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Mat Workout

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Today's class is both intermediate with some advanced exercises added. Some of these include Swan Dive, Overhead and Big Scissors. Adrianne encourages you to stay in tune with your Powerhouse while keeping you moving and motivated. Enjoy!
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Okay, well, good morning. Let's go ahead and stand up and we're going to sit down on your mat nice and gracefully, Sue Marta, why don't you step forward, Amy, you're in a good spot. Heels together, toes part. Get that lift in your powerhouse, in and up. Weight towards your toes. Your tailbone should be pointing straight down. Chesser open next or long and I begin by crossing your arms, crossing your legs and I'm going to have it.

Go ahead and sit down and carefully [inaudible] hands at your hips, lifting your bottoms to sit and lie all the way down. Go right into your hundreds. Well actually let's just stretch for just a moment. Rest or relax your feet, but continue the wrap and your thighs. Take your arms, stretch them back. Take a nice deep breath in and let's just get our minds and bodies together and exhale. Lower your arms down to your side and just hold that for just a moment.

We can that imprint. House wrap again. Arms come back, take a nice deep breath in. Heels. Stay together. Not Locking your knees but wrapping them. Nice. Excellent hold. Nice imprint with the spine, still wrapping the thighs around, getting those inner thighs engaging. And last one. Nice deep breath in. And as you get back there, get your back. Sit in front still not letting them arch and exhale arms come back down to the side. Okay.

Reaching the legs from the hips out long, you're going to begin to lift your heads. Lift your legs up, going into your hundred position. The legs are really stretching out and begin the breathing. Nice deep breath in four, five x five arms should be 68 inches above the hips. Curling into those sternum, sorry for 22 five still wrapping the size. 32 three five x three five 42 four or five really deep breath in.

Long breath out. 55 exhale, two, three, four, five 62 four five little bit deeper. Get that girl good. 72 x out. Two three four five 82 exhale. Two three, four five 92 four five. Exhale, two, three, four and 100 take your arms back. Won't going into your roll ups so you're still working your bottoms here. Arms come up, you'll peel off that mat articulating to stretch over to a knee, still scooping and wrapping the thighs and then lie back down with control and nose. Deep breath in.

Peel off that mat and stretched forward and they're right back down. So let's keep some energy in this and deep breath in. Exhale. When you're stretching, you're always using that powerhouse in scooping in so you're not flattening the spine out. You're really scooping. As you stretch over two more. Up and over. Shoulders are down. Try to put your nose between your knees, but keep the scoop in your navel and lie back down. Go ahead and take the legs to 90 degrees going into your overhead.

All right, so next are long hair, not pushing with the arms. Take the legs over your head, has the mat open your feet, flex, and then begin to roll down, articulating, and then feet go all the way down to the mat and back over. Open the feet. Flex, Skim your thighs on your chest. Nice long neck feet. Touch the mat. Then you come up and the over open.

You could just go to 90 degrees. Let's have you go ahead and reverse the feet here. Feet together. Open over flex. So march ish. Go ahead and take the feet all the way down. Amy, I'm going to have you stop here. Open the feet, showing a more, more modified version. So in other words, you wouldn't have to touch the mat all together. You could stop at 90 degrees if that's too much for your back and over to gather. Really push those heels out and flex. Flex, flex, Skim your size. Drop those shoulders one more time and go down, up in a over nice long shoulders, keeping the shoulders down that letting them roll forward and keep your right leg up.

Drop your left leg going into leg circle circles like should be at 90 degrees. Good lengthening and big circles up to nose. Five Times, no hip movement. Keep those hips really still. Three left leg is long, four and five bigger now around an up one. Get a little pause on the up to three, four and five. Scissor. The legs. Left leg is now up and circle to the nose five times to get both lakes to really stretch out long. So your right leg is still working here. Three, four, five, reversing five times. So remember to lengthen from the hip out.

