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Mat Basics

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Practice the basics with Adrianne. In this class you will practice concepts like imprinting and Pilates breathing while learning important skills that will help you progress faster.
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Dec 26, 2009
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Hello. All right. I'm going to have you guys actually start lying down on your backs and today I'm going to have you just start with your knees bent on the Mat. With your heels together and your toes slightly turned out, your knees can just kind of separate a little bit. Just kinda relaxing in that position. All right, I'm going to begin by taking your take your arms straight up to a 90 degree angle right above your shoulders. Good. Take a nice deep breath in and as you exhale, you're going to start to lower your arms down to your sides.

Just start to keep your heads down, lower your arms, and what you're trying to do is just ring out your lungs and fill your navels into your spine. Start to lift it up, trying to imprint your spines into the med. Arms Up. Nice deep breath in. You're just imprinting your spine. Start to lower your arms down to the Mat, filling your navels in, pushing into the mat and up through your spine. This time go ahead and take your arms all the way back. Just kind of stretch. Just getting your minds into your body. Have you lower your Chin a little bit.

Nice deep breath in. Exhale. Feel as though you're pushing through some thick, heavy air. So use that resistance to help pull your shoulders down last time. Stretching back. Nice deep breath in. Try to get rid of any space between your backs in the mat as your arms come down to your sides. And then once your arms are down, just rest. So her arms back to your sides address.

I'm going to have you guys go ahead and bring one knee into your chest. Go ahead and bring your right leg in and just give it a little bit of a stretch. You'll keep your left knee bent and then you're going to take that leg straight up. Place your hands at your side and then just try to hold your leg there for about five counts. Lengthening the leg from the hip. Oh and now start to lower that leg just a little bit and hold again for about five counts. It's two, three, four, five.

Start to work your leg down and as you work that leg down, you're just trying to get a good sense of your back hold and then a little bit lower. Hold two, three, four, five. Still lengthening from the hip out long hold. Two, three, four, five. Going to a level that your spines can control the movement and hold two, three, four, five and a little bit lower. Whole two, three, four, five and now work your way. Leg back up a little bit higher.

Holding two, three, four, five, a little bit higher. Good to good back strengthening exercise. Try to keep your shoulders in. Next relaxed. Fill this in. Two, three, four, five and a little bit higher. Hold right there. Hold two, three, four, five. Bend your knee. Give that leg a stretch. Again, I'm going to switch legs. Just kind of warming up and getting into your bodies. All right, so left knee comes in, we give that leg a stretch.

All right. Then you'll take your left leg up. You want to go to about a 90 degree angle or where your leg, well, we'll go extend your leg out long. No higher than your hip though. So about right here, and keep your feet nice and relaxed. Hold that for about five counts. Three, four, five and then a little bit lower. Hold two, three, four, five. Tried to take your gaze down towards your belly button. So you're next day long. Two, three, four, five.

Push this hip down a little bit. Okay. And a little bit lower. Just working to a level that your backs can control it. So if you're feeling in a gapping in your back, don't let the leg go any lower. Just hold it there. And if you can a little bit lower for those of you who can control it, that's it. Going to the level that you have the control and now you're going to start to work your leg back up. Hold it for five counts, two, three, four, five.

Keep your chest open and shoulders as soft as you can. And then a little bit higher. Drop your Chin's a little bit so your next are nice and long. You're not straining them soft feet and a little bit higher. Two, three, four, five. Last one. This has your leg will go holding two, three, four, five and then journey. Go ahead and give it a little stretch.

All right, both feet can rest again back on the mat. Open your feet about hip width apart. And I'm going to have you go into a little bit of a pelvic lift. Go ahead and start with your knees bent again, but slide your feet out forward a little bit. [inaudible] and all you're going to work on here is just a slight articulation in your lower back and your lower spine. So you're going to start to squeeze your bottom and start to curl your hips up.

And as you do that, just lift the first four vertebra off the mat so it's not very high. Hold your position and think of pushing your ribs down into the mat, pulling your navels up and hold two, three and then slowly roll your hips back down. Try not to let your hips wobble. And again, you're starting to curl your hips up, drop your shoulders, start to feel those rips pushing in and hold, and then begin to roll that down. Good exercise to feel where your hips are. You want to try to work evenly in your spine centered. Two more.

Be Conscious of what your knees are doing. You don't want them to move. What to keep them nice and still and then slowly roll down. Keep your chest open. So shoulders are nice and relaxed. And last one peeling up, not too high, just the first four vertebra. That's it.

