull.

Last four, these are your best four. Standing leg is bent, three. Neck is long, two, good. One, feet are down, lift up. And down, roll those shoulders out, option to ditch the weights, up to you, all right, I gave you the choice.

Feet together, they're weight, they're sand, you can just throw them away, arms are forward, right leg steps back, center, right leg and right arm. Back, center, and you can ditch them at any point, no judgment, just drop 'em, pull, good, pull. Hold the next one back, I want you to freeze, extend the arm, turn your thumbs down, lift press back. Up, press back, but here's the key, as you press back, stabilize those ribs. Keep going but lift both heels up.

Lift, press back, lift, press back, lift, press back. Ribs to hips here guys, lift, press back, lift, press back. Good, hold the arms, lower the heels, flip, one palm up, one palm back, switch, switch so that you can see it in the camera, it's a little rotation, elbows are soft. Get a little lower, this is the end, let your legs burn as much as your arms, hold it here, lift up an inch, bring it in, roll out those shoulders, get ready for the other side, remember, I gave you that option, arms are forward. Shoulders back, move from here, we step left foot back, pull, so channel your inner warrior, your goddess.

Pull, make it sharp, make it have intention. There you go, yes, fierce. Hold the next one back, freeze, extend, thumbs up, shoulders down, up back, up, press back, up, press back. There you go, now deepen that plie a little, draw the tailbone to the earth, ribs closed, lift your heels up, keep on going, up, press back, now that your heels are up, more inner thighs, like you're trying to touch your heels together. Up, press back, good.

Little bit of a break here, heels get to go down but you have to swim the arms, one arm up, one arm down. Palm up, palm back, good, so this is what they're doing. Their elbows are soft, pushing back with one hand, flipping the palm up with the other, this is your salvation. You're done, lift the arms an inch, step the feet together, roll those shoulders out and throw the weights away. Let's also grab our mats.

Now some of you at home, you might not want to even use a mat for this next series, I don't, but I don't have overly sensitive wrists. We're gonna go into a little bit of a yoga flow next. Stand towards the front of your mat, feet together, shoulders down the back, good, sit low and reach your arms up for two, now fold the body forward. Bend the knees for two, lift the hips back up, step back to a plank, bend the elbows, chataranga, upward facing dog, downward dog and hold it. Walk those heels, walk, good, hips are high.

Nice job, now step the right foot forward towards the hands. Lift up, feet together, you're in a chair, hands to heart, let's repeat, sit low for two, fold the body. Get low for two, lift the hips, step, to a plank, get low, thighs are lifted, chest lifts up, downward dog and walk it out, beautiful. Hips are high, chest is low, relax the neck. Left foot step it forward.

Lift up, breathe, step the feet together, hands to heart, let's repeat it here, get low for two. Fold the body, bend the knees, lift the hips. Step back to your plank, bend at the elbows, pull up and through, thighs are lifted, downward facing dog, good, walk it out, soften the elbows, relax the neck. Four, three, two, right foot step it forward. Lift those arms, you've got lots of time to do it.

Step the feet together, hands to prayer, one more set. Reach up, sit low, fold the body forward. Lower the hips, lift the chest, lift the hips high. Step back to a plank, bend the elbows low. Push up, lift, downward facing dog, walk it out.

Nice, really press those heels low. Left foot step it forward, now press with lunge, lift the chest up nice and high, good, feet together, press up, good job, now right foot step it back, crescent lunge position, pivot to a warrior two, stretch to the side. Right angle pose. Back to warrior two, dissolve to warrior, pivot back to a lunge, little pulses, teeny tiny presses, bend that back knee, good, eight more like this. Close the ribs, knees right over mid feet, four, three, push up to warrior three, hold it.

Flex the foot, square the hips, breathe here. Good, last set of eight, eight, six, long, long, bodies, four, three. Step the feet together, left leg back. Crescent, pivot to warrior, stretch and right angle easy, come back to your warrior. Exalt and reach.

Back to your warrior, pivot to your crescent. Small, little press, good job, keep reaching up, last eight like this. Grow longer, grow taller, good. Drop the sacrum heavy. Now push the earth away, warrior three, hold it and breathe, use the glutes, use the back body.

