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Quick Reformer Flow

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Kristi offers a 36-minute workout that moves right along warming up with foot and leg work (pumping included), passing through ab work, hip work, the Short Box Series, Reverse Knee Stretch, Chest Expansion winding up with some good back extension (Pulling Straps) and a surprise burst of abs at the end. A strong emphasis is placed on form though the pace borders on accelerated.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Jul 30, 2010
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Okay. So we're going to do a quick reformer workout. I'm going to actually do my warm up on the reformer. So I have started with three. I'm on a balanced body piece of equipment, so I'm going to start with three red springs, my foot bars high cause that's what is appropriate for me and for what I'm going to do. I have the headdress down and I suggest you do the same. So climb aboard, bringing yourself close to the edge of the reformer, lie herself down, feed her on the foot bar in parallel. I'm on my heels where they feel secure, comfortable, my body, my back. I need just a second sort of sink into the mat to find neutral, to go through my own checklist of what I need to focus on in my case. And perhaps yours, it's heaviness through the back of the ribs so that I don't flare and ease in the shoulders so that they're down and we go. Inhale, I'm not pushing out yet.

I'm doing a pelvic curl. Exhale as I roll up. Just give yourself a second to warm up and then we'll move rolling up. Finding the long line of the body. Tap into the glutes and the hamstrings. You're going to need them the whole time. Inhale or softening through the front of the body to bring the back of the body down, all the way to the mat. Inhale and exhale, scooping the belly to roll up, minimizing the pressure you put on your feet. Articulating the spine.

It's okay if the feet change a little bit. Find where the hips and the glute meet. Inhale and exhale down. We go, adjusting as you go, allowing the arms to reread down the mat and again, exhale. [inaudible]. Okay, hug through the midline. My knees are not together. They're straight out of the hips and I'm getting a bit of a stretch here.

Inhale and exhaling down and one more time. Inhale, exhale, rolling it up, finding your breath. Now I'm going to keep us up here simply so that we can tap into the glutes a little bit more. Check in with your neck. It's easy and with a subtle downward pressure of the heel. Upward pressure of the hips. We pulse who want slow and two and three.

Thinking perhaps of lengthening the low back of drawing the sitz bones and an up press and hold there. Inhale, keep the energy through the back of the legs a bit. XL Now reshifted or focus it through the front of your body. Start to minimize the glutes, keep the hamstrings if you can, until you're back to neutral. The arms are down. Inhale, exhale, press out. One through the legs, fully stretched out and inhale in Nan breasts out gone. This space here, it's out number three and pull in.

So though it's a little bit of a quick pace from me, maybe you'd like to go faster. But what I want to make sure is that I don't just stop the energy, I continue to lengthen it out and then I reversed it and pull it in and out to pull. Do get to straight legs, be aware of the back of the legs and the glutes a bit. It's all good stuff, not just abs, ever, ever. And from here we're going to pick up the pace, but shorten the range. Same foot position. It's out, out. And in fact it's out and in and out. And in let's go one and two of ten three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Take it all the way out.

Hold it out there. Elongate through the front of the hip. Find the long waist and the long neck. Pull yourself back in. Slide down to the toes or the ball of the feet means the same thing to me. I can lift my heels and off we go. Pressing out a one. Keep the heels still. This is the slow version. Press out to an pull in and theory, totally aware of both sides of the legs, but as you know, powerhouses most important, generate the whole thing from the middle.

Then you can feel the legs and be mindful of your feet in so much is that they are not rolling around. They're still, they're stuck and you're lifting off of them. Give yourself for more Owen and Paul and breast. Two pelvis. Absolutely. Still One more time here we go for the pumping and it's pressing output in press out. Pull in three and four and feet are still six and seven and eight ribbons down nine all the way out. Or each long stay connected. It's not arrest.

Come on down. Small v so you're in the plotty stance right here we go. Check your ribs and for us to have full extension, stay here for a second. Get longer squeezed to the inner thighs, release a little at the knee more glute and now pull in and exhale. Press to pull in. Letting your body warm up through these motions. Remind yourself, it's not so much about the feet right now, they're involved, they're working, but once they're in position they get to basically relax about three to go per arrest and Paul and press and Paul.