And then articulate that down. Okay. Can I go ahead and get into the actual mat? Now? Going to go into your hundred. So I'm going to have you guys begin with your knees into your chest. Heels together. Toes are apart. You're in what's called a Plata stance.

So you're in a slight turnout. Your feet are relaxed though. And you're going to start with your arms about six to eight inches, or three to four inches above the hips. Gaze me. Yeah, so pretty high. Good. Now you're next can for now. Keep your heads down. You can add them in just a moment, but you want to be conscious of what your necks are doing. If they get tired, you can put them down. You're going to start by pumping the arms up and down and taking a nice deep breath in for five counts, two, three, four, five.

Then you exhale for five counts, two, four, five. One more time with your heads down. Three, four, five, long breath out. Now start to lift your head, lengthening the back of your neck. Look at your belly button. Nice deep breath in, and a long breath out. Now there's lots of energy in the arm, so big movements with the arms.

Deep breath in. Two, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Try to touch the opposite side of the room, so curl up into your sternums. Good. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, five. Now if you want more challenge here, go ahead and straighten your legs. Two, three. Otherwise keep them bent and exhale, two, three, four, five, lots of breathing. Try to inhale and exhale through your nose if he can't accept it, but into, so shoulders stay still. Exit two, five, and two. That's it.

Excellent. Two more deep breath in. Lots of energy and those arms. Excellent. Last one. Deep breath in, and exhale. Exhale, exhale. Exhale and bend your knees. Drop your feet, drop your heads. Okay, so that's your breathing exercise kind of gets the blood flowing. I'm going to have you guys go ahead and sit up again, your heels are together, but your legs bent. Hold onto the back of your thighs and drop your heads. Just going to go into a little bit of a rollback exercise.

You're in what's called a seeker from the top of your head down to your tailbone. You're in a sea from the side and you're just going to as though you're going to lie down, you're going to start to round backwards. It's as you're moving that you want to keep your feet on the mat and just curl your hips underneath you. So articulating the lower back. You stop when your arms are straight. Take a nice deep breath in and started to come back up. Exhale, pull in your tummy. So think of that Gaye, staying at your stomach, at your belly buttons, and again, begin to roll back holding onto those thighs very lightly.

They're there to help you, but ideally you want to not use your hands at all. Curl your hips underneath you stop and exhale. Come back up, rounding into it so you're curling into yourself. Now we're going to add on. You're going to lie all the way down this time, so take it slow. Really envisioned one vertebral onto the mat at a time, so lower back, middle back, upper back, head and neck, neck and head. All right, now you're going to try to do the same thing to come up, so you want to curl into yourself. You take a nice deep breath in if you need to, you can grab onto your thighs. Otherwise reach your arms out long and exhale [inaudible] so it's not just popping up. You're rounding into it.

That's it. Two more. Drop your shoulders. Try to keep their shoulders nice and relaxed. Just trying to round down. Soften your elbows. There you go. And Curl your hips underneath you. There you go. Controlling it all the way down. Very nice.

Just try to take any tension out of your necks. This time you're going to stay down. Some nice deep breath in. Start to exhale as you go down. Think of squeezing your bottoms and kind of pinch a tennis ball between your knees, an imaginary one. Of course. Rest your arms and rest your heads. Good.

Go ahead and extend your leg straight out. All right, I'm going to have you guys go into a full roll up. If those were challenging enough, you would just stick with those. Otherwise you can go onto the next one. So arms come up to 90 degrees, what we call your imaginary window. You want to be able to see your window, so you want to look through it [inaudible] good. Before you lift your heads first start to squeeze your bottoms and think of wrapping the thighs around. Good. So you're pinching them and then you're squeezing down in here.

Really wrapping thighs. Then pull your navels in and up in front of your spine to the mat. You can drop your head for now. Good feed. Stay soft. Good. Alright, here you go. You're going to begin by lifting your heads. Take a nice deep breath in. You're going to try to peel off that mat.

You can soften your knees if you have to and stretch over to the knees. Exhale, drop the shoulders. Go as far forward as you can without actually reaching with your arms. You're really reaching by scooping your powerhouse in. So Navel to spine. So way back here. No, drop your shoulder. Okay, and drop your head.

