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Rhythm Pilates® Breakdown

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Get ready for a fun, yoga-inspired sequence in this Rhythm Pilates® breakdown with Lisa Hubbard. This sequence is called "Inner Goddess," and it is perfect for letting go of tension in the body. You will learn the exercises and the number of repetitions you will do and then repeat it with the music. Stay tuned for the full version of this class with no breakdown coming soon!

We recommend trying this class a few times before taking the full Rhythm Pilates™ "Inner Goddess" class.
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Hi and thank you for joining me today. Uh, this is the rhythm PyLadies breakdown class. You want to be sure to take it before you take the entire Class A to music. It is a yoga inspired, um, sequence 20 minutes in length. Um, it's called inner goddess. And I have three lovely students. Thanks for joining me today, Aaron Giuliana and Chris. Chris is going to be demonstrating with 'em a couple of props and feel free if you need any modifications, um, or if you have any injuries in your knees, um, or and, or back. These are great props, the, the yoga block or the ball.

So we're going to begin kneeling. Uh, we're going to learn it, uh, without music. And I will cue you here kneeling. We're gonna start with our hands in a prayer pose, getting inward, looking down. You'll hear the music and you'll lift your gaze to the center, lift your arms, follow your arms with your upper body, open your arms as if they're breathing, and then sweep them down at your side. And as if you're gathering the energy up, sweep it up. Bring it back in towards you.

Last time up open. Just breathing in and out. Beautiful. Hands to your thighs. We're going to go into a diving position. We're going to do four of those. Start with the head. So nod your chin down and die for reaching. So we're going to go into like a extended child's pose, reaching out.

Just stretch it and then draw it back in. And then give me a upper back extension. And then now go down four of these. Just stretch out, reaching. Draw it in, undulating your spine. Take your hands to your thighs and open your chest. Two more.

And diving should feel a stretch in your low back. Roll it up. Open your chest last time. Good. No tension in the body. Just let it go and roll up. Open your chest from here. Take your hands to your chest.

Push and circle your head around. So we're gonna do two cervical circles here. And then push one more time going the opposite direction. Good and center. Find a plank. So find your hands right underneath your shoulders.

Shoulders down. No stretch your right leg out. Active quads, active hips. Stretch your left leg. Hold this position. Good. Try not to hyper. Extend in your elbows. Nice. Now we're going to go into a down dog position. Good. So what? Come forward, sir. We're going to go into this combination [inaudible] and down. Finding your hedging from your shoulders in your hip.

Press reached the heels down. Spiral arms around. Good and forward into your plank. Good. And press up. Good. Ford. We do five down dogs. Last one. Let's say I believe this is five. Hold here.

We're going to go into a low lunge step your right foot forward and left knee rests down. We're going to sweep our arms forward and up towards the ceiling. Now Open your upper body and then take your arms out just like you did in the beginning. Draw the energy up and in towards your heart center and then rotate your spine opening and looking back. Press your shoulders down. Beautiful guys. Now tuck your toe under.

Take your hands towards the foot and then step roll up. Sweep your arms up, Sun salutation back to your heart. Lift up open, hinge forward. We're going to go into a forward fold. Elbows are tight. Body forward. Now we're going to go to the other side. Take your right foot back, rest the knee down. Try to keep that knee right angles sweeping up, up, up, up, lifting out of it.

Get a little upper back extension to open that hip and sweep up back to your heart center. We're going to spiral over to that left side. Open shoulders, press down, try to get a little more opening. Good hold. Tuck your toes under. Place your hands down. Step. We're going to roll up one sun salutation with the arms burst of energy. Lift up and now we're going to go into chair pose, so sweep your arms forward and sit back into your heels looking up, so you should feel this in your upper back and now fold forward. Good. Four of these. Inhaling and press exhaling. Nice and inhale, press down. Exhale. Let's say we did that in four times.

Stretch your right leg left, like find plank. We're going to go into a warrior two position so we have right foot comes forward. Just pivot your left foot down and then airplane your arms out. Good are looking over your fingers. Make sure the right heel is in the center of your left foot.

