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Mobilize your thoracic spine in this Reformer workout with Nagi Takahashi! She starts off gently by loosening up the upper back with and without resistance, then moves on to more advanced extension like Rocking. All of the exercises in this class will improve the mobility and stability of your spine so your whole body will feel great!
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Dec 17, 2015
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Okay. So how'd you Leona and hi everyone. Um, I'm really happy to be back at Buddy's anytime. This is my fourth time to be filming. And today we have a Juliana, you have been working, uh, with me for a few. Yeah. For a few times. And this we're former workout, we'll be focusing on, um, the mobile id of mobility and stability of the thoracic spine. And then, uh, because I feel that, uh, I don't know if it's just Japanese people or if it's uh, people from the u s but um, we all have like pretty stiff, um, thoracic spine. Yes.

And then what compensates for that is your neck and the lower back. So if you have a more mobile and more stables thoracic spine, then I think, or, uh, the other parts in our body will feel better and yeah, we'll be pain free. Okay. So, um, I want to start with, um, sitting down on the reformer. I'm like a mermaid position. Yeah. So your shins are up against the shoulder blocks and yeah, the other leg is parallel to the frame. And then we're just gonna start not using any resistance first. And in order to move the thoracic spine, um, the shoulder, knee, uh, the shoulder blades need to be mobile as well. So, uh, putting your hands one hand on the head rest and then the other hand reaching out. Um, we're going to be using the bar next, so think as if you're like pushing a little bit down in the bar or going to think of Protrack, a protraction of the scapula.

So reaching out, out, out, and then it's not directly out from your shoulder blades because the shoulder blades are little bit a curve. So just, yeah, reach forward and out. Good. And then retract. And then here we don't want to be moving Arthur Essex spine, so just focus on moving the shoulder blades. So reaching out and then pulling the shoulder blades in and reaching out and in. Yeah. And, and, and good. And reach out. Stay there.

Bring your other hand over that and then think of lifting the whole red page up and then over to the side to side bend and come back and then the arm goes down. Good. Retract again. Yeah, for road track, shoulder Blade Scout, bring your arm up, lift up and then over and come back. Okay. Yeah. So we're going to do that with resistance. So I have a blow spraying, it's still a warmup, so we don't need much resistance, so it blew a, even a yellow would be good. Okay. So putting your hands on and then think of your upper arm rotating outside.

Yeah. Rotating outwards as you press out that. And then pro track digital advice, but keep your weight both weight on the sitting bones. Same weight. Yeah. And then retract just a few of those. So parol, Dra and then if you need to move away or if you need to move, adjust yourself. Please do. Your a Shin doesn't have to be a guess against the shoulder blade. Against the shoulder box.

So reaching out and and yeah, we don't want to do is when we reach out, we don't want to slide the pelvis over, right? So keeping those then both the same weight. All right, so and then we re out, bring your arm overhead and then think of lifting up as you reach over. Yes. And come back that shoulder blades in, out reach and side bend over and back. Right. And we reach inhale as we reach over.

Exhale as we come out and inhale as we reach up and over and come back. Yes. So we'll check first and then reach over and keep the sitting bones the same weight and come back. Last one, reaching out over stay. And then we're going to rotate towards the bar. Putting your hands at the end. Hey and then just push the bar away.

I just want you to feel length between the rib cage and your pelvis so your shoulder brace can elevate a little bit, doesn't have just eight. And then we're going to take four breaths. So taking deep inhale and exhale as you rotate a little bit further. And inhale, thinking about both shoulder blades parallel to the floor. Inhale an exhale, breathing into the back ribcage. Inhale and exhale.

From here, I'm going to bend elbows to the outside and then lift her collarbone and exhale as we push the carriage back. Go into the stretch again and inhale as we open the elbows and the Reese the collarbone. Forward a little bit of back extension and exhale as we press back and inhale and exhale Perez and inhale like you're coming up from the water and is we go back last one and hell, think of breathing in through the collarbone and Xcel as we press. It's bringing that outside on to the middle. Rotate back and then come up. Alright, let's do the other side. Hey, so fluid.

Oh God. It's lovely to see the ocean. Okay, so doing it without any resistance for, so just parole tracting and then retract fro direct and retract. Protract and retract. Yeah, just moving your left shoulder, blaze in and out. Last one, protract. And in, hey, we reach out, bring the other arm over and then when we side bend, lift and then come back. Yeah. One more. We protract, lift the arm side, bend over. Um, and then come back. Retract, protract. Last one, reaching up, lifting the rib cage up and over to the left. Coming back. Okay. Adding resistance.

