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This class is a standard BASI Intermediate workout taught at a moderate pace. Enjoy practicing the basics right along with intermediate to advanced exercises like the Neck Pull, Single Leg Teaser, Side Bend and Twist
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Aug 27, 2010
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All right, I got a crest for request for flow and a little of everything. So, um, that's not a tall order at all. So let's start sitting upright. Find your spots. So, um, yeah, turning inward a little bit. Good. And so you're on your sits bones. We'll get right into it. Feel your spine lengthen. Big. Inhale. And we're not going anywhere.

You're just going to try to exhale, keep your spine tall and let go of unnecessary tension, whatever that means for you. And sometimes we don't really know until we loosen up. Inhale again. And as you exhale, think to allow the shoulders to fall down your back as you slightly lift your chest. Just slightly feel that sort of conveyor belt like action. One more time and then we'll move. Inhale and exhale. Can you allow your spine to get taller as you also engage your abdominals?

And with that we are rolling slightly. Inhale, keep holding your legs for now. Exhale, you tuck the pelvis to round your low back to roll back, say to the top of the pelvis at the most worth looking or feeling for your sh. Collarbones being straight across. Inhale, exhale, pull back on the abdominals. As you roll forward, once your shoulders are over, your hips, you lengthen up and straighten your spine again. Inhale and exhale. We rolled down.

I think it's a good idea to kind of hold on and have something to resist against. Inhale, start your exhale and come forward again. It's looking great. Ooh, I like the energy already. Annulling Center. Inhale. As you look out on the horizon, keep looking on the horizon. You don't need to look down. Your abs are fine. Feel the shoulders fall into place. Hold.

Inhale and exhale up. We come and stack your spine. Optional Lego. Inhale, exhaling down. We got one. Yep. This time go a little lower. So your about mid-back. Draw the feet in a little closer to your yep. To your body. I have my feet apart. They could be together. Inhale and exhale. Feel free to grab on. Exhale the Gama and stacking your spine. Beautiful and inhale se all the length that you have.

Exhaling down as you curve. That keeps faith. Yes. Inhale, find ease. Start the exhale. You might feel the abdominals pull back. You might hold onto your legs. That's absolutely appropriate. Last one like this. Inhale and exhale.

Feeling the middle of your spine. Noticing where things may be tight. Get the low back to around. Inhale, hold and exhale. Come on. Lovely. From there. Uh, just do your little tuck. Grab on behind the legs. Pick up one leg, no before you pick up the other one. Deepen your abs so when you pick up the other one, you don't have to recheck.

You're already there. I still have my feet slightly apart. Press the legs into the hands, shoulders down, just a rolling. Just like this. Don't let the legs change and pause at the top. It's attempting sort of roll over the tailbone and undo the tuck and sort of wobble back and forth. I'm trying to get us to feel the sense of lightly squeezing the sit bones together. That's great.

So that you have an awareness of both the hamstrings or and the glutes with the ABS. One more like that. Raise your feet too. What is that parallel to the floor? Put 'em together. Zip Up strongly. Still squeezed the sitz bones. Let's do two like that. So we just roll back and up trying to stop your legs at that same spot. Well done. Again, looking for a smooth ride that happens by keeping the glutes lightly tight.

We're rolling down. Leave your feet here. Slowly. Roll yourself down to your shoulder blades first, obviously I suppose. And then your head. Oh, how else would we have done that? I have no idea. Arms out to a tee position. So you're here. Yep. And we're taking the legs toward the window for a spine. Twist supine.

We go in here, that's it. Start to exhale. Squeeze through the obliques and bring it back to center toward the back. Inhale and exhale to bring it center. So what you're looking for here is the sense of the waistline, the sense of the waistline, the rotation. Let it be heavy and to the back. All right, I'm going to get us all together cause it's gonna Freak me out to the window in here. If you're there, just stay there. Start the exhale. Feel the ribs heavy into the mat to draw center.

The legs are meant to be the weight against your Blix. Go ahead to back. Thank you Wendy. And exhale back to center. Give yourself one more each way to the window. That opposite hip does in fact live right and back. And one more time and back. Lowering the feet down. Glide the hands behind your head.

So you're lacing the fingers together is that you're going to do a chest, chest lift, which guess what you are. Inhale, shoulders are down. I'd like elbows just off the floor. Please. Exhale, roll your chin towards your chest because the abdominals are engaged in come high enough that your low back is rested. And I do mean rested, fully touching. Inhale, hold. Exhale to roll back down. There was a lot of talk about neutral pelvis and that is ideal if you had a level pelvis and could get the back down. Inhale, exhale, curl up. Oh, she's talkative. Come on Muffy little higher. And now if your low back, he was impressing it and I do want you to Tuck your pelvis a little bit. It's important. Inhale and exhale down. Just for now, it's just a stage.

