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Beginner Reformer Challenge

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If you're a beginner looking for an approachable yet challenging workout, then you will love this Reformer class with Ton Voogt. He encourages you to take your time so you can really feel the movement and lift in your body. He includes preparations to exercises like the Hundred, Knee Stretches, and others which will keep you moving and working hard while you are building up to the full exercise.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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So Hi, I'm Joan. And with me today is Nicole and [inaudible]. Dave, we're going to do a beginner ish reformer. So, um, here we are. So on this machine we have four even springs. So we're going to start with Nicole on three springs, but you can always adjust the springs when necessary. Now it's a beginner class, so if you're new to the reformer, um, take your time. Okay. So it's not supposed to be perfectly today.

You do it over and over again and slowly you'll get the hang of it. So don't get frustrated if something does not make sense right now. So you're going to sit in the front edge of your kettle on your reformer. Yup. Just sit down and you place your hand on the shoulder box and you slowly roll yourself down. Yeah, that's fine. There you are. So you first want to make sure that you lie right in the middle and the arms are nice and relaxed.

For the foot position right now we're going to be on the ball of our feet, so we're going to be a little higher and we're going to curl the toes over the machine like we're grabbing the bar. Okay. The knees are slightly in line with your shoulders. Keep the yields nice and tight and press it straight out nice and long until the legs are all the way straight. And then bring it back in. There we go. So you're gonna press it out long precedent right away and bring it in right away. Making sure you keep curling those toes over. Yep, keep going. And making sure the big toe keeps pressing into the bar so that you don't roll over to the outside of your foot.

Try not to think only about the knees. Think of pushing out, opening the hip. And when you come in at folds back in, you feel that so it opens and it folds back in. So you unfold the hip suddenly way out and you fall back in on the way yet pressing it out, burning it back in. Awesome. One more, two more times. Pressing it out. This is number nine and then the last time, pressing it out and bring it back in. There you go. We're going to bring the legs together so we're going to be in the same position on our feet. Cooled over and I'll press the heels down. Try to keep the knees together. There you go.

Press it out and leave it out for a second. Lower the heels down. [inaudible] and the toes are still grilled over and I bring it back in there. You go and press out so the toes go over, come back in and the heels go down, right? So over and under. At the same time, keep going. Just keep it nice and moving. Pressing it out and bring it.

I think of almost like the waves over there out and bring it back in. You go out, hey, you come back in Nice and easy. Inhale and on the way out. Exhale on the way in. Seems to be the easiest way for most people. However you can change it as well. Pressing it out, bring it in one more time, pressing it out, bringing it back in and relax. Go into the heels, flex your feet, press the center of the heel into the bar, pressing it out all the way and I'll bring it back in. There we go.

It's very easy. Pressing it out. Bring it back in. Now squeeze the legs together when you press it out and squeeze the knees together when you come back in. So there's no space whatsoever, right? Press and bring it back in. There you go. Now press the yields are into the bar where you go out. Try to keep pushing into the bar when you come back in as well.

So you presently heels out and you press the heels into the bar. Push the heels. You feel the difference, president, doesn't it feel so much better now president out? Push your heels back in two more times. Pressing it out. Don't you lie to me? Press the heels in Walmart. I'm pressing it out. Dig them in there. Your girl. Go back to the balls of your feet.

Now we're going to be a little bit more on the Totos, right? First we were grabbing. Now we're going to be more on the Totos. Press it out and leave it there. We're going to keep the legs absolutely straight. Nothing is happening. Slowly lower the heels down, going down, down, down.

Squeeze your legs together and press it all the way up. Up, up three comes down, three counts up lower, lower, lower, and then lift. Lift, lift. Now don't think about the heels. Parul lower the heels down. Press them down. Now instead of lifting the heels up, think of pushing the ball of your foot into the bar, so push it away, right? We'll release it. Now press the ball of your foot into the bar to come up. You feel the difference?

And Peru low with the heels down and press the ball of the foot into it. Squeeze, nice and tight. There you go. Prayer, lower. Squeeze me. There you go. Lift it up. Three counts down, down, down, up, up, up. Now like a Viennese walls and up the boom. Boom. Down, down, down, up, up, up. Bend your knees and come back home. There we go. Good. Slide a little forward. Bend your knees in towards your chest. And I'm going to take the bar down.

