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Advanced Tower Flow

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There are so many possibilities in this advanced Tower workout with MeJo Wiggin. She keeps a nice flow and maintains an order by teaching the traditional Mat work while incorporating the Tower. She also adds exercises from the Cadillac which require an immense amount of control like Eagle without Springs, Parakeet, and much more!
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Sep 03, 2015
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So the tower class is actually my favorite to teach. There are so many different possibilities of exercises you can teach in the tower class. Um, every time I teach it, it's a little different. And honestly, I don't know what I'm going to teach until I see my class. So are you open to that? Yeah. Okay. She's open to anything. Um, one thing I do like to do is try to set up my tower so I don't have to stop in the middle and adjust and stop the class. So we are going to start with those legs springs in position. We've got the arms spring on the bottom hook.

We've got their legs spring on the one, two, three fourth hook from the bottom. Um, we've got our push through bar. Let's keep it down to start and our rollback is up here out of the way for now. Okay. So the beauty of a tower classes, um, when you teach Cadillac, actually there's really no order of exercises that we teach on the Cadillac. The Tower is actually the Cadillac and a mat combined.

So in keeping this a classical class, um, we do want to keep some kind of a flow to this movement, to this, to this workshop. Um, I also like to keep it in a classical sense and that we want to maintain some kind of an order. And in that what we're going to do is we're going to stick with the mat order, but incorporate the tower as much as we can and then go onto more Cadillac work. Okay, let's get started. You're going to stand up in the center. Uh, let's grab a hold of those arms springs starting standing nice and parallel. Spread your toes wide open and get them moving. Get them open. No Hammer toes here. Hold your head nice and high.

Hold your belly in and easy. You're going to sit back, right? You're sitting in a chair but don't look down. Alright. Stay there or your knees over your toes. Are Those arches collapsed? Do you still parallel? How about kicking your heels open a little more. Adjust here. A Honda. Go down another inch and go down another inch. God, I don't look down. Lift your chest, shoulders back.

Well that is Spelman again, and come stand through it again. Sick. Oh, when the knees good. Kick your heels open just a tad. There you go. Andre. Up Right over that second toe. Soften the elbows. Can you go lower? Can you go lower? You're sitting on a tiny little the pillow. Tiny little pillow right there and come stand. One more. Here we go. Let's say we do this on the wall, but what does it like without the wall?

Do those weeds. No knees wobble. Watch the arches. Are Your toe starting to curl? [inaudible] don't use that. Use your powerhouse now very slowly. Go Lower and lower and lower and lower and sit. Then roll your body down. Beautiful. We're going to take the hundred, so bring in the knees. When you have springs. Notice your legs won't go as low. Keep them high. That's fine with me, but we want to make sure your back is in the mat and you're fully supported so we breathe and notice you won't be able to pump as vigorous when you've got springs in your hands. Listen to your body. Never Jerk your body.

Don't jerk your shoulders, make it smooth. And if you feel this in your neck, keep your head down for a few and join us when you can. Breathing. Exhale deeper into your powerhouse and one more breath in and then a full exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Slowly lower your feet to the mat all the way down and come right up into a roll up. Reach beyond your toes, drop-off your springs and scoot forward.

We're going to take your feet on our roll on the push through bar. Here we go into a roll up. Here we go. Scoop in one vertebrae at a time. Smooth. Don't come off that bar. Control your feet, connect to your seat and your seat is part of your powerhouse. Use it to stay controlled on that bar. Beautiful Andreas.

Smooth up. Empty the air stretch. Draw the navel back one vertebrae at a time and reach again. Smooth. This is so much harder when your feet up there. I know wrote down, she's no beginner and this time can you reach for the pole back there? Yeah, we're going to go into a rollover. So take those legs right up over to me.

Smooth, open. We got a stretch. Now flex and row stretch. Can you draw your belly and off those thighs and right back up together. Up. Touch the mat if you can, and roll one vertebrae at a time. This is the best. And massage your body with control. Open flex.

Push out through the heel as you roll your spine. Reverse it energy up together. Now let's keep the flex. Push the heel back. Draw your navel in. Don't rush it. Enjoy it up. Get it together. Smooth to the roll. Roll.

Land your feet back on the bar here and take a roll up again. Good. Turn yourself around into some legs. Circles. So we're going to add a spring here. Take the right foot into the right spring. Hold your poles in length in the leg up.

