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Upper Body Mat

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This class uses light weights to remind us of the importance of anchoring our energy in the center of the body so the extremities can move freely and efficiently. The classes entails significant shoulder and arm work, balance and some fun variations on abdominal work. Please mind neck tension when using additional props and take breaks when necessary.
What You'll Need: Mat, Hand Weights

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Aug 19, 2010
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Okay. So we're going to play a little bit tonight with lightweights and I can tell I hit the right crowd with this. I did. Um, so I'm going to have a standing up and I have um, two pound weights out for all of you, Mary. I put together some for us. I think it's also two pounds. Deborah, you got the hard stuff? Three pounds. Yep. And I would not go over three cause they're going to be long lever things. If at any point though, if I've over done it cause you know me, I might put them down and talk and then come back. Um, if it goes to your neck or any place joint related, that doesn't feel good, put 'em down because you can really extend beyond the weight anyway. Right?

Two pounds in three pounds for you guys. It's not that big of a deal, but it's a reminder. So if you would just go ahead and start with your weights in your hands. One in each hand. Yeah, let's face out the window. Well I feel good. I do. It doesn't always mean it's going to go well, but oh, nice. Nice face. Okay. Standing with your feet slightly. Pardon?

Probably just back behind your mat. Yup. And all we're going to do as a roll down so it's best you can forget about the weights, but organize your body so you're upright, your staffed. Do you maybe can start at the top of your head as if someone were lightly holding you up from the ears and the rest of your body's just hanging and stacked and easy. Wouldn't that be great? Yeah. Little traction from the beam. Perry probably could do that. You probably could. Okay, so there you are. And if that doesn't work, look at your feet.

They're parallel and organize from the bottom up. It's an inhale first standing roll down on the exhale. Just let your head go forward. There's no collapsing. You let the forehead fall the upper back, and as you roll forward, of course you're just holding back at the abdominals, creating a sense of opposition right from the start. Arms are just hanging. But here's a good time. Let's just let the shoulders slide off your back.

What that means is the just drooped to the floor. Then make that the last time you do it with me tonight and pull them just gently back to the collarbones or straight across to the side. Inhale a roll and backup. Knit the ribs together. Maybe feel like the sit bones are drawing together. Slide the scapula down the back, standing just a little taller than you did before.

We'll go a little quicker in here. She'll length to your back. Exhale and let's go. Let's go. Let's go in. We're down. Check the collar bones. Their arms are attached to your back. Exhale, roll up and with that just come up a little bit on the balls of the feet to swivel the heels together and zip up from the upper inner thigh through the heel. Heels will come back down. Sorry Jennifer. It was just a quick swivel. Okay. From there, all we're doing is lengthen your back. Raise the arms up. Now imagine, and I don't mean really reach further than you already are, but imagine you could extend your line of your arms even longer. From there, just press down and grow tolerance. It's more sensation than truth, but there is some true stood in horizon and as you exhale, it's like you're pushing down against a solid, I'm going to fake it, but it's like you're trying to grow taller with the arms.

They're just just their arms here. Inhale, maybe initiate the press down from the shoulder blade even though you really don't need it. You could just go with gravity and inhale. Feel the back of your head as it relates to the space between your shoulder blades and inhaling and exhaling down. When we take the arms up just a little bit higher this time. Say about eye level and exhale, lengthening your back. Squeeze the glutes now a little and feel some energy.

They're inhaling up and exhale, pushing down, adding in the heel rise. If you're not up for moving your feet yet, don't just rise up a little bit. Didn't have to be really high and then exhale as you pressed it and rise up. Let the heels follow that connecting. I want to say connecting arms to the front of the body right now for some reason cause we want to avoid popping the ribs out and down up to you. Whether you rise up, I'm gonna change it a little. We come up, we rise up with it. Leave your hands exactly in space.

Stretch your waist to lower the heels. So leave your hands there and then bring it down. Makes Sense. Rise up when the toes, if you're going to with the arms, then leave the hands. Their shoulders are plugged in. Stretch the waist as you allow the heels to sync back to the floors.

Keep the glutes tight and arms down. One more like that Rach. Rise up. Follow it with the heels. Next is soft. Leave the hands, stretch the waist or lower the heels. That's another way of saying it. And down we go from there just to keep the feet on the floor. Take the arms out to the side. And now that you're there, expand your chest. I wouldn't go any higher. Are you okay? Yeah. Okay. So don't, don't do it right. Um, even just your arm weight, right? Cause that's probably enough.

So you might have to shorten lever. Everybody else wants you to expand your chest. Just let it be easy as really nice channel just expanded. Don't try. If you try, you're going to lock down on yourself. Just let it be. Arms should start to get heavy around now, especially if you're not hyperextended from there, rise up on the toes. Leave your hands in space.

Stretch the feet down or the waist down and lower the arms almost all the way right back out to the side. Rise up if you're going to go into the footwork and lead it long low backs as you stretch a little further with the arms and lower the feet and down. Just two more. Reach out, waking up that upper body. Rise up those long low backs and the heels come down one more time. Arms First, heel second. Draw deep in the abs as you lower the heels and bring the arms down. So there they are.

Shake them out if it went to your neck at all and hopefully it won't. Hopefully if it starts to go to your center, bring your feet to parallel and together. And then from here all we're doing is reaching your arms behind you. So I've actually got them there and everybody just throw the ripped up, throw. Allow the ribs to go forward a little. Enjoy last time. Pull them back, adjust your head cause it's going to be weird.

And then reach the arms further. And by further, I mean down on that diagonal good. Can you from there, raise them up a little bit, but don't change any other part of your body at all. That should be six significant, especially if you're holding here in the front. Wrists are soft and straight from there. Just a little lift. One little lift too. You don't want to live so high that you're feeling tension in the back of the neck. Rather reach lower and longer. Caress, caress, nothing changed in the front and from there hug the upper arms together so it's back and back. So in other words, you've already reached as far back as you can now hug them and squeeze together.