So we're going to retract and then protract. Push the bar away. Think of your opera arm externally rotated and retract. Perro jacked. Both sides of your torso are the same length and one more.

Retract and protract. Lifting the arm up and keeping the shoulder by protracted. You lift up and over coming back and then retract and shoulder blades open. Reached arm out, keeping your sitting bones. Same weight as we re and back.

Do more in and out. Reach and be careful of your hyper extension of the elbows and retract. Protract, lift up and reach. Stay there. We're going to rotate. And then putting both hands at the sides. Good. And think of a long spine. So push the carriage out as make room between your pelvis and your rib cage.

K for breath. Inhale and exhale. Inhale, your eyes are looking straight down at the floor. Breathing in through the back rib cage. And exhale one more. And exhale. Hey, from here, when to reach the elbows out as we lift and exhale Perez and inhale as we live and hail as we go into the water again and coming up to the water surface and lift and exhale for arrests. Two more [inaudible] last one, e Hill. And exhale prs. Good.

We placing your hand on the middle, rotate and then lifting up. Okay. So we've done lateral flection and then rotation, which makes a deeper breathing and making the room for the rib cage and the pelvis. Yeah. So we can move the uh, our rib cage much more. Okay. So, uh, sitting cross legged and then we're going to interlace your hands back against her head and then going to flex forward. So forward with the cervical spine. And then without moving the pelvis, we just flex thinking of going into your cross legged.

And then we restack the spine and we flex forward. So thinking not your lumber's brine, but just your thoracic spine. And we lived first. So sitting bones together and then pulling up the pelvic floor and exhale as we curve cervical spine. And then think of folding under the ribcage and then reaching back one more and back. Okay.

From here we're going to press our head against the hands. And without splitting your repeat, you think of lifting the collarbone and your chest bone, your sternum up towards the ceiling, and then come back yet. So start pressing your head against your hand and then lift and come back and lift and back. One more. Collarbone wide as we lift up and come back. Okay, we're gonna add a little resistance. So sitting at the, against the shoulder blocks, we're gonna take this drops and this is still on a blue spring, right? We reached forward.

It just like a spine stretch. We curl the neck, think of going up and forward and coming back. Yes. And from here we protract yet. And then the short scapulas and neutral curl, the head neck and the thoracic spine lift. Okay. What we don't want to do is when we come back, we don't want to be here, but we want to stay in that neutral, uh, position of the shoulder blades and rolling down. Wow.

And uh, and rolling down, let's add some extension from here. So we bring the hands down, eight the stopper. Think as the straps are pulling you back and then lift the sternum and look forward. And we go into forward flection and lift and then go into extension and lift and forward. And remember, we don't want to go back like this, but we think of there's a wall behind our bodies and then we want to go forward with the flection. Come back, keep the ribs in as we lift. Yeah, reach back. Think of it. You're, someone is pulling your arms back and forward again. Last one.

And up and reach back. Alright. Okay. Did you feel a little bit movement in your Scapula? In your thoracic? Okay. Then a little bit of abdominal work. Warm warmups. So we're going to sit forward and then let's have three springs because we're going into footwork next.

Okay. Three red springs. Yes. Okay. And then you're going to hold onto the this size, a lifting up tall sitting bones. Together we take an inhale and exhale. Think of pressing your hamstrings to your hands as we roll the spine from our lumbar spine. Yeah, so we think of the lumbar spine first. This time we don't want to just slow, just crunch. Okay.

So think of lifting up tall and then rolling back. Yeah. Press your hamstrings against your hands and then come back. Inhale and exhale as we roll back and up. And exhale, roll back and lift. Hey, one more. Rolling back from the lumbar spine. And then going down to the tips of your shoulder blade. What?

Bring the right leg up to tabletop. Left leg up to tabletop. Hey, from here we lift our arms up towards the ceiling. Place our head down. Hey, um, I want to inhale as we bring the head and chest up. Exhale as you go down. Yes. Take an inhale, think of the back rub gauge floating up and exhale. It's almost like your, um, your back is pushing a little bit up and exhale down and inhale up and exhale down. It feels quite different from with the inhale up.

And one more. Inhale up in hole. Go. Good. And we're going to bring our hands together. Good. Exhale down. Now we're going to exhale up. Inhale to prepare and when to go. We're going to rotate. So rotate to the right as we exhale. Bring both hands down. Inhale and exhale. Other side and down.

