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Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Work on the exercises you already know in a different way in this Mat workout with Karen Sanzo. Her clear directions and preparations set you up for success as you move toward the full movement in each exercise. She also uses a Shoulder Bridge as a transition exercise which makes it feel a little easier each time you do it.
What You'll Need: Mat

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This mat class tonight. We'll start on your hands and knees. So go ahead and bring yourself to the quadriped head position. Curl your toes well up underneath you and make your fingers ...


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great class! I like a lot. Smalls things change a lot:)
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So many reminders and images to take with me to any and all other classes. Thank you.
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Such great teaching ... New takes on familiar moves !!! Such a pleasure to see students with different body shapes in class in the "real" world of my classes ...thank you
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Great, clear cues in plain language.
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marvelous class. I look forward to taking more classes with you. You are an excellent teacher.
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My first class with Pilates Anytime as a trainee teacher - excellent instructions and corrections. Thank you.
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Loved it! Great cue when you referenced the ace bandage on the arms! I always learn something new from you Karen!
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Reallly good class as always!
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I love your teaching visualisations Karen...always looking out for your latest classes. It's so lovely to hear things said in a different stops you feeling like a parrot!
Love to see a teacher constantly correcting....wonderful teaching. Thanks Karen ??
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Hello to all of you have commented on this class. Thank you for your kind comments. Thanks to Candace, who is the usual teacher of this class at the studio. And the clients...oh my goodness. They were so open to a new teacher. This was, and is, a wonderful feeling. No hidden agenda. Good clean, guided movement---all so the body can feel better in whatever it chooses to do.
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