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Reformer Workout

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This is an Advanced Reformer with some exclusions. The pace is somewhat modified for the newer advanced student. The goal in these exercises is to find the control and make the movements fluid. Each exercise requires the participant to understand their bodies and move with control and ease. Adrianne has demonstrations in both modified versions as well as the more advanced work. Enjoy!
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Sep 04, 2010
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Ok, I did almost all of this class yesterday. There were some excercises I didn't want to do without my instructor there. I have done almost all of these excercises with my instructor, so I decided to go for it and omit the ones I was a bit nervous about. I love it, and was so sweaty at the end of this class. The girl doing the workout is amazing, and is my new hero!
Just attempted to do this one again. I am soaking wet! I love this workout and am going to try to do most of it ('s so hard!) once a week.
I'm am not classically trained at all (BASI trained) but this was fun. I wish I had a little more instruction as the difficulty level was perfect but I didn't quite understand some of the exercises. The single leg tendon stretch is INSANE! LOL
Enjoyed this class, quite advanced. I'm a Basi instructor as well & would like to add that I really like the rowing series in this class. Classical Pilates is all about the transitions isn't it girls, gotta love that teaser transition while holding both straps to change a spring maneuver! Single leg tendon stretch -wasn't even going to attempt without a spotter.
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Thanks for trying this. This is not even a complete advanced workout! Classical pilates is all about the control, stretch and strength of each exercise. The flow, or transitions are showing that you never stop moving - even when transitioning to the next exercise. Thanks again!
thanks for the classical with great transitions - like I was trained in Boulder! Very refreshing to see it done like I teach
Beautiful work, very strong girl! I was relieved once they got to Horseback - sensed a slight weakness in the base of her lower back, but I appreciate the care and sharp eye of her instructor. Bravo!
gorgeous traditional repertoire! Glorious workout
Beautiful classical flow taught with clarity and expert instruction. As an instructor I cannot always get out of my studio to be taught so having access to brilliant instruction is really a blessing. Thank you.
Really nice Classical intermediate to advance reformer workout. Very close to The Pilates Center. Any chance of Amy and/or Rachel from TPC teaching some classes for Pilates Anytime anytime soon? ;)
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