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Improving Imbalances

65 min - Class


Work on the imbalances in your body in this Reformer workout with Dana Santi! She focuses on using the connection to your feet, especially your heels, so that you can change how you are initiating each movement. She also pushes you to work harder than you think you can with her infectious energy!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Hi, my name is Dana Santi. And today we are going to do a reformer and we're going to basically, um, work a little bit on, uh, imbalances and some fun stuff that we can do throughout the work to see if one side's perhaps a little better than the other side. So let's get started. I want you to, um, put your springs, they're either on three or four, whatever you used to do in your foot, work on, and then go ahead and nicely have a seat, okay? Okay. First position here, we're going to try to get all those toes on the bar. So even the Pinkie, the pinkies need a little love, okay? From here, pull the ABS up, okay?

But I want you to reach your low back down towards your heels a bit, okay? So we don't want any tucking to happen. Keep it nice and long. Push the bar away and bring it back in and to, and brewing it in. Push it away. Three and bring it in. Push those toes down four and push it away. And now try to push it as you come in. Push it away. Push it in.

There you go. So you work two ways. A couple more. One more. And now onto your arches. Okay, so we get right on the arch toes. Go over. But now push it away. Now as you come in, give your heels a little love. So you're going to push into the heels as much as you round over the toes, both sides of the foot working. Push it away, push it away.

That's it. Keep reaching. And now extend out. So picture the hip flexor is releasing for a second. As you're out there, come back in and reach and bring it back in and reach and bring it back in and reach and bring it back in one more. And now to the heels and push it away and push it away. That's it. Think of sitting right underneath the heels, underneath the foot bar. And now both of you take, don't change much, but focus on the outside of your foot.

So take the pinky toes and kind of pull them back a little bit more. So your foot is more even. Yes, and I don't know what number we're on, but one more and bring it back in. Drop back down to your toes again for your tendon. Stretch all the toes on. Push it away. Now push the heels down.

Push the heels down as you come back up and push and push. That's it. And keep reaching nice and long. ABS are lifted and lower and lift. Lower and lift. Lower and lip. Let's just do one more and then bring it back in. Okay, bars come down for your hundred.

Okay, now go ahead. Flip your head. Rest down just cause you're there. All right, reach the legs long now reach the arms up. Okay. Pull the shoulders away from the shoulder. Rest for a second. Don't lift your head yet and just pull them down in a way.

So you play this game that they're not going to touch those rests. Okay? Keep the legs down for a second. Reach the arms, lift the head and into your hundred and inhale and exhale. Keep pulling the abs away. Now don't change your foot position and try reaching through your heels. So push into my fingers and now start lifting your legs and inhale, push me more here. Come on more.

Yup, yes. And exhale, and inhale, and exhale. And inhale. I'm going to rotate you guys in just a little. There you go. Zip ups, right through those inner thighs. Lift them right into your abs. Keep reaching through your back body. Reach into these heels. That's it. Light legs, and a couple more breaths and one more.

And then lower the legs down. Reach him away from the center of your body. Lift the arms up. All right, put your handles into one hand. Sit Up. And you're going to take one spring away. So we're down to two springs. Okay. Short spine. So you're going to weave the leather through the handle and then don't pull on the straps. Bring your feet up towards this, the leather. So now you've got a lift note. And so come back this way.

So now lift the Tush this way here. Yeah, and then pull it back in. Okay, now I'm going to put this strap right in the middle of your arch. Okay, so it can't go too low. Can't go too high cause we're gonna push through both sides of our foot. Okay? So reach the arms long. Now push the straps away from you. Push him away. Okay. Now here's the deal. You gotta reach through these heels, okay?

And reach through the top of the strap. So it's like kind of like your foot bar. Okay? Reach through the heels and lift up and over. Bend the knees. Now keep your feet, roll the bottom away. Roll it, roll it, roll it.

And now pull the straps back in using both sides of the foot. Press it out. Now here's another little trick, okay? Take your feet. Don't point them so hard and let's make them even so that pinky toe lines up with the big toe. So we're going to change this position a little. Now reach through the heels. You're not, you can't grip anything now and you just got to use your insides.

There you go. Bend the knees and roll it away and bring it back home. And again, press it out. Now take a second look at your feet. Reach through the heels and lift up and bend the knees. Roll it away. Reach and bring it back home. All right, grab your handles. You're going to pull them through. We're going to go into coordination, keeping it on two springs, elbows in.

So now keep the elbows into the rib cage and because you want to put your head up, I'm going to make you do it with your head down. So pull the ABS in. Okay. It's going to be a little bit different. Tries up, stay down. And now just like you would just keep your head down. Press it out. Inhale, open, close the legs. Exhale the knees. Exhale the arms, and inhale. Press it out. Now stay there. Now fix this.