Check out where your head is. It's just something to think about. It's probably fine, but let's see. Not much released there. Press and press. Couple more prs and press with that. Let them come down and bring them all the way in front. Right in front of your chest. Good. Careful candy, everybody.

Heavy shoulder blades. Take the arms to the side. Reach a little longer, expanding the chest and almost down. We're not going fully relaxed. Almost mamma. No Low v come forward again. Sweep to the side and down two more like that. Up Open chest expansion. Lift up, lift up from that low back. And I mean, sorry, upper back. One more time. Up and down. Changing the direction. So if you could see your shoulder blades, they're not pinching together, they're out to the side. We came forward, right?

And you could add a heel rise here if you wanted to. I'm not going to and down two more long backs. It'd be tempting to expand the chest and art's back, but we're not into that. And one more time up forward. And this is where we took it behind us. Nice and low, making it a little different. Right? You know the arm reach, take your right leg straight back.

Can easily be done without weights if you don't want it. But it's the same thing. If your arms fine low from here, abdominals are in back of the leg is engaged. Either stay there with your leg or you can lift it up off the ground and we are just barely lifting the arms a little bit higher. One you can actually do the leg with it. Two three check your neck for the subtle hinge is fine.

Five out of six. Six hold foot on or off. The ground is up to you off as a little more challenging. Upper arm. Squeeze together. One foot stay still. Two. Three. Think of expanding the chest here. Four, five and six. Holding Mat from here, keep the leg where it is.

Take the arms out in front of you. Not quite two chest height, just opposite your chest really, but you're leaning and bend the back knee. Bring the arms down. You're kind of lined up. Extend that like forward. Just forward. Nice and low. I know it help. If I told you what was coming, wouldn't it? Now we're gonna bend it.

We're going to send it back low behind us and hinge forward just enough to balance with the weights. Nothing crazy. Not yet. When you bring the arms back by your side, use this upper part, the lap, the tricep sweep, like you're pressing through a six solid. Just clear the foot from the floor and press fund. Okay, can we do that a little faster? Plus should be back here with my arms. Here we go. And it's reach forward to one. Bring it back. If there's a lot of tension in the leg collecting, which it likely will take a break too. I feel it.

And back with the body theory and back. Keep the arms plugged in. They'll avail go forward. But they don't slide off four and back one more time. Five and bring it home after you've kicked front. Yeah, so, so yeah, you're having to stabilize with the lower leg, the ankle, the foot. It's good stuff. But you do have to be careful with how much. Okay, so a little burns fine, but you'd be the judge.

You're a tennis player so you need them and they're always worked so you have to be more careful than those of us who are just lazy. Here we go. Deborah's ready? I see it. Is this where I started? It is. Yes. So we started with the leg down reaching first and we just lifted the arms and we did lift the leg. For those of you who wanted to pretty tiny. Either way you look at it, I'm noticing that I'm looking straight out the window but hindering forward so that's bad alignment. I'm going to fix my head by looking down. Then hold the leg at the position you can maintain.

Feel free to touch down whenever and from there it's squeezing together the upper arms too. If I haven't said it, you want really relaxed hands. Okay. The minute you start overpowering with the hands, you've lost the good stuff and it's just tension. Hips are square. Feel the long line in your body and with that we're going to bend the back knee a little. We allow it to clear forward. Arms come out in front. I'm sorry, that's not right. Right there is where we were. Arms go back as the leg is forward.

So let's get where I am cause I didn't know how to say it nor do it. Here we go. Kick the leg behind you. Reach forward and energize without stress, if that makes any sense. There's a subtle subtle difference between strain and active energy in my mind. And if that's not working for you, maybe you can help me out with it.

Kinda doesn't matter where your body liens, the collar bones are wide, the chest is still open, you're rather light. Although working about it's a couple reach and back in, it's likely that you're gonna feel one side more than the other. Let's them arrange happen and back and again, two more [inaudible] sure. Go ahead and finish it to bring it home. Okay. If you need to loosen up the feet, please do right. Okay, one more little balance and then we'll move to the floor with our little weights again anytime. Put them down. Don't let it take over in the neck. Take your leg to the side, arms out to the side. Now. If it gets there too heavy right now, you could bring them here too. In fact, let's do that.

Let's bring him here for now. Shoulders down there, right up, down beside your body. Raise the leg up. Good. Did you say you wanted to do hip work? Okay. First part is just a little lift from there. Two, three, four, five. Hold for a second. Just check on yourself and I think I'm only tucking. Well, maybe a little Jennifer. I think maybe me and Deborah.

Take your elbow slightly forward. Yep, and with that open chest, you will feel that external rotation. All right, so we're at the high point of the leg lift. Extend the arms out. You don't have to go all the way, but if you can, you do and you pull them back in. You can let the light come down a little, extend the leg, add in the arms or do it simultaneously. It kind of looks simultaneous and bring him back. Trying to activate the upper back. Imagine growing taller as your arms go out just to more supporting leg.

The one you're standing on is significantly working. I suspect suspect last one. Hold it out there. You decide what you want with the arms. Either leave matter pulling back five circles each way. One doesn't matter which way. Two, three, four, five reverses. Soft leg basically. One, two, three, four and five and bring it down with the arms come down. Are we doing so too much for the shoulders?

No. Good. Okay. That's a good thing. I'm going to suggest palms up this time just for variety. Even though it's identical like to the side you do cause you're getting more of the upper arm. Okay, cool. Maybe it's the weight of it. Hold it up, right?