Nice, drop the left hip, lift the leg a little higher. Good, feet together, rise back up, right foot back for two, pivot open, stretch, stretch, right angle. Back to your warrior, exalt, look up, back to your warrior. Pivot, just eight this time, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, push off just for eight, we got this, eight, seven, six, five, four, good, plant the foot, rise up. Step it back, left leg, easy open, stretch.

Right angle, good. Warrior. Exalt. Warrior. Pivot turn, just eight, eight, seven, you got it now, four, three, lift off.

Warrior three, three. Good, chest low, leg high, four, three, step the feet together, rise up. Scoop the belly, flex the spine forward. Lift the chest as you bend the knees. Press the hips up, plant the hands, step back to a plank, bend the elbows, low chataranga.

Lift up, now press back to down dog and hold your dog position, heels are heavy, heels are down, spread the fingers. Elbows are soft, good. Right leg lift it nice and high, eight little pulses here. Keep pressing the chest back to the thighs. Now hinge forward, draw the knee to the nose for two.

Kick it back to the sky, knee to elbow for two. Kick it back to the sky, knee to nose for two. Up, knee to opposite elbow, up, repeat the series, knee to nose and up, beautiful, knee to elbow, and up, good, knee to nose, round back. Lengthen, knee to opposite elbow and up. Knee to nose, lengthen.

Knee to elbow, hold the leg up, little pulses, eight. Good, let the hip open a little, that's okay, but keep those hips, excuse me, those shoulders square. Good, now hold the leg, lift it up an inch, place it down to the ground, lift the opposite leg to the sky, eight little pulses, you can do this. Eight, leg is long, toes are pointed here. Four, three, two, let's hinge it forward, hinge it knee to nose for two, kick it long and back, knee to elbow two and kick it long and reach, good.

Knee to nose, scoop and three leg dog, knee to opposite elbow, three legged dog, good. Knee to nose, scoop. And up, knee to elbow, beautiful. And up, again, knee to nose, scoop, press back, lift high. Knee to opposite elbow, you're almost through, stay strong.

Knee to nose, scoop, and up, knee to elbow. And hold it up, eight little pulses, eight. Let those hips open but keep the shoulders square, good. Plant the foot, downward facing dog. Let those feet feel heavy, four, three, two, we do this slow, step the right foot forward, wide.

Step the left foot forward, wide. Lift the arms to the sky, you're in a squat. Take the hands down and step it back, now we hop. Forward, lift, down, step, or hop back. Forward, lift, down, step or hop back.

Forward, lift, and back. Forward, up, and back. Forward, up, and back. Good, forward, up, keep those tushies to the ground here, guys, wide, lift and up. Wide, lift, hold it back, hold your plank, breathe, you got this, stay in your plank.

Shoulders down the back, head is lifted. Last set of eight, draw up through the front of the thighs, hop or step the feet narrow forward, freeze. Stay low, draw the knees together, lift the arms, lift the chest, you're in your chair, stay here. Shoulders drawing down, heavy with the sacrum, good. Bring the arms low, right foot taps, to the side.

Side. Good, side. Four more on the right side, keep the heel heavy, pressing to the earth, at least you don't have those weights anymore, left leg, side. So heavy with the sacrum, guys, let it pull you down to the ground, lighten the top of the head, grow taller. Knees right over mid feet.

Good. Right foot step it back, arms are up. Back, in, back, in, yes. Keep the chest lifted, you're in your chair position here. Back, good, back.

Crown of the head, reaching straight up, opposite leg, here it is, step, pull. Good, step, pull. Last four, this is four. Three. Two.

And one, don't go up, go down. Bend your knees, take a seat, very good. Sit towards the front of your mat. Now I want you to sit so far forward that your legs hang off quite a bit so the mat's gonna be right about here, yeah, so come on forward, yep. Now stretch your legs long and roll all the way back.