Start to take it that back down. One Vertebra at a time. Shoulder soft. Squeeze here, and Tuck your hips. Good one vertebra. Now get this window down. There it is, and rest your heads. Rest your next two more nice deep breath in. Going to go a little bit quicker now and Exhale, soft feet.

Take the energy out of your feet, put it into that powerhouse and over. Okay. You want to work within your own frames so shoulders and arms shouldn't be wider than your own. Shoulders start. Just go down. I'm going to give you resistance. Call me down. Curl your hip center. Then I'm going to let go. You control it. Last one. Nice deep breath in.

Peel off the mat. Exhale. The stretch really comes from within your own powerhouse. The shoulders are down. Go as far forward as you can. I'm going to keep pulling you back. So the scoop is the most important part that's right in here.

And then start to come back down. Watch your centers stay really centered. Feel even as on both sides of your back. And once you're down, stay down. Okay. Place your hands at your side. Bring one knee into your chest. How about your right?

Give that right knee a stretch. Two ways to do this. You can either keep the left leg extended or you can bend it. Whatever feels better for your back. More advanced is straight. Take your right leg up. You're going to get ready for some leg circles. It's a small circle within the hip joint, so you don't want your hips to roll around as the leg as circles circling and keeping the legs still.

You're going to circle your leg up towards your nose five times, not letting either hip move, so the range of motion should be small. Don't let either hip move. Stretch that like long, straight, straight, straight. There you go. And around up one more time and then you'll reverse it. Circle around and up. One, hard not to get in your next and shoulders here.

So keep your gaze down towards your tummies. Hands at your side and lift the leg up. Failure backs pushing deeper into the math and up. One more time. Up to the nose. And that's enough. Bend Journey. Give that lake a stretch. Getting ready for the other leg.

So you'll switch sides. Left knee comes in. You always want to give that left leg or that leg a stretch before you go into your circles. You reach out of the hip so your leg starts at a 90 degree angle. [inaudible] back is nice and angered. Okay, very good. Let's have you push into here more. That's it. So you're working within the thigh area.

You're going to circle the leg and lifted up. Keep that extended leg reaching out long and up. Two, three, four. Now, very quiet with the breathing. Five, reverse it five times around and up to the notes. Two, three. So it's kind of a little kick on the up. Four and five, that's it. Then journey and give your leg a stretch.

Okay. I'm going to have you guys set up going into a rolling exercise called rolling like a ball. You can hold onto the back of your thighs or more challenging is holding onto the ankles. So depending on how you feel today I'm going to show, I'm going to demonstrate by holding onto my thighs. You're back in that c curve so your heads are down, your shoulders are relaxed.

You want to take the tension out of there, put the balance by taking your feet off the mat, keep your heels together, feet nice and relaxed, and you're literally going to roll back and try to come back up balancing. So really think of putting your heads between your knees. So really scooped into that powerhouse. Here you go. You're gonna inhale, go back, exhale, come up and balance and inhale, take it back. Exhale. Try to come up a balance. Try not to let your knees get farther away from you. Want to try to keep your knees as close to your ears as you can and then it becomes even harder. So round. Drop your head.

That's your balance right there and take it back. Try to stay in that basket. Yeah, so don't let your head pop up and round up. This is a centering exercise. Good up in balance. Very good. Last one, and drop your feet. Okay. And you can see on your mats where you've rolled, that will tell you a lot about your center or where your your body is taking you. Go ahead and ally all the way down.

So that's something you want to be conscious of as you're rolling. Okay. You're going to into your stomach series, so begin with your right leg into your chest. This is also a coordination exercise, so hence mind body. You'll put your right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. If you have any knee issues though I have people hold onto their thighs so they're not crunching their knees. Otherwise try, try the arms, right hand, right ankle, left hand on the knee, lifting your left knee. You're going to bend it.

Then you'll take that left leg out to about a 45 degree angle. Adding your heads. Look at your stomachs. Good. Now you want to try to keep your chest open and shoulders down and suck in your stomachs. Alright, here you go. You're going to switch hands and switch legs. So now it's always the outside hand on the ankle, left hand, left ankle. Pull a little leg in and pull your stomach's in deeper.

Watch your alignment. Left knee lines up with your left shoulder. Shouldn't be over here and switch right knee, right shoulder deeper with this group and switch. The more curled you are into your sternums, the less pressure on your neck and switch and hold. You don't want any gapping in your backs and make sure the extended leg is at a level that your spines can control it and switch each time you transition. Go ahead and transition. You want to feel that scoop again and now I'm going to have you go quickly and switch one for sets and switch one.