So from here, hold on to the handles. There you go. Now this point, leave your legs up. Um, we can either go down to two springs, which for Nicole, I'm going to do because I'm nice way, but you don't have to know the lexicon to be in a diamond shape position. So that is as turned out as possible, right? So preferably the whole foot soles of the feet against each other. If you can do that, don't worry about it one day.

Maybe keep the arms strict. Keep everything on the mat. You just going to press the arms until they're right in front of your knees. So press it down and stop. Hold it all still. Nothing moves as we hold it for one, two, three, four. Don't move. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and slowly release the arms and let's do it again per press right in front of it. Do not move it. You feel the abdominals working? Two, three, four. It's allowed to breathe. Yes, breathing is good. All right, here we go. Now I forgot to count and tin and release it. Nobody even know. One more time. Press it down halfway. Hold it here. Reaching Long.

Two, three, four. Try to release your throat. Seven, eight, nine, 10 release it and bend your knees all the way in like a little frog position. So open the nice shoulder with, there you go. Not Too wide, not too. By Day ago, you're gonna press the arms down to a 45 degree angle and you're going to hold it there. Try to keep that same connection that we just had, right? Nothing changes. Just stretch the legs out and bring them back in groups. Nothing changes, right?

So we're going to keep this all nice and Tate and prep. Press it out without letting the back come off. There you go. So a, just bend the Beckin. So if the legs need to go a little higher, that's fine. There you go. Beautiful. Bend the knees back in and then bring the arms back up. Beautiful prayer. Just shoulder with shoulder width. There you go.

Perez it out halfway. [inaudible] precip, the leave it and the legs. Only one man backend. Keep those ribs down and to press and bend them back in. There you go. One more time. [inaudible] hold it, bend it back in and bring the arms back up. Very nice. Let's move on. So we're going to start the same way. Press it out. [inaudible] Perez the legs out, and now stop. Now you're going to bring the arms down as you head comes up, caress and reach.

Stay here and now start to a hundred breathing in for five counts and then you exhale for five counts. Make sure you inhale for all five counts. Now let's start to turn out the legs a little bit. Keep keep going. You just keep going. I'll just keep babbling along as we do, right? And then you exhale. There we go. Keep reaching the hands all the way to the wall. Don't slow down.

Keep it moving. The more you can keep an even tempo, the easier it's going to be. If you start slow [inaudible] it's going to take only longer. And we're on number seven, has long time, isn't it a hundred? I know. Squeeze it. And this is one of those exercises that doesn't really get any shorter, no matter how long you do it. And this is number nine coming up. Inhale and exhale. Savor already at the end. Inhale, keep going. You still have an axial to go and then relax, relax. You had to bring the arms up and there you go.

Just hold on for the handles for a second then and give them to me. How you doing? Are you sure? Okay, so we're going to put the straps on for the Lex, for the frog and the leg circles. If you have the other kinds of machines that already have the loops, um, I would suggest to take the big loops. But if you prefer to small loops then go for it. But generally we use the big loops for the frogs. So here we go.

We're going to bring the flex or our feet into the straps and then you're going to bring your heels to watch your bottom. There we go. Just keep the arms down. There you go. So the heels are together, the toes are apart, the knees are about shoulder width. Keep those yields absolutely together. Keep your back absolutely on the floor and press it out right into my face.

There we go. And then slowly bend it back in. Make this as smooth as you can. Think of. Keep going of pressing the heels away. And then when they come back in, the heels come back down, right? So you send the heels away from the body and you bring it back in. Make sure that as you come in, that your tailbone does not come off the floor so we can stay nice down and anchored. Let's do it one more time.

Bring it back in and we press out and you stay there. Press it out and hold it. Keep everything nice and tight. Keep your sits bones or your and your tailbone on the floor. Lift the leg straight up a little bit. [inaudible] and our reach all the way for the wall to bring it back down. So, and bring it up. That's just gonna happen.

No worry about it and bring it back down. [inaudible] now when you come back up, try not to lift. So seeing the tailbone back down, you feel that pressing it back down and reach. So reach as far forward as you can. Make it a big arc, which all the way from me with your legs, push him down. And which week, which for me, which for me, which read, which for me.

There you go. And then bring it back up. Now we're going to change it into like circles. So we're going to open it about shoulder with, press it down the same way, close them and make sure your tailbone stays on the floor when you come back up. And then open reach for me, close it and bring it back up. Let's do two more of those. Trying not to move in here. Open. Press it down, keep it all together and bring it back out.

