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Challenge yourself with this fun and well-flowing level 2 Mat class featuring the Jack Knife and the Twist!
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Aug 17, 2010
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And let's go. Yeah. Okay. So feet flat on the Mat. Um, reach just by and gently hold on behind your knees and just sit for a moment and inhale and exhale. And as you do that a couple of times, bring your mind in your body and to connection. So with your inhale, feel the sitting bones directly underneath the spine and the spine, perhaps growing a little taller. As we start to link our intention into our bodies. And exhale, feeling the ribs knit together, the abdominals dry in and down, or in and up. If you will. Inhale obes expanding the ribs at the elbows rise off. So creating space for the breath. Exhale.

Let the elbows just follow the shoulders. Go heavy as the elbows fall down in the abdominals. Contract a lot to support that position. Inhale two more times. Just big breath in, feeling the expansion of the rib cage and then feeling the contraction of not just the rib cage, but the entire waistline. Shoulders heavy. One more breath. Inhale, letting the elbows float. Sitting a little taller still, and exhale. Just solidifying that position and now we're gonna move away from it. Breathe in, breathe out.

Just move the pelvis, tucking the pubic bone up towards the chin. We're just rocking basically behind the tailbone and then we're going to sit straight back up. You can utilize your arms as much or as little as you need to. You're also welcome to let go. Xcel talking the tub. And so essentially just trying to move the lower low spine lower low. Okay, I'm going to get it together. Exhale, curve flexing the low spine, keeping the upper spine relatively straight and still in.

He'll sit tall. Excellent. One more. This fine. H Him. [inaudible] think about a little bit of contraction through the back of the legs, a little bit of inner thigh work. Let's let go and as we exhale, we're going to move more. So rounding down, hopefully maybe to the bottom of the rib cage, but definitely to a place where you feel strong and in control. Inhale and get there. Start Your exhale, letting your breath proceed, the movement moving with the breath so that as you curl all the way forward, you're finished with your breath and you're inhaling to sit, talk, go in again. Same Movement, XL talking, the tailbone under, feeling the mobilization of the lower back, the stability of the pelvis even as it moves. Exhale, rolling back up first forward, so the shoulders come up over the pelvis and then we inhale to lengthen up tall and again, exhale to curve back. Hi, traffic's not easy. I commend to every single one of you who comes from Santa Barbara.

That's when it gets easy. That's and it gets easier sitting up tall. We're going one more time. We're going to stay down at the bottom. So again, please find a place where you feel strong. Don't go so low or so high that you feel your back. Inhale, raise your arms up, the abdominals drop down even more. Exhale, the arms come down. Feel that the arms are light as they float up into the air, but the shoulder are heavy. Exhale, the arms pressed down. Maybe they're pulling against an imaginary spring. Any alarms.

Deepen the contraction through the middle of the waist. Exhale, arms down. One more to go. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, arms down. Inhale to pause. Start Your exhale as you cruel through your spine coming up this time as you sit tall, allow your arms once again to just float up towards your ears and as you raise your arms length in and raise your spine, exhale, Tuck the tailbone under. You can leave the arms up there if you're looking for a challenge or they can drop down in front. We're going to come down towards the shoulder blades.

Turn the palms down, slide your feet a little closer to you, and just hold that high lifted position. Xcel, pick up the right leg. Pull the thigh towards the chest. Inhale, reach down. Touch those toes. Exhale, pick up the same way. One more time. Inhale, reach down. Touch those stoats. Exhale, pick up. Inhale, those toes go down. We're going the left leg. Look for no movement in the pelvis. When you change sides, inhale like you've got something attached to your thigh that's connected underneath your belly. One more time. Inhale the feet down. Exhale. We're coming rural, rolling, curling forward first and then elongating the spine. Yes, we are a little closer to our thighs as time and yes, it's a little harder.

Exhale to roll back just to the tips of the scapula pickup there, right? Like pick up the left leg, drop the right toes down again, hit inhale, and then just exhale to change. So we're doing leg changes. We keep the trunk stable and still the legs there. The angle of the knee is about a 90 degrees and we're pulling up from the hip joint or more precisely from the abdominals, but the movement occurs at the hip joint. Who one more time. Put the left leg down with the right leg. Come up, curling yourself, lifting tough. Feel free to use your arms there.

Feel free to give yourself a little help coming all the way back down. Now we're rolling ourselves down, feeling each and every bone in the spine individually. Touched the mat. Let the back of the head touchdown. Slide the feet a little closer towards your hits for the pelvic curl. Adjust on your mat if need be. An inhale. As you exhale, feel the lower spine flex. Once again, this time the pelvis starts to peel away from the ground.

