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The props are your friend in this challenging Mat workout with Lisa Hubbard! She uses the Theraband to add resistance as well as Hand Weights to increase the upper body work. You will enjoy variations to exercises like Single Leg Stretch, Open Leg Rocker, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights, Theraband

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Thanks for joining me, ladies. Today we're going to utilize the band and two pound weights in class. So let's begin, taking your feet under your band about hip distance apart. Lengthen up through your legs, find a neutral spine. And energy through the crown of the head, we're going to inhale.

(breathes in) Big breath. Exhale, release your chin to your chest and slowly roll your spine forward letting the band draw you down, you're going to lose tension. Lean your weight slightly forward, take a breath at the bottom, inhaling and then exhale as you start to roll your spine up, utilizing the band, kinda resist and if you want you can make it a little more taut. And then give me a little bit of an open upper back extension. And then exhale, release the chin.

Let's do three of these, exhale lifting your diaphragm as you roll forward, letting the head go, releasing any tension, lean your weight slightly forward. Inhale and now roll it up exhaling, articulating through your spine. Give me an upper back extension, opening up the hips, reaching upward. And last time, exhaling go forward, lifting the diaphragm. Inhale at the bottom, big breath, exhale let it all out, rolling through your back.

Start articulating, open your chest. And come to neutral. Good, we're going to keep the band underneath and you're going to sit down on your mats, bringing your feet in front of you. (laughing) Exactly. Stretch your legs out.

Legs are together, feet are flexed, lift up, take an inhale. We're going to roll the spine down, exhaling. We're going to just spinal mobility, lengthening back down, open the shoulders, good. Inhale, come up just partway your upper back and exhale roll up and over. Try to get your band a little more open.

Good, pull on your band and let's just hinge forward. Take a breath here. And reach your arms and we're going to roll back down, exhaling, articulating the sacrum, the lower back and the head is last. Inhale up, let's do five. Exhale, curl up and over, let that low back go into the mat.

Lean forward and draw your elbows back. Try to get a flat back here. Inhale reach your arms and then we're going to roll back down. Exhaling, curl the tail under, imprint the sacrum, lower back and lengthen your spine all the way down. Curl up inhaling, good.

Exhale, draw your navel in, curl that lower back. Releasing, pull your elbows back toward your hips. Flatten and give me a nice anterior tilt in the sacrum and release your arms and let's roll down. Let's do one more. (breathes out) Exhaling. (breathing) Head is last and again.

Inhale here, exhale up and over. (breathes out) Curl, I'm going to inch myself forward here. Pull on the band, reach your arms and start to slowly roll down. Exhaling, bend your knees, take your legs tabletop. Keep your chest up and your elbows down.

We're going to do footwork, so we're going to push out, exhale here. Good, inhale, stretch your legs on a 45 degree angle, inhale as you bend. Keep the feet flexed, exhale extend fully. Inhale, good, let's do five more. Exhale here, good.

And reach away, nice long line. And push into your band, inhale. If you want more tension, go ahead and give yourself a little bit more. And two more, push those heels, keep those feet neutral. Last one, hold it out, inhale, externally rotate so you're in a V position.

Bend, we're going to do another set of eight. Exhale out, squeeze your inner thighs and pushing out, two, good. Lengthen, three. If you feel tension in your neck, you can lower your chest down and do the footwork without your head up. Good, and three more.

Three, pressing two, one more time, one. Let's bend your knees, lower your chest for a moment. And let's open the legs out, abducting, and lift your chest. Exhale, push out for another eight. Inhale here, nice.

And two, extend fully, pushing out. Three, good, keep breathing, extend long. And reach. Good, three more, keeping that abduction in your band. Good, make sure the knees are in line with your heels.

One more time, inhale and push out, bend your knees. Take your left foot out and let's lower that left leg and let's lower the head, good. We're going to leg circles so adjust your band if you need to. Reach out through the heel, we're going to go towards the midline. Inhale, circle around, and exhale around.

Draw the leg in towards you to find that nice hamstring stretch. Good, let's do two more. Circle, good. And last time, hold it here, let's reverse the direction. Take it out and around and up.

Inhaling and exhale, lengthening that opposite leg on the mat. Good, let's do three more here. Reaching out through the heel, nice deep flex of the foot. Hold it here at the top, let's just do a little hamstring stretch. Lower the leg a little bit and then use your arms to gently pull but don't let that band roll off your foot.