Here we go for the shorter bit quicker and is pres o n two n three work both ways, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine all the way out and come on home. So those, I'm doing two more foot positions. I'm going heels wide on the edge of the bar now. So it is, it's all the way out there. Really slightly turned out so I'm not parallel on might heels, my toes, my knees, everything turned out from the hip. Same thing. Minimize pressure on the feet, maximize it from above the knee and as far as those pumping position or the pumping range of motion is concerned, it can be a little bit bigger. In fact, I, I've learned it from rail a little bigger than that and somehow I just kicked it up a bit tonight and shorter so we can really feel it but I, you will catch me spreading that out a tiny bit more too, which is also good and progress.

What I think about here is if I had a giant magic circle, so I'm not just pushing out an n but rather toward the midline of the body as well, which is preparing me for something in a little while. One more press out, pull in and here we go. Shorter but quicker. It's pressing Poland too. Three and four and five, seven Paul, eight, nine all the way out. Don't snap the knees, whatever you do, bring it home. We've got one more. It's just down to the toes wide like you have it ready and press out on and pull it. Take an internal note of what are your heels doing? Nothing. They're not dropped. They're not raised, their sort of midway and they're still, yes, everything else is still that strong. Finding that sense of add action or the inner thigh drawing together a couple more or let's say two, checking the back of your neck.

If you need your head rest up, feel free. I'm not going to do anything for a little while. Here it is pumping in one and two and three, six, seven and eight and nine. Here it is all the way out. Water La. Enjoy. Still working. Yes. Can you be any longer sacrums or down? Nobody's tucking. Check, check. Feel yourself come on down.

Feet back to parallel. I'm on the ball of the feet for just a little bit of calf work. Prs Out. I trust you did that with your glutes and again your long from the waist. Let's reach the heels under the bar. Give me a second. Give yourself a second check that you have not hyperextended the knees that you haven't pressed through the knees. Rather find even the glute here. Here we go.

Rolling up a one and lower down and roll up to now you get to feel the feet but still initiating from high in the body anywhere from inner thigh and hip and lift and lower. Make sure you're not just lifting and dropping, right? You are working both directions. There's no start and finish to any of our exercises is there and up. If you tend to roll out, you're going to put more weight toward the big toe and by rollout of being of course your ankle and vice versa. Let's stay up on this one. Check for the hyper extended knees. Bend the right knee using the left foot.

Push all the way up to both high pointed toes and then switch. Okay. Do not let the hip shift. I'm going slow on purpose cause it matters. Inner thigh lift up. Find both legs equal for a moment and switch and now a little quicker. It's up and down and up and down and up and down.

Work in both everything, feeling it, pointing those knees directly up to the ceiling cause the adductors are working. Let's go a little quicker and the one and and two and ups, the whole range of motion for Duh, Duh, Duh both feet up and bend your knees, right. Help yourself up. Just rock ups. Weave around, tick off. Um, I'm going to switch it to a red and a blue cause I have that option. Otherwise you might just take off one spring. So I currently now have a red and a blue. As I bring myself back down, I'm leaving the foot bar up for something I'm going to do in a minute, but you can take it down if that's more comfortable for you.

Grab your straps heading into the a hundred. Inhale, exhale. We curl up. Head, neck and shoulders. Reach. Reach the armpits to the waist. Collarbones wide. Here is email two, three, four, five and exhale and [inaudible]. Yeah, and glutes. Three, two, three, four, five and out. And how big? It's a breathing exercise. I know two, three, four, five and [inaudible]. Nice and deep. Nice and long. And exhale. Two, three, four, five [inaudible].

Now there's stillness. There's strength in this exercise. Going to more breath cycles and ouch. You know, [inaudible] and exhale. Keep the reach of the armpits to waist. Drag the knees in. Reach your head, neck and shoulders down, and we're not done. Coming right back up. Exhale, extend arms and legs. Pull the knees in, reaching forward with the trunk. End Down and exhale, curling up. Extending legs. Keep the arms where they are.

