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Advanced Reformer Technique

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This is an Advanced Reformer with some exclusions. The pace is somewhat modified for the newer advanced student. The goal in these exercises is to find the control and make the movements fluid. Each exercise requires the participant to understand their bodies and move with control and ease. Adrianne has demonstrations in both modified versions as well as the more advanced work. Enjoy!
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Sep 04, 2010
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Okay. So Marta's going to be demonstrating and advanced reformer. Have her lie down on the machine. Understand this. These are advanced exercises and into please be cautious and listen to your bodies and hopefully you are at an advanced level already, not just entering it. All right? So she's in her plotty stance and she's ready to go. Going into her footwork. And there are 10 of these, and this is about lengthening the muscle as well as controlling the movements.

There are six principles to [inaudible]. These are to be applied to each and every movement, especially advanced. And you should be counting as you're moving and always constantly trading on that powerhouse and imprinting the spine. She's transitioned right away to her arches too. And she could go a little bit quicker. Three. So there's a bit of a flow to it.

Four. So at the six principals, centering concentration, control the flow of course, precision. And what am I forgetting? Center concentration control and the breathing of course. So you're trying to apply all of those to each and every movement. Okay.

Okay. So she's doing everything she should be. And at this stage you should already know what the footwork is, correcting it as you move, and just really being in tune with your body. Sorry for a little bit sharper. Yeah, six not tense in your neck or shoulders. Zipping up the legs. 10 transitioning to the toes, going into tendon stretch, lower, lower, lower lift, lift or, and again, 10 of these, a little bit more dynamic and lower. Lower Lyft, Lyft, Lyft too.

So you want to start to work up kind of a rhythm so that you start to warm up. Three, four, that's it fi and deepening that powerhouse pulling and in that seven and eight really rapping as well. Nine 10 now she's on a balanced body machine, so she's on her three red springs for her body. So you should also know your springs. She's going to take her straps. You should actually take her head rest down. That way she's ready to go into the overhead after the hundreds.

I'm going to go ahead and lower the bar for her and I'm going to drop a spring for her on grads. You would just stay on the same springs. All right. Go ahead and lift the head, stretch out and begin your hundreds. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Now for her, I'm going to have her lower the legs a little bit more cause she's pretty advanced. 22 five and deepening really flat back, flat tummy 50 above the hips.

Your arms should be about six to eight inches above the hips. So they're pretty big, very strong. You could breathe for five counts in and five counts out or three counts in seven counts out. A full 10 count though, except an exhale. And here too, this is your body. You should be counting heals together. Squeeze. That's it. Keep the stretch happening. Alright, she's going to go into her overheads at this point.

So I want to have her demonstrate a more modified version to start with. Both legs are long, arms are straight up, so you have to use the arms but not your neck. You're gonna, she's gonna drop her arms and take her legs over her head. Kinda like short spine and then I'm gonna have her just roll that down. That's all articulating one vertebra at a time. Last thing down as the legs, as the arms come up.

One more time just like that over. No, there should be no jerk in your head left and be sure that head rest is down and roll down one vertebra at a time. Okay, so now I'm going to have her show the full overhead movement. So fingers are long. She's going to take her legs over and Jack knife lap. Now she could try to lift the legs way up there and I want to help guide her down and give her an extra, a little stretch. So she gets those legs long to feel that stretch in her back and legs. Alright, I'm not going to try to hold her this time she comes up, you know she could get really tall. They're lifting.

Think of the toes reaching for the ceiling, keeping your hips lifted and then bring that down. Now let's add the flow. So about two more times. She's going to go over one, end up to end, two, three, four, five, six and tomorrow one. But I mean to add up and bring it down. Staying in control. No neck. And last one in, over one, two, way up there Marta. That's it. And now come on down. Three, four, five and six going into her coordination too. She'll bend her elbows, knees in. There's an order to, these elbows are in glue to the rib cage. All right, so your heads are up. Begin arms out, legs out. Open-Close knees, arms. Inhale knee out and hold. Exhale on the end. Inhale, stretch out long.

So try to touch the opposite side of the room as you take those legs out at a criss cross beat. So you're out in cross the legs for eight counts. Two, three, four, six, seven, eight. Nice arms. One more set. Inhale, stretch. And one, two, three, four, five, six, eight. Exhale and rust. Alright, so I'm going to have her sit up. Drew up one spring, so she, you'll now be on one's brain going into rowing. So she turns around and she faces the shoulder pads with her legs between the shoulder pads and you want to make sure you have a good hands with from the back for support. And if your legs aren't quite fit in, you cross one leg over the top. All right? She's going to start from her sternum and she'll start almost in the seeker of her head drops. And as she begins to round back, the control is right in that powerhouse down in that lower spine, curling it under hold. Open the arms to the side, try to keep your upper body still as you push the arms back and then touch the hands together by your tailbone. Big lifting circle to your toes.