Good, and again, pull it in for five. Lower the leg, let it rock. Three, last two, draw in. I love the band and one more. Gives you that extra resistance and then cross the leg towards the midline, lowering that hip towards your left heel.

Let's bend the knee slightly and then push out for five again. Bend and extend out. You should feel that in the lateral part of the leg. Good, try to keep that hip down and one more and bring it center, open the leg out to the side. You can draw up with the opposite arm, pulling and get that adductor to open up.

Reaching out, good. Bring it back to the center and switch to the other side. Left food under the band, lower your right leg, flex your foot. We're going to go into our circles toward the midline. Inhaling around, good and exhale.

Nice, you can lift your chest if you'd like. And reach out, four, good, let's do two more. Circling the leg, opening up that hip, stretching the hamstring. Reverse your direction and inhale and around. (breathes out) And three, nice way to set you up for what's to come next.

Hold here at the top, holding, bring it across the midline, crossing, bend the knee and then stretch. And two, let's do five, just little small bends and extends, reaching out through the heel. Opening up the back of the knee. And one more. Ah and bring it center and lower the leg.

Inhale here and let's draw in for that hamstring stretch. (breathes in) And two. Good, three more. Last time, and pull it all the way in, elbows to your side. Open that leg out.

For the adductor stretch you can take your arm over your head. (breathes in) Just nice breath inhaling, lengthening the opposite leg down. Take your arm down, bring it back to center. Let's place both feet under your band, we're going to go into the hundred. So you're going to place the band right under the ball of the foot and the toes.

So lower the legs about 60 degrees and just lift your chest up. Find a nice comfortable position so that band does not roll off your feet. If you prefer you can take it 90, but let's try here. Good, 45 to 60 degrees, we're going to use our arms. Let's go inhaling five and exhale.

(breaths out) And two, get some tension in the band and make sure you're working from the triceps and the back. Exhaling, inhale two three four five and out two three four, creating heat. (breathes out) And in, two three four five and out two three four five and- (breathes out) Two more cycles, keep pumping from the arms and the back. (breathes out) One more time, big breath in and exhale everything out, bend your knees and take your legs back up. Good, let's lift our chest, lower the legs down, exhale double leg lowers.

Let's take the elbows to the mat and inhale up. Exhale, let's do six, lower the legs as low as you can, keeping that neutral pelvis position and not arching in the low back. And exhale down, inhale up, good. Draw the breath out and one more time. Lower and lift, bend your knees, we're going to take a break.

Keep your band with you, take your feet hips distance apart. Let's lift the arms up overhead. We're going to go into pelvic curl or bridging. Take a breath here. We're going to roll our back off the mat as you press your band into your thighs.

So try to get your hands to touch the mat and lift your chest up a little bit higher to get into those hamstrings. And then exhale, imprint your spine as those arms reach all the way overhead. Good, let's do six. Inhale here, exhale, peel up, rolling through your back, press the band into your thighs and your triceps into the mat. Inhale at the top and then exhale, we're going to roll back down.

Lengthening all the way back. You should feel your hamstrings. And again, inhaling, exhale, peel your spine up, pressing your arms down at your side, inhale at the top, get a little bit higher and then rolling down, exhaling as those arms float all the way overhead. And exhale, peel up. Good, make sure that the feet are equally weighted.

Inhale at the top, get a tiny bit higher and then roll it back down. Let's do two more, reaching your arms all the way back. And again, inhaling, roll up, exhaling, pressing down into the mat. Inhale, curl the spine under and roll it all the way down back to neutral. Last time, let's stay up on this last one, rolling up, pressing into your feet.

Good, press into your band, take a breath and little pulsations up. One, and let's just do eight. Two, getting a little higher without going into the low back. So create a little posterior tilt as you press up and good use those arms. And three, and two, one more time up.

Hold here, inhale and reach your arms all the way up. Just keep your arms perpendicular as you find your neutral position. We're going to open our arms out to a T, as you draw the knees over to your right. Inhaling, so you're going to take your knees over and then exhale. You're going to open your band as those knees go over.

So open your arms out, take your knees to the left. Inhale rotation of the spine and then exhale. Bring it back. You can always, what I'm going to do is I'm going to roll my band around my hand and then we're going to go out. Inhaling, creating a little more resistance.

And exhale center. Inhale as you rotate the knees over to the opposite direction, stretching across the chest and take it back and two more. Inhale, take it over, nice spinal twist. Exhale center and inhale open. Stretch across the chest, exhale center.