Yeah. So remember to keep the pelvis in neutral. You're in your size engaged, and we're rotating at the bottom lip gage and back. One more. Okay.

And back. Let's switch arms. Four more sets. Exhale and down and up and down. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. Hey, stay at the right side. Okay. And let's pull and four, six and five and four and three, two and hold x and inhale down.

Exhale as we come up to the left side and pulse for six and forward and two and three and four. Remember to keep your knees the same height. Last one, hold good. And then lower down. Okay. Your hands are by your side, starting with a little bit of footwork. Hey, so we're gonna start with, uh, the heels together, toes apart in a small v position. Okay. Wrap your thighs around. Your sits bones are together and we inhale as we press out. Exhale down, and inhale and exhale. Inhale, press out. Exhale.

Yeah. And let's bring our arms towards the ceiling. Okay. Feel where your thoracic spine is right now. Your bottom or your back ribcage should be relaxed. Your shoulder blades should be in a neutral position. Yeah. And last one, up and down. Okay. Close the feet too. Close your toes. Big Toes together.

Your knees are a little bit separated. Yes. Good. And then we think of a closing the knees together as we press and then coming back and press. Think of pulling your own pinky toe backwards as you press with the big toe and back. Inhale and exhale. Inhale, initiate from the hamstrings and then think of the torso being long and exhale.

[inaudible]. Okay. And you feel, feel comfortable with your, uh, placement of your spine and your rib cage. Place the hands down. And two more. And exhale. Last one and down. Okay, let's go down to our toes in a v position again. Okay. And then we inhale out and exhale. Think of, uh, your, uh, your heels going away from your sitting bones as you think of lengthening the front of your hips and back and inhale and back.

[inaudible] wrapping your thighs around and back. [inaudible] and four more, three more. And last one whole there. Good. And then let's go into parallel balls of the feet on the football. And inhale out. Hold there. We're going to do 'em. Okay.

Stretch. So bringing the heels down and up, down and up, down and up. Your rib cage and your pelvis is elog aide. Your spine is elongated and there's room between your rib cage in your pelvis. And for more up the Ri up two up and last one up in whole we're going to do running in place or [inaudible]. So we go right and left and inhale.

Inhale, and exhale. Exhale. Inhale, inhale, and exhale. Exhale. Yeah, keep your hands, strings. Engage with the Ben. Need two and last one. And exhale. Exhale, go ahead. Coming all the way back. Let's do a second position. So he'll at the end. Good turn out position. And then, um, I want to be using more glutes.

So let's bring our, yeah, let's do a deep extra no rotation. Right. Good. And then with, without losing your neutral pelvis, and then we press out and back in. Yeah. Knees go wide out and in [inaudible] think of a theme or a spiraling around and exhale and back. Let's go for four more and back in your rat back rib cage. You're relaxed.

Yeah. And one more. And come all the way back in. Okay. We brought our feet down on the platform. Lift your arms up in Hillis. We curl forward. And exos, we got enough. Good. All right, so, uh, let's change the springs to one red or one red and a blue or green.

Um, we're going to do our dominoes with resistance. Okay. So I'm small word, we rolled back again. Okay. And then leave a little space between the shoulder blocks in your shoulders, right? Putting your hands in the straps. We bring one leg up the table, top gun and other leg up to tabletop. All right, I'm here. Uh, we, uh, as we did before. Let's inhale this.

We bring the head on the chest up and exhale as we bring it down and inhale up and exhale down. Yes. Reach forward with the arms and exhale and lift and exhale. Do you feel a little, it is easier to come up after we'd done a little, um, mobilize after we mobilize the thoracic spine hole there that reach the legs out either by external rotation or parallel. And we deal the hundreds and, okay. Hey, remember to keep the carriage as still as possible. Reaching your arms forward with the lads. Yeah. Keeping your shoulder blades reaching outwards.

So projection. How many of was that [inaudible]? Uh, two more seconds plus one in. How to three, four, five come up a little bit higher. Good man. Then the knees come all the way down. Keeping your legs in a, uh, tabletop position. Um, let's literally just your, um, big your thumb. I was gonna say big Sam. I'm sorry. And then we're going to rotate to the right.

