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If you're a Teaser enthusiast, you'll love this Mat workout with Carrie Macy! This is a traditional Intermediate to Advanced Mat class with some fun variations and detailed cueing. Start and end the class with the X Stretch, and work your way through Elephant, Front Splits, Balance Control, Side Kick Kneeling, Boomerang, Seal, Rocking, and more.
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Nov 26, 2015
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Hello, I am Carrie Macy Samper and excited to be here again at Palladio's anytime. Doing another wonderful mat class. How are you guys all today? Ready to go? Okay, so it will be an advanced mat with a few extra fun things throughout. So go ahead and lie down on your backs. We will actually start lying down and we'll begin with something called an x stretched just to get you a little bit awake and alive, as stretched out as we start. Take your legs wider than your mat on your arms up wider than your mat so you are in an x.

Just be careful if you're near your a neighbor and then breathe in and extend your arms and legs as wide as far as possible. And then exhale and just relax and do that two more times. Inhale, stretch your body like someone's pulling your wrists and your ankles and exhale and relax. And one more. Inhale and stretch as y as possible and an exhale and relax. Now take your right hand over on top of your left hand and roll over onto your left hip completely. So you are on your side, your right leg, those stays behind you and you want to reach your right leg and your right arm away from each other. So you're getting a spiral lateral stretch on that side of your body.

Take an inhale, stretch a little more, and as you exhale, pull your belly in and come back to the center, back to your x gorgeous. And we'll go to the other side. So take your left hand on top of your right hand. Roll over onto your right hip, leaving your left leg behind you. Reach your left arm and your left leg away from each other as far as possible.

Take a big inhale, had an exhale, come back to the center, back to your x, and then take another inhale in the X. On your exhale, hug your knees in, lift your head up into the tightest little ball shape that you can get. And then inhale back to the X. Expand your arms and legs out and exhale, hug into a tight ball shape. Head to knees, squeeze all your air out. Two more. Inhale, expand and stretch. And exhale. Hug your knees, reach your head towards your knees. Inhale, expand and stretch again, and exhale. Hug It all the way in from this position. Go into your hundred, extend your legs to a comfortable height and begin to pump your arms vigorously by your side.

Take a big breath in and a big exhale out. Good. Fill your lungs and then empty all the air out of your lungs wide in the collar bones. As you continue breathing, press your heels and legs tight together and make your arms go nice and strong as if you're hitting something you really dislike underneath. Good, wider collarbones. Keep going. Breathe in, breathe out. You have three more breaths. And I want you to bicycle legs while you're pumping and breathing and the reverse the bicycle as you're still breathing and as you're still pumping. And then bring your legs together. One more breath in, breath out.

Bend your knees in towards your chest. Give him a hug and rest your head. Stretch your legs out straight on the back. You a little bit warm. Okay. Take your arms over your head for the roll up. So flex your feet, press your legs together, lift your head and shoulders, or roll up off of the Mat. Round forward. Reach towards your toes. Let your head hang toward the knees. Roll back, draw your waist in. We'll one vertebra at a time into the mat. Reach the arms overhead.

Inhale as you roll up. Exhale as you reach forward. Draw the ribs back and then roll down. Pool the waist in, and then lift your arms up and over your head. Three more times quicker. Roll up, reach forward, roll back, arms lift overhead. Inhale up. Exhale, round and reach. Inhale, pull the waist and arms over head last time. Roll it up around and reach forward. Roll back into the mat.

Lift the arms over your head, and then lower your arms down by your side. Make sure your head's on the mat, so if you slid off or if you lost your pants, bring yourself back on further rollover so the arms are by your side. Gage your legs together. Lift your legs off the Mat, take them over your head. Touch your toes to the floor if possible. Then flex through the heels. Lift the hips, open your legs, shoulder width, push through the heels, and then roll down into the mat. One Vertebra at a time.

Lower your legs as low as you can control. Close them, lift them up and overhead again. Touch the toes to the mat. Open the legs, and then roll down into the mat. Pressing fully through the arms again. Lower close the legs. Lift the hips, roll it over. Open the legs, shoulder with, then roll down through your back. Lower your legs low. Close the legs and open them to go in the reverse. Over your head. Good. Then close your legs together.

Flex your feet as you rule. Roll. Roll. Lower your legs. Open them. Lift up and overhead. Then close your legs together. Flex your feet and roll through the spine. Get a nice stretch through the back. One more lower open lift up and over. Wonderful. Close your legs and then roll. Pressing the arms down.