Last set, and take it over inhaling, reaching out, lower the knees and center. Last one and exhale reach (breathing) and bring it back to the center, good. Nice job. Let's take the arms all the way overhead. We're going to lift the right leg into the band as your arms come forward.

Lift your chest simultaneously, so we're going to lift up, inhale and then just draw the band into that right knee. Yes, and then inhale lower. Let's do five on each side. Exhale go to the left. The resistance of the band makes it a little more challenging for the abdominals.

And exhale, press, good. We're using about a medium weight here, it shouldn't be too challenging. And exhale. You can always double up your band if you wanted more challenge. And exhale reach.

Good, keep your pelvis in neutral, arms overhead. And exhale to the left, last two before we go into the rotation. Exhale, little single leg lifts and inhale. And left exhale one more time. Inhale as you lower.

Last one, exhale up. Inhale back. To the left. And inhale all the way back, pause here, take your right leg up, take your left leg up, knees and feet 90 degrees. And your going to inhale, exhale lift your chest.

Let's pause here, let's do a little alternating before we go into rotation. So right knee in, keep your chest high and exhale. Pull that knee towards your forehead and push against the thigh to create a little more resistance, good. And three more, one- and last two. Two, and let's go for the rotation.

And, can you do it? And let's go rotate to the right, push. And one, good, pushing. Lift your chest nice and high, tipping your toe to the mat, good. Rotate the trunk, stay high in the center.

And one more and center the knees. And release, lower your body, stretch your arms and legs all the way out, give yourself a little break. Give yourself a little arch in the back, kind of wiggle around for a moment. (breathes in) Ah, very good. Let's take our feet back into the band.

We're going to do a roll over. By adding the band, this will assist in a deeper hamstring stretch and a spine stretch. So let's take the elbows down to your side, legs are perpendicular. So we're going to go ahead and take our legs 45. Inhale to 90, pause, scoop and lift.

Take your legs over, push into that band. Now abduct your legs, open your legs about shoulder width. Lower your feet down and keep that openness in the legs as you imprint your spine slowly back to your start position. Lower the legs 45 to 60 and then take your legs together. Good, again, let's do four.

Inhale 90, exhale, push into your band. Pull up your diaphragm, separate your legs. Lower your feet down close to the mat and then try to keep your thighs close to your chest as you use your hands and push into the band for more resistance and then circle the legs back together. Good, nicely done, two more. Take a breath here, exhale up and over.

Pause here, open the legs, lower the feet and roll down, pressing into the band, good. And feet come back together. Last time, we're going to inhale 90, exhale up and over. Pause here, separate your legs, lower your feet and roll it down. Keep the legs apart, the sacrum goes down and then the legs go back to the center, good.

Bend your knees, take a breath here. And let's just go ahead and stretch the legs down onto the mat, let's go into the roll up. So let's do one roll up here. Take a breath and peel your spine up. And let's come to sitting, nice job.

Let's keep the band for a moment and we're going to do a little arm work. So let's go into curling the tail under, we'll start with a little rhomboid. So get the sacrum imprinted, really scoop here and let's pull the band back. Good, one. So it's a little challenge on mostly the abdominals, since we've been doing a lot of that.

But also your arms, so delay the action of your hand. Kind of really initiate from your back. Three, two more, four and exhale five. Reach your arms and let's pause and go right to rotate. And breathe center and to the left.

And center and five each side. Keep the shoulder down and the elbow nice and high. Rotate, spiral around, good. And one more set, and twist. Two more sets, excuse me, last time.

And one and reach your arms forward here, good. Now if you can hang tight, can we flip our palms up and then do a little bicep curl? One, good, and two. Let's do eight. Keep your abdominals really- drawing in, good.

Five more, one and pull it two and reach three. Two more. Last one, reach your arms, inhale. And I'm going to have you dive over, exhale. Good, take a break.

Take a breath. Roll it up. Nice and tall. Hinge your weight forward and let's choke up on your band a little bit here. So we're going to do some triceps.

So let's just start with both arms back. Find a diagonal, good. And inhale bent and exhale as you extend. Good, inhale back and good, nice. Three.

And reach away. I love the band because you can put it in your suitcase, your purse, anywhere, it doesn't take up any space at all. And two more, good. Last time, reach and good. Release, good, set your band aside for a moment.

Let's grab our two pound weights, separate your legs. Let's go into spine stretch. So we're going to reach the arms forward. Flex your feet, the legs are going to be about, a little bit wider than hip distance apart. Good, lift up in your seat, let's take a breath here.