Everything centered in square. And from here you're going to cross leg and then bring it up. Now really cross over there and reach. Good and cross. And on this last one, you're going to take your hip with you. So really reach it. Feels good. Now pull down and touch your heel to your heel.

Collect your hips on the mat and then out. Up and reverse down over and bring it up and down. Cross. That's it. And down. Cross and around gap. Use this one more. Make it big. Overwhelm. Reach, reach, reach, reach up, grab your legs, stretch it.

Take the strap off, reach for your ankle, stretch. That's it. And we switch legs. Take the left spring onto your left foot. Lengthen. Anchor your shoulders or anchored. You. Press into those poles. Here we go for a leg circle. Cross down up one.

Now don't let the spring pull you. You're in control over. So don't [inaudible] go out so far. Up Cross is where the work's at. Down, but go up. That's better. Cross down, up. Now let's go for the big one. Really Cross go down, heel the heel net.

Don't go flying straight up. Rivers down. Cross over and up and go down. Cross they planted with your ribs and cross and go down and then cross. Now make it big. Go down now. Cross reach that hip off the mat. Stretch over there. Grab the leg and stretch it.

[inaudible] pulling your center. Take advantage of that stretch length in the leg. And then two feet come down. We're going to roll like a ball. Peel to come up, grab those angles and get base in small. Here we go. Hips in the air and lift those hips high. Make it big and back up. We're all, let me Vertebra, don't skip any lift and it's up and scoop and stay small.

One more breath. Make it scope. Come up and sit. Turn yourself around and take your arm springs again. We're going into the stomach series of vive, so take your spring scope back in the middle of your mat. Lie your body down and bring your right knee into the chest long. No control. Pull change legs, change scoop.

Pull in towards your ear with a deep center and in. Find your scope and challenge it against the length of the leg out there. And you reach and you scoop and your scope. Now bring both knees in and rest. You'll notice you might need to rest your neck between these. Give it a rest.

[inaudible] bring both knees in, head and shoulders up. Go for the doubles, stretch and keep it and then bring it in again. Draw your stomach deep and then push the air out. Fill your lungs and scoop. Bring it all the way. Get small. One more hold in that center. Bring it in and your neck. [inaudible] for the scissors. Your legs are going to come straight up.

Your chest lifts up. Don't think of reaching for the Mat. Think of taking that to your nose. Change to the nose. Go to the nose. You feel that in your powerhouse. Go crunch and in in. That's it. Keep it deep. Keep it all in your center.

It is so much harder with those springs. I know, and pull it in and let's rest that neck. Yeah, good. The doubles. Lift your chest in. The feet go down and they come back up and you roll and come back up and said, Ramani say, come down. Nope. Come up and see me sometime down. Come up and see me sometime. One more control and up. Now control it all the way to the met. Slow, slow, slow. As soon as your heels kiss the mat.

Roll yourself up and drop off those springs. Yeah, Roll Back Down for Chris Cross. Okay. And go twist and twist and scoop. Deep abdominals. You twist, you reach deep center and relax. Beautiful series length and up.

You're going to turn around and take your arms springs again for a spine stretch forward. So feet as why does you can get them on the mat. Flex your feet. You may have to sit back cause we start with our hands in front. Okay. Shoulders or back. Lift your head. Lift your chest. Grow three inches up. Drop your head now round forward. Go Flex your feet. Reach beyond those toes. Feel that scoop in your center. Reaching out here.

Now draw your abdominals and control your body up. Don't let the spring pull you flying and lift and drop your head and crunch and crunch and crunch and do the lungs. Now control with a strong center like you're rolling up one vertebrae at a time against the wall. And again, go stretch, reach, reach. Flex those feet against it and control all the way up. Very tall. Take your strips down. Slide forward for a corkscrew. You're going to hold the tower, so reach for the Poles.

Anchor your shoulder, take your legs straight up. Here we go. Up over now. Stable shoulders. Come over here and then a good accelerate back up to the ceiling. That's it. Inhale smooth. Then right back up. If your arms are too straight, you don't want to step out of your shoulder.

Make sure your elbows can stay soft and your shoulders can stay grounded. Work from your center from a strong shoulder. And again, one more. We go over and you pull it up and this is it. Down on the left. Tip Up on the right hip. You stay.

