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Yoga on the Reformer

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We are so delighted to welcome Zoey Trap to Pilates Anytime! She teaches a special workout, Yoga on the Reformer, using her daughter Kathryn to demonstrate. Whether you're a Yogi or Pilates practitioner, this class will challenge your body in a new way. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Standing Platform

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Dec 24, 2015
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I'm Zoe trap and with me as Catherine Coil, my daughter and colleague, and we're here to share a very special workout with you. Yoga on the reformer. Whether you're a Yogi or you're a Pilati student, this is a workout, no practice to challenge you. Let's begin, Katherine, stand on the reformer. Bring your toes together, heels together, standing in mountain pose or to [inaudible] root down through the feet, up to the crown, heart high, and lift your arches. Inhale, take a big breath in and bring your hands to unduly moderate your heart. Press your palms together and press into your heart.

Take a moment to establish your intention for this practice today. A practice that you can offer up to help someone or some beings or as an expression of your gratitude. Seal that intention and take another breath in. Inhale, sweep the arms around and up over your head. Exhale through heart center and full down to the floor. Inhale, gaze up and lift your spine. Exhale, fold in more deeply.

Bend your knees lightly and roll up all the way to a stand. Again, inhale, UDC, pitocin, a. Sit back as though you're sitting in an awkward chair. Tuck your tail lightly under and lift your heart. Press your thighs together and let that connection to help you to stay steady and strong and grounded. Exhale, bring your hands to the foot bar. I forward again in a forward fold and straighten your legs. Pull your head in and lift up through the hips, keeping them in front of the heels. Exhale, bend the knees and inhale.

Lift the hands high to UDC. Atossa again, sitting in that awkward chair tail under a little, and then press firmly into your legs. Rise to Tadasana and lower the hands. Let's go all the way down onto your knees. Put your hands on the foot bar, and let's do a spring change here. So moving from all the springs to just to medium springs, come into child's pose with your head down and your seat back. Let your pelvis sink and become heavy. As you take an inhale in, feel the length naturally come into the spine.

What the crown move one way the tail. Move the other way. And as you exhale, surrender to gravity. Allow the effect of gravity to come into your breath, into your body and establish your yoga breathing. So when Yoga, we breathe in and out through the nose. If you have a practice and you know Xy, you breath, begin your gia breathing now cat and cow. Come up onto a kneeling position. Place your hands on the foot bar and your feet back against the rest.

Curl in round, bringing your eyes in torture, navel and press outstaying ground and come in, staying round. Push out to the heels and curl and lifting like a Halloween cat going out and coming in. Starting to Meld the breadth and the movement and then tip here into a dog tilt or come into cow with the heart high and do the same thing. Press out and in each movement, honoring each breath. Push through the heels.

Add one more time and now push out in cow and come in in cat ripple through the spine. Feeling the movement of the spine, melding on the breath, pressing and folding, expanding and contracting. Downward facing dog. Lift your heels up, place them flat, and then lift the hips up high. Bring your spine as long as you can, pushing the carriage out and in while keeping the hips lifted. Work to have a strong set in the arms, a high lift of the hips. So think of the hips moving as an expression of the length in the spine and then stay in and come into a plank pose.

Lift your heels up and press the carriage out. Maintaining your plains and sailing in, reaching away and in through the head. Keep your eyes gazing right downwards so that you move out smooth and straight and even, and come in to down dog, leaving the heels high this time. Press out into plank and come in and again, lift the hips high. Lift the Sitz bones high and return in. Stretch your spine up and lengthen out and come in Nice and flat.

And one more time. Work with the springs, work with the breath. Work with your intention. Stay all the way in. Take one final down dog and then carefully come down onto a kneeling position. Set your heels back against the rest again. We'd come into a grounding series here, bringing the right foot up onto the foot bar, allowing the hips demote forward the heart to lift up and then pressing out and coming in and a runner's lunge. When we do our practice of yoga, we're practicing life.