Leave your right leg up. Lower your left leg down to the mat. Okay, so open through the collarbones. Really press your arms in and you can allow your hip to lift a little. With this single leg circle. Cross over to the side, circle around core brings the legs center cross. Let the hip lift to come up. Just control the movement of the hip from the core.

Two more circle and all the way up and one more. And now reverse. Make sure you have more of an accent on the lift. So circle and lift. That's it. Breath is wonderful. And exhale. Two more. Exhale. Inhale and hold at the top. Good. Scissors. Sweats your legs.

Scissor switch again. Scissor switch again and says her switch. One more time. So the left leg stays up. Circles on this side. Cross your body first down around in Baca. Caracas around and up. Chorus around enough. Good. Two more. Around and up. Last one. And then reverse key. Pressing the opposite leg heavily down into the map.

There you go. Even more. Press that down into the more good. It's okay. Kick me in the head and all your leg up towards the ceiling. Scissors. Switch your legs, scissors. Switch again and says switch and says their switch. Now bring both legs to the ceiling. Roll up to a teaser.

Reach your hands towards your toes. Bend your knees without putting your feet down. Grab your ankles for rolling like a ball. So we'll hold on the ankles. Bring your ears between your knees. Inhale, roll back to your shoulders. Exhale back up to the top, finding your balance. Inhale, roll back.

Lift your hips. Exhale, hips down. Chest Baca. Good. Inhale, roll. Exhale, lift and pause. Put your elbow tips on your knee tips. Good. Now roll back and roll up. And don't move the elbows up down side to side. Nah, just keep them straight on the knees. Inhale, roll back. So Nice. Exhale, roll up. I see. I need more up my sleeve for you guys. There we go. Two more.

Inhale back. Press zero elbows into your knees. And one more. It really makes your core work and hold. Find another teaser or reach your legs up. Reach your arms up and roll your back down to the mat. Bringing your knees into your chest. Rest your head for a moment. Lovely.

All right. Into this series of five, lift your head and shoulders off the mat. Hold both hands on your right shin. Extend your left leg out and then switch your legs, pull in the other leg and switch and switch. Keep going. As you're drawing the Legen. Exhale fully and pull your knees to your chest. Don't just gingerly touch, but really draw in. Sync your core down into the mat.

One more each side and then pause with your left knee in and switch to scissor. So straighten your leg. POLST your leg in one to switch. One, two, switch shoulders out of your ears. One to everyone. Squeeze your hips tighter together. So the fulcrum is right at the hips. There's no wobbling. Get all the way up at your ankles. You're holding your leg good. And then pause with both legs to the ceiling.

Hands behind your head. Just pulse your chest up for five. Pulse it up. Four, pulse it up. Three, pulse it up. Two and one. Bend your knees to your chest. Chris, Cross twist towards the camera as you stretch your other leg out and twist towards the window. And then forward and other way and west high lift of the chest. One more set, twist and twist. Bring your knees into your chest, rest your head. Place your hands in the middle of your shins, right. Double leg, stretch, head and shoulders. Lift up. Inhale as you extend your arms back and your legs forward. Hold there. Get more.

Reach back and or word, and then circle the arms and hug in the knees. Inhale, arms back, legs forward. Exhale, gorgeous. Haley. Inhale, reach apart. Exhale, and that's it. Two more. Really stretch and exhale. One more regional long and ring it and hands behind your head.

Legs to the ceiling for lower and lift. Chest stays up as you inhale. Lower your legs and lift them quickly and heel. Lower. Chest, high. Exhale, lift the legs. Inhale, lower. Exhale as you lift, shoulders down out of the years tomb or as you lift last time, lift up. Reach your hands to your toes, roll up to a teaser, open your legs, and then place them down on the mat for the spine. Stretch forward. Ah, you get a little more for spite. Okay. Reach your arms forward. Flex your toes, breathe in. Exhale as you round forward, top of your head to the mat.

Spine rounds over and then roll back up to the ceiling. So go again. Inhale. As you exhale over, bring the top of your head to the map between your knees. So try to really curl into yourself and then roll back up. Even if I, if you could lie forward. Inhale tall, and then exhale as you round over, pull your head down a little closer into you than you want, and then we'll up one more breath. Then exhale as you round over the crown of the head to the mat, and then roll up tall. Good. Put your hands right over your shins.

Lean back, and then lift your shins to your hands. Great. Open leg rocker. Rock back to your shoulders. Rock back up. Find your balance breeds. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll up. Now pause for a moment and close your legs together with your legs closed together. Squeeze your glutes, squeeze your inner thighs and holds your legs really tightly pressed. Then as you open your legs, don't release those muscles.

