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Challenge your control and precision with this advanced class taught in the classical style of Romana's Pilates. This class moves at a quick pace and is meant for the experienced participant, one who is familiar with and has practiced advanced exercises like The Crab, Jacknife, and Overhead. The pace and intensity of this class is not conducive to learning the exercises for the first time. Enjoy!
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Okay, let's go ahead and begin. Martha's gonna show an advanced, um, map class this evening. We're going to go right into position. Cross your legs, Cross your arms, and go ahead and sit down. Then to lift your bottoms and lie all the way down. And of course, if you come to an exercise that does not agree with you, please leave it out and join us on the next exercise. These are advanced movements, so be conscious of that. These are very challenging. Go right into position by lifting your legs up, arms out long. Begin breathing. Exhale, so it's quiet. Breathing. Inhale for three counts. Two, exhale for seven and two to three, four, five, six, seven, two, six, seven, counting in your mind.

Squeeze your bottoms. Exhale 70 reaching the arms out. Long. Exhale, two, three, four, five, six, seven, really scoop, excellent. And rest going into your overhead. You're going to take those like right up to 90 degrees over the head. So legs go up over tap the Mat, flex your feet and begin to articulate down.

Drop the feet together, up over, flex and roll down to more. Right back up. Skim your thighs on your chest. Now reversed the feet, the feet open, flex together, rolling down, open over, flex together. And hopefully you're nice and centered. Stretching out long. And one more time. So a total of six together flexed, shifted just a little bit there. Long, long legs. That's it. And long arms. Go ahead and go into your roll-ups.

Take your arms up and you're going to roll up one vertebra at a time. Just stretch over to the toes. Soft feet so the energy isn't in your toes or your feet. It's in that powerhouse. The scoop. Exhale up.

Stretch three and the whole time you're rapping. And we're going fairly quickly here because they are flowing movements. That's it. Last one scoop. You'll go ahead and lie down. Take one. Lega going into your leg circles. So not a lot of movement here, but you are big circles out, up to the nose.

Three Nice. Next for accent is up. Five, reverse it. Five times one to the nose too. And there's a pause on the up. Three up. Pause for a pause. Five and scissor. Switching the circles. One to the nose. Two, three, four. Got My ponytail in the wrong position.

Five reversed that one too long. Legs three. So you're reaching out the hip. Four and five. Go ahead and sit up. Sit at your heels, grab onto your ankles, going into your rolling like cabal. You'll inhale it, go back, except come right back up. Your hands for advanced are wrapped around the legs. So like a big hug. That's it. Head between the knees and hands more towards the ankles. That's it.

That's six times and right back up. Now go back and balance on your shoulders. Hold, hold. And then come back up one more time and hold. Hold right back up. Place your feet down a little softer with the toes. Lift your bottom and lie down. Right into position for single leg stretch. Good switch legs. Good.

Open your chest, pulling those shoulders down. Three and flattening even more underneath six, six, eight times to reach the leg out. So it's a stretch and a strength. That's it. Last one. Double leg out. Okay, now at the skim. So drop the heels, lift the feet. Got It. So you skim them out with your heels and we'll lift up without losing that art that back. So no arching right back up. So more energy in Dan up last one.

And single leg, pool scissors, one, one, two, two, two. So let me see more accent on this. Whip with the leg. So whip it up. That's it. And then with pool and scripts go pope. Cool, cool, cool. Five actually the last sentence and legs up. Hands back, lower left. So as you can tell, there's really no pause here.

It's pretty much flowing. Lift that sternum. Go ahead. [inaudible] all the way out and up with the legs so the legs aren't just dropping. They're reaching out. And then lifting two more. And I last one going into your crisscross or one that's it. You are slightly turned out, not too turned out and not letting those hips role. Now put it into three counts to tap.

One to tap the knee, one to tap the knee. That's it. One, two, three, one, two, three, last one, two, three. And that's enough. Go ahead. Sit right up. Going into your spine, stretch forward. Arms are up. Deep breath in, curling to take that down. And here you want to make sure that table really stays down and then come up tall and deep breath in. Exhale, not letting those feet turn out, keeping them lined up at the hip and come right back up. You can put your head on the Mat and your head between your arms getting that scoop still and then come back up to more. Exhale, tap o way down and up. And one more. That's it.