So it's a little bit more even reached through those heels. So long open, close. Bend the knees and bend the arms and again, and press it out. Now reach through here. More. Aim. Yeah, open. Close. You can see your hips. They just release and home again.

And press it out. Now reach through here. Reach to me more. More here. Yes. And then bend your knees and last one, press it out. Open. Close. Bend the knees and bend the arms. Yes, put straps into one hand. Sit Up. We'll go into your rowing. So we're going to drop a spring on the way and we're on one spring. Okay?

Okay. From here start and we're going to, I'm going to change the position like this. Yep. And Yep. Just forward. Okay, let's extend the arms. All right, so now from here you got somewhere to go. So we're going to roll back in towards the ABS. Now. Arms out to the sides. Stay there for a second. Now open the chest, push the arms back more.

Drop the head down towards the knees. Reach back. Now try to lift, open your chest more. Lift up through the triceps a bit. Open the arms and bring them all the way forward. Now from here, go right into your role again. So roll right back. Roll arms out. Now reach through those heels. Reach and back.

Open and lift. Open and home. And one more. Go right into your roll back. Arms out. Push and reach. Lift up. Open and home.

Now come up tall and let's start with the arms out here straight. Okay. Now you're going to go into like that bicep curl and I want the arm to be a little bit more than 90 degrees there. Okay, so now we're connected to our back. Push the forearm towards the space in front of you as you go back. That's it. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Push me. Push, push. And now lift up Lyft, Lyft, Lyft, and the back and up.

Open and home. Now arms start out long. Connect to the back. Little wider than 90 now go back and push those four arms forward. Now lift up, reach through the elbows, reach back, open chest, lift up, open and home. And one more time. Arms out long connectome. Velcro the forearms. Forward. Tip and lift up.

Reach through those heels. Reach them long. Reach them long and back to the tailbone. Lift open and home. And now turn yourself around. [inaudible] alright, so legs will start long.

Keep the elbows in Nice and tight. Okay. And now bring them in. And I kind of want the elbow to kind of almost like smear the side of your shirt a little bit. Okay. Smears, not probably the best word, but you get it. Come back a little bit. Alright, lift the abs and now inhale, reach him. That's it. Now exhale down. Touch all four fingers to the mat so you know your arms even lift up again.

Lift, lift, lift. Now lift long. Lift Long. Now stay there. Reach through your heels, reach them and open. Open, open, and again, right, nice and tight. And inhale up and exhale and lift it up. And now keep lifting. Press it open, grow taller, grow taller, reach through the back of the leg. One more time and inhale up. And exhale. Touch all four fingers and lift up again. Lengthen.

Lengthen. Now let me see. Reach through the heels. Present, open and home. All right, now put that hand down on there. Get all those fingers down and now push through your heels a bit. So change this position and I want you to drop your head and reach almost into your springs, down more into your springs. Way better stretch. Yeah. Now roll up and keep reaching and lifting and reaching and lifting. And now press it open, open, open.

And now give the fingers a little pressure as you go. Push them and roll it up. Lift and open. And one more time. So connect them to your back. Press them down. So give me this push down. Yes, reach and roll it up.

Reach, lift, lift, lift more. Lift the ABS, lift them, lift them, lift them, and press it open. Open, open. And now from here you're going to go right into shaving. Okay, a little sticky. I know. All right, let's push your finger, your, your finger and your thumb. Nice and tight together. Okay. Pull those abs up in a way, right? Give some space in your, your hips there. And now press it up. Lengthen and come back down and press it up. Lengthen and come back down. Now don't let your neck jet out.

Okay. It's trying to help you. I know, but keep it in one place and stretch it up and bring it back down. That's it. Keep lifting and press it up and come back down one more time. So you go up your abs, down your back, reach, hold it there. And now open the arms. Change the cross in the legs, arms out. And now here I'm going to make you stay more in a straight line.

So make your hand nice and even on this handle. Okay. So the inside has to be as even as the outside. Okay. And now inhale, touch all four fingers out there. Even the Pinky, even the pinkie. Yes. Now we know the arms in a pretty good shape. And then exhale.

Exhale, exhale. And inhale, reach it and exhale. And again, inhale, lift the ABS and exhale and I'll change your breath. Exhale, keep lifting up your abs, down your back and release. And again, and inhale. And one more time. And inhale. And then Hook your handles right up on the hooks. Step off. And we're going to put your boxes on for long box.

Okay. And we're going to flip your head rests up just because of the exercise. We'll end up going into after this. Alright, so lie down on your stomach. So your shoulders, um, line up with about the corners of the box and we're still on one spring. Now. I want you to reach your arms long on the leather here, so reach there. Now I'm going to take away this handle here because I think it changes the position of your wrist. It's a different grip.