Keep those muscles working. Now roll back and up four more times. Keep your hips strong. Gorgeous. Amy. Inhale back so much nicer. Everybody roll back up. Beautiful. Do more. Keep your belly drawing back and in. There you go. Last one, rollback and roundup. Hold. Close your legs together again. Release your hands. Find yet another teaser and roll down into the mat.

Bringing your knees into chest. Breathe good corkscrew arms. Go by your side legs. Go to the ceiling. Take both legs to the right, circle them down and around the left and back center. Go to the left long. Reach through the legs, around and back up. Make sure your whole back stays pulled into the mat.

As you do the rotation left and all the way up. One more set. Go a little lower if you can, and over to the left. Nice. Now roll back up to find a teaser. Open your legs and put them down on the mat for the saw. Okay, now because we're close together, put your hands on one on top of the other, behind your head. That's okay. You can stay close together. We'll do different arms.

So this is nice because it gets a little more opening for you. So twist towards the left, round over, and put your right elbow down on the mat between your knees and then try to get your left elbow open to the ceiling. [inaudible] and then roll up. Good twist towards the right and round over so your elbow goes down between your knees, your other elbow opens to the ceiling and roll up to whisk to the right, left and round forward. Good, and then roll at good breath. Inhale, twist, right. Exhale, round over. Inhale, roll up. One more set, twist. Exhale, dive over as the belly pulls back, inhale, roll up, and exhale, twist. Exhale over. Inhale, roll all the way up. Close your legs together, and then flip to your stomach. You can bring your head towards the middle of the room.

All right, time for the swan. So place your hands by your ribs. Move them a little further back then right under your shoulders, legs together, evenly pressed hips. Press down, hover your hands off of the mat about an inch, and then lift your chest without your hands. Put your hands down on the mat. Help yourself come up higher. Lifting your chest a little more with the arms hold, but we're ready. Go a little lower. Yeah.

Now I want you to squeeze your elbows toward each other. Fire your upper back and lift your hands off the ground so you stay there, but you might come down a little bit. Good. And then lower it down. Okay. So step one, hover your hands an inch off the floor. Step two, lift your chest. Step three, place your hands on the mat. And as you press up, lift your belly up with you and push about halfway up there. Now squeeze your elbows in a lot. Fire your upper back to help you. Lift your hands and hold yes and lower yourself down. Good. One more time.

Hands hovered. Chest lifts. Place your hands down as you press up. Drive your pubic bone down into the mat as well. Lift your belly, squeeze your elbows, lift your hands, and then lower yourself to the mat. Good. And then sit back onto your heels for the moment and just breathe. Okay. Come back to your stomach and we will do the full swan now.

So the rocking swan, we'll catch ourself between each rock. Okay, so place your hands in the same position. This time you don't have to hover them. Just go ahead and press your chest up. Open the collarbones rock forward. Reach the arms and then catch yourself back up again. Rock forward and catch. Keep your legs straight.

Rock and catch straight legs as you rock and catch. And one more time. Rock and catch and lower your chest to the mat. Good single leg kicks. Come up on your forearms. Make a fist with one hand cup the fist with the other. Press your arms into the mat.

Lift your core off the mat and press your thighs very tightly together. Bend your right leg and kick twice. One, two, switch. Kick one, two, switch. And on one, two and one to draw your shoulders down. Your head comes up and out of your shoulders as you lift your belly off of the Mat. One more each side. Then straighten your legs, curl your toes underneath you and lift your hips up to a plank. Forearm plank. Okay.

To make sure you're really supporting yourself from your power house. From your core, lift your ribs a little bit. Then tuck your tailbone slightly and squeeze your bottom. There we go. Pull your shoulders down, out of your ears. And now from here we do the single leg kicks.

So bend your right leg and kick twice and place the foot down. Bring your left leg and kick twice. Place it down. Squeeze your thighs together, even though you're in the plank. Keep doing your kicks. Good you guys. Very nice. [inaudible] press your hips toward each other. One more on each side. And then hold. Breathe. Lower your hips to the mat.

Bring your hands behind your back. Good job. Turn your head to the left for double leg kicks. Now let's focus a little bit on the shoulders here. So really bring your hands high up as high as you can toward your shoulder blades, and then pull your shoulders back a little bit and then float your elbows to the floor as much as possible, right? So this has to happen between each, um, repetition. Legs pressed together. Hips, press the Mat, lift your legs off the Mat, but keep your knees straight. Bend your knees, kick your seat. Three, two, one. Stretch your legs back and then reach your hands back to your heels.