As you're stretching, you're not reaching with the arms, you're getting that scoop. So shoulders are down, there it is, and you squeeze your bottoms. All right, so from your sternum, just kind of showing you what the exercise is and then we'll go into it with the flow and over and lift and circle. Touch your toes. And of course there should be no, no noise. So it's very quiet. So you're always in control of this. Rank one, open to push back through and around over four lift five and stretch six. So six she should already be there. So let's do that with more flow now. So from your sternum, six counts.

Hinge back one open to push back, three touch four big lift five and to the toes right away. Scoping six and now I'm 90 degrees. So elbows up. We'll have her do three of these. She's gonna stay tall as she hits back. So she's kind of arching a little bit. Get those ribs in now come up even taller. Stretch over to the knees, pull alongside the carriage as you bring the arms back. Touch your hips.

Big Lifts circling and touch the toes. Once again. So almost like the other one, similar. So here she is, she's tall, it's her flat. Back on the short box. You hinge back and you grow taller coming up. Then she's going to add the spine. Stretch forward over, pull alongside the care to, and now she's circles the arms. But keep that scoop and the resistance happening with the wrap and the thighs.

Last one, 90 degrees and Jig one up and over two nose between the knees. Three. So the arm still move or lift five and touch six. All right, so here's where she can put the straps, either on the pegs or at your hips, depending on what machine you're working on. Okay? And she's gonna Scooch back.

So now she has against the shoulder pads going into her front. Rolling from the chest is called. So here she goes, arms go straight up, and then they come straight down. What she's trained to do is sit on top of her hips and grow taller. She was falling back, she fixed it. Inhale up, exhale down. So now her shoulders are on top of her hips.

So it really helps to do this with a, maybe a mirror at your side so you can every now and then look to the side and see where you are positioned. And that's enough. So now she's going to go to her hips. Head is down in your seeker. So gonna go into a stretch. Feet are flexed on this. Still on one spring, stretch over to the toes. Now use that resistance with the arms out.

As you round up one vertebra at a time. And arms will finish at shoulder height. Arms come up. And once again, staying on top of the hips. Grown tall. So from the hips in your, see, here we go. Inhale, stretch what? Xcel sharp setup to lift. Three grotell four, five, six and two more. Stretching one, sit up tall to lift. Three and four, five, six. One more time. Head is down so she could get much deeper there. Now she's going to begin to sit up, pull in, and then sit up a little bit taller, arms up, and exhale. Exhale, exhale. Okay.

Going into her shaving, she'll cross her legs, adjust your hands through your fingers are in the straps. Arms come up and behind your head. You do have to lean a little bit forward, but you're still at a nice, tall, flat back. So she's not go ahead and demonstrate ribs out. So she's not doing that. So fill those ribs in, but stay long. Alright. So now she wants to stretch out as far as she can and then come back in about three to five times an hour. You should feel this in that powerhouse, pulling those ribs in and growing tall. Still. Last one. Stay out there.

Open your arms to the side rear. Cross your legs going into your hugs. Nice deep breath in. Push their way. So it's not just this, there's resistance on the movements in and on the movement out. Always working out and last one and out. Now you could reverse the breathing there, but that's enough.

Put the straps on the pegs and I'm going to have you get the box. Of course. Question is, I will grab it for you. Okay. And I'm going to have her demonstrate this one cause that would be next. She's gonna go back to two springs first.

She'll lie down on her stomach. Let me get your little pad. You'll need a little pad here so you don't slip and slide around. And usually the reformers come with that and if not twice to get one. All right, so something that will make you slide like a towel would make you slide something rubbery. All right, so you have to find that position where it's comfortable on the hips. You want to draw up your tailbone so you're not arching that lower back and she's going to begin by lifting the arms up and arching back.

Exhaling, it's a breathing exercise. Then I'll have her stretch straight out. One long line. Get those ribs way up and now take that back. Take the arms down to your side, listen back up, reach straight out, scoop and come back down. So these will take some time. If you haven't done this quite the same on here, we'll take some time to memorize arms come up. She takes that back and as she takes it back, she's exhaling and lifting and now she's going to shoot out like superman, stretch and then take it back. Exhale, exhale, exhale.

Take the arms down to the side, come back up, reach, scoop up your ribs and bring that back down. Last one. Now with the flow, inhale up, exhale back. Inhale out. Exhale back, arms down, arms up, reach. Scoop and bring it down. All right. Now she would stand up on right where she is on the sh a foot bar. Get rid of the pad and drop one spring.