We're going to stretch our body over. Good. Back to warrior to stretch your right leg and bend the knee. Good. We do four of these. Stretch over or your to extend and bet. Last two, just keep breathing. Get that nice work in both of your legs. And last time sweep it over and pause.

We're gonna go into standing saw, so just pivot your right foot. So hinge forward. Good, nice little pop. Say, heard there. Good stretch. Take your left arm across your right ankle. Now you're going to try to keep your hips as square as possible as you open and spiral up, reaching that arm up towards the ceiling. Take that back to that position and other side.

Good stretch, stretch, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Take it back. Lower down. Take your hands to the mat. Now this is like a nice position as if you were gonna lift into a handstand. Lower your head to the mat if you can get it there. Try to lift those heels up so you know the weight is in the balls of the feet.

And now lengthen your tailbone up. Keep your elbows nice and tight. Shoulders down. You're going to arch up and we're going to spiral into float your arms open to the second warrior too. Good. Now make sure your feet are in the right position. That knee is right over that ankle. Good. So you're here nice and fierce.

Strong legs. So let's go over stretching side bend. Good. Bring it back to warrior two. Straighten the leg and bed. Good. Three more. Sweep it over. Beautiful. Take it back. Stretch and bend. Last to sweep center.

Stretch. Bend. One more time before we go into the second side of the sand extending saw. And one more. It's over. Over, over. Bring it back. Center. Pause. Straight leg. No. Pivot your foot, your left foot. Reach out and over. Hinge ing.

Spiral to that left side. Flatten your back. Good. Bring it center. Good. Stretch it out. You should feel this in your adductors, in your hamstrings, reaching an open that arm as much as you can. Bring it center now lift your body to standing. Good. Now from here we're going to go into a curtsy.

You're going to bend that leg, cross your back leg over and sit down. Very well done. Good. We're going to do a twist. The top foot in front. Here's our twist series, so a spiral your arm around. Make sure your fingers are facing towards the top of your mat. You're going to lift up, stretch your legs. Find that side plank position. Good.

Now you're going to lift your hips as you twist, reaching her arm under unwind, and then you're going to lower your hips and your knees. We're going to do this three times. Take it up, sweep it under, unwind and down. Good. One more. Up under. Keep breathing and down. Good. Nama. Stay teaser. Take your knees in. Hands are going to be behind your back.

Now you're going to draw in close towards you and scoop your abdominals. Really stretching out that low back. Stretching out those hamstrings. Good. Then we're going to go to the other side. So now you're going to just pivot around to the other side. Good.

Top leg in front. Make sure it's resting on the mat. Spiral your arm open. Sweep it up. Find your side plank. Good. Now underneath, bring it back and lower the knees. Lower the hips and up. Painting the wall and under exhale, lift those hips. Bring it back and lower. One more time. Sweep it up under and lower. Good. Namaste. A teaser combination we're adding on here. So draw your knees in.

Stretch those legs out. We hold for eight count. Then we lower the legs a little and then find boat pose. Try to touch your toes. Good. Then cross your legs. Take your hands behind you. Shift forward, pressing yourself for it, and then give me a little upper back extension. And we do this twice forward.

I feel this in my hips and oh good. Now we go into our second. Namaste. A teacher. Take those knees in and breathe. Exhaling deeply. Hold, lower the legs a little. Find your balance. Whew. Yes. Hold. Nice boat pose. We hold for eight count now, change legs and cross, come forward. And then open your chest. We do it twice forward. Nice and easy.

And lift. Good. Now we go bending the knees in. We're going to go into our open leg rocker balance. So from here we hold a count. Then we scoop our tail under and we're going to go into rolling back.

So open leg rocker, inhale back. Exhale and find that lift full eight counts. So if one, two, three, four, come up, five, six, seven, eight. One more time. Ooh, hold here. Good. Now we're going to go back. This one, we're going to stay back. Take your legs together. Just lower your feet down. Lower your hands towards the middle of your back, your low back.

So we're gonna start with um, eight count. Lifting the legs up so you have eight count to get there. Then you hold another eight count. So this helps your toxins. It helps eliminate toxins is such a great pose.