Pick your chest up. Hold here. Try to lift your arms off your hips. Good. Now as you lie down and turn your head to the other side again, get those elbows to go to the floor. Kick your seat. Three, two, one. Stretch the legs. Reach the arms, peel open in the chest, lie down. Bring the arms up and kick for three, two, one. Stretch the legs. Reach back, lie down. And everyone look up to me for just a second.

So just stay in position as you're kicking. One, two, three. When you reach the arms back, I want you to go up. So pull yourself up, right, not just, and then lift. Okay, so here we go. Kick one, two, three arms lift to pull you up. Aha. And lie down again on two, three. Stretch the arms up and back. So Nice. One more time.

Do you feel your whole back? Smore yeah, that's gorgeous. And then release. All right. Sit back to a little rest position on your heels. Reach the arms forward. Nice. Okay. From here, come out to a plank position.

So regular plank on your hands, bringing your legs together. Then shift back by lifting your hips and going into an elephant. So your hips go up, your heels go down. Is there a similar to a downward facing dog, which your legs are together at the moment and your ribs are lifted a little, your abs are lifted. And then shift back to a plank. Breathe and then shift back again. Lifting the hips, go back into your elephant heels reached to the floor, and then shift forward to plank. And one more time.

Shift back into the elephant. Hold there and walk your legs towards your hands, trying to keep your legs as straight as possible. So lift through the abdominals to make your feet fit underneath your hands. Once your feet are at your hands, bend your knees. A little roll up to standing. Very nice. And we will do the front splits. So from standing here, just step your left leg behind you. Okay.

Now you can ensure feet around because what you're wanting to see is that when you bend as low as you can get, that your knee is right over your ankle. Okay? Then place your hands on your hips and straighten both legs. So you're kind of in a teepee shape here. Yup. Pull your thighs up on both legs. Pull your abdominals in and up, and then bend your front knee deeply and go down, down, down, hold. Straighten the leg as you lift your abdominals and push the floor away again.

Bend your front knee, go down, and then straighten the leg. Push the floor away, lift up. Nice again, Ben, and stretch your leg all the way up and to more bend through the knee. Go deep. Use your core to help you come up one last time, then through the knee and stretch up. Now you will bend your knee one more time. Then lean forward. Take your arms and reach them above your head.

Just be careful of the people in front of you. This is just like the swan on the ground, right? So you want to look, lift your chest a little bit, look forward so you feel your upper back. Open your arms to the side carefully and then lift them straight back up above your head. Open your arms to the side. Pull your shoulders down, lift your arms up above your head. One more. Open the arms to the side. Lift the arms above your head. Touch your thumb in your four fingers together and shave.

Bend your elbows behind your head and press your arms. Then the elbows back. Scoop your belly as you press up. One more bend. Press up. Bring your hands to your hips. Lift your torso, straighten your front leg and step your back foot in. Lovely switched sides. You don't need the reformer at all. Okay, so make sure go down into your deepest Benz and make sure you have the right alignment in your leg. Remember, knees should be right over ankle. Good.

And then straighten your leg. Come all the way up. Lift through your abdominals. So six repetitions, Ben. The front knee is you lower than straight in the front knee. Lift through the waist, then the front needle lower, and then stretch to come all the way up. Keep that knee as straight as you can. Bend the front knee. Yeah, and then a little lift. There it is. Tomorr, bend and lift.

And last one Ben and lift. Good. Now go back to your bed. Lean forward and take your arms above your head. Beautiful. You guys. Shoulders. Draw out of your ears. Open your arms out to the side.

Just be careful of each other and lift your arms straight. Back up to the ceiling. Pull the shoulders down as your opening side. Just like a breaststroke. Reach up one more open to the side. Reach your arms up, touch your thumbs and pointers together and shave. Then your arms down. Stretch your arms up, then the arms back.

That's it, Amy. Lean forward a little more your whole body and then bend and stretch the arms up. Good. Bring the hands to your hips. Lift your chest, straighten your front leg and step your legs in. Then at the front of your mat, stand with your legs about hip with the part and just be careful of it. People in front of you as you sit back towards the ground. So you're going to sit all the way down onto the mat. Very nice.

Lie onto your backs for the neck pole. Your legs are straight out in front of you. Feed her flexed hip with the part hands behind your head. You inhale, roll all the way up off of the mat. Exhale, round over your knees. Inhale, sit tall, hinge back and get a little taller and then exhale, articulate into the mat. Inhale as you curl up, exhale over your legs. Inhale, lift tall. Keep the feet flexed, hinge, and then rule down legs heavy and the Mat. Good. And how curl up. Exhale round over and he'll lift tall, hinge back tall in La and exhale as you roll down.