Open presents down. Are you getting confused down there and bring it back up. Hat. Sorry you were focusing. I will not disturb you anymore relative versus and bring it open and lifted back up. Close. Keep the hips down there you go down, open up and squeeze it together. Press it down. So try to keep more the heels together when you close and not so much the big toes. Yeah. So you said stay in a slightly turned out position.

And one more time. I really want that hip down. There you go. One more time. There you go. See so much better. Bring the legs together, benching museum and relax. Give me the straps. So you're going to sit yourself up gracefully and then you turn yourself around facing the end. There you go.

Are you going to place your feet right in the middle? Yep. Sweet. Now culex, I know. Watch out for the end. So come a little more forward day ago. So if this bothers your legs, you can cross your legs and I want you to sit all the way straight up. So come a little bit more forward. So if you need to soften your knees in order to keep your spine straight, then please do so. Okay. Are we good? Are you happy? Then I'm happy. Sit Straight up.

Arms are going to outside of the reformer. There you go. So I'll slip and I'll just press it straight back. Give me a long lift and slowly release it. So keep it a little closer. So you just skim the outside. Now press it and stay nice and tall.

Don't lean backwards and really ease m press. Now Watch out it rips. Don't pop forward, right? So, so when you think of lifting the back, we thinking of lifting the actual back, not your chest, and then release and have, does it make sense or reach? Say Taladega. Now I don't know why you keep sinking in between. So now release it. Stay up there. There you go. Once you found that lift, why we could go down, right? Seems counterproductive. And now let's flip our hands around and we go to do exactly the same thing.

Only with the hands this way. So press we that felt different. And then release and press. Keep that Nice, beautiful body. There you go. And release. Press me straight up to the ceiling. Sit a little bit in the forward for us. Don't lean backwards.

There you go. Let's do it one more time. Stay up CFC up and then release. Now let's open the arms to the side. Give yourself the thumbs up. Now when we did this, the shoulders came together, right? And we went going into arms, went backwards. I don't want you to go backwards. Now what I want you to do is go sideways. So opened, I'm sutent. That's backwards.

Go to the site side to the say so. Yup. Yup. And bring it back. You'll figure it out. Don't worry, Eh, open to the side. Slow it down or each. It's like opening the curtains when you, good morning sunshine and then release and reach open. That's a good theme song. Good morning. Good Mining Det, right?

So go wide open and then re relax. Good. Let's get rid of these, right? I had enough. You had enough step off and then put the box on. Four to Flying Eagle Circle. What you going to do girl?

He's going to lie down your stomach with your head facing that way. Okay, and our hold onto the bar with hands. Now what you need to know is the closer we are going to be to the bar, the more of an arch eventually we grown going to create. So if you know you have some back issues, start further down the box. Okay, smart choice. So here we go. Relax. Down head is down and the elbows are up. So we all in one beautiful line. Just stretch the arms out.

Push the carriage away. There we go. Just bring the whole hand on the bar. There you go. And then open the elbows to decide to bring it back home. Dada. Press and bring it back in. All right, are we good? Okay, let's press it out again and bring it back. Let's press it out and leave it out. There you go.

Now press it out a little bit more. I know you've got something more on you. There you go. Loop. Don't change your hands. That's cheating. You don't cheat. Now from here, just bring your shoulders back down. Just a shoulder. I'm say straight, Huh? And push it out of the shoulders. Push it away. Push the carriage out a little bit. Ah, there it is.

And then relax back down or Nope, I'm straight. Just a shoulder. There you go. So peress the shoulders away, Eh, there it is. And then release it back down. [inaudible] and press. Try to lock the elbows and release. See you figured it out. Perez it out. Bring the shoulders down and stay here. Now keep the arms straight. Lift your chest up and bring the carriage home by lifting up.

We'll keep your arm straight. Keep you out straight. Keep coming up. Keep going up. [inaudible] Yep, there we are. And I'll press it back out. Push it away, push it away. Push it away until we're all the way back down. Show the blades, go down. Lift the sternum up and lifted up more. Lifted up, more, lifted up more. Keep coming home. Keep coming home.

Keep coming home. There you go. And then release. Now don't bring the head up too much, right? One more time. Shoulders. Lift the sternum. There we go. There we are. And then pull. Press it back out. Bend the elbows to bring it back in.

Now the hardest part is to get off gracefully from this position. So swing your legs over to the right or the left. I don't know. Area go. How are we doing? That was good. You sound surprised. So what are we going to do is you're going to sit on this box facing that way. I'm going to get your pole. If you don't have a pole, don't worry about it.