I think it was meant to be on the leather. Now lift the ABS. Okay, squeeze the legs, but now I want you to reach those heels long. There you go. Reach him from here. Drop your shoulders down. Pull him back down into those back pockets. Now reach down to the floor and long to the back.

Hold it, hold it, hold it, and then release. Press those arms down and long to the front. Put your thumb, Aimee, right on top of there. Yep. All right. Now pull this down and now reach there. Hold it, hold it. Because if you go further, your wrist is going to change it and then release pushed down to the floor long to the front. It's finding where your work is that and pull this down and now reach and yet there, that's it. Hold it, hold it, hold it, and then release. All right.

Now your arms out to a t shape. If you don't have any shoulder injuries, I'm going to have you put your thumb up on the rivet here so it's a little bit higher. Okay. Obviously if, if there's an injury, you're going to go a little bit lower. All right, lift the arms, drop your head down for a sec. Okay, reach the arms away from you. Reach them away. Don't go yet. Pull the shoulders down. Now from here, lift your chest a little and now start reaching those arms back. Pull the shoulders down. Hold it, hold it. Hold this back there and then release that wide, wide open, wide, wide, wide.

Pull those arms away from the middle and now do it again and lift the chest and now reach back. Hold it. There it is. Hold it and then release. [inaudible]. Now one more. Try to keep your belly button off the box. That's a good time. Drop your head. Ready Paul and reach. Hold it, hold it, hold it.

And now release that wide open wider. Don't cave, don't cave, don't cave. And then put your straps into one hand. Step off to the side. Okay. Backstroke. So I want you to add a spring. So we're onto two springs and then we're going to bring the tailbone real. Actually, let's see where you're at. Lie Down and then bring your handles up. Okay, let's see where you are.

Yeah. Now just for kicks, because I'm going to play with the length of the handle. I'm gonna move you back a little bit further. Okay. There you go. Now bring your knees in. So I'm looking at how, how tight this could be, right? Okay. If I pull you down there a little bit, let me see where you are. Okay, now give it a whirl. So go ahead up.

Go open and now reach and hold it there. Hold it, hold it now reach through the heels, Huh? And then bring it back in. Now go up again. Up Open reach. Hold it. Okay. Now reach through the heels and then come back in now without doing too much fid scene, come down this way more. More, more. So you feel like your tailbones off. Now bring your knees in. Okay, so different position might feel different things. And up open rates. Hold it now, reach through the heels and bring it back in and up.

Open Breech. Hold it there. Hold it now just lower and lift. [inaudible] the legs one and up. And two, they are light as can be because we're going to have to lift them real soon and then lay everything. Bring it back in. Sorry. Home. All right again, and open reach. Hold it, hold it. Hold it. And now light legs and one and two. Keep reaching through the heels and exhale home. Yes. Alright. Handles into one hand.

And you're going to take one spring away and then bring it forward. Yep. Okay. Arms down at your sides. All right, we're going to work those heels now. Keep reaching through him. Bring Your Chin into your chest. Scoop and sit yourself up. Okay, so now, no, no fancy here. I want you all. I want you to do. Try to keep your arms reaching. Try to lift your legs up way higher, way higher, way high, or come on, stay to me.

I'll hold your legs. You come up now, hold it there, hold it, hold it, and then go right back down again. Reach through the heels and go again. Scoop and reach. Now stay there. Now keep the upper body. Try to keep it where it is now. Reach up here. More there. Now lift your legs. Okay. No, hold. They breathe. One, two, three. And now reach through the heels and let it go all the way down. Okay, one more time and up.

Reach. Calm. Yes, there we go. All right. Now all you've got, you know it's going to get harder. So get your brain there. Lift your legs, come on, lift them lip, reach through the heels. So we don't use our quads. Come on, lift them, lift them, lift them, and then lay everything home. Yes. All right, go ahead. Step off to the side. We're going to take the box off and we can put it back and we're going to go into your a long stretch. So we'll be on two springs with the bars up and the head rest is up.

Okay. And you're going to try to put yes, the toes in the middle, kind of where the neck piece Benz and here's, yes, all the toes. Try to get all the toes touching. So turn your feet maybe in a little bit. There you go. All right, now I'm going to put your hands forward and now get your, your fingers push into him so it stays out of the wrist. Lift those arms away and now stretch it back and then bring it back in and stretch it back and bring it back in and stretch it back and bring it back in. Now maybe go an inch further than you normally would. Try and bring it back in and last maybe a little further. Keep it all connected. Come back in.