The upper body stays down. We raise the pelvis up, reaching the news forward over the toes. Inhale at the top. Exhale, start your journey back down from the chest. And then each individual rim feel that they press equally on both sides. Release all five bones of the lower back, and finally the pelvis comes down. Xcel to roll up again. So just curling through this fine. Sending energy through the knees towards the toes or dragging the heels back towards the fingertips. Whatever you're thinking, Xcel on your way down.

You are engaging. Strongly are hamstrings the backs, the flies, articulate all the way to the ground. You guys look great. Exhale, we're rolling up again. This is the last one and then I'm going to change it just a little bit. So look for a little bit of a posterior tilt or a tuck at the top. Exhale to roll down. And as you do so, reach your arms in the direction of your heels, reaching your heels in the direction of your fingers, like you're connecting those two sides of your body. Oh, cramp. Inhale, exhale. Come up again. This time as you inhale, you're gonna raise your arms up towards your ears. As you exhale, you roll down the shoulders, stay heavy or firm on the back.

As soon as the tailbone touches, we're going to lift the chest up and curl the head. And just so lifting up as high as you can, looking for a flat back. Inhale. Exhale, lower yourself down from that position, the arms will end just over the shoulders. Exhale, roll up through the pelvic curl again. So lifting up the pelvis. Inhale, the arms float past the years. Exhale, we peel the spine back down. Yeah, and he'll start to raise your arms past your shoulders. Exhale, pick up the chest, reaching past the thighs, curling from just underneath the ribs. Inhale, exhale to lengthen back down arm. Then just over the shoulders, so they're going into like a, uh, abdominal curl and then a pelvic curl. So here comes the pelvic curl portion, and here comes the pelvic curl coming down, open the arms, reach up and you roll down.

And then the arms come over the shoulders and then the chest curls up and the arms try to reach to the sh calves. I don't know if that's humanly possible. I can't get mine. But that's the idea. Coming all the way down. Arms over the shoulders. Last one, exhale to a Rola. Okay, Ian, he'll send your arms past your ears. Exhale, articulate this. Find out who reached the arms. Oppositionally round the spine.

Moving the arms towards the chest. Inhale. Exhale. Curl yourself up. Here we are up off the shoulders again. Pick up the left leg again. Pick up the right leg again. Glue the legs together, Bolt them together. Bring the arms over the shoulders as your head and chest. Come down and open your arms out to the side. Heading into the spine. Twist.

We inhale to the left and exhale to the center. Inhale to the right and exhale to the center. So think of this as a mobility. Um, uh, mobility. Exercise specifically for the lower back. Not so much for the shoulders, so possibly you'll get a shoulder stretch if you keep the opposite shoulder down. Exhale, working hard through the obliques. Inhale as you come across and XL as you come down back, it's important to keep the knees exactly side by side and in order to do that we've got to pick up the pelvis, the one side of the pelvis.

So you rock over to one side of the hip, come right across center, and then you pick up the hip. You just were on going over the other side. Exhale as you come back. Last one on both sides so you use the breath not just as a breath, but as an opportunity to connect with your abdominals. When you get back to the center, place both feet down on the ground. Bring your hands back behind your head, fully interlocking the fingers. Exhale as you curl your head and chest up. Inhale, reach your hands behind your thighs and look for just a little bit more.

Letting go when reach the hands. One Hand on top of the other, just past the knees. And we're going to reach over the left knee on the inhale and we're going to exhale. Come back to center. Inhale as you guide your hands past the knee and exhale to come back to center. So as you continue to alternate from side to side, look for the pelvis to be still. Look for the shoulders to be down. Look for a lot of rotation around the rib cage and think about maintaining the height of your curl. Okay, one more time, either side.

[inaudible] reaching a class, bringing it back. Separate your hands. Do not fall back. Raise your arms at, raise them up even further. Try to touch the ground behind you. Then we bend your elbows, put the hands behind your head and finally lower your head and chest back down. Here we come back up again. Xcel, head and chest. Come up, ribs, press down. Inhale, guide the hands behind the fast. Exhale, curl a little more.

You can go back to the hand position we just left or you can reintroduce your hands behind your head. Chest lift with rotation. Let's come towards me and then back to center and go the other way. Reaching that far rib across towards the inside hip and back and looking for seamless movements. So one movement links right into the next one. There's never any really stopping or breaking in the middle. It's maybe an intentional creation of intensity in the center.

Back to center and down. Exhale as you come up one more time. Inhale once again, find the back of the thighs. Exhale. Just find what you need to feel really solid through your powerhouse. Let go of your legs. Pick up one leg, stabilize, pick up the other leg. Decide if you want to keep your knees bent or straight. We are going into the a hundred so straight and if you're going to bend, if you're going to exhale to pump, one, two, three, four, five in and and big breath, two, three, four, five.

In the pump of the arm is calm. It comes from underneath of the shoulders and exhale and inhale. Here we are at a halfway point. This time as exhale, drag your legs up towards you and inhale, push them back down. What's important is that the lower back stays down. They drag up and they pushed. And here's the last three. Exhale and push down.