Now roll straight down your spine right up to 90 degrees. Can we take tic-tac while we're here? Turn and look. Watch the shoulders and pick it up. Turn and look. If you're teaching a class and if you have people you're not sure about their shoulders, I would skip this one. Reach, but I know Andrea, she can handle this and good. Take your feet down. Take your roll up again.

Slide your bottom back for the salt. We're back in those arms springs. Here we go. Reach for your handles and the arms are here. Okay, nice. Flex in the feet is why did you can, you're going to twist. Drop the arm behind you. Don't worry about the spring back there, but give me the reach beyond your toe. Crunch. Crunchy. Use that oh bleak reach. Now control it back up. Keep the twist as you come up.

Beautiful. Fill your obliques and now twist to the right twist, twist, twist, twist, twist, and then go crunch down which beyond that toe with a nice flexed foot. Now control your body up. Don't let the spring pull you and twist. Let's go. Left. Big Twist. Head is high. Twist that waistline and then go crunch forward and forward and scope and bring it up. [inaudible] why it again? One more.

Drop the arm and twist and really reach and reach beyond and beyond and control it up. Beautiful. Saw. Good. Let's turn for a swan. Okay, so let's do the swan on the push through bar. We still have no spring, so you lie down. We want straight arms. The head is down. Nice Pilati stance. Now let's draw those shoulders into your back with straight arms. Lift your head. Here we go. Shoulders back. Lift your head, lift your chest. Show me that Beautiful Swan. Look up there and that upper back.

Hold it and smooth to come down. Okay, so we're warming up for what's to come the ribs. Stay down. Do it again. Shoulders back up, up. But try to keep your bottom ribs on the mat. See how far you can extend this upper thoracic spine only and then bring it down. Good. Now the last one, we're going to go higher. Shoulders, the head. You arch. Here, here, our cheer, our cheer, our cheer. Keep going, keep lifting, keep lifting, keep lifting. Keep lifting all the way up there.

You stay and control down. Good. Now you're going to stay there. Turn your head to the side. From here. Let's take the Eagle. Usually we do this with the spring. Here we go without the spring. Then the elbows high up off the table. Lift your sternum and stretch the bar up. Oh, aren't you glad we stretch first and then control it down? No. Crash landings.

Now turn your head to the left, stretch your bar and again, open the elbows high off the mat. The shoulders retract here and you lift your sternum. You lift up through the power. How stretched the arms and easy come down. Duck your head. Aha. Can we do two more? This is great and it always starts with a stable shoulder. Elbows up.

Lift your head, lift your chest, lift your powerhouse up off that mat and duck your head home. Beautiful Andrea. One more, and bend the elbows high. Squeeze. Lift from the power house. Look all the way up at those fingers, their long and reaching deck the head and come out of that. You got it. Released the bar and sit on your heels round. Always round up for quick. The extension like that, pull your belly in.

Lift your stomach and stretch it there. Woo. Good work. Single leg kicks there we go. And your stomach. Draw those abdominals in and up. Get your lift again and we go kick, kick, pull, pull, make it snappy. Pull, pull, kick, kick, kick, kick up, head, high pull, pull, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. And then recent. Let's take the double leg kick right behind your back.

Smooth and go. One, two, three. Lift that left shoulder a little more or less. That's it. And Go and smooth and two and three and up on your own. Lift your own body weight up, up, up, up, and again, give it a kick. Two, three, breathing in. Lift those arms. And one more. This is great.

Give it a kick and smooth lift and lift. Told bed. Beautiful. Lift and sit back on your heels. You've earned it. Round your back. But this time give me straight arms. Lift your belly up and try to push your chest into the mat. [inaudible] make your neck long. And the Mat, oh she earned that.

Make your neck out for can return. Keep your belly lifting as I push down. Yes. Isn't that delicious? Push. Good, good, good. Roll your body up. A second. Neck pull. Let's take your feet here on the boxes. Okay, so traditionally our legs are flex than active. I want them relaxed. Oops. Here we go.

This is all powerhouse scooping [inaudible] and empty the air and stretch and stretch, and then sit tall. Not only use your legs, floppy feet, work one vertebrae at a time and smooth, and we go, go forward and forward. And then you lift, relax your legs. Don't even point him. Relax your quads scope. Beautiful. That'll get in there. One more smooth and forward and lift and get higher. Relax your legs now, roll down slow, slow, and then slower. Slow control. Love it. Enough of that one.

