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Bring out your "Inner Goddess" in this Rhythm Pilates® workout with Lisa Hubbard. After you have finished the Breakdown, you will be ready for the full class set to music. This yoga-inspired sequence includes many challenging exercises like Sun Salutations, Mudras, Boat Pose, and so much more!
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Thank you for joining me today. Uh, for the full, um, sequence of rhythm. Pele's inner goddess. We're going to begin, um, by kneeling and cue music. Perry, let's do this thing. Head arms open. Lower. [inaudible] back to your heart center. One more time. Diving, four time.

[inaudible]. [inaudible] last one. Anne had role and we go to the right. [inaudible]. Push left.

[inaudible] position. Stretch your legs. Strong. Arms, strong legs. One more, eight count before he couldn't go into down dog. Seven, eight n ups forward four counts in each position to forward three. [inaudible] bring it up. Lunch five, text seven, eight. Sweep your arms up. Two, three, four and open two, three and sweet. Bit Up prayer. Rotate and come into your sun salutation coming forward into Ford full five six. Bring it back. Seven, eight and one and sweep it up so your heart rotate. Talk to your toe.

We're going to go into chair pose and [inaudible] four times and bring it up. Add fold. Three fold. One more time. Fold. Play Holding. Bring your right foot forward and warrior stretch. Five, six, seven, eight, five, six. Stretch it. Seven eight, two more. Five, six, seven, eight. One more. [inaudible] fall forward. Reaching forward. Left hand across your right ankle, open center, and left.

[inaudible]. Bring it back to your center. Three, four, lower your hand. Head goes onto your mat. Flatten your back. Shoulders away from your ears. We're going to arch. Um, lift arms go around warrior two on the other side. One, two, three, four, five, six. Stretches.

Seven bed at eight, five, six. Good ladies. [inaudible] and bring it over last time. Good. You guys are hearing it now. Good. Saw four, two, three. Go to the left. We're going to curtsy and go into the twist.

Rotate, lift up, get a count to get there. Cross and we go. Seven, eight, lift it. One, two, three, four under, on five. Love down. Bring it up. No, I'm a stay teaser. Bring the knees in, lift your legs and other side and go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Again, up under Nah mistake he's or boat pose, Combo and rich [inaudible] cross your legs and we go forward. Two, three and again. Two, two, three, four, five, six. Nomis day teas or take your knees in, draw the breath out. Relax your shoulders and boat pose and cross your legs open lake rocker.

Coming here in a moment. One more of these. Bring it forward to open your chest. Good. Bend your knees, grab your ankles, balance, focus, intention, and round your back and round. Three times. Hold two more. Two, two more. Or three. Sorry. One more lower roll down shoulder stand. Take your hands to your back and lift your legs. Eight count to lift and eight more.

We're gonna roll the standing so lower your legs bend. Comment to sun salutation. Sweep your arms up and come forward and go into your plank. Lower for your locust up. Open in, down to six times. One more time before we go into single leg kick. Stretch your arms.

Lift your back prayer pose. Lift your body at one, one, one, one [inaudible] lower. Take your arms back, lift your body lower and lift. Two, three, four. Circle your arms around, lift lower and push back into child's pose. Reach your arms. We're going to go into that waving child's pose. Ready and go. Four. One, two, three, four.

N Arch floated up. Arch your back, push back and one more. [inaudible] back. Roll Up. Sweep your arms. We're going to go into plank. We're going to hold a count and find your plank. Five, six right leg and go up, down, left one more time and bring the neat can.

Two Times. Switch to the diagonal. [inaudible] and hold for count. Lift up. You have eight count. Jump, John, roll on your back. Five, six, seven, eight. Roll Up. Cannes, underneath your hip. Five, six right leg goes down. Take your time guys. And down. Two, three, four. One more set.

[inaudible] hold it here. Stretch. Find a nice scissor position. Switch and go. Flex left side. [inaudible] lower. Two, three, four and down. Two, three, four. One more time. Slow it down guys. And hold. Hold. Two, three, four, scissor, two, three, four. Bicycle, two sets.

Whole five, six, scissor and go. One what? Take your legs together. Roll down. Bend your knees. We're going to go roll up. Stretch your arms and like one arm circle. And now lift your arms up. Rolling up for two and a half time and lower [inaudible].

One more time. Setting up nice and tall. Open your legs and we're gonna find stretch down, going diving. Pull it back and Moodra. Open to think a space in the Vertebra.

