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We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our 2015 Next Pilates Anytime Instructor winner, Sara Colquhoun! She joins us with a dynamic Reformer workout using the Jump Board to strengthen the lower limbs as well as the muscular slings across the body. This is a great class to work on your endurance, stamina, and coordination. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Franklin Ball, Jump Board

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Feb 29, 2016
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Hi. I'm Sara and I'm from Melbourne, Australia. I'm super excited to be here today at Pilates Anytime. Filming one of my reformer classes using the jumpboard. I've already got the jumpboard set up onto the reformer ready to go.

We've got the foot bar onto the lower setting just to reinforce the back of the jumpboard there. And then it's screwed in from down the bottom as well. I'm also going to be using in today's class, two of these green Franklin balls. They don't have any weight in them, it's just a really light ball that's just filled with air and it's just slightly spongy. If you don't have these balls, you can absolutely do the exercises I've got without them.

Or you can use a tennis ball or something that you've got similar in your own Pilates studio. I've already got the reformer set up today on a blue spring, which is a half a spring or a very light spring equivalent to whatever you have on your reformer. I'm just gonna put these balls wedged into the side of the reformer there, just so that I can grab that easily throughout the class as well. So we're gonna start today by straddling the jumpboard. And we're gonna start with a little stretch first.

It's gonna be quite a dynamic class. We're gonna be working on some strength through the lower limbs. Muscular slings across the body. And of course we'll be working on that endurance and the stamina while also using the jumpboard. So we're gonna take a little scoot back first with the pelvis and we're gonna press the hands up against the jumpboard.

Pressing yourself away from the jumpboard and just wiggling the feet back as you need to. And we're gonna take one hand through onto the side of the foot bar and just breathing in that position for three deep breaths. So we're really opening the ribs, the lungs, and the side of the waist while you're getting a nice stretch through the thoracic spine. From there bring the hand back to the center of the jumpboard. Cross the other hand over.

Rotate it through. So at the same time it's a nice opportunity just to open out through the pelvis and the hips. Just to get us ready for all the work that's to come. And bringing the hands back onto the jumpboard. Slowly bring the reformer bed back in.

And we're gonna take the springs now to three red springs. So that's quite a sort of a medium to heavy tension spring. And I do want that spring on there to actually assist us to stabilize the carriage at this point. So we're gonna lie down onto our backs. Head rest is going to go down.

And the arches of the feet are onto the edge of the foot bar. So from there we're gonna keep the wrap of the feet around the foot bar as we roll the pelvis up. Take a breath in at the top. And then roll it down through the spine. We're gonna do one more of those.

I really like to do a nice solid warmup before I get into my foot work when I jump on the reformer. So you'll feel most of the body should be really warm by the time we actually start the foot sequence. Inhaling at the bottom. Exhale we roll it up. Really feeling that tailbone drawing under.

This time we're going to extend one leg to straighten. Keep it there as you roll down. Press the leg back onto the board. Roll it up on two legs. Other leg extends to straighten.

And roll it down. We're gonna do one more of those each side. Trying to keep that little wrap of the feet around the board so the feet are active. And I'll really reach out through that leg that's in the air as you roll down. Last one.

And roll it up. And take the leg out to straighten. Pressing back through the shoulders as you roll it all the way down back to the board. Now we're gonna bring the two hands around onto the spikes. And we're gonna bring the two legs straight up to the ceiling in a little v.

Inhale the legs come across. And on the breath out draw them back to center. Breathe in lengthen the legs across. And exhale back to center. So really thinking of stretching the legs up to the sky.

But at the same time I'm wrapping back through the base of the hips and lousing the thighs. Nice big breath in to open up that side of ribs. Exhale really work on the waist to pull back. Last one to the other side. And this is really gonna get that center warm for the next exercise.

So we bring the feet back onto the board. Arms down by your side. We're gonna go back up into the pelvic curl. We roll it up. Take one leg to straighten.

And now we're gonna press away from the board. Flex. And point. Flex. And point.