So rotating and then coming back and rotate to the left and come back and to the right and back. So same movement that we did without the springs we're doing with the springs and exhale and one more and coming all the way down. Okay. And then putting your feet on the foot bar, uh, or the platform, going to reach up, curl forward, and come up to sitting position. Okay. Putting one more red spring. Uh, no, no, no. Sorry. Uh, blue springs. So we're on red and blue. Hey, I'm going into hip work. So all the way down. Okay. I'm here. We're putting our feet in their steps.

All right, so reach your legs out to about 45 degrees and external rotation, right? And then, um, think of the legs going out from pelvis and then your pelvis is away from your rib cage. You're elongating the spine. Okay. And sitting bones are together. Okay. From here, uh, we go up to wherever you can keep your pelvis neutral, close to about 90 degrees. Hey then just a little bit. Yeah. Gates called diamond leg lowers. So with that diamond shape, we're going to lower the legs and then up towards the ceiling. Again, inhale as we lower the legs and exhale as we come out. Yeah. So the angle of the knees do not change.

Yeah. Cause in hip work what we tend to do is we want to use our knees so much and not so much the uh, hip flexors. So th this exercise is good for use. Thinking of just rotation and then moving at the hips, focusing where your hip flexors are. Hey, and two more exhale out. And then same for a hip work.

We keep our back ribcage relaxed, but keeping your torso long last one and come up. Okay. From here, without moving the carriage weight, we straighten our legs, keeping your heels close, squeeze together, and then open and exhale and back. So we keep the same tension in the springs and spiraled a femur inside the hip socket and back. [inaudible] and back to more. Ah, and back one more and back. Hey, reach up and hold. Okay. From here. Gaze.

Same thing without changing the carrier, without moving the carriage. We reached out, we go out and then come back. And it's sort of like drawing a rainbow with your legs. So open and close. So this is a hip opener without moving the carriage and exhale flows.

Inhale, open XL close and to more open and exhale close. And one more. And exhale close. We stay open. Now moving the carriage, we close and we open as we move the carriage and Xcel close using the inner thighs. And inhale, open a and always be mindful of where your shoulder blades and your rib cages and clothes and open one more close and hold drawing circles down, up, and then out, down, up, circling out and down. Up and circle. One more other side. We go out, up and down. Inhale up close. Squeeze the heels together and down.

Inhale. [inaudible] two more. Last one. Open, close and down. Hey, bring the knees in. Take the straps off, then roll up to the same position again. Okay. How's that feel? That's good, right? Okay. Then let's move on to, um, some arm work. So, uh, let me start off with a red spring and then I'm gonna sit. My feet aren't, uh, in the, on the headrest. In a diamond position. Yes. But, uh, you can sit however you can. Um, keeping your spine upright. Yeah. And your pelvis in neutral. Okay. Take the sprint, take the straps, and then I'm gonna put my fingers in the d loop.

You can just hold at the attachment or whatever is comfortable for you. Okay. From here we turn the palms down. Okay. Hey, and then, uh, be mindful for, of where your rib cage is. It doesn't want to be forward or you don't want to be slouching back, wants to be just right on top of your pelvis. Okay. So we reached the elbows out to 90 degrees here. I don't want you to be retracting the scapula yet and then retract and then project again and then come back.

So with why shoulder blades you pull back, retract the Scapula, shoulder, waist together, protract again. And then it's pretty sad. It's a pretty subtle moment. But yeah, focus on moving the scapula and then stabilizing it. When you're using, when you're pulling this drops in back and forward, reach out, pull back and then forward. Hey, what we think of, we tend to do is do it when we retract or ribcage wants to splay. Be careful and one more retract back and then forward. Okay. From here we're going to add some movement.

So retract and then we uh, we reach out but and then we flex forward with our spine. Just start at the rest, explain and then forward. Hey, so, and if you feel that the tension is a little bit too much, you can hold onto the straps. Good. And then pull, retract. Good. Go into little bit of spinal extension as we pull the arms back, flection of the spine. And then restack. Okay, so we pull back with wide shoulder blades, retract, lifting the collarbone up. Good. Move the carriage as you reach out.

So feel the stretch in your biceps and your shoulder blades and forward. One more. We stack, pull, good, retract and then a little bit of extension. Yeah, your heart up to the ceiling. Reach and then forward flection. Okay. Oh, that worked your back a little bit? Yes. All right man. Um, we're going to take a, we're gonna cross the straps.

Yeah. And then we're going to hold the attachment. Okay. And then, uh, we're going to do a little bit rotation from here. So I'm starting with the right strap. Okay. We think of rotating from the torso first.