Scope, scope, go deep, deep, deep, yes. And up open like rockers. So this one you'll need to move forward. You can take your legs up, drop your head, round your back and burring it up. Controlling the movement on the back end. Right back up. Lift up tall and back. All the way up. Now bring your feet together, reach for the toes, drop your head and take that same movement back without rolling onto the head.

Come up, ed. Lift. Go. Hit around again and all the way up. That's it. Try not to lose those toes. Try to hold onto them the whole time. Last one, taking it back, hold onto those toes and hold, hold. Keep the legs up, walk down your legs and go into your corkscrews with the Jack Jackknife. So you're gonna circle the legs as far over to the right left center. And then Jack knife up to shoulder stand and to the left around.

And what you want to be aware here is not to use your neck, so you don't want to push with the arms powerhouse and around. So if your head is moving around, that means your net could get hurt. So be careful and circle an accent. Oh way up here, that's it. Lifting, lifting, lifting and then come down. Last one to the left. So you reversed those each time. Lift and there it is. Come on down. Very nice. Sit Up for your saw. These always feel good.

You're going to turn, stretch, place your nose on your knee and careful not to hyper. Extend your knees there and then come back up and center. End Turn. Reach up, center out. So there's no bouncing. You just hold it there and then you come up and stretch. Staying on each hip.

Not letting them shift last one to each side and enough. All right, finishing on the left. Okay. All right. I'm going to have you flip over to your stomach for your neck. [inaudible] palms underneath your shoulders and you're going to go right into your swan dive, so you'll first come up onto the palms, getting yourself into position. Heels are together, who powerhouse is lifted, and then she's going to fall onto her stomach. Lift the palms, lift the legs and palms up. One, two, three as high up. Really give it some momentum up and up.

Last set up and enough stretch back to your heels. Give your back a little stretch. Okay. Again, remember these are all advanced movements, so hopefully you don't have any injuries during these. All right, enough pause. She'll lie back down. Going into single leg, kick up on her, her elbows. So a nice lifted powerhouse. Nothing should move here. It should stay really scooped so it doesn't collapse as leg kick.

So she's going to kick two times, kick, kick lifting this up and kick kick. So those ribs are really lifted and your bottom's working. Kick, kick. These are bottom striking, throwing, strengthening exercises. Kick, kick and kick, kick and last set to each side. Lie Down with your hands behind you both feet, three kicks, doubling, kick to three and then touch your ankles. Now quickly shift and kick. One, two, three, reach and switch. One, two, three, stretch back.

That's one, two, three, stretch. Well more set. And one, two, three reach. Last one. One, two, three, reach. I'll give you an extra little stretch and that's enough. You're going to sit on your heels once again. Stretch back. Okay. Give yourself a moment and then I'll have you do the rocker. So you're going to lie back down. You'll lift your legs up, you're going to reach for your ankles. [inaudible] okay.

And then she's going to lift her head and try to rock on her stomach about five to 10 times one and getting up higher as she goes to three. She's using her head to help move her. Four had five. Let's do that. That's enough. Go ahead and stretch back. She's done enough and a little stretch afterwards and then she's gonna transition to net pool, so she'll end up lying back down on her back. Both the HIPAA with apart, hands behind her head and elbow. Stay open for advanced. You do not want them to come in. Go ahead and begin to come up and right there. Her elbows came in.

The first one's always going to be the toughest. Once you've been on your stomach and you transition to your back to get back into that powerhouse here and under. Now I want her to add the hinge. She goes over, she sits up tall, hinge, tall, tall, tall, tall, tall, and curl to go down and over. Exhale. So breathe and don't lock your knees. Yes, their flex. Yes, your legs are long, but they're not locked. And tumor. [inaudible] elbows open, tall and hinge. Hinge, hinge as far as you can, and then curl under. And last one, elbows open. Had a girl and up and hinge and roofs have to stay together here.

Otherwise you'll lose that power and that's enough. All right, let's have you lie on your side for some side kicks in. Then we'll come back to that in just a little bit. Okay, so she's lying on her left to show her right side. So right leg as on top. Don't have to start that way, but general way to start, let 'em take your leg up, hip level, hand behind your head and most important of course is that powerhouse. Flatten it out. Ribs should be together, bottom should be squeezing, hips are long and you're going to begin to kick kick for about 10 times and kick kick to the nose too and everything stable. Kick, kick three. Really get those ribs and especially going back there for five and not letting the chest move around.