Get that knee to come in, two to three, three, four. Good for and rest your heads. Rest your legs. Okay. At any point your next get tired. With this. You could always put your heads down, but continue with the arms and legs, but it is a neck strengthening exercise. All right, you're going to go into your double leg stretch, so both knees come back in. I'm going to try to hold onto your ankles, but if that's too far of a reach, hold onto your thighs, back into that plotting stance.

Heels together and toes apart. If you can reach for your ankles, they think you can [inaudible] so you can pull the legs in. Mark. There you go. You're back into that. See, there you go. You're looking here. Your arms and legs are going to reach out at the same time, so take a nice deep breath in. Take your legs to about a 45 degree angle. Reach out. Exhale, circle the arms and bring the legs back in. Inhale, reach the arms and legs out. Exhale, bring it back together.

When you reach out, go ahead and reach out. Feel where your backs are. There should be no arching going on in the back, so keep the legs up. Pretty high. Deep breath in. Stretch. Squeeze your bottom. Exhale, bring it together. Keep moving. Keep the gaze in your stomachs. Inhale, lift your sternum up. Way Up. There you go. And exhale. So just the tips of the shoulders on the Mat. Inhale out. Exhale, come together. Two more. And Hilary reach. Exhale, bring it all together.

Try to get those knees to your ears. Exhale all the way in with those legs. One more. And exhale. Go ahead and drop your heads. Drop your feet. Okay, where am I up? Going into the next exercise, part of this Tim series, you're going to bring one leg back in. I like scissors. We'll take one leg up. Walk your hands as high as you can. The goal isn't the ankle, but go to where you can hold. This is a stretch.

Then you'll extend your other leg out, look at your tummies, and then drop your shoulders. Pull your stomach's in. You're gonna sit under that leg two times towards you. Pull Pool, scissor pool, pool again, the higher reach the marsh stretch. Pull Paul and switch Paul. Put and sweat. Pull, pull, pull, pull. The real pool is not your arms. It's that powerhouse. Oops. Oops. Oops. Oops. Oops. Cool. Push their shoulders down.

That's an upper body. Stay still and scoop. Scoop. And now pull the leg in. Pull, pull, pull, pull. There you go. And pull full, lasting and right and left and drop your head. Stop your legs. Okay. This time still on this Timex series, you'll take your hands behind your head, your knees back into your chest. This is a tough one. This is a pretty um, intermediate, advanced one.

So listen to your bodies. Bring your knees in. Don't do it. If it bothers you, take your leg straight up or as straight as you can. It's also stretch. Keep your heels glued together. And then you're going to slowly start to lift your head and look at your navels. You want to try to just get the tips of the shoulders on the mat so you're really curled up hold. Now the legs go down about two to three inches and then you're going to lift them back up. Not Too low, way up into here. Scoop lower, just a little bit down. Don't even go that low.

So you just want to go to where your back can control the arching left. Very small movements, lower back, lower abdominals, and don't go that low with the legs. Stop and lift. It's all about that up movement. Lower and lift. [inaudible] stretch your legs out. Law. That's it. And get the tips of the shoulders on the Mat. So really curl into it.

Now drop your shoulders and lower the legs and lift. Go a little bit lower. Two more good down with the legs and all the way up. Last one. I'm gonna let go and all the up. Bend your knees and rest your heads, Hugh extras there. Okay, last set is your Chris Cross. Gonna start just with the form. So hands behind your heads, your nays will come back into your chest and you'll go ahead and take your right leg out. Again, don't let that right leg go so low that you start to arch your back. So keep it at a pretty high level so you're nice and flat on the Mat.

Start to curl up your head so you look at your tummies and you're going to twist and try to tap the the knee you're aiming for the crease of the knee. So that shoulder should come away up off the mat, and I look to the back of the elbow and switch. As soon as you come up, you're telling me it'll pop out. You have to push him back. Then that same scoop and switch and switch [inaudible] and switch and hold for about three counts. Now it's also a stretch.

Now bring your knee when that's it. There you go. And then switch. Make sure your knee comes in. Good form and switch and switch. And now three fast. Get your shoulder way up off the mat. What one, keep your hips. Still don't let them wobble. Two, two, three and three restroom, legs. Rest your heads. Okay, that's called your series of five. You just did five different stomach series. Okay, go ahead and sit up going into a stretch now cause your spine stretch forward.

