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Sara Colquhoun

One of the most accomplished Pilates instructors for her age, Sara Colquhoun has been training in Pilates since the age of 14, and teaching since the age of 17, her clients include elite Australian Football League (AFL) players and Australian Ballet dancers.
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Sara’s background as a performing artist in dance - attending The Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) after moving from Sydney at the age of 18 – led her to the natural progression of becoming an instructor. After completing her diploma in dance and performing arts, Sara pursued a career in Pilates under guidance of Pilates International. She now owns and manages her own studio Ki Movement Pilates located on Clarendon Street in South Melbourne.

Throughout her teaching career Sara has trained AFL players from the Western Bulldogs, Australian Ballet dancers, VCA students, musical theatre performers - Jersey Boys, West Side Story - Cirque de Soleil artists, all the way to radio presenters.

Sara takes her signature workshops and master classes in Melbourne and will present her workshops through Pilates International to the Pilates community Australia wide. Sara is extremely passionate about getting all ages and body types involved in Pilates and it’s wonderful benefits. She has big plans for bringing knowledge of body awareness, general health, well-being, and an education of Pilates, along with communicating the benefits it has across all aspects of functional movement to everyday life.