And make sure your legs are fully extended. Try to get that 90 degree position. Now hinge hips are up. Now we're going to roll down. Lower your hands. You're going to roll down, bend your left knee, and you're gonna come to a standing position and powerful arms and legs. Sun Salutation to your heart. Center up. Hinge down, forward fold. Now we're going to go into plank, into Chada. Ranga into locust. So from here, right left, point your toes to shift your weight forward.

Go down into your, onto your stomach here. All right, elbows are on the mat. So locus pose, we lift the legs up straight. We open, we close in lower. Let's do four, but we do six. So just for, try not to bend your knees open. Close down, up, open, closed down. One more time. We'll just say this is sixth one lower. Take your hands back, lift your body, upper body. So you're back extension. Then circle your arms around. Good. All the way. Oops.

And into a prayer pose. Excuse me. And now we're going to lift up for single leg kick. Press down, lift both knees off. Kick, kick with the right side. One, two, stretch. One, two, stretch. We do three sets, working the hamstring, stretching the front, working the upper back. Last one. Boom, boom. [inaudible] lower the legs. Lower your body. Take your arms to your side. We're going to go into basic back. Extend out, reaching, reaching, reaching. Try to get equal with the head and toes. Now sir, and lower skews me. Now we're going to lift up.

Circle the arms to a t, then bring it around and then extremely rotate as you come up. Lower everything. Push into child's pose. Ah, Nice. Okay. From here it's going to be Cobra. So round forward, lift up, spiral your arms and arch back. If you've feel this in your knees, you can use the ball and then arch back. One more time. Lift and arch.

Stretch it out. Roll up onto your knees, lift your arms, bring your palms to the center and shoot up. And now find plank. So hands underneath your shoulders. Stretch your right leg and left leg. Hold here. We're going to lift the right leg up. One lower left leg, one lower second set right left. Bring the knee into the chest. One, two.

And to the left two and to the diagonal, right knee to the left elbow, working those obliques, working your stabilizers. Hold here. Oh my goodness. And shift back up into your down dog. Bend your knees hopper step, and then sit down. That is the first section that we're going to learn. Gaze up, arms up. Take your time. Open the arms out. Lower them. Gather the energy back to your heart center.

Good. Sweep it up and diving. Four Times. Open your chest. Two, five, six, seven, eight n three take your time. Yeah. Full eight count one more. And now head isolation. Press away. Go to the right and push and left ad plank. Right hand, left hand. Stretch your left, right leg, left leg.

Pause here. One more. Eight count. Good. And lift your hips down. Dogs and forward. Two, three, four and second time forward. [inaudible] three keep breathing flight. Fourth time we do one more before we go into our low lunch. Two, three, four. Bring it in on seven, seven, eight and lunch. Reach your arms up.

Open and gather the energy back to your heart center and spiral your knee. Sock your toe. Sun Salutation. Lift up, hinge for Ford fold. Take your right foot back and sweep your arms up to three, four. Bring it back to your heart center and spiral your body opening.

Talk to your toe. Three we're going to go into chair pose and one sit back on the heels and fold and two and fold. Two more times up fold last time and fold plank position. Right leg hold here. Seven, eight an warrior going. One, two, three, four, over five, six, seven, eight. Second time stretch. Seven, eight, two more. Stretch over. Very. Get back, straighten and bend. Last time before we go into the standing saw and go into your standing Saul and bring your left hand across your right ankle lift. Bring it center and rotate to the opposite direction.

Lifting up, bring it center. Hold here. Now lower your hands to the mat. Bring your Elvis Nice and tight as if you're going to do a handstand. Bring your head to the mat if you can get it there. Lift your tailbone up, our body up and airplane your arms for warrior two on the other side. Three, four hit it. Five, six, straighten bent.

Two, three, four. Over straighten. Bet. One, two, three, four, stretch back. One more. And now standing. Saw One, two, three, four. Rotate to the left. Bring it back. We're going to curtsy into our side.