Your feet are flexed and your arms are in front of you. You're trying to sit on top of your hips here. So loss energy out of heels flexed. Squeeze your bottoms, take a nice deep breath in, and exhale, start to round down. You're trying to go as low as you can, keeping those feet flexed. [inaudible] without reading, without flattening your back.

So stay scooped. So in other words, keep squeezing your bottom. Shoulders relaxed. Now when you come up, you want to think of articulating one vertebra at a time. So start to round up. Stack one vertebra back on top of the other. Just sit up tall. Open up your chest, lift your heads. Okay, so squeeze your bottoms. Take a nice deep breath and lift from here.

Grow tall and exhale. Drop your chins. Let your arms just kind of drop. They kind of think of your head's actually dropping between the arms and the crown of your head. Going to the mat. Flex your feet last energy out of those heel. Way Back. There you go. Yeah, soften here and it's good.

That's the stretch. And then come back up tall. Now I'm gonna have you go just a little bit quicker. So your tall pincher seats. Nice deep breath in. Exhale. So as though you're rounding over an imaginary beach ball, you're trying to lift your ribs up off of your hips. Exhale, drop your shoulders. I'm going to pull you. You keep going down.

Now drop your shoulders and then come back up tall. Last one. Deep breath in. Squeeze your bottoms and Exhale, take it down. Flex your feet. Let's have you open your feet a little bit more. Okay? Go. Really push those heels out. Now your shoulders get out of the shoulders and then sit up tall, and that's enough. Go ahead, restaurants. All right, I'm going to have you guys turn over onto your stomachs.

Sure, that's fine. So your legs are going to be long behind you. Your foreheads are just kind of getting re-centered on the mat and your palms can go underneath your shoulder. So a little back exercise. Okay. Okay. Try to keep your heels together here. Just going to get you lined up.

Move your legs a little to the left and your hips. Fine. All right, so it's kind of a hovering exercise. You're going to start by lifting your heads, then your chest, and then I want you to try to take both hands off the mat and just balance. That's it. And just hold that for about three counts. Two, three, lie back down. Same thing, head, chest, hands.

Now when you're up there, drop your foreheads, so your next day, really long in the back. You're really stretched through here. Now come up a little bit higher in your chest. Lift, lift, lift, and then lie back down. Two more. Come on up. Heads, chest, palms. This time try to lift your ribs up. Hold two, three, rest. Try not to let your feet come up with you. The last one, head, chest poems.

Nice. Long next who? Drop your forehead, hold two, three, and rest. Go ahead and stretch back to your heels. You're just going to stretch your backs out. Very good. Then you'll come back down and lie back onto your stomachs. Come up onto your elbows though this time and what's called Your Sphinx position. You can make a fist with your hand and you're up on those elbows.

And then you want to lift your powerhouse. So your naval live lifts up, your hips are kinda off the mat and you're squeezing your bottoms so you're not arching that lower back. You're really trying to fill it up. You're going to take one heel and kick your bottom two times and that's where your backs will want to arch. You have to keep lifting it up. Switch legs, kick kick two times and kick, kick. Make sure hips don't drop and kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. That's enough. Go ahead and lie all the way down back on your stomachs.

Take your hands behind your backs, clasp your fingers and slide your hands up towards your shoulder blades. You can turn your right cheek to the mat. That's where your heads are actually turned. Now you don't want to lock the fingers, you just want to kind of class the hands together. So just kind of grip them like a handshake. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

All right. This time of year, so try the clasp the fingers. So hold your fingers. There you go. Alright, so this is called your double leg. Okay. So you're in, take your hands out and just grip them. Okay. There you go. All right. You want to try to keep your heels together here and you're going to kick your bottom three times with both feet. But as you kick, you want to kind of squeeze your bottoms and push your hips into the mat.

So your back stone arch. So both feet kick three times one, two, three. Drop the feet. Start to slide your hands down, reach through your heels, lengthen your next by dropping your foreheads and switch cheeks. Left cheek to the mat. Three kicks and one, two, three. Drop the feet and stretch. Try to keep your heels together and switch. One, two, three and stretch back. That's it. I'm going to give you a little extra stretch. And last set, switch cheeks and kick. One, two, three. Reach for the ankles.

