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Let the music move you in this flowing Mat workout with Michael King! He takes the Mat exercises and puts them into sequences that push and challenge you. He includes fun variations of Side Kick Kneeling, Leg Pull Back, and much more!
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Welcome to a plot is based flowing class. I'm gonna be taking some of the Mat Mo movements and putting them in sequences. But of course the first thing I need you to check as your, how you're standing. Feel your big toe feel little toe and feel your heel firmly on this beautiful wooden floor. Connect with the floor, push down and lengthen the whole spine. Now drew up your shoulders down your back and yeah, check your pelvis and check your ribcage. Don't push that ribcage out.

Don't hiding from me. Just put the [inaudible] in place on top of the pelvis. Now we're going to be doing some sequences today and we're going to be, I'm going to be pushing you and challenging you as always. This is what I tell my regular class. It's illegal to stop. What I would rather you do is find a movement that fits your body. So we get to a movement that just is not fitting your body today.

Then create something pretty similar to what we're doing, but keep the body moving. So for the next 50 minutes you are going to be moving consistently and using your breath. So I'll take a breath in and there's your breathing out and make the spine longer. Think in the back of the neck. Keep the breath gentle, no deep breathing. Take a deep breath in. Well, no loud breathing. I'm going to date deep breath, but I'm going to lengthen the spine as you're going up. So breath and movement, that's what we'll be focusing on. Keep the breath pattern going. Let's get started.

Now connect to center pelvis and gently push up onto your toes and slowly come down again. We didn't have slowly come down, so we're charge you to maintain. Oh Center. Keep the connection as you're adding the [inaudible]. One more time. I'm slowly coming in. Yeah, keep your heel down to be off. Now we're going to just clear the spine. We're keeping the shoulders down.

Every time you come up, come back this playing. Same place. Could we be here and really have open the arms up. Take a breath, breathing in, opening it up. Now you've got two ways of flexing. You can take the shoulder below the pelvis or you can take the Elvis. He loves his shoulders. Fine for your spine. What's going to give you the most limited lifting?

One less time. Fish is open with the right arm. Circle. Circle. Push the left arm ash. So again, check the body. Every time you come up, kick the linemen. [inaudible]. Good. Now we're going to roll down people's the mass floaty. Rolling back on top of the movie. [inaudible] tells you rolled down.

Don't touch the mat. Stay there. Now lift your heels here. Slow the heels rolling back up. Can we use that center to lift up on the hill? Not the face. Rolling down. Really out. Now lift the heels.

Lower the heels. Relax the legs. Slowly rolling. I'm pushing out this time. Roll down. Keep them lifted and come back up. We're all the spine. Stay Center. Open the arms out. Let's reverse roll down. Keep the sense of collective rolling down.

Low the heels down, reaching half curved down. Reach out, lift the heel. Keep them lifted. Roll up, roll down. Load the heel. Roll back out. Now we have one more time. The next time. Cut down. Roll down, shoulders stabilized. Lifting here, roll cover. Open the arms out. Reverse. Roll down your breath.

Let's take up [inaudible] position. Had the arms out to the side. I is just in front and open them out to you. Sue. The approval of vision. She can see your arms now with their shoulders. I like to get the shoulder blades moving. They should float. Slide Kevin. As you're doing this without squeezing your glutes, pushing now with the right tongs, pull down. Alternate.

Good together. Take it down. Push, check the rib cage. Alternate, right. Hello. A little bit of elbow alphabet. It's a coordination to that. Ah, get some nice work going on, right tool [inaudible].

Keep the arms long. Cool. And together is that. It's the first movements with the upper body kind of fit. The second wouldn't let me arms out. Take a breath in and out. Good. The elbows are fixed.

Project palms behind. Let's give it that alternating. Don't forget the inside pipe right at lift together. Litter. Got Guys together. Now lift the heels slightly off the floor. Now alternate, push together. Let's put the whole thing together. So with both on alternate homes up, we actually get anybody ready for the mat that upper body working, they go fishing out.

One more time is face your blow space. Ever easy. Big gloves but stressful on the face. Lift up, pushing you feel a nice burden in the upper body. So your mission is to do this everyday from explorer, pushing alternate lift up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up. Lift up. Now holding both arms up, bring it together. We need to be working out than one. Slowly rolling down to the mat. Coming down through the knees. Now on here we're going to take one cigarette. Inside it is that one thing is as important as you place it down on the mat.