Nice, reach your arms up overhead, preparing for a roll up. Close those ribs, it's nice and slow. Arms and head, lift up, you flex over the thighs, now roll it down, you're all the way back down. Up, up, over the legs, tuck, roll. Arms reach back, good, lift, scoop, reach beyond the toes.

Tuck, roll, one bone at a time, good. Up, reach, pull the belly back. Up, and hold it back, freeze. Now you've got all that space off your mat so you can slide your legs. Circle your arms around and curl out, turn your palms up.

Hold the position almost like we're doing boat pose here. Make sure you've got room to slide your legs, curl up and slide, one, two, slide it down for two. One, two, slide it down for two. Scoop, lift, take it down for two. Flex, scoop, take it down, keep on going, pull, pull, slide it back, pull, pull, slide it back.

Good, pull, pull, slide it back. Pull, hold, hug the knees, rolling like a ball. Back for two, up, let's see you balance. Back for two, good, make a small little ball here. Press the forehead to the knees, draw the feet towards the seat, back for two.

Let's add a star when we come up, roll back for two. Lift the legs and lift the arms, back for two. Lift the legs and lift the arms. Back for two, lift the legs and lift the arms. Back for two, you're up, you've got four more, looks gorgeous, down, and up, no momentum.

Down, and up. Down, and up. You have one more. Down, hold your up, freeze, guys, freeze. Legs together, stay here.

Take those arms to the ground. Leave the legs, start to roll down to the tips of your shoulders, lower the legs an inch. Pump, pump, pump. Arms are long. Sacrum heavy, open collarbones a little bit wider here.

In, and out. Good, so we're moving to the music, we're grooving and we're flowing. Let's take a count for four breaths in and four breaths out, so we can match that tempo. Collarbones are wide, good job, in. And out, yes.

Lower the legs to challenge, you've got this. Don't give up, in and out. Perfect, strong arms with intention, two more sets, don't quit, in and out. Good, in and out. Now everybody hold it, freeze, bend your knees.

Let me see you lift higher, right knee to the chest, hug it in, you're higher, switch, switch, switch. Good, so you've got that little support, you're up higher than you were in your hundred. Keep your sacrum heavy, good, it's bow and arrow, it's fierce, you've been here before. Keep going with the feet flexed, push and pull. Push and pull, good, collarbones are wide.

Stabilize through that torso, resist, good. Push, pull, hug the knees together. Double leg, it's quick, out and in. Out and in. We did this earlier, standing, so recreate that resistance, out and in.

Good, there's a break coming, out and in, but you have eight more before you feel it, this is eight. Lift, seven, good. Six, stay strong with your breath. Awesome, you're gonna love the next one whether you hate it or not. (laughs) Hug the knees in, freeze, lower the head. Turn the head side to side, no, you're gonna love it, I know you will, head stays down.

Extend the legs, you lift, roll, beat one, two, three, four, roll down, and lower the legs down. It's up, over, one, two, three, four, resist it down. Good. Lift, over, one, two, three, four, and take it down, guys. Slow, slow, up, over, one, two, three, four.

Resist it down, it's slow, slow, slow. Good, you're up, you're over, one, two, three, four, good, continue here with the legs turned out. You're up, you're over, you're V, V, V and take it down, good. And up, over, one, two, three, four. And take it down, two more, low, low, up and scoop.

Inner thighs, resist it down. Low, low, up and scoop. One, and two, and take it all the way down. Now extend those legs low, keep the natural turn out here. Curl up and come onto the elbows and forearms.

Elbows are right under the shoulders, abs are in. You're in a beautiful turn out, legs to the sky, right leg lowers, left leg bends, down, up, down, up. Down, up, good, keep those knees open. Down, up, just trace the inseam as the leg goes low. Other leg, here it is, low, (exhales) low (exhales) coming to that passage time, down, there you go.

Down, up, down, up, back to the right side. Parallel your legs, down, up, down, up, down, up. Stay strong in that upper body, low, lift, good. Low, lift, you got it, down, up, switch the legs, good. Slide it, reach, slide it, reach, good, keep it sharp.