Draw the knees toward the forehead. Pull, pull, pull. Keep the sacrum down though and everything down and up again. Exhale, extend the legs, pull the knees in. And one more time. It's a Xcel to go up. Sh, check your collarbones. Reach the armpits, bend the knees, inhaling and all the way down. Feed on the foot bar. Push out that the right foot into the strap. Step into it. Put the left foot in the strap and we're there. Nice and easy.

Finding a frog position. Sacred down neutral spine. Check those ribs. Here we go. Try not to use your feet. That's going to be my cue, her reach, and then Paul back and region. And honestly, if you focus on anchoring through the trunk, including the hips, minimize the legs with this lighter resistance, you're going to get what you need, right? It's not about the feet ever, you know that. But do you do that? And I might be just talking to myself. I'm only doing one more here. Out we go. We're reaching long. Allow the legs to reach longer. Sometimes when you try to reach them longer, you end up drawing them deeper into your body to let them go down circles. Inhaling up touch, exhale down. Inhaling up.

So in Bassey or at Bassey or we at Bassey, however we want me to say that we allow for a little bit of width beyond the frame of the performer. So long as you, in fact keep your pelvis still. All right, so the range of motion is dictated by your ability to do that. If you're going wider and sacrificing that it sort of defeating our objective. So let's see how that goes. Let's reverse it. So pick the legs up, separate him. Exhale, bring it around. Inhale up open and around.

If you've got tight hamstrings and you're trying to go to 90 degrees, you're gonna move your pelvis, not worth it. Rather keep it smaller. If you always go big range, it might be fun to try a smaller range and think longer. That's what I just switched to and I kind of like it. I'm giving you two more. So make them good and that means enjoy from the center. One more here and with that about, I dunno, what is that 45 degrees max?

I think allow the legs to drift apart. And if in your peripheral vision, look at them that they're not going up. They're not going down. Check that you haven't hyper extended the knees from there. Initiate from the inner thigh. Do not pull down. Do not pull up. Let those legs come straight back in. And if you get it, I suspect you're going to be shaking like I am. Allow them to go out to the side like you're on a little tabletop there and then without pressing down the hamstrings are going to try you just slide as if you're reaching longer through those inner thighs and they'll touch in in here, easy on the joint. Freedom in the hip joint and they touched two more.

Ooh, I've just discovered this about five years ago. After doing these a hundred times, I know how to do that. I don't need that. Leave your headdress down or if it's up, leave it vote. Switch in a minute. When we do our short spine, the last one, I think that was already two, but anyway, here it is. Vendor frog. If your headrest is up at all, put it down. Now heading for short spine.

I trust you already know this and that. You're not going to be watching me or thinking about turning your head while you're doing it. If you don't stop the video and check it out. Okay. It's too important to be clear on this one and people do teach a different, so it goes like this. Exhale, press the legs out long like you didn't frog. I'm keeping my hips down and he'll fold over. Deep in the curve. You will see, you will feel the hips come up.

Almost everybody from here and get the glutes to kick in a bit. Not a lot, but a bit. Xcel peel up tall. The glutes and hamstrings have to be involved to keep this safe. If you just think abs a, it's not good and B, it could be unsafe from here. Inhale, even now as you bend your hamstrings or engaged lots of early but some, and we rolled down bringing the whole position with us for as long as we can and at that point you can let the, the spine stretch into the mat a little bit. Flex the feet. You definitely have bent knees and we pull over. Oh though a lot of words. Let's go. Pressable inhale, fold over. Take your time.

Exhale, peeling, controlled, tall. Get up there. Anyhow, Ben, keep the body absolutely still with the exception of the legs. And now exhale, it comes down. Deepening your curve. Find the ABS, flex the feet to a pole. Over and press out all to fold. Enjoy the stretch. Exhale, climb. Feed the sit bones into the back of the legs. Inhale as if you are bending the knees from right under the chest, rolling down the back. Good. Get there, get there. Flex fee. Use the hamstrings to pull over. Don't let your hips up on that. That matters.

One more time. We fold all the way to roll. Keep the the tension on the strap, but I am fully rested on the stock or Ben to frog. Roll yourself down, down, down. Flex the feet. Continue pressing the sacrum down and you end in the frog position. Reach through, grab your straps back into your hands.

