Class #2357

Standing Workout

25 min - Class


Open up your shoulder girdle in this Standing workout with Susan Salk. She uses the Fletcher Braided Towel to undo the frontal existence that keeps us rounding forward. This is the perfect class improve your posture after the end of a long day.
What You'll Need: Braided Towel


Hi, this, uh, this, uh, is going to be about undoing your day. We all live a very frontal existence. Everything is sort of down and forward of us. So we're going to use the Ron Fletche...


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That was fun! Thank you for having me. :)
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Hi Susan, so great to see you here! great class! love your style!
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thank you, dana and Karen!

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For me the best standing routine .
Susan please come more often.
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Enjoyed your class Karen! Nice to see Ron's work (and breath pattern) continuing. You have a nice teaching style!
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Lovely instruction. Thank you so much! Very relaxing.
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Thank you Susan. Very comprehensive opening of the shoulders using an easily available piece of equipment.
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Thank you Susan, enjoyed your great class!
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Thank you, that felt great! I am excited to see you back on PA!
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Thank you all for your lovely comments. They mean the world to me.

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