Now she's ready cause her straps are on the peds for her pulling straps. So now one spring, hopefully, you know that's the red. Okay, her shoulders should be on the box. You can move backwards a little bit more. All right, one long line with your spine. You're going to reach down and start to lift the arms up, opening up your chest, keeping those legs really long hold and lower.

So you'll hold that for about three counts. Reached down a lift. Now she could try to rotate those wings, pulling them together. Hold two, three, lower. One more time. Reach down and lift up and hold two, three and lower the arms. All right, next she's going to go into her t. So this, I would actually have her hold onto the handle just because the straps are a little bit shorter than the garage and take the arms out and now have her bring that same stretch back. She can lift her head and open up her chest, hold, hold, hold. And in keeping that tension on the strap so there's no looseness in the straps.

Hold one, lifting the ribs, two, three and open. Last one, bring that back. Hold two, three and open. This is where you would take your straps. In one hand you're, I'm going to have her step off to the side, but before she actually stands up, she'll add one spring on the outside. So she's going to add a red spring and then she's going to turn around and adjust the straps behind her back so that now she can set up for her backstroke. So the feet are on the bar. Exactly.

She's going to lie all the way down with her hands above her forehead. And ideally you should have your tailbone down at the end, but for balanced body and peak, sometimes the boxes are a little bit bigger than grots. So you would want to be right where she is. All right, so in your bloody stance turned out arms like a fist. You're here. Okay. You want to take that steroid up 90 degrees with the arms and legs.

Now open the arms and legs and now reach for your toes. Hold lower those legs long and come back in. So six counts up one, open two and reached three. Holding for two counts and come back. And now reach your fingers out. Long up and open and hold them right above the hips.

Now touch your toes. Way Up there and come back in. I'll have her reversed that right stretch out. Straight hold, hold open up together. Then in tomb our reach right on top of the hips even more. Lift your chest and open. Lift and together. One more time. Inhale on the out. Hold that for two counts. One, two now no exhale.

Inhale and exhale. All right, now this is tricky. She has to go into a teaser in order to change the spring. So the straps are on one hand and in her teaser. Now this is a little bit different because again, the straps are a little bit shorter, so the character will move grads. It wouldn't do that. All right, so now, so take that with a grain of salt.

Move a little to the right mark and get yourself more centered. All right. She's ready for her teaser. She's on one red spring. Heels are together, so zipping up the legs. Fingers are long, so you're not tensing. Your hands. Begin to peel like your roll up off of the box coming up. Get a good position. Really Tall. Not so much forward, but long spine and then arms up and down for three counts. Now I'm going to try to get out of the way and just be conscious that you don't lock your knees three and now begin to bring that down.

Yeah, I think she should move down to her. Her feet a bit more. Yeah. All right, so now I'm gonna have her go into some arm circles. Balance Control coming up. Chest is open, legs are up, and now arms come up and around three times. Be Conscious, be in it with you. Don't hunt your back.

Keep that back. Open three come up with the arms to the ears and lie that down. One Vertebra at a time. So they don't, the bigger they are, the more control it takes. So you might want to start with small circles. All right. So now she'll reverse that. She's going to once again come back up, find her balance. I am not going to spot her. So she has to stay in control of it and not fall to now the arms should go out and then up. And that's what makes it very difficult.

And Go ahead and lie back down Marta and then lie down. There you go. Alright, so now she'll still stay on that one spring and she'll take her straps one hand and step off. Cause I like her to set up for her horseback. So I'm going to use this pad just for not slipping. Sometimes you'll have those two paths and then you're going to try to sit down. Yeah, go ahead and sit down.

Cause then you have to demonstrate how you would get on to it. Go ahead and sit down. Just sit. Yeah cause it's a little wider than the garage. I'm used to working with the garage. This is fine. It's just a different machine, different. Um, with for the box it's just different. Drop your head, elbows into the ribs. I prefer the progressive cause that's when I just prefer working on. All right, so here you go. Elbows are and you're going to begin. This is her horseback.

She's gonna try to stay in a c curve as she comes up. So she, you have to kind of rotate your thighs in hugging the barrel or the box. Now her toes are pointing. She, her elbows are bent. She begins by trying to lift the arms to the ears, keeping that tailbone curled and in three times with the arms up to the years. And in two I had one more [inaudible] and then she'll sit back down and the rest. All right, so about three sets. That was her first set of three. Once again, she's going to come up and arms up and scoop one.

Now I'm going to help her a little bit too. Up Tuck, Tuck, tuck. Yes, our legs are forward and now bring that down. Tendencies for the legs to start to fall back. So you have to not forget that that hug has to continue as the leg as you're up suspended. All right, so one more time. She'll come up staying up there. That's it.