Last four, then a break, four and by break I mean not really Two, and one, bend your knees, feet down, hip distance, roll the spine down, preparing for bridge. Push down into the arms, separate the feet hip distance. Collarbones are wide, sacrum heavy to start, articulate, slow up, tuck, roll, lift, you're at the top. Melt, lower, release, you're at the bottom. Tuck, roll, lift, you're at the top of your bridge, one bone at a time.

You're at the bottom, good, scoop, collarbones are wide. Resist. Good, one more easy, breezy, tuck, roll, press down into the heels, resist, mouth. Now flap back, lift up, down an inch. Up, down an inch, so you're at your max height but you're only dropping down an inch, good, up.

Awesome, feet are parallel, knees are right over those toes, now stay at the top and just posteriorly tilt and tuck the hips under, even if you're not seeing anything you should be feeling it, it's a tuck and squeeze. Drive down through those heels. Good, stay up here. Walk your feet out to a wide second position. Knees and toes are open, now lift the toes, press those heels down, there you go.

Now butterfly the knees open, it's just such a small movement, if it doesn't feel right, omit it and just hold the bridge. Make sure the rotation is coming from the tops of the hips, we should definitely be feeling glutes here. Lot of people in bridges are like I only feel my hamstrings. Hopefully now you've got those glutes firing. Lower the toes, pulse the hips up, up.

This is not an inner thigh stretch, you're not to your max in your stretch. Lots of glutes, lots of hamstrings. Try to mount those upper ribs down, focus on the tushy. Good, keep the hips up and walk the feet back into parallel. Nice job, now press down strong into the arms, right leg into a tabletop position.

Right leg stretch it to the sky, flex the foot, take it low down, point the toe, it's up, here's your tempo, down, up, flex, up. Resist, and point, good, flex, lift. Hips are square and level, flex, lift. Hold it up and freeze, bend the knee, plant the foot. Breathe, readjust, regroup, opposite leg comes up, extend it to the sky, now flex the foot, send it low and slow, lift it up, tempo, flex, point, flex and point, yes, down, up, it's heel down, toes up, down, up, final four like this, really resist that down.

Working to open the front of the hips on the lower. Hold the leg up, bend the knee, place the foot, hips up just a little bit higher, exhale, articulate the spine, one vertebra at a time. Extend the legs long, extend the arms back to come up, tuck the chin, flex the spine, roll out, grab those toes, press the forehead to the knees, deep breath here. Four, three, swing those legs around. Come on to your elbows and your forearms.

Heads towards each other, elbows down, curl the toes under, lift the knees, you're in a low plank position, shoulders under the wrists or shoulders under the elbows, I should say, good. Now feet hip distance apart. To advance, draw the feet together. Keep the head in line with the spine, rock the body forward, forward and back. Visualize yourself doing a calf raise right now or a releve, good, think about all those postural muscles that have to work when you're standing tall.

Nice, now keep your body weight forward over your elbows, tuck your chin, cat your back, flex your spine but keep your body weight over your elbows, not over your feet, inhale, lengthen, lengthen, exhale, to scoop, lengthen, lengthen, exhale to scoop, long, long, scoop, scoop, long, spine, cat, spine, good, flat, flat, cat, cat. Flat, flat, hold the cat, freeze, shift forward more. Drop the head, stay here, you can do it, contract those upper abs, when we say pike, this is what we're referring to, feeling that connection. Last four, three, two, knees down, child's pose, good. Breathe it out, this is your first child's pose, okay.

Take it forward onto the hands and wrists this time. Good. Now you can keep your knees down, but I saw you all do chataranga with your knees up, so I think you can do it. Shoulders are over your wrist, curl the toes under, lift the knees to the sky, abs are in. (laughs) Push up to a side plank, widen your stance for this one, guys, it's not too fast, we go down, up, lift, lower. Down, stay on the same side, lift, lower.

Down, up, lift, lower. Down, up, now we can switch sides. Down, up, lift, lower. Down, up, lift, yes. Down, up, lift, lower.

Down, up, lift, lower. Knees down, take it back, very good. Breathe it out. Swing those feet back around. Feet hip distance apart, you're sitting on your tush in the center mat, take those hands behind you, fingers towards the hips, lift up to a tabletop.