Now from here you're gonna reach your right arm forward and your left leg back. So right. Make them reach away from each other, hold it and then bring it back down. And now we try the other side. Tried to stay a little forward on that foot, Deborah and then reach. It's hard. It's totally hard, but it helps us figure out without somebody looking at us. Which side is better than the other? Alright, kneel down on your knees down. Stretch. So just for kicks, okay.

Put your feet in the middle where you just had them for your long stretch. Okay. Squeeze your knees together. There you go. All right, so I know it's going to be a little different. All right? But there's the plotting police out there that are going to, I'm already have already been arrested. All right. Squeeze the legs together. Reach the hips a little bit more forward and keep lifting up though.

Lift up, lift up. Now all, everything stays attached. Take your breath, inhale and reach it back and then exhale and come back up. All right. Try to get all the toes down. It's hard. Everything. Yep. And reach and come back up. Yeah. And reach and come back up. Okay. Do you feel that?

So now take that feeling right a little bit more of the inner thighs or the bottom and translate it to this position here. Alright, try it again. Drop the shoulders, inhale, reach it. And now exhale. Now find it, find it, find it, find it, find it again. Inhale, reach, and lift it up. Keep reaching through the heels as much as you can. One more, and exhale. Exhale. Exhale, exhale.

And now drop your Chin and fold in half. Okay, up stretch. So now lift your heels. Yeah, lift them like a little higher than you normally would if you can. Keep all those toes down. Okay, keep the ABS lifted. And now press it out. Drop in, squeeze, come all the way forward, and then come back home and try to lift here and drop that or hide it. Okay, try again. Press it out.

Now keep reaching into your heels. Come all the way forward. It's more fun out there. And then come back home. And again, press it out. Drop and come forward. Forward. Now, right here, lengthen that length in it. Lengthen, lengthen it. And one more. Press it out, drop in, squeeze, and come forward. Lift and lengthen. And then lower your heels down. Okay.

Okay, elephant. So now lift those low abs. Drop the the low back down. Lift those toes. Push out a little and then drag it back in. Push out a little and drag it in and drag it in and drag it in. That's it. And drag it in and drag it in.

Push through those heels. That's it. Do a couple more. One more. Now stay there. Okay. Take your left leg back and your right arm forward. So now reach it away. Reach that leg out of the hip.

And now we do three small ones. One, pull it in to pull it in. Three and switch. Okay, dig that heel and that's it. Reach it away and one, reach it away to reach it away. Three, reach it away and then go ahead and step down. Okay, turn around. We'll go into long back stretch. Okay. Pushing through the heels. Put your thumbs with your fingers now. Really get those heels digging in there. Drop down, push out, lift up and bring it home.

Drop down now. Push through the heels, lift the hips up. Now keep pushing through the heels as you come back in and drop down the legs. Just graze the carriage lift and bring it in. Now reverse it. Push it out. Get these toes away. That's it. Now bring it in. Keep them there. Dig The heels underneath the shoulder. Rest. Go and bring it in.

One more heels. Dig Him under and down and in, and step off to the side. Yes. Okay. Grab your pad. We'll put your pad on for your stomach massage. Um, but let's today, let's do it on one spring. Let's ride the rails. Okay, so go ahead. Have a seat. Feet go up. Okay, a move over. Just a, just a little. There you go. Alright, all those toes on. Now drop your shoulders, pull those abs in. And now push it away. Push the heels down, push the heels down, and then push the bar away to come back in and press and lower and lift and bring it in. And again, press and lower lift and bring it in.

Now keep that going. As you come back in. Connect your low back to the wall behind you. So press it out. So don't just think about, cause you're coming forward, you're coming forward and you think of your abs. Use your back and planted there. Velcro it to the back wall. There you go.

Press lower lift and bring it in. One more. That's a good one. Yup. And now take your hands. Reach back. Okay, so you're going to do the same thing. Okay. Pull those abs in and now push it away. Lower the heels, lift now lift, and then attach and press lower lift and bring it in. Press lower lift and bring it in and press lower.

Lift and bring it in. Press lower. Now reach to me. Give me something. Yes. And bring it in and press and lower. Keep it. Yeah. It's one that we lower the heels at wants to just go. I was going to keep it. Yeah, just keep it attached to something.

Now stay there. Reach your hands forward. Okay. Pull those abs and now reach through your legs. Reach up and now stretch, stretch, stretch. Keep it attached. Keep the back attach now come in now stay there for a second and juice it a little forward and push it away and then come back in. That's it. Now don't let your pelvis move as you push out. Keep it still. UHG. That's it.