A twist to three, four step. Bend, lower. Take it down. Go Up. Two, three, four, under, back, lower down. Sweep it up. Three, four under five. Bring it back. Seven, eight Ad Nama. Stay teaser. Bring the legs up. Draw the abdominals in and other side. Two, three, four under, back and lower. Good. Up to three. Four under five, six, seven, eight. Last time.

No, I'm a stay teaser here into the boat. Post Combo, boat pose. Reaching and cross your legs. Bring it brought forward. Arch forward. Lift your chest. Good. Nama, stay teeth. A second set. Two, three, six, seven, eight n rich [inaudible]. And we go across two, three, four.

One more time. Forward, left and open leg rocker balance. Bend your knees, take your ankles. Lift. Five, six, seven and roll. And Rock. Five, six, seven, eight. Two more likely. Take your time. And now let's go over. Take your legs over your head, arms at your back, and we lift up for shoulder stand. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One more eight cow before we come into standing, six, seven, eight, lower, and you're going to come up to standing. Sweep it up and forward. Fold and we go two, three, four, lower and locust. O, open in, lower up, open in lower three.

One more time before we go into single leg kick. Stretch your arms. Take it out. Come into your lifted position and right Lego. Juicy, juicy. One more time. Stretch your legs, lower your body. Reach out, lift your chest, reach your arms, lower your spine and lift. Reach it out. Take your arms to a tee. Scoop. Lift as high as you can.

Release hands underneath. Round into your child's pose. We're going to go into that curl and arch back. Seven, eight curl. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Don't dump into the hips. One more time. Lift and our chip back. Good. Sitting back on your heels. Sweep your arms up to the heart center.

We're going to go into our plank position and we're going to lift our right leg, one to hold it for eight five, six, seven and eight n right lower left, lower right lower left and right knee in twice and left to the diagonal. Left side. Hold here for counts and bring it back up. Four count down doc. Now we're going to jump and you did it. Congratulations on the first half. We're going to learn the last part, last half of the workout. So we're going to lie down. We have eight count to roll down onto your back.

So you're going to roll down, draw your heels in just a little bit. Make sure your heads on the mat here. So, and then we go into a bridge position. We're going to roll our spine up. Just go into a pelvic curl. Put your hands underneath your hips. So you're going to go five, six, take your legs, seven, eight.

You're going to flex the leg down. So as a bicycle down single leg, bicycle and extent we do six of these. Sweep and extend. Good. Three. Let's just do three here. Let's say that six pause now you're going to just lift off. So take a scissor position and your transition is lowering your right leg. And now we're going to do the left. So lower your right foot down. Good.

Flex your left foot. Draw it in. Sweep flex two and three. Hold here. Good. Nice. Now go ahead and go into that scissor and then change the position of your hands so you really cradling the pelvis. So we're going to go scissor. We're going to hold for count one, two, three, four, switch five, six, seven, eight. Now you're going to bicycle your leg. Try to touch the mat. Sweeping. It's nice and slow so you get that stretch in the front of the body. Nice and hold.

This is the last one I believe. Hold. And then we go into scissors. We go one, one, two, two, three, three, open, open, open as wide as you can and hold here that we do six. Now take your legs over your head. You're going to roll down part way. Bend your knees, take your feet to the mat, stretch your arms overhead. We're going to circle them. Once and then take them up overhead.

So we're going to get into our roll up. So we're going to do some rollout arms. Inhaling, we're going to roll up. Exhale, draw it. These are nice and slow. Try to keep your shoulders over your hips and try not to elevate your shoulders up to the ears. Take your arms back, making sure that your ribs are connected.

Take your arms up. Inhaling. We do. One more exhale. Shoulders over, hips. Good. And hold. Roll down. We actually, excuse me, do two and a half. So we're going to come up. Exhale, up and over. Good. Now lift up. Flex your feet. Open your legs. Actually I'm going to move myself, so let's actually keep the legs toes pointed softly.