Keep that hug happening with the thighs and now arms up hugging and tucking one too much better. Deepen it. Three. And that's enough rest. So three sets. The three. All right. Get rid of the straps for now and then I'm going to have her step off and I think we're going to just go ahead and go to the short box because the brush stroke, you need somebody to spot you. So go ahead and yeah, you can just drop the shops all the way away and because it's long, I'm going to have you keep that in front. So depending on how tall you are, you'll know when you sit down, I'm going to add one spray and then you'll want a bar here too. So hopefully you have one of those. Otherwise you can do it just with your imagination.

It was crossing your arms or holding her arms up without holding anything. All right. So she's going to put that underneath her legs for now because first she'll start with her. Hud's checking her box, making sure she's nice and square and rounded over her hips. To begin, this is her finished position to begin. Squeeze your bottom kind of rounding as you go back, curl your hips under and come on up. So what I'd really like to see is this, these muscles on the mat, those bones and muscles imprinting into that mat as she goes back. So there doesn't, there's no arch at all. It's really scooped.

Okay. And that became, that happens by the deepness and the Navel and the rock with the thighs. And uh, now I'm going to have her go back and arch. So inhale, go back. You'll take your head and arms behind you and you can grab underneath the carriage and give yourself a little tug. But as you tug, you still want to get those ribs to pull in. It will feel better on your back. Feel really good. All right. Arms come back around your waist. Curl Your Chin and scoop. Stretch over. That's enough. Take your bar.

Go to your flat back. You only want to handle it from the back. She was actually too far forward. There you go. Alright, so the legs are long, not locked, but long feeder, flexed hip with the part and begin staying tall hinges back. I had to keep the length come on up and make it even longer. This is so subtle, but it's right between the hips and ribs where you should feel just this slight lift. That's where you're working. And two more and hinge anywhere from three to five of these.

Oh and one more time and back. Don't let your bell do that one more time without your tummy popping out quite so much tall. Chest Open, lift, lift, lift, and in. After up your arms, give them a moment and then come back up. Going into your side bend. So now she should be in front of her hips with her shoulder and then coming right back up and over as far as she can with those ribs together. Even more rib, rib, ribs. There you go. And then come back up and over.

These are really kind of hard to understand. You want to eventually, the more advanced is keep both sides long and lift off the hips as you go to the side, like keep the length as you come back up and Walmart over. So you're tall. Both hips are on the mat. Now I've got her supported so she's going to be able to go further. Scoop. There you go. And then come on up. Give your arms a break. Okay. All right. So those get challenging more and more. The more you progress. All right, you're going to turn going into your twist and hinge with the reach.

All right, so she'll go fishing after the set. So turn hinge. So this is the normal version. Pull in and lengthen without popping those ribs out. Okay, so now she's going to go fishing. She's turned to the corner of the machine. She's hinged. Both hips should be on the mat, on the box. That's it. And now left. Come back up.

Then center yourself back out and turn and hand. I'm going to hold her hip so you can see the stretch up, up. Touch the ceiling with that left arm up. Okay, let's have you do that again. So go left ribs. Good. Now hinge. There you go. Now hold that.

Now go fishing without crunching that left side and left up and center. Okay, that's an apple. Take that bar away and take one leg out going into her tree. But she's actually just going to do her three stretches. Check that you still have that hands with.

Turn the back and she's Kinda slipped back a little bit too far. Good. I always want that for your back to be supported or walk up and just check your box. Make sure you're nice and square. All right, she's in position, hopefully not locking the fingers, which she is. And I walked down. You plant your tree at 90 degrees. Now she's going to go all the way back. Take your hands underneath the carriage and hold onto it. Tightening that powerhouse.

She's gonna Circle the leg up to the nose five times. Actually let's just have her do three too. And now reverse that three times. So there your leg circles, one that you do on the mat, two and three. Go ahead. Reach for the thigh curl. And Your Chin back into that. See to come back up. Your head should be on your knee, your nose, and now sit up tall.

Lifting through here, getting that leg up. Get your leg boy up there. There we go. Now go take your leg to the side. So that's it. Only one time. Now take ahold of the ankle. Take a hold of the box. Take the leg to the side, get your box square. So those you might have to hop forward a little bit. Hopefully not too much adjustment. Curl Your Chin, get into your c. Try to keep those hips square as you go back. Open up that leg, take it down. There you go. Curl. And now take your head back if you'd like.

That's optional. You could just go halfway back. And what you tried to do is get this little right leg to come behind your shoulder as you come forward. And then sit up tall. Now she checks her box, then she crosses her leg over. Both hands go behind her so her chest is open and then she's gonna stretch it over. Right? All right, let's switch to the other leg. Take a hold of your thigh and now begin three stretches tall.

Little bit forward your shoulders. Yeah, two and three walking up. Same thing. So now she's got that. See, she's ready to go. That's it. Curl under. Walked down. Take a hold of the carrot and the accent is up. One circle in. Drop that hip. Yes.