Keep your tummies in three and four and five. Go ahead, drop the leg. Let's sit up. Lift your bottoms to sit at your heels rolling like a ball. Either hold onto the ankles. If you want a more challenge, you wrap your arms around your legs like a big HUD. Find your balance. Shoulders are down. Begin to roll back. Come right back up to balance.

Exhale. So you're breathing as you're moving to try to keep your heads between your knees and not let them come out. Sorry, not tensing the shoulders. Four, they stayed relaxed. Hold onto the ankles a little bit more. Five. One more time. Go right back up and hold. We'll hold, hold. Place your feet down. All right. You know, lift your bottoms. Lie Back Down, going into your single leg. Stretch, right leg, right hand on the ankle. Left, like reaches out. Then lift up.

You're slightly rotated out, but you're rapids from the bottom and in her thigh and navels her end switch legs. One, be conscious of where your shoulders are. You don't want the tips of the shoulders on the [inaudible]. Two, two right, getting the stretch on the out, the scoop money yet for continue fat. So shoulders down, six and scoop. Six, seven, seven more squeezed and rock and eight and both legs in AA. Nice stretch out. Exhale. Inhale. I want you to grab onto those ankles and pull the legs in, keeping that tailbone down. Inhale out. Exhale, stretch and hold. So let's go out and hold that. Squeeze your bottoms, scoop your tummies, and then come in for more.

Just like that whole for three counts. Hold one, two, three and common. Three deep scope. Curl up your sternum and then come in to inhale, stretch belly button. Really deep. And exhale. Last one, stretch out and exhale, rest your neck. Take one leg up, reach for your ankle or your calf.

Ideally the ankle and shoulders are still down. Pulse, both switch. So your scissoring and switch to two, two to three. Three with the leg up by using your bottom four, five, five. Keep going. Six, six, six, six and not feeling this in your next, but really deep in that powerhouse pulse, pulse. And that's enough both legs up, hands behind your head. And we're going to go all the way to the mat with the heels and we're right back up. Not letting those backs arch as you go down to and reach out. Three, keep the extension long sternum. That's it for so you don't get that mid back.

[inaudible] five, eight times [inaudible] six get that belly button really deep. Seven one more going into the cross. Hold for three counts. One, two, three and switch. Hold two. Three, tap the knee and not too low with your extended leg. Go ahead and tap the knee switch way up there with the shoulder. That's it.

And then switch right here. Amy, pull in your tummy and switch. One, two, three. Go ahead. Hold one. Look towards that back elbow to open the sides and switch. So you're stretching and strengthening and switch. Hold two, three. Now three fast and one. One middle back should be flat to three and three and enough.

Sit right up. Let's go into your spine stretch. Not Too much of a pause and we'll go right into the stretch. These will feel good after all of those. Now you don't want to flatten out here. So squeeze, drop your hips and then come up. Tall, deep breaths. Excellent. That's it. Shoulders to him. And three more.

So you grow tall and then you drop the crown of your head all the way down. Try to put your head on the mat and then come right back up tomorrow a little bit quicker now still with that energy in the movement and up. Good. One more time. That's it. Want to see that energy up. All right. Going into open like rockers. So you lift your bottom to sit at your heel and then you'll take your legs up. I want you to hold underneath the cab. If you can. Good or the ankle.

Find your seat, get even deeper scoop. Good. Shoulders are down. Begin to roll back to the tips of the shoulders and come right back up and balance. Lift and hold. So we'll call that your practice rod all. Alright, here we go. Inhale on the back. Exhale, come up and balance. Lift Taller, taller, lift the legs. Long. Inhale, c curve.

Exhale, come up. [inaudible] really tall. That's it. Find it two more. And then I'm gonna have you grab onto your toes. You'll go back. Your shoulders have to stay down. Then you lift hold and one more time rounded. Keep that curve as you come up so you don't hop and then whole grab onto your toes with the feet together. Theatre. Now Flex your head is down.

Be careful not to roll onto your heads. You have to control the roll back. Control the roll up. Grab onto the toes, lift your back. So c curve you. You might end up letting go of the toes. Ideally you want to try to hold onto them the whole time, not letting them go and lift. Let's have you do one more. Drop your chin towards your chest. Rock back, round up.