One more. Curling up, diving over, lift tall, hinge back, and roll all the way down into the mat. Very nice. All right. If you inched off your mat, come back on shoulder bridge, arms by your side, bend your legs. And place your feet right in front of your hips. Then roll your hips right up to the ceiling. Create a straight line from your shoulders all the way down towards your knees. Nice. Bend your right knee into your chest. Don't change anything else.

Extend your leg to the ceiling. Flex your foot and lower it down, so okay till it meets the other thigh. Stay there for a minute. Lift your hips higher. See if you can continue to lower your leg further without letting your hips dip. Then point your toes. Use your belly to lift the leg up. Flex and lower as low as you can. Maintain the hip height point. Kick up.

Good flex and lower long point. Lift up. One more flex. Lower Lomb point. Lift up. Then your knee replaced your foot. Other side. Left knee bends in. Stretch your left leg to the ceiling. Flex your foot and lower pause at the height of the other thigh. Then try go a little farther, but keep your hips high.

Then point to kick up flex and lower. Use your abs to pull the leg back up. Good flex in the lower control from the whole body. And one more lower. Deep into lift. Bend your knee, replace your foot, lift the hips a little bit higher and then roll your back all the way down into the mat. Beautiful. Go out into that x stretch. Take a big inhale. Big exhale. Hug tight into your roll, like a ball.

Inhale, expand, open. Exhale, tied into your roll like a ball. And two more. Inhale, reach apart. Exhale, hug it all the way in. One more. Inhale, reach apart and XL hugging all the way in. Nice and tight. Roll up to a teaser. Reach up, find a teaser position. Gorgeous. Lift your arms by your ears and roll all the way down to the mat. Okay, good. Then let's do sidekicks now.

So rollover lets all face forward. Okay, so you're on your side. Line the back of your body, up with the back edge of the mat. Good. And then prop your head on your hand. [inaudible] lift your legs and move your legs forward to the front edge of the Mat. Very nice. All right. Free arm is in front of your waist. On the mat or behind your head. Lift your top leg up to the height of your hip.

Kick your leg forward as high as you can. Get it and kick it again and then reach it behind you. And again. So kick front, front end kick back, back. Good kick. Front, front, end, kick back, back, right and up. Up and reach. Long back and kick front, front and reach your way back to the front. Front. Annulling thin, long Tumar front reached to the back. One more. Up, up, and reach. Good. Return your leg to the center. Turn your leg out and kick all the way up to the ceiling.

Flex and squeeze your leg down. Point it up and flex in school. Ease down. Try to keep the hip stable as you lift and flex it all the way down. Point it up. Flex in the length and one more as you lift, flex it down ground. Rhonda Xom leg goes forward to your nose, to the ceiling all the way behind you. Hip. Stay stable through to the nose, to the ceiling and then all the way back. Good to the nose ceiling. And all the way around.

One more forward ceiling lift through the core reversed back ceiling and all the way front end to the bat and the ceiling hold strong there. Good. Two more. All the way around. And one more back ceiling. Forward and home. Wonderful hot potato. So your top leg turns out, flex your foot and touch your heel to the mat in front of the bottom leg cage. Just like the ground is very hot. Tap the ground. Five, four, three to kick up one. Go to the back for five. Four good.

Three, two, one to the front for three, two, one, like it's very hot. You can hardly touch the ground. And three, two, one good. Three, two, one, one, two, one, two singles, one and one and one and one. And rest your leg. Ah, I have to stay ahead of you so you keep on your toes, right. Okay, good. So now moving on. We will do a transition here. Bring your legs back in line with your body. Okay. And then lie down. So both of your arms are above your head. They're basically lying on your side in a completely straight line.

Lift your legs off of the Mat and to find your balance here. Make sure you're engaging with the abdominals and engaging with your glutes. And now lift your arms and your chest off the mat. You might hardly lift them off the mat. You want to stay totally on your side. So try not to roll back. Good. And then rest down.

Do it again. So lift your legs and then lift your upper body. It's a teeny weeny lift on the upper body. It's hard to balance and lower down. One more time. Lift up, holding your lift. Roll onto your stomach. Now roll back to the same side without your hands, your legs.

Ah, there we go. [inaudible]. Gonna roll onto your stomach and then roll back without your hands. Zero legs good. And one more. Roll into your stomach and roll back without your hands or your legs. Now roll into your stomach and swim. Swim, swim, same, same, same, same, same. Breathe in. Breathe out. One more.