Try to drop your feet, stretch the shoulders back. Good. And that's enough. You're going to go ahead and sit back on your heels for a stretch. All right, I'm going to have you guys lie back onto your backs, Kinda like you did in the very beginning. Your feet will be bent. Your knees, excuse me, your knees will be bend your feet about hip width apart. This time. Take your hands behind your heads. It's called your neck. Pool it and bring your elbows into your ears.

Slide your shoulders down. All I want you to do is start to curl up in your chest. Take a nice deep breath in, and exhale. Once you're to the tips of your shoulders, you want to pull your stomach's in and keep your tailbones straight. So don't let them pull up and then lie back down.

So it's just a slight sit up. Deep breath in. Start to exit. Come Up, feel your shoulders, slide down, your chins. Drop towards your chest. Curl up as high as you can hold. Fill this in and drop your tailbone. Yes, and then lie back down. So careful that your hips don't roll up and two more nice deep breath in.

Start to come up. That's a challenge. That upper back to round up hold. Drop your tailbone more good and lie back down. Now if you want to add on and make it more challenging, open your fate a little bit wider. You can try to round all the way up. Otherwise, just continue with what you've been doing. Nice. Deep breath in.

And the only way, oh, I want you to come all the way up is if those feet don't pop up off the mat. Okay? Yeah, that's fine. Come up a little bit more. So you get a nice crease under here. You have more. There you go. And lie back down. Last one. Nice deep breath in. Watch your knees too. Don't let them Bob.

And you want to keep them lined up with your hips. Now come up a little more. More curl. Don't force it though. Just go to where you can now. Pull in your tummy. There it is. Hold two, three and rest. That's enough. Okay. I'm gonna have you guys lie on your left side for some sidekicks. So, um, line yourself up with the back of the mat so you're in one straight line.

That's fine. Yeah. Why don't you lie that way. And then they can see both front and back for them. You want to line yourself up with the very back of your mat so that your hips and shoulders line up with the mat. You can actually take your right hand and feel the back of the mat to feel if you are lined up or not. Okay? And then you swing your legs forward.

So you're kind of in a v or a boomerang position. So both legs should be in front of you even more. [inaudible] keep going almost off the mat. I think you'll have enough room. Alright. Just careful not to kick each other. All right, you want to pull your ribs into your back so you're really flat. Can you fill this in? Push into here. There you go. Hip on top of hip and your right hand is there for support.

It's also there to remind you to keep those ribs together. So your powerhouse, everything between your shoulders and hips is nice and straight and take that right leg up about hip level. [inaudible] rotate your knees slightly towards the ceiling up. There you go. So it's out. Turned out. Keep your leg, hip level and you're going to slowly swing. You're like forward as far as you can with that, that powerhouse moving and then you start to bring it back.

It's as you go back that you have to be conscious of what your power house is doing. You don't want those ribs to pop out, you keep pulling them back in and go forward to go to where you have the control back. So about two to three inches behind you and forward and back. This is a stretch as well. Everything's about stretch and strength and forward and back. Squeeze your bottom, kind of push your hips forward. Yes, and I'm going to add on two kicks for little one big one, kick, kick front, swing it back, kick, kick and back. Keep moving and kick.

Kick back. Two more kick, kick. Pull your shoulder back and one more kick. Kick hip on top of hip and there you go. Rest your legs on top of each other. Going and getting ready for the up and downs. We'll start with your leg up, hip level again, slightly turned out and employees triple out.

You want to work from the hip to the top of the knee. So from the knee to the foot is soft. So not a lot of energy in your knee. It's all in here to here. Start to take that leg up on top of the other leg towards the ceiling to where you're comfortable. And as you lower it down, think of pinching your inner thighs together so you have to squeeze your bottom and let's go leg up. Lower down. Careful that your hip stay on top of each other. Yeah, yeah.

Push me down here. Squeeze even more. There you go. [inaudible] and up and squeeze. Now get out of your foot two more and yeah, think of lengthen like up, reaching it out and that's enough fresh. Or like how often your knees and I go into a little lake circle. So you'll start with the leg up, hip level, soft knees, working in the hip, hip. Stay on top of each other.

You're going to circle your legs around five times. Think of your knees brushing together. Two, three, four, five. And then reverse it. Keep pushing those ribs in one, two, three. All the way down. Four and five restroom like alright, go ahead and lie on your stomachs. Palm top of Palm, getting ready for some transition beats. Okay, let's just get your straight here. Move. I'm gonna move you a little bit here. It's hard to feel where your center is when you're on lying down. Okay. Heels together. And I shift you a little as well.