Back to the starting position, which for me is going to be straight arms above your own shoulders. Tension on the straps for coordination. Exhale, curling up, extending legs. They open, closed bend. Inhale down. Exhale up, open, close, bent, and one breath cycle. It's exhaling. Still exhaling. Inhale right there. Continue. Inhaling until your head touches. Exhaling up.

[inaudible] if you want to play a little bit, we're going up. Listen Up. Exhale, cross the leg. Six Times. One, two, three, four, five, six fold. Inhale and down. You don't have to do that part or you can exhale. And one, two, three, four, five, six, bend and down. One more time. One, two, three, four, five, six bend. [inaudible] we're done. Take those straps in one hand. Swivel yourself up. Put them away for the moment. Take your spring down to light spring. Okay, I'm thinking I'm going to go, I'm actually going to go blue. I'm tempted to go half of a blue, but blue is going to have to be it lowering your foot bar if you haven't, coming to the back of your reformer at your shoulder rest.

And from here we're going into reverse knee stretch. So it's a full body integration. The objective primarily abdominals, a little bit of hip flection, shoulder stabilization. So this is not in our exercise despite what it might feel like at first. So it goes like this. Take yourself out onto the edge of the frame. Again, very light spring. You may decide you want a yellow or even half of a blue if you've moved the bar before. Anything else. I've got my hands pretty far stretched out there.

Draw the shoulder blades down comfortably. From there I'm going to initiate, you can hold onto the frame, but I'm opening my hands just to show you. Draw the carriage out so that your shoulders are just beyond your wrist so you are out further than your wrist. You then go into a posterior tilt, look down and from there its exhale. ABS first hip flexor. Second split second later. Here we go. And so do not flatten out the back. Look at the belly, look at the front of the hip joint. Keep it open. Press and XL. Start the breath first. This is one, I think a little slower is better and lift like you're trying to get away from the floor. Like you're almost going to lift your knees off the reformer and deep curve at the lumbar spine Perez and caress. One more time.

Big exhale and carefully let yourself come back to the stopper. Your hands back. We're gonna come back just to, um, put, probably step off the side and let's go back to a full spring plates. Well, we're here back to your knees coming up for just a little chest expansion. So you're going to reach down and rather than just holding it, the handles go up to above the handles. And I say that assuming that you have relatively long straps, if your straps are really short and you feel like you're gonna fall over, then of course you go to your handles. All right, here's the setup.

I have some tension. I tend to do this one from the knees up, so I'm aware of where my knees are. They are touching the shoulder rest. My inner thighs are engaged, I'm looking for a long low back ribs in et cetera. But most important, at least in this particular exercise is that I am encouraging a lift of the chest and a lowering of the shoulder blade, so I'm not popping them forward that the ribs that is, um, it's like a conveyor belt. All right, enough talk. Here we go. Arms long exhale as you reach down and back. Hug those upper arms close to you. Inhale as you reach down and forward only slightly in front of your body and exhale on more than slight, I suppose. I Dunno.

What is that in front of your body? Just don't let go completely and back. So in my mind, I'm not really thinking arms. I'm thinking can, how much taller can I be? Oh, and by the way, I'll pull on the straps while I do it. Good straight elbows matters. It really matters. Of course, if you hyperextend it's very hard to know where that needs to be, but you've got to think about it. It's the deal mindful movement. It's what we signed up for.

One more time. Reach, come back just to the sides of your body. So if you glance down your wrists or right alongside and from there redrock the shoulders. Re lift the chest. I got to squeeze the glutes again and pull back three times a one. Oh boy. Lift two. Don't forget the ABS three. You can let the arms go all the way in front and replace those. Great.

Grab your box. Yup. Grab your box and play in the short box position. Now I'm doing this, I'm in a version that we teach in Bassey prior to maybe what you are used to and where it's all the way back or covering the shoulder, so join me please. What I'm doing is just moving my bar forward only because my strap is behind it and I'm putting enough springs on to lock it down a bit. Now I can reach my bar. I have it. I have the box a little bit in front primarily because of my height.