In and out. Pause. Now, roll over the other side. I might roll off my mat here onto the floor. There we go. And rest. Okay, set up for your sidekick on this side. You guys did very well. Move your legs to the front edge of the Mat. Lift your top leg so we have front and back. Kick with your leg. Front, front and back. Back. Keep going. Front, front and back. Back. The leg should go as large as you can without losing control and the rest of your body. So the leg movement. Test the stability of your core. Good.

Try to keep that bottom leg solid and still nice. I like how you keep going. I'll just let you go for the rest of the day. And one more friend. Front and back. Back. Return your leg home. Turn your leg out, kick it up, flex it all the way down. Out it up. Flick. Sit down. Core lifts it up. Good and lower and up and lower.

One more as you lift, lower it down and I'll circle your leg forward. Ceiling and all the way back. Go forward to the nose, to the ceiling and all the way back. Good forward sealing. Pause here with your leg up, you guys, as your leg goes to the back, I want you to really work on pulling your abs up so the pelvis doesn't move so much, much better. One more forward sealing focus as the leg goes back, lift through the front, reverse the leg back. Ceiling control at towards your nose, back ceiling. Now pause as you bring your leg to your nose.

Stop it when it's hip level and go back. It's really easy to let it right. So pause when a tip level, one more back ceiling and all the way to go home. Lovely. Okay, I will join you in hot potato. So flex your top foot. Bring it to the front like the ground is hot. One, two, three, four, five to the back. One, two, three, four, five to the front. One, two, three, four and oh one, two, three, four and the three. Two, one. Good. Three, two, one. One, two, one, two. Singles for four, three, two, one and rests. Oh yeah, that was hard.

All right. Bring your legs in line, lie down, and then lift your legs. Now see if you can lift your upper body. See, I'm not lifting very much. It doesn't have to be a huge movement, but you still feel it. Yeah, and lower. So just a little legs. The legs are easier to lift. Upper Body lifts. Wonderful and lower. One more legs and arms lift. Roll to your stomach. Keep the arms and legs off.

Now roll back to your side without using the arms and legs. Roll to your stomach and rural. Back to this side. Good. Roll to your stomach. Roll back to your side. One more onto your stomach. And then you get to rest for a moment. Put your forehead on your hands. Okay. And we will do a little grasshopper here.

So lengthen and lift your legs off the Mat. Put your heels together, then journeys towards your bottom. Straighten your legs out and beat for five, four, three, two, squeeze. Hold one. Bend the knees in. Stretch your legs out and beat for five, four, three, two, one. Bend the knees in. Stretch the legs out. Beat for five, four, three, two, one. One more. Bend, stretch and beat for five, four, three, two, one rest. Wonderful. Roll back onto your backs.

Bring your knees into your chest. How are you doing? Good. Okay. So your knees come into your chest and we will do teaser. Okay. Three sets of three. So nine teasers. Lift your head and shoulders. We've already done a few, but they don't count. Stretch your legs out to 45 degrees. Roll up to reach towards your toes.

Hold here and squeeze your legs together very tightly. As you dry your lower abs back. Roll down, leaving your legs. Pull your waist away from your legs. Roll up again. Reach your toes nice and roll it with control. Come up against. Stabilize your pelvis by using the muscles around it.

Arms to the ceiling. Lower your legs towards the Mat. Lift your legs, lower your legs, lift your legs. One more lower and lift. Roll everything down to the mat. Arms above your head. You only have three more teasers. Fold in half. Reach towards your toes, lift your arms, roll everything down to the mat. Good. And again, when you fold in half, sync your waist first. Fold everything else up. That was it. Yes. Arms Up. Roll down.

Pull the waist in. Squeeze under the hips. That's right. One more time. Fold in half. Reach your arms up. Circle your arms behind you and put your hands on the mat for hip circles. Take a little break. Just bend your feet down. Okay. For hip circles, this is ideal if you need to be, you can come down on your elbows. All right. Stretch your legs up to the ceiling. So now I want you to be in a teaser.

So lift your chest a little more. Lower the legs slightly. Okay, now circle the legs to the right, down, around, and back. Up and to the down, around and back up. Hold your chest still to the right. Just the lower part of the body. To the left. Open the collar bones. One more. Each side. If you just keep smiling, it does make it easier on one more.