Find it the balance and then lift. Hold, hold. Walk down your legs to your legs. Stay up. You're going to lie down on your backs for your corkscrew. So let's start with a modified version, heels together, little circle center, not letting those hips move. The goal here is to be able to get the legs all the way over to 45 degrees as you're circling, not letting those move. Now add the first four Vertebra, so you circle and you lift and you control it down.

So even less to the left. So you reverse your circle each time and, and control [inaudible] around. That's it. A little bit of a lift and control. So you can continue with those. Now if you want more challenge, you could go all the way down, all the way up. Try to touch the ceiling and now control it down, not using your hands or your neck. So those stay relaxed and big lift and come down now a little bit quicker.

So keep that energy around and, and bring it down and around and, and control one more set to each side. So don't go too high. If you feel that that's it. First, gain the control and that's enough. Okay, bend your knees. Let's sit up here. Saw Theatre. Once again, flex sitting on top of your head, arms out to the side. You're going to turn to the right. Your arms are strong, you're gonna stretch to the toe, but your shoulders aren't reaching your shoulders. Stay down, saw that toe off. Come back to center, turn I strong arm strut.

Get that right hip on the mat, keep it down and then come back up and center and turn to reach up and center. So still having that energy in the movement up and center. Last set turn, which this arm will come way up. Skip those ribs. Then come back up and last one, turn and reach. That's it Amy. And in a flip to your stomach's going into your neck role, preparing for your swan dive. So first year neck roll. So you're long, you're going to push up into your palms. You come up as high as you like just to the elbows are all the way up.

Navels or up, shoulders or now look to the right. Roll your heads down, left center, look left down. Really get a deep scoop and said to her one more time. Look right. Lengthen the back of your neck massaging it looks said to look left. Very good. So you stay scooped and lie back down. Now you're going into the actual swan died.

So that was your preparation and you'll push into the palms coming up off the elbows. So arms are long, stomachs are lifted, and you're going to fall into it. Legs will come up, palms up and arms straight out in front of you. And lift and lift to not using your hands. Three. So no pushing with the hands. That's it for okay. Unless it helps. There you go. And that's enough.

Unless it bothers your back, go ahead and sit on your heels. Stretch back. That is another version. Hmm. All right, let's go into your single leg kick. So you'll lie back onto your stomach.

You're gonna come up onto your elbows and a nice strong position. Shoulders are down, powerhouses up. So those hips are really kind of lifted. You've got a really good scoop and your bottoms are working. Keep that solid and then take your right heel without letting that back collapse and kick two times. Kick, kick, left, kick, kick. Get that stretch for the top of the thigh. Kick, kicking.

Get your bottom was a really strong kick, kick and right kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, left, kick, kick, lie all the way down. That's enough. Taking your hands behind you. Going into your AA kicks. Exactly. So you clasp your fingers. All right. [inaudible] when she gets on the Mat, you both have office at cheeks on the mat, which is fine. All right, you're going to take your seat again. Keep those hips kinda pushing down.

Lifting your stomach so you're squeezing your bottoms. Both feet are going to kick your bottom three times. Begin and kick. One, two, three. Drop the feet and stretch as far back as you can. Try to touch those heels in and lie back down. Switch chicks and kick. One, two, three. Now we're adding the energy again. Stretch as which? One, two, three and lengthen and switch. One, two, three. Stretch. Get your hands as you come down all the way up to the shoulder. Wings and then hold that. Hold, hold.

And one more drop and kick. One, two, three. This is your last one. You'll hold that position. Lift. Little bit more hands are off your bottom. That's it. And enough, you're going to sit back on your heels and just kind of stretch your backs out. Yeah, that's it. One more exercise here I'll have you lie on your stomach again with your arms straight out in front of you. Going into a swimming exercise.