Yeah, I'm no, I'm with you. Say I like that too actually. Thank you. No, I like that better to remind me cause I'll forget k lifting the leg one to now again, that lower leg is gonna work a lot. So see if you need to. Okay, here we go. Bring it down. I'm sorry. Take it out. Extend your arms before you do their check that you haven't arched your low back, that you're not sticky but out. It's long. And then we drew the arms back in. We'd let the leg come down a bit. We reached out. We expanded the chest. Yeah, definitely. Like [inaudible] instead of that. Why did that, oh, your supporting leg yet. Reach and reach. Reach. Good. This is ed. Here we go. Get out there. Stay out there.

You have a choice with your arms. You can put them down or bring them back in and circle five one get taller to get light on the hip joint. Three, four, five, reverse and one, two, three, four, and five. Bring it down. All right. Here's what I think I need after that one. Cross your leg over your right leftover. Right. Will you please switch lights.

Thank you. Not me. I am trying to figure out, okay. Now, so your right leg is behind you. Okay. Bend your knees just a little. Take this right hip and gently, gently press it out toward the side. Not for everyone. Not so the foot. Yeah, the opposite. The foot that's behind you. That hip is being popped out to the side.

You're right. No, you're right. [inaudible] trying for the yes. The Helio Tad level. When you're talking like that. Debra, the Iliotibial van, she says, all right. Now if that's not enough for you, just sort of use your hands to round or slide down to get a little more. That's all I'm doing is just looking cute or not nice and maybe, oh boy. Oh boy. Someone has been on vacation too. Long switch legs. Their right is in front of the left and then it's again, nothing you want to thrust out but just sort of stretching where the [inaudible] hip meats. You might just take the weights after one side. That might be enough or you can come forward.

Some of you all prefer a full forward fold. It's early though. We can leave it like this. Okay, let's go. Let's go down to the maths. We are going to use these but go ahead and if they're in your hands, keep them. Yeah and have a seat. Again, same deal with the weights. I'm just adding a little variation to it. Um, let the next whole section be um, the weights, whether your arms are fully extended or not.

Let that what's out here at the far end? You've got to anchor from the other end. Okay, that's true. Always. Whatever's furthest away, get to the other end and put your focus there. Okay. Alright, so feet and knees together, sitting up tall, right upon the sitz bones, reaching the arms forward and we'll say [inaudible] homes down or up. Should we say up? Let's say down, at least for now. Okay.

Are you subtly aware of your shoulder blades? I suspect so. Rolling down to mid back. Check your collarbones eyes forward. Inhale, start. Exhaling. Press the low back into the mat. Keep your curve. We're going forward. As you straighten your spine from the tail bunches, press the arms to the floor. Exhale, pull the hips out from underneath you, sending their arms forward opposite your shoulders or chest hold. Inhale. Exhale. Pull the abs back as you reach forward, keeping the collarbones wide. Get over your almost said, get over yourself. Get over your hips.

Lengthen up. The things I teach myself are all down. Yeah, that's exactly what I need around psychology. [inaudible] Ooh, I bet that's not been done down again, actually. It's done. Every time you do these, all right, I'll add to it. You may decide you don't want this part. Inhale one arm up. Be careful. It's heavier than you're used to. Exhale, bring it down. Other side. The point being we're challenging the core of course, and we're not moving where we don't need to hold that. Inhale, exhale, Combo, or is it that easy? Shoulders over hips, arms go to the managing, straightened up so you get the back extension. That's good stuff.

One more down we go. I'm blowing out. As I go down, I reset everything. Basically just checking in. One arm up. Inhale, exhale. Don't let it move. You can move up. One in shore, two feet, other side and forward. Stay here for an inhale. Start exhaling, and we come up this time. Slide the legs out to straight. Take a stretch forward. Put your hands down probably before you go full distance.

If you have the ability, in fact, do this. Turn your legs out so your feet are just slightly pointed to the side. Squeeze your glutes here. It might help to think inner thigh. Then pull the abs back as you slide the arms, the upper body forward, making sure your arms didn't come off your back or that first thing we did. I can't. It's just let me see if you could pull your shoulders back. Not much.

Good. All right. From there we inhaled. This is the start of the roll of exhale. Roll back a little bit. Lift the hands to opposite shoulders and we are going all the way down. For the first one, just stop the arm slightly. Past shoulders. Inhale, lift your head, neck and shoulders. Exhale, start to lift up. Pull back on the ribs to round forward and I'll stop the arms here, but you're welcome to put them down in between there if you want, and exhale down. Ooh, I like what you did. I'm going to do that.

Head goes down, arms reach back. Pay attention to the back of the ribs. Now head, neck, shoulders up. That's your inhale. Exhale, pull back on the entire abdominal wall. As you reach forward, reach forward. Then put the arms down. Everybody inhaling. As you start to roll that back, pick the arms up and back. All right, we've got it now we'll go slightly faster. Inhale, lift, head, neck and shoulders, and exhale. Resist the temptation to make it a only shoulder thing. Let the arms go down.

As you inhale and deep and abs, keep your curve. Exhale, roll back. The arms will just naturally come off the ground as you come back. Last one. Inhale, harassing the back into the mat. To lift the front. Exhale. Inhale, press the arms down via the lats and ABS, and exhale. We're going just to shoulderblades this time, so roll down to the shoulder blades and hold from here.

Turn the palms toward each other. Open to the side, but don't fall back. In fact, almost like you're going to get up. Exhale forward. I still have those inner thigh squeezing in him. Deep, deep, deep, deep, deep exhale. Squeeze through the Pex and deep in one. More like that. Inhale and exhale. Inhale, turn, palms down. Exhale, going forward. Stretch all the way forward.

Hands on the ground. Basically your same stretch. Go a little further if you can check your shoulders from there. We're going down again. So it looks, starts from the pelvis. Pick up the arms when it feels right or don't at all. I think the down shoulder blades only. Sorry, once again, turn the palms facing each other. Inhale, open out. Hold it there. Maybe not full capacity but maybe a v from here. Exhale, lift the right leg. Inhale down. Same leg again.