We're at. You all look pretty good though. Inhale, Gina, put your feet slightly closer to each other. Thank you. And exhaling up right from there. Inhale, reach to the back of your legs. Exhale, think of pulling forward so shoulders toward hips. Inhale, the arms go up. Put them behind your head. Exhale, lengthen yourself out. Work your way down and inhale. Exhale, field the back of the ribs. Press in up. We go. Slow. Inhale, reach to the back of the legs and exhale as you pull the elbows, just let go to the side. Really use your arms there to help you.

Then you let go and you keep still. As the arms go up, they go behind your head and you lengthen and work your way back down. Inhale, exhaling up. But those of you who have done this a million times with me, inhale to the back of the legs. Exhale up. Think of slightly pulling the heels towards your hips, arms up, just to engage the hamstrings. A little. Put the hands behind your head and down we go. Inhale. It's pretty subtle what I just asked for and if it doesn't mean anything to you, it's okay. It's just bonus. Inhale, reach to the back of the legs. Exhale, Anna. Sarah, someone talks more than you, Huh? I just won't shut up. Stay up here. Stay up here, rotate to the window, come through the middle, rotate to the back and I'm inhaling as I pass through trying not to lower down.

Exhaling toward the window in here and exhale, keep it going. And inhale to exhale. Inhaling through the middle shoulder to hip, right there. Good again, and just lift. Chin up ever so slightly Debra, just and last time to the back. Come to center. Inhale, reach to the back of your legs. Exhale, pull just a bit higher. Inhale one leg up. Exhale the other leg up there for now there. Zip to reach the arms just long alongside the legs. Inhale, one leg goes down.

Exhale, switch. Now not everybody is going to be able to, I'm just switching just like so. Yep. Not Everybody's going to be able to touch down and still keep the low back released into the map. The first thing you'd tried to do is bring your upper body more up and forward. If that doesn't let your low back release, keep your legs up rather don't touch down. Let's do four more [inaudible] and two, three and four both legs, up, arms go. Keep your eyes forward.

Arms go up and behind you. Just circle them around. Do it again. Our eyes and body stay still. It's just the arms moving and around. That's it. Inhale as you go up and back, exhale, circle around. One more time. Inhale to exhale. Inhale, arms up. Set the feet down. Separate them a little and exhale.

Lower your upper body down. The arms are reaching overhead right alongside your ears, but off the ground. Inhale to pelvic curl soap. I didn't say it. Your feet are our part a little bit. Leave your arms there, please. Exhale to roll up hips first. Yes, and this is a place where you can be intricate. You can be intimate with your body. Inhale, exhale to roll.

I'm watching Sarah and Mary doing this little cramped dance with each other. Inhale, I don't know where we are and we're exhaling to peel up. Yes. Imagine the hips being dragged, order heels holding it there. What? That's what makes the cramp. Absolutely. But you know, exhale down. I do not have sympathy as you can see, cause I'm not doing it. And Wendy's got one too. Good. And again, she did just a little closer together with your feet.

So you have the potential for graphing as well. Yeah, I can Sarah and your, Whoa, thank you. And exhale, we're coming down one more like that. Inhale. And what I want it do exhaling up is you can look great. Keep going, keep going. I'm going to stop your ribs. They're actually stop you. Take your ribs back down. Yep. And then if you have any more to do, it's just here. I, that's it. That's it. Yep. And then we come down. All right. It changes slightly. Yeah. In fact, it doesn't, just keep your arms there.

We're going up one more time. Inhale, exhale. Feel the massage the way. Yeah, all the way. And it's worth a quick peak down your own body to make sure that as best you can, that space where the hip and the leg meet in the front is long and flat. All right from here, come up to the ball of the foot on the right foot or just pick a foot. Then pick it up if it feels appropriate to you and it doesn't change your position a lot. Extend the leg, reach that like long as if you were going to touch the floor. You may or may not all the way and then slide it back into place.

We've got Emily. I'm going to get y'all, I think other side. Take it to the ball of the foot. Make sure your hips stay level. Oh, are you going to get me right now? Raise the leg up. Oh boy. Oh boy. Here's mine. Reaching it long. Keep the hips level. You can use your peripheral vision and then put it back in place. Double check. Take your arms just above your chest. Now recheck your pelvis, everybody.

Just in case I'm in an external rotation of my arm just so that means palms together. But I mean pump face each other but it's not a big deal. So back to the first leg, lifting it up, reaching it long, bring it back in, place on from the ground. Other side lift, unfurl the leg, reaching long from right into the chest to put it back. Stay here for a moment. Take your fingers, take your hands underneath you and just sort of measure your space. So it doesn't matter how much distance is there or not, but we're going to try and keep it that way. I'm going to ask everybody to re length in their low back.