Now cross the leg and two, you should feel a stretch on these up. Two up three. Now reverse it and you'll see the leg won't want to go too far. Two and three both hands at the same time. Curl your Chin and come up. Powerhouse. Come all the way up. Square yourself off. Yeah, that's it. Get that leg up and flex and 0.1, two, always hopefully enjoying yourself and having a good time. Three.

And now take the leg to the side. All right. This foot. You know, don't worry too much about other than keeping it flex, this leg should be long. She's a little too far forward, but that's okay. She can fix it as she goes back. All right, back into your, see. Keep your shoulders lined up with those hips. That's it. Now she can stop there if she wanted or she can take your head all the way back again. That's optional scope.

Keep that leg pulling back without adjusting your hips to stay still. Now sit up tall, squaring yourself off. That's it. Then cross your leg over. That's it. And then stretch forward. Opening up the chest still. So the shoulders were pull back. Alrighty. I'm going to have her step off. We'd get rid of the box. Pole is gone.

We'll still want the pad because she should set up for her long stretch series. So the headdress comes up in, the bar comes up and then you'll need the pat on the head rest so that you have something to keep you from sliding. All right, so right into position, hand, foot, hand, foot. And now begin out heels are up. Nice flat, straight line and no noise. She's back to two springs to one more time. Then I'd like her to come in and drop to her knees and drop one spring.

So this same exercise becomes a lot harder with only one spring. So be careful that you can try it when it's all in here, right in here. And last one out. Let's have you do one more, a little bit further out, out, out, out, and all the way in that did. Now go back to the knees and add that spring back. So back to two springs down, stretch, beginnings, pushing away, exhaling as you come in. Open up the chest and a little bit quicker now. Nice deep breath in.

And exhale. Exhale, exhale. And one more time. Exhale. Exhale, exhale. Good. Let's go ahead and walk to your fingertips. Keep lifting your powerhouse and opening up that chest. All right. Curl Your Chin and come up to your up. Stretch. So on your palms again, but on your toes. Now getting our sea. Hopefully your heads are right on top of those springs and not way back here, okay? Because you want to work from in here and not up here. All right.

Protect your shoulders out, plank. And then she controls the movement and gets all the way over the board bar before she runs back up. So really deep there. Shoulders down his wings. Use your hips, not your knees. Push it away. Who should away now? Open up your chest. That's it. Now try to bring your shoulders over the bar because hello a little bit harder and rounded back up. No knees, powerhouse pushes away out a little bit quicker. Now lower.

We're still trying to keep this flow and then come back up. Now reverse that. You go out with the hips. You plank, just like you did a moment ago, you come straight in. Now here's the difference. You push out with the arms, curl your chin, scoop and rag that those hips under and too worn out. Open in, out, curl and scoop. One more time out. Lower in getting the shoulders over the bar.

Push out with the arms and pull it in. Not with the knees. Powerhouse enough going into her. Let's go heavy. Go to Arabesque on the top of the shoulder pads on her toes. So I don't know if you can see, but hopefully you can see she's up on her toes. All right. And she's gonna take one leg up, preferably her weaker side.

So she's changing. All right, so the leg is up, back into that seat. Get a good, good scoop up and do there. All right. Ready? Pushing out and filling up and out. So the leg, that is the leg that is down her left leg is down, is the side that's working. That's the side that strengthening and up, up, up and enf switch sides. Now careful not to tense your net quite so much.

Keep your head down and one leg up. That's it. Keeping your hips square and now keep that tailbone did. Curl under with the leg up. That's it. And under, one more time out and, and, and that's enough both feet down on the mat again, but still up on your toes. Okay. And you could do an air best just like this. Same thing, but now she's on the mat out. And where's that Tuck? Yes. Out and curl too.

So that tailbone has to push under switch legs. No tensing too much, right? Okay. Out. And again, these are, people tend to drag it in with their knees. Please don't do that. Crow, your Chin a little bit and I'll go to a flat foot elephant with two flakes. And these two are optional. You could do arabesque on a flat foot as well. Three counts in one, two, three out and wings down. Yes, that's it. Toes or lifting as she drags it in. Last one. And uh, are I go ahead and step to the side and I'm going to have her set up for her stomach massage. I'm going to have her lower the bar as well because it's a little too high.

So I'm having him go to the shorter bar. If you have a garage, the bar's already ready to go. So your flow does it stop. Alright, so big lift with that lower back and stretch scooping the ribs and now she goes out, drops the heels and come in. So she's in her plotty stance out and I'll make that accident end to finding where the Enis three it keeping that flow for a little bit sharper. Five, that's it. Six. You are really kind of powerful. Seven, eight, 10 times nine. So she's back to her three springs 10 and now she comes in first and then she's gonna take her hands back. Now if you started with four springs, you want to drop to three sitting tall.