Six kick seven or that tailbone lift as the leg lift. Eight kick kick nine and one more kick. Kick and up and down. Take your leg up, reached the leg out. Go ahead and flex up. Point down and make sure as you're coming down you get a deeper scoop and up and stretch for five about eight of these up and reach six.

Really let me see your bottom working here and not the knees squeezing together. And that's enough. Eight go ahead and go into your circles, keeping the hand there. Three, four, five and reverse that one, two, three, four, five and rest your leg for a moment. Okay, go ahead and place your hand down variations here, but go ahead and cross that right leg. Go over and grab onto your ankle. So your right foot is on the mat flat and she's going to lift her left leg up and then lowered two times. One more time, lift and lower. Now two little circles with that left leg one and two.

Then now really lift that circle. So you're working that in her thigh. Two, three, reverse it. Two little circles. One, two, and then three big ones up and around. One, two, long leg though. And three, so you're still reaching out both legs on top of each other. Have her go into some big scissors. So she's going to end up taking the, so she's in that v she's going to, so maybe a little bit further forward with your feet. Take your legs up and begin to kick one leg forward, one leg back without your hips rolling. Keeping hip on top of hip roots together to really stretch forward. Stretch back far as you can. Take advantage of the stretch.

Add back, add up, and that's it. All right. Rest your legs. Go ahead. Swing them a bit more forward. Good. Make sure your shoulders back, ribs are in and tight going into your hot potato. Taking that leg. Five tabs. One, two, four, five and accent up. And one, two to four, five up and four. One, two, four up. No knees, two, three, four up. So careful not to lock your at those knees. Three up. One, two, three, up to one, two, oh one, two, up, one up, one up and up. That's it. Sorry. They're on you off there.

All right. Rest your knee a little bit. It looks like it's walking a bit. Take your leg up again about hip level. It's heavy. Go into a bicycle. You're going to take that leg forward. Bend your knee towards your shoulder, need to your knee. So start to bring it back and then make sure you don't roll those hips. So keep your hip right on top of the other, which is more here.

You reach the leg out. That's it. Now go forward, Ben. Journey, knee to knee. Lower your knee a bit so it's hip level. Stretch back. And one more front. Bend the knee. Knee to knee. Right there. Go back. You could go a lot further back. Yes. So take advantage of that. And now let's have you reversed it. You finish on top of the other leg, you'd take the leg back, you reach it out long, you start to bend your knee without it moving.

Try to get your heel to touch your bottom. Pull those ribs together. Good. And then need a knee. Need a shoulder and careful not to take your tailbone with you. You want to keep your spine long and two more. Take the leg back. Ribs, shoulder.

Now begin to bring that heel to your bottom without the knee lifting. That right there. Need to knee, need to shoulder stretch. Last one as swing it back. Then the knee need an eight much better need a knee. He had a shoulder and lengthen that leg. All right, Russ, the leg on top of the other, and then I'm going to have her go into ground around the Shaun, so she'll end up taking that leg up. Once again, hip level to begin checking her frame.

Take your leg forward, lifting her leg, try to brush your shoulder. Now here's where you have to be careful that your hip doesn't roll back, but it actually pushes forward and lifts up. Then you swing the leg forward. Big Circle up in the air up. Reach for the ceiling, lengthening out of the hip and right there your hips are rolling a little bit further back there and then reach out. And one more time. Front up and back. [inaudible]. Now you're going to have finish on top of the other leg. Reverse it.

So take that back. Now lift your thigh up to the shoulder. Tried to touch your ear. Okay, bringing it back, way back here. Careful your hips are rolling. That's it. Now from here, lift from this muscle in here. Lift, lift, lift up. Set careful though. Your bottoms [inaudible] pulling forward. Yes. Last one. And take it back. Lift the leg up to the ceiling, to your ear, navel to spine at the same time, and the rest of the leg on top of the other.

Go ahead and just shake your legs out. Roll to your stomach. Palm on top of Palm, going into your transition beats. Alright, so you're going to reach those legs out long. Begin to lift them up and begin clapping. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and begin clapping a little bit quicker. Now. One, two, three, four long legs though. You're always reaching six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and correct the other leg both legs forward, hip on top of hip. Okay. Going into your front kicks. So the leg is slightly turned out.