So might feel like a tech. You should feel your glutes. Let's go back to that right leg or first leg up. Keep it there, keep the measurement the same. And now we just kicked down and up for six. One it's low, quick and two I flex my foot coming up. Three and a point going down four and five come back up, replaced the leg still where you were. Other side, meaning at the measurement and point to go down on flex, come up and press two, three, four out of six, five and finally come back up. Return the leg to the start. Just reach your arms down alongside your body.

Inhale and exhale. We'll roll down. Yeah, and I'll listen to all that area for moving their legs to tabletop and do our our hundred but I'm doing it a little different and I'm on a roll I think with the trying to keep the low back into the mat. So as we lie here, now you're in a neutral position. You might have a little space or less pressure at the low back. We're going to change it. Inhale, prepare. Exhale, curl your head, neck and shoulders up. Reach your arms and your legs. Pretty high, diagonal. Now everybody look at your own wrist and make them a little higher about mid thigh, your own side, wherever that is, and the press the shoulders down.

So I'm looking for a little diagonal. That line from here we go. Inhale, bend the knees, two, three, four, five, flex and push it out. Two, three, four, five in. So keep that going and press out the range of motion. How high or how low your legs are is dependent on your ability to keep your low back absolutely firmly, totally still in the mat. So for some, maybe that's going to be a high position. For some of you, you can go low, but don't let it pull you back around and exhale. Let the glutes healthy. You want the back of your legs to help you. Any nail? Two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, five and pull two, three, energetically go on toward the size all the time. Let's go pull two, three, four, five and out. I'm giving you two more here in, it's like the legs are getting sucked toward the body and here we go. And out two, three, four, five. Bend the knees, let your head come down, stretch your legs out onto the mat.

Fully long arms are just above your chest and then check to make sure the back of the ribs are down in the mat for a roll up. We go. Inhale to reach your arms and legs forward. If at this point you feel like you have to toss it, I'd rather you bend the knees and grab on or we could get a a a there. Bam. Good inhale. So you end up with the shoulders over hips that can help. Exhale down. Lovely friends.

And I said contact philosophies in a good way. And inhale, arms come up. Start the exhale. Make it smooth. Yes, you do. Treaty. So here we go. This is the deal. When you start to lift, let's forget the arms for a second. Let's press the ribs into the ground. Feel how that can lift your head, neck and shoulders. Let your arms come over, bend your knees a little, press your heels into the ground. Exhale, blow out.

That's all you need. I promise you. Okay? Don't hold your breath on that hard party. Inhale, exhale. Damn. So I'm just offering the knee bent part. If you feel like there's that spot, I mean it's hard no matter how you look at it, but that spot that feels maybe flat, that's where you might bend the knees a little and exhale. Then coming up. Good. Keeping the curve. Inhale. Exhale we go down.

Yes, yes. My feet with no towel and in here, shoulder, shoulders, shoulders, shoulders. Is it working better? Okay, looks good. Let's just go one more. Inhaling to the excel, redraft, the shoulders right there, Deborah or maybe just raise your head a tiny bit. [inaudible]. Okay, let's stay at now once you get there and we'll go into a full rolling like a ball, so scoot yourself forward.

It would just behind the tailbone to pick yourself up and let's make it tight so you can either have your knees fully together. That's how I'm going to try to challenge you, but it's certainly fine to go even closer and have the knees part. All right, holding in close. We're going to inhale, roll back. Go ahead. Inhale back. Exhale up to the top and you hold. Yep. Keep your gaze somewhat down. Probably just keep the whole circle in line and and in start minimizing what you do with your hands if you can.

I mean the hands are appropriate to use them a little in terms of keeping the pressure the same, but you can also reach them forward and not use them at all so long as you keep the relationship the same between the FYS and the ribs. Let's go two more looks great. One more good. We're going to slowly lower down either holding on or not to the starting position of double leg stretch, so that means shins are parallel to the floor. Arms are for now or just reaching forward. Inhale, extend the legs high as the arms go back. Hold. Exhale, bend the legs. Come around and hold on top and use that. Enjoy that little break. That could be squeezed the glutes. Inhale Open. Exhale, come round and a little quicker now and hope to close.

The arms and legs are straight. There's somewhat energized in terms of energy. Gets to go all the way through them, but all your thought, all your focus, all your awareness is around the middle. Just two more, one and back and two and back. Put your head down for a moment. Exhale. When it's time to come back up, which is now. Here we go. Extend the like closest to the window hangout. Imagine you're hugging a window, hold on tight and change and and change and you pay attention to your body, right? What is need today? Not what is used to or what you normally do. What do you need today?

Yeah. Last one. They are, bring both knees in. Rock yourself up. Straighten out your back. Look out the window or to the front. Go the other way. Lovely. Come on back. [inaudible] I'm too embarrassed to try it, but okay, nevermind. Next time. Lower. Okay.