Arms are still working strong and straight to and inhale down. Here's the last one for the day in heel, the legs lower down. Exhale as you bend your knees, can you attach your sternum, your breastbone to your thighs? Again, impossible. Put One foot down the other foot down and lower your body all the way to the ground. Let's stretch out the right leg and bend the left knee for leg circles. So that right leg is going to anchor down as we stretch or length in the left leg towards the ceiling. As you exhale, cross the body with that leg. Swing it down around and up.

Exhale again in the same inhale in the same direction so your every circle has a breath. Look for stability and control of the pelvis. I'm going to stop at the top this time and go the other way. Letting the Femur, the thighbone rotate in the hip joint. One more full breath cycle. Raise the leg hold there. See if just by pulling your abdominals down more, you can pull the leg a little closer to you.

That's the intensity that you want in your abs. Bend your knee, hold onto it with your opposite hand and turn to the hand that just grabbed the leg. Look over the opposite shoulder as you twist to the side and then bring yourself back to center. Left leg is going to extend out. We're going to bend the right knee in. As the leg travels up, they have pull heavily down where it's like they could pull through the mat into the earth, cross the leg across the body, circle around them hold, so it's one exhale for a full circle and then an inhale for another full circle. It's okay to bend the top leg if necessary. Last time, pause at the top and we're going the other way. All reaching around. Cross the body, pull up with the abdominals like it's kind of buoyant in the joint, but strong as it travels through space.

I believe there's one more to go hold at the top. Can you deepen the abdominals and pull the leg a little closer to you? Maybe, maybe not, but try. Bend the knee, hold onto it with your opposite hand in turn looking over your shoulder and then let's come back to center. Stretch that leg along next to the other legs. Squeeze the legs together. Take your arms over your shoulders first and then as they travel up near your ears, make sure that you're not arching your middle back off the mat. Then inhale to lift the head and chest. Exhale seamlessly, Cori control as you roll yourself up, sitting up tall, but staying around it so it's not just kind of a slump over.

You want to create length and still be around. Here we go again. It felt to come down. The tail tucks under. We find the low back, then in the middle back. Then the upper back of the back of the head touches. The arms are reaching up. Inhale, head, chest, strong legs, strong abdominals. We curl in. Heel-Toe pause, expanding through the back of the rib cage. Xcel to roll back, articulating the spine, stretching the feet.

Oppositionally linking each movement into the next, curling the spine and healing at the top. And Shannon, just keep your eyes at on the ground a little and Xcel tool down. You guys keep going. I'm just going to look head and chest so I'll allow that. Had to follow the line or she create the line of the spine. Oddly. Two more Xcel down, arms up, hands down, head up, arms up and roll up.

It is our last one. Make it your very best. Whatever you need to do in your body to go deeper or to look for more like the head touches. Arms reach up. Inhale, hadn't chest come on and we exhale coming home all the way over from here. Continue to take the spine forward. Flex the feet and di forward over the legs. [inaudible] when you're finished [inaudible] stretching the roll yourself up.

Sit Up nice and tall in the elbows, out to the side and a goalpost shape. So fingers are directly over elbows, elbows are spreading here. Try this, Ben. Johnny's everyone. So kind of sitting comfortably. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. So that's a position that we don't really want. We want the shoulders to actually draw down and spread and with that spreading, maybe you can feel your upper back a little more. Stretch your legs back out if you're going to keep them bent, if you're happy or are turned towards me at a second. Pulse going further.

Any any help to come back? Keeping the position of the arms consistent. It's the spine that turns in back. Check in with your feet. They shouldn't shift back and forth on one another. They should stay totally still turn and then just give what you have without moving the lower body. We're going to speed that up a little. It's exhale, exhale, inhale back. It's not a bounce. That second pulse. It's an intensity or a creation again of intensity. Turn, turn and come back and turn, turn and come back.

Let's do two more to each side. Reach, reach, and come back. Give your a spine as a towel, a wet towel on your ringing. Water out of it so that it's completely water. Less and back. Last one here, coming back. [inaudible] from here. Start to reach your arms up, guide the spinal longer. Maybe even add a little chest lift at the top and fall forward over your legs. Drawing your abdominals back for support. You can hang on if you want.

You can give yourself a little bit of a pull. Ruling ourselves up. We're going to bend the knees, scooting the pelvis towards the feet or the feet towards the pelvis. We're going to hold on around the ankles. Curves the slower spine away from the thighs, but try to keep the chest close to the thighs, picking up the feet if they're not up already for rolling like a ball. Inhale back. Exhale.

Finding your balance. Inhale back. Excellent. So it's the depth of the abdomen, the curvature of the lower back. Trying to intensify that curve. That should throw you off balance or move you off balance. Let's do three more. Inhale back. Excellent.