I'm about five, four on a good day and you may decide you want it for the back, but here's what's going to happen. We sit pretty much at the front edge of the box, right? I do love this series. I'll tell you, you're pretty much always going to get it. If I'm teaching right up on the sit bones and I know how forward I am, I've put my feet under this strap and I've hooked my feet onto the bar. Meaning it's just from, I can't move them apart in there together. All right.

If that's not available to you, you can do this whole series sitting back with the hand with leg straight. You can do the whole thing the same. I'm just offering a suggestion for you to help kick in the hamstrings as a means of balancing it form over forearm, sitting tall already squeezing the glutes to the back is pretty flat. Inhale, this is the round back on the exhale. Pull the hip bones away from the forearms. Allow the body to curve as you go back. Already have a slight downward pressure on my legs so you maybe see as I pushed into the box. It just helps me balance out the body.

Inhale and exhale. Keep the curve as you roll forward. Once shoulders over, hips, civil, stack the spine. Inhale and exhale round. Keeping the collarbones wide. It's so tempting to throw the shoulders forward here. If you want to go further, you could straighten the legs. You could reach the arms, circle them out totally up to you or just inhale and exhale, but use the back of the legs of the hamstring so it's not all hip flexor there and straight enough, much easier on the back. Exhale and again, it works with the legs straight are in the classical position. Of course, it's just are we sure we're doing it and up and straightening. Exhale, I pull back, I find the strength in the middle. You decide where you want to stop. If it's right there, you stop there.

Otherwise they were all just inhaling using everything you can see, I can still talk and that has everything to do with my hamstrings. I then real allow my knees to bend. As I continue to press the legs down and straighten up into the tilt. I'm just going to take the hands behind my head. If you have a stick, their arms are either slightly in front of you or overhead and we're going directly to the side, so it's a lift in length into the spine. As we come up and over to one side in this position, both sides of the abdominals are working and lift.

It's quite small lifting up and yes, one side does shorten but not. And if you want a quick view, it's up. I can do it here and hug the box and exhale both hips stay down. It's a lift as I come up over. Exhale and lengthen.

Watch for hyper extension of the back here. Your back is in fact flat. So for most of you it's gonna feel like a little posterior tech last time. Lift and go over and exhale to come back into the twist. So same set up. Inhale, rotate, lean back on the diagonal. Exhale come on and center. So I am in fact reaching.

I'm not just leaning directly back, I'm reaching over there a bit, trying to anchor the opposite hip down and up and center. You inhale, lift, rotate and Oh, inhale through the first two movements, one still inhaling to start. Exhaling, get along or three and center. Rotate. Take your hips with you, right. Don't leave them behind. Press the back of the legs a little bit into the carriage. If you're doing this version and in here annex and you're, they're taking one leg out. If you have a mic on, move it over. We're doing telemetry pulled over us. Say right leg out, right leg out and again, I'm close.

I'm going to use this leg. I promise you you're going to like it eventually. If you don't know, sit tall and make this first part about the back extension. I have knee, Shin and exhale pole one. Get Taller too to be. Keep your long spine. Extend the leg up. I do what you can. Then we roll the position back, right.

I am very much rounding through the lumbar spine as I walk down. Once the leg gets to 90 to three there, stay there, hold the box or reach back. By the way, that support leg is working through the hamstring. Then light on the arms as you walk up. One, two, three. Inhale, stretch all your back on your sit. Bones collarbones wide and we pulse. Three, two, one. Inhale, grow tall. Roll the leg back, hip, back, and walk down. Look down a little to three. If you're going to arch back, do it now in hair, chin, [inaudible] door, chest. Before you lift. Exhale to rock up to three. Inhale. Sit back on the sit bones and fold. We'll do it again. X helpful. One, two taller, three stretch and hold the spy.

Roll it back and walk down. One to use the support leg. Use The blue help you be on your side and up to let the lower leg bend sitting tall there. Let's do one more for four and pulse will want your vertical to three. See if you can get more stretch safely. Roll it back as you draw the ABS in. Walk down to three anchor with that support. Leg Room, reach.