Think of reaching out of your hip so your legs are really long, so much so that both feet start to lift off. The men. Start to lift your legs up, keep that stretch happening. And then you're going to clap the heels together for 20 counts. Two, three, four, hands up. Put your palms on top of each other and foreheads on your hands. That's it. Six, seven, eight, nine, 10 now 10 quick and one, two, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and rest. Okay, you're going to lie on the other side. So your left leg is on top. Same thing.

You'll just kinda line yourself up with the back of the Mat. Swing your legs forward. Can either lie in your arm or up on your palm, which she had for her second there. Okay. This hand is down for support on your palm. Okay. Just to remind you to keep pushing those ribs back. All right. Take your leg up, hip level, getting ready for your front kick.

Rotate your knee towards the ceiling and swing it forward. Go back and kind of push your hips forward more. Yeah. So flatten out in here. There you go. And Front and back. So you'd want to make sure your backs don't arch. Keep the back flat. So go to where you can control it. Soft feet, soft knees go as far forward as you can without letting your back move. Good. And back. Now two kicks forward. Little one.

Big One. And careful you're up upper back. Don't let it wobble and kick, kick scoop. Two more kick, kick, powerhouse scoops. And one more kick, kick and scoop. Rush your legs on top of each other. Getting ready for those up and announced. So start with your leg up pip level. This time you're going to take the leg up towards the ceiling.

And as you lower down, you want to think of squeezing those inner thighs and your bottom up and lower as it comes down. It's also lengthening exercise. You want to think of rooting out of the hip. Squeeze in here. Yes, and up l lengthen. Go as high as you can. Add. Reach from the hip out long cheer more and reach. Get the stretch as well as the strength. And last one up and lower rest your legs going into that Lake Circle.

So you'll start with the leg up, hip level. Think of brushing your knees together. So almost bend your knee a little bit here and now go ahead and circle. Brush your knees together too. You should feel alright in hair. Three, four, five, reverse it. Get out of that knee. One, two, three, back and around. Four back around five and rest. Okay. Lie Onto your backs.

Yup. Yes sir. I'm following you there. Okay. You're on your backs, not your tummies. Bend your knees and you can actually have your feet together. But do slide your feet kind of forward pretty far forward or almost straight. That's fine. And now blue your feet and knees together.

It's called your single leg teaser. You're going to take your right leg up and keep your knees together so your right leg will extend out. Now everything is about centering as well as control. You want to make sure that your shoulders stay lined up with your hips, your hips lined up with your shoulders and that you are working through the center of your body. Take your arm straight up and now you're going to slowly start to round up.

You can come as high as you want, as long as your left foot doesn't move. The goal is to be able to round all the way up. Then you want to sit as tall as you can and then control that movement, rounding, articulating your back to come down so you're not just dropping. So that was incorrect going down for me and come back up articulating the spine. Try to lift your back again. Go to where you have the control. If your left foot is moving, that means you've come up to high and come up said don't have to force it. If there's any jerky.

It means you've gotten too far. Keep those knees together though, and then slowly bring that down. Stand both hips. That right one, especially last one. You'll get strength out of just coming a little bit up. Sit as tall as you can, and now control the movement. Articulate that back to come down. Okay. You're gonna Switch Lake, same thing, other side, so you'll glue your knees together.

You want to try to keep those knees glue together the whole time. Your feet are soft, you'll take both arms up and the further that bet foot is a way, the easier these are, the closer it is to the more challenging. All right, so start with it far away to just kind of get the feel of it. Feel the center. Stay on that hip. All right, you ready? Go ahead and begin. Breathe as naturally as you want. [inaudible] then lift your back very good.

Really stretch up and then start to articulate down you. There it is. [inaudible] each time you have to get that curl. Deep breath in four times. Okay. It's fine. If your arms go all the way back, you ideally don't want them to cause then you'll arch your back. But if you can control that, which you can, you can take your arms all the way back and come on down.

Follow that center so you don't collapse there all the way down. So if you do decide to take your arms all the way back, your room should be in the mat style. Okay? And deep breath. Think this is your last one. Exhale. Put More weight on your left hip. Sit up tall, keeping the knees glued together, not letting them drop and start to lie back down. It's very challenging. Okay. Restaurants are strikes. All right, I'm gonna have you guys sit up to do a rolling exercise. Hold your seals, your knees are bent, you're gonna take your hands inside your legs and hold onto the ankles.