Keeping the size consistently as close or as far away from the chest as they were initially. Shoulders down. Last one. Nice. Your feet down on the ground. Slide them out straight and separate them again. A bent knee would be acceptable. Preferable, even if the bat can't be straight with the leg. Straight arms reaching out in front for the spine. Stretch breathing in.

Allow the head to fall towards the chest. Pull the ribs back without leaning back and the abdominals back, and then send the spine first forward and then out long inhale at the bottom. As you exhale, pull from the lowest part of your abdominals restacking the spine until you're back up straight, sitting tall at the top. We inhale, allow the head to drop forward for us as the eyes go down, the ribs pull in and the abdominals pull in. You round over and then you start to travel forward. Hands reaching just between the feet. Inhale, pause and exhale as you articulate the spine back up.

So let's do that one more time and then we'll add the back extension. Lovely. Exhale. Here's the place where you can focus on your breath, on the exhalation of all of the air so that when you're in healing, you're fueling up with new air. Exhale, pinning the spine, reaching it sit and tall at the top. Here comes the back extension, so it starts to say you fold curling over an imaginary ball and then you start at the bottom to send the tailbone back, the front of the hip bones forward the chest, forward the arms, reach up near the ears, reaching up on a high diagonal or on a low diagonal depending on your flexibility XL to go down and use the same. Exhale. Breath to stack your spine at the top. Inhale at the top again when you arrive there. Exhale to travel forward.

Shoulders heavily reaching down the back going where you know that you can extend into a flat line. Eyes Down, arms just near the ears. Exhale to send the spine back forward and pull back with the abdominals until you arrive back straight. Let's do that again. It looks great. Go again. Had Falls, ribs connect, abdominals, pull in, you go out forward, you lift the chest, the eyes are down, reaching up into a flat back. Nice Jim. Nice, fantastic. Exhale to fold forward and not to single him out, but he's the only fantastic moving guy in here. So there's that. All right, last one. ex-CEO. Rounding foe. Given it all you God. See if by relaxing into the extension somewhat you can feel a little more ease instead of forcing the movement, holding there, reaching the direction of the fingertips and then a little presses back with the sons or with the shoulder blades.

So just didn't gauging through the upper back, creating a long lines in your body. And let's see that three more times, two more times. One more time. Go all the way down. Roll all the way up. Bend when you get to the top of your right knee can put the foot up against the calf or you can put it up against the thigh, whichever works for you. Rotate a little bit. So your chest is just over the F, um, facing forward over the leg. We're going to walk forward.

Really important to keep the pelvis square, to keep the abdominals pulling back as we reach forward and stretch wherever your hands are. Leave them there, but let go with your right arm. Reach the right arm even further, taking the spine with you and then start to turn the right ribs open towards the ceiling. The arm just comes with the rib cage. As you open up that side of your body that was reaching around for a stretch. Exhale, take the body back forward, some abdominal work involved there. You can definitely find it and then rolling yourself up on your next exhale. When you get to the top, just going to exchange legs, right leg goes out, left knee Benz. Sit Up nice and tall on your sitting bones.

Turn slightly towards the leg, that straight, and then just walk forward. Be kind to yourself. Never want to really force yourself, pastor where you feel comfortable with the stretch. Let your left hand though. Reach it further forward and take your spine with it easy. Be Easy with yourself and then turn the left ribs open.

Left arm just comes along next to the left here and we get a big stretch to that sideways. I'm going to take it back forward. There's our x Ham and he'll to say maybe go in longer and Xcel to come. Okay. Bend the knees open like rocker coming up. If you know you need to keep your knees bent, that's an option. If you can. We're all going to get just behind our sitting.

Our tailbone reach for one ankle is, that's where you're going to go. If not, you could keep the knee bent or hold the back of the Fi. Here we go. Opposite leg comes up. Look for length in the spine round just the lower back and rock back. Then rock yourself up and think about easy movement in the spine as you lift the chest and then curve the spine. Roll back, roll up. It's almost a sense of lengthening or growing taller at the top again around and lift and roll back.

Three more to go. [inaudible] yeah, and to just linking them breath or linking them movements together. Growing along at the top. Here's that last one. [inaudible] day at the top. When you get there, let go. Gently lower the legs. As the legs go down, your spine sits up.

Bring your arms. Let's go up for space. So, uh, from here, your arms are gonna open to the sides. As you turn towards the ocean, that outs the, this hand goes towards the outside foot. The opposite one pushes back towards Perry. Inyo lengthen back up. Sit up tall. Bring that back, arm up and turn. I'll give you a better breathing. Here's our inhale. Exhale, we die forward. Inhale, we lengthen the spine of the back arm comes up to meet the front arm.

We turn back to center. Promise. Better breathing. Here it is. Exhale. Inhale, exhale, center. Inhale, rotate. Exhale to reach. Inhale tool. Lengthen and exhale as you return the body to center. Inhale, turn. Think about the back arm.