[inaudible] it's an easy same like I'm doing for imagine not going high but long is that for switch and one can you feel your low back pressing them at everybody come up two inches. Two. Nobody's got locked. Arms three and four. Take the arms forward in. He'll pick up the right leg. XL switch and switch. [inaudible] sure. If your back is moving, which it is. Okay. So bend your knees everybody and come forward.

Okay. Set the weights down. Alright, I'll give you a different way of doing that. Like not at all. Oh boy. And so you have choices here. I'm just going to hug the, the actual legs and round forward. You can bring them in close and hug them or you can separate the knees and round forward whatever you feel like your back needs. And then when you're ready, scoot forward on your mat for rolling like a ball with or without weights. I'm going to use the weights because we can, I'll tell you what, we all have them. Okay, so Deborah, just don't bruise yourself there. I don't think you will, but I think you're going to like it better or there you got the heavy ones that don't you? Yeah, forget it or hold it just off. Just off your shit. And how's that with one like he had it. Just don't pull in physicians.

All right. I shouldn't have said a thing. Alright, so our goal is to not let the distance change. Here we go. I'm sorry. Roll back to just two shoulder blades. Inhale back. Exhale up. If you can stop dude. Yeah, you're going to get tossed. Here we go. Inhale back. I'd probably just use one exhale. No, never. You're going to keep that low back. Absolutely. Still and back.

Hands are wherever you need them comfortably in terms of down or forward. I'm liking palms facing each other. One more time. Okay. Now, if at this point you're feeling like you don't want to do it that way, don't let's go a little wider with the hands and we go with or without weights. One good. Always do regular. Rolling like a ball. And two in here. Three [inaudible] give yourself one more. Keep yourself just behind that table. A Nice scandy. Alright. Optional. Arms Up. Plug them onto your back.

Keep your curve. It's gonna make you go faster back there. So be careful not to go beyond those shoulders. Here we go and heal back. Oh, the very thing that throws you also stops you. So keep control and back. Exhale up. Oh, this is where those eyes are important. Important. If you look behind you and do you have those heavyweights?

[inaudible] yes. That is it a toy? Is that a bird feeder? Those birds with a heavy bottom? I think that's four. Yeah. Go ahead and hit your arms and take down her arms and feet down. Yeah, I know what you're talking about. Just separate your feet in case your hip flexors worked a lot and take a gentle stretch forward. So I like to do, I wanted to do that, I should say I don't do it very often if ever. Um, but just to remind us that the more we extend out, the more opportunity you have to bring into the center.

And so now if we do even one roll up, let's do one roll up without the weights. But as if, and I don't mean to draw energy out there, I mean to say it doesn't matter how much energy is out there because it's all being held back into the center. Here we go. Rolling down. Just as precise, just as aware. Allow the arms to go back. Ian Hill, lifting up. Exhaling to take it forward. Yeah, hopefully.

Maybe it doesn't feel different scooting forward for a big Ab series with no weights. Pulling your knees up off the floor as if you were going to do rolling like a ball. You can have your knees apart. It's up to you. I'm going to suggest together. Roll down slowly to your shoulder blades. Make sure that you can feel full contact with your low back, even if it means you have to slightly touch. Preferably you don't. But if you have to everybody, make sure your butts tight and inhale open up for double leg stretch. Exhale, bring it back in a hold and inhale, open and exhale. Now remember, you don't have weights out there anymore. It's effortless. All your weight.

I should probably put the weights on our stomach. I'm not going to cause it'll won't stay there and it's not a good idea. But let's pretend we have the four to six pounds holding the belly down. Reach hand back. One more time. Focused. Reach and down. Just put your head down for a minute. Hug the knees to chest.

Curl yourself right back up to the same starting position. Hands behind your head. I laced my fingers. You can go hand over hand, but let's keep them close. Extend one leg. That's all. We're doing a one and change. Can you squeeze your glutes here? Answer's absolutely yes. Curl up a little Jennifer. You'll like it way better. Yeah.

And take your legs higher. Yup. Both of them. So there's no cycling. In fact, stop. Um, everybody touch your calf just like touching mid calf or wherever you land. Keep it touching as you slide them and pass to the other side just for now cause so the straight like for now is pretty high and curl up. If you're losing height and I'm exhaling to change in nail XL, change and, and, and last one, bring both knees in. Let your head go down, hug your knees to your chest. Might be a good reminder too to hug the midline when you do something like that. Most important that the low back doesn't change.

So now heading into the cross and I'm going to stick to that theme of the higher legs and sure that the back is down. So first tabletop legs, hands are behind your head. Curl yourself up and know that there's no release at the low back. Extend one leg then matter which are nice and high, press into that calf a little, not just from the foot but the inner thigh. Rotate toward your knee that's bent and closest to you. Slowly change as you slide the leg past to go to the other side. You're good.

Still tight. Yes. And switch. Mechanical sort of true switch again, keep going. I'm going to slightly pick up the pace and we pass through the middle and one and two 30 at the very end of it. The exclamation point. Do a little press a little press connect to the inner thigh up through the trunk. Rescued. Now three more here.

One up. Nope. Got Two more passes. And this is it right here. Back to center and rest, right, right. Alright. Feed her down slightly apart. Going into a shoulder bridge. Easy here. Check your collarbone and spread out your upper back. Inhale. Exhale.

We roll up through the pelvis, dragging the hips toward the knees, lengthening through the entire front of the body. Check it out. Put your hands there in front of the hips and let's just assume that we could all get flat. May or may not be true, but we can try. So keeping your hands there for just a second if you can. However you want to be. Tech a little more so the fingertips go more toward the ceiling and the heel of your hand goes more into your body or toward the floor.

Even if you had to lower your ribs to do it. Now, everybody pressed the entire pelvis forward, leaving the ribs behind him, arms to the ground. Take your leg closest to the back of the room, up, reaching it long. You may or may not be able to get to the floor. I don't. I don't. I'd rather go longer than hit the floor. Here we go up and exhale down. We'll two and up and three [inaudible]. One more for 10. Exhaling down a one. Bring it up and to bring it up.