So I'm really pushing from this leg from the hamstring and the glutes while I start to mobilize this leg that's in the air. Last one. Hold it up. Roll it down through the spine. Bring that leg on and let's do the other side.

Roll it up. Extend the leg out. Press away as you breathe in. Breathe out pull hind. You can see I'm really combining the flex and point of that foot that's in the air to already get that coordination going through the body.

Last two. Last one. Home and then roll it down all the way back up. Alright from there we're gonna flip sideways to the reformer now here to do a little abdominal series. So we're gonna lie it back and your head and shoulders should be just off the edge of the reformer.

Hands are behind the head. And we're gonna start with our chest lifts from heave. Slight inhale to go back over. Opening head chest. Exhale to come up into the chest lift.

This is a really lovely position to do your abdominal work. You really feel the grounding down through the feet into the floor. At the same time you get that great extension through the chest and spine. Last one we're gonna hold it up. From there we're gonna squeeze the two legs together and we're gonna float the legs up.

The legs go down. Two. Three. And breathe out they pull up. Legs go down.

Two. Three. And pull up. So you're aiming to touch the floor if you can. Or just go to where you feel like you can keep that abdominal connection.

Last one. And draw it up. And now we're gonna take one leg down to the floor. This leg goes out to straighten as I stretch back towards this elbow. Exhale pull it in.

Breathe in to reach. So really working that eccentric and concentric oblique contraction. So their getting a stretch on the way out and then a deepening on the way in. Last one. And change sides.

And we take it across. And out. Using that deep breath out so you feel as though you stretch the back of the ribs as you come across to the knee. Last two. And back in.

And then from there we're gonna take that leg down. Stretch the other leg out to straighten. And the arms go back long. We're gonna roll it up into a mini teaser from here. So we continue to sit all the way up.

And then roll it back down feel that leg getting longer. Reach the arms. Two more to go. Rolling it up. Lifting the spine, but keep that scoop of the abs.

And roll it back. Last one. This is a really nice place to do your teasers 'cause you get that grounding down through this leg into the floor. And you get the support of the reformer to roll the spine onto as you go back. Changing sides.

And exhale to roll it up. Lift. Press through this leg that's going into the floor. And take it back. Two more.

Roll and feel that lift of the spine as you get to the top. Roll it back and really feel the abdominal draw the lower spine towards that reformer. Last one. Roll to sitting and bring the leg down. Alright we're warm to start some foot work.

So I'm gonna go to two red and a blue spring. Which is just a medium spring tension to start our foot work. So I'm lying on to my back. I'm gonna put my headrest up and you can choose what's best for your body as well as you do this. So we're gonna press out off two legs first.

And then when I get there I'm gonna take one leg down through the springs and onto the floor. So this position obviously really suits my body height. If that height isn't right for you you can pop a block underneath the foot or adjust that to how you need to. But it just gives us a solid chance just to focus on this leg as we start our calf raises. So we're gonna breathe out to rise up.

And then lower it back down. We're gonna do ten of these calf raises. And really focusing on spreading all five toes into the board. And feeling that lift come up through the back of the calf all the way up through the back of the leg. Using that breath out as you lift so you can connect that to that zip up through your center.

And you should really start to be feeling that heat around through the calf and through the back of the leg. Two more to go. Last one. And from there we bring this leg up. And now as we bend in we stretch the leg over the jumpboard.

Bend it back in. And we're gonna do ten of these. So I want you to really focus on grounding this heel that's into the jumpboard as you bend in. So keeping that heel pressure is really gonna help us activate the back of this leg throughout the whole press. Inhaling to lengthen out.

And then using the exhale to pull the knee in towards you. Two more to go. And last one. And we're gonna press back out. Place this leg onto the jumpboard and take the other leg down onto the floor.

And we start our calf raises. So as you're going through these calf raises just use it as a little chance to have a look down at the five toes and check that you're not seeing any scrunching between those toes. So we should see a nice even space between the toes. And that the metatarsals are really drawing together in order to get that deep calf work for the calf raise. Three more to go.

