Class #2274

Rhythm Pilates® Breakdown

50 min - Class


Get ready for a fun, yoga-inspired sequence in this Rhythm Pilates® breakdown with Lisa Hubbard. This sequence is called "Inner Goddess," and it is perfect for letting go of tension in the body. You will learn the exercises and the number of repetitions you will do and then repeat it with the music. Stay tuned for the full version of this class with no breakdown coming soon!

We recommend trying this class a few times before taking the full Rhythm Pilates™ "Inner Goddess" class.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


Hi and thank you for joining me today. Uh, this is the rhythm PyLadies breakdown class. You want to be sure to take it before you take the entire Class A to music. It is a yoga inspired, um, sequence ...

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Wonderful flow! Love the yoga and Pilates infused...and with music! Perfect!
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amazing workout!So fun
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simple and elegant workout, thanks Lisa!
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Thank you ladies, I had fun with this one and so happy to hear your feedback!
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autor de la música de esta clase por favor ,gracias
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Que clase tan espectacular lisa,muchas gracias
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Beautiful choreography
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Where did you get your music?
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Great class. Love it!
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Love it!! Thank you, Lisa.
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