Now reach back to teaser. Lift your arms, roll everything down to the mat. Ah, rollover and go swimming. Wouldn't it be nice if we were in the ocean. Reach your arms and swim, so hold the middle of your body steady. Move the arms up and down. Move the legs up and down as you inhale and exhale. Excellent. One more breath, Humphrey that.

Sit back to a child's pose or a rest position. Wonderful. You guys. From here we will move into the leg. Pull down, so come out to a plank position on your hands, legs together, ankles together. Good. Find your powerhouse, your abdominals, and your glutes and your shoulders drawn down. Lift your right leg up. Shift back on your left heel forward again, back and forward. Put your foot down. Switch feet. As you shift back, make sure your hips don't lift up and forward. Just shift on your ankle.

There you go. Put your foot down other side, right leg up. Shift back and front and back and front switch. Left leg up, back front, back and front. Put your foot down now to transition. Move your right hand over by your left hand.

Turn your fingers around and switch yourself all the way over for the leg. Pull up. Come all the way around. There we go. So now just lift your hips. We're going to do a few preps and sit down on the mat. Readjust your hands if you need. Exhale as you lift up. Inhale as you lower. Exhale as you lift up.

Inhale as you lower. Exhale, lift up and we'll do some kick. So whole look forward. Now kick the right leg and bring it down. Lift the lift and bring it down and lift and lower and lift. Good. One more. Each side, lift and lower. Lift the hips hold.

Tuck your right leg underneath you and roll over to the right side for your kneeling. Sidekicks. All right, make sure your knee is right under your hip. Your hand is right under your shoulder. Press your hips forward other hand behind your head. Lift your top leg to the height of your hip. Bring your leg forward towards your nose a lot.

Don't worry about tucking your pelvis, it will talk as you come forward. And then kick it back behind. You. Bring it forward towards your nodes and back in behind you. Use your core to bring the leg up and back. One more forward and back bicycle, state of the back. Bend the knee. Bring your leg in and stretch it front.

Reach your leg back. Bend the knee, bring it in and stretch it front. One more. Stretch back. Good Direction. Followers here at the front. Reverse bend. Stretch your leg back. Bring it front. Then stretch it back. One more front, Ben. Stretch it back. Return to the side. Put your foot down. Come up and side bend over that straight leg. You can put your hand on your leg as you go over. Good.

Now come up. Tuck your knee in and switch sides. Okay, so kneeling side kicks on the other side. Line yourself up again. Hip over knee, shoulder over wrist. Fingertips face away from you. Top hand behind your head. Beautiful. Lift your top leg four times, front and back. Front towards your nose, back and behind you. Pull through the belly. Reach the leg back forward to your nose, all the way back. One more front. Keep the leg back, bicycle. Then the knee. Bring your leg forward. Stretch through to the back. Bend, bring it forward, stretch through to the back belly. And as you bring it forward, and then reverse bend, bring your leg back.

Good. Reach it front. Bend the knee, pull your leg through to the back. And one more front bend. Reach your leg to the back. Return its side, put your foot down, come up and side bend over the right leg burry. Very nice. And from here I'll turn to face me and puts your legs this direction. Okay, for side bend. So place your right hand on the mat, a little bit out from your shoulder. Flex your feet with bent knees, other palm faces, the ceiling. Very important. On this exercises this shoulder, I want you to draw it down and really kind of pack it in.

Then lift your hips and reach your top arm over your head. Keeping that shoulders stable and strong. Really lift your hips good. And then bend the knees, keep your shoulder engaged on your back. So don't let it come up as you sit down. [inaudible] okay, lift your hips, stretch your arm up and over your head, drawing the shoulder down on your back. And then bend the knees and carefully sit down.

One last time. Great. Lift all the way up and over. Make sure your top hip is even with the bottom hip. Yep. And bend the knees and sit down. Lovely. T's are your legs around the other side. [inaudible] still facing me there.

Palm faces was great. And then lift your hips. Take your arm all the way up and over your head. Totally fine to have your feet separated. That's an easier base of support if you need it. Bend your knees and sit down.

Pay attention to this shoulder, not here. Pull it down. Lift yourself all the way up and over. Stretch your arm over your head. Good. I'm going to lower yourself with control. Nice. Two more. Lift up hip, nice and high. Pull your belly in and lower with control.

And last time lift your arm all the way up and over stretches. You lift your hips and then lower yourself all the way down with control. Turn to face each other. Legs into the center for Boomerang. You guys are on the home stretch. Cross your right leg over your left leg. Okay. When I want to see is your, your hands can be here further up towards your knees.

