Class #2348

Connecting to Your Body

50 min - Class


Feel the awareness in your body in this Mat workout with Karen Sanzo! She takes the exercises you already know and brings them to life with new cues and ideas. This is a great class to let your body be where it needs to be so you can release tension and move forward in your practice.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Hand Weights, Overball

About This Video


Hi, I'm Karen. I'm glad to be back here on Claudia's any time. And today's lesson is going to happen on the mat. It's a beginning level class. And we're going to use Amy and Lynn here....


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This Beginner stuff is VERY sophisticated!

Karen is such a sage body-whisperer ...
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Karen is awesome. Always something new! LOVE!
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Love the details in this practice- that tongue to palette, hyoid, smiling stuff left my neck so happy. Thank you!
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Karen that was a superb class. I teach a lot of rehab as a physio /pilates teacher and the biggest problem for most people is lack of body awareness which you adressed so well in the class with your cueing and building one movement concept on the next. Thank you
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Thank-you for such magnificent cues. They are all so deliberate and made me think and work in a new way. The end of the class was a surprising and delightful challenge.
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Loved this class...perfect for all levels of abilities. Really enjoyed the focus and precision of muscular activation and body placement!
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Absolutely fantastic queuing! Now I found the words for almost everything I wanted :)
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Karen, your amazing cues and fun energy inspired me to move more mindfully throughout the practice. Especially enjoyed your creativity on the single leg & arm circles and spine stretch forward variations!! Lovely work! Thank you!!
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Brilliant class, Karen you are a wonderful teacher .
Always discovering new things. Thank you all for taking this class and for the feedback. I just did this workout myself and it really, really does feel incredible.
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