Rib stay together. This is a good view to see the f the front to make sure nothing's popping out. Get kicked. So to clear kicks, kick, kick back, kick, kick back, kick, kick. That's it. Kick, kick five and kick, kick six. Not letting that shoulder move. You want it to jerk forward.

Eight and Tommy stays solid. Nine kick, kick and 10 up and down. Taking the leg up and keeping both knees soft here. I'd say two. Adding the flex and point flex on the up point on the down. Flex and rich set. Let's see more length happening on the down.

That leg should look as though it's longer than the bottom leg. Last one. Okay. Into the circles. Five each way. One, two, three, four, five, reversing two, three, four, five and rest. You're like, all right, so this is where she's going to place her hand down. Cross the like over, grabbing onto the ankle, going to those leg lifts so like comes up and lowers one, two and then circling three times. Sorry, two little circles. One and then three big ones up and around. One, two, three, reversed that. So two small circles, one, two and then as big as you can try to brush the other leg. Two and three.

Restauro leg, both legs back on top of each other going into big scissors. So one leg is going to swing front and as the other one swings back, does it matter which one you choose? Just make sure you're really trying to stretch from both angles and not letting those hips roll backwards. So I want to shift you a little bit now push your ribs together and go forward as far as, again, it goes back to front. So really work this side up, up, up, a little bit weaker on this side. Last one up, up, up. And that's enough rest. I want to go back to that other side now.

Okay, so now she's going to go into her hot potatoes and here we go. We're going to begin clapping. Tapping. One, two, three, four, five, accent up. One, two, four, five and one, two, three, four. Up. One, two, three, four, up. One, two, three, up. Keeping that naval and two, three up and now quickly. One, two, one, two, oneF , one up. Last one to each side.

Up and up and drop the leg. All right, let's have you go into your bicycles. So when that lovely comes back up in the begin to take your leg forward as far up as you can, bend your knee. Now careful that knee doesn't lift higher than your hip. Yes, you felt it. And then you stretch this back, reaching out of the hip. So lots of energy to reach long and take the leg up.

Bend Journey, knee to knee. And I begin to take that leg back button. Don't let those ribs pool out. Keep them together. Yes. And one more up. Bend the knee. Need a knee stretch back. That's it. I'm going to let go. Okay. And forward. Reverse it. Take the leg back.

Really deep ribs. Need a shoulder. Stretch the leg out long. Okay. And two more. Taking the leg back. Bend your knee. Yeah, right there. Now flatten out those hips. Nice. Long back. Need a shoulder a little bit high and then stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Good. Last one. So straight back.

Bend journey scooping. Good native a shoulder. I'm going to hold your leg and I want you to try to stretch it out. Rotate your knee a little bit towards the ceiling. Long, long leg. Tailbone flat. Yes. And that's enough restroom leg. Next you're going to go into those ground rod and Shawn's. Okay.

So the like starts up hip level and then you're going to take your leg forward. Big Lift. Take the leg back without ruling your left hip back. That's it. Yes. And forward. Yeah. And then lift from the side up. Keep pulling back. That's it. Keep pulling back. Keep going back and right here.

Careful the hip ribs stretch. One more time and forward to the ear. Try to brush your ear. That's it. So she's working from the thigh to lift the leg, not from the foot. And then that's where you should feel a little jittery or reach. Reach, reach out. Okay. And the last one in front to the ear. Very nice.

That's it. And here's where overall squeeze your Tish, push it forward. That's it. Reached out like out and in a leg on top of it. Okay. Let's have you lie back down on your back. Okay. And I'm going to have you go into your teasers.

So move your head and shoulders a little to the left. Okay. Now it's been a little while since you've been on your back. So you'll notice the difference. You're going to start with your knees into your chest going into teaser one. So take your arms straight back, take your leg straight up, he'll stay together.

And now you're going to lower those legs to about 45 degrees and peel off the mat. You want to keep the legs perfectly still. Try to touch your toes. Put your nose on your knees. Way Up here. Lift, lift, lift. Now lift your back to the ceiling. Lift it up, up, up, up. Now control that and lie back down and out. Come right back up to the toes. That's it. All the way up. Way Up here. Yes, lift. And now careful going down, not losing that powerhouse. And one more time.

Come on up now this time hold lower and lift the legs. And now the legs just drop and lift and you can go as far as you want. Tack the Mat and lift if you'd like or you can just do little ones. Now lie all the way down to per teaser three. So everything together, peel off that mat to the toes, lift to the ears and control that down. So you want your torso to come up with the legs. So same time right there.