Good. And then pull the elbow back and reach forward with that opposite arm to give it a little more rotation. Yeah. And then come back. Okay. So both city moans, the same weight. You start with the torso, you reach back with the elbow and the resell other or I'm forward and come back and we rotate from the torso. Reach the elbow back. Yeah. Lift your heart and come back. One more torso and elbow and the other arm and come back.

Okay, let's go the opposite direction. Uh, the left side. So we've started with this torso. I release the elbow back, reach the other arm forward and come back and rotate. Right. And we're just moving at the rep page. So keep your pelvis, keep your ass looking forward, rotate elbow back, reach that on forward. Ah, this side is harder for me and rotate elbow back, raise that, um, forward and come back. All right. Okay. So legs straight.

Hey, uh, we're going to be using our lots so we Ben forward, but we just don't want to just slumped forward, keeping your belly button towards the spine. Reach forward. Good as much for inflection as you can without losing the lift in your abdominals. So we press back, hey, and then we circle around what you're doing. A butterfly for swimming and we reach back. We moved the Scapula. And Ah, as always, draw your abdominals in. When you press back, keep your forehead close to your knees as much as possible.

One more, press back up and circle around. Okay, we're going to reverse. So we go out, press back and come forward and up and come forward. Yeah, two more and back. Yeah. So weight on your sitting bones are both the same, whichever your dominant arm is that wants to do all the work. So try to use the other arm too. And back. All right man. Come all the way up. Okay.

All right. So we're going to do a mermaid. Hey, I'm in the warmup. We did a side bend, so we mobilized, but now we're going to stabilize the thoracic spine when we're doing the mermaid. So we're on one red still. Um, putting your hand on the football. Okay. So just go out, um, with the same, lengthen the torso. So the hip that's further away from the foot bar will lift. Yeah. And then come back. Yeah. So you think of slightly eating with the sitting bones and up and over. Okay. And now we're going to add rotation. So rotate. Good.

Think of making a parallel line with both of your arms. Rotate back and come all the way up and lift. Rotate, and up and back. Okay, let's do a little bit of rotate. More rotation. So lift. We're going to go under our arm looking back from under your armpits and rotate back and exhale and lift and yeah, keep pushing with that arm on the football and rotate back. And exhale. Come up. Last one. And lift. Yeah.

And rotate from the rib cage. Go further, further, further, and up, and exhale all the way up. Good. All right. Uh, let's go to the other side. Okay. Try to get your, uh, top hip as much down as possible. So you have same way on both of your sitting bones. All right? And we just go out first, no rotation and come back.

Yeah. Out and back. Hey. And the shoulder blades are protracted, yes. And back. Be careful of your hyperextension of the apples and back gain. Now adding on rotation and lit, rotating from the bottom rib cage, and then your po pelvis can follow afterwards and back and up and up. Rotate, reach and back. And lift.

Hey, we're going to rotate a little bit more. So go under the arm, reach, reach that arm and back and up. Two more. Looking under the armpits and back and lift. One more. Keep that down. No lift. Inhale. And he [inaudible] of the spine as you spiral and back and come all the way up.

Oh, right. Okay. And we're going to do ease lunch here. So stand up. We put the back, uh, the sole of the foot at the shoulder, wrist, the other foot is, um, aligned with your knees. Yeah. Okay. Um, I'm on one. Red Spring can be red or blue. Hey. Um, we lift the knee, which is on the reformer. Okay. And then we have the leg straight on the floor and then we fool our Oprah back.

And as we push the carriage out, bending the front knee, we think of a little bit of back extension. Yeah. Lift your heart up towards the sky. Yeah. And then try to push the heel back as much as possible and exhale as we flex forward. Yeah. Try to go into little bit of posterior tools and then we press back again. Inhale and exhale.

And inhale, press. Yeah, reach that collarbone now. So press down, use your shoulder and exhale and inhale for wrestled. They feel the stretch in your hip flexors. And exhale, curl back. And two more. And exhale, curl that last one. XL Curl. Okay. And then go into the other side.

Alright. Right. So set your back foot first, right. And then align your knees. All right. And then, uh, your inside home is right in front of the shoulders. Lift the knee a little. So you have both Iasi as the same height. Yeah. And the foot on the floor is straight. Hey, uh, code upper back. So you push down with both arms without hyperextending like I was right now.