Slow. Okay. Try it with yet. Try with me. If you want me to try it. I'm going to try to lower ourselves down to that table. Top Position and go right into Chris Cross. Right? Okay, good. Oh, okay. Not so bad. Done to the front. Chris. Cross and on. Ooo. So it's the same thing you just did, right? You're keeping your hips still.

Okay. You're feeling that rotation occurring above the waist or at the waist. Great. Fully straighten those legs. I know they're long. I know they're long. We're doing one more precise. Here's a one and come back to center.

And with that, let your head go down and held the knees to your chest. Yeah. Okay. Stretch your legs out onto the map. Get long in your body. Again, arms are up for just one more. Roll Up. Well for now anyway. And let's go in. Inhale to look forward, arms forward and exhale. All right. From there we sit up tall into the spine.

Stretch separating your feet. So are we working hard? Is it just warm today? Finally? It's a little both. Okay, good. I'll take it. Okay, so I'm going to say the arms behind her head today just so we can measure. So you're sitting up tall, squeeze the glutes, lengthen your back. Fabulous. And your feet are wider than your mat probably. Yeah, and I kind of encourage a bent knee sometimes if you're inclined to too much hip flexor. So it's up to you. All right. We're taller than him. XL, we round forward like you are rounding over a ball. So it's, it's mostly vertical at first, but you do get to travel forward a little bit from there.

We're going right into the back extension, so it's from the tailbone. Start lengthening your back along the diagonal until you feel long and I'm going to look at Ya. Good, good, good. Excellent. Sarah, just double check. It might be a short. There you go. Excellent. Stand the arms alongside your ears. Sorry, Emily. There we go. Inhale. Refold the arms as your spine grows longer.

There's a lot to this one and now we excel to round over and start rolling back up like we're sitting against that imaginary wall. Inhale. Exhale to round forward. The more forward you go, the further longer that you last hear the tighter the ABS. Then from the tailbone start lengthening, so it almost feels like you're sticking your rear end out. Inhale into a long flat pack. [inaudible] exhale, extend the arms and it's as if the arms are a part of the spine. Inhale, grow longer as you refold the arms.

Exhale happens at the abdominals to round forward and roll up. I'll probably go just a smidge faster. No less precisely. Inhale, exhale and energy coming inward. You round forward. Inhale, I gently press the heels into the ground to find opposition into the long flat back. Exhale, the arms grow tall. Good. Inhale, refold the arms and exhale, fill those hipbones in front to pull back into the body. As you roll up, getting taller, inhale and exhale, fluid, continuous. How much deeper can you work it find it is almost more challenging as you go into the back extension. If you've done these a lot into your arms, extend them. Exhale because you kind of think you know where you're at. Challenge Yourself.

Inhale, get longer and you're probably right, but you can always look for more. Exhale where you round to roll up, giving you two more. Inhale and exhale. It just so happens that when you tighten one muscle, the opposite one stretches. So that's what why you focus on the ABS. They're right here. We focus on the back extensors. Exhale, extend like someone were pulling you up on that diagonal. Inhale.

Refold exhaling down to roll up and inhale. We'll add a variation. Exhale, rounding over the, I would let the elbows come forward slightly there. Inhale into your back extension. Xcel, extend your arms, double-check you have a light engagement of your abs from here, just lower the arms down. I'm liking this one these days and I don't want you to pull forward because that's not what we need. We need more of a push down, I think to go up there. Then let the arms come back up and if you feel like you can take more in the hamstrings, you take the whole position forward, let the arms go down again, you can apply a little pressure. Not doesn't help much, but you can try arms up. Inhale working right in between those shoulder blades. Yep.

You can just take the arm slightly further back to you. Just right there. [inaudible] and down. One more time. We'll keep them up there. Inhale or you can just leave them down. That's fine too. It's a lot already staying here. Gently pull the upper arms back kind of small.

Don't let them come forward. Just get taller for let him come forward. Five, six, seven. That's it. Eight beautiful. Nine. Hold 10 inhale the can you just leave your arms long exhaled around over. That was beautiful and just stretch.

So rhomboids are in between the shoulder blades. That's basically what we're going for there. Not to mention the whole length of the spinal spine with extensors and we'll come up, roll up, zipping up the feet so they're together, feet flexed. That's kind of where I want to go too. But I'll get there. Next Deborah. Alright, let's bend the knees.

It's a long time to be sitting and I've got a couple more coming so make sure you're on your under sit bones. Arms are going out first to the side, so you know that's right. I'll, I'll change you. I'll change you so you won't click retreat, reach then fold. So your hands are right opposite your temples that hopefully as are your elbows great and we look good. All right, so we're going to double pulse to the front. Get Tall, exhale twice or really it's one exhale, but inhale center. It's a little puff pulse and center and pulse pulse and she could feel it all coming. Spinal column, the arms are just going along for the ride and center.