We're practicing all of the things that we need to do. When the ground is rocky underneath us to stay steady and stable state in this time and as an additional challenge, bring your hands to your knees and push the carriage out and then, and then a few feel steady ready there. Lift your arms up to lift the heart up. Reach all the way up through the arms, stretching and lifting the heart high, working out and in on the wave of the breath. Taking one more breath here, staying, doing a little baby back bend and then exhale. Folding the hands and lifting the back knee up.

Make sure you have a firm foundation and then push the carriage out and return it in. Coming into a low lifted crescent position with the hands down, hug the hips into the center line. Float the heart over the foot bar. Take one more and then again, hold the carriage in and lift up. Hands to knees, press out, keeping the back knee nice and lifted and hugging muscle to bone. And that is an option. Lifting the hands up as you press out and come in.

Reach this new forward of the toes. Stretch in and lift up as though you're lifting for your intention. Stay here and Chin to Shin pose. Lower your hands to the foot bar. Lift your front leg up and lower your back heel square off your hips.

If your pelvis is a steering wheel, you want to steer your pelvis around toward the back leg and that or toward the front leg, excuse me. And then going out and in trying to work to keep the hips a little higher. So just with the back leg slide away. And then to protect this front knee, you want to hug the muscles to the knee and now go all the way out. Take a great big stretch and come all the way in. Bring the leg behind you for downward facing dog. Heels flat.

Just push the carriage out four times out in and again, melding the breath and the movement working for a higher lift of the spine, belly deep. Stay here and change legs. Bring the other leg forward, sync the hip forward and press the carriage out and end keeping your hands down. When we do yoga, when we do a practice that opens our heart, we are working to stay light and buoyant in life. One more time coming in and then bring your hands to the knees. Pull into your midline as you press out through the back heel and come home and then maybe challenge yourself reaching your arms up high to lift the heart even higher as you work out and in work to square the heart and lift the heart up away from the pelvis. Stay in, take a little baby back, then lift up and then exhale.

Bring the hands down and lift the back knee up. Shift forward. Bring your head up in line and take your crescent lunges. As you work out and you work in, pull forward and back down on this bent knee side. Stay in. Bring the hands to the knee, pull into your center line to make yourself steady and then keeping the heels low. Push out and pull yourself in. Hands going high as a challenge with the heart lifted.

As we Polish our heart with our practice, reach all the way in and stay. We learn to look through the filter of love and we learn to look. Chin to Shin, straighten the front leg, keeping the hips high, slide back. We learn to look for the love in other people and when we know that that love is all around us, the world becomes a little safer place to be. Take one more then I want you to slide all the way out.

Taking a nice deep stretch and bring yourself all the way home and return to downward dog. Keep the heels flat, lift the spine and go out and in four times working on the breath, matching the breath. That's it. Really lift the sitz bones up and apart and come all the way in to our warrior series. Bend your knees and bring your right foot forward onto the foot bar and then lift up into Cresson. Hands down and rotate this back foot into warrior one position. Bolt your hips together and press the carriage out and end and then do one more. And knowing that you're steady and safe here. Bring your hands up to your knee and send them away.

But the hands do the work of the heart when he reached through our hands and connect our hearts. Really press your palms together. We're remembering that. That's why we work. We do the work of the heart and then staying in. Bring the hands down and rotate to warrior two so while your won, the warrior is summoned to do the work while you're two we lift up, open the hip, slight books in, gaze over the front, Middle Finger, and then keeping the hips open. Press out and pull in warrior two Virabhadrasana two the warrior draws the sword.

I want you to think for a moment what in your life is worth drawing the sword for working skillfully for stay here for extended angle. Lower your hand behind your foot if you can, and sweep your arm to your ear. If that's too much, put your hand in front of your knee and then lift your back arch and press out. And in reaching, reaching, reaching, really extending this angle and pulling in, in, in, in, in. Keep lifting the back, our job. Keep reaching forward and in two directions and come all the way in here and then pivot around and lower to your knees for cat and cow.