Other hand is lifted up below that check the width, lifting the leg and depth as you lift the leg. Yo for sure on that finger reading app and pushing up. So from the side kick, kneeling, you lift the leg out and we take a look behind you. Back center hole. Now breathe out. Take it back, back centre hall. Now when you hold it, you can put the leg down on the ground or you can keep it where it is. But I'm gonna add a little fun thing like back center. Now lift the arms up again. Take you back. Back Center is a nice, gentle onyx. It's not panicking that's good. Behind the Keith Center. It's the center of this balancing three today. It is on the lot.

This is progressive. We're going to take the back step forward, reach up and take it back to out of the sound of pleasure taking or breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in. It's a clean movement, clean. Use your breath. Check every detail, the movement rib cage, take you back. I can see some gorgeous faces smiling towards me as you guys are having the best time with those legs. One more time.

The best back come down. Stretch hole. Yeah. The good news is we've got to have the sites check to here. The pelvis is above all of a sudden this long fight, so I call this a psychic needing variation balance to step up. We're going. Take it back again on that whole again. Again, pull it up. [inaudible] hold your breath down again. Take you back. [inaudible] the and back behind. Forward strong again.

Strong. One more time. Can we go back? I would say the goal of bloggers is training them muscles. You're not doing other things. So where are you?

Everywhere. Okay, let me rephrase the question. Where are you fitting it most? Everywhere I'm blush. Let's get a bit more synchronized. Fat Boy strong. Make a statement at the top. It's like you're having a photograph taken up. It's better motivation for the photograph.

Bush Bush. We've got just one more to do the best yet. Push. Come down and hold it there. Now place the hand down. Take down underneath like now, come down, open the arms out. Go up and come down.

So from the side, then breathing out to go up. As you come down, make the left arm rotate further back again. Up and down. Left arm. One more time. Pushing up from here. Go up and stay up. Now hold. Lift the top leg. Take the leg down. Come back again. Lifting up others best. Not True. What were we going to do today so we could lock the doors and there was no escape because you got tough luck and down was very American way.

I don't reckon that lengthen up. Breathing out. Yeah. This side. Lift the top leg. Take the underneath like for, just take it down and reach Walmart. The best up the tablet first underneath thing. Now this time take the legs back. Cross the legs please. The front hand down and with your pelvis you see how was facing the front drop down. Took her to turn the public's either way. Basically. That's it. So like a snake. [inaudible] Glenda, I come back, sit on the mat and take him my mate.

That was a warm up from the class open up here. Of course we have options if you have issues with your knees of course. But you like forward issue with this knee. You know, we're gonna stay out here to find the position. The fish. You Bet. No, just kidding. Just a dive. Yeah. Take it over that reach and open from here.

Bolden lengthen out and open that your ear is coming into the hip. I know, but now bring the body forward, say has behind and push the pelvis up as she point. Nice. Again, bring it forward and let go pusha. I try not arch the back. Keep the connection with the ribcage. Take it forward. Make it about the hip, pelvis up and down.

I'm full now. That'll be more fun with this. Take me off behind you hundred behind you Lissa. Now with your right leg, take your right leg back as you can for can we go and lift and again say to rally back and just place it across the arms again with the rotation again. Rotation term. Now you short in breath and take it further. Now with the inbred, you've got to keep the center connect. Don't push house and dome. They've number one. I'm Beth.

I'm pretty young and it's fine. How far can you go? More? More phone or keep it please. The hands on the mat in front of you and FM here. Let's take a Kat, take it forward and let the cat and cat stretch the top like straight [inaudible]. Yeah, read it again. You said the leg goes straight and bend the knees.

You come up against straight long. [inaudible] I'm good. I think of this. My flexing an accent. Yeah. Let's take two lakes or the underneath lake please. Probably again like a fibrous escape out the door to ball. One more time. I got together. Bring the knee together and stretch over. [inaudible] it's like the head down of lilies that Miguel. Let's take off [inaudible].

Wake to the drain. [inaudible] shoulders down. Place the hand down on the mat so the Cleo hand comes down the other arm. [inaudible] and now I'm pushing especially tough as you come up. Take the other arm and lens again. Reading it again. Yeah. [inaudible] stretch both legs straight as you go down.