[inaudible] how about we take the leg springs for our sidekicks? Let's turn on your left side. Take that left spring and your left hand is going to hold the pole. Okay. Now whenever I teach this, when I'm in a class, I like to start feet together. Let's adjust that position, make sure the strap is at the base of your arch and we're going to go up, down first so you can get the feel of the spring.

Sometimes springs are different at different studios, so lengthen and reach. You control the up but you lengthen and reached down. Control the app, but give me a good reach. Like I'm pulling you here and it's out. And then pole toll pole and it stays here.

Circle low. Yep. Like your heels are going to brush a brush and brush and circle and now reverse back work this length and that out. My had a name for this. She would call these the pokies out. Change the shape of your thought. Okay, now go bigger and we go bigger. Reach and reach and together. Okay, we're going to go front, back control in front [inaudible] and now bring it back.

Your hip goes forward as this stretches behind and control front. [inaudible] beautiful your square. Now come back, draw the hip forward. Lift through the crown of your head. Stay there. Now when you're back here, can you push into the spring and give me a little more oomph? There you go. Now go friend and let's feel that one again. You're ready. You're going to come back. Draw the hip. Stop here.

Now push into the spring and then try to go a little more. Look at that. Beautiful and bring it together. Okay, we're going to take a big circle. I want constant tension on the spring front with tension up with tension. Reach back with tension. Roll the hip forward as you reach back and then go front and up.

Now reach back, roll the hip. Forward reach, reach, push into the spring. You've got an Andrea, go one more to the front. Pick that leg up. Reach back there and this time take it to the front. Grab your strap to take your foot out. You're gonna lie on your back. We're going into the leg springs on your back, so add two feet into those springs. [inaudible] bring in [inaudible] knees hold. We're going right up into the airplane.

Here we go. And Curl Up. Lift now go catch the springs and you control the ride. You length and across the room and then you bend in. Bring in the knees, get the tail up, lengthen, reach, stretch out. Those springs. Stretch out the springs. Get Long. Now we want to make your bodies small. Bend it in.

Keep your tail on the mat, bend in more, bend in more. Now bring the knees to your ears. Keep the knees to your ears and curl your tail. Keep the knees here and get your tail all the way to the ceiling. Oh, that's how small I want you there. Now go stretch those legs high again and then reach out there.

That's the airplane. Make it long and then did it for one more. Burning it in. Bring in the knees. Get smaller now, curled your tail and get even smaller and get smaller. There you go. Little tiny ball there. Nest, stretch up and reach. Lengthen it, control that. Spring down, and then, then we're going to reverse it. It's going to stretch your legs long and in one line, reach out to come up smooth and bend like a plane.

Taking off on the runway. Touch the heels, stretch out load, didn't do the air reach, reach, laugh. Make it [inaudible]. Now get small and roll and roll and give me one more feet down. Now rich along the runway and reach into the air. Come on, lift and lift and lift. And lift though we were at a Subaru. We're gonna look more. Look up back now. Bend it, man.

Roll down. Take your feet out and let's roll to the other side. Good. Here we go. So you lie in your body up. Bring your ribs back. Take that leg [inaudible]. Good. Now make sure you're really lined up on this mat. Your low back is here.

Can you bring this shoulder on the mat there? Okay, now we go up, down, up. Now show me long to get down. Reach and it's up with control, but coming down, stretch the spring like your leg is like an arrow. Reach the Arrow right out of that center and then it's up. Good. Now let's shoot the Arrow. Come on, reach it further. And this hip looks a little different than the other one. Tighter? Yeah, I think so. There you go. Now pull. Reach to me. Good. Now as you're reaching, can you turn out a little more? There you go. Reach, reach. Good. Andrea.

One more. Control the app. Now come on down. Pull the spring to me. Keep going. Keep going. Now we're going to stay this long circle too long, but low, low control. Get that pokey. Yeah. Not like she has one. She's dying. Are you even a hundred pounds? Yes, I'm going to sing. And now make it a little bigger. [inaudible] that's it.

