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Cadillac Workout

35 min - Class


Move your entire body, from the fingertips to toes, in this Cadillac workout with Erika Quest. She teaches Helen, who is 78 years young, in this class designed for Active Agers. She plays with movement while challenging balance, coordination, and even the left and right sides of the brain. She also adds in exercises to throw off your center of gravity so that you can work on stability by finding your "Spinal Sandwich."
What You'll Need: Cadillac, Yoga Block, Moon Box

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Get excited. I'm Erica quest in case you don't know me, I am here with the most amazing 78 almost 79 year young Helen and we are going to take you through a trapeze class for the activate jurors. So y...


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Thank you Erika for another awesomely fun class for active agers! The "games" you throw in are fantastic for exercising the brain and your cueing, as always, is solid and informative.
I also love your reformer workouts with "P. Dog". So much fun how you integrate creative movements to the classical repertoire. Can't wait to see more:)
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Thank you. .great to see achievable and appropriate challenges for active agers. .I have clients who are in their 90s and still love their Pilates!
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Such a thoughtful class for this age demographic! I agree in that these moves were achievable and cued with care. Erika, you have wonderfully bright energy!
Oh WOW! Thanks for the lovely comments and taking class Gina, Vicky and Stephanie! Such an important population to care about and encourage improvement on 4 out of 5 types of aging! Much love, Erika
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Thanks for presenting this fun yet challenging class. Love the name shift from Senior to Active Ager. Great cueing and energy!
great class... some of this could be difficult for us 50 somethings!
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Thanks, David, Sharon and Kimberly! I appreciate you taking the time to watch and take class. David, I love the term Active Ager, too which is so much more empowering!
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Another great class, Erika, and not just for active agers! At 90, my mom is not as spry as yours or Helen but she still rocks life and is becoming even more focused in her weekly Pilates privates. She loves crosswords and other mental puzzles so your games will be perfect for her! Mom doesn't like "senior" and really dislikes "elderly" so I know she will love being an "active ager"! Thanks again!
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AWESOME, Jill! Such a great photo and thanks for watching/taking class. You know I always appreciate it and YOU! Much love to you and your awesome Active Aging Mom!
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