Inhaling and then roll forward exhaling. The head, the shoulders, draw your shoulders away from your ears. Now pause here at the bottom. Lengthen out. Reaching out, take another breath.

Roll it up, imagine that imaginary wall behind you. Good, lengthen up. Inhale exhale the head, neck and chest curl forward, articulating down. When you can't go any further, lengthen all the way out. Take a breath here and roll it up.

Low back, mid, upper, head is last. Let's do two more before we add the arm circles. Take a breath, curl forward, exhaling. Inhale here, roll it up, exhaling, low back, mid, upper back and one more like this. Exhale forward.

Inhale, roll it up, exhaling, low back, mid, upper and head is last, good. Let's hinge forward, good. Shoulders down, let's open the arms up and down. Let's just, I changed my mind, let's just circle like this. And three, (laughs) little easier, good.

And four and five, let's do eight. Six, good, seven, and one more, eight and reverse. Go up out and around, one, and two, good, three. Get that upper back nice and strong. Two more.

And last one, inhale here and let's take the legs together. Exhale, roll all the way back. Give yourself a little bit of a break. Reach your arms all the way back, ah, feels so good. Let's lift the arms up.

Reach your body forward, exhaling. Good, and now open your legs out, little bit wider for the saw. So let's take our arms out slightly, you might need to adjust your line. Take your arms slightly in front of your shoulders. Nice and strong, flexed feet.

Spiral towards the window, inhale. Exhale forward. Inhale lengthen out and lift up. Exhale back to the center. Spiral away, inhaling.

Exhale go forward. Inhale, reach out, lift up. Exhale bring it center and again. Inhaling rotate. Exhale forward.

Reach out lift up. Bring it center, again. Inhale spiral, exhale forward. Juliana has such long arms, you have to watch her. And center (laughs) and last time, long limbs.

And rotate, reach out, out, lift up, pause, exhale center. Last one, inhale. (laughs) Exhale, bring it forward. Come up and bring it back to the center, good. Let's palms up, let's do spine twists.

Take the legs together, let's stay lifted, rotate towards the window, exhale. Exhale and inhale. And away, inhale center. Keep those arms as straight as you can. And rotate, rotate initiating from your waist.

Keep your head aligned, don't let your chin drop. Keep your eyes on the horizon. Center and twist, and twist more. Inhale, last time, rotate, rotate deeper. Inhale, last one to the left.

Two, ooh yeah and you know you wanted more. And take it open. (laughs) Let's do some arm work, let's go. Four biceps here, three. Good and lifting, four, and let's do eight. Last four, four, good and three, reaching and two, and one and pause, let's push up.

One, and lifting two, keep those legs active, keep the abdominals drawing in, three, you're working your posture muscles as well. And three more, three, and last one. Good, hold, lower the arms and rest. Ooh, okay. Okay, back to abs.

So let's set your weights aside, take your band again. We'll get back to the weights a little bit later. Let's start with double leg stretch, single leg stretch. We'll do that little fun sequence. Reach your arms forward.

Roll your spine down, take your legs tabletop to start. Good, push the right knee in, extend your left leg. Exhale, push into your leg, exhale here and then alternating, let's do eight sets. Two, good and two, if that bothers your hands you can wrap it around. Push, and push.

Take your time, take your time. Extend that other leg fully, good, beautiful, nice. And one more, and rotate towards the leg coming in. Twist one, stay high in the center, one. And two, good.

Three, good. Halfway there, ladies. And five, push, push. Last two. Yes, one more, legs center, take a breath here.

Ooh yes and lower all the way back. Reach your arms overhead. How we doing over here? (sighs) Yes. Okay, reach your arms up.

Lift your chest, take your right leg up and left leg. Extend your legs fully. So we're going to lift our chest up a little bit higher and lower your left leg all the way to the mat. So we're going to pulse, pulse, switch. You can put it across your shin or your thigh.

If you can get up higher. Good. Hold the leg in, in, switch. In, in, switch. In, in, good.

One more and now guess what, we're going to rotate. And rotate. Rotate that torso, stay nice and high, good. Don't clunk that leg down, keep it nice and long and all position with the other leg. One more, ah, last one.

Legs up, inhale, bend your knees and release. Stretch your arms, stretch your legs out. Okay let's begin with a roll up, take an inhale. Let's go into our side line. Exhaling forward.

Good, place the band across the soles of your feet. We're going to lie on your side, face me. Good, you can rest your arm down, wherever it's comfortable. Your opposite arm at your hip. We're going to take an inhale.