Eyes are forward, abs are in, glutes engaged, bend, rest, little lower, big press. Good, down, up, take the right leg up but keep going. Down, up, down, up, down, up. To make it harder, kick when you go down, kick to the sky, bend, kick to the sky, bend. Kick to the sky, bend, plant the foot, switch the legs.

Down, leave it bent for now. Down, you're almost there, good, to advance, add your kick, kick when you go down, yes, kick when you go down, lift. Good, take a seat. Legs long, arms long, flex forward. Roll out those wrists, guys, good, deep breath in, deep breath out, now lying on your side, facing towards me.

How we doing everybody? Okay, feet together, hips are square, elbow under the shoulder, top leg up and down, lift and lower. Press, lower, so the trick to this one is length. Get that leg to shoot away and open up those hips. Point, resist, abs are engaged too.

Roll the shoulder down the back, last four. Make this full body, just as you were experiencing in your planks, up and down, hold the next one up, small, little press, little circle here, up and around, the accent to the circle is the up. Try not to wiggle in the torso. Good, shoulders down and back, reverse your circles now. Really reach to each other.

The more length, the more effective in this one. Good, active feet, press and reach them long. Eight, six, four, three, make a rainbow up to the front first, tap, lift, tap, back. Tap, lift, tap, back, tap, lift, tap, back, tap, lift, bend it into your chest, in, kick back. Try not to lean forward here, in, kick back.

Flex the foot for more tushy, in, back, in, back, in, back. Good, hold it back, bring it so that it's in front or in line with your lower foot, slide down. Push the hand to the mat. Toes pointed, bottom leg comes up to meet the top. Down, up, down, up, good.

Lift those top legs a little higher, guys. (laughs) There you go, shoot for the moon. Down, up, down, up, down, up, hold them up, freeze, now get those inner thighs to work. Lower the whole shape down, good, cross your lower ankle over the top ankle, reach your top arm forward. Roll onto your bum and slide up to a teaser. Good, now you see how you're pushing down, this is good.

Lift those legs a little higher, take it down for two. Come on to the elbow, back up to your teaser. On to the elbow, back up to your teaser, down, reach, back up to your teaser, good, hug those inner thighs. Up to your teaser, back, reach, up to your teaser. Back, reach, teaser, balance, hold, both arms up.

Let me see you, hold and breathe, last four. Three, now make it pretty, split the legs so you're sitting in mermaid. You're still facing towards me. That was pretty, okay, here we go, guys, sitting tall. Now we rotate away from the legs and place the hands down.

Make sure that your whole hand is down. Try a pushup, bend, up, down, up. Easy, right? Now lift the back leg when you go down. Lift, now try not to let the back leg go all the way down when you come up.

Good. (exhales in rhythm) Now when you go down, see if you can straighten the back leg kick it, kick it, bend it, kick it, bend it, good, leg a little higher, leg behind you, four more here. This is four. Three, beautiful. Two, one, come up.

Stay on the angle, now just rotate a little bit more towards me, so brought those hands just a little bit over. Now come onto the fingertips, lean forward a little, lift the leg up again, lift your chest up. This time maybe a little bit more on the obliques, up and back, up, back, up, back, up, back. Everybody asks for it, but nobody wants to do it, right? The muffin top, up, back, up, back, grand finale, just pulse it up, lift, you got this, lift, you're gonna love it later, last eight like this, this is eight and six, big stretch coming, four, three, take the leg around, hug it in. (sighs) Plant the hip, now put your hand behind you like a second spine, grow tall, twist and look, this is four.

Three, twist a little more, two. And you're ready for the other side, shoot those legs long. Come onto the elbow, abs in, hips square, up, down, toes up, heel down, lift, lower, lift, lower. Good, lift, lower, active upper body, stay lifted, lift, lower, parallel the legs, roll the shoulders open. Four more, then you'll hold and circle, four, three.

Two, good. Hold the leg up and small, little circle. Now toes are pointed here, but go for the length, up and up, good, sharp and lift, up and up. Four, three, two, reverse your circles. Up and around, up, good, create that space, open through the front of the hips, conscious of the head and neck, lift, lift.