Three, come back up. Hold. No articulation. Just lower or hindered the hip lightly. Touch your glutes in neutral spine. Press backup using primarily that lower leg and down and press up and down and press up three and down. Watch the rib thrusting. It doesn't have to go super high. One more time. Stay up there pointed toe.

Bend the knee, put it back in place. We're rolling out of it from the top of your back. Exhale, roll down. Adjust your feet in case there if you need to, or looking for parallel on a part and we roll up. So if you took your eyes and look down your body, you are in fact knees are coming straight out of the hips. Do this, everybody roll about three inches down onto your rib bones a little more than where you are now. Wherever that is, keep them there for a moment. Tuck the pelvis a little more, preferably with just the ABS.

Then we kick in the glutes to press that whole piece up, keeping those hipbones lower than the top of the pelvis or the pubic bone in this case. All right, we're there. The like up and let's go one. I flex coming up usually to that. What we learned at three, four encouraging that hamstring five how much longer can you be? The minute it goes to just leg missing some of the point, find the middle one more time down and up. Hold it up and just hinge at the hip. Lightly touch and press back up. One, and and breath two, stretching those arms down. Three and down and up for one more time. Hold it up.

Points, doe and the knee. And from there, roll it down. Imagine no or set your hips down further than where they originally started. Down on the mat. Yes. From there, walk your feet. I'd say, I don't know. Three, four inches away from you. Straight away from you. Not Wider, but away from your hips. Curl your a head, neck and shoulders up. Grab onto the back of your legs.

Let's see if we can keep our feet on the floor cause we all sort of sneak our way out further and see if you can curl up. Okay. Yeah, I'm going one more. One more inch too. Here we go. See what you got. It's going to take awhile. You can use your hands. Keep those collarbones wide. Excellent. Wow. I remind myself not to do that with you guys are good at that. All right. Um, did I want anything else here? Yes. Um, if you would straighten out your legs please, your weights are nearby.

This can so easily in 99% of the time is done without a weight, so you decide. Otherwise find your sit bones. I'm using my knuckles just for a second to get right up on top of myself. I'm thinking innercise versus just how I'm getting in. Connect that to the ribs. Pull them in and shoot energy upwards, flexed, feed energy out the feet as well.

All right. Again, you have options. You can keep the arms sh short or as, what I'm going to encourage is straight out, straight out and we'll go palms up. Okay, so you can have them bent. Not a big deal, not a big deal. Here we go slowly to the front, your heels, your hips, stay exactly as they were extending your arms and then just come center. Squeeze through the inner thigh. Let's inhale toward the back. Grow Taller as you exhale, come center. Inhale, spiraling.

Exhale, center one more like that. Sort of ask yourself, are your elbow joints doing a lot of work, not changing it. Inhale, let the shoulder blades be heavy. As the arms float up. Keep hold of those weights as if someone pulls you by the arms, get taller, reopen and center to the back. Inhale, we're spiraling up. The arms are weightless while not really exhale. Arms Up. Now literally now you nailed up and get taller. That's where you just allow the chest expand. Don't try too hard.

Back to center. At this point you might decide to bend your knees. It's a long time to be sitting like this, but do what you can and up up. Get all like coming up out of water here and center like, I don't know why you get tall coming out of water, but that's what I saw up. Excellent. Just lean forward. A little different. Yep. And Open. And we're with Jennifer back to center. Okay.

And honor blossom. And Kathy Grant, we're going to ride a bike. So let's lay down and Kathy Corey actually, which is kind of the same, all of this. All right, so it's similar to single leg stretch. Only this time we are going to actually cycle the legs. So if you take your leg straight up above your hips, squeeze through the glitzy a little and just maybe take your legs out on a little bit of a diagonal and start gentle Li bicycling the legs, but keep them up so that you're not going to really separate. It's not a gigantic wheel.

It's quite small and you're very aware of inner thighs. Feel free to stay there making sure your back doesn't move or put your hands on the handlebars, which I'm going to suggest mid thigh. Okay. And that's where they stay. So I've just reached my arms out about my own mid thigh. I'm going to curl my head, neck and shoulders up.

Check the collarbones you do not shrug. And here we go. We're going up hill to the legs can come down. Sure. Keep the arms where they were a little higher up upstate behind that tailbone and stop. It doesn't matter where you are, just reverse it. When we go on down to control three, four, five. We'll stop at six and go back up and on ci there are re four focus five, six river, San o and scoop from the belly too. Three.

It's not so much about the leg for a kind of, but it's more about the balance. Let's go more and more time and do the front on two. Check shoulders three. Don't let them get too low. It'd be harder for five and I mean the weight. Six and reverse, so they stay in line one. Go ahead. Two, three, four, five, six legs come up. Arms are down. Inhale for the rollover. If you're not going up on shoulder blades, you do a reverse crunch XL up to go over.

You should be squeezing your glutes. A little were high on the shoulder blades, but not on the neck. Flex your feet. Separate them about hip. If you can lower the legs to the floor without changing your back, you should. And now from the top of your back, rolling down, enjoying a forward fold as you enjoy the hamstring stretch, find your Tayeb on. Circle the legs to close and we'll go a little quicker. Inhale, exhale up to go over the weights or just on the ground there and are on the mat, but in your hands, lower the feet and rolled. Find your opposition here. Again, the middle is the anchor. In this case, well not entirely, but that's where I'd like you to focus.

Flex, separate, lower to the feet and we rolled. All right, check it out. We're gonna roll the feet around to about 45 degrees. Curl your head, neck and shoulders. Just looking at your ankles. I'm at a pretty high left, almost a teaser, but one foot on the ground and these are together. So bolt the needs together. Yup. Turn the straight leg out a little so you can squeeze that butt chicken into the other one more. And we're rolling up to a teaser. Roll up and roll down just to that starting position.