Reach for the toes. Lift, come back down and put your nose between your knees all the way up. Touched your nose on your knees. Way Up there. Now lift your back, then lie that back down. Very nice. All right. Go ahead and sit up. All right, let's have you go into your Jack Knife next. So actually I'm going to have you end up lying back down. Start with yes. Start with your feet apart. Heels together. Lie on your back.

Let's go into your jackknife. So heels together and your feet are relaxed. Okay, so she's going to start, I'm going to have you start at 90 degrees. Bring your knees into your chest and then we're going to end up going all the way to the floor. So she's going to take the heels over to about 60 degrees, not too low, and then right away jack knife up, way up. Try to touch the ceiling. These are very dangerous for neck, so you have to really understand how to do these and then control that down also for backs. And now go all the way to the mat. Sorry. So you lie down.

This is not the teaser. Your legs are going to go over. You're going to jack knife up. So shoulder bridge up. Okay. Let's say we're learning what we're doing with extra toes. And now go ahead and bring that down. That's it. Carefully rolling down. So your legs are going to go down.

Your head stays right there, your legs go down, your legs go over you jack knife out there. That's what I'm looking for. And then come right back down and touch over. Lift. Make sure your feet touched them at before you lift them up so your legs should be way up here. Lift, lift, lift. That's it. And now come back down to more. Your feet touch. You go over, you lift up and now you come back down.

And when you go over you don't want to go too far back just to about right there. Yes. And then you give it a little kick and come on down. And Copa come up into spine twist. So legs are straight feeder, flex and arms out to the side. You're going to take a nice deep breath in, palms down, and exhale, twisting to the side. And when you exhale in turn, you want to lift up. Exhale, exhale ribs together though and center and center. Center without those feet shuffling. Good and keeping those ribs really tight. Center Center, last one, center.

And that's it. All right, let's go ahead and go into your, you know the bicycle where you lie on your back. We'll get it into position is a little bit tricky. So you want to get your knees into your chest, you have to lift your bottom up and then you support your hips with your hands, right? And then you're going to take one leg up, going into a bicycle. So one leg will reach out. You want to go as low as you can stretch until they get long.

Almost trying to skim the heel of your foot on the mat. You don't want to go so low that you lose your hips though. So keep those hips lifted and those roots together. Reach out. That's it. Shoulders down, chest open. Tell me up. Yes, and one more to each side and then I'll have you reverse that out and he'll go ahead and reverse. So one leg goes down, stretches out listless lists as the other one goes down, up it. Remember which way to go.

Which way did I start this knee? I'm a little bit worried. There you go. It was just kind of turned out that much. That's it. Last one and stretch and enough. Let's go ahead and bring those knees and bend them for a moment. Then you'll take your legs up and you can do big scissors here where you're pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, or both legs are straight.

One leg goes down and he pulse. Pulse, the leg and scissor. Pulse, pulse and switch. Pull and scoop. Scoop. So deep into here. Scoop, scoop. That's it. Powerhouse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. And one more set, right? Right, left, left. And that's enough. Go ahead and bend your knees. I'll have you drop your hands a lie back down. Okay. This time you're going to come back up, going into your hip circles, so your arms are getting your arms. They're going to go behind you and you're going to bring your knees into your chest. That's it. And you get the hands in a comfortable position or kind of space depart.

And then you bring those knees in, lift the legs up, lift your back up, opening the chest, big circle down, brush the mat, lift the legs way up high and circle down around em. Big Lift and I'll get quicker down. I'm had him. Big Lift and circle around and big lift and right, so it's a corkscrew lift. But sitting up, get that back to really lift up and last one way up this lift lip and one more ankle out of your back there. Big Lift, lift, lift. There you go. And then you're going to go ahead and drop your feet. Move backwards a bit. When they cross his over, this is what you were thinking earlier.

You were boomerang. Your hands are down at your hips, your head is down. You want to keep your head as close to your knees as you can. As you take those legs over with you. That's it. And then you re cross the light. You don't touch the floor with the toes. You come on up, you take the hands back, you stretch them big circle and then float over to the knees.

So hands at your hips, you got enough room. Okay, so you're going to take your legs with you back. You stop there. That's it. Then you recross so the legs don't touch the mat. You reach for the toes into your teaser. Take your arms behind you. Stretch big circle, float over to the knees. So now these are going to get quicker. So that was kind of a prep over.