I'm going to have her demonstrate six sitting tall and then three with her hands off to now get that lift as you come in. Three, four. Don't let those knees go wider than your hips as you come in. Five and six. Now hands up lower lift, stay tall. The acetone hunch, your upper back to last one and three very nice. Drop one spring. Now she's down to two springs. Everybody should and then come in. That's watching your alignment, not letting your knees go wider than your own frame.

Lifting up eh one more. So about four times. And now twist to the side, lifting her back with the heels even in together and come in and out and in. And one more set you do anywhere from two to three sets here. Last one. These feel really good and enough. Alright, I'm going to have her step off and set up for her long back stretch. So she came get rid of the pad for now and she's going to go back to the tall bar. And of course if it's across, you would stay on the just the regular bar. All right, so you're going to step on. So your hands are behind you. It's kind of like a dip with the arms. Your feet go against the shoulder pads, they're flex. What's important is not doing this.

You want to keep your chest open long back. All right? So she's going to drop her bottom, trying to skim the bar as she pushes out. Then she's gonna lift her hips and try to open up her chest and about three times go down, push out, and then here she goes, up, up, up and open. One more time, down, out, up and in. Now you could reverse this. These are tough on the wrist, so be careful. They will strengthen your wrist, but it's gonna take some time. Do what you can.

It doesn't have to be as deep and then come all the way up, chest opens and then sit on the bar. That's enough. So just three times each way. That's plenty. All right, I'm going to have her go into her tendon stretch here. Now these, if you've never done them, I don't recommend them without a trainer. All right? Because it's your standing up. It's balanced and it's scary if you've never done it. So she's got her hands looped, her head is down, and the further out you go, the harder it is to come in.

So go where you can do just a little one little bit out. Now careful coming in, pulling up. It's all in here. Believe it or not. Now I'm gonna have her do the full version. I would as far as you can, try not to touch the bar, especially coming in. Try not to touch that bar. Get your bottom in front of the bar and don't just fly in because you'll do a somersault. We don't want that one more time out about three times and then in, in filling it up in and now the carriage is in rest for just a second by sitting down.

Now I'm going to have her take the leg to the side so her right hand goes inside and her right leg goes up. She gets herself into position. She's on the arch of the foot or the ball. All right, so her right leg stays up. You want to try to keep that up the whole time. Now she's going to push out trying to go as far forward as you can. You might not go very far, especially if this is your first time and generally if you've never done this, somebody will spot you to showing it the very advanced way. And three, these are not easy. All right?

Switching sides to sit down to transition. Left hand inside the leg, right hand is on the [inaudible]. You are looping with your thumbs. All right. Okay. Head is down. Scooped up. Ready, push out and careful coming up that you don't just fly in tomorrow. If that leg boy up two and one more time and three rest.

Now I'd like her to demonstrate this side back version. Are you up for it? Okay. So she's going to go back into that same position with the right leg out. And what she'll do, just sit for one second, Marta. What she'll do is her leg will be out, she'll go from right to back to right to back. One more set. Right to back. So reset. Okay.

So I'm going to help spot her. Okay, that's it. Tuck your Chin and then I'm going to try to walk away. Doesn't have to be big. Right? And now push out. So now she's gone right now she goes out on the back, she comes all the way in and then she goes back to the right out and all the way in and back and out and all the way in. And one more time without me out and in now back out and in quietly and rest.

So that's the side. Now I want her to even out. So I'm gonna have her go to the other side and youtube. Okay. So now I'm gonna really spot her so that you can see what it should look like. Head down. Alright. Ready?

Out and back and out and up and out. And up and back in the last set out, up and back and scoop. All right, that's it. I have her step off. And let's have you go into your chest expansion. So we'll get rid of the bar. She's gonna stay on. Well, you can stay on too.

Red Springs for chest expansion. If you go lighter than that, it might be too easy. You could go a red and a blue. All right. She's pretty strong. All right, so staying tall. Shoulders on top of hips. She's going to lower the arms. Open up her chest. Look to the right center. Left Center Ed. Exhale. So add the breathing. You inhale, arms pull back. Look left center, right center. Exhale.

One more set. Nice. Deep Breath in, right center, left center. Exhale. One more time. Keeping Square the whole time so you don't twist as you pull back. And exhale, go ahead and move forward. Sit on your heels and add one red spring. So now she's going into her thigh stretch.

You should have a pad that you put over your spring's case. You have long hair. You don't want your hair to fall into the springs. Crawl your chin to your chest, your knees are against the shoulder. Pez. Now, if you have bad knees, don't do this. Okay? You shouldn't feel it in your knees if you're really using that powerhouse in your body, that's far enough. Keep Your Chin Cup, tuck hips, straps and ribs. So now she'll arch back. So that was the do one more. Actually, if you don't mind just like that, just wear your hinge back and then she lifts the straps, hips and pulls her ribs back together. Now she's going to demonstrate the arch, so she takes that backward. Her head goes back, she opens her chest and exhale.