Press your hips up as you go back and curl in. Inhaling and exhaling listing to the whisper of your breath and one more. Press out and stay all the way in to do the warrior series on the other side. So bringing the other leg up and reaching through the heeled and lifting the back knee and rotating the heel down. Just take a couple of presses out to connect into the feet.

So reaching into the heels and pressing into the heels and then coming with the hands to the knee for the first repetition, keeping this back knee up and lifted and then letting the hands come from the heart. Someone, your inner warrior, put your intention right in your hands and hold it there. Take one more breath here and then again, pivot yourself around to lawyer to lift up in life. We get surprises. And when we get a little surprise in life, it's good to seminar inner warrior. To take a breath. As you straighten your leg out, really tighten the muscles around your knee. Reach and from hand through the heart.

And then extended angle. Bring this hand down behind you. Sweep the arm down to protect the shoulder. Reach forward. Inhale, lift the back, our chop and exhale pull in. So imagine a little crab wanting to crawl under there and you want to pull away work to roll the knee right into the arm there so that you open the hip more. Stay all the way in here and lower down and just take one more round of cow the cat. Inhaling and exhaling, open the heart and fooled in. So again, this idea of expanding, sending out what we can and taking what we need and then sit back. Just take a breath in. Child's pose.

I'm going to reach underneath and take out the splits board. So if you have a splits platform, now's the time to get it. And if you don't, I'll show you what you're going to do. So if you have the splits platform, it's easy. You're going to drop it in place. And if you don't have one, you can simply take your non-slip pad and you're gonna put it here and secure it under the rest like that. But we have one, so we will use it. Catherine, you can go ahead and come up and prepare for the sideways series.

So when we do yoga, we do a lot of standing work. Don't wait. It's a little different than doing our pilates work and we need that from foundation. So let's start by establishing a firm footing on the platform. And then we are going the other. I think you're going to be happier if you move that foot forward more Catherine, and then bring this foot out. So you're in line here on the shoulder rest.

And then inhale, bring your hands behind your low back. Will your heart open and don't settle for seeing the ceiling. See if you can look out and into the back wall. And then exhale, forward fold. Lift up through the inner thighs. Lift the arches, and as you press the carriage out, but this arm walk along with you. Opening and closing. Keep working the hips to stay high and over the heels on your next one. Rotate. Lift this side.

Open the heart and exhale, fool back in. So we opened a possibility when we're flexible, when we're fluid, stay here and hold in. Bring your hands to your hips. Now pull your shoulder blades together and as you lift up, press your pelvis forward. And let's go to B. Bring your hands behind you.

If you can bind palm to palm. And if you can't, then simply go elbow to elbow. Open and reach back. And then exhale forward. Fold down, letting the arms work away from the body. Keep the arches lifted and just press out two times. Inhale and exhale coming in. One more time. Let the head reach as though it's trying to touch and then release you're buying.

Try to hold underneath the wood or pull yourself down as tightly as you can, holding the carriage in. And then again, returning the hands to they have crease. Lift the heart. Press the pelvis forward and hold. Step onto your splits pad or board in turn and reach your arms up high. Exhale, forward fold. Bring your hands onto the reformer and then walk all the way out to the shoulder rests.

Push out with a strong seat from down dog to plank. Exhale, bend the elbows, Chaturanga and inhale, upward facing dog. Lift the heart. Exhale, lift the hips high fold into down dog. Inhale to plank. Exhale, bend the elbows, graze the ribs, and inhale, lift the heart and exhale, fold back, downward facing dog. And then very carefully step into the platform for the sideways series on the other side. So step in and face me and again from your feet all the way forward, and then wiggle the other foot out. Feet point straight ahead.

Inhale, bring your hands to your low back. Lift your heart in arch. Exhale, bow forward. Bringing your hands to the reformer. Inhale, push the carriage out and close it in. Just testing the waters here, gliding out and gliding and wuling onto the outer edges of the feet. And now adding a twist. Inhale, ripple through and twist open and exhale, close and fold inward.