Oh, arching the tail. Pull back on five, seven, eight last time. Bring the legs together, push up, find your position and we go right leg up and left up. Lower the hips. Go down to three, four crossing, arching, forward, arching, and take your knees together. Two, three, four and five. Six, seven, eight n left, right. Take your time.

Lower down to cross to forward to lift to last time. And Java leg lowers. Ready. Five, six, seven. Go down to two to up to one more. And now we bend at the knees. Bend, stretch, arms go overhead. And we lift arching. One more set, bend it.

And we go down to two. Last time. Hold and bend, then stretch. Roll and lift our, hold it, roll it. Two, three, four, open. Sorry. And lifts. [inaudible] three skews me and walk it back and go. Arms circles. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. N is two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. N Walk Five, six and last time, take it in. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

N Walk. After this comes the saw, so you're ready. And lift. And last time, draw in. Stretch and walking. Roll Up. Open your arms and we're going to talk.

Nice and slow. Ready? Flex. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four. Articulate up. Seven, eight, spiral. Last set. [inaudible].

Good. Now Octopus, you're stretching over. Over two, three, four, arms and other way. Good. And over two, three, four. Last set, add. We go. Bring it together. Circle. We're going to go into fish pose.

Circle your arms and lift your chest and lower down. Bend your knees as you come into your fish pose. And last too. [inaudible]. One more floating teaser, ad, elbow, elbow, three, four, down to three. Four N, three, four like you're in water.

One more before we go into boat pose. And Boom, two, three, four, down two. And we go strong boat posts, lower down, arms circle, roll up, twist sequence, folding forward. Five, six, seven. Right knee. Rotate. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Rotate two down on four, rotate and lower twist. Wow. Leg lift down on eight twist, lower twist. Wild thing. Lower twist. One more set.

[inaudible] and twist. Lower twist while thing. And we go lower. Rotate. Two, three, four, wild thing and I've looked pay. Bring it in, in, and rotate. One, two, three down or four wild thing. Devil the PE in lower.

Rotate both forward. Roll down, circle around. Hug Your right knee in towards your chest. Cross it over. Final twist. Pretzel [inaudible] unfold.

Circle your arms and left knee comes in in two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight n rotation and crossing on fold arms overhead. Circled them around. Lift them up and ready. Roll Up. Fold forward. Bend your knees en our church. Yes. Open. Curl your back, pushing the heels into your hands. Open up that low back. One more.

[inaudible] hold here. Flatten your back out on a diagonal. Arms out lower. Sweep them up and bring it to your heart center. Bring your knees together and we are done. Thank you.

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Beautiful movement--absolutely beautiful. Fluidity in Motion. It was a very special, unique class. I can decently do the 1st half and need to go back to the breakdown and learn the 2nd half before trying this again. I think it's a pretty advanced class. I really enjoyed it. It was peaceful yet strong. I LOVE the flow and the music. This is a class to keep in your favorites list and to de-stress to. I really enjoyed it and truly look forward to getting better and stronger at. Thank you!
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Thank you for this flowing Class, i love it
4 people like this.
Love this, the wave of the future...Gorgeous teacher, wisely utilizing color energy, cyan blue. All eyes on beautiful and inspiring Lisa. Once I master the breakdown, I will flow through this like I own it. Masterful selection of vibe music that affects your nervous system in a positive way. I have work to do with this class, but I love it. Thank you.
Lisa Hubbard
I am delighted to get such wonderful feedback, thank you! I am absolutely am in love the music and appreciate hearing Judy's comment about the vibes and the positive effect that it has on the nervous system. Music to my ears! With gratitude!
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Wonderful class with a great teacher! I love the flow and the music.
Thank you Lisa for this amazing workout:)!
Lisa Hubbard
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Thank you Daniela! SO sweet, I appreciate it
I do quite a bit of yoga, so I'll incorporate some of these sequences. I liked the music too. Thanks Lisa!!
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Wow! What a class. I loved it. I am not a yoga person but I loved so much of this that I want to incorporate in some of my mat exercises. Just great. One of my favorites.
Lisa Hubbard
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Wonderful Elizabeth & Sandra! I'm more of Pilates minded, but adore what yoga has to offer my mental state as well as the physicality of it's deep & intentional work.
3 people like this.
Awesome Class!! Thank you so much!! Pure Joy!!
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