Circle, Chin to chest before you roll up. Now lighter on the legs and up. We come from here. Be Gentle with how you're holding the layer. It won't work very well. So I'm just sort of supporting from underneath as I now flex and point and flex. I'm I you won't see it cause it's not gonna move much, but I am trying to go forward with my upper body. Alexi and point. All right.

Other side we go pick it up. Sit Doll and pulse. One taller, too tall or three gentle on all of them, but certainly the first one, roll all back. Find 90 with the leg before you go down and now it's spine into the box. User support, leg, push down, optional circle of the arm may or may not be ready for it and two, three support yourself that if you're going to let go back there refold three pulses. If you're going to let go back there, you should feel so secure that it's not even a question that nine times out of 10 I don't do it because I'm thinking or I'm tired or whatever. Did I just complain? Well Anyway, walk down.

I don't want to be unsure and so I'm going to quit. Now I'm talking an all round to come up to the regrow tall. Inhale and fold. Let's go. Oh I'm taller to three he might be sure on one and not on the others so you honor your body so that this is all about attention. That's what it's all about. Yeah. Cause it's stuck into us. Great, great teachers.

Our body lift. And we did do one more. So here comes tall, one and two. Don't forget your neck as long. Three Stir Rach, roll it back. Supporting leg is helping you down to three and oh look, she's not confident she doesn't do the last one. And I can't tell you why, but it just wasn't gonna be smart. Sitting tall. We've lightened up on the calf flex point. Flex Taller in the back and point. All right, turning.

I'm putting that like that was just free. It must be the left leg and I'm going to turn towards you. It doesn't matter which leg is in, but I'm just going to turn onto the side. Uh Yeah, my box is fine. I could move it out a little bit if I wanted to be friendlier to myself, but I will leave it. So if you feel too top heavy and you have your box a little bit away, go ahead and either put it to the edge or cover the shoulder rest.

All right, so here's the deal. Put your hand on the headrest. Find the support from underneath so that you don't need the hand there, but for now it's there. You're lifted out of it. The top hip or waist reaches the leg is airborne. It is not hanging out on your frame. All right, here we go. Let's go. Let's go. Either leave it on the top hand on your leg or behind your head.

Ribs are in, glutes are involved. Legs reaching other hand up. Here we go. Just six. At the most inhale, I'm reaching down. Exhale, we come up just to a diagonal line, right? I'm not coming all the way. Inhale up over. I mean exhale. Inhale, show anywhere angle is exhale rather than up at the ceiling and number four, reach through the hip. Whew. One more time.

Hold it. Exit gracefully and down and then forearm to the head. Rest. If you want to stretch and reach off, you may decide you like the hand on the floor. If the floor is near you. If you have a tall reformer, please don't hang. Please don't hang. I like to open up a little of a WHO's got time for that and on the frame, rotate the spine again, reached the leg and maybe gently arch the back. Reach the leg or doesn't do anything. Hands to the head, rest or shoulder rest.

Help yourself up out of that so it's not coming from the back or the leg. Other side. Here we go. Switch. Set yourself up so you're on the side of your hip, not vertical, right? That's just going to cause more compression. So get up on the side. Reach, reach to the hip. When you take the hand off the headrest, nothing moves. Here we go. Inhaling over, keep it slow. Exhaling up one.

Inhaling over. Exhale two using your breath, going deep. No rotations, so two dimensional. And I believe this is it. I'm not entirely sure. So I'm going to give you time. If you is one more for six, do it and then come down to your forearm. And again, if your floor is near enough and you'd like the stretch, you can put the hand on the floor.

Then hand to frame, rotate your body, reach the hip. Maybe a gentle arch of the upper back. Use Your hands at the head rest or shoulder rest to help you up. And we are back to center. All right, take the box off please. Put it on. Um, you know what, sorry. Turn it long box long blocks.

So we're here and then the spring tension is going to one, one full spring or maybe even a half spring. I'm going to one red and I tend to have the bar out. Yeah. Although one of these days I'll show you the version I like even better, which has almost no springs. But for now let's do pulling straps. So we're all over the box taking the chest pretty much right to the edge, drawing the abdominals in and out. So there's some energy through the legs. Take hold of your straps. If you have the leather straps, just hold them.