So we're going to place the feet underneath this strap. This strap is your safety belt, which means it's only to be used in case of an emergency, right? We're not going to pull on the strap to come up, right? It's only there, which is not going to happen. Not going to happen. So we're going to open the legs and we get tension on the strap by going open, not by hanging. It will all make sense if it doesn't make sense. No good. Hug yourself and love yourself. Head is down. Round yourself as much as you can. There we go.

Now just roll backwards and now roll in towards yourself. Make yourself smaller. Rolling. Rolling. Rolling. Rolling. Rolling. Rolling. Rolling. There you go. So don't roll up. Roll in. So we're going to roll ourselves out and now you're going to roll into yourself. There it is. You feel the difference and not roll down and roll into yourself as you exhale. Exhale, exhale and roll back down and roll into yourself to come back up.

Let's do it one more time on your own ground and roll into yourself. Beautiful. And we are, we go. Hold onto the bar. Bring the arms up to the ceiling, but slightly in front of you. So up to the ceiling, but not really. Lift yourself up as high as you can.

Make yourself as tall as you can. As you roll, I should go backwards. Lean backwards and push that pole away from you. Now make yourself taller when you come back up. Well we go. There you go. So don't worry about going back. Worry about going out right. So going up now. Grow Taller, grow taller, grow taller, go taller, go taller, go tell her now go out to come back home. There you go.

Lift it up all the way. Make yourself as tall as you can be when you come out. Now, make yourself taller. Every time you come in, you have grown an inch, right? Lift up. She's like right. Going back, come up even more and stretch all the way forward. Reach for your toes with the bar and just relax for a moment. Relax your shoulders, relax your neck slowly roll yourself up and bring the arms back up in front of you. There you go. So reach slightly forward.

Keep both sits bones on the floor and you're going to side bend towards the windows. So reach and push the pole away and come back up. I remember we had a deal, the hip stale in Florida. Let's go to the other way. Reach over, sit slightly in front of you, so goes on an angle forward more forward, more forward there and come back in. Rare you go. So we lift, sit slightly forward and our stay on that side and make sure it is hip stays down. There you go. Push the ball away, pushed the ball away.

Come back up the long way. There you go. Lift and sit forward. Push it away, push it away, push it away, push it, push it, push it, push it, push it, push. Push it real good and come back up and lifted up and side bend, rich, rich, rich, and come back out. And then the last time to the other side, lift it up. Push it away, push it away, push it away. Come back up and relax. Good. Give me the pole. Are you ready for more? Yes. Why not? So you're going to bring your left hand on your hip.

The back of here. The other hand goes right on that same side to shoulder. There you go. So all I want you to do is think of this sitz bone going back to wards his hand. Then this shoulder pushes this hand around the corner. So we're going to twist ourself.

This hip goes back into the backend, stay tall, and this hand goes into the front. You feel that? And then come back to the center. So this hip goes down and back into the back hand and the rib gauge goes up and forward in the hand in the front and come back to the center. Hip goes back, chest goes forward. Now you feel that rotation and come back in one more time.

So the hip sits, bones goes down and back, and it just goes up and forward creating that twist. Let's go to the other side. So there you go. So sitz bone goes to the back, leg, backhand, and then the rib cage to the front hand. Lift up tall, high. There you go. And bring it back in. Now reach up. Focus on that back hip. Yeah, that sits bone. Wants to keep coming off, right?

So that's the hard part. And coming back in. There you go. So send the Sitz bone down and back and then bring the chest up and forward. There we go. Let's do it one more time. Burning it down and back. Up and forward. And come to the front and relax.

It's tree time. So we're going to take one leg out. That seems like two legs. Thank God I was here, right? So bring the other leg into. Bring this leg in towards you. There you go. Now the trick is not to move our hips, right?

Every time you bring the leg in, it's one to move. So sit down on this hip. Pull this leg in as tight as you can. Stretch that leg out and bring it back in west Sydney going, it was here, right? Yeah, yeah. Enrich. Ooh. And bring it back in. One more time. Stretch it out as far as you can. Relax that foot. There you go. Now walk up your tree. There you go.

Sit down your tree. Now Bend your elbows, fall asleep on your leg. Relax your shoulders. Pull the leg towards you, and then a keep pulling until we plant the tree right on top of the box. No, come back up. Keep the elbows bent. And on the way up we're going to lift our lower back up. We're going to lift the middle back up.