And so this one keep going. I'm not going to do it for a little while. I just caught myself sort of just turn him right. I am wasn't squeezing my glutes, which it it feels like cause it doesn't matter cause I'm not gonna move much. But in fact if I do squeeze lightly, I'm going to feel this sense of anchor. I'm going to feel opposition. So let's go a couple more with maybe thinking that inner thigh.

Let's go last to hero one, one and center and one one and center from where you are. Just stay where you are. Let the shoulder blades get heavy as the arms just float up, not a lot of tension in the arms. Reach them out to the side. Maybe watch for people here. Have you shoulder blades again, the arms will float up in opposition. Get Taller, bring the arms back down, going into the front, slow. Inhale, exhale, extend. Inhale, arms up, come center on the same inhale and this fold back to the starting sort of goalpost position toward the back. Inhale from there.

Extend the arms along with a t, right? Isn't that what I did? Then they went up. I almost did it too. I couldn't remember, and then we came center and folded. I have no idea. That was it in. Then we expanded and grew without too much tension. We went up heavy, our heavy shoulder blades, we rotated center and we pulled the elbows back into place and inhale to rotate. Exhale, extend into a long t like our arms float up as a shoulder blades.

Fall heavy, come center. And with that fold the hands behind your head. Press the legs out, hinge back on an inhale. Chin down slightly and exhale to roll down. Squeeze the back of the legs a little bit. Touch the back of your head. Then inhale, exhale. Good.

Oh all the way over to round. This is netball. Inhale to roll up. So if you prefer, you could do a rolling like a ball. You could do a roll up, which is what we were doing earlier. You could do this, but if it feels too hard to lift from the ground, you modify by a slightly bending your knees and be let go of the hands to get you through that hard part. Well it's all hard I suppose, but that worst of it. And then you put them back two more. You inhale hinge back. Just a little good and rule moving from the pelvis the whole time.

So don't hesitate to move the pelvis as you continue to roll over and up. So what I'm going to encourage you all to do right now is what? Um, I guess just, I guess that's all I can say is roll from the pelvis. Cause what happens is right about here, people stop rolling from the pelvis and then they go flat and then they reroll Huh? Keep bringing the pubic bone towards your sternum. Like they're connected last time up. Stay forward. Just release the arms and take a stretch here. Yeah, please.

If it feels better with your feet a little apart, that's fine or bent. All right. And we come up for the saw. Separate your feet. Again, pretty wide feet flexed, sitting right up on top. So the arms are similar to what we've already done. I won't do a lot, but I do want to get more of that stretch. So here we go. Inhale to the front. When you get there, extend your arms and you're trying to hinge forward. In fact, you'll be somewhat rounded, but let's go for the length. Inhale, sit up, refold and come center. Inhale, rotate. Extend the arms. Exhale, hinge, general reach. That's it. Go for it. Inhale to restack the spine. Fold the arms.

Exhale, center, and inhale. The spiral takes you up extending or each. Use that back arm. Inhale, sitting up to refold, the arms and center. And one more. Inhale, exhale, reach long, longer, long. Inhale to CITA and back to center, right? Open leg rocker. You thought I forgot.

Scoot forward enough that you've got room behind. You. Get behind the tail though, and let's make sure the shoulders are sort of plugged in as you extend your legs. All right, so traditionally it's pretty a little wider than your own hips. That's where we want to be. If you want to bend the knees, that's fine. Just hold under the calves. Here we go. In health from the pelvis. Exhale, keep the shape until the last moment. Lengthen your back. Inhale.

Things that help, I find most of the time is lightly thinking about squeezing the sit bones together. Being somewhat light on the hands though. Use them if it's easy to hold higher, play with it. If you always do the exact same way, play with it. No harm and not making it up. Explore exploration one more like that and as usual, I never go to the your head on that. All right. When you get here, close up the feet and just put one knee down. Make it so that the knees are together though. Okay. Squeeze the glutes, please let go. Roll down, reach back, touch back your head. Inhale, we roll up all the way.

If we can arms up. If it's too crowded, move that foot out and down. We go to touch and inhaling up and take your time. Milk. Get inhaling, so you're trying to hit every vertebra just like you didn't enroll up. Let's stay here. Turn the leg out. If you haven't to the straight one, and from right into your chest, float the leg up, a little one, two body doesn't move. Flurry and put that foot down. Roll down, stretch your arms overhead, stretch out the legs, enjoy. Remember which leg you did. Re Bend the knees a bit. Arms come forward, come all the way up and then extend the life. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's just how we started before.

Here we go. Now we roll down, squeeze the glutes. It's so helpful and important to do. It's not a bad thing. And here we go. Inhaling the whole way up, wait for it, and then grow into the long spine. Roll down. There's your exhale and lightly touch to go. Again. Inhale. The hard part I think is squeezing the glutes in the inner thigh without massive quad contraction. That's the hardest part, I think.