Inhale, reaching and opening and closing. And one last time, reaching out and coming in, bringing the hands up to the hip crease, lifting and pressing the pelvis forward. Bring your hands around and lift your heart and your bind. Exhale, forward fold and pressing the carriage out and then press the poems together. This is going to help open the shoulders. Now stay here. Release your blind and whole.

Pull yourself through. Reach the hips up as the head goes down, and then returned to your hip crease. And Inhale, lift your heart. Bend your knee. That's on the board. Wiggled in. Turn to face the spring and lift the hands up. Exhale, forward fold. Walk back out, finding the shoulder rests. Inhale, push from the seat and come into a long plank. Exhale, Chaturanga. Bend the elbows. Inhale, push through, open the heart, straighten the arms and fold back. Downward facing dog. And one more time. Glide out, full down.

Lift up your heart, upward facing. Exhale, downward facing dog, and bring one knee down into child's pose. The other knee down. And just take a moment here of breathing. Come all the way back up and place your hands onto the shoulder rests. I'm going to bring the splits, sticky pad up onto the head. Rest for additional footing, support.

And Katherine's going to forward fooled here. We're going to come into a backwards facing a series. So bend your knees and bring your right foot into the pad and your left foot back. And you can place your heel right up onto the foot bar. Now for additional footing and come into crescent lunge facing this way. Let's start with the hands down.

So just straightening the front leg as you keep this back knee fiercely lifted and getting a sense of that footing there. And then holding in here and coming hands to knees. And then push out once here and return in. And now reach up and express your fierceness and then hold right here and forward. Falled bringing Chin to Shin, straightening the leg. And again, this time floating the front leg out, keeping the hips high and lifted, and every time maybe going a little bit farther on the breath, open the hips and one more time.

Stretch way out and come all the way in and bend your front knee and rotate your back foot. Now coming into extended angle to triangle pose. So arm reaches up and as the carriage presses out, the arm reaches over the head, stretch and reach. So triangle is three points of possibility, opening mind, body and spirit. And then stay right here, rotate your palms, lift your back heel and step back to downward facing dog and hold and stretch. And then take your time and bring your other foot forward.

So step onto the platform. Lift your back heel for crescent lunge. Keep the back knee lifted and bring yourself out an n. Now she's pushing out through the front. She wants to reach back through this hip and find a nice strong angle. And then bring the hands to the knee.

Keep the back knee lifting strongly, and then reach the hands up, curl your heart open and reach for it. And one more time. And then full downward Chin Duchesne, straightening the leg and gliding out and steering the steering wheel around to the back leg side. Keep hugging the muscles to the bones and protecting the knee by hugging those quadriceps. Come all the way in and then rotate coming with the back foot perpendicular to the front foot. Arm Up to the sky. And then inhale, pressing out and opening and returning in. Reach up through your hand.

Stretch and pull your intention right over yourself. Take one more big breath here. Come all the way in. Rotate your hands, walk one hand to the other side. Take a nice long dog stretch and breathe and then bend your knees. Come into child's pose and just let go on the breath.

Bring your body up off the reformer. We're going to move into an inversion here and if you're unsure on study, you should for sure should watch this. If you want a more challenging version, we're going to remove this splits board. And although this can be done from the splits platform, but we're going to take it off and go to a one heavy spring here. So we're going to go one heavy spring. Remove those other two springs and put the foot bar in a lower setting.

This is a dolphin, so how appropriate that the ocean's right there. And we've been watching see creatures. So to enter dolphin, take your hands and bring them around the shoulder rest. Place your forearms down and take your feet up onto the foot bar, extending the legs up. Now the important thing is to press down through those forearms, reach the carriage out, looking up and fold it in, in, in keeping the hips high. Press down through the forearms and then come in and if you feel steady, ready, lift one leg and go out and then lifted back up and bring it down and lift the other leg up. Stretch it up, reach it down, and then reach it way up. Try to put your intention on your toe, fold it down, press out, stay out, and now push the carriage out.