So keeping your tummies lifted, your bottoms are working, your legs are long. Good. So you're flattening that spine, lengthening it out. All right, you're going to take your right arm up, left arm up and hold. So opposite arm, opposite leg. That's it. Now get that tail under the drop. Good. So use your bottoms and then switch legs. So keep that working in. That will support your back. And now begin to lift your heads and paddles.

So arms and legs are paddling at the same time. Long, long legs, knees closer together. And one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and rest. Okay. Sit back on your heels. Stretch back. Scoop as you stretch, you get a better stretch. And then I'll have you go into a cap back exercise. So go onto your palms, hands underneath your shoulders, knees, hip width apart. All right, you're gonna start to round up, scoop up, drop your heads, kind of open up the upper back, lower back is dropping, and then you're going to go into an arch so your head will come up. You okay when your chest just so like a cat with stretch, you're going to exhale two more times in deep breath in.

Lift and open the back up. And exhale, lift your head, open the chest. I last one. Nice deep breath in. Lifting and exhale, come on down. All right, let's go ahead and lie back onto your backs with your feet hip width apart going into your neck road. These are difficult to get back into once you've been on your stomach. So let's take the first couple. Slowly really working on anchoring your spines and articulating so hands or elbows are open. You're going to slowly start to peel off that mat. Boom.

And don't let those elbows come in. Keep them open. Keep them open, round over to the knees. Keep those heels pushing out. All right, now start from that lower back one vertebral stacks on top of the other [inaudible]. The thing up is your head and pushing the heels out. Start to round down, Curl your chin, articulate, stay centered. Make sure you're not falling on one or the other hip working right through the middle. One more time like that. And then we'll add the flow. Nice deep breath in. Elbows wide. Don't let them come in. Exhale, stretch all the way in.

Then start to sit up tall. Good with your ribs together. So you're tall, yes, but you're not arched. And then you're going to around down curling your chin. He's curling those hips under and getting those heels to push away. That's it right through the middle of your spine.

Now as soon as your heads touch, we'll add the flow here. So here you go. You're going to come up and exhale, not letting those elbows jerk in and sit up tall and then articulate round down to like that. And then we're going to go into a hinge and come up and over, sit up tall, and then articulate down, and now come up and over this time tall, adding a hand. You'll stay tall and hinge as far back as you can. Then when you can't go any further, you rent two more and exhale over. Lift your back, hinge, hinge, hinge, and Tuck, and last one and over. That's it. Deep Scoop. Sit up tall, add that hinge and curl and arrest. All right, let's go ahead and lie on your rights. Sorry, your left side.

For some sidekicks, that's fine. Can see both sides, front and back, so hip on top of hip, getting into your side kick position. So you line yourself up at the back of the Mat, you're resting on your palm, your other arm is behind your head for a more challenging, otherwise you can have that support with your hand on the Mat. Whatever's more conducive for you. All right, so really solid, powerhouse, hip on top of hip, a little bit more forward and not so much energy in the knees or feet. All right, so just slowly rotate.

Wrapping a thighs. That's it. Get the rep first. Good. Begin to lift that leg up, hip level, keeping those ribs together. Let's see this a little bit further back with this hip right there. All right, more of a wrap here. Good. And now you're ready. Kicking towards your nose tube times kick, kick and lengthen behind you.

Now a little bit quicker. Stretch. Stay hip level the whole time. Marto your legs coming up a little bit high on the front. Yes. Three and let's see. Two clear kicks. Kick, kick, kick, kick five not letting your bottom go with you. Six, 10 times. Kick, kick, kick, kick eight. Work your bottom. Work those inner thighs. Last one, and up and down.

Take the leg on top of the other. Then you get into position. Then you go up. Give them leg a moment. Okay, so as that leg is lifting, exactly. Get that tailbone lengthen out and up. Reach out now hold it up. Hold it there for a moment. Begin by stretching out of the hip right away. Now keep that length happening as it comes down. Keep it long. Keep it long, keep it long, and then touch the heels and then kick it up and keep it long.

