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Primary Teacher Training: Balanced Body


Pilates instructor, teacher trainer, and physical therapist, Karen Sanzo is internationally recognized for her innovative approaches to the Pilates method. Her comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics and years of experience as a master teacher have shaped wellness programs across the nation.

Karen Sanzo graduated with honors from Texas Women's University. As a skilled Physical Therapist, Karen has both teaching and practical experience in the areas of muscle imbalance, soft tissue mobilization, and exercise stabilization. Karen is a certified instructor with the Pilates Center of Austin, the PhysicalMind Institute, and the PilateSystem®.

Karen conducts Pilates certification workshops all over the U.S. including Balanced Body: Pilates on Tour, teaching teachers how to demystify Pilates, making it accessible to everyone. She also shares her unique approach to Pilates in manuals, CDs, and DVDs for professionals and the public. Her award-winning instructional DVD, Pilates for All Bodies: Getting Started is a two-DVD set that explains and demonstrates the basic exercises, then presents a thirty-minute mat class conducted by Karen. Awarded “Best Beginners DVD” by Pilates Style Magazine in the January/February 2008 issue, it was touted in their review as “perfect for those just starting out, with a clear, in-depth tutorial on principles, moves and beginner modifications.”

Latest Videos by Karen Sanzo

Mat Workout
Karen Sanzo Deliberate Pace
Level 1/2 25 min
Balanced Body Oct 24, 2016
Wunda Chair Workout
Karen Sanzo Deliberate Pace
Level 2 45 min
Balanced Body Oct 13, 2016
Cadillac Workout
Karen Sanzo Deliberate Pace
Level 2 20 min
Balanced Body Oct 04, 2016
Reformer Workout
Karen Sanzo Deliberate Pace
Level 2 40 min
Balanced Body Sep 29, 2016
Common Grippers
Karen Sanzo
10 min
Tutorial Sep 25, 2016
Cadillac Workout
Karen Sanzo Deliberate Pace
Level 1/2 35 min
Balanced Body Sep 20, 2016

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