Class #242

Reformer Workout

30 min - Class


An energizing Reformer workout that starts with footwork both supine and side-lying, this eclectic class presents both classic and varied choreography with a slant towards exercises for the lateral sides of the body. The workout moves along providing challenge for pace and flow. This brisk 35 minute class provides a full body workout with the Hundred, Overhead, Coordination, Short Box Round Back and a killer variation of Side-Overs/Diving For Pearls, Supine Chest Press, Swan, Knee Stretches--Round, Flat and Knees Off, Standing Side Splits, Half Skater and Front Split for hamstring and hip flexor stretches.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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All right. So tonight we're going to wanna do a little reformer work and we've got ourselves set on three springs. Um, I want to focus a little bit of lateral work tonight, so we'll do regular foot wo...


the video kept pausing
Loved the flow and transitions, enjoy all your classes thank you.
Thank you Lorraine!
Thought that this workout was very good and will definitely do it again :) Thanks!!
Thank you Meghan...hope to talk to you again! Have fun with Reformer's really wonderful stuff!
This seems like it could be a good short workout but I can't get passed the frequent pauses in the video - you might try and upload the video again OR re-record the workout.
Hi Lara, Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the video. This class has been on the site since August of 2010. There isn't anything wrong with the video itself. Sometimes its bad connection, but I've also learned that if you have a lot of programs open it can slow things down, or if you havent turned off your computer in a while...maybe check that?

Hi Lara........thanks for letting us know that you were experiencing some stops/pauses with the video. I agree with Kristi 100%.......with too many programs running, videos will absolutely run funky. Did you try this solution? Did it help? I sure hope so as I'd love for you to be able to take that class. I will be doing more Reformer classes for the site so please do check back for new classes from me/us. Thank you!
Hi again Lara....I just watched the class again and had no problems with it stopping. I did close all other programs and it worked just fine.
Great class. I am using a home machine from QVC, so I can't do everything the exact way the instructor did, but I did the best I could, and I feel like I got a good workout. I also don't have a box, so I just rolled off my machine and did some floor work (roll-ups and neck pulls) during that portion.
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