End Up inner thighs and down one more like that. And we're going to set the weights down, but keep them near. Roll up, finish it, roll down, set the weights down so that you could pick them up in a minute. Take the arms all the way back overhead as you tap the back of the head like a roll up. We come again with no weights. Roll up, clap, clap, and down. As you go down, picking up the weights, switch the feet. Legs are bolted. Straight leg is turned out. And here we go. Squeeze through the midline of the body as we roll up, try inhaling on the way up to challenge herself. Exhaling on the way down, not quite to your head, just shoulder blades and up. Again. Inhale, take your time. I know it can be done a lot faster, but let's make sure you're getting all the pieces and you can speed it up all you want. One more like that, too easy to miss some of these. We're gonna put the weights down on this ride. Let them go down.

Once you get near it, take the arms all the way overhead. Your head touches the ground. We roll back up [inaudible] and we're going down. I'm going to say stop at your shoulder blades. I think bring the bent knee foot on the floor closer to you. Take the other leg up. Both legs are turned out. Find your glutes. Here we go. The legs can lower a little bit.

Okay. Just arms forward. Today's upper inner thigh. Come on, and then down to the shoulder blades. Squeeze the glutes right there. You're going to want them and up. Lovely and almost there. Holding it here, holding it here.

Just raise the legs a couple inches on an excel one. Keep the arms still Su, easy neck and shoulders. Three one more. Or bending the knees you're going to reach you for seal. Actually reach around and move the weights out of your way first. Then reached through seal. All right, so you've come through the middle of the body right and get in there pretty good tonight. It can be done, spread out.

And if that's where you're at for your back, that's cool. Meaning if you need it to be round, otherwise go in as deep as you can without having to throw your head back to balance you. Okay? So if that's too deep, you'll back off easy hands. You're going to beat the feet together from the inner thigh. So it's not just the feet, but it's one, two, three. Inhale, roll back, beat back there. Three times. One, two, three, exhale up. You don't have to stop yourself back there and some of you'll be able to, but you don't have to. And here we go. I'll let you play with it.

Let's do three more and it's one, two, three. I'll just give you my cue, but if you're at a different pace, you can take it. One, two, three, and back. Inhale, can we do two? Marsons I missed one. I want to get it. We're back. Keeping this moose head stays off the ground in one, two, three, and back. Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh. That's it. Stay up here carefully. Take your hands out. Place them on top. Stretch your legs up. Stretch your back up. If you can't go to straight legs, that's okay. We'd prefer that you have a straight back, right? Yeah.

And that you can just drop the shoulders into their pockets so you don't want to feel like you're straining. Everybody. Just make it look easy. We all know the truth. Suck the legs deeper into the hip joint. I Dunno. Roll back. Inhale back, open leg rocker. Exhale up. Keeping your head just off the ground and straighten up at the top. And one more time. Oh honey, my tail. Bum's getting sore.

Hold it up there. When you get there, let the feet come in and turn to face front into mermaid. Let's get off her. It's fine. Okay. Um, honestly I haven't tried it with the weight. I don't think we need it, but I'm going to try it. So maybe let me have one and then I think three is going to be too much for this general. Well, let me see before we've been doing it. Let's just do one. I'll mark it and I have a feeling we're not gonna like it. All right, so you have one leg in front and we're all going the same way. Great. Inhale.

As you're reaching out the way it needs to be. Light enough that you can gently set the hand down, or maybe no hand at all, Xcel circle or rotate with a little bit of traction. Just draw the shoulders down your back. You're not actually gonna move your hand. You're going to try to extend your spine here a little. It'll probably still be around it, but you're attempting to not have it be rounded. One more piece here, it's real tempting. Did pull your whole body weight forward into your hands.

Rather, press this back leg into the ground. As you see, there's your anchor point. You don't even have to press it. Just don't let it slide away from the energy. Slide away from it. Okay, release that extension. Reopen. Here's the fun part, and lift up that hand. Go down, reach the arm straight up. Be careful on this. I'd rather you go up and maybe slightly cross the midline. Don't get crazy with that weight in your hand there, so right behind you. Yep.

Anyhow, reach out that way and exhale, rotating around the spine. Take a second. Using the palms of your hands. Push your weight back toward the leg first and then extend your spine from there. Released that extension opened up. It's so small, you're probably not seeing it. And lift up. I'll give you some breath pattern. Inhale and exhale. Just think up on a small diagonal and inhale out to a tee position.

As you lean away from the support leg. Exhale, rotate. You've anchored the back leg. Inhale into extension a little bit. Anyway, Xcels first start to release. Open the Arma and come back over the long exhale. Inhale, arm goes up. Blend as you need to. Exhale slightly higher, slightly on the diagonal fit permits. And last one, inhale and exhale. Inhale, tempted. Open chest here. Exhale and re lifting yourself out. You can start the inhale whenever you need to and exhale. Okay. Um, comes down, change sites and you know, feel free to put the weights down at any time.

It's not really affecting the rotation part of it as much as it is the shoulder. So if it's heading into your neck, you should just put it down and know that you're even enough. Here we go in, know reaching out. Let the hand softly come to the ground. If you need to slide it out a little. Do turn from the rib cage. Leave the hips behind a little bit. Inhale into the extension, making sure you don't pull the pelvis forward as well. Just that upper back. Exhale, release it.

Reopen inhaling when you are ready to come up or when it feels like the right time. I try to drag out the exhale there a little bit. Here we go. Inhaling out, stretch the ribs over. Hand goes down. Exhale, rotate. Leaving that top hip in place as best you can. Inhale as you extend the up or back. Enjoy. Exhale. We reopen lifting up, finding our inhale when needed. Two to go. Inhale, lift, exhale, stretch and reaching out and exhale as if it's becoming really clunky in your body or even your mind.

