Class #2247

Mat Workout

25 min - Class


Add a little variety and challenge to your workout with this Mat class with Tracey Mallett. She creates an unstable surface with the Overball and Fitness ball to increase the intensity of each movement. This class will fly by because her playful personality makes it so much fun!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball, Fitness Ball

About This Video


Hi, I'm Tracey Mallett and today we're gonna do a whole class with balls galore. Yes, we have our little ball and we have our big ball. So, are you ready? So, grab two balls. We want a small ball, lik...


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What an intense abs class. Love it! If this is what you do to get your glorious definition, I want more classes like this!
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Loved the use of both balls and that extra stretch it gave you.
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She was great. Both her energy and instruction. The balls really engage your core. And they also allowed for some nice stretches. It left me wanting more! And happy that I got such an intense work out in such a short time.
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Great class, short and intense work out! I like working with all kind of balls, so I enjoyed it very much. Thanks!
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Powerful and so very well explained. Loved it!
You are my favorit Nr.1 !!!!!! Every thing YOU do you smile . A SMILE = ENERGI + A GOOOOOOOD DAY
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Thank you Tracey for this great Workout
I like to use the Balls in a Pilates Class an you gave me some new Options
I like your Smile and your galaxy Tights
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Love your classes, Tracey, and this is another great one.
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Muy divertido para unos fantásticos abdominales
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I love this workout! I have a lot of lower back trouble, and this workout is exactly what I need!
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