Little bigger with control and together let's go front control front. You maintain the turnout in that hip stays back. Now let's pull back control. You don't want to rush this series here. Hip forward up, stretching the spring and we go again. Control to the front. Allow the ribs to draw in hip stays and then bring it back and stay here. Now like you're reaching for the corner of the Mat, push into the spring and then come a little further. Oh, look at that. And again, take it to the front and then pull to the corner of the Mat.

Stop. Hold the ribs. You're going to push to me. Now Watch the upper body. Watch the shoulders. Can Andrea stay square up there? Yep. And then together, here we go. Big Circle. Keep the tension up. Now take it time on that hip reach and reach.

And then join your heels together. Turn out to the front. [inaudible] now keep your turnout as your lift and up. Now it starts to turn in so your hip can roll forward. Bring that hip through. Beautiful. That's it. One more to the front.

[inaudible] lift that fi length in your leg. Reach. Look at that. It's beautiful. And then to gather and we take it out. Roll yourself up. Beautiful. Let's do some teasers. Do you know the twist on the chair? It's a teaser. Here we go. It's a teaser with a twist.

So you're going to turn like you're on the one to chair facing me. So you're on the corner and your left cheek is on the corner of the Mat. There you go. Cross up into a teaser for me. Okay, right here. Now your right hand comes down. You're going to slide your body out, roll to your hip, rolling into the mat, stack the hips. But can you keep twisting your upper body? That's it.

Now untwist and come back and claim your teaser. There we go. The hand goes down. You twist into your mat, your hips stop, but you keep going. Go, go, go twist that upper body. There's your twist. Try to find your feet and then untwist and up. We're going one more. Control the arm. Slide it out there.

Stop your hip. I got you and I go twist and look for your feet. Big twists, big twists, big twist. There you go. And then easy to come up. Claim your teaser and bend home. Let's do the other side. [inaudible] so you sit the right cheek on the corner of the Mat. Take your legs up. So when we roll, there's a place to roll and the left hand comes down. Go twist into the mat. The leg stopped.

She straight now tried to twist that upper body. [inaudible] now can you lift your head higher up off the mat chest. There are now you can twist more. There you go. And easy to come up and a [inaudible]. And again, take the hand roll glow.

I got you here. Now lift your chest up off that mat and twist, twist, twist. Rich for me, got Andrea and easy. How's that feel? Good. When we go and to control that and go, I didn't have like trying. That does happen sometimes. We call these, the map was there to catch you. Here we go. Reach. Stop the hips. I gotcha. Now twist your upper body. Okay, now that left hand is on the floor. Can you get your left hand back on the mat?

All right, now push down in the mat to lift your chest. Stabilize your shoulder. Now twist your upper body. Take your right hand off the Mat and don't touch that mat with your right hand. That's it. Now come up and up and up and come out of it.

Here we go. Nice twist. That is harder than it looks. That was beautiful. I think it's harder on the mat than it does on the reformer. All right, here we go. Take a teaser. Turn and face me. Reach up in a teaser. Stay there. Walk your hips back. We call this the moonwalk.

Go, go kill your obliques. Yes, go, go, go. You're almost there. Come on. Oh, you're going to feel bad tomorrow. Turn it to the side. Find your teaser. We've got some swimming. To do. Lengthen, roll back and get long and do a teaser and go over and let swim. Swimming. [inaudible] take two, two, two, two shall roll over again.

I want to tease her. Oh, that's beautiful. We have to reverse. Yeah. Let's go stretch the arms and go swimming retreat, retreat. Preach long, long, long, long, long. And now roll to the other side and up in your teaser. Smile and beautiful teasers. Enough of that. Let's boomerang. Let's do some rolling. Cross your feet. Get your rhythm again and let's go back and open and you reach. Stretch your arms control. Good.

You'll get a better shoulder stretch if you keep your hands clasped and go back. Open, close. Come up in that teaser. Not when you come down. Clasp your arms, stretch them and hold, hold. Hold the legs. Now try to lift those arms up parallel to the floor and then the whole piece comes down. There you go. Rich and smooth. Go on back. Open, close reach.

Where's that teaser and down stretch. Lift your arms. Control landing. That's it. And one more. So we're even rural back. Open. Close. Richard's your teaser. Take it down, stretch it, control your body. Go grab those toes. Stretch, stretch, lift, and take the seal.