And then bring it in and do one more that way. Push. Keep it attached and bring it back in. Now we twist and reach. So reach the arm. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, and come back in. That's it. Now don't let it move. As you twist, keep it solid. Keep it lifted, and bring it back in.

Now take your hands here and go twist their feel. Ooh, come back. Reached to me, reached to me. Reach to me one more. Keep it lifted. Keep it lifted, keep it lifted. Come back, reach in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in the [inaudible] and step up. Okay. Tendon stretch. So two springs, probably your two ends. Okay. And then go ahead. It starts sitting. Let's start there. Put your feet.

All right, so now I want the arch to go more around. So the foot is going to go a little bit lower than maybe sear used to. Come back a little bit. There you go. Okay, now don't move the carriage in. Just stand up and look at your knees. Don't move it. Yeah.

Okay. Now both of you shift your body weight forward. Scary out there. Yeah. Okay. Now stay there. Now you can't let this bottom. It's got to stay in front of this bar, not behind it. So push the heels down, not your toes. Your heels, heels. Now push down and out. Okay, now come back up. Keep pushing through the yields.

That's going to get you your tendency. Stretch. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Now drop your heels a little. Stay there. Okay. Yeah, go again. Now come here baby. Alright, and now push those heels down. Push him down. Go, go, go there. Now keep pressing through. I'm pressing through him, Eh, there you go. And try it again. Give those toes a break and then come back and lift.

Lift. Lift more. Lift more. Lift more. Now keep it in front and push the heels down. Keep pushing them down. Get your 10 and stretch. You need it. And then come back up. Keep reaching through the heels, heels, come forward. Come forward, come forward. Bring it home and then have a seat.

Alright, step off to the side and let's set up for your short box. Okay, bars down. We'll stay on two springs. Okay. And then grab your polar, we'll place it in front. Okay. If you use a pad grades, if you don't, just as great, you're both loved. Alright, so the straps going to go right around the ankle. All right.

You're going to keep it nice and tight. We're not gonna make any noise with these little clips. And now push through the heel. Okay? And push your feet wide. Just lock and load. Just keep it there. All right, hands on your low abs. Drop the head and now roll backwards. Now keep rolling back. Keep going. Go to where you're comfortable.

Keep pulling those abs up, up, up. Now push through those heels more. So you get this stretch and then come back. Okay. And go again. Rollback. So now push through those heels. Okay. Push him. Push him. That's it. Now come back up.

Okay. Now both of you, when you go back, push through the heels, but the moment you start going back, your heels start turning in. So we know that now we're not going to let it happen. So we know when we go back we got to push a little bit more with the lower part of the foot and roll back. Okay, that's it. Sometimes you get the side of the leg more and now come back up, pull it in, pull it in, pull it in now grab your poles.

All right, so you're in a hold wider probably than you think. Yes, we're going to just follow your back muscles. All right, go a little more now from here. Okay. Your body is placed within two pieces of plexiglass. Okay? Are Two window panes, whatever you want to call it. You're going to lift, push through the heels. Same thing's probably going to happen with the feet, so we know that. And now lift the ABS, dropped the lower back and tip back. Keep it in between the two pieces and then come back up. So both sides of the body, front and back have to work and again and go back.

There you go. And come back up and one more and reach it and come back up. Now lift the ABS. Come a little forward so your shoulders are somewhat in line with the corners there of the box, and stretch over to the right and reach. Now reach more, reach more. Now take that left leg, reach through that left heel, maybe a little extra so you get a side stretch and then come back up and now over to the other side. So reach it out.

Now reach through that heel more. So it's not really about sitting the hip down because that stops the movement. The movements got to go. So reach more, reach more. That's it. Lengthen it, lengthen it, and come back up. And then the other side, and stretch, reach, reach, reach. That's it. Now pull this in more and then reach this longer. That's it.

And then come back up. Now twist and reach. Lift it up, twist and reach it out. Lengthen. Reach through the heels, come back up and center. Okay, so now I'm not going to let you go so far. Twist now pull this in, and now reach. Now two pieces of plexiglass. It works nice and even come back up. Pull this in, and then center and twist. Repeat that on the other side. Reach out both sides there.

Come back up and center and twist and reach it out. Lengthen and then reach through there. Come back up and center. All right, take the poles, place them underneath. And now your tree. Pull the thigh into your chest. Start a little bit forward so you feel like your backs up against a wall.

Okay, and now extend the leg wherever it goes. One, two, three. And now walk up towards the ankle. Now stay there. Now push into my finger and reach your hip. Reach through the hip. Drop your head down towards your knee. Now tip backwards. So your legs a little bit more up towards the ceiling.

Okay, from here, don't move yet. Now reach through your heel more. Okay, don't move your foot. Just reach through the heel there. So now that's going to square your hips up. Walked down, is it reached through here? And then come back up.