Nice. Rainbow, I'm gonna help you, ready, up, tough at front, don't you wish I was there helping you too, up, down, lift and lower. Lift and lower, we need to get puppet strings here at Pilates Anytime. (laughs) Hold the leg up, flex it in and back. Good, and when I draw it in I angle it down and when I draw it back, it's behind me but I'm not letting my chest roll forward, see if you can do that. Press and pull, good, keep going here.

Push, pull, push, pull, push, pull. You have four more, find that stability, push, yes, push, good, last two. Good and one, hold it back there, lift it an inch. Bring it forward over your other leg. Lower yourself down.

Good, use your hand to stabilize, bottom leg comes up. You're up, you're down, you're up, you're down. Good, lift, lift, you're welcome. Lift, set your bar a little higher, you're strong, you can do it, lift that leg up, up. Good, hold the leg up, freeze.

Lower it down, cross the lower leg over. So you're here, right, take a stretch for a moment. Roll onto both butt cheeks, that's the biggest mistake. Come up, let's flow. On to the elbow, and up.

Down, open the chest, and up. Legs are one unit like a mermaid's tail, lift, down, good. It would be hard to be a mermaid out of the water but you'd have great abs, lift. Reach, and lift, good, stretch. And lift, stretch.

I want you to hold it, everybody freeze, both arms up. You've got this, chest open, legs higher, four, three, two, split the legs and lower. Mermaid position, there it is, chest lifted. Make sure you're on the other leg. Lift and rotate, just the pushups, bend, bend.

Good, keep the spine long, add the leg when you go down. Leg up, leg up, now try not to let that leg go down. Keep it up that whole time. Down, up, so zest it up a little bit. Add a kick when you go down, kick, in, kick, in.

Make sure that leg's behind you, kick, and it's high, yes. Press, pull, press, pull, the chest only goes down because the leg comes up, become a teeter totter, a seesaw. There you go, leg higher, a little bit like grasshopper. Bring it in, lower the leg, now just come back a little, open the chest, lean forward, light on the arms. Back leg is up, up, press back, up, press back.

These are tough, I know. But you can feel exactly what they're doing and exactly where they're doing it, up, back, up, back. Good, keep rolling, shoulders open, yes, back. Up, back, up, back, grand finale. Just lift it up, lift, make sure that leg is traveling back behind you, keep the chest alive, those low abs in.

Final eight like this, eight, six, go to your happy place. There's a stretch coming, hold it up, lift an inch and take it down, cross it over, flex, turn, and lift. So take that hand behind you like a second spine, push down, to grow tall, and then hug the knee to lift as you press that opposite hip down, in through the nose and out through the mouth, good, onto the stomach, guys, heads towards each other. Separate your legs the width of the mat, hands under the shoulders, shoulders down, we take it up slow, lift, two, three and four. Bend, two, easy down, one more slow.

Up, neck is long, shoulders down the back, down. Now a little bit quicker and we're gonna add the legs. We lift chest for two, legs come up a little. Chest for two, legs come up a little, good. Chest for two, legs come up.

Chest for two, rock and catch it, looks like this. Lift, reach, lift, reach, lift, reach, good, legs higher, yeah. Reach, reach, whoo-hoo, looks fun. Hold the next one up, lift, hold, shoulders down the back, good, bend the elbows, take those arms out like airplane wings, look down, lift your legs high. Push the pubic bone and hips down.

Good, take the legs for a swim, up, up, up, lift, nice. So arms are lifted here. Good. Hips are heavy, pubic bone to the mat. Neck is long.

Good. Eight more here, lift. Lift the chest a little higher, four, three, two, plant the feet, bend your elbows, find your goalie pose. Reach your arms straight forward, circle to your thighs, lift your chest, it's your breast stroke, reach for two. Circle around and lift, reach for two, circle around and lift, superman and circle lift, good.

Superman and circle lift, good work guys. Reach and circle. And reach and circle, one more here. Reach, hold it here, interlace the hands behind you. Lift the legs, lift the chest, look down, breathe in through the nose, chest up a little bit higher.