And feel that draw all the way up through the back of the hips up to meet your center. Last one. And then we're gonna bend this leg in. And we bend the leg. And draw it out.

Using that breath out to really focus on drawing this knee in closer to the hip. Without changing that tailbone. And seven good. Four more to go. Keep working through the center of this heel.

And all the way through those five toes. So you keep that spread out. And last one. And bring it all the way back in. Alright.

So from there we're going to sit up and now we're gonna use the Franklin ball. So we're gonna lie onto our side. I'm gonna take it down just a little bit of spring. So I've taken off just a half a spring. So I lie onto my side.

I get the ball set up underneath the heel first. And I want that foot inline with my hip when I lie down and the foot in the middle of the jumpboard with that heel. I take the head down onto the shoulder rest. I'm gonna press all the way out and you can use this underneath leg as well just to help you align the pelvis and the spine. Once you got that bend that leg in.

We're gonna bend in towards the board. And press out. So we're just doing that simple bend and stretch of the knee. But having that little Franklin ball underneath the heel is really going to add in that extra challenge of stability and strength coming up through the back of this leg. We're gonna do ten of these in parallel.

So we got three more to go. And just check in with the underneath side of the waist. So you're really gonna feel that draw up from underneath here each time you push and pull. Last one. And press it out.

Bend it all the way back in. Now I'm gonna adjust this leg into turn out. So my toes go out my knee opens to the ceiling. Keep the heel on the ball. Press it back out.

You'll really start to feel that burn coming around this hip now that you're in this external rotated position. And we're gonna do ten presses from here. If you're turn out doesn't facilitate this position on the board you can always adjust that foot further forward onto the board to work with the turn out that's within your range. Three more to go. Check in with that waist again to see that you've got that lift.

And last one. Bend it all the way back in. Alright so I'm gonna use my hand to press up off that shoulder rest. I can grab the ball. Flip around.

And let's do the other side. So I pop the ball underneath the heel. I put that heel inline with the center of the jumpboard. Hand goes onto the shoulder rest. Slide it down.

And I'm gonna press out. Use the underneath foot just to align yourself if you need to and then bend it back up. And we bend into the jumpboard. Press away. So even though your focus is gonna be a lot on that heel pressure into the ball to keep that stability I want you to think back to those five metatarsals again.

So those toes are really pressing into the board. And you've got that even work going through the metatarsals and toes. Three more to go. And keeping that center resistant as you bend in towards the board. Last one.

And now externally rotate the leg. That knee is going open towards the sky. Keep that rotation as you press out. And bend it back in. And bend.

So now I'm really starting to feel that work coming up through the back of the hip. And it's quite deep into those external rotators. Just don't forget about this front side of the leg. So as I press out I'm still really working on these muscles pulling up at the same time as I straighten my leg and work those external rotators. Two more.

And last one. Press. And bend it all the way back in. Use this hand to push off the shoulder rest again so that you can grab that ball. We're gonna pop it back to where we started from here.

And we're gonna take our springs down to one red and a blue spring now for our jumps. For a jumping spring that is quite a medium spring tension. If you needed to go lighter you could down to one whole spring. So we're going to lie onto your back. Two feet come onto the board.

And we're gonna press all the way out to straighten. So first I just wanna get a little bit more work through the toes before we start to jump. So we're gonna lift all ten toes up off the board. Press them out into the board. Rise all the way up onto your tippy toes.

Back down and release. Spread the toes out. Press them into the board. Rise all the way up. Back down and release.

We're gonna do three more. Now if you're watching this and you're thinking that you can't get on top of your toes that's absolutely fine yeah. So you just go to the range that's suitable for your body. But really try and get that work right underneath the instep and the big toe joints. Last two.

And last one. Alright. From here we're going to keep our legs straight to start our jumps. So I want you to feel that push through the inner thighs through the back of the legs. Arms down by your sides.

And this will be a true test of whether you're working those feet or not. Ten straight leg jumps. So really have to use the press off the metatarsals and the toes. Last two. And now with the bends.