If you push it like you're trying to touch the person behind you, what will help you turn more? Inhale, get long, get tall. Come all the way up. Exhale. Bring yourself back to center. Go the other way and he'll get along. Get tall all the way back. We're going one more time to each side. It's a XL to pull the abs back as the spine travels forward in heel-toe lengthener XL to return center time reaching across in Hilton for them and bring the arms down fingers. I'm heading into the back support and I'm going to teach it with straight legs.

Know that it can always be done with bent knees. The whole pelvis will just lift up off the mat if you're going to go for it with straight legs. Here's what we're going to do. Your arms are straight behind you. Fingertips facing forward and squeeze the back of the legs. From there, pick the pelvis up, reaching the tippy toes down and with the intention of curving the low back or talking just a little bit to support the low back. As your hips go down, try to imagine being pulled up towards the ceiling with the top of your head. So it's a light touch with the hips, but you're still lifting up out of your shoulders. Exhale to lift again, reaching the tippy toes down. Mandy, that's nice. Inhale to sit down, reaching up out of the shoulders with the head.

So as you think about the neck not changing, so as you're coming down, you don't become a turtle. So you go up and then the neck perhaps even gets longer, reaching up towards the ceiling as you use your lats to lower your pelvis. Jim, you might be happier with your arms a little wider last time. I love that. I love it. See all the way down. Bring your arms around, bring your body all the way back down to the ground. As you roll your spine down, drag your knees in with you.

Stay up off your shoulders. Pick your legs up and reach for the reach for your knees with your hands. So feel this. Push your hands down onto your knees from your back or from your lat. And as you do that, curl a little bit more forward.

So that's the contraction that you want as the, as you're coming back into center. Inhale, stretch the arms out. Now they're lightened space. Exhale, bring the arms straight over the top and find that same upper back, ab contraction. Inhale, stretch, and exhale, recommit, and pull in in stretch and exhale. So allow yourself to use your hands if necessary to intensify the curl. And then as you let go, that curl stays totally still and let's do five more fast. Inhale, no less precise, however, reach and come home and reach and come home. Last two [inaudible] one more.

Bringing your knees with you as you lay your head and chest down on the ground. Turn your head to one side, loosening up the neck. Bring it across towards center over to the other side. Cross towards center. Start to curl the chin towards the chest and then push the knees into the hands to find that same lifted strong position.

Take both hands to your left knee. It's that same down with your back, right leg straightens. Find the back of that straight leg and change and change. I'm excelling as I hit that one leg out, one leg in position and inhaling as the legs pass through space. Good toes line up to like a bullseye just in front of you. Both toes facing at the same level. Let's do, I don't know what a how about two more meaning for I guess both knees in bring your knees with you and bring your body down. We're coming up one more time for the Chris Cross. Curling the head and chest stuff.

Pressing the knees into the hands of the police. Squeezing in the abdominals. Both hands behind the head. Stretch the leg for this away straight from me. Turn to the bent knee. Reach up as you come across. Turn to the other bed. Reach up to come across and Shange so looking for a strength in every movement.

Control things to think about. Squeeze your bum a little. Squeeze your inner thigh. I don't think I need to tell you to squeeze your abs. They should probably be working. Let's do three more quick. One on two, two, three, three. Bring both to me soon. Stretch your legs up. Oh, how Minami. Put your head down for a second. Bring it right back up. Externally. Rotate the hips, lower the legs down just still a little bit or keeping the back flat. Exhale, pull them back up.

Push down like they're pushing against something heavy and what they're pushing heavy is the low back into the mat and then pull them up lightly. Press down and pull them up lightly. Let's do two more lift last time and bend your knees. Place your head down on the ground, hug your knees into your chest, allow your elbow back to have a chance to loosen up. Awesome. Yes, thank you. Okay, I'm going to teach, we're going to go into the rollover and then I'd like to do the jackknife today. I'm rollover first and then I'll give some some jackknife options. Um, okay, there's that. So the niece started a tabletop position. The low back is adamantly flat.

We're gonna send your legs forward on the diagonal with which you can keep your back flat and then inhale to bring them to vertical. As you exhale, keep, maintain the curvature of the thighs to the waist and rollover. Flex. Separate the feet, lower the toes down. If you can keep your spine totally still, then peel down, reaching the heels behind you energetically. So you're just articulating down slowly as your telethon touches your toes. Point they come together and touch in here. They come back towards vertical and exhale smoothly.

Seamlessly bring yourself over, flex and separate the feet. They don't separate a lot, maybe about hip distance. And then you roll down. I'm working each bone, a nice circle around touching Hela and exhale to rollover, separate flex and slowly pressing the chest to the arms. One bone at a time comes down. Okay. And then just go ahead and bend your knees for a second.