Lift those legs one inch higher. Good, lower the legs, lower the chest, push back, child's pose. Now in your child's pose, open your knees wide, as wide as your mat. Walk the hands forward. And then hinge forward so your shoulders are over your wrists.

Bring the feet to your seat, flex your feet, tuck the tail just a little, three lowers here, one, two, three, push up. One, two, three, push up. Good, hold those abs in. Keep the head in line. One, two, now hold it down, chest to the ground.

Legs lift up, lift, good, lift, pull those feet to the seat, eight more here, eight, elbows in like a little grasshopper. Four, three, thighs to the ground, lift the chest. One, two, three, push up. One, two, three, push up. Good, one, two, three, push up.

One, two, take it down to the mat, lift those legs up. They're up, heels together, heels to the seat. Lift, try to get those femurs clear off the ground. Lift, good. Last four, three, thighs down, chest is up, lower one.

Two, three, push four. One, two, three, push, four. Good, this is your last set, guys. Push four. One, two, take it to the mat, thighs are up.

Lift them, lift them, squeeze those heels together and towards the seat, lift them. Good, it's up. And up. Last four, three, now hold the thighs, everyone freeze. Thighs are lifted, point the toes and cross the ankles here.

Take the fingertips under the forehead and lower the chest down, we cross one, two, three, lift, reach those legs, one, two, three, lift, reach those legs. One, two, three, femurs are lifted, one, two, three and you're up, good, one, two, three, belly buttons lifted. One, two, three, hold them out there, pulse them up an inch and down an inch, legs up an inch and down, good. Shoulders down the back, deep abs in and up. Go for that length again.

Lift. Beautiful. Hold the legs up. Freeze, lift, now draw your heels to touch together and open Together and open, try to fire into those inner thighs. Good, last set is gonna be a combo, so we go together and open, lift them up, lower them down.

Together, open, lift them up, lower them down. Together, straighter legs, drop through those fast knees to the fronts of the thighs, double time, same combo. In, up, in, apart and up. Together, apart and up. Together, apart and lift, good.

In and up, in and up, last two. Up, good, hold them just an inch. Lower the legs, give it back to a child's pose guys, well done, back of the body should be feeling good. Bootie should be feeling good. We're almost through here.

Now come onto your hands and knees, four point kneeling. Slide the shoulders down back, soften elbows, slide the right leg back, lift it up, pull the abdominals in Cross it over to the left and lift it high. Cross it over to the right and lift it high. Tempo, tap, lift, tap, lift, the straighter the leg the more the tushie's gonna lift up. Cross, lift, good, point those toes.

Cross, lift. Good, cross it in, inner thighs and out, outer thighs. Cross, two more each direction. It's sharp and up, lift the sternum, lift the head. Sharp and up, hold it up and bend it in, in, kick it out, in, kick it out, now to modify, feel free to come down onto the elbows here, we're just here for a little bit longer, though.

Lift, keeping our arms toned and strong. Now kick it to the side, in, kick side, in, kick side, in, kick side, I want you guys to remember me for days after doing this. I think you will. In, kick side, hold it side, pulse it up, you can do it. I've seen how strong you are, pulse it up, good.

Last set like this, this is eight, seven, more to the side, use those obliques, good. Lower it down, left leg back, slide it back, lift it high, here we go, cross and lift. Now open and lift, so you cross over your lower foot, then out to the side, cross over the lower foot and then out to the side, yes, inner thighs and outer thighs Remember to come down onto those elbows to modify. In and up, yes, stabilize that low back. In and up, you're almost there, stay strong.

Cross, disassociate that upper body. Focus on the leg moving freely here. In and up, in and up, in and up. Hold it up, bend it in. In, brush back, in, brush back, stabilize the spine.

The head and the shoulder girdle. In, good, spread the fingers, middle fingers straight ahead. In inside, you got this, in, side, there's stretches coming up here guys. In, side, yes, little bit more to the side, don't be shy to cinch a little, good. In, side, hold it, side, pulse it up, lift, I can tell which exercises people like, Amy likes this one, she's smiling.