And stretch. As you can see I'm still really working through the feet each time I land. Toes land first. Then balls of foot. Then heels.

Eight. Nine. And ten. Now we go single leg. And with that single leg really think of that grounding through the heel each time you land.

That's really gonna help get that support into the back of this hip. Two more to go. And change sides. Ten on this leg. Good.

Just make sure you don't forget about those toes when you jump off that board. Really stretch the toes. And then landing down through them. Last two. Now we're gonna add in a bicycle as we change legs.

Two. Three. So leg stretches to the ceiling. And land. Stretch.

And land. It's gonna be a little bit tricky on the coordination at first. But once you got it, it should feel like it really flows. And last one. Reverse it.

It's gotta go up to the ceiling. In. Up. In. Up.

In. Still aiming to land just as light on that jumpboard as when you started. And up. Last one each side. And back together.

Alright we're gonna give those legs a bit of a breather and bring the hands into the straps. So two arms come up. Have a little bit of tension in your straps before you start. Squeeze the legs up. And we're gonna lift the head and chest.

On the inhale one arm goes out to the side one arm goes up. Exhale bring it back in. Inhale. And exhale. So I'm adding in that little bit of a head turn as I go on each repetition.

Really challenging the coordination. And again as I said before those muscular slings in the body are really gonna get a challenge as you go through these alternating sequence. Last one. Pull it in. And lower it back.

Alright from there we're going to come up into the single leg stretch. So we lift. Keep the chest limp. Reach it out for one. And two.

Three. Work on drawing the knees in deeper to the chest for these single leg stretch. And really reaching them out over the jumpboard. Eight. And last one each side.

Pull the knees back in. Lower it down. We're gonna come up into the butterfly. So we reach. Inhale open.

Exhale squeeze it close. Slow open. Quick close. Slow. Two.

Three. Quick close. Three more. And really think of the waist and the inner thigh doing that draw in. Last one.

Lower it back down. Alright we got one more abdominal to go which is our butterfly oblique. So we lift it up. Open it out. Cross it over and we're gonna turn the head.

Back to center. So this is really that next challenge from that first abdominal exercise we just did. And back out. Feel that draw in at the inner thighs. The draw back of the shoulders.

And the pull across of the rib at the same time. Last one to each side. Back out. Bring everything together. Lower it back down.

Alright. From there we're gonna take one strap down. Push out of two legs. And we're going to bring the opposing leg into the strap. Now make sure you get the tension and the weight of the bed into this leg before you pick up this leg.

Otherwise that strap is really gonna pull you around. So get the weight into this leg. Lift this leg off to meet it. Press the arms down. This leg's gonna stay really stable.

Like it's pressing that foot against a table. As we push this leg out. Bend it back in. And press. And in.

So we're gonna do five of these presses. And again it's really gonna challenge that sling from the shoulder to this oblique to the back of this leg. Hold it out there. Lift the leg up. Press it back it down.

Bend the knee. Push it out. Lift it up. Press it down. Bend it back in.

This is a really fantastic series to challenge those hamstrings in a lengthen position. But then as well to challenge the strength of the hamstrings from that lengthen position. Two more. And then we're gonna add in the advance combo. And in.

Last one. Using that breath out on the exertion of the movements. Now from heat. This knee gets deeper in towards us if we press. Goes out.

Comes back deeper. Back to the start. Gets deeper into the hip. Press it out. And in.

And bent. Three more. Really try to keep the fluidity as you go through this one. Last two. And press.

Bend it in. Last one. Out work through that hamstring to press down. Bend it in. Alright I'm gonna bring that foot back onto the jumpboard.

Take that strap off. And we'll grab the other strap. And take it across. Get the weight of the bed into that leg first. Then bring this leg up to meet it.

And we do five plane presses. So I've really chosen to keep the flex of the foot for this exercise. It's really just gonna replica that standing up position. So it's gonna be a really functional position for you and your clients to be in. And next one press it out and halt.