Aim the top of the head towards your knee cap. Stay there. Okay, now pull those abs away from the thigh. Now reach through this heel more. Reach it here more there and now go back down again and come back. Now keep reaching cause you get a different stretch and drop the head towards the knee. That's it. Keep going. Okay, reach it up here more.

Change your stretch. So don't, it's not about that straightening, it's just about the reach. So I want to leave that quad out of it. And now one more time. Back Down. Push through the heel and then come back up and walking up the leg. Drop the head towards the knee cap and reach it. Stretch it. Stretch, stay there. Stay there.

Stay there. And change legs. Yes. Okay. Grab underneath by close to the chest and just come up. Tip a little forward. There you go. And now extend the leg one and two and three. Walk Up. There you go. Drop your head down.

Now reach here first. So lengthen through the back of the leg. There you go. Now tip back, stop for a second and fix it in case we lost it on the way. Reach longer and then back down and then come back up top of the head to the knee. Keep reaching through here. Push my finger. There you go. And back down. There you go. And now pull that back so you'd get that stretch. Oh, come back up top of the head to the knee.

And now length in the back of the leg. And one more time. That's it. And now reach through this heel. [inaudible] now push through there and come back up. Now keep this one going. Keep reaching it more and more and more and more and more. Yes. And now walk up higher and stay there.

Stay there. Stay there. And then release. Yes. All right, go ahead. Take the box away and we'll set up for your semi-circle. We're going to flip your head rest up and maybe let's try it. Um, with the bar up, I always say if you do it a lot with the bar up, do it with a down. If you do a lot with the bar down, do it up. Yes, yes.

If it feels right, if it doesn't, go ahead and, and cup it, but go to where you can. So just kind of Shimmy, Shimmy, Shimmy. And let's put your hand here. Debra. There you go. Put your thumb with your fingers. Okay, so now from here, let's get all the toes on a little bit back here. Keep you safe. There you go. All right. And now lower down.

Lower down, lower down, lower down. That's it. Now drop the Chin a little bit so the spine stays long. Now push out. Hold it there. Okay, now get those hipbones to face that back wall. Don't move your carriage. Yep. And just flip them up and back. Come up. It's a long way. And then come back home.

So make sure they're as high as they can be and lower down. And now push freeze. Okay, now lift those hipbones. Don't move your carriage until I tell you. Keep lifting. Keep lifting. Keep lifting. Now come back home and reach out of here. So reach. It's almost like there's an arrow coming right out of the knees.

And again, lower down and press out and lift it up and then come back home. Now reverse it. So push it out. Now stay there for a second. Push through your hands. Don't move and push through your toes. All right now lower down and bring it in. And now curl, curl, curl, curl up in, over reach, reach, reach, and press it out and lower down and bring it in and come back home. Okay. And one more. So now watch when you go out, push this down here, there.

Keep that in a straighter line. Now push out. There you go and down and bring it in. And yes, that's enough. Alright, go ahead and kind of pull yourself back onto the carriage and then step off to the side. Okay, from here, let's go into your um, long spine. So we're going to attach the straps in the back this way. Hold that one. Okay.

So since earlier we were kind of working in your a short spine with the shape of the leg, we're going to kind of mimic the same thing here. So go ahead and lie down and we're going to put your head rest down because the legs are going to go over the head. We're still on two springs. Okay. And then go ahead and take the straps and place them on your feet. Okay. So now from here, pull those abs up and back, right? Reach down.

Okay, your low back, this way, pulling out of the hips. Now I want you to just, let's do a prep first. So you're going to press through this strap just as it fewer on that foot bar there. So little heel and a little upper foot. And I'm going to put this higher on you. I know they do that. Then you got people like me to put them right back. Okay.

And push it away. Okay, now go again. Come back in. So now don't just push through the top of the foot. So a little bit there. Press it out. Okay, now it's hurting. Okay, so from here, bring this in just a little for you. Now I want you to bring your legs right up to 90 degrees here. Okay. Push through the straps and lift yourself up.

Now open shoulder with, okay, now reach out to me, but watch your foot for today. Yes. Now reach up and out that way. Reach, reach, reach, and then bring it together. Now go back to 90 and now push up now open. Okay. So now change this. Now reach up and out. Up and out. Keep reaching up and out. Up and out. Up and out. Up and out.

That's it. And bring it together. Now we're going to reverse it. So go open. Go back to 90 okay, push up. Bring it together. Okay. Now up and out. Up and out. Change the shape though. A little there. Reach, reach, reach. Okay.