We are going to lift our upper back up and then we fall asleep again. We pull the leg towards shoe. Keep pulling until we planned our tree. Now lift, lift the lower back up. Lift the middle back up. Lift the opera back up. Now give me a straight tree. What happened over here?

This is not a multiple choice question and fall forward. And if it is, it's answer d. All the above work. Here we go. Lift. I want the lift of the lower back, the middle back, the opera back. I want those arms bent and I want that leg straight and very demanding.

Person. Bend the knee and let's go to the other leg. There you go. Here we are. Let's try it again on the side. Ha Ha. Here we are. So stretch it up and bend it back in just three times. Keep the knee nice and tight and to embrace it and lift it up and hold it there. Walk up the lake, make sure we're sitting on this hip.

There you go. Fall Asleep Benji elbows. Just pretend nothing's happening. Pull the leg towards you and let's plant the tree right above the box. Let's sit on this hip day ago. No plan. This sits bone down. When we lift the lower back, we lift the middle back, we lift the opera back, fall asleep, pull the leg towards you, Cooper. But Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There we go. And then lifted back up. Lift the lower back, lift the middle back up. Give me a straight tree.

There you go. Be a beautiful redwood and those back. Well then what does this far forward? You want to be a redwoods. You don't want to be a bonsai tree. They take forever. Come back up, lift up, lift up, be the tree that you want to be. How profound was that then the knee, let's cut off here. I think it was three, right? So let's step off.

Here we are. So let's go into our forest to go into the elephant. So here we are. Now on this machine, this bar is loose, so if you pull on it, it's going to fall down, right? So on this brand you can only push against it. So never, ever, ever, ever pull on it. There you go. Place your hands on it and stand on the machine.

Okay, there you go. Now round yourself. Lift the back up and put all the body weight towards your feet. [inaudible] now lift the toes up. There you go. And not only lift them up, push the heel down. So much better. Now stay here.

I'm going to take my foot off the bar of the carriage. Do not move the machine. Press it out a little bit just with the hills. Stop it. Push the yields down and slowly bring the feet forward again. Bring the machine back home. Pull it back in. Pull it back in. Pull it back in. Press it out. Stop.

Push the heels down and drag it in. One, two, three. Torres it out. Now aren't push out a little bit more. Be Brave. There you go. Now on the way in, make sure the hips don't come forward. So bring only the feed in. Come in slow. Press it out and push it in and go in three counts, right one go to get every little juice out of that you scurries and all out and schoolies. I feel so good.

One more time because it felt so good and get an Andrea lax step up. Good. That's all step off. How was that? That was harder than it looked, right? It's such a small movement. It should be easier. I know, but it's not.

So we're going to start to stomach massage series. There's diamond massage series in the same spring setting that you start your foot work on. So if you started on three year again on three, she started on to, you're back to two. So, um, this has got the stomach massage. Don't think it's going to be that good. So you're going to sit on this pad phasing me? Yeah, the front. Sorry. As I walk around, that would be very mean. Seed them. The bar. The same position that we started our session with. Right.

So now you're going to sit all the way right there. So you're still going to sit with your pelvis cooled under, right? It's not going to be comfortable. Right? You remember this place your hands here in the front. There you go. Your head is down. You heels state absolutely. Together.

Bring your elbows forward. Make your back as wine and as round as big as you can. There you go. Now Pool on the machine, so you almost try to lift the carriage off the frame. Got It. Stay in this position and press it out and I'll bring it back in. Here we go. Precedent, and bring it back in.

Keep those elbows forward. Now press it out and stop for me. Now instead of just coming in, think of your sits bones curling up to the yields. So bended and could open curl the sits bones up codeless. It's the ones up. Cool. This is the bones up. Progressive out. Beautiful Annan curled back in. That's okay. I can hold you heels.

Press it out. Pull the stomach in, press it out, and a curl. The two sits bones up to the heels. You feel the stomach working. Press it out. Push and curl it. It empress out and curl it. And let's do three more.

Push curl back and keep yourself pulling forward. Even when you push out. Don't lean back. We're not in a lazy boy. There we go. Harass and pull yourself up. There Ya go. Bring it in. One more time. Press it out. Bring it back in and relax. Good. Place the hands behind you on the shoulder boxes. Yep. There really there.

There we go. So you have a couple of options here. Whatever feels more comfortable for your hands. Your hands can be on top, facing back. Your hands can be on top facing this way or if that's all uncomfortable, make fists and place them on the carriage in front of the shoulder boxes. You think this is good? I might have a different idea though. I think I want your hands down. I do go into the fists.