Let's go take your time. Feel, feel easy with it. Talking to myself. All right, one more. Up we go. And if the arms going up makes it weird for you, just keep them in front. Kind of on the side is weird for me. So I'm going to raise a leg for four oh one not from the hip joint too.

Well sort of three four good. Five re bend the knee and down we go. Stretch the legs out. Hi. Yeah. In fact, what I'm wanting to do is flex my feet. I want to separate my feet and I want to arch my back.

That's really what I want to do. So you do what you need to do and bring it all back together and turn to face the front of the room on your side. My old aerobics night mares are coming back to me. Now you still have those where you're not sure if you actually put your clothes on. Like some people have dreams that they like can't get off the train track. I'm not. I'm worried that so I'm on my elbow. Sorry, I'm moving on.

Your hips are stacked and let's go from here today. Uh, now any neck issues you're gonna stay down. Okay. So I'm trusting that you've sort of supported from underneath top leg is lifted and from here, and I do have my like slightly forward. Okay, not a full pike. That's slightly forward. Here we go. Kicking forward. Exhale two en suite, back hole and two two and back. Optional, putting the other hand up, three, three and back. A long waist on both sides and back. In fact, you might look at the hip and make sure it doesn't travel and this is it. That's six. So now just go back to the side. And from there we soften the leg, reach the hip a little longer and circle one, two. It's Kinda big. So the way I'm doing it, three, four out of five, reverse it now.

And one, two, three, four and five. With that, take the leg forward as far as you can. Barge, you can challenge it, bend it, bring it in as close to your glute as possible. Take it behind you and then straighten it out. All the while trying to keep the ribs intact. Bring it forward. Bend it, keep it close to you until it gets as far back as it can. Then you straighten it. That's where you're gonna get the glute work there.

Forward Bend, stretch, watch ribs and forward bend back. And once you get forward, stop. Check your hips, waist as long. Take it back, heel to the butt. Bring your knee to your nose, grow the leg out in front of you and sweep. Good. Yeah, the important part. I'm going to go slow on the next one. Just when we get back here. Take a second. Hold.

Do you want the five on to get behind your hip bone? That's the beauty of this exercise. Now you don't want to do that by arching your back. So do you make sure that it's really coming from the leg? It won't be very far. It just, we don't have that range.

Let's go one more full stretch and we go way back there. Right on. All right. With that, just come on up and I'm going to take us to the top leg in front. Hand is on the ground. Now I'm about to go on to the um, side bend and the twist. Maybe two side pins cause we've been doing a lot of that, but I want that to be your option. If you don't want to be on your wrist, please go down to the forearm. Okay. It's the same thing. But if you do the forum, I'm going to say let's just stick to the sideband instead of adding in the twist. While it was a lot of words, here we go. Shoulders protected, just like you have it. Go ahead.

Inhale to come up into the side bend. Good. Hang out there and what's you're doing? So all I did with the shoulders down. Yes, you're good. And then from there, exhale, lift the waist a little bit more. Right? Inhale, come back to the side bend. That means the hips had to move, scored as mathy. And then down you go by bending the knees we go again. Inhale to lift. Inner thigh. Strong. Exhale from the rib cage. Your waist lifts more. Okay.

Inhale into the long line of the spine. Inner thighs are w a strongly together, Ben to come down. Okay, so you have a choice, either hand or forum. Here we go. Inhale. I'm going to do this as a third one. Actually say, are you a little high for your, there's your start. Now we go up, come back to the side and then down modification is to use the knee on the ground. If you want to do the twist, it comes. Now you never seen it. Stick with the side. Bend Pike, the hips up. Reach across the chest, back as flat. Inhale, reopen, innercise or strong Ben to come down to, to go inner thigh. Stay strongly together. Inhale, you lift a little your reach across.

There's not much weight on the back leg right now. Hardly at all. And then reopen. And now last one for real, but I am going to go into sidekick kneeling. So inhale Lou left, reopen, then bring it, bring it to the bottom of his down. So if you're already low, come up to the knee here and either on your fist or your palm, raise that top leg up. Hands here and lengthen your neck cause it gets real hard to hold the neck and space here. How much could you lift the like and truly don't let me limit Ya. That's about it for me. But I know some of you could go higher.

Bring it forward, just five and back and forward and back and forward. Good. Last one. And with that, bring it down and stretching. I like to stretch toward that hip. If that's not an appropriate thing for your knees, for you to do, you can actually even come to a standing position and just gently. All right, come on down onto your side, the other side, all the way down.

And remember, you can lay on your arm or you can, um, support your head. Either way, we, we did it. Um, or you could do it Deborah's way, which is even harder. Okay? So your body's long. So we should just said to what? Beginning, intermediate or Deborah, uh, bodies long legs are slightly in front. You don't need me inhale and you kick forward on the exhale is forward, forward and back and forward, forward and back. Your back is still, ah, okay.