Lift it up. Press it down. Bend it in. Press it out. As it lifts up the femur drops deeper.

Keep that set in the femur as you pull back down and in. Lift. Press. And bend. Two more.

Just watch that spring doesn't start to pull you across this way as you come up. If it does just try to reduce that range. Last one. And bend it in. Now we go for that combination.

So we pull it in. Reach it out. Pull it in. And back. So you can see now that I'm playing with the flex and the point on the opposing foot to really challenge the coordination now of that mind and body.

And three more. Out. Pull it in. And back. Last two.

And if you need to just keep a check on this hip and just make sure that it's not lifting up as this leg goes to the ceiling. You want to feel really weighted through that side through to the pelvis. Last one. And in. Back together.

Alright from there I'm gonna drop my headrest down flat. And we're going to extend the two legs straight up to the ceiling. Again just make sure that you've really got a strong connection to this leg. If you don't that strap is gonna pull you straight across. So keeping that squeeze the legs.

We do a cross strap long spinal. So we press straight up. Keeping that carriage still. Open the legs apart. Roll it down.

And when you get to the bottom. Tiny little circle. Back together. Exhale straight up. Little separation at the top.

Roll it down. Articulating each vertebrae. And then back. This cross strap is super challenging to be able to keep that stability on the way up. I'm really imagining that I've got an extra strap attached to this foot.

So that I can still feel that leg working in space. Roll it down. Little circle around. And then place this leg back onto the jumpboard. Let's take off that strap.

And we're gonna grab the other strap to do the other side. So press it out. Get the weight of the bed into that leg first. And then take this leg up to the ceiling. Squeeze the legs together.

Press it straight up. Little opening apart. Roll it down. Once the tail touches. Small circle.

And sometimes that circle is the most challenging part. And roll it up. Little opening. Roll it down. And just don't underestimate how hard I'm working through the shoulders as well to really support the stability in the torso for this shape.

Last one. Keep your imaginary strap on this foot. And open. Roll it down. All the way 'til you find the mat with the tail.

Little circle. And press this leg back onto the jumpboard. Alright we're gonna release that strap back down. And I'm gonna pop the headrest up while I'm here. And we're gonna bend it back in.

And we're gonna go into a combination series of jumps. So I'll talk us through. We start with one parallel jump. Land in one little v. Land one out wide.

Single leg. Single leg. And parallel. V. Wide.

Single. And single. So it's really good to put feet and the mind through all these different ranges in the one combination. Now we're gonna add the arms. Up.

Little v they go down. Out wide. One arm. One arm. They go up.

They go down. They go wide. They go one arm. And other arm. Let's do it one more time just to get that into your brain.

And down. And out. Single arm. Single arm. Back together.

And rest. Alright great work. We're gonna bring you up from there. And we're gonna come up onto the jumpboard now. Kneeling.

Here's when we grab those Franklin balls. So I'm taking off the blue spring now so I'm only on one red spring. Which is quite a light spring tension. Not the lightest you can be on. But it is fairly light.

Now I want you to be quite precise about the foot position. Really getting that stretch under the toes and the heels pressing into the shoulder pads for this version of the knee stretch. So I'm gonna bring my hands onto the jumpboard. Press carefully into those hands into the two balls and press out until you feel that torso is horizontal with the floor and that the knees are underneath the hips. On the inhale bend it in.

Exhale press it out. Inhale bend. Exhale press. This is really gonna challenge the body in a different way being on that slightly lighter spring. But again those balls just make this exercise super challenging.

You're gonna feel the work in those arms straight away. All the way through into the back of the shoulder and the waist. We've got four more to go. Just make sure that you haven't forgotten about those feet. So really press those heels into the shoulder pads.

And two. Last one. Press it out. Bend it back in. Now we're gonna bring those arms parallel.

My fingertips slightly wrapping around the top of the jumpboard. Press it back it out again. Now we do the triceps from here. So heat in the back of those legs we bend. Exhale push away.