I'm a show whoever needs to see the Jack Knife. If you're going to attempt it and you don't know what it is, um, please watch it so that you're not turning your head when you're lifted on your shoulders. If you know the Jack Knife and would like to come with me, please do so. It starts in the same position as the roll over. You bring your legs to vertical, you roll yourself over it. So there's where the similarity t to the rollover ends. From there on the inhale, the legs go down and all the way up.

So what I'm thinking about here is lifting with my back and pushing that way. And up with my legs. So I'm trying to hit a vertical position and then I slowly, I will pike slightly at the waist. My feet will come back towards me as I work with control to come down. Okay.

So I promise you that if you push away from you and reach up, that will enable you to find the position a little bit easier. I'll help whoever needs me. If you don't want to do it, do the rollover. The one we just did. So maybe starting at vertical with the legs. Let's exhale to bring them over. It's got some personality. This one, it's inhale down, up, squeeze the back of the legs, push them away like you're trying to kick the person in front of you and then exhale and slowly make your way down through your spine. Control it, press with your arms. You're going to feel them. Keep the legs together in this exercise. They lower slightly, they come back up, they go over, then they go down and up and then slowly down through the spy. Yeah. Nice guy.

Tried to kick me in the face. Yes, that's it. And then just slowly down and your legs are going to come back towards you as you come down. They will, you will come back this way. Yeah. Like, yeah. So the only time that you're really trying to kick out is at that very top. And then when you're coming down, they're going to come back towards you this way. Nice Gym. Yep. Yep, Yep, Yep. And then slowly, that was great. Keep your inner thighs squeezing together.

We're going to do one more. Wherever you are in your movement, just continue to work with your rhythm. Finish the one you're doing. If you want another one. Now is the time. If you're ready to rest, stop. Okay. That's an Aaron. Push more. Push more. Push forward. You're almost there. I like one more inch. That's it. That's perfect. And then, dad, good job. Everybody. Turn and face me please.

Okay. So we're going to do, let's do the twist tonight. So we've been, um, Chris has been working a lot with us on the side bend. I'm going to add onto that exercise. Know that any of these can be done. I'm an uh, here's what I'm going to offer as a modification. So everyone has the top ankle crossed over the bottom ankle. If you're choosing not to go waiting on one arm, all you're gonna do is just lift up onto the bottom knee. Okay.

And then you'll bend it back in as you come down. If you're choosing to go both legs straight, you'll go both legs straight, one knee down, both legs straight. Those are the two choices. And here we go. So as you inhale, finally, long line in your body, a plank position when knee down is fine. As you exhale, the bottom hip is going to pick up. You're going to rotate the top hip down and start to pike the hips up. So now you're looking for, it's like a pyramid shape with a rotation and then reach underneath that armpit the you're balancing on. Inhale to come back.

Exhale to bend the knees and lower yourself down. Inhale to lift into the side plank position. Exhale, bring the bottom hip up. Lean back towards your legs as you bring that on, way underneath you. Lovely. Inhale to come back. Hit that side playing position. Xcel, bend your knees and you want to go slightly away from your arm as you come down. Good work. Inhale up. Shoulder stabilization is key here.

So think about what that means to you and I'll watch for it and help you if you need me coming back. Bending the needs to come down. Lovely. Good. And one more place. Reaching up, turning the bottom hip piking upwards. So there's a lot of abdominal work here. Inhale back, bend your knees and come all the way to the ground. Excellent. Lift that arm that you were just balancing on up near your ear. Hold onto your legs. Reach up for us and inside. Bend over.

Yeah. And then just coming all the way back up and I reached down and put the elbow down onto the ground. Bottom legs. Gonna Stay Ben top plagues. Gonna reach straight out of the hip and slightly away from you energetically. So it's like you're trying to pull your leg away from out from underneath, out from inside your pelvis. Flex your foot, kick your leg forward, point your foot and kick it back. Flex. As it comes forward, keep the spine still in stable. You want it. In fact, everyone reach around the field, feel that bottom rib. You want to feel it knitting upwards instead of sinking downwards.

Um, fill the back of the leg. Is the leg backwards and back? You don't have to hold onto that. Rebut was just an example, or you can five more. Deborah's got the crazy, crazy hard version going. This is it. The legs aren't going to come forward. We're going to rotate the toes down.

We're going to reach down and then reach up in an arc shape and take the leg back, reach that leg back up and bring it down in front. And then up to the back and up to the front. Again, we're just looking for the waist to be still lifting up, feeling the bottom shoulder one that we're resting on, pulling down towards the ways. One way as the leg travels backward, leave it there. The free hand is going to reach forward.

You're going to turn your body towards the mat slightly and just reach fingers and toes away from one another. Should feel really good. Hmm. Okay. I don't. Does anyone want to leave that and then come back? Help yourself up. Turn your body all the way around to the other side and we'll do the twist so your hand isn't directly underneath you. It's quite far away from it actually, so that because your knees are bent, you're coming over the shoulder as your leg.