That's why the pad is there to keep her hair from getting stuck. Now Curl Your Chin straps, hips, chest, Walmart, time and crew. Take it back now. Exhale, open up the chest. Good. And now straps, chin, come on up. You should feel a nice stretch on the top of the sides there. All right, I'm going to have her flip around. She'd take the shops in one hand, get rid of the pad and she would drop down to one spring. I'm going to go ahead and do that for you cause I'm already here, but you'll be doing all that and that just keeps you warm. Alright, good staring. Tell. So now you have to be careful because you're on one spring, staying in control of the springs. Big Circle. Three times one up in around two and up and around three.

Now reverse that around and up. One, two, getting a little bit harder and now she's going to come up, leaning forward into a shaving position. Push it away and brewing it in. Exhale and close those ribs again using your bottom and I hold it out and go to your hugs. Nice deep breath and together and push the away. One and two and three. All right, you could do an arm curl, hair up, elbows stay in, but shoulders stayed back. One, two and three go ahead and her up. Sit back, drop the strops behind you and step off at one spring. Okay. I'm gonna have you actually, let's, I'm going to have her demonstrate the snake and twist. Um, would you mind starting on this side? Okay, so you should probably go back down to for her.

I'm going to have her on one spring cause she's little. If you're like my size, you would go to two springs and if it's your first or fifth time, hopefully, again, you've done this with a trainer several times, so you kind of know the routine. Take your right foot up, left foot around the ankle, her hips are up. So now she has to be careful that she didn't just fly out there cause she's not a light Sprague. Two Springs would help you control it a little bit more. All right, so she's gonna push out. That's why I'm here to help spot her and staying square. Exhale this breathing exercise and now curl your Chin and fill that up.

And now nice deep breath in and exhale. It's like a wash hog. You bring it out and come back up. Now have her snake and twist. Here comes the twist. That was the snake and how she exhales and opens up her chest without moving the carriage. And now she comes back squaring her box. Ah, and one more time. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, exhale, exhale, good. Very nice. And come on up. Step off the back and then she'll walk to the other side.

All right, so right hand, left hand, left foot, standing up. Okay, now I'm going to try not to hold it to budge, but I'm here in case that's why these are really, it's really important to know these exercises and have done them several times with a trainer. Exhale, opening up your chest and I'll come on up and now she's going to go to the twist. Here's that washcloth. She's ringing out the lungs and careful coming back up. And one more time breathing really wring out the lungs here. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Chest, left shoulder pulls back and now she's going to control it and bring it back in. Step off to the back. All right, she'll add one's spring unless you are already onto, she's back to two springs. Stay on those two springs. Lie back on your back and your head rest should be down.

So let's make sure your headrest is down and I'm going have her go into her corkscrew. So go ahead and take your legs up. And she was going to circle the legs and go in right into the Jackknife, right? And now come on down. Now add the flow here around. I'll help you with your shirt around and lift. Good. Eh, come on down. It's always uncomfortable to feel your shirt falling off and up. Good.

Very nice. And come down and around and, and one more time towards me. All around, around and lift way up there, Marta. That's it. Hold and bring that down. Okay, so now she's going to hold her legs and go into a ticktock. So keep your legs straight up, tick talking. When you tick talk, you take your head the opposite way. You take the legs as far over as you can without letting your hips lift. So it's not gonna be a big movement, but you'll feel a little bit of a stretch through the side. Hey, she kind of lifted her left hip there a little bit. Okay, and that's enough. Go ahead and drop your feet. She's still on two sprang.

She's going to go into her balance control. So this is where you, I'm going to have you show that prep. Okay, so she's two arms legs are two arms away from the shoulder pads. That way it protects your neck. And then she'll once again grab onto those poles and then she's going to Jackknife flap. All right, so she's up here. Now she's going to take one hand on top of the shoulder, pat, pat, and the opposite leg down to touch the carriage. Now as she does that, she has to keep this leg lifting so it doesn't drop. Now she's going to transition opposite hand, opposite leg lifting, lifting, lifting. That's it. One more time and up and up.

Now just for demonstration sake, not for you, I'm going to have her step off the back. So one leg will go down, she rolls not on her neck, on her shoulder, out into an arabesque ple, a Relevate, and then she has to get back on back to the shoulder again. These are not for the general public. I had left and opposite leg and this is just so you can see what you can eventually attain with the trainer. I said out clean a relevant ad. She has to get back into the same position.