Push it out one more time, and then lift the hips and step down one foot at a time. The inversion series, you'll probably be really happy that now we moved the practice to two lights springs and we come on to a seated position here. We'll be doing forward folds, bringing the sticky pad right into the middle and bringing the feed up, sitting in what's called in Dawson, our staff posts. So pressing the fingers forward, lifting the heart, strongly straightening the legs as you go out in them, lowering the heels and lifting the heels. Just feeling that connection of the lift of the heart that had been high and reaching. And then inhale, reach the hands up and stretch forward.

Keeping a flat back. So I want you to go all the way for reaching through the heart and then exhaling, folding forward, letting the head come down and now bending the knees in and stretching back out into a forward fold. So when we work on the reformer, one of the things you might be noticing is that poses that are a little difficult in yoga become a little more accessible or a little more challenging depending on what we're doing. Let's do one more here and then stay here for John. You Sheer Sass enough, bend your left knee in. Bring the heel toward the groin. Inhale, reach up, square off your hips and stretch out over a long leg coming down, taking the hands to the foot bar and lifting and lowering the heel. Work to keep the hips anchored in down here so this bent knee side particular Lee wants to lift up. Do One more and then inhale, come up, lift your arms up and then rotate your body. Press out. Use the foot bar to stretch and the heart open.

Hold and stretch and soar and turn your body closed and come in for ankle to knee pose. Take the leg that's on the foot bar and cross it over the other leg. Flex your feet and stack the ankles directly over the knees like fire logs. If that's too much for you, simply cross your legs, bring your right hand onto the foot bar and reach your left arm up to the sky and then press over. Getting a deep stretch through this outer hip. Work the breath as you go out and return and sinking into this sits phone one more time. And then staying in, reaching the arms up high. Inhaling and exhale forward fold. And again, using the apparatus edge to really deepen the stretch and then bring yourself up. Spin your feet back to the foot bar and let's do that sequence on the other side. So taking the legs out, bringing the right knee in this time.

Inhaling, reaching up and folding forward and taking the heel lowers and lifts as you work the ground through the hips. So when we forward full, this a wonderful opportunity to surrender our egos. So allow yourself to become small and low and then lift up high. Rotate your body, spin open, stretch and return in and face the ocean for ankle to knee pose. Flex your feet, stack your legs one over the other, and then bring your hand to the foot bar in front of the shoulder. Reach up nice and high, and then come over, sinking through this hat and returning on the breath.

Keep pressing the knee that's on top down and keeping the foot firmly flex will help protect the knee. If you need to. You can put a little rolled up towel there. And now stay off. Reach both arms up high forward fold. Press back in the Sitz bones as you sink your hat in. Stretch. And then go ahead and come all the way up. Spin your feet to this front.

You're not imagining it. The reformer didn't magically become enlightened, lightened shiny. Um, but we thought for the flow of the sequence that we would be better served using the double loop straps. So Catherine's going to step off. Remove your sticky pad, put it either under the reformer at the front, make a spring change. So go from two light springs to two medium springs. Okay. And let's keep the foot bar up because we'll actually move right into our shoulders. Stand there. So mine on your back with the head rest up.

We're going to move into activating the abdominals. So when we work the abdominals, we connect to the center. And this is very important in yoga as well as [inaudible]. And so Katherine's going to bring your knees up, bring your knees up, press your hands into your thighs and push your thighs towards your face. Resist not with your arms, but with your abdominals.

Feeling the length come into the spine and then relax and exhale. Really press and feel those abdominal spire up and then relax. And one more time. Give that a nice solid press and then relax and reach back. And take the long loops into your hands. Reach your arms straight up and just connect a little bit through the ribs as you push on these and stretch the legs up into a scissors position.

Begin to scissor your legs, keeping steady pressure here. And then for an additional challenge, lift your head up, take your eyes towards your navel work to bring your toe through your fingers and stay curled all the way up, taking giant strides across the earth. And then bring both legs up to the ceiling and now pull your arms and your legs down. Try to cap the foot bar and return up. And think of reaching your legs out past the rear foot bar and returning them up. And the ABS are working in opposition here so they're pulling deeper as the legs go lower.