Straighten and away from it as your knees bend. Here we go. Inhale. As we come to the side plank, you can drop to the bottom knee. It works just as well, and then you would just rotate under. Inhale as you come back and exhale as we bend the knees and come down. Inhale to lift. Pick up the bottom hip right away.

Start the rotation from there and then push back towards your legs with your body weight. Inhale as you head back from there, lining up the body and then exhale to come down. Inhale, exhale, raise. Trying to look for us flat back as you reach down towards that bottom ankle and yell back. Exhale, knees bent. We're going to go one way. Any exhale, turn [inaudible] a little higher. Aaron, like with your butt towards the sky. That's it. And then back and then all the way down and for was the lot. Yeah, I think so. Let's stretch reaching across. If that doesn't feel good to you, you can open up your legs a bit.

Um, it might lift a little, everyone's a little bit different. Um, it's okay for it to lift a little. You'll definitely feel more weight on one side than the other. Okay. Down to the elbow. If you want to challenge this movement. I mean, I guess it's maybe not the time since you did it on the other side. Hands behind the head would, would do that lifted onto a pointed elbow. But I'll teach it like I did before. Reach the leg away from you.

Try to pull it out of the hip joint, flex the foot, check with that bottom side should be flat and then kick forward and reach back. As Oli goes back, there's often a tendency to want to arch the low back and bring it with the leg. That's not to happen. So as you're swinging back, your pelvis is pressing forward. Shannon lifted up a little bit this way, and then you're really connected down here with that shoulder blade. That's it. And, and phone and last three here, still through the body is the ultimate goal.

And here's where we bring the leg forward. It's going to stay there. It's going to go down and then up animal way behind you or as far behind you as you can without doing that Archie back thing. And then up and back and up and forward. She hang up and around it just lifted up here a little bit. Nice work. Last two and last one. And forward addict, the leg back.

Here's where that continues to pull away from us when we just reach on top, arm away, rotating the spine, stretching the leg out of the hip. Okay. And then bend that knee, turn your body around onto your hands and knees. Okay, so, um, this would work down on the forearms if you wish, or flat on the hands, shoulders, drawing down away from you as we're heading into a plank position. So set one leg out straight, strengthen it or squeeze the back of the leg. It's that the other leg back.

Try to press the back of both thighs up towards the ceiling and pull your stomach and just breathe here. So just inhale and exhale. We're going to hold this position for a couple of breaths. Uh, windy. Your smidge high. It looks good and it looks strong. All right, from that place, lift the pelvis up. Press the heels towards the ground. The Chester reaches through towards the thighs.

The head goes just between the arms, not forward of them. Raise yourself up onto your toes. Articulate your spine by curling through the pelvis first and then rolling yourself back into that plank position. From there, we're going to point the right foot. Put the top of the foot down, restabilize or find, strike and pick it up and down top of the foot touches and, and, and Jennifer, don't bend your knee. Lift from your hamstring. Last one, put the foot down, lifts the pelvis up. Once again, pressing the heels down, hips up in the air, chest through ribs in up just a smidge, Mandy or Overstreet, and then coming back up onto the toes, articulating the spine forward. Once you get into your plank position, pick up the opposite Lange and then it's just up and touch. That's better on that side.

So you think about squeezing right here and then the fit just comes with the leg. It's quite good. That must be it. Yeah, but foot down and said all the way back on your feet. Okay. And then as you ready start to bring your body down towards the Mat, lying all the way down, just wanting to do a basic back extension to start here. So I'm going to come on into my knees. You guys are going to be fine. Where you are. The palms of the hands are going to be facing in thumbs, reaching towards the ground, pinky fingers on top, forehead down, little bit of a slight Tuck of the pelvis or a lengthening of the low back abs, definitely in slide the arms down the sides of your thighs. You'll only get so far before your head has to come up and then you're just reaching the top of your head up and forward.

Once you get there, turn the elbow slightly inwards so that the palms of the hands go down towards the ground. Yeah. And feel how that helps you feel your upper back muscles more. Return back to the starting position and lower down. Here's your breath. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. As you slide the hands down, the size of the thighs. Inhale as you go into external rotation of the shoulder joint. Keep the arms relatively low. Exhale as you return back.

And inhale as you go down XL, as you slide your arms down the sides of your thighs. Inhale as you turn in the shoulder joint. Don't go too high or you'll get squeezey, [inaudible] and then return and lower down. Let's do that a couple more times too. At the slide of the arms first, and then the rotation of the arms. You want your arms pretty close to your body there, Deborah. That's gorgeous, Jim. That's gorgeous. Emily, feel like you could maybe talk a little and not lift as high and released out.