Last eight like this. Last eight. Six. Four, three, two, bring it in, sit back, okay guys. Almost through, last one, then a stretch.

Open those knees, posterior tuck. Now if you have knee issues, go back to the four point kneeling, otherwise arms are up, hips are up. All we do is tuck, we practiced this in our bridge position. Lengthen through the sternum, E centric quads, lift. Lift, lift.

Hold it. And take it down, knees together. Take those hands behind you. Hips high. (exhales) I save the stretches for the end so you guys only remember good things.

And take it down, good job, guys, left foot forward. Right leg back, you're low into your lunge, right arm up. Really reach and lift the chest. Now take it over to the left. Good work.

Hands down. Flex the front foot, step back, press the forehead to the knees, make sure that back leg is vertical, femur straight up and down. Nice. Now sweep that left leg to the side and take a seat. Stretch over to the leg.

Rotate, forehead to the knee, good. Take the hand down on the same side as the bent knee. Press and lift those hips, four, three, two. One, take it down, come back to your kneeling position. Right foot forward this time, get low here, guys.

Left arm is up to the sky, breathe and reach. Awesome. Now take it to the side, really hug that right knee into the center, hands go down. Press, you've made it, this is the easy part. Good, breathe it out, take a seat, sweep the leg to the side and laterally stretch, yes.

Rotate and fold, forehead to the knee. Good, stay heavy in that opposite hip, roll up. Take the hand down on the same side as the bent leg. Cushion lift, this is your flash dance, hips go forward. Chest goes backwards, lengthen, nice, take it down, good.

Bend your knees, slide them back together. Now from here we're gonna press into a little seat so curl the toes under, stay here. Like a little seed that's just been watered, you're gonna begin to grow up towards the sun on a count of eight, eight, six. Four, three, two, keep your thumbs down, spiral your fingers back, start to walk your hands behind you, pull gently, forehead to the knees. Four.

Three. Two. One, soften the knees again, slowly rebuild. One vertebra at a time, shoulders back, head is up, good. Rock your weight to your heels, find your natural Pilates V, let's finish how we started, full circle, standing tall, inhale, lift the heels.

Lift the arms high, exhale, take it down, good, one more, slow, inhale. Everything's up. Exhale, everything's down. Now inhale, everything's up, hold three. Draw up to the front of the thighs, hold it here.

We take it eight. Six, drop the sacrum. Four, three, two, and hold. Bend the knees slow, heels are still high. Put all the pieces of the puzzle together, everything that we did.

Stay here, drop and lift those heels, heels down, heels up, down, and up, good. Strong glutes, strong core. You did a beautiful job today, you did as well at home. I hope you were able to have a lot of fun, just like we did here. Lower those heels down, lift all the way up and you guys made it, well done.

(group claps) Bravo.


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Looks great cant wait to try this:))
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Excellent class. Thank you!
There YOU are!!
I'm smiling even BEFORE beginning your class. )))))
YOU are one of my top 3 instruc.
Better then expected!!!!! Love it!!!!
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I am already putting this in my "favorites" and I haven't even taken it yet! SOOOO EXCITING!
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This for me embodied the joy of movement.
More like this!
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And I thought I was in good shape? What do I know anyways!
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level 2/3 + accelerated + Courtney = a LOT of work + LOT of fun . Did I say a LOT of work? I saw this new class posted last night and was eager to try it in the morning and thought I knew what I getting into. Kudos to you brave ladies for being filmed doing it!!! (Thank you Amy...I used you as my model as much as Courtney)
Wowww ! Now that's a workout !!! Love it :)
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HONESTLY--The Woman is a GENIUS. I LOVE THAT WORKOUT. I currently can only get through 40 minutes of it but that was the most Rejuvenating, awakening 40 minutes of my day so far. I had a 19 month old climbing on me during the bridge and butterfly moves and 4 other little kids hanging out next to be, coloring and encouraging me. "Wow, Mama, you're getting fit already!". I LOVE that workout. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! It's really, really Truly Fantastic. I can't wait to keep getting better at it!!!! FAN! TAS! TIC! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!
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