So we're going to take our arms down. We're going to do like a spine stretch, so we're going to draw the head down, reaching your arms out. Nice deep stretch. Now draw back. You're going to go on five and we're going to do a Moodra. You're going to take your fingers and you're going to arch and flex and do an upper back extension. Diving forward. One, two, three, four. Pull it back. Five, six, seven, and eight. Yeah. Flex your feet. Good. And then point diving, diving, diving, diving. Draw it in and upper back, extension. And last time, pull it back. Should feel really nice. Opening your upper, your, your ad doctors and bring it together. So point, take your legs together.

You have full eight count. Take the legs together. Hands are going to go behind your back. Fingertips facing. Now you're going to hinge straight up. You're going to go straight up. And then we're going to do a leg kick, a leg pullback one, and to the other side left. Good. And now lower your hips. We're going to do that same cross leg position.

So Cross making sure that we alternate legs forward, upper back again and upper back. Bring it together. Your legs. You have one, two, three, four, hold it. Five, six, seven, eight. Kick the left leg now up and left up and lower. Cross the legs. Come forward. Open your chest. Good. Come forward.

Open your chest. Good. Now we go into our abdominal section. Take your knees in towards you. You're going to be on your back. Elbows are down. Draw the knees in. So you're going to be up. Elbows are bent. Yeah, get the low back into the bath. So sweep the legs up. Yeah. Good. All right, so there are perpendicular. You're going to lower the legs down. One, two, three, four. Good.

Just go as low as you can. One, two, three, four without going into the back. Four Times. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Hold. Bend your knees. Stretch your legs out. Lower your body. Circle your arms around. Now take your arms like a y slightly internally. Rotate your shoulders so you have roof to do.

What we're going to do next, we're going to feel like your chest is being lifted up. You're levitating up, so you're going to arch forward. Dive down. Then you're going to do another set. Bending your knees, Bend your elbows nice and lifted. Good. Low back into mat. Extend Nice. And then lower. One, two, three, four. Exhaling two more. Length and down. Keep those inner thighs connected. Good. Long Lever and hold. Same thing. Bend, stretch.

Float your arms up. Take your arms like a y. Internally, rotate, lift and arch. Good. We're gonna hold here. We hold for eight counts. Then we're going to roll up to a seated position. Kay. And now you're familiar with the climate tree. So we're going to start with climate tree. We're going to go write me into three, four, stretch at five, six, seven, eight. Draw that leg in. Good. And now you're going to walk. One, two, three, four.

Take your arms over nice and luxurious. Take your back up. Climb up the tree. Pull it in. Seven and eight k. Now we're going to do that to the left. One, two, three, four, hold good. Five, six, seven, eight. Walk it down. One, two, three, four. It's harder when your foot's not strapped into something as in it. And how we're going to roll up. Lift, lift, lift, lift. Get that beautiful stretch. Bend and good. One more set. Take it in.

Stretch it up. Walk it, walk it, walk it. Boom, boom, boom. Circle, walk, walk, walk, walk, lift and stretch. Band and come up last time. Take it in. Stretch it up. Nice. Good. Take it down to three. You're walking down, sweep your arms around, walk, walk, walk, draw in band and good. Okay. From there we uh, for open skews. Me. Pardon? We're going to go open into the saw.

Going to go nice and slow. So slice your arms out. We're going to rotate towards your right. Good. We're gonna go forward. Go ahead and flex your feet here. We're going to articulate up on the diagonal and then spiral center, spiral and lift. One, two, three, four. Go down on four, draw up five, six, seven, eight. Try to make it nice and fluid, which their arms. So lift and spiral. One, two, three, four. Good. Five, six, seven, eight or no, excuse me. Five. Roll it up. Six, seven, eight. Last time it's nice and slow and roll it up and center.

Now we open a little bit wider. We're going to go into a side stretch, so go over towards your right. Nice, beautiful stretch of, for the side. Then you're going to octopus your arms as they call it. Octopus seven, eight, go to the other way. Going over one, two, three, four. Bring it back. Five, six, seven, eight. One more time. Inhale, going back. Five, six, seven, eight last time over one, two, three, four. Boom. Exhale, five, six, seven, eight. Take the legs together. Lift your arm, circle and roll down. So we're going to roll down onto the bat mat. So you may want to just yourself, Aaron there. Yeah. And so your head's on the mat. Arms are going to be down.