Open the front. [inaudible] [inaudible] higher. Good. Again, we're making a photo up. Good Michelle. One more time. You'll clean up. Then the other knee. Flex the arms. Basically the other side to say the all [inaudible] both legs take it down.

Is that rotation again? Open up the door. Take a breath, push up and down again. Push up shoulders this time. Hold that strong position. Top leg lift. [inaudible] bring the leg down and then open up in. Breathe out. Push up top, like lifted underneath like [inaudible]. Come down now elegantly go up.

[inaudible] now of course the legs when the pelvis in the front, give me a snake like the reform a snake. Bushnell down. You get to a moment too high. One side is always stronger than the other. Hope better than the other boys evaluated, which is you now watch the position [inaudible] every time you do the movement, maybe longer, never be satisfied. Push further. Bring the hands forward.

Here's a pelvic lift control. Take your take a breath in as you come up without now of course you can always switch to breath and ask them for it. You decide what fits you best for today. For the next one, without the arm [inaudible] I can come back again. Do we have to find a space on the floor longer the legs, the more space you need. Take you back.

Who azs lengthen? Push up now. Hold it here. Now Cross. So rotation. So here again, you can breathe out as you turn, which helps you connect to the center or you can breathe in as your turn, which gives you more rotation. You decide. So the day where you're feeling a little bit more tired or not 100%, use the out-breath. Who's going to help you to push yourself a little further on those days where you feel glory. [inaudible] Linden, Pusha turn out. Holy. That middle fun place it has in the back. Take a cat. Yeah.

Yeah. Now stretch a 12 lane. [inaudible] yeah. So you slide. The top of the head is leading. Yeah, they stretch both legs. Squeeze the legs together as they go straight again. [inaudible] oh, I'm fine. One more time and length and stretch and holdings. Okay. Reach out long, long. Twice a hat has we do the other side Cleopatra.

She's clearly not happy with the size of the ringers on her hat. So look up to it now. Take Your Cleopatra hand please. Sit down on the mat and now listen to the mat. Yeah, take it back. Hello? Yeah. Here's the underneath. Mom. [inaudible] public street. Stretch both legs straight. Bring good underneath for, yeah. Listen to your mat with the ear. It's talking to you.

What's it saying? Bachman? Stop Hush. I'm a littler. Yes. I'm for you all. One more time. Brush. Come up and stretch over. Tend to face this end of the room from here.

Put the legs together and really feel the inside. Thighs connected. Lengthen the spine. Reach the arm. We're going to lift the right leg first, but maybe longer. I have the lower left leg.

[inaudible] yeah. The next time. Lift your right leg. Turn to the left and open the arms. I come back. Left leg. Do you have to do, I don't get as much rotation as you can I come back again. The right leg. Look at the hat, look at the hat and come back again. Left leg. Turn the opener and come back. Here we go.

One, turn on to come back. Three back down. Four lift one, open two, three and four again, lift further for the rotation. Push in and down. Up. Good. Now this is the first part of the movement. Come back. So from here we go.

Turn to the floor down, back up, lift up. So one and two. Don't touch the floor, but on three touch again. Push rich. I'm back. Lengthen. Good. Take it down now try and get so much rotation. You're staying on your mat. Stay on the mat as it goes. There's going to be much more work, but that torso push two more times. Linda, breathe.

Stay on your mat. Push again. Reach. Push. Now for the next part, I'm going to come off the mat. Slightly. Go to, you had large mats. You wouldn't, but we're going to go one lift too. Lift three. Cross the left leg. Yeah, of course. The right leg.

Come back and come back to the front. That was your dress. Your Hustle. So here we go. We'll do it slowly. Fast, long fight. [inaudible] completely down. Left leg over. [inaudible] take you down, right? They go up and down. Down Whitening street away. Come back up.

[inaudible] she's three now. This time, right? Late October. Yeah. Like over. Yeah. Straight back out. I come back on. No, it goes a little bit quicker. I'm going to use your arm as well. So we go one, two, three. Yeah, I talk. Take it down. Come back up.

[inaudible] right leg. Yeah, he left them. I left. I come back. Now that might look like something you can see [inaudible] you think you can dance. But what we're really doing is getting a little lobby rotation in that call.