Same thing, I suppose. Just get the weights out of it and enjoy the suppleness of your spine and then reopen to lift joy. The stretch we've get, we still get to do one more. What I going to focus on is keeping my head as part of the spine. It's only gonna move as my spine does, as I try and extend my thoracic spine.

Maybe only if I get that much extension will up my head go forward or look up a little. Only if my back does it. As that release it, I reopened the head doesn't get ahead of it. Fine, and up we go. Yeah. Cool. All right. Putting the weights away or away from you. Coming onto hands and knees facing the center please. I did say hands and knees tonight, so we'll do that one first. Okay. Hands are right below his shoulders. Bring yourself into a plank position.

I hardly gave you any set up on that, so what I'm hoping you'll find is that the front of your body and back of your body feel long and straight and you're aware of both. From here, bend your elbows just a little bit and allow the body to move, but keep the shoulders pulling away from your ears. Exhale, straighten it so in your body and your mind's eye as you slightly bend the elbows, pointing him straight back so that your upper arms would be touching your body if you went that low. But we're not going to, um, you feel the whole body moving as you bend your elbows, the pelvis, the shoulders, the chest, the butt, the back of the legs, doll move in with you. And uh, however your face doesn't get ahead of you. If leave it behind, if anything and, and one more time then. Excellent. And that'd be okay, Jennifer. Oh, okay. So a hinge back. Let's get off the risk. The risks went to sleep with the weights. How did that happen? Do you feel like you're holding it tight or just that it was so long out there.

Okay. Did you notice it coming on? Okay. Okay. Okay. I will try and watch that. And let me have you come onto your side. Facing front, onto your elbow. I should say form firm for the moment. Top leg in front, and lift up out of this bottom shoulder so it's protected. Lean forward into the top arm to help you into a side plank. Yeah, and then as if you've been pulled out the crown of your head.

You don't have to do that part, but yeah. Sorry. Squeeze your bum. Cut. You all. Keep going. Squeeze your bum. Ah, sweet. Actually no, he'll hurt. Okay, good. If either stay there or after squeezing glutes. Pick up that front leg and put it on top of the other. Now that's just uncomfortable. You don't have to do it.

Just do what you get and top leg lifts and it lifts a little more. Check your heads. I think you're good. You're good. And lift and set it down. Set it down in front, I should say and come down. Okay. Let's just do the other side. You did. I was going to suggest something, but I was afraid. Well, she's a little competitive as well. It'd be over their top leg in front. No, it did look pretty. So let's make the feet do the same. Protect yourself with the bottom side first.

Lean forward, tighten up, lift up, check it out. You may decide to not lift the leg on this side. It's all fine. What you do want to make sure of is that as you look down at your body, you're going to have the best view that you're not rotated back or for preferable, especially forward. Stack the legs if you're going to feet. Flex helps long neck, long, low back. Just like we started class lifting the top leg.

Did we do something with his hand? I don't think so. It was up. Thank you. And from there we lifted a little higher. If you did use the support leg a little higher. Still little I are still, and we brought it down in front to help ourselves out. Good swing round again. Up to kneeling. Facing the center.

Okay, so close. All right. Either way, but a better view. Okay, so [inaudible] find a horizon, the horizon from there, assuming you're relatively neutral, scoop, talk slightly around posterior tilt, one of those things to find your abs. Pull in and you're back slightly round in your bud. Tighten your if you were at the horizon. If you follow the line of your spine, your eyes came down just a little right there. Alright, keeping that and make sure you're tight here. Back to put your hands there just to make sure.

Move the back of your legs closer to your calves. Let's make that the inhale. Keep the slight scoop here in front. Exhale. You can push into the shins or the shins in the floor to come forward and release everything. Find your horizon so it just sort of unfold. Redo it all and find it quickly by rounding. Re tightening the glutes. Exhale, hinge back, changed the breast and that's just going to have to be okay in her size, slightly engaged. Inhale, exhale, come forward. When you get to the top, kind of release it. It's not meant to hurt the kneecaps. If it does be there, gone too far or we know we need to stretch so you get the little tuck. We go back and changing it. If you want to add on, you simply raise the arms up and down. I'm doing it again.

Raise him up and down each, but one more time with the arms. Raise them up and down. Hold for an inhale. Exhale. The whole piece comes forward. There's no waves here, no snake-like motions. Here we go. Inhale, re tighten. Scoop. Slight look down. Exhale, hinge back. It's up to you. How far, okay. You decide. Arms go out in front of you. Open them to the side. Inhale, exhale, two more. And I'll keep your butt tighter. It'll just be impossible. And close spine doesn't change in him. Exhale, close hold.

Inhale and exhale up. Released. Here we go. Last one. Slighty. Sweaty. Okay, so I'll tell you what, let's all hold back a little bit. Meaning don't go to your maximum on this one. We'll add a little back extension to it. So in how? Restart. The same way you've scooped under eyes or slightly low hinge, back out a couple inches if that's available to you. Hands are at your thighs.

Collarbones wide. Keep the Tuck of the pelvis and to start to inhale extending your spine or expanding your chest. Keep your butt tighter. It won't feel good to where you can look up on the diagonal. Then inhale, keep that exhale. Just come forward to the starting position. Release one more.

I'll get you off your knees. Re-Scope exaggerate it because we don't want to lose the button on this one. Hands are at the size, maybe just out to the side. When you're ready, exhale, hinge back. Keep it down and keep looking down. Keep looking down. Stop. Hips aren't going to move. Upper body will inhale, start extending. It's just your upper back. Good Jennifer, butts tight and come forward right from there where you're going all the way. Do I want to do it standing?

I will do it. Standing. Step forward with you, right, like extend your back leg. Okay. If that feels like too big of a stretch, you simply bring the back leg in a little closer. Feel free to keep the right leg or the hip high. Everything. Long Press. If you are low in this position that you guys aren't are all our all, all our flex. You are flexing strongly to the back leg.