Give me four seals into standing SMU then, then up. The rolling always feels good, especially after all those teasers. Get your feet, get your center going. Touch all the pressure points on your spine. Catch your breath, a little massage to your body and come on up and stand tall. Turn yourself around, lift your body up and curl down to the [inaudible] floor. Walk yourself out. We're going into the star. Here we go. So turn on your side.

Hand at your side and the arm and leg kick up. Down, up, hold. Go Front together. Go back together. Go Front together. Go back. Hold now. Lift your hips higher. Reach for the tower. Pole the one. Yeah. Now use the bar to help you twist more. Use it to your advantage. Push your chest forward. Bring your headway back here.

Feel that gorgeous stretch. And then is he come back onto hands in your pushup position. Walk yourself back in. Pull up your ribs and stand tall. Collect your center. We have another side.

Yeah. Walk it out there. Stretch out. One Long, beautiful line. Turn on your side and we go up. Kick up. Hold. Let's go. Kick Front together. Kick back together. Kick Front. Stay. Now go back again. Back. Hold, lift. Alright, reach for the pole.

Can You keep that elbow bent up there on the hole? Yup. Now Bend your binny behind you. Come on, stretch all your toe is almost on your head. Love it. Okay, now EEZ come back in your pushup position. Walk your body back in. Lift your stomach. Nice and tall. Beautiful. Let's take our push through bar. Let's have this [inaudible] bring and let's go into the shoulder. Roll down.

Okay, so we need a spring for this one. You're gonna lie down again and take the balls of your feet on the bar. So we mark it. The bar is in line with the tower polls. Roll down. Alright. Yep. Let's actually keep in parallel as if that little platform was there. Okay.

So control from here, your feet connect to your seat. If you don't use your seat, you start cramping your feet. So control [inaudible] and allow the bar to roll through the ball of your foot. Stretch your legs. Try Not to collapse the arches. Now Peel up off the mat. Lift and lift and lift. Now keep your hips dead. Level one leg kick overhead, and then rich back on that arch and reach overhead.

But land on the arch no shorter. And give it a good kick and reach for the arch. One more. Give it a good kick. Find the arch. Stay there. Now roll your [inaudible] chest, your ribs. Get that left rib down. Come on more left rib. Yeah, you feel that? That's even all the way down.

Bend your knees. Stretch your arms and legs long. I want your arms up overhead this time. Touch them on the mat. Okay. Ready? Now Bend it in. Feel your ribs. Yes, control it. Bring it in. Bring it in. Keeping this left side. Oh yes, you can do it. I know she can stretch those legs. My button. Well, okay. No. Curl up and girl up. Keep those arms long. All right, now go kick, kick. Find your arch. Kick. Find the arch. Let's go. Kick.

No turning in good Andrea. And you say, now, here's why we are at those arms. They're rolled down evenly. One Vertebrae at a time cause you'd like to roll into your right side. Stretch that left arm and drop the left rib and roll evenly down your spine. You have to work a little harder to get there, don't you? Yeah, that was gorgeous. Now Ben, those these, and stretch those arms. Your hands.

Stay there. We're going for one more. Bend those knees in. [inaudible]. Control it. Stretch your legs up. Uh Huh. Yes. Now peel tight seat. Lift up and up. Stay up there. Lift just that hip one kicked this time. Reach, claim the arch kick. Find your arch now. Roll down out of it.

That's it. Rib. Hey, you're even, you're not rolling down. Falling down on the right side anymore. Yes. And Bend it in. I take your hands back at your side and this time bring your feet together. Parakeet legs together. Here we go. Bend it. And you'll find your seat again on this one, I promise. Okay. Stretch your legs.

Curl your tail up and it stays there. Okay. Zip those legs together. Keep them together as you bend your knees and pull the bar down. I know you feel like you're going to lose it. Just when you feel like the bars is going to go. Stretch your legs back up and then pull down a little lower.

Everything together, knees together, thighs together, squeeze. Stay in the air and then strict longer. Beautiful. The whole back of that leg. Hamstring. Buttocks. Great one for summertime and stretch those legs up. Now roll down one vertebrae at a time. Hey your eve and beautiful. Bend it.

Stretch your legs long and take a roll up from here. Peel. Let's take the reverse monkey. Hold the bar and take one foot off. Oh, down, off the, okay, so now we're on this one leg here. Drop your shoulders, keep the heel high. Hold the bar now send your naval back. This bends and roll back. Keep that rib off your thigh. Really scope round here into my hand. Keep coming, keep coming. Keep coming.