We're going to go into fish pose. So fish pose is you're gonna lift your sternum and we're going to do it with bent knees today and then draw down. So we have full eight count. Stretch your legs as you lower. So inhale up. One, two, three, four, down five, six, seven, eight. We do four of these. Inhale up. Exhale. Last time, up, up, up, up, up. Exhale, whole, lower. Okay. Now I call this the floating teaser or you're gonna use your, your arms like you're swimming in water. Kind of treading.

So you're going to lift up, lift the legs. So it's like a teaser prep. If you kind of, I see people like me and so just go like elbow, elbow, elbow, elbow, boom, boom, boom, boom. Good. So don't go all the way down. Just go up and down. Four Times. Nice and a little bit slower. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, lower everything. So imagine yourself being in water really. So you're just kind of floating like seaweed or something. Okay. Now we're going to go into a full boat post.

So from the bottom you're going to lift up the music changes. It's very powerful. Lift, lift, lift, eight count lower down. Take your arms around, roll up, fold forward. Let's flex your feet. Here we hold eight count. Then we roll up. Pull in your right knee. This is what we call the twist sequence.

And I'll credit my friend Chris for helping me choreograph this part. I love it. So you're going to pull in one, two, three, four. So you're going to go one, two, three down on four and then five, six, seven, eight to the other side. So, and go forward. We do twice. Two of these rotate. Pull your knee in. Reached, spot your hand and then fold forward and then go to the other side. Lifting in your back and down.

Now for me here we're going to add what I call the wild thing. You're going to rotate wild saying you make my hot thing. Okay? Then I'm going to face away from the camera on this one. So you're going to come around and lift up. Okay? Then on eight you lower and then you go into your twist and down. Rotate, rotate, rotate.

Come in, take your hand down and lift up. Same thing. Lift those hips. Press up, looking at the ceiling. Lower and good, nice work. Rotate and down. We do two sets. Come up, bring it in, sweep it up, lower, unwind and down and twist and bring it in. Up. Hold Lower and twist, and now we add the devloped pay.

So lower rotate. Lift up, come into your wild thing. Hold here. Now you're going to take pause. Say Your leg, take your leg towards your knee. Then you're going to lift it and extent e bend it. Lower and twist and then forward fold. I think. Then rotate again.

Do go into your wild thing. Now you can always just go to [inaudible] or hold it just here. Find this position, lift your knee, take it in, and hold up. Bend it lower and down, and we only have to do one of those. And then forward fold. Lower your spine.

Take your arms overhead, sweep your arms in a big circle. Pull your right knee in towards your chest. You get to hold that for eight count. Spinal twist. Eight count. Right knee goes over to the left. Pretzel. Take your left leg under the right and draw in eight counts.

You know you're almost done. Take your arms overhead, stretch your legs, circle it again. Pull your left knee in. Eight counts. Stretching out that hip flexor on the right hamstring on the left spinal twist. You can look over to that left side if you wish yourself nice stretch. Take Your Pretzel. Draw the knees in. Unwind. We're going to go into a roll up. Ah, circling one time, lift your arms, come forward.

We're going to go into a forward fold. Then were hold for four count. Bend your knees. All cue you. We're gonna take our heels together and you're gonna use, you're gonna pull the um, back away. So you're getting this nice lower back stretch. Then you're going to draw those bones into the hip socket and you're going to arch arch first, and then we round, and then we arch, and then we round.

We do two more arch arch, our arch arch round last time, then round. And now you're going to come into a nice flat back diagonal as much as you can, reaching your arms forward and around. Then sweep it up, taking your hands to your heart center. And that would be the conclusion of the second half of the sequence. All right, let's put this together. Rolling down.

Five, six, seven, eight. Roll it up. Roll two, three, hands under your hips, right leg and go bicycle. And three, two, three for two more times. Oh and scissor. Five switching seven, eight and go left. Two, three, four, two. [inaudible] two more times.