Inhale bend. And press. The great thing about the balls is they will tell you if you try and press from a different part of your body other than those triceps. You really have to keep them engaged in both directions so that you don't lose the contact with the balls onto the jumpboard. Three more.

I'm using that breath out to do that challenging part of the press. Last one. This time we're gonna take you into a combination. So it goes out. From here I press the knees back and I push into the balls.

I lift the chest up into my down stretch position. I press it back out. Keep that contact with the balls. Tuck the knees in. Into the tricep bend.

We've got two more to go. Reach it out. Push the knees in here you'll really engage those hip extensors. Lift. Press it back out again.

Keep the extension for as long as you can. Tuck the knees into the horizontal position. Bend. Last one. Press.

Reach out through the legs. Lift it up and really zip that pubic bone up to the breast bone. Push it away. Keep the pressure into the balls. Tuck the knees in.

Bend it all the way back and rest. Alright. We're gonna tuck those balls back away now. We don't actually need them for the rest of the session now. Gonna stay on that one red spring.

Standing up onto the very edge of the reformer so my toes are curled over and my hands come onto the foot bar around the front of the jumpboard. I'm going around the spine and scoot the abdominals. I do a little press back for my elephant. Exhale to pull in. Inhale tiny press.

So this variation of the elephant is gonna give you a really nice evenly rounded spine. And again it's gonna tell you if you start to press from the arms rather than the hips. 'Cause straight away you're gonna feel those arms hit the jumpboard instead of those legs doing the press back. We've got three more here. You'll really start to feel that challenge coming into the back of the legs and the tummy.

Last two. Last one. And then from there we're gonna take it down to one blue spring. So it's gonna be really light. And we do want these exercise purposefully light.

It's really gonna start to challenge the shoulders and your center if we work this on a light spring. My toes come around to the very front of the reformer. But my metatarsals are still on. And we're gonna bend the knees so the knees are touching the jumpboard. And the shoulders are over the hands.

On the inhale I press the reformer bed back. Exhale pull it in knees touch. Inhale press. So again the great thing is with this one it's gonna tell you if you don't push back from the back of those hips. If those arms move you're gonna see it and feel it straight away on that jumpboard.

Three more. Last two. And last one. Alright from there we've got single leg. So we take one leg off.

Keep it floating Press back. Pull it in. Two. And three. Four.

Last one. Five. Change sides. Toes go on. I float the leg.

And you can see I'm keeping that little lifted position of my heel throughout this exercise. So the strength from the jumpboard really comes into play. Last two. And last one. And bring it all the way in.

Alright. From there we're gonna jump up and we're taking off all the springs now. So it's on a super light spring 'cause there's no springs on. And we're gonna pop our box on. So the box is gonna go on the reformer bed long ways.

And we're gonna be lying onto our tummy with the head over this end. So we jump onto the box. Just be careful 'cause you don't have any spring on. Chest just over the edge. Hands onto the sides of the reformer.

Walk it out and as you do straighten those legs. In case you're a tall person unlike myself. You're gonna keep those arms out straight and we're gonna go into a cobra from here. So we start on an inhale by lifting the chest. Exhale to pull up.

Bring the reformer bed in. Inhale half way out. Exhale all the way out. Breath in. Really work on the thoraxes extension.

Exhale to lift from your center. Inhale half way down. Exhale all the way down. I really like this double breath pattern just to give myself a chance to get that extension through the thoraxes first. And then the exhale really gives me that chance to really pick up from the abdominals as I continue the journey up into the cobra.

Breath in to go halfway. Exhale feel as though you've really reached the body out long as you lower. Last one. Focus the thoraxes extension and then really lift from the abdominals and hips. Lower it halfway.

And lower it all the way. Alright we're gonna bring the hands back onto the side. Bend the legs as you make your way all the way back in. And we're just gonna bring the hands onto the box to bring you nice and safely off. Now we are going to go back to just the one blue spring.

So this may seem light but as we get into the exercises this spring is soon gonna feel quite strong. So we're gonna jump up onto the box kneeling. I'm gonna grab the same strap as the leg. I place the foot through. And you can see I'm quite close to the front of the box 'cause I'm gonna hook that foot around just to get my position.