We're going to just lift both legs up exhaling. Create a little resistance in your band here. And then lower down, keep those hips nice and stacked. Exhale up, nice lift in the diaphragm, keep the feet flexed, reaching out. Three, let's just do two more here, up, lengthen out, good.

And last one here, hold. Top leg up, good. Whoo! Let's lower that bottom leg, I changed my mind. And two. And three, let's do eight, abducting out.

A little gluteal work here. And five, three more, reach out, flex the foot. Good and two, one more, up, hold. Lift a little higher for ten and nine and eight and seven. Good, reaching out, six, five, good, four, three, two and a one, lower the leg, great job.

Let's lift up on the forearm. Let's do a little side kick, so take your bottom leg out. And let's take either side of your band. We're going to kick the leg forward. A little side kick variation, you can either bend the bottom knee for a little easier modified version or keep the leg straight.

Good, let's kick the leg forward exhaling. Double, double, double, double, good. Exhale forward one, two, back, two. Keeping the leg on the same plane, good. Forward, forward, back, back, two more.

Exhaling and inhale, keep your shoulders still, good. And back, one more time. Forward and hold back. Let's lift up for ten, good nine, little pulses, little glute work here, three, four, five, pushing in to that lat, use your obliques. Good, and nine and ten, good.

Take the legs together. Let's circle around, wow, felt that. Let's do the other side. Legs together. Feet are flexed, let's lift up for five.

Hand either on your hip or down at your side, whatever's comfortable. Two, good, reaching out nice long, three, good. Reach out four, and one more here, five. And lower your legs and lift the top leg up. And eight and seven, good abducting.

Drawing that hip bone in towards the socket. Two more, last one here, lift and little pulses. And ten and nine and eight, seven, good, six, five, four. Reaching out, I'm losing my band and release. Good, just in the nick of time for side lift.

All right, so on your elbow and forearm. Okay, ready and let's go kick forward one, two, back, two. Keep everything stable, back, back, as that leg swings forward and back, forward and back, exhaling, five, good, three more, two, last one, stay back and we're going to lift up for ten, reaching eight, or not eight, seven good, five, four, three, two and one. Hoo and rest, nice work. Boy, it doesn't take much tension for that.

Nicely done, let's do some back work. So we're going to lie on our stomachs. Keep your band and your weights handy. Let's start with the weights, little basic back extension and a little arm work. So take your weights, palms are going to be up, your forehead down, diaphragm lifted, abdominals off, reaching off the mat, legs are together, and shoulders are rolled open.

We're going to inhale, just lift your upper body on an inhale, and then exhale to lower. And inhale, reaching out. And slowly lower. And inhale as you come up. And exhale as you lower.

Two more, inhale here, lifting your arms. And lower, good, one more. Reaching out, hold here, lift your legs, lift your arms up and two, lengthening three, lifting up four, five, three more, lifting arms up as high as you can. Hold here, lower the legs, lower the body. Good, pause, we're going to lengthen out, so think like an arrow.

Head and feet reach away, lift your arms. Lift your arms and then bring it in to the midline. Two. Six, seven, eight, inhale, lower the legs and lower the body. Ah, very nice.

Good, go ahead and lift up on your elbows and forearms. We're going to just use these as handles, not really going to utilize them for anything except for thinking about drawing forward. Let's do single leg kick, lift your knees off the mat, kick your right leg, one, two and one two and mm mm, good. And breathe in, in, out, out. (inhaling and exhaling) Last time.

Stretch your legs. Good, let's go into a rest position. Set your weights down, take a breath, put your hands under your shoulders and reach your arms, going into a nice child's pose position. Taking a nice breath, inhaling, good, and exhale. Let's come into a quadruped position.

Let's do a little cat stretch. Knees right underneath your hips, hands right underneath your shoulders, we're going to exhale, curl the tail under, head follows, looking towards your pubic bone. And then articulate through neutral and inhale. Give me a nice back extension. Lifting the abdominals, exhale curl.

Push the floor away. Inhale through neutral, exhale into that extension. Pull your shoulders away from your ears, good. Exhale, curl, let's do three more. Inhale neutral, exhale into your extension, don't let go of your abdominals.

And last two. Inhaling, open your chest, open your collarbones, reach out through the crown of the head and last one, exhale here, inhale neutral, exhale into that extension. Nicely done, good. Take your right leg out, tuck your toes under you mat, let's go into a little plank position here. Good, left leg, find a nice plank, push into your mat, open your fingers out.