Don't think of this coming back. I want this way back. Come on. You're an ally on the mat here. More, more, more, more. Go Andrea, come on and now stretch the bar up into a monkey lift. Oh, it's like a little tree lift up. Isn't that nice? Back again. Scoop it in. Go back to this place of my hand, but draw your shoulders down. Now how do we get that bar down? Crunch. Fill that in your powerhouse. Yeah. Yeah. It's all abdominals. Reach. And again, drop your shoulders.

Pull these left obliques way back. Pull your ribs back off your thigh and control that bar so it doesn't go flying. That's it. Keep pulling. Beautiful. Stretch up. Let's see that tree lift. Stretch. Now come back. Pull it back. Bring it with you. Crunch it down. Good.

Drop your shoulders. Beautiful. Switch feet. That's it. Now collect your shoulders. Let's go back. Now. Pull in that right side. Roll back. Get your tail under. Here we go. Just like rolling like a ball. Bring this back. Scope, scope. Beautiful. Control that your arms should be straight your way back. Now lift and lift.

What a difference in your legs here. Look at that stretch now. Can you come back more? Go back, go back. Lie Back. Lie Back. Lie Back. That's better now. Current and stretch forward, and you don't have to shift your foot. The barge is rolls through the ball of your foot. When you come back, just like it did on the shoulder roll, then drop your shoulders. Now this has to come back. I see this getting around her, but I want this back in my hand. Come on, pull back long arms. Pull your belly back more. Can this heel rise up?

Oh, look at that. Now go up and stretch. Beautiful, Andrea. That's it. Now let's come at home. Pull it in. Finished strong. Give me those ribs back. That's it. And there comes a point. You feel like it can barely move that bar. You're in the right spot. It's your ranch. That's it. Good. Now easy.

Take your feet down. Let's take a mermaid after that. So bend it. You're going to come onto your knees. Let's do a little stretching. So on the knees, here we go. Reach your left arm up and anchor that shoulder. Start with your bar person down the bar.

The bar is lower than you are and you lift up on the left to go up over stretch. [inaudible] bring your head back, anchor that shoulder and push your hips forward and your their head back a little more. There you go. And he'll easy come straight back up. So you imagine you're between these two walls. Don't touch the walls. Lift and go reach. Notice how I'm spotting her.

I've got my knee on her hip so she can't come any more forward. And this hand is pushing her forward where she needs to be. Go for one more. Lift up and go the right shoulder. Push your right hip forward the left hip. I've got it. I can't go anymore forward. Good. And let's take your other side.

Very nice. There we go. Anger. And we lengthen up on the right to stretch and reach. Keep this forward. Head back to me, the side, that's it. And it's up. And we lift. Go reach, exhale, and go a little more.

That's a beautiful and one more. Inhale, lift and go. And as you exhale, you try to go maybe a little bit more. That's it. And easy to come up. Go ahead. Let's release this bar. Let's take the roll back bar. Okay, let's take the roll back bar on the notch. The same as your tower. Uh, your pushed through bar of spring is at, and let's take us chest expansion and then some five stretches. And here we go. So kneeling down, nice, long, straight arms. Draw those abdominals in and up and in with ear grown inch taller.

Look right. Look left center. Good. Now give me a bigger breath. Fill your lungs and then go look and look. Hold that breath and then release it one more and it's up. Lift the crown of your head and go look and go look and release.

Walk your knees further back. Take a thigh, stretch and hold the line in the air. Get Long. Enjoy your thighs. Stretch. Hang here. Stay. Drop Your Chin. Look at your ribs. Yes. They'll take your hips and push them higher up your heels. There's your thigh stretch. Yes. And then back up. Good. Let's take it again. Lengthen and go back. Hold the line, the head.

The weight of your head is forward, but your hips are up. That's better and come up. Now we're going the full Monty. Okay, let's go. Take your head lift and go all the way. All the way. Hold the line. Hold the line. Hold on, keep going. Keep going. Can you go now? Take your head to the mat. Arch the upper back. Touch that head. Push the air out of you. Good. Now Close Your Chin. Close your chest. Come back to the line and come back up. All right, let's increase that and here we go. I want you to hang out.