And Open up to 90 push up and together. Now reach up in a way, up in a way. Make those legs work. That's it. Keep reaching. Keep reaching. Keep reaching. Bend your knees and bring it back in. Okay, now we're going to give it a whirl. We'll try to do two without coming to 90 degrees. All right, so press the legs out. All right, you're ready.

Good luck and going up. Okay, open. Now Watch your feet because you can see them. They're reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. That's it. Get your big total lead more than your bottom and going up open and reach it away. Reach it away, reach it away. Lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. Now reverse it. Go Open Up, lift and together and reach it away. Reach, reach, reach, and open up. Lift together. Now as you're going down, okay, are you using the top of the foot? Are you using the bottom of the floods?

Now stay there and go down. Open up and together, circles and down. So don't go too high. Keep them low and keep them loose and keep your head down and down. There you go. Here now is you're going down.

Reach through your heels more length and more there. Open up and together and down. Open up and together. Reverse it. Open down. Reach them long and open. That's it. Keep pulling those ads back and open. Reach. One more time.

Reach. And now bend your knees, bring it in. And now your frog pushing with both sides of the foot and Ben and bring it back in and press it out and bring it in and press it out and bring it in. And one more. Push a little bit more here. Now Bend your knees. Now push into my fingers here. Push me, push me, push me. Yes, that's hard. And then release. All right, go ahead. Take your straps off and then drop it. I'm back. Flip your head rests up and we're going to go into your knee stretches.

Okay, so now let's go back to our imbalances if we have them. All right, I'm going to have both of you. You're going to bring your hands in just a little bit more than you probably normally would. Alright, so you're back towards the heels. All right, this is lifted. This is dropped back. Okay. Or dropped down. Now from here you're going to do three with two arms on the bar. Then we're going to take one arm away for the next three and then the other arm away for the next three. Okay, so we're getting to nine and press it out and in and to an n and three and n.

Now take one hand just behind your back and one and two. That's it. Try to keep that lower body. Even three switch and one, two, three and now hands go back. Okay. Open the chest and three here. One and two.

That dropped just a little and three. Now one are back one and two. What's this? Up a little, that's it. And three switch and one and two and three. Okay. Now this is going to be fun. Okay. Drop your head. Lift your legs.

Go. One, two, three. What our back. You know which side you gotta work harder on by now? Two, three. Switch. One, two, three. Now stay there. There. Puts one foot forward. They're not too much weight on your toe. Now take your back leg and you're going to go five times in two, three, lower four, five. Now stay lifted. Change your feet and one, two, three, four, five. And then go ahead and step down.

Yay. Alright, go ahead. Lie Down for running. You can run on too. You can run on three. You can run on four. It's, it's completely your choice. You have your own minds. Alright, I'm going to make you go a little bit. There you go. Reach the arms nice and long. Lift the heels up a bit.

Now all the toes push the bar away. Lengthen Long. All right, now drop one heel. Okay. So you're pushing through this heel, but at the same time you've got to reach through the back of this hip. So pull this there. Yes. Now switching change. So try it on the other side so you reach and then you reach and now faster and one switch one and two. All the toes are equal.

Three and four and five, six, seven, eight, two more. Nine, 10 and come back in. All right, now today, your pelvic lift. So we're going to try, I think I'm gonna open you up a little bit. Okay? Both parts of the foot are gonna work on the way out and on the way in. Okay? Lift your hips up. Do you want to curl or that lift? Um, let me see where you're at now. Lower your upper body a little bit there. Okay. From here.

Now keep this straight. Push it away. Okay. Stretch all the way out. That's it. Keep going. Now come back in. Now give your heels a little bit of love on the way in. Relax your toes though. And pull in. Pull in, pull in and push it away.

Stretch it long. Relax. And now come back in and reach through here without that. Yep. Separate them. And again, push it away and bring it back in, in, in an, and again, push it away. Stretch and bring it back in. Push down here a little [inaudible] and let's just do one more.

Press it out and bring it back in. Breach, breach reach. Stay there. Low push. Gimme this, yes. And then roll down and then step off. Alright, let's go into your um, front stretch. So you're gonna place your hands here. Step up top. Alright. Happy all of Hanson. Okay. One foot forward. Put your right foot up and now, toe, heel, toe, heel, twist that foot back.

There you go. All right. Now shop your heads, lift the ABS. And I want you to try to squeeze the inner thighs a little bit together in order to square the hips a bit from here. Push the bar away from you as you go out. And now come back in, bring it forward, and just stay there for a second and stretch. Okay. And try to get as much of this reaching down as you can and press it out and bring it back in and stretch.

Now come back in for a sec. Take your back leg and use your back leg to move the carriage. So press it out and then come back in. And stretch now with control. Lift yourself up. Place the hands behind your head. Okay, overlap them now lift the ABS. Okay.