Take this knee back and then extend this leg out long as far as I can control that carriage. So really centering yourself on the two hands and the knee. On the exhale we're gonna press that leg up and back. Inhale slowly back down. Exhale to press.

And inhale slowly back down. And exhale. So really feeling as though the hip extensors are driving the leg up there. And we're gonna do two more. And your extra challenge would be to take that opposing arm off as the leg gets up.

Slowly back down to the box as we come back. And the opposing arm goes off. Really reach, reach, reach. Slowly back down resisting that spring. Tuck that leg back onto the box.

Wiggle forward and then slowly bring that leg down in front of you and then taking that strap off. Let's grab the other strap and do the other side. So the foot goes through. Stay close to the front of the box. Tuck the knees on and then wiggle it back.

And then allow that leg to come down beside the box as far as you feel like you can control that carriage. Breathe out press the leg up. And then control the lowering down. So this exercise is really going to highlight those muscular slings that we've been talking about. And having to work quite hard through this left shoulder and through that side of the obliques in order to stabilize the right hip and back of leg.

One more like this. And now we try to add in the opposite arm floats off. As we lift slowly back down. And the arm floats off. And slowly back down.

And rest. Tucking that leg back onto the box. Bring it forward and then slowly take that leg off. Alright from there we're gonna lie onto our backs. We are gonna keep it on that super light spring.

It's gonna be a good test to see whether you're actually controlling from your center. If you need to you can absolutely go to the one red spring. So we want the shoulders just off the edge of the box. Two legs straight up. Fingertips reaching above the shoulders and I'm gonna reach towards my toes.

From there take the chest back. Circle around. Roll it up. Good now from here really scoot the abdominals so I draw the legs back in with me as I lower back down. So I go through that reaching to the toes.

Take the chest back. Circle. Roll. Lift. And roll it back down.

Use those abdominals to pull those legs in towards you. Reach them to the sky. Last one. And roll it up. So you're gonna feel if those arms do the roll up for you 'cause that carriage is gonna start to move.

Get the lift. Two. Three. And then rest. Alright we're gonna step off from there and take our box off now.

So you can pop your box back at the end of the reformer. And we're coming back now to one red spring. So we'll change that over. And we're gonna do some sideline jumps now. So I've gone back to a slightly lighter spring for the side jumps.

You'll see as I go through why we need that lighter spring. We do need a little bit more air time. I've chosen to keep that headrest up again. So I slide it through. Press out to straighten.

Use both feet just to help set up my alignment. And I want that hip inline with the heel. Head resting and bend the underneath leg. Alright we're gonna start with ten jumps on this leg. So we bend, stretch, and jump.

Sometimes the hardest thing about these sideline jumps is not knowing where your foot's gonna land in space. So it can be a little bit scary the first time you do this. Feel free if you need too to have a little look up. And just have a look at where that foot's landing. That it's not landing too far in front of you or behind you on the board.

Last two. Alright from there we're gonna go alternate the legs. Land. Alternate. Land.

So you can see I really go through a double leg side reposition in order to change legs. So I've gotta have that strong zip up from inner thighs and waist. And land. Let's do two more. Out.

Land back on the top leg. We finish it off with a kick the buttocks land. Kick. And land. And then when I say kick try not to whack yourself too hard.

Just think of drawing that heel to the buttocks. It's really gonna challenge your landing as we come down. 'Cause you won't have as much time to prepare that foot for the landing. And down. Three more.

You should be really feeling that fatigue coming through that leg now. Last one. Land. And let's change sides. Alright so bringing yourself up from there.

Swivel around and we'll do the other side. Slide it on through. Push out to straighten on both legs. Use the underneath leg to help find your center. Bend that up.

And jump. So those first ones just getting used to where you're landing on the board. And if you need to have a little glance down at this knee and check that it's landing out over your toes still even though you're on your side. Three more to go. Feel that pull up all the way into the back of this leg.