Good, pull your shoulders down, right leg up and up. Let's do five. Three, four, one more, five, lower, take a breath and other side and one, keep that leg strong, two, and three and up four, don't move the hips, five. Hold here, inhale, let's push up into an upstretched position. Exhale for a little break.

Good, nice, inhale here, let's go into plank. Pause, good, exhale back up. Good, inhale, plank, just prepping you for that side bend. Exhale here. Good, one more, inhale, good, exhale back up, pause.

Let's bend your knees, place your knees down and sit to face me. K, we're going to take our two pound weight in one hand. How we doing? All right, so let's go side bend up. Here.

Find it and then let's sweep the arm over. Your modification would be knee down. Bring it back, and then lower all the way. Inhale up, exhale over, arcing that body, bring it back and down, last three. Inhale up, exhale over, back to center and lower and two more.

Inhale up, great job, exhale up and over, inhale and one more. Let's stay up, inhale, up and over, bring it center and just open, open. Bring it center and bend. Spin around, other side, good work, ladies. Okay.

Hand at your side, push into the mat, we're going to float up, inhaling. Side plank, up and over, side bend looking down at your hand, bring it back and lower. And again, inhale, exhale up and over. Inhale back and lower and three more. Inhale up, exhale over, stretch and reach, bring it back, lower down and two.

Up and over, center and lower, one more time. Inhaling, exhale over, inhale, exhale to release, nicely done. Oh wait I forgot, we have to add that inhale, we have to open out, reach, stretch, oh yes, bring it back and lower. Ah, nicely done. Okay we are done with the weights.

Let's grab the band. Place it underneath your feet. Bending your knees, just curl your tail under, float your legs up. Let's go into a little open leg rocker here. Ooh yeah, this is going to be challenging.

Okay, curl the tail under, roll back. Curl and roll up and lift. Good and inhale back. Exhale, curl, lift lift lift lift. Good, keep those legs slightly abducted.

Inhale, have tension in that band. Exhale, curl, lift, open your chest, grow a little bit taller and last two. Inhale, good, curl, roll up, hold hold hold, find it. And one more, inhale, back, nice, exhale, hold, lift. Good, take your legs together, arms open.

Five, good four, balancing, out slicing across three, two, one more, hold those abdominals in, one, reach, inhale, keep your legs here for the teaser. Let's roll back, you have the band, it is your friend, it will help you. Inhale here, exhale, curl up, curl curl, find that little sticky spot in the back. Pull your elbows back, reach your arms and roll down. Lengthen your head and let's do four total.

Inhale, this is our second one, lift up, lift lift, pull in, lift, elbows wide. Reach. Let's add the band and roll down. Last two, lifting your chest, articulating up, keep those legs still. Lift and open and bend, reach, one more.

Curl up, lift, reach and now open your arms out and pull. Reach, inhale, and let's roll all the way down, bend your knees and release. Good, let's take the feet hip distance apart. Let's do a counter pose, inhaling without your prop. We're going to roll through our back, curling up, exhaling.

Lifting up a little bit higher here and now articulate down, imprinting your spine, nice long line, back to neutral. And exhale, scoop, draw up, hollow the abdominal wall, press up nice and high, inhale. Roll down, exhaling, good. One more, inhale, we'll stay up. Exhale, curl the tail up.

Pressing down with your arms, take your left leg tabletop, extend up, lower the leg and kick one, good lower and two, just for three more. Three, reach out, keep those hips still, and one more. Up, bend, inhale and roll it down exhaling all the way to neutral. Inhale at the bottom, roll it up, exhaling. Good, press the weight into the left foot, lift the right leg up, lower and kick.

Keep those hips still, two, let that leg be free, last two. One more, up, bend your knee, place the foot down, inhale and articulate your spine as you float your arms all the way overhead, circle them around. Hug your knees in toward your chest, give it a little rock. Good, draw yourself up to a sitting position. Ah, and we are done.

Thank you ladies, thanks for coming out. (ladies applauding)


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Nice variations! Great class. Thank you Lisa.
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Loved the different movements with the band. Thank you.
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Very inspiring, great class! I need those green pants!
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Love, love, love this class! Thanks Lisa.
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Laurie C
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Such a good all around workout in just 40 minutes. I love it! Thank you, Lisa!
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Excellent work out! Thanks, Lisa!
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Hermosa clase. Sería de enorme ayuda que subtitularan esta clase en español. Saludos Karina
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