She started and left and there it is and she's going to come down and that pretty all right. I'm going to have her move back. She was on two springs, she's gonna take her straps and you should be on the the foot, the leg strap, so the long ones and she's going to go into her long spine massage to kind of cool down here, a rough kind of finishing up here. Bend your knees. All right. She's going to go out and I'll have her go right up. Open the hips and legs and lower the legs with control and then big come together and right back up with the hips and open here to no. Next year you're working that powerhouse, so don't jerk with the neck. Otherwise you'll hurt yourself.

And now three times she's going to do one more or that's fine. One more, and then I'll have her reverse that. Come on down and reverse feed open up together and how reach the legs out. Now I'm giving her some more resistance so you can kind of see where the strength is coming from too. That's it. I'll have you do one more and on your own and up. I'm not with you this time. Control it. There you go.

And these can be done when you're super advanced. You might want to see somebody do that without the straps. All right, go ahead and step off and she'll finish with her kneeling knee. Strip-Searched go back to the high bar headdress back up, back into her C and I'll have her do eight rounded, eight arched and 10 knees off without stopping. And she begins one accent in two, three, four, five, six with those shoulder wings down and one two and there might be some noise. Try not to identify with it. Just continue working. Five, six, keep your chest open.

Seven and knees off and out under one a little bit quicker. Now two, sorry, let me pat on the way. Fine. Lower those knees. Six Su really advances those knees really low in that deep tech. No more than 10 alright then I'll have her add one spring finishing with her running or cool.

Now and these you should know you're going to walk for 10 counts. You're really in that powerhouse now. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and now run two. So the carrot should slide. If you're really moving six even faster, seven, eight, nine, 10 and that's it. Come on in, go to your pelvic lift and I'll have her curl up and go up. Now this is all of these exercises. You want to get to a point where you put that altogether without as much talking that I kind of did.

I want you to be able to get to the point where you just go through the routine and keep it flowing and with a lot of control. Precision. Matt takes years. Last one and then I'll have her come in and slowly roll down. Eventually getting to the point that you do a full advanced workout. She did most of it. Go ahead and step off.

I'm going to have her do a little rolling to finish up. Stay right there. Just, just to finish up. Yup. I like a little rolling. After a lot of those advanced exercises, it's nice to massage the back again. Okay. So I'm going to have a roll like a ball about six times and you'll see, you'll kind of feel a little off. You have to get that back. That centering three, four soft feet. Yeah. Make it look nice and relax. Five and now take your legs up for your open leg rocker about five times and now all the way up to balance without the moment of so much.

I'm gonna make this look like a dance. You've been doing it every day. Two more to it's effortless. One more time. Finished with your seals. Hands inside the legs, head down and clap. Two, three, back, three up, one, two, three, back, five times. That's to make sure you get all the way up. Three, one, two, three, one, two, three, last one. And come up to a standing position by crossing your legs, crossing your arms and standing up. Deep breath and, and face forward. Exhale and finish. And hopefully you feel invigorated. You're all done.

Good job.


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Ok, I did almost all of this class yesterday. There were some excercises I didn't want to do without my instructor there. I have done almost all of these excercises with my instructor, so I decided to go for it and omit the ones I was a bit nervous about. I love it, and was so sweaty at the end of this class. The girl doing the workout is amazing, and is my new hero!
Just attempted to do this one again. I am soaking wet! I love this workout and am going to try to do most of it ('s so hard!) once a week.
I'm am not classically trained at all (BASI trained) but this was fun. I wish I had a little more instruction as the difficulty level was perfect but I didn't quite understand some of the exercises. The single leg tendon stretch is INSANE! LOL
Enjoyed this class, quite advanced. I'm a Basi instructor as well & would like to add that I really like the rowing series in this class. Classical Pilates is all about the transitions isn't it girls, gotta love that teaser transition while holding both straps to change a spring maneuver! Single leg tendon stretch -wasn't even going to attempt without a spotter.
Thanks for trying this. This is not even a complete advanced workout! Classical pilates is all about the control, stretch and strength of each exercise. The flow, or transitions are showing that you never stop moving - even when transitioning to the next exercise. Thanks again!
thanks for the classical with great transitions - like I was trained in Boulder! Very refreshing to see it done like I teach
Beautiful work, very strong girl! I was relieved once they got to Horseback - sensed a slight weakness in the base of her lower back, but I appreciate the care and sharp eye of her instructor. Bravo!
gorgeous traditional repertoire! Glorious workout
Beautiful classical flow taught with clarity and expert instruction. As an instructor I cannot always get out of my studio to be taught so having access to brilliant instruction is really a blessing. Thank you.
Really nice Classical intermediate to advance reformer workout. Very close to The Pilates Center. Any chance of Amy and/or Rachel from TPC teaching some classes for Pilates Anytime anytime soon? ;)
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