One more. So what I mean by that is that, uh, I know you're super flexible. Everyone, you're on your own. You've, you've done it enough yet. Keep this, try to keep that and then just focus right here. Keep the bottom room down and then focus there for the upper back and then back and everyone rest, rest, all the way down when you're ready to help yourself back towards rest position, sitting back on your feet. [inaudible] sometimes the very most basic exercises can give us the most challenging work. Okay?

And then come up, he just onto your knees. If you're not happy on your knees, there's lots of things to sit on or you can sit down on your feet or you can just sit down on your mat. I'm going to do a little bit of would face you face. Face me, and I'm going to face this way for now. Okay? So what you're gonna do is you're, your elbows are back out in that position where they're straight out from the shoulders don't squeeze, spread and then some, uh, contract through the front of your body to support you. Inhale as you turn your fingertips back in, your elbows forward.

So in a perfect world, you'd be going further back with your hands in your Albas. Exhale as you feel almost a intentional relaxing of the arms and a contraction of the upper back muscles. As you slide your shoulders, it's like they're on a track. The shoulders going down is what sends the arms up through space. Inhale, if you inhale and just press the arms back a tiny bit more, just a tiny bit, you haven't really changed your spine much. Exhale, bend the elbows, pull them apart from one another as they travel back to where they started. And inhale, return the hands back. Kind of rotate the ponds, lift up as you reach up, reach slightly on the diagonal backwards, and then inhale, just look for length in the spine, possibly pressing the arms back more, but not if it's gonna. Create a lot of neck tension. Rebuild the elbows, dragging the points of the elbows away from one another. End Down and return the hands back where they started.

I'll going a few more times and then so it's just [inaudible] a tiny bend. If anything in the upper back as the arms reach back, I'll return the elbows and return the hands. Let's just do that two more times. Reaching out, reaching over head. He feel a lot of low back work. Um, you're probably lifting from your low back. So what you would do in that situation is really hang onto your abs and just think about the arm movement. Uh, last one. Inhale, elbows forward, fingertips back, light arms like they weigh nothing like their feathers, but the shoulder blades or bricks, gliding them, the shoulder blades down and then re bent spread and then return upon Stan and then turn the palm so that they face one another here. Anyone feeling low back?

Fantastic. Turn your hands away from one another. Again, it's a rotation, that shoulder joint. Pretty much the same thing we just did lying down from here. Reach arms again, their life kind of float out. But all the work of holding the arms out in space is coming from your upper back, from just below your shoulder blades from in between your shoulder blade sun. And then press the arms back. And as you press back slightly down, just lift your eyes.

Lifting of the eyes will bring the chest up enough and then bring one hand across each shoulder and just allow the head to come down and towards the chest. And let me slide the hands back. Forward. Palms and the hand space when another, when you go into the rotation of the arms, go ahead. Let's inhale. Now don't squeeze behind you with your elbows. They stay just in front of the ribs. They'll separate a little exhale, arms heavy. Our are heavy shoulder blades. It's kind of hard to let the arms totally relaxed, but it's worth it.

Press back, Isaiah. That's an inhale. And exhale, reach around towards one shoulder, each shoulder, one hand on each shoulder and head down. Do that two more times. Pounds in the hands facing one another. Rotate the, it's like you're turning your arm bone and then continue that energetic turn of the arms, elbows, guiding inwards, fingertips reaching backwards. Once you arrive at the tall, even slightly down can be fine or slightly forward. If you feel neck, tension, press back, eyes, chest, um, across the body had dropped down to the chest. So as we do our very last one, and I didn't mention alternating harms, but I think we're all smart enough about politeness too to think about that. And if you didn't, oh well it's too late now.

So here's our very last one. What can you find in it? A sense of lightness in your own body of working from where you need to work. And as the arms go back, maybe even the feeling of flying away. Let intention float out through the chest. And then [inaudible] hands either shoulder. [inaudible] alright, so from here I'm just turning and put your hands down on the ground.

Tuck your toes under so that you can push yourself over your feet. And then your hands will move back a little bit towards your feet. We're going to press the heels down and lift the hips up and then just stay there for a moment. I recommend bending your knees and as your knees bend, try to get a feeling of pulling the femurs, the thighs deeper into the hip joints by pulling the abs deeper into the spine. That should help you to create a pretty nice stretch, like a couple of big breasts into the stretch.

And when you're ready on your next exhale, start to curl the spine. If you need to help yourself with your hands, Pete, please feel free to make sure that you're protecting your body, curling, coming all the way up to standing or any inhale and raise the arms up, and then bend the knees and reach the fingers towards the ground. Just drag him back, Huh? And around to the side and [inaudible] even the knees, the hands reach down towards the ground, kind of a little bounce and then recheck. And then around to the sides. And as you open up your chest, thank yourself for giving yourself time for your practice. And we're all done. Thank you all for coming.


concerned about lady in front left rolling on her spine???
This is an awesome class, so far one of my faves!

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