Let's do one more time going out and then coming all the way in. Now bend the knees and take these longer of the two loops and place it over the back of the thighs. So you want to be not behind your knees, but actually on your thighs. And then let the feet hang here and just dip your toes down into the well. Open the knees apart like we're circling. Come up and then close and repeat that feeling.

This nice circling motion. All of life is a circle, right? We're always beginning again. We're always finishing something. When you come around to the top, reverse open the knees and just feel how wonderful it is to mobilize and open the hips. And the hips are where we store our relationships. So if you have any old boyfriends or girlfriends in there, get rid of them. Do One more and then reach up and go into bounding goals.

So opening the knees, pressing down, and just taking a nice stretch here and sort of like working on our yoga wall. So you've got the support of the apparatus there. And then bring the knees together, come up and then wide-angle. Reach the legs up and then flex the feet and straddled the wags. Reach out through the heels strongly.

Push your intention out again and then curl your head up and reach your hands between your legs. Hold up there as though you're giving away a very precious gift. Reach out, stretch and hold, and then bring the arms back up. Slide them underneath and give the legs a little support as you come in. Now you can stay right here. We're going to go into an inversion series.

And the most important thing here is that you lower this head. When we do inversions, the benefit is that we're getting the heart up above the mind and how wonderful to let the heart lead. These are the fountain new views and so you can stay right here in a supported up the wall position and you can even hold, will you show this onto the straps if you like. If you want to make this a little bit bigger, then we're going to go up into shoulder stand, bending the knees and again letting the straps to help you so you want to move away from the shoulder rests a little. Curl up and place your hands as high up on your back with your fingers and thumbs together as you can and then activate your seat.

Press into the straps and come up for a little bit of support here. Again, press down through the upper arms and work to snug the elbows in here to keep the heart lifted. Enjoy the sense of all the effort of your practice trickling down through your legs and into your heart. Allow the sensation of letting the heart be above the mind. Take three quiet breath on your next exhale, coming into Halasa or a plow.

Bring your feet over your head. Now you don't have to make this a competition. If this is it for you, I want you to stay here parallel to the floor. And if you're able, guide your feet down into the rails. If your hands or if your feet around the rail, then bind your hands, reach your hands down and press through the wrist palm to palm, stretch the back of the thighs up high away from the face, and then begin to roll down. Release your bind, roll your legs down. Once your pelvis is down, go ahead, take the strats, lift them off, and simply drop them in the well.

Take your feet over the foot bar for a Matsyasana or a fish pose. So reaching out and pointing the feet and then coming up, bending the elbows, lifting up the heart, freeing the head coming down, and then placing the palms palm down. Breathe into the throat, the throat Chakra, the color of Ballou. Say what you mean and meaning what you say. This is where truth resides. Follow your own truth and then free your head up by pressing into your arms and coming downward. Take a big breath here and then bring your feet onto the foot bar for bridge onto the foot bar. Lift the hips up, push the carriage out and bring it in.

Now as you push the carriage out, keep the heart high and think of the thighs downward. So when we do yoga, we're lifting the heart, we're being buoyant in the heart, not working to have our ribs flat as we do in PyLadies. And then come all the way in and rolled down through the spine. You don't have to straighten your legs out there, you can just keep a little bend. And now let's take a challenge on our bridge. So lifting up and binding the bridge. So coming up and then bringing again the hands, palm under palm if you can, or if not, you can go arms flat to the Mat and really lifting up and just testing the water, going out a little and coming in and then maybe gradually expanding work as you do this to keep the inner edge of the foot down to the outer edge of the foot down so that you're staying steady. And as you come down this time, I want you to hold your bind and just lay down on it and see if that feels nice in the shoulders. And if not, then free it.

Take a few breaths here and then lift your hips up and free that. Now if bridges are plenty challenging for you, I want you to stay there. We're going to take a very challenging wheel and we're going to do this by bringing the feet onto the platform sliding forward so that there's room here and I'm going to take the foot bar out of here. Okay, place your feet on the pad. Um, if you are doing this off the wood and you don't have a platform, bring the hands in front of the shoulder, rest on the flat surface of the carriage. Inhale, lift to the top of your head and then exhale, pull your shoulder blades on your end together and lift your heart. Press firmly into the legs to go out and bend the knees in.