Choke up Kinda high. If you have the rope wrap. We had this lovely shrink wrap on it. I'm sure you do too. And I like to hold that and leave a little extra space. Alright, so here's what I'm doing. I've got. I'm holding onto the frame just a little bit to reset myself to draw the shoulders down. Then when I think I'm there, I slowly let go the frame and prove it to myself rather than starting at a full release. Here we go from the shoulder blade, I exhale and draw the arms down toward the floor up alongside my body, hugging them with a bit of a lift of the upper back, not a lot from me and I say that because I want to keep it in my upper back too. I'm just keeping the body there. In other words, I'm not going up and down vest. You can minimize your hand tension.

I'm aware that you have to hold on relatively strong. Let me minimize it where you can notice it. You are doing a little bit of external rotation or most of most of us need to anyway. Make sure that your palms don't end up facing the ceiling. Your neck is long. Hang on. Almost there. Almost there.

Okay. The last one coming up here, right here. Shoulders, abs are in of course, and finally slow return. Again, a graceful exit. UNWRAP your hands, replaced the straps coming up, turn around facing the other way. Finishing with just a quick little ad series we ruled out. I'm going to try and place myself or my shoulders are coming just off the box. How do I do? Maybe a little too much.

Knees come up to tabletop one at a time and it goes like this. Holding onto the knees. It's a double leg stretch with a little variation. Rail taught me some years ago you go like so inhale, reach the arms and legs forward like zone on a pretty high diagonal Xcel. Circle the arms back into extension all the way around. Inhale, hold and draw back in so everything goes forward like you're going to do the a hundred inhale, reach forward, upper body and arms. Reach back.

Exhale all the way around. Inhale forward, hold. Exhale, bring it back and inhale, reach. I might add a little teaser to this. Step two, you exhale all the way around. Inhale, rolling up to a little bit of a Deezer or a lot of a teaser. I don't know if there's such a thing and a little bit. Draw the knees in gracefully down and forward with everything and nail forward.

No teaser head. Exhale, arch back. Have you gone to inhale up, control up. Oh, come on Christie. And how can we do one more? I don't know. We'll see. Inhale, take care of your body. Exhale. Inhale, control. Take your time. Don't throw it. Don't throw it. Don't throw it. And then as you bend and roll down, extend the left leg. It's one single leg. Stretch one and two two, three, three, four out of six, five and six. Bring both knees in, hands behind your head. Inhale, arch back. Lengthen back.

Keep the back of the ribs on the mat though. In other words, don't go so far that you pop up there. Oh, doesn't that feel good? Exhale, curl up. Ginger. Just extend your right leg. Rotate to your left. Squeeze the blood a little. Here we go. And one crisscross one and two to three. Three hang on. Four, four, five, five and six. Bend both knees. Reach the arms forward, grab the legs, roll yourself up. Come off the side of your mat, you are done. But I would end with a roll down cause you worked very hard.

So I'm gonna face this way. You face however you want. Feet together. Inhale, standing tall. We tapped into everything. Exhale, head goes forward, upper back, middle back. ABS are bid. Pretty much the only thing working in here. Exhale, bring it back up. Sort of bowing to yourself for the energy and the work you've done and just standing tall, standing firm lifted off the ground. A deep breath in. Exhaling to let go. Give yourself a one more for the day or for the night. Whatever. Inhale, fill up and exhale.

Let go. Thank you for joining me.


Mirella Martire
Ann S
This a great all around workout. Lots of challenging core work and some different footwork exercises!!
very nicely done!! fun and well thought out!
Thank you, Kristie, great class!
Once again, a beautiful workout!
Are the springs the same on the BB allegro ?
And love this session by the way.. But any time I do the all fours reverse or elephant my hip flexors love to try to take over... Any trick to avoid this?
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Love the fast paced class but wish it would have lasted longer :))
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Lots of work in a little time. Packs a punch tho! Thanks Kristi
An oldie!! I'll have to check it out (if i can stand too), I could use a workout that packs a punch in a little time right now! Thank you Patti!
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