If that's too much for your hips, you just hold onto your thighs. Okay, so you're holding onto your ankles. You're trying to once again find that c curve. So you're really rounded. You want to keep that seeker of the whole time so you're not way out here. You're in the basket. Shoulders. Now hold on to your ankles, not your arches. Hold onto the ankles. Yeah, kind of. Your fingers are in like this. There you go.

[inaudible] okay, you're ready. You're literally going to roll back and try to roll back up to find your balance. See, go back and he'd come back up and again back and then come on up. This is again a centering exercise as well as the balance. So keep the weight of your head, doesn't take you back and that's it. Now you try to add a clap. Three claps with the heels. One, two, three.

You roll back and clap three times before you come up. One, two, three. Up. One, two, three. To go back. Chin curls to your chest. One, two, three, come up. That's it. Now only rule to the tips of your shoulders. So try not to roll too far back. Two more. One, two, three. One, two, three, up. Last one and one, two, three, back. Not too far back. One, two, three. Up and drop your feet. Okay? Go ahead and straighten your legs and just reach for your toes.

Good. Alright, you're, you ain't gonna sit as tall as you can on top of your hips with your legs straight. Take your hands, shoulder height, or yeah, you want to sit as tall as you can. You're going to take a deep breath in. Lift the arms up as your arms go down. Think of lifting your back so you're growing taller on top of the hips. Exhale, you can bend the knees if it's too hard on the stretch. Again, inhale, come up. Exhale, squeeze your bottoms and lift your backs. Now take another deep breath in. Circle the arms. Exhale, lift your backs up, up, up, and one more time from the chest. You inhale up. Exhale, stray down and heel straight up. Squeeze your bottoms and lift your backs. Now this, it gets a little more challenging. Flex your feet, drop your head so you're in a sea. Your tummies are scooped.

You're going to stretch boards. Slide your hands on the mat as you stretch forward. Keep flexing your feet and then articulate one vertebra on top of the other two. Sit up tall. Take a nice deep breath in. Squeeze your bottoms and lift your backs. Exhale, so from your hips, you're in a seeker. You inhale, push out, stretching forward. Keep scooping your tummies and squeezing your bottoms. Eggs.

He'll sit up. Tall, deep breath in. Don't worry too much about the arms and exhale Walmart time from the hips. Flex the feet. Deep breath in. Forward. Exhale, round up, tall, deep breath in, up with arms, and exhale. Go ahead and cross your legs if you can, if that's comfortable and as though you had weights, you're going to take your hands behind your head in a diamond shape. Sit as tall as you can and it's all about the resistance.

You're going to push the arms out, feel the muscles in your arms working, sludge your shoulders now and start to feel your ribs pulled together and then bend in and again, push it out. Here's where you've got to get those ribs to push back into your spine and bend thick, heavier. You're pushing through it. Stretch the arms out. Bend the arms in one more time. Stretch. Open the arms to the sides. Sit as tall as you can, bending the elbows called your hugs. You inhale, close the arms. Exhale, grow taller on top of your hips, and then again, try to push those ribs in. So tightening the abdominals. Inhale and exhale.

No Derby elbows. Try to keep the elbows lifted. Inhale, lifting your backs and exhale, reverse your breathing. Exhale, tighten in here. Inhale, exhale. That didn't seem a lot, but it will work there. And last one, it's also postural exercise. Exhale and open. Shake yourselves out. Go ahead and stand up.

Quick little stretch standing heels together. You can face each other. That's fine. Wait towards the toes and in this light bloody stance turned out three big circles with your arms. You're going to take your arms up. Deep breath in. As you lower the arms, grow taller, so there's a string on top of your spine lifting you up. Two more deep breath in. Fill this in. Exhale, flattening your back so no arching, deep breath in.

So you'd want to pop out here. Keep squeezing your bottoms this time. Deep breath in. Come up onto your toes. Keep wrapping the thighs. Kind of push your hips forward more. Yeah. Grow tall, tall, tall, tall. Exhale, drop to a flat foot and shake yourselves out. You guys are all done. Good job.


Deceptively challenging on a Saturday morning! A traditional class is just what I needed. Thanks.
This is great for me, getting back to Pilates after some time away. Instruction and reminders are really helpful and not too much talking.  I feel like it was a really good workout, with great options for increasing or reducing the challenge.

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