Think of extending the legs white through the platform. As you return the carriage in this time, I want you to stay. And then bring your chin towards your chest, protect your neck, look forward and hug the knees to the chest, but not in a rounded fashion. I want you to take a little baby back then here, and then open the arms up and take a little twist to me and allow this hip to come down. And then bring the knees back and a little twist. The other way to neutralize the spine. And then let's end with a nice closing series.

So foot bar is going to come back up [inaudible] and you can put it in either the top setting or the middle setting. Slide back, take your head rest up, and then simply push the carriage out. Bend your right knee to your chest, give it a hug, let this heel sink. And then if you're more flexible, straighten your leg. Or if you can, you reach peace fingers around toes and then bend and stretch out. Thinking of bringing this leg right up and behind the head so you're getting a big final opening and stay out.

Open the hip as though you're bringing your foot behind your ear and up high. And then come back to center, rotate the hands, change hands, and then pull the hip back and sickle the foot down. Enjoy that stretch and then come back to center. And how'd the knee to change legs? Bring the carriage in and then take it back out again.

Give that Nia hug here. Just give your moment and then go ahead. And again, if you're not flexible enough to take the big toe haul, simply hold the cab or behind the thigh, never the knee. And then lowering the heel. Try to straighten this leg a little more if you can, and lower the heel and left the heel. That's it. So we did. And then bend the knee, come in and stretch out. So when we stretch out that stretch and deepens and she's working a pole, the leg all the way back. So pull yourself open like a bow, being strong. Hold out and then open the leg to the side.

Take a nice side stretch here, keeping the hips as level as possible, and then coming in to change hands, rotating and sickling the foot and pulling this hip down and back to enjoy. And bringing the leg in, bending the knee, and coming in a Shavasana. Slide yourself forward. And you can allow yourself to go in two different poses here. So you might choose to have your knees right here.

If you have a little pillow or a blanket you wanna use, you can do that. Or you can bring your feet up here. Depending on your foot bar, one might feel nicer than the other. Light your hands either rest open as a sign of your gratitude and openness for your practice or over your heart. Let go of conscious control over your breath. Simply let go.

Allow your body to melt, to become heavy and relaxed. Allow yourself to be breathe like a baby. So with no effort, I want you to stay here. As long as you want to resting, relaxing. I honor the place in you. As you honor the place in me where we are one. When I am in that place in me and you are in that place in you, we are one. Nama stay.


Great! Perfect for Christmas eve. I would love to have this workout be longer so we could hold the poses and do a few more reps of each. Same workout- twice as long -would be magic!
Thank you.
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Dear Mrs Trap:
Why do you mix Yoga with Mr Pilates Method?
Thank you.
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What a good question! First, let me say I usually don't! I teach yoga and Pilates and am certified in both. That said, I do also teach fusion classes. I started doing this to try to encourage people who do Pilates to do Yoga to do Pilates and vice versa. I believe they are very complimentary practices!
Loved the fusion. Great to see Zoey and Kathryn together. Please bring us more from them.
Thank you in advance.
tough class igf you are not a Yoga practitioner
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Dude! I loved this! What a great combo I also teach both and struggle to bring them together so thank you for the ideas ! Good stuff
Interesting....of course Kathryn made it look effortless - no small feat! Loved to see where the two worlds meet....saw some "sisters" of long stretch, stomach massage, mermaid, short spine, elephant, front support, feet in straps, jackknife, Tree, bridge, side split series, etc...thank you!
Really nice different class!!!! I do love Yoga so I've enjoyed this challenge, this mix between the work on the Reformer with the magic of Yoga! thank you very much.
Very inventive class! I adore the melding of two extremely beneficial methods AND to incorporate the reformer is a
trifecta!!! Please invite Zoey and her daughter to have more classes in this genre. It is not only refreshing its good for morale!
Thank you for this practise/workout. it!
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