Keep it long. Really stretching. Naval is lifted and four more. Up and reach, reach, reach, and three and reach. Reach, reach, and to keeping both knees. So make sure your left knee isn't locking though. We'll walk to and up and reach. Reach, reach, last one and up a long, long, long circles. Five Times. One, two, three tummy and four, five reversing and one, two, three, four, five and rushed or leg. Place your right hand on the Mat. Swing your legs back so you're more than a straight line going into a lift.

If you have any neck issues, your shoulders, you can lie all the way on your arm, hip on top of hip. You're going to take both legs up, lift your tummies and close those ribs and hold and then drop it back down. And then lift, hold and lower lift. You could try that more challenging hands behind you and lower and one more and hold, hold, hold. Keep those hips on top of each other and rest. Swing your legs forward and let's try a different version.

Both legs are in front of you. You're trying not to push with the hand and you're going to try to get both legs to lift up so that it's a lot harder. Hold, keeping those shoulders and chest open and rest. Really get those legs up and lift. That's it. And hold and arrest and lift five times. So this is three and arrest and lift and arrest and I lift.

Keep your tummies in those tailbones down in long and arrest. This time you're going to hold it up there and clap both beats to get beat. Five Times two. I said feats, three, four, five and rest. All right, place your right head back down. I'm gonna have you guys go into some big scissors. Both legs are long. I'll start with both legs up. Your feet are off the mat and your legs are long, right. Legs forward as far as you can. And just hold that for a moment.

And [inaudible] just work on the stretch front and the stretch back. Back, back. Good. And now slowly transition. Switching sides front, front, back, back. That's Ed switch. That's it. Hip. Stay right on top of each other and switch and switch. Now quickly and one five sets. One, two to get thing the stretch each time. Three, four, four, five and five both legs arrest. Cross your right leg over, grab onto your ankle, giving that right like a little bit of a break. Okay.

You're going to take your left leg and lifted up and lower and lift. Keeping the scoop happening and lower and lift and lower. Now hold it up. Two little circles. Five or sorry, just two times one, two, and then big ones three times. Same direction. One and up and around. Two. Up and around. Three. Reverse your circles. Two little circles. One, two, and now three big ones up and around. One touch the other thigh, two and three and both legs. Rest, both feet on top of each other. Let's go ahead and bend your knees. I'm going to have you go into a clamshell exercise so you bend your knees, hip, stay right on top of each other.

You're going to take that right knee and begin to lift it up. And as soon as you do that, your hip will want to fall back. Kind of push it forward and lift your stomachs and then dropped the knee 10 times and I lift and lower to use some resistance on the downstairs, not just lowering and lifting. There are some resistance. You're pushing through some thick air. Four and five, that's it. And six and seven and eight.

You're going to take your heels off the mat. He'll stay together. Same thing, but now the heels are suspended. One, not letting the hips roll around to as high up as you can and resist it. Coming down. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Last one, 10 rushed for just a moment. Take the heels back up. Bring that right knee up, going into kind of a develop pay. You're gonna take that right leg up, stretch it out long. Bend the knee, heel the heel and bring the knee down and knee up like long. Reach out. Heel the heel, knee to knee to a knee, up, lift, reach, heel. The heel. Need a knee. Three. Let's do five and lift long.

Don't forget this tummies, even though the leg is working, you're still lifting your stomach for [inaudible] and last one, lift long then and rest. All right, go ahead and stretch your legs out. Going into opposite stretch. Let's go into a bicycle. You'll take your right leg up again. You're rotated from the hip, squeezing your bottom legs are long and stomachs are lifted. Take your leg forward towards your nose as high up as you can. Try to touch your nose, keeping the leg hip level a little bit higher. Yep.

Keep reaching up up, up. Now, Ben, journey towards your shoulder, knee towards your knee. You're gonna take the leg back, bicycling. That's it. Now, don't fall forward with the shoulders. They stay on top of each other. You don't have to go too far back just to where you can keep your balance. Take the leg up and more importantly is don't let those ribs pop out.