Yep. Nope. This make this make fists de low and place them on the floor. [inaudible] it's all becoming clear now. So now I want only the arms to be used to lift up in the spine. I don't want you to squeeze, I just want you to push up. There you go. And you're going to stay that way, right?

Push it out and come back in. Make yourself long. There you go. Press it out on, on the way and the tendencies to sink. So really lift. There you go, preps and bring it back in and press. Now look at you just with your eyes. Look at your knees and make sure that the same width when you come back home for WeChat. See how this leg wants to drop open? I don't know why. Press it out.

Come back and don't let it go on vacation. Keep it into bus. There you go. Press it out and stay nice and tall and keep that leg. Control it, Torres it out. Bring it back in. There you go. And press it out and bring it back in. Let's do three more times. Press it out. Watch out for that leg. Bring it back in. Put a little bit more weight on this big toe. Press it out just a little bit.

Don't get over excited. Now bring it back in. Perez it out there your go, and that's enough of that. Stay here. Reach forward for my shoulders with your hands. Keep your heels together. Press it out. There's too much to think about, right? Push it out. Same Way. Just straighten out the legs that are and are, bring it back in and think again of the sits bones going to your heels, right?

Where are you looking for precedent? Did she drop something? Okay, Perris, push it out to keep the shoulders relaxed. Make it look easy. If you think easy thoughts, it's come to be just as difficult, but it feels much better. Perez it out. Come back in and we're going to stop here, but you keep going. You can just make it easy. Make it easy. Make it easy. Make it easy. Yeah, you go, press it out. You come into carriage stops and just float. Happy floaties, thoughts. There you go. Press it out one more time.

I know you're about to kill me, but that's okay. Press. You're on camera. We have witnesses and there hold onto the bar. Bring your legs together. Yeah, and just give yourself a nice stretch. Stretch your legs out. Just stretch. Push it all the way. Head down. Wow. Good. Stepping off. Okay, so we're going to do exercise, what we call the one leg. Knee stretch. Reverse. Now you might want to play around with your springs. We always use one spring.

Um, but you can either use the spring is right on me few or the spring. It's this away from you. So you wanna play around with it to see how it feels on your body. We are going to use the spring right underneath you. Why? Because I said so.

So you're going to be facing that way and you're just going to lower this knee down against it. Tada. Good. Now place your hands on top of the frame. There we go. Yep. So far so good. So we want to have even weight on the hands and on that knee and also on this foot. So bring your hands a little bit closer to your body. Just a little bit. Just a little bit. There you go. Good.

Now this leg is going to have to bend or straighten as much as it needs to to keep the hips square. So bend the knee a little bit. There you go. So keep me a long spine. There you go. Right? So, depending on the height of your reformer, you're going to have to adjust that. Now from here, the shoulders are not gonna move, right? You going to round your back and pull that knee into what you slowly and slowly release it. So think of the Sitz bone curling under. There you go.

And that presses the need forward. So it's not just the knee, it's the whole pelvis that moves it and reach. There you go. Curl it under to move this leg and x or nothing. The body weight does not move forward. It does not move back and reach and use for a little closer to the machine. There you go. And Curl it under and then release.

Now we've moved back a little bit, so make sure you have enough weight over there. Now stay here, leave it. So this time we're going to keep the back absolutely strict. So just the knee is going to move. The movement is going to be a lot smaller. Okay, so just bring the knee in, but try not to move the hip. Haha. So the Sitz bone goes to the back as the knee goes forward.

Does that make sense? You feel the abdominals working over there. Isn't that exciting? I guess not. And two more times per ass and keep it sits bone back and there you go. See and then relax. Let's walk over to the other side and we'll see what the other leg does for us.

Now since I want that spring underneath her, I'm going to change the spring to the other site to do so. So the knee comes on it. There you go to hands, go on it. Move this foot a little bit more forward. There you go. Let's come a little bit more forward with the whole body. There we are. So first we're going to round it so the Sitz bone is going to curl and press the knee forward to not lean back and come back forward.

So stay above your hands for the shoulders. So the leg, the sitz bone in the knee come towards you. You do not go to them and then reach. There you go. You feel the difference and curl under and really [inaudible] and curl under. There you go. And release. Let's do it two more times. Curl and really all one more time and curl and really is now this time we're going to keep it all straight.

So sent the Sitz bone back as the nigos forward. And then really now the release is just as important, if not more important. So don't let the spring take over and just go back. You want to return the machine, you pull it in, and now we turn it. There you go. Press and return it. Beautiful.