Once you're down there and lift and hinge back, hold the line. Hold the line. You've got it, Andrea. Go all the way. Let's go touch your head. Hang out there. Stay. Now draw your shoulder blades down. Push your chest up to the ceiling and bring your head closer to your toes. There you go. Look at that beautiful stretch. Squeeze the shoulder blades.

Now close your chin, close your chest, and then come up to that field. Different. Yeah, yeah. Turn side. Take the shoulder, press down with the bar. Take your left hand here, right our mount for balance. Anger this left side lift, depress, hold soft and release and lift. Tall to press. Feel that left side and release. One more. Lift tall to press and let it go. Take your other side.

[inaudible] anchor the shoulder and we go lift tall to press. Let it go. Good. Come in a little closer. That's it. Lift you. Anchor the right short side and anchor that. Children. Feel it all the way down the right, but don't look down. Keep the lift in your neck and release it. Give me one more. It comes from here.

Anchor. Hold that lift. Feel your whole right side and release. Rolling in and out. Let's flow. You got it. Here we go. Lift your power house. As you dive down into that Mat. Good bullets in ease. Roll back and show me your thigh. Stretch.

Touch your head. That's it. And then everything in one piece lifts your powerhouse to dive down. Pull it to the knees, sit back, sit back. Sit back. Keep it on your body. Go now touch your head. But I need those hips in the air. They're straighten your arms. There's your thigh stretch again.

Now come back up in one piece. Rivers go down, but control. Pull the bar to your chest and oral into your knees and then come up and again, pull back. Find your head. Careful. Touch it, touch it. Where is it now? Stay on your head as you pull that bar, find it in your body to get that bar to your ribbon ribs. Then close your chin, close your chest.

Close your rib round to the knees and forward and up. Good. Let's stand up. [inaudible] standing tall. Here we go. Let's hold the bar this way. How about some standing squats? Everything is parallel. Power House in. Just like we started. Go sit in that chair. That chair got really small.

Come back up. Good. Now you'll do this better if you don't look down. Keep your neck up. Here we go. Energy up there. Oh go, go. Go right there and come back up. What a difference that held your spine straighter and again, go sit, go, sit, sit, touch and come back up again. Here we go. Parallel feet and let's go and sit. Keep the knees open to all look down, touch and Stan talk. Good.

Come forward for chest expansion. Straight arms, tall. Lift through the crown of your head and you pulled up the hips and get taller. Go look right. Go look left. Come to center and return and give it a good pull wide chest and go look and go look and center. Good. Now come up on your toes and do it up on the toes. Balanced as you pulled on.

Move. Go look. Yeah. Growing inch find you're in and up. Center. Resist coming down. And again, energy up, wide chest. Find the zip from your inner thighs all the way up your body and go look and go look and center and release. Now get rid of the bar. No Bar. Do it on your own.

Pressing the chest expansion. Come up on those tolls. Hold the line and really look and really look and center. Now resist coming down, coming down on your heels and stand tall. Beautiful. Good work. Thank you.


What an amazing duo!!! Thank you both so much for showing us the possibilities while having SO much fun too!
So nice with the classical flow. My clients (and I) LOVE tower sessions!
We were both trained by Romana, I am so happy to see Romana's energy and playfulness come through in this video!. We had a ball together, pilates should be fun!
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So challenging and beautiful to watch and see the lines and change of energy. And yes, having fun too! Andrea, loved it when your twist teaser was so hard to find on the the one side. That's what pilates is all about. Mejo, you inspire and bring such great energy. You are both awesome.
Erika Quest
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Super class! Loved watching one of my Classical mentors in play with Andrea. I get the joy of taking from her, so it's a joy to see her working with MeJo!
Mejo, wowwwww ! this class and your teaching made me excited to discover the tower again !!! Thank you Pilates Anytime ..your site is a gift to all of us who love our pilates!!
Love this class and your energy Mejo, a lot of Fun!! Can't wait to see more tower classes!!
I'm so glad you are enjoying this class. Tower is my favorite class to teach! Soon many possibilities, I stick somewhat to the Classical order then figure it out as I go. Of course, Andrea was the star student to work with, we had so much fun.
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awesome blossom! so strong. esp loved monkey with sgl leg! wait, that teaser to swimming to teaser - yowza. thank you thank you!
Thank you so much for TOWER class. Very much enjoy this work. Mejo, you make it fun. Pilates Anytime, please bring more Tower time :)
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