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Reformer Workout

55 min - Class


Mobilize your thoracic spine in this Reformer workout with Nagi Takahashi! She starts off gently by loosening up the upper back with and without resistance, then moves on to more advanced extension like Rocking. All of the exercises in this class will improve the mobility and stability of your spine so your whole body will feel great!
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Okay. So how'd you Leona and hi everyone. Um, I'm really happy to be back at Buddy's anytime. This is my fourth time to be filming. And today we have a Juliana, you have been working, ...


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Very nice approach Nagi so often these exercises are done far too quickly - feel great ! Thank you.
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Love your attention to detail.
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Loved this class. Thank you.
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It was very helpful. I would like to join your lesson at the wonderful place, some day!
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Very good!
Diane, thank you for the first comment!
I felt great after doing the class too:)
Thank you Vickie, precision and simplicity is my motto:)
Jodie, thank you. I'm happy you liked the class!
Mitsuko-san, thank you for watching:)
Please please join me for class! Maybe next year?!
Thank you Freda!
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