So we're going to add the roller. Let's give ourselves a little bit of a break from here. No, if you need your hands, meaning if you call it roll down fluidly cause of tension, let your hands just slow down on the floor. I'm then take the on the back, bring the arms over again. If you need your hands, use the hands to come up and spread full. So obviously the goal here is not going to happen, but if you hate better to do it with the hands and you cause smoothly, do the movements and it's usually not because of [inaudible] spread one because of tension. Let's try it again. Got Reading in. No who, all that. If you need the hands, use your hands and taking off behind you. And now slowly again. [inaudible] yeah, coming up and going down the same path so you can count all cans going down.

[inaudible] and then forecasts. Can we go make it worth it now from here, play back behind the pelvis. Diag, nickel and pig it yet. Have you copied to have the room for the back and now Chris Chappelle is diagnosable. [inaudible] I'm thinking like [inaudible] roll down. [inaudible] roll back out. [inaudible] how's the hot dog before?

[inaudible] now let's do that again. Lift your pelvis this time Rick. You right? Like I'm back. Lift up the left leg and then keep the pelvis hot. You have your breath lift up now. Right leg. Hold it. Cross the leg of that. Take it out.

And now [inaudible] up. I'm thinking. Yeah. Now the other side. Lift the [inaudible] up. I'm brewing the body. 400 rotation. Let's put that together then for now. So you feel sent up, right? Yeah.

Let McComb Ahmed, they get that right up. Yeah, come back up like bullet robot. [inaudible] it could be hot now. Roll up [inaudible] behind you. If not, why they [inaudible] the other five?

Rotate [inaudible] straight away. Oh, curve boy. Flex bag. Roll down. Take you behind. And now rolling up. [inaudible] has behind lifter.

Leffler Cross allows circle. If Bush lit up, take it down. Bend the knees and facing me. You them stretch. Yeah. And now open the office. Bring the legs to the front. Yeah, from the Cadillac. She was always just an extension. So from here, hold the heels. If you don't have good lengthening through the back of the legs, you can just hold the leg itself. Stretch out.

Push now long spine and come down or the side stretch long slime and come down and the long spine and reach out and back. Now take your left arm, Cross your right heel. Bring the leg forward, take the arm over the head, blends it up and bring it down the side and back your breath. Push up. Don't forget that rotation through practicing it with the sequence before you use it. Now turn and look back. Now the same time as you lift this leg, stretching. Select forward. Now as you take the arms behind, lift the other leg up, take it back and bring it out.

Lift the leg and back. Use your breath. Push and lift. Everything is about the fluidity. Everything is about warm movement, so it's not your IME, your clothes, all the creases out like silk and push. One more time. Open the arms up. Rolanda coming back. Open the off this side. Roll under open. There's your doing these movements. Each time you do it, focus on something different. So focused on your shoulders.

We're all focused on your center and your grasp onto this side. As you come out, lift the right leg, lift your left leg and I know you know what's coming next. I can see it. You'll now the yet two legs. Now the key is your toes keep with the same height as your eyes. It doesn't matter how high you lift your eyes or eyebrows. The legs feel too high.

It's your legs that are working and what we want your set down here. Lift up. Hold it. Hope now walking, walking, long, long ventilate the moon. Use those legs. Don't fit today. Push. Push Bri [inaudible] has an open, open the legs that literally for the legs lift up under. Secondly offs lengthen. That was up and down. Now what I like about this number is when you go up, take this hand and cross it behind the other. Handle the floor, lift up and come down. Amy, the floor is a bit lower than that. Open up your arms longer. Yeah, it helps when you've got your really short arms. I find lift up up now from here. Cross the arms.

That's it. Good and yeah. Yeah. Again, ms [inaudible] cause when joined this very late summer of this year, we have gone [inaudible] a little bit warmer. Pushover Lemba flash opened up. Let me see it. Go [inaudible] listen up. Higher Open I guess. Lift up, lift up, coming down. Clean the teeth together. Now again, let's take off foot circles.

You did the foot circles. The knees do not move your shins and with the first circles try and make them similar to each other to make sure the toes are greeting. I would say happy feet. Happy Pelvis. Happy Pelvic happy face goes up. We need to think about what this really done before you do your formal work in running. When you've shoved your feeding tight shoes, they've not been breathing. Good way to get them open before you do it. Let's go to the right again. See, happy to open up.

They don't cycle the eyes, just the feet, the eyes. Now let's flex the feet. Good to the metatarsal. As you point your toes, make the toes long. Nope. Curl the toes. Make them look like the feet, pull back again. We've done some big movements today, but often the word requires smaller subtle movement. Anyways, we don't think of that.