Feel your back foot. Now use your back leg to move the carriage back and then bring it back in and press it out and bring it in and press it out and bring it in. Now take your hands, reach them up down to the black bar, lift the back heel, and then bend the knee. Place that foot up against the shoulder rest. Okay, your foot. All right there. Reach that forward. And now keep this shape that you're in and push that leg back.

Push through the heel, push through the heel. That's it. More here than that. A little there. And then come back in. There you go. And again, and reach and bring it back in. That's it. So key. Try to keep this hip attached to this black bar and go out.

Push through the heel. Now stay there. So now, cause yes, you don't want to miss where your body needs the stretch. Push, press through here a little. They are reach, hold it and then bring it back in. In, in. Take your hands. OK. Spot through your fingers. Let your eyes follow the index finger. Lift yourself up. Lift, lift, lift. Now lift long, long, long out of the hips, and then control it and come right back down. Stand ups with your legs. Okay, so it's really not about how far back you go. We can all get there somehow, but we don't want to miss the fun party on the way, okay. To getting there. All right. And press it out and bring it back in. Okay. And press it out and bring it back in.

That's it. Get to those inner thighs. Lift the ABS and bring it back in. Okay. Do One more and work that back leg a little more and bring it back. And now lift yourself up. Lift the ABS. Okay, lift a little back this way there. Okay, now use your back leg. This leg just goes yes, exactly. And then come back in. It might straighten out, it might not, and reach and come back in. And again, reach. That's it. Now lift those inner thighs. Even though we didn't do side stretch, right? They still work.

And reach the hands down. Lift the back heel. Drop the knee. Okay, bring it forward. Oh boy. Now use, keep this shape. Use that back leg and press it back. Hold it. That's it. Get the stretch. Okay, now come back in.

All right, so now go where you started. You were a little bit more forward here. I know you were not a girl. Now reach through there and now press it out. Now stay there. That's it. Hold it, hold it and bring it back in. And one more time and reach.

Hold and bring it back in. And then lift the arms up. Now keep lifting. Let your eyes follow your hands. They got to follow something. Balance, balance, balance, lift, lift, lift, and then follow them back down. Step off to the side. And onto your Russians. Step up top your back leg. Which one? Uh, let's take your right foot back. Okay.

Now the foot goes on the bar in a spot that you can push through the toes and the heels. Heels important. Okay, bring the foot forward and I'm gonna align the big toe up, kind of with where the hooks are for the handles. We use that kind of as a guide just so come up here a little bit more there. Okay, so now reach through here a lot, a lot, a lot. [inaudible]. Take the the front leg and press it out, and then bring it back in. Do it again. Press it out and bring it back in.

Now if you can bring your foot in a little terrain, any bit more under the knee, test the waters a little, press it out and now bring it back in. Okay? Make your body secure. Lift yourself up like you just did. Hands behind the head. Okay, from here, push it out, stretch it long, and now bring it back in and press it out and bring it in. Now bring it in and under a little more Amy, because you can. Okay, come on. I got you. I'm here.

Bring it in and press it out was, and now bring it in there. Now take your hands, reach them up, down towards the shoulder. Rest straight in the leg. Drop your head down. So straightened without moving the carriage. I'm sorry. There you go. And now going out, stretch, stretch, stretch, and come back up. Pull up through that hip and press it out. Stretch and come back up. And now bring the front foot in.

So hop the front foot towards the middle of the carriage. Stand on the carriage change feet. Okay. And press it out and bring it in. That's it. Keep this secure. Press it out and bring it in, in an under you a little.

Press it out and bring it back in. Now carefully lift yourself up, control it, hands behind, and press it out and bring it in. That's it. Keep reaching through that back leg. Press it out and bring it in and press it out and bring it in. Reach the hands up, down towards the shoulder. Rest, straighten the front leg, drop the head down and stretch and stretch. That's it. Go, go, go, go, goes, and now hop the front foot in and then step down. And you ladies are a done.


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I absolutely loved this class. I found so many new connections in my body by keeping the focus on my heels and I loved doing stomach massage on one spring. It really changed the exercise for me, and it is one I usually avoid!
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@Violet - Glad you enjoyed! There's a lot of information in those heels:))
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Amazing cueing as well as keeping the movement fluid. Excellent!
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@Ellen - thank you. Glad you liked!
Thank you - I had been doing a lot of running recently and intend to return to some dancing soon and that is just what my legs needed!
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Feel amazing! Thank you!!!!
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Great class! Loved the attention to the heels all throughout.
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Fantastic!! Felt amazing.
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Totally agree with Violet! such a deep connection and amazing feeling.
Glad you all got something out of it!
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