Putting weight back there. All right, here's your challenge. Shift weight forward a little bit. Now I don't know if this is going to work. If you have a really long lower leg, so here I'll tell you what, try to transition your weight to your forward foot even if you have to lift your butt up to do it. In fact, everyone's going to have to a certain degree, lift the back leg off the ground, let your head drop down a bit so you're just kind of hanging your upper body for the moment. Fingertips on the floor, level out the hits. If they're not, they probably were from picking him up. Maybe not. Can you take the leg a little higher and your chest a little closer to the leg with level hips at this point, hang your heads if you're, if your legs pretty high and most of you, you're yours, all are turn the hip open. That just means that that leg that's in the air, that hip is going to open up toward that side of the room.

Then whichever leg it is, can you bring your chest any closer to your knee? Top of the head to the floor, like to the ceiling light, fingertips, no locked knees but energy through the hamstrings and the glutes. Raise that leg, raise that leg, raise that leg, soften the knee you're standing on. This is where it's going to get fun. Lower the leg enough that you can level out the hips, come up to the fingertips so that you can straighten your back. So now you're looking at the floor, you're reaching the back leg.

My forward like is bent a little bit. I'm going to suggest it stays that way. Having said that, let's see if we can rise up a little bit more. Meaning you can leave the leg as it is. That would mean your hands come off the ground until your our perpendicular. Now that is totally up to you. If you want to do that.

If you are doing it, reach your arms alongside your body, straight back, back to the right by your butt. Palms to the sky. Find your upper back muscles. Ooh, what he said it was going to be easy and then put your hands on the ground. Put your foot down carefully. Just unload that one you were standing on sorta lightly. Let it come off the ground and then step back into the lunch with a different light. Yep. So yeah, that leg was tired.

So this might feel good if you had a lot of weight on your fingertips, you may have to come off them or even use your weights if you had the actual dumbbell, although those are pretty, may not work. So enjoy this. Putting weight into the back foot so you get the front of that hip and there's lots of ways to do this right. You don't have to lift up so high. You can leave the back leg on the ground and still be challenging your balance. But to keep it consistent, I'm going to carefully transition my weight forward and it's fine to bend the back leg a little. Do a little hop, that's fine. Absolutely fine. And making sure you're not sinking onto the hip joint, just sort of being light with it.

Folding yourself over that leg came up in the air. Take your time. Every legs different. You were like may go higher. It may not go as high. Did I say that really different, whatever. It's over every body, so challenge yourself well are all of our legs. I'm going a little higher with the like first ever so that we can do that hip opener. If he did it on the other side, head down, head down.

It's going to challenge you. For those of you who do tendon stretch and things like that, or I don't know, control, balanced this as close to it, right? Get that leg up there, breathing into it, kiss that knee. All right. Then you slowly lower the leg. Take your time. It's all going to be disorienting as your body's moving level at the hips. If you want the backs of toes to go down, that's okay.

Then we lengthen the back so it comes straight. You're on the fingertips energized like someone's pulling the leg in the air back. It'll help and if you'd like to come up to perpendicular, you do. And here's a tip. Here's a way you can do this. You can walk up your Shin. It's hard cause you don't have the arms for balance, but you could use that for support. Yeah, I know. I don't do it either, but you could and it's actually a nice support if you've got good balance. Otherwise your arms are by your side. Oh boy. This is my tough one, Huh?

Do what you can. It's not meant to frustrate. It's meant to challenge. If you're not challenged, you got to do something to make it challenging to get out of it. Do not just stand up. Put your arms down to the floor first. Let the light come down next to the other one someplace comfortably. Kind of walk it out a little bit while you're still here, bend the knees quite a lot. Hands above the knees to roll yourself up.

It's a lot of leg work. A lot of [inaudible] stability stuff there that is important and with this, let's put feet together. Just you can stay the way your face time, not going to do a big balance. What I want you to try and feel is the long low vacs like you started class. It's fine. Whichever stance of feet you want to for comfort, that's what you should pick. Whether they're her partner together and lengthened by lifting up.

The challenge here is going to be knocked to arch. Your low backs. Just squeeze your glutes together and that'll prevent it and then like you did the thigh stretch earlier, you're lifting or expanding the chest to allow your eyes and gaze to go up. It doesn't really matter where you look necessarily, but it is this upper back extension wherever you are now, attempt to slightly tuck more without bending your knees. He May. It's not going to happen probably cause you're there. If that's not enough for you, I'm going to encourage your arms come out to the t to come up to support the back of your head so you don't crunch the neck any at all.

Just like you're doing a chest lift and a little bit more extension. Keep the glutes tight. Don't let your low back change hardly. In other words, you don't fully let go the ribs and then release back to upright. Let the arms go and with that we'll take a big inhale out to the side and released to the side feeling the weightlessness of your arms. The strength of your center. I'm coming up the front with it. Yeah. Filling up and exhale, whichever way feels good to you or do two more to finishing strong with a deep, deep breath in and let it all go.

Thanks for coming plain. My pleasure.


Thanks for a great class Kristi!! Loved working with the weights while doing pilates exercise!!Elaine
cant get this one to load at all!! thats a first for me.
Jamie - Try the low or HD quality. The normal quality has issues. I am going to let our video guy know about this right now, but in the mean time, low and HD are working.
Good news, we got the normal resolution working, so all resolutions should now play!
Another great class, thanks!!
I had so much fun in this class! I came in to teach that day with a totally different plan in mind. The next thing I knew I had weights in my hand and this is what came of it. Glad you like it!
Great class, Kristi's instruction is always so helpful and focused right where you need it!
Great moves. A little too chatty for me.
Sherry, I'm even too chatty for me! I try to limit it, but it seems I can't help it sometimes. I'll keep it in mind... thanks for the feedback.
Nice class - I loved the prop. My arms/shldrs are feeling good. Thanks for the workout.
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