Let's do two more press and C or an old pro, not that you're old. And then we sued stepping off or going to do the knee stretches. So underneath that you're going to be on two springs to kneel down, holding onto the bar. Remember not to pull on it. Okay. Okay. Feet go against the shoulder boxes stay ago. Open the knees a little bit wider so the knees are in line.

Now round your back and you're going to move the hips back. So you're hovering around it. Curl the toes under. Yeah, so rounded, rounded, rounded. So you're hovering above your heels. Okay, now round it. Now you're very lucky because I am here, so I'm going to lie my knee up with your ankle. Nothing is going to move. You just gonna press the knees out until your knee is lined up with my knee and then you bring it back in and we're back where we came from. Press it out to my knee and bring it back in.

So you push it out about the length of your shin. Okay? If you're on your own eye or you can put something down there if you want to guide or you just have to pay attention and bring it back and let's go a little bit faster, press it out and bring it back and pull back in quick. Oh, there you go. Out Cupsi and faster all the way in. All the way in. All the way in all that in there we go and relax. Now lift the chest up. Send the sits bones back. There you go. Remember how we did on the other side, right? First we did round. Let me just flat back and only the knees move.

Correct. If you don't remember, watch the tape, bring it back in. We're going to do exactly the same thing. Press it out. Bring the sitz bones back as the Nigo forward. There you go. Press it out. Sits bones back. Oops. Yep, there you go. Press it out. So this is hard, right? It's hard to keep the sits bones back when the knees come forward.

Press out a little bit more. And there you go. You've got it. Sits phones back and press and pull back in. And who knew that pelvis could make up many movements? Pressed it out. Bring it back in. One more time. Press it out, bring it back in and relax for a moment. So we're going to bring the bar down and you're going to place your hands on the door with the white part over there. Now on this machine, I'm going to take a spring out. There we go.

So you're going to round your back. You're gonna bring your shoulders above your wrist and you're gonna leave them there. So this and this stays exactly how it is right now and it's never, ever, ever going to change. Okay? Now bring the knees off the machine, the height of your ankle, press the legs all the way straight and bring them back in and press it back out, Huh? And bring it back in. Now you're good about sliding. Ah, bring it back in and press.

And the sweat is making our slide one that at least you're working hard press and him. Unless it's fear, breath and granted that go pull a thing of bringing the knees up to what? Your shoulders. Pull them out, pull them out, pull them up. You've got one more thing you up. Pull it in and relax. Stepping off on this side for me. There you go. Here we are.

So you're going to place your hands over here and one leg goes against the box. Got To do a little stretch here. So here, cooled the tool under again [inaudible] and then bring this foot a little to the front of the note on the floor and the floor. But in line with the carriage, there you go. Sit back a little bit and just relax. Bend his leg a little bit more, sort of pelvises even Cynthia Cup. So now look at your legs, see how it's slightly in front of you. All you're going to do is press that leg back a little bit.

So it's now behind you. If you might feel a stretch a bit, maybe not. And just bring the leg back in, right? So we're just going to push it back and bring it back in. Press it back in a hold it. We're gonna keep this neat above the ankle. No, no, stay here. Don't worry yet. And now we're going to slowly push the carriage further out, keeping that knee above the ankle.

So we're gonna increase the stretch. Oh, that feels so good. And I'll slowly come back up and then allow the knee to come forward again. So we're going to start with pressing the leg back, just this leg until we're there. And then we bend the front leg to find that stretch. Bring your hands a little bit closer and then bring it back in.

Now that's I add onto that foot nigos back. Then we go down and stay here. Now use the bar. Don't change anything. Just lift the chest up a little bit. Press up on the bar. You feel the increase in the stretch as you live more and more and more.

And now bring the machine back in. So we start with the leg. Press it out, we boolean into it. We lift the chest. Just your chest. There you go. Now pair your watch up. You're going to keep that lift. You're going to think of directing this knee forward as you straightened his leg and let the leg knee come off the box of the machine. So push the heel away.

Push to heal away. Push the heel away. Ooh, that feels good. Now slowly lower the knee back down and then come back out of it. Let's try it one more time. So F let goes first. Then we bend and we go down. We lift the chest. Now think of the knee going forward as his heel goes back, think of slightly turn this leg in hoops just slightly, just the leg.