[inaudible] and now we're going to hold this scissor, scissor, three, four, scissor, and now bicycle, five, six, seven, eight n, scissor, scissor, sorry. And legs together. Lower your spine. Bend your knees, sweep your arms up, overhead circling. Lift your arms up and we roll and roll up. Roll it down, roll it back, sweep your arms up one more time. And we go into the spine. Stretch here in a moment.

Lift and go. Diving and open diving too. Arch to mar last time. And now bring the legs together. We're going to go into our leg, pull back and we go right leg. Two, three, four left. Two, three, four down, two, three, four, lift and again, take it together. Press up. Second set and we go. [inaudible] rights.

Lower. Cross your legs. [inaudible] lift your chest forward, lift your chest, bend your knees, elbows, double leg lowers five, six, seven, eight n and go down. Two, three, four, two. We're adding just a couple. Good. And Bend your knees that sweep your arms up.

And now our chips fold forward. Roll back. Second set. Bend your knees and we go down to uh, to breathing. Good. And Bend your knees. Sweep your arms up and arms.

[inaudible] hold. We're going to roll up and do your climate tree. Stretch your leg, roll it down. Take your arm, stuff's circle and roll it back up. Five, six, seven, eight. Androgyny and stretch the leg girl, and roll down. Nice and slow. Arm. Go the, weave it around and find the tree.

And in two, three, four, take it up. Stretch and walk it down, lengthening out that other leg circle and walk up. [inaudible] last time, all the knee n stretch and we walk. Walk, two, three, four, circle around. Seven a n roll. Good. Take it in fold. Four. We're going to do the twist sequence.

Start twisting to the right. Five, six, seven. Oh, saw down [inaudible] oh, excuse me. And I messed up. I apologize. Take your time. Three, two, three, four, five, six. One more time. Good. Now Open your legs. Stretch over. Over two, three, four, five, six, seven to the left. [inaudible] again, reach over and use your back to move the arms and again over and take your legs together. Read your arms, circling around, and we're going to roll. We're going to go into our fish pose.

Take your arms around, and we go up into fish. Two, three, four, down. Two more. [inaudible] last time we're going to do floating teaser and then the boat pose and we go float it up. Bend your knees, lift nice and slow. Lead with your elbows, elbow, elbow, elbow, soft hand. [inaudible] one more time before we go into boat pose. And, and lower strong boat pose.

Lower Circle your arms. Roll up for the twist. Just Kinda [inaudible] ever wait to get to the twist. I guess. Five, six, seven, eight, rotate. Rotate. Two, three down on four, seven, eight. One, two, three. Down on four, lift up. Rotate. Seven, eight, twist to wild thing. Lift down on eight, rotate two, three down on four more. Twist and rotate. Wild thing, twist seven, eight, rotate. Two, three, four up on wild thing. Lower twist. Two, three down on four, six, seven, eight.

N Rotate Lower and whips and go lift. Two, three, four. Pause. Say Jab. Pay Down to rotate. Fold forward. Hold for four counts and we roll down. Take your arms overhead, circle it around. Take your right knee in towards your chest, lengthening out the left hip flexor. Take your knee to the left. Rotate spinal twist.

Eight count for the Pretzel. Crossing your knees in towards your chest unfold. Arms stretch overhead, circling around, hog the opposite knee. [inaudible] an rotate spinal twist. Stretch it and pretzel unfold. Stretch your arms up, sir. Lit around once and lift up. We're going to lift up, rolling up, fold forward. Bend your knees and we're going to lift into our arch and go up to three, four round lift, curl, lift, curl. Reach your arms up.

Three, four, reach your arms up, take your palms towards you, lowering your gaze, and we are done. Very good. Thank you so much.

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Wonderful flow! Love the yoga and Pilates infused...and with music! Perfect!
1 person likes this.
amazing workout!So fun
1 person likes this.
simple and elegant workout, thanks Lisa!
Lisa Hubbard
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Thank you ladies, I had fun with this one and so happy to hear your feedback!
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autor de la música de esta clase por favor ,gracias
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Que clase tan espectacular lisa,muchas gracias
Louise T
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Beautiful choreography
1 person likes this.
Where did you get your music?
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Great class. Love it!
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Love it!! Thank you, Lisa.
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