Don't arch the back, so stay flat. Just the leg is moving and one more up. Bend your journey knee to knee and stretch back. Now have you reversed that? You start back on top of the other leg. So now your legs are long, you take the leg still lifted, you take the leg back, bend your knee, knee to shoulder, keeping the knee line up with the hip the whole time.

So don't let that knee drop. It went a little low, Amy, and tomorrow take it back. Bend your knee, knee to shoulder. Take advantage of this work, that stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Your legs should shake and one more time. Take it back. Bend your knee, knee to shoulder. Don't take your tailbones with you. Very difficult. Stretch, stretch, stretch, and enough drop that. All right, let's transition beads onto your stomach's palm on top of Pompe. 20 counts. Legs are long. Begin to lift both legs up and clap. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and quickly. Two, three, six. Keep that long.

Long leg six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and rest. All right. Over to the other leg. Transitioning hip on top of hip, both legs forward, optional, hand behind your head or on the mat. More advanced is behind you. All right. Take your left leg up. That rotation is still there from the upper thigh, hip level with the leg and a little bit higher. You make yes and going into the front kicks 10 times. Kick kick front, control it back and kick, kick two and kick, kick and three and kick, kick and four and kick. Kick. So as you're moving, no shifting in those ribs. Five kick, kick, six lots. Energy kick, kick and seven. That's it. Kick, kick eight clear kicks.

Nine one more and 10 that's it Amy. All right, leg on top of leg going into the up and downs. Take your leg, hip level. Begin to lift the leg and get that length on the down. Stretch it out and up. If we did eight of these or h two long neck, so your gay should be forward. Three, four ribs together. Five. Getting both chicks to work. Six using those bottoms. That's it. Seven and circles. Five and five. One, two, three, four, five. Reversing two, three, four, five. And give your leg arrest or at going into your leg lifts. You swing your legs back. We started with the straight line first.

You can place your hand on the Mat, you'll need that. Although you don't want to put a lot of weight on your hand, it's there for support. So shoulders on top of shoulder, hip on top of hip, back into that powerhouse. Take both legs and lift them and lower five times. And as those legs lift, don't let your left hip roll forward too. So keep those ribs in tummy. That's it. Good. Very solid here.

Powerhouse that will support you. And three and lift four. Trying to work on getting higher each time and five. Now swing your legs forward. Getting into more of a V or boomerang position. Taking the like backup hip level and lower and lift and lower lift.

Lower three four. You'll hold it up and both feet clap five times two, three, four, five and ref. Alright and I had to go into those clamshells next you bend your, did I do that out towards, did I do that first? All right, cross your left leg over. I thought I did those afterwards. Right leg is long hip on top of hip reaching that right leg out. You'll lift it up and lower three times and then we'll go into circles and lift to lift three now little circles, two times one, two they really big ones up and around. One, two, brushing the opposite thigh three and then reverse that two little circles when two and then big up and around, one up and around, two up and around.

Three rest your legs, both legs back on top of each other. Now he'll go into those clamshells so you bend your knees, that's it. Hip on top of hip and then take that left knee and lifted, not falling, letting that left hip fall back, so hip stay right on top of each other and then you use the resistance to come down 10 times what I left, squeezing it down to like a nutcracker. Three keep your next long, four five keeping your tummy is lifted. Six, seven and eight. Nine and 10 he'll come up this time and left knee comes back up.

Once again. Used that resistance on the down one and two, three, nine. I don't usually recommend this for men. Their hips are strong and tight enough for so you might want to skip it if you're a man. Five six, seven, eight, nine Ted going into that develop pay so that your heels are still lifted. Left knee comes up, left leg lengthens where you reach it out. Keeping those hips from falling heel. The heel. Need any five times and he comes up like comes up.

Big stretch out. Bend the knee and lower too and lift long. Been then heel, knee, three, two more up a long and reach bend for one more time. Up Long leg. Stretch it out. Heel the heel and drop the feet. Go ahead and stretch the leg. Straight out. Yeah, out. Go into big scissors. I think I reversed the order a little bit, but you'll still get a good stretch. Left leg is up hip level. Both legs are now up. Take your left leg forward, right leg back.