Target Muscle ends up being the glute Medius, right. You'll know where that is soon enough, but the main point is to keep your body still and pause and stretch and pause, pause and get a nice little stretch out of it right there last time. Then just bring it back to the side. See if you can stretch out of the hip just a little bit more and we circle around one, two, three. It's almost like letting the leg relax and then moving it and reverse it and one and two, three. Check your bottom shoulder, Debra. It might be up.

Okay with that I did bicycle, so I'm going to bring the hand down. We brought the leg forward. Check your hip, waist as long top waist, as long. Bend the knee, take it behind you and then straightened and bring it forward and bend and back and again, sweet kick. Then hold it close to you until the side gets behind you. That's where it's the good stuff.

One more in this direction. I thought you guys would be far more talkative to me. Reverse it. Take it to the back. I didn't know if you wanted me to talk to you. Oh, that's all I had to say. No. Was that because of the rude comment I said to you earlier for me to talk back like no, I know. I was like, what's Sarah's problem? She usually talks. I appreciate that last one. There you go. I was like, what is her problem? Freaking me out. Okay.

From there we came up, right? That's all we did. Good step coming up for your side bend. Yeah. Okay. A little zip up the inner distance often taught like this and it's probably original and that's fine. But um, try it with your legs. Staying fully together.

All right. Do this too. Just for fun. Sink into your arm. Ooh. Carefully. And then lift away. And did you do that by pushing into the ground or by yeah, but no, but I mean to come up and try not to push into the ground. Yeah, exactly. Just lift up someplace else. I've got to find a word for that. It's like levitating in a way, isn't it?

I'm pretty sure levitate off your hand. Here we go. Inhale, lift up. And this first one you kind of adjust and look for it. Yep. Good. Now make the big rainbow like shape and that's as if you're pulling the armpit to your waist. Then as you go back to long, feel your head stretch out this long line and then Ben to come away from the arm and up again. I wouldn't let go completely. [inaudible] I'll stretch it out. This is where I really use the inner thighs and then Ben to go down and inhale.

Lovely levitate, right, right there. Same thing. Same thing. All right. Either continue with that one. If you need to go to the forearm. It works too. Or are you okay? Your arm. Okay. From there we we twisted or we did the twist, which means the shoulder protected, reaching off across the shoulder, reopened to the side plank. Good, nice. Gina and down and lift up and reach.

Not really worth doing. If your hand is sliding right, cause then you protect in ways that we shouldn't. This is it. And then we'll go into the sidekick. Lift up from the waist, reaching under, open it up again, and then you lowered the bottom knee. I like to come off that arm completely. Go to my fist personally, and then we folded the arm behind you. So from the side view, you don't, you're not piked at all. So we don't want to lift the like so high that we pike at the hip, rather keep it where it's long. Here we go, five. We went forward, we went back, we went forward and we were so light on that support arm. We just didn't even know it was there. Two more, oh word and one more.

All right. Bend the knee and take your stretch again if you'd prefer to be on your back. This is not always a great position for people's knees or standing. All right, let's help ourselves up to kneeling, facing the center line. Daddy.

First things first, take your right foot forward. Put your hands down just for a second. That's, I don't, I'm not wanting you to lose energy here. Get just in front of that back knee kneecaps. You're not right on it. Attempt to Tuck your pelvis. Then reach, grow the spine. So if we're sort of somewhat rounded, I'm attempting to Tuck and now it says if in fact, let's try that. Put your hands, if you can balance, even one hand would work on your knee and Shin and apply pressure into it to go forward before arching.

Then you put one on top and allow the upward motion, but whatever your chest is doing this the pelvis is doing also, okay, look, it would look like chess, no pelvis if you did it that way. Instead everything is with option alarm. Okay? Okay. If that's in your low back, you're going to have to back up a little bit and think up more rather than forward more. And then with that, let's go onto the curl the back toes under and straighten out that back leg body long again. And so you, you know what it felt like. I don't think it's a great idea to push on the Shin and knee here, but you know the sensation of doing that and reaching through the back heel and then just let your body come portable enough to bring the back leg in a little closer. Let the heel go down. We're going to stretch the forward leg.

It's absolutely fine to have the forward knee bent. Probably most of us will because I'm going to also once again ask for a flat back. So if on the fingertips you feel like you can't reach, you come up to the toes. I mean I'm sorry to the Shin. Your feet can be as far apart width wise as you want for balance. Okay. Then I'll have to be one in front of the other. Right. Then hands back down to change dates.

You're taking another knee to the ground, relax the foot in the back, attempt that little bit of posterior Tuck of the pelvis. If that's enough, you can stay there. Otherwise the energy is sort of shooting forward first and then up. You can leave your hands on the ground if you prefer. Yeah. And then for some of you you went up there is wait into the back leg a little bit too.

