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MeJo Wiggin

MeJo Wiggin

With over 20 years experience, MeJo is a full fledged Pilates Guru with an international reputation. She is recognized as one of the leading Teacher Trainers and practitioners in the world and has been sought after by pilates professionals and fitness institutions to teach seminars throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, and Russia.
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MeJo Wiggin began her extensive study of Pilates with Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska in 1990, and began teaching next to her in 1995 at Drago's Gym in New York. Romana would often refer to her work as "poetry in motion" and gave MeJo a Gold Card in recognition of her advanced abilities. She was one of the three female artists Romana selected to film Romana's Mat DVD series and Romana on Pilates: The Legacy Edition. MeJo is featured in Pilates Revealed with Jay Grimes and she hosted/produced her own videos 20 Minutes, Twice a Week and The Gratz Arm Chair.

MeJo had her own studio, MeJo Wiggin LLC., in central Greenwich, Connecticut for over 13 years. With the success of her own studio in Greenwich, Connecticut and 14 years of continuous study and mentorship with Romana, MeJo was hand picked to become one Romana's Teacher Trainers to help train the next generation of Pilates instructors in 2003. She quickly became recognized by doctors and chiropractors for her ability to rehabilitate injuries through the Pilates Method. It was not uncommon for doctors from the prestigious New York Hospital for Special Surgery to refer their patients to MeJo. In addition, many professional athletes, celebrities, actresses, and supermodels continue to seek MeJo's hands-on sessions to keep their bodies in peak performance.

MeJo is still a strong advocate and example of the Authentic Pilates Method. She is featured on the website of Gratz Industries – Joe Pilates original equipment manufacturer, and teaches at three Pilates Training Schools in the United States. MeJo still teaches private sessions, but her mission is to continue teaching seminars and educating Pilates instructors worldwide in the many benefits of the Authentic Pilates Method.
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