Bring your head towards your knees. Push with your hands so you can lift your legs with you. I'm not going to go back cause I'll crush my Mike. Go back. Take your legs over your head. Parallel to the floor. Switch the cross of your legs.

Now keep your head close to your knees as you roll up to a teaser with your legs crossed, pull your arms back, Hook your thumbs. Pull your arms behind you. Head forward. Circle your arms around your feet and take a breath. Put your hands by your thighs. Keep your head close to your sides. Lift your legs with you to go back. Yes. Switch the cross of your legs. So Nice. Roll up to reach to teaser. Pull the hands behind you.

Hook your thumbs. Pull the arms back. Lift circle as you reach forward. Lovely. Tumar lift the legs with your body to roll back. [inaudible] switch the cross of your legs. Roll back up. Find your teaser. As you squeeze your inner thighs, pull the hands back. Hook the thumbs.

Press back with the arms. Go forward. Circling around one last time, hands by thighs. Lift your legs to your head, roll back, switch the cross of the legs. Roll up to find teas or reach to your toes. Pull the arms down and back. Hook your thumbs. Pull back with the arms forward with the heads. Circle the arms and rest. Very nice.

Roll up and seal. Place your hands in and around your legs. Close your knees into your arms a little bit and clap three times though. One, two, three, roll back. Lift the hips. One, two, three rollback. And one, two, three. When your back pause as you clap. Two, three, roll up. But one, two, three, lift the hips and hold. Two, three, good. And Haley. One, two, three. On one more. One, two, three. Good.

And come up and pause. Release your legs. Flip to your stomach for the rocking heads toward the middle. Bend your legs, reached back and grab your ankles. Good. And just look straight down at the ground. Bend your elbows as you pull your feet towards your seat. Three times, one, two, three. Then press your feet into your hands, lift your chest, look forward coming up a little lie down.

Pull the knees in and kick one, two, three. Press your feet back into your hands to help lift your chest up. Nice you guys. One more like that. And then we will rock. One, two, three. Press the feet back to lift the chest. Now lift the legs and then the stress and legs and chest.

Push with the feet, gorgeous rockers. And then pause. Lower down, release and slowly sit back onto your heels. Let your back take a moment to get into that position. Lovely. From here, come to a plank position. Okay.

Then lift your hips up and back into that elephant position again and walk your feet forward with straight legs. As you lift through your abdominals, making your way up to your hands. Softly bend your knees and roll yourself all the way up. All right, now we will finish with the x stretch standing right classic Joe PyLadies. You can stand on the floor or on a smoother surface than your mat. The mat gets a little sticky. So if you stand with wide feet apart, arms to the side, lift onto your heels, it's onto your toes. A little bit. Twist to the left.

Rotate all the way around so your feet completely face the other way. Bending your left leg, reach back for the right leg. Grab your right leg and pull yourself in toward your leg, and then come out of it on. Rotate back to the ocean on the other way. Twist to the right. Turn your toes completely around. Bend over, reach to your left leg. Pull your body into your legs, and then on. Rotate yourself and come back one more each direction.

So twist to the right, rotating all the way around. Bend over and get a deep, lovely, yummy stretch and undo the twist and twist all the way around to the right. Reach back for the left leg and bend into it. Come all the way out of it. Turn back to face, knee. Bend your knees, jump your feet together. Inhale to the ceiling, and exhale open. Good.


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Were there many teasers? Yes. Please don't let that deter you from taking this class. Carrie takes good care of us and you may actually find (as I did) that her cueing along with the rests result in better performance than usual.
Is there a lot to humble you in the class. Yes that too. I'd like to know an intermediate exercise from rolling from side to front with arms and legs extended. I looked like a stranded beetle midway. lol
Great comment, Joni! Happy Thanksgiving! Keep practicing that transition - before you know it, your stranded beetle will be long gone!
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plus one equals TWO stranded beetles!! especially after turkey and pie!
Miriam, I'm impressed you did Pilates after turkey and pie!
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Holy cow! So glad you are back Carrie. My body and I thank you. Couldn't wait for this Friday morning devoting some much needed time for "ME"! And there you were waiting for me! I absolutely love, your work, this class and teaching style! Thanks so much!
Thank you so much, Denee! Happy Thanksgiving!
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AMAZING class!!! Thank you so much, Carrie! I LOVE teasers :)
Thank you for doing the class, Petra!
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WONDERFUL CLASS!!!!! More of this please!:)
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The transitions allow this class to flow so seamlessly. Very enjoyable and challenging! The cue'ing is so wonderful that you never question what you are supposed to be doing because it is so clear. Thank you Carrie!
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