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Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


We are so delighted to welcome Zoey Trap to Pilates Anytime! She teaches a special workout, yoga on the Reformer, using her daughter Kathryn to demonstrate. Whether you're a yogi or Pilates practitioner, this practice will challenge your body in a new way. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Standing Platform

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I'm Zoe trap and with me as Catherine Coil, my daughter and colleague, and we're here to share a very special workout with you. Yoga on the reformer. Whether you're a Yogi or you're a ...


Great! Perfect for Christmas eve. I would love to have this workout be longer so we could hold the poses and do a few more reps of each. Same workout- twice as long -would be magic!
Thank you.
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Dear Mrs Trap:
Why do you mix Yoga with Mr Pilates Method?
Thank you.
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What a good question! First, let me say I usually don't! I teach yoga and Pilates and am certified in both. That said, I do also teach fusion classes. I started doing this to try to encourage people who do Pilates to do Yoga to do Pilates and vice versa. I believe they are very complimentary practices!
Loved the fusion. Great to see Zoey and Kathryn together. Please bring us more from them.
Thank you in advance.
tough class igf you are not a Yoga practitioner
Dude! I loved this! What a great combo I also teach both and struggle to bring them together so thank you for the ideas ! Good stuff
Interesting....of course Kathryn made it look effortless - no small feat! Loved to see where the two worlds meet....saw some "sisters" of long stretch, stomach massage, mermaid, short spine, elephant, front support, feet in straps, jackknife, Tree, bridge, side split series, etc...thank you!
Really nice different class!!!! I do love Yoga so I've enjoyed this challenge, this mix between the work on the Reformer with the magic of Yoga! thank you very much.
Very inventive class! I adore the melding of two extremely beneficial methods AND to incorporate the reformer is a
trifecta!!! Please invite Zoey and her daughter to have more classes in this genre. It is not only refreshing its good for morale!
Thank you for this practise/workout. it!
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