Re Cross and cover, right back up to the toes. Stretch, circle, float over and take it right back over. Cross. Come on up. Rich stretch circle one more set at your hits. Take it back where we cross. Come on up to the toes, stretching back. Big Lift and stretch over last one and float over. Recross come right back up. Rich for those toes. Come on up with the back up, up, up, up, arms behind you, and I want you to float with the legs over. All right, move forward for your seals. Hands underneath the ankles, holding onto the palm or the top of the arch. That's it. Really round your back.

Deep Scoop. And three claps. One, two, three, go back three, right back up. One, two, three back. Make sure you come all the way up. Balance with your head down, looking at your stomach. One, two, three, back a little bit quicker. Now, one, two, three, one, two, three, back all the way up to three up last one. And then I'd like you to come up to a standing position by crossing your legs, crossing your arms and standing right back up. I want you to pivot, turn around and face the opposite direction. That's it. Take a nice deep breath in and exhale.

Walk down your legs out into a pushup position both hands right underneath your shoulder. That's it. Open up your chest and then I want you to lift your heels so you're not going into a pushup. You're just going to go into a stretch at first. So you're gonna take one foot off the mat and stretch back and lift the heel, and then switch feet. And as you're stretching, you want to make sure those hips stay really still. And one more set. Stretch back. Lift and shift the heel. So the heel stretching back and forward. Sorry. Do One more set just to demonstrate back and forward and switch.

Feet back forward. And then you hold that open up that chest, Mar. Yes. And then she's going to bend your elbows in, skim the ribs, and come up as deep as you can and up. So her whole, she's pushing up her whole body. Her back is nice and scooped. There's no collapsing. And three, two more, five times four. Skim those elbows on your ribs. That's it. Five. Now walk back to your feet. Walk Up, shift the weight to your ankles. As you come up. And one more side, you're gonna walk back down. And this time we're going to add on your walk out.

Get into position again, the tendon stretch. So lower those hips have ed. So your one straight line and shift and forward and one and forward last one. And hold. Now this is where you want to transition to the back. So you take your hands behind you and transition for your, this is your balance control.

Push up on the reformer through up, and you're gonna take one leg and kick it up. Not letting your hips drop and kick it up and Ho and tell me up kick and lower kick and lower. Now big circle up circle center circle almost kicked you and reverse that center out. Up Hold. And that's where you're going to bend the elbows and push up three times. Lift the ribs up, lift your hips up to three, and then drop.

Go ahead and stretch over. Flex your feet. That's it. And then I'll have you finished with a little bit of a crab. So you bend your knees and these you have to go very slow on. So your hands are inside and your legs, sorry, your hands are on the outside and you're holding onto the ankles.

That's your head is down. You're really rounded. Okay. And you want room in front of you. So I'd like you to actually move backwards. Yeah. So you have some cushion in front of you. So very slowly. Let's have you go back first. She's going to re cross her legs so you let go of them, bend them, come up.

Now this is the dangerous part. So you have to very carefully just to stretch for the back of the neck and then take that back. This part's fairly comfortable. Recross come back up. It's going to stretch the back of her neck. She's not pushing her chin into her chest. She should lengthening it. And then two more sets. Take it back. Red Cross. Come on up.

Stretch. That's it. Good. One more time. Take it back. Hurry. Cross. Come back up and stretch. And that's enough. You're going to go back and come back up into a teaser. That's it. Both legs together. This time, rich, lift your back and float over to your toes.

And Xi, you are done. So hopefully you enjoyed that and got to go workout. Good job.


A real workout! I like this accelerated class which moved at a quick pace.Hope you have more classes like this one.
I loved this class! Great workout.
two amazing instructors!! the best stretch you can get in the morning absolutely kick-starts your day!
good class... with fluent sequence of advance exercises...I like that is just 37 min so I can do it between my pause at work
good class... with fluent sequence of advance exercises...I like that is just 37 min so I can do it between my pause at work
Good, classical sequence, flows well. Good cuing.
Excellent challenge! Wonderful Instructor. One of my favorites so far.
Excellent. The pace is perfect. A well-rounded class, the instructor is on point. Wonderful!
Love the faster pace. Look forward to working out with your other classes!
Love the fast pace - great for a quick morning workout!
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