Last one. And now let's alternate the legs. So really feeling that squeeze together. And change. So that zip up through your center and your waist is really going to be vital for this transfer of weight.

And one more each leg. And finish it off with a kick to the buttocks land. To be odd to see on this side that I do have less time to think about that articulation that's going down through that right foot as I land. Eight. Last two.

Nine. And ten. And bring it all the way in. Alright. From there we are lie onto our back now to finish off with one more set of jumps.

Staying on that one red spring we'll lie all the way down. Two feet onto the board. And now these are your fun jumps. Yeah. So they're gonna be jumping completely random on the board Wherever you like.

Try not to see the same position twice. So I just start jumping. Legs can do whatever crazy shapes you like. They can go right out to the side. Rotate.

They can do low on the board. Up high. The Jumpus Maximus Boy is great for this because I've got lots of room to play. But this is really good for your athletes. So if you think about your basketballers, your football players, netballers that have to run around.

And they're limpin' never too sure where they're actually going. So really good to prepare the body for all different ranges. Allowing those hips to lift off. And you can play with a few little changes of the legs. Let's do five more.

You want to rapidly jump for about a minute. Building up to potentially two minutes. And last one. And back together. Land.

Alright. You should be feeling very close to those legs now. We're just gonna finish off with a side reach and a mermaid. I'm gonna down to a blue spring just for the rotation aspect of the side reach and mermaid. And you'll see as we go through.

So sitting in our little bench in. Hand goes up against the jumpboard. And we're going to breathe in. Stretch it over to the sides. Coming up and we're gonna go over.

I'm just gonna put my headrest down as I do that into the side bends. Lifting up. Breathing in to stretch. And then taking the arm down onto the headrest to get that side stretch. One more like that.

Breathing in as we bend over. And then exhale. Side bend. From there we're gonna bring this hand around onto the side of the reformer. Other hand goes out to meet it and reach out long.

And then on the exhale we're gonna draw the body in with the rotation. Inhale lengthen it back out. Exhale. Breath in. So you're really gonna feel that heat again through the back of the arms.

And you can see now why I've only got the blue spring on. We don't want to overload the body in that rotation. But just give it a nice sense of resistance. And back out. From there bring this hand back in.

Look back into the side bend. And sitting up and let's do the other side. So we flip it around. Take the hand onto the jumpboard first. Press away.

Side bends. Come in. Hand goes onto the headrest and reach. Pressing out. And really enjoy a big breath out as you side bend over.

Feel as though you grow taller as you come through the middle in how to reach. Last one and let's stay over on the headrest. Reach this arm out. Really feel that rotation through the back of the ribs. Take this arm out.

On the next exhale, zip up your waist. Draw the shoulders down. Inhale back up. And exhale. So I'm keeping my thumbs just on the edges of the wood bed so they're definitely not gonna get caught on the reformer as we come in.

Two more. Breath in to reach. Last one. Feel that zip up through your center all the way through the crown of the head. Take it back out long.

And then bring it back around into the side bend. And sitting all the way up. And then we're all done. Thank you so much, Pilate Anytime, for having me. I hope you've enjoyed my class.


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great class!! This was really creative and fun. Sara has beautiful cueing and flow. I'm excited for more classes from her :) great job!
Great workout! Excellent explanation of each movement with a great flow of exercises. Thank you Sara.
Really nice class Sara!
AMAZING class! Every exercise is clearly explained. Really like the incorporation of sling movements!
I really liked the challenges presented in this class, I just wish cuing was a little more drawn out/slower because I couldn't get set up as fast as you do- you are quick!! I am a slow poke. Haha.
Thanks Sara. Great class! Creative and fun choreography with the jump board and exercise variations. Fantastic ideas!
This was great overall- but really loved the mermaid with rotation and extension to the back of the reformer. Great variation! Thank you Sara
Wonderful class, ideas, cues and flow....lthanks so much Sara!
I really like Sara's class! Very well presented, nice and simple cues! Great work out! I cannot wait to see more classes from her!??
I love this class!
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