Yeah man. They sit well Carla toes and are on the back foot. Stretch out that leg. Think about how your head needs to be with your spine and so where does that feel like it should be in space? Probably not looking straight ahead and then a little step forward to bring the back foot closer foot is down. Hips as level as possible. Looking for a flat back.

Okay, well going back to the hands down, step both feet back into a plank position and find length. So you would, I would like for you in your own body to look for is an awareness of both sides of your body through the entire front of your trunk. That means you're aware of how expanded your chest is. You're aware of the glutes, you're aware of, length in the back and a little bit through the abs. Of course, the inner thighs. Hamstrings, who I just fired mine up. How about you Helen? Just lift your hips a little. Just a little up, up, up. Yup. That's better.

Good. I don't know. Let's just hang out. Just hanging out. And when it starts to get hard, relax, believe it or not, but stay here. Start to eliminate tension from the extremities where it's going to go first. I'm talking neck arms, obviously, and try to put it in the middle. One more deep breath. If it's certainly, if it's in your wrist or something like that, don't, don't suffer, please.

And from there, we're going to bend the knees down and we're going to go all the way to the ground preparing for swimming. Stretch your arms out in front of you. So technically meant to be right above your shoulders, but most of us need a little bit wider once we get into the speed of things. Okay? From there it's really good. Emily, you've pulled the abdominals up so it feels like the low back is lengthening. In fact it is. Yup. You guys look great. I kind want to leave. That looks super good. However, the everything, however everything.

Yeah, everything good. Good. So Deborah, you're mission is higher arms today. Not so much legs. All right, we're going to just go right into it. It's an alternating arm and legs. So if it'd be right arm, left leg. Yep. You can go at whatever pace you want. Ultimately it's a inhale for five. Exhale for five, like a hundred count. So, and I'm going to ask for Emily, Helen Muffy and that's it to slightly look forward. Yep. A little bit more Muffy. There you go. There you go. Now you're in really nice alignment and then carry on with the arms and legs.

How about one more of your own breath pattern? Looks Great, Wendy. And then just relax and come down. Okay. Let your back settle. And then when you're ready, you bring your arms by your side. Push back to give yourself a quick, uh, rounded back.

Curl the toes under when it feels right. Then if your back is released enough to fold yourself in half, bend the knees just a bit. Pull the ABS up a lot. Pull the shoulders into their place so they'll probably come off the ground. You Roll Up, let your head be heavy. I'm going to do one little balance here. At the end and then we'll be done. Get Taller, taller.

We're not just slowly rolling up. We're growing right out of the ground. And with that I'm going to step off my mat. I would suggest you do the same. And let's take, we'll go into standing scissors. So it's basically the swimming position you were just in. Um, but everyone will probably have a different range. So you've got one leg back, hips are level and then for now just have your arms kinda low and then you may decide to add more. As you hinge forward, as the body starts to go forward, the foot is going up equally. So don't just lean over and then pick up the leg cause you'll, you'll know when it's time to stop.

You'll know it's fine to have the support like Ben, it really is. In fact, it might be a good idea when you get as far as you want to go and it does not have to be perpendicular. That would be maximum that you would do. Decide if you want the arms to go to either a t, a low V or perhaps overhead energized through the back leg. I promise you that's the secret. Let the arms come down and then you're going to hinge back up. So keep that back leg energize. Don't give up now. This is the hardest part in terms of safety.

Yeah, switch [inaudible]. Okay. I still like it so it's already burned back. There is it lifts you lean finding a spot. I'm pretending I'm on a cliff. Soft knee.

When you need to adjust, you do. Go ahead and play with your arms. When you do, when you need to. If you want to. Any little shifts makes the brain the body have to pay attention in a way that is important and when it feels right, let your arms be down by your side. Strong back of the leg on both sides to help you up. Place the feet together on the ground. We'll do a roll down to finish for the day. Inhale. Exhale. We go.

Inner thigh is still strongly together. Inhale there. It w Xcel the roll up. Good. Thanks guys.


very nice teaching, I loved it. your instructions are pretty thorough. thank you. blanche. we are so lucky to have a programe with such great teachers.
Great class-fun to see Meredith and Sarah in the crowd!
Sarah and Meredith are both good friends of mine so it is always a treat if they come to class! I told Sarah she was free to speak up like she normally would if camera's weren't rolling, so next time we ought to get to know her a little better!
I love how comfortable you are teaching. You make us at home students feel such a part of the class. THANX!
Thanks Desiree! Hearing that makes my day. See you next time!
Great class, thanks. I really enjoyed the side floor work. It's also nice to see the ocean and sunshine on a frosty day in England!
Thank you Kristi! Just what I needed this morning! :)

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