There you go. Keep pushing that heel away. Slowly lower the knee down. Bring the whole thing up and let's walk to the other side. You might walk a little funny, but that's normal because after did big stretch, so I was like, right. So let's try the other side. Here we go. So the Nigos on it, the foot lines up about with the carriage, you're going to have to play that by ear.

So now let's open the kneel on tomorrow. Just the leg on the carriage pushes out and bring back home and just press it and bring it back in. Press and hold. Trying to keep the knee above the ankle as weeks go down every, bring it back up and allow the knee to come forward. Press the leg out and now push it away. There we go.

Keep that knee right above it and then bring it back up and release. Press the heel, the leg. Go down. Now stay here and use that bar to give me that big lift. Lift more, lift more, lift more, lift more, and bring it home. And let goes first.

Make sure that knees is right above the ankle as we go down into our lunch. And then we have a beautiful lift. Use that bar. Now, press that knee forward. Press this heel back to lift it up. Keep pushing your center of the heel right in a box.

That bend that me and come back home. One more time to rest the leg lounger. Watch out for that knee. Now look, don't lift it yet. First give me that. Lifting the chest. Keep lifting. Now keep that lift. Remember the answer is d all the above. Now push the heel into my finger.

Hurt me, but keep that lift. What happened over here? Push into me heel. Oh my God, Tommy, thanks. Driving me insane. Lower that knee down. Come back home. Ah Good. So let's lie down for the running. So lie down the same way. How we started, and I'm back at the three springs that we started on if you started on other springs, is change it again. Let's have the feet.

Let's have them slightly apart. There we go. Just stay nice and long. Press it out and leave it there. There you go. One heel goes up, one heel goes down. So there you go. And now just change. There you go. And keep changing. I don't want anything to move in here or this way or that way.

So make it smooth, reach up and there you go. Now focus on the heel. Let's go up to said heel as high as you can and that knee as high as you can and then change and change and change the go. Now don't move those hips sideways. There you go. There we are.

So it might help you if you press and think slight rotation, right? So when you go up and slightly rapid and slightly wet, but not all the way around. So you walk around like a Ballerina, right? We don't want that either. Keep lifting that heel just ever so subtle. There you go. Subtlety. That's me. All that subtle Ed. Lift and lift and lift and come back in.

Place one foot on each corner of the machine. Rotate the legs out as much as you can and now keeping the rips in. You're going to curl the pelvis often that it's just going to curl it up. There you go. Just a little bit there. You adjust the pelvis so the pelvis is curled under and the knees are all the way open, right? Press into the heels, press the carry child.

As you stretch out, you'll feel the pelvis changing, right? Push it out more until the legs are all the way straight. There you go. So now the pelvis is back to normal. Let's call that normal. Now open the knees again and are curled back under. So we go resetting it to where we started. There you go.

So you're going to press it out. You push it all the way away and then it curls under and the Lex turn out it can the externally rotate. Press the heels away to push out. Make it nice and smooth. Don't Bang in those knees, right? So let's press it out. Now. Stay here and let's push it out. Two more inches.

There is pushing out and now curl of back in and open those knees. Make it nice and smooth. Press the heels away into the Lexus straight. After the Lexar straight, there's at least two more inches to go and encourage it back in. Let's do two more times. Pressing it out, push it more and incur left back home. There you go. Press it out. Push out more.

Curl it in all the way. Now stay here all the way in. Slowly roll down your spine. Bring your legs together. Take them off the bar. Hold onto them. Give them a little hug. There you go. Slowly get yourself up to decide and standing up, and we have the big Tada and you're done. Thank you so much. Good job.


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Ton you're hilarious. "This is not a multiple choices ve question". HA!
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Yes Ton you are so funny. The answer is always D, all the above. Because I say so. Don't let the leg go on vacation, keep it in the bus. You definitely bring fun to a workout that can be hard for someone the first time.
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Liked this as a basic workout with excellent advice on the movement of the body.
Thank you Stacy, Lynn and Kristin. Glad you enjoyed this workout.
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Thank you Lynn Pringle, I believe it was Nicole's 2nd time on the Reformer and she did an amazing job!
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Love your teaching, Ton!
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Entertaining as always Ton! Thank you! Enjoyed this! xx
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Thank you Angela! We had a good time.
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Wait a minute...funny jokes. lots of laughter, humorous analogies...are we really doing Pilates? Thank goodness yes, yes, yes...which is why we keep doing it! Thanks Ton!
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Thank you Tiffany. Yes, it is okay to enjoy your workout!!!!
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