And then you'd try to uh, press back, uh, as we go into a little bit extension. Oh, nice. And exiles, we curl on. Inhale, press back. Yeah. Push that heel away from your hips. Nah. Yeah, there you go. And XL and press out and back and yeah, tried to go think of a little bit of posterior tilt when you go in to feel more hand, hip flexor, stretch and exhale, draw the carriage and with the downloads and two more. And [inaudible] last one. I know I want to stay here, but we were going to come back. I'll come back. Okay. Alright. So, okay. We, I think we have prepared ourselves to do the down stretch. Right?

Okay. So we're going to put both feet, uh, against the headrest hands a think of pushing down and then little bit towards you. Okay. As we go. Okay. We want to use all of our backsides. So hamstrings and our glutes are back extensors or shoulder extensors. And then read the heart out or the ceiling. A E my evolve, your repeat and then press. I don't want you to be looking down on the floor. Yeah. So you'd just watch out. Yeah, I think you'll, it's really good on this side cause you can see. And for breath and lift.

Yeah, keeping your hamstrings engaged, your abdominals engaged. Push the pelvis forward, lift that upper back and press and lift. Two more prs. And inhale. Inhale, inhale and exhale and inhale, reach. Okay. And Curl back. Breathing into the back rib cage in here, pulling your abdominals in. Exhale.

Okay. And coming into a sitting position. Okay, let's bring our box and put it as a long box to do our back exercises. Yeah. Okay. And then we're going to face towards the foot bar. Yes. On the box there. Just under the box. They're just under your chest.

And we put our hands at the side of the bar. Okay. Press out. He, so think along line from your head to your toes, right. And then, um, stabilizing your shoulder blades. From here we see out as we bring the head up, cervical spine, and then thoracic, upper thoracic, and then come back. So the movement is going to be small. Hey, think of resisting the springs as you lift the color bone and your chest bone up. Exhale down and inhale and exhale down. And inhale, starting from the first cervical spine and exhale down.

And then let's go a little bit further. So keeping your bottom rib cage down and exhale and inhale. So reverse articulation and exhale down. And one more and exhale down. Come towards the stopper. Okay.

We're going to do the rocking prep. Very last exercise to bring the straps. Yeah. And then, yeah. Cool towards you. Yes. And then getting on the reformer. And you can always do this without the straps. Yeah, just, just on the box itself. And then putting your feet inside the straps.

Okay. Oh wait, so hold on. Either your ankles or the tops of your feet. Good. Look down. And then remember to pull up dominoes, loot a in and lift it up. Hey, so pressed your tops of feet into your hands and then lift the head, lift the whole spine, go through that thoracic extension and exhale as we come down. Okay. And we don't want to be protecting too much cause uh, you tend to flare your rib cage out when we do that.

So think of stretching out the front of your shoulders when we do this. Okay. And you feel if you feel that the headrest is a little bit, get comfortable, you can always slide down. Okay. And we press out and we lift and exhale down and inhale, Eh, exhale. That's always go through that upper back and then go into more extension down. Eh, can you rock a little bit forward and, and up and up.

One more. Hold and come all the way down. All right. Taking the straps off however gracefully you can. Yes, that's the hard part. Yes. Okay. I'll just let it lie downs or worry about that. Okay.

And then let's slide off. Okay. So, uh, we've done some backwards and sizes, so let's finish off with stretching your lower back. Thanks. So holding your hands, shoulder with right above your feet. Our bouts, sitting bones, distance and curl back. You can bend the knees a little bit. Try not to pull the reformer. Pull your navel away from the knee away from the reformer and breathing through the back and exhale into your pelvis and do your whole spine.

He was strained the right knee. Then the left knee a little further. Yeah, rotate to that right side and I feel that rightsize drew it. Sure. Breathe in through the right side and exhale, come back. And then to the other slide, pulling your left sitz bones away from your left heel. Lovely Strip.

Ah, Hey Ben, both knees, good curl, and then restart the spine. Oh, we're all done. Thank you.


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Very nice approach Nagi so often these exercises are done far too quickly - feel great ! Thank you.
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Love your attention to detail.
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Loved this class. Thank you.
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It was very helpful. I would like to join your lesson at the wonderful place, some day!
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Very good!
Diane, thank you for the first comment!
I felt great after doing the class too:)
Thank you Vickie, precision and simplicity is my motto:)
Jodie, thank you. I'm happy you liked the class!
Mitsuko-san, thank you for watching:)
Please please join me for class! Maybe next year?!
Thank you Freda!
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