Now hold that for just a moment. Make sure that your hip to heel alignment is is right there. So lift this leg little bit higher. There you go. Now you're level with your hip rotated out and I'll transition opposite forward, not letting those hips roll back. Tell me up and switch. And now big five counts. One one quickly, two to Surrey, get the stretch on the back. Three, four, four and one more.

Five and five. Rust or legs. Okay, Russ, for just a moment. A little bit weaker sides. Stronger side. We all have that. Okay, let's go into a bicycle. Both legs once again. Forward hip on top of hip. Take the leg up, still slightly rotated. Turned out. Take the leg forward just three times. Bend your knee to your shoulders. Try to touch your knee to your shoulder. Way Up there so you might move that left hand around.

In order to do that and now start to bring the leg back. That's it. Long, long back. Drop your tailbone a bit. Good and leg forward bend. Yeah. Does your knee need a knee stretch back? Keeping Mu back long too so your bottom doesn't pop out and one more and then you'll reverse it. Stretch and leg on top of leg.

Getting ready to reverse. Now you're like [inaudible] behind you. You Bend your knee, keep that tummy lifted. Neda knee, native shoulder, not taking the tailbone with you. Stretch and two more. Taking it back. Then the knee. Need a knee, knee, shoulder. Try to touch your nose. Way Up there. Get that leg working and one more time and take it back. Then the knee, knee to shoulder and long. Long, long stretch. All right, both legs back on top of each other.

Go ahead and lie back onto your backs now, luckily I didn't forget anything there. All right, so now that you've been on your sides, you're going to go into your teasers. Let's do a little teaser prep cause it's going to be difficult coming back into that. Bring your knees into your chest to begin. Take your arm straight back. You'll take your legs up to 90 degrees in your plotty stance. So you're turned out that it still using that rep so your legs are still working. Begin to lift your arms, lift your head, lower the legs to 45 degrees and come up into your teaser. Like I said, we're just kind of preparing, lift, stretch up to the ceiling, to your ears, and then begin to lie down and bend your knees and arrest.

All right, do that one more time and then we'll put it into a full set. So legs are 90 degrees, arms are back. Lift the arms, lift your head, peel off that mat in a reach for the toes. Both legs stay long, you touch the toes, almost. You reach for the ceiling and then you're going to lie back down with those knees in. So that's kind of a modified version. Now we're going to put it into the full series, which is teaser one, two and three. We're going to teaser wide. So legs are 90 degrees. This time the legs will not bend to come in. So now you lift low, sorry, lower the legs to 45 degrees, peel off the mat, reach for the toes, reach for the ceiling. And you're going to lie right back down your head. Touch, like stay still. And come right back up. Not letting those legs move.

Lift the ceiling. Come back down. Heads touch. One more time. You stay up there for teaser to keep the arms right over there and drop the legs and lift the leg. Three times one, two, three. And now everything down together. Heads, touch, arms, touch everything up together for teaser three to the toes, to the ears and a lie. Back Down two more. And use that breathing. Make sure you're not holding the breath and come back down. One more. Exhale, lift and lie back down. Stay down.

Hold for just a moment. Going into another teaser with the twist. So arms come up first. You're going to come up and find your position into your teaser position. You hold your position, you talk, keep, try to keep the legs still as you twist to the right. Send to yourself out.

Lift your back, lie back down. Now you'll reverse that so this, so your legs will go all the way down. You'll come up, you twist left, center up. So it's like teaser three to finish. You lie all the way down. You come back up. Hold twist, right centered lift. Lie Back Down. Keeping the heels from shifting to the toes center. Lift lie back down. Last set. Come on up to the toes to the right center. Tall, lie back down. Last one to the toes. Left centered, tall and lie down. All right, boom, boom, boom. All right. Go ahead and sit up. Let's have you go into your field.