Live it out long term. The other area of the body, which I think is really important is here today with society. We do this a lot. We're holding the call, we're holding the bike, we're holding the computer. We've rooting a lot. Obviously sometimes if we have an Andrew, we might need to stretch to do this, but most of the time we need to be working. The extent is back here, so let's put the elbows together and let's first of all, circle the risks, the elbows. The scale. Just the offs. It's not the arms. So this is the mobility ways.

Now let's reverse that. That's not the first one. We're gonna do five of these. Go the risk. Then we have the way, which is very appropriate when I look out the window today. And there's some very nice big waves today. So listen, get the big way to go. The way kind of keep the elbow still here.

Make the risks of the way that we've got the, we've got the circles, we've got the wave, we have the cap now you want to be going [inaudible] you can do it on the floor. Now again, the resell [inaudible], she got [inaudible]. Then we have what we called the Star Trek. [inaudible] finger, middle finger, open ass. Star Trek, Star Trek. We'll be pushing out. That's it. They should be doing the same thing. Little finger, middle fingers, open out Bush, you know, go cross-eyed. Keep the eyes still pushing out. 11 an hour, a little bit.

Middleton open half an hour. Now for the loves of risk things we like to challenge board nation. So with me, go tap, tap, tap, tap. Know, Zinnia tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, [inaudible]. And Nature is yours. Don't put your finger up your nose on the nose, but [inaudible] close your eyes. Close your eyes. And you can aim better. Design with the eyes open as our coordination.

So we have the risks we have the way we have. Yeah, we star Trek. Okay. And then we have a little coordination. These areas of the body, we need to be working with small and really the best. So with your thumb on top, keep the wrist still. Put the hands down and flick. Flyknit it's like you're flicking your thumb. No elbows are still lengthen up. Lymphedema. Oh God. Shoulders down.

Click. Tim is still just your hats that they get into the elbows show. Let it out. Bring it forward to the right hand. [inaudible] appropriate visit. Oriental music.

[inaudible] out to the side. Let them think something big thing. So we have to adapt up to everything. You're about it, not just to send the glues. Michelle, your feet are really important. Your we use every day now it's going to book the burning's good when it Berthy had no fingers out. Yeah. If you lift your fingers about this, I'll be impressed. Push out. Reach now.

Angry. Go Push. It's like, well you always Bush Bush, shoulders down. Speed. So we'd be focusing on sequences today. Some of the sequences are based on some of the traditional bladders of movement, the site needing cake. Second meeting up almost hiking, meaning we had a roll of variation. We had a bit of rotation sitting. We've got to think about what the body needs. What does the body need?

This is for a bit of ventilation. The other way out. Come back. Let's get us finish standing up. So take your feet behind the mat. The most important for the body's movement. We need to move the body as much as we can and we also need to learn to just be still what today's life we rush, rush, rush, rush, rush. So let's come to stillness now. The power of them.

Yeah, check everything. Connection with the floor. Long Spine. Let the armor working. Take it down. Now Shoulder. The shoulder blade should be three. So when we're doing this, there shouldn't be any common ugly noise. There shouldn't be any cracking. This should move bugs would that freedom.

We also need stability, so we need to bring stability into the body, not only in the back, but in the upper body. When we talk about the trunk, Short falls training is shoulder stability as well. You think about if you've got a pelvic tool, you have a body balance up. [inaudible] the buddy lives in one piece. You don't have to do a weight shift to the anterior posterior, the front and back muscles are working equally cause you're lifting up as you come down. Stretch the spine one more time. Lanson long spine. Circle the righto. Look at the hat.

[inaudible] shoulder down. Take you forward. Look behind [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] your rights on forward as you come up with the leftover [inaudible] [inaudible] left arm for we. No, right over. I'm apple. We again [inaudible] really thank you for joining me today. I hope you've been [inaudible] the session. I don't see you again. Thank you.


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My favourite teacher and so brilliant x??
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Very interesting class. Have never done anything like this before but felt great during and after the workout.
So different and beautiful. I loved the flow and of course the music. Thank you so much.
Where can we get Michaels music playlist ?
What a amazing class , love it !!
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Amazing and challenging! Would love to teach this style. Please add more classes like this one. Excellent!!!
Bravo! Thank you!
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fantastic class!!!
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Love the fluid and dance feel to these! Wish there were more like this!
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