Massage that out so you'll grab inside the legs. [inaudible] into your seal position. Exactly. You want to grab onto the arches or your ankles. Arches would be a little more challenging. Keeping those heads down. Ankles, a little bit more intermediate. That's it. Really rounded. Scooped. Okay. Beginning clapping three times. One, two, three with the heels.

You round back in. One, two, three. You rock up and now together. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. One, two, three, one, two, three. Right back up. One, two, three. Back. Rounding on the app around two more. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three, up. One more. And then you'll come up to a standing position. So you're actually copying the heels, not the toes. Cross your legs and stand up. That was cute though. Deep breath in and let's pivot and turn around.

Take your arms up. You're going to walk down the legs into a plank position. I'm going to have you go into a balanced stretch tendon stretch, so want to try to get into one straight line from neck to your tailbone to your heels, so a little bit lower if you can. Good chest is open. Now you're just going to keep those heels up to begin like you're up on your tippy toes. That so you're way up there. You're going to take your right foot up and point your toes. She transitioned by shifting your heel back. Shift or heal forward whole.

Now hips should be Square Marta. There you go. And now toes back on the floor, going to the left heel so then you stretch back. Stretch forward as high as you can. Hold and switch feet and stretch back. Stretch forward, hold. Keep lifting your stomach and stretch back. Stretch forward hold and one more. Set Tummy up. Don't let those backs arch and hold and one more left forward hole.

Now you're going into your pushup. So you hold that position, your bend your elbows, right? I didn't have you rest and bend and elbow. Skim the ribs and come up just three times. Now you don't have to go quite so low and don't lead with your chest. That's it too. So the whole body sways your bottom and bend and lift. Hold.

Now go ahead and walk back to your feet like an elephant. Think of this on the reformer where you round up your hips on top of your ankles, weight as towards your toes a little bit more forward. Those hips, not locking the knees. You start to round up. That's it. All the way to a standing position. Both arm straight up. Nice. Deep breath in. And exhale. One more time. Arms Up. Nice. Deep breath in. I'm going to have you walk back out.

Exhale, walk forward. Just find your plank. I'm not gonna actually have you push up. I'll just have you hold that for about three counts. With your heels up, Tommy's lifted chest open. One, two, three. Now drop your heads, curl up into a seat. Crow. Those hips. Drop your heels flat and your feet walk back towards your feet.

Get those heels to touch now. Keep scooping your ribs. Try to fill this up navel to spine. Shift your hips on top of your ankles. Take it slow a little bit more forward, a little bit more forward on those toes. That's it. That's it.

Not Locking one vertebra at a time. All the way up. This time I'm going to have you try and reverse that a little bit. You'll walk back out. This time you're going to walk your feet to your hands. You get into your plank position. That's it.

Nice and long and flat, a little bit lower at those hips. Getting that rep still. Now you drop your head and you begin to walk your feet towards you. That's it. [inaudible] trying to get your feet as close as you can, losing your balance. That's it.

And trying to keep your hips as close to on top of the hips as you can, but not lifting the heels. Try to keep your heels with down. [inaudible] now try to bring your nose between your knees a little bit more, and now you're going to begin to round up. So be careful. You may even have to bend the knees a little bit to get those hips to shift forward a little bit more forward. That's it. There you go. Good. Very good. Take both arms straight up and come up to your tippy toes.

Taking a nice deep breath in and Gideon longer through those spines. Think of lifting the top of your neck to the ceiling. The back is really lengthening. Exhale and come back to a flat foot. Shake yourselves out and you guys are done. Nice job. Okay.


Great energizing, challenging class! Thank you :)
This one had me sweatin' and wondering how people can say that pilates has no cardio benefits. I def got my heartrate up quite a few times in this workout. I cannot get enough of Adrianne's workouts.
I have always loved adding the flow to the movement, nothing like getting the body moving like that! Thanks for participating! Plus I truly believe we are way to much in our heads so moving with intention and precision gives us the ability to stay in the now!

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