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Stability Ball Challenge

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Challenge your stability as well as your abdominal muscles in a whole new way. Meredith's class is built around the use of a small Stability Ball. If you have trouble finding lumbar flexion this class is for you!
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Aug 31, 2010
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Okay. So we're going to start sitting today for a change. Um, and we all have just a little ball and in lieu of a ball, if you didn't have one, they're kind of squishy. You could choose to use a pillow or I don't suppose a block would work, but a pillow while it up. So there's that option. We're going to put the ball between our legs for now and you want your feet to be not real close to you, not real far away, not straight about a 90 degree angle at the knee band present to the ball. Just gently and feel that. Let's start over. I'd sit tall and just breathe in and breathe out for a moment.

And as you collect yourself and allow me to collect myself, feel the extension of the spine. This support of that extension from the front of the body and the sense of right now starting to just feel heavy in and around the shoulder blades. So there's not a lot of forcing, but there's definitely a decrease in neck tension here just by being a little bit heavier underneath the armpits. There you go. Christy underneath your armpits from there. Don't really think about much except for tightening the knees into the ball.

You should feel number one, your inner thighs kick in, but you should also, that should also allow you to connect into your abs. We're going to let that go and then we're going to squeeze again and with that squeeze, maybe you'll see what I'm talking about. Maybe not, but we're going to move from there. We're going to Tuck the tailbone under and slide down just until the arms are straight, so not real far. Inhale, pause, exhale to come up curving so that the shoulders go over the hips. Linked, cunning the spine up. Tall. Exhale, we round back feeling the pelvis. Move up towards the chin, the ribs. Inhale, pause. I just want a little lower than I did the first time.

Continue to put your energy inwards. Inwards, meaning squeeze the ball in words, meaning focus on your inner self. Inhale, pause. Exhale up inwards, meaning focusing on the center of the body or the powerhouse. One more time. Excellent, and we roll back this time finding a low curl position just below the ribs. Let your arms go. Raise them up overhead. As you exhale, push them down through space. In here. We still squeezing the ball. Yeah. Belly button, poles down, arms reach back in Xcel. They pressed down two more times like so. Inhale up.

Exhale down. Didn't take too long. I don't think to warm up the eds, Jen. Lift a little higher than you are and hold yourself. They are. Did I say two more? I meant one more now. And exhale down. Inhale to pause. Exhale to curl yourself back up. So we've all done that movement quite a lot of times. A, we're gonna play with it just a little bit tonight by taking the ball away.

I'm putting it behind us. Um, you want your ball to be slightly away from you and feel free to adjust it when necessary. Let's keep the knees apart and reach the arms forward. So as exhaled with that same intentional tuck in the pelvis with that same focus on the abdominals, we come back in. Now you'll feel your body coming into contact with the ball. That doesn't mean you get to rest on it. What we're going to do here is inhale on the exhale.

We're just doing a little tucking action. So pull the abdominals and then try to press the pubic bone towards the Genu. You may not feel or see much. You should feel a lot XL. Press posterior tilt or Tuck the pelvis. Inhale, release that. Exhale two more times.

Try to do that without a lot of tension on your feet or your legs. Can everyone feel what I'm asking? Yes. Great. Last one. Here we go. We're gonna Tuck the pelvis. We're going to hold that tuck and we're gonna raise the arms up again. So now we've got a little bit of support, but instead of using the ball to rest on, arms down, use the ball to create challenge to allow that part of your back, which isn't an easy part of your back to round to round. One more time.

Inhale up. Exhale, arms down. Inhale to pause and exhale to press away from the ball and travel forward. Bringing ourselves all the way up at straight. Inhale to hold like so. We're coming right back down. Pressing the spine into the ball. As you find the ball, that's when you're actively tucking the pelvis.

We're going to inhale and do the same thing that a lot of tension on the legs or the fee. Just press into the ball a little harder. Inhale, release the pressure, but don't release all the way. Meaning we're trying to go deeper, but we're not just totally relaxing and letting the stomach hang out, which doesn't feel good. Actually, I just tried it last too, and one more. Now we're getting inhale. Raise the right arm in the left leg. Can you see or feel that the pelvis stays? Absolutely still. That's challenging. Pick up the right leg and the left arm and pressing to the back of the leg that's going down. Pressing through the back of both legs. Actually give yourself a little bit of hamstring action. Watch as a league comes down in the opposite leg comes up that there's not a great deal of shifting side to side, back and forth in the pelvis. Uh, one more time to each side. Down goes the leg and the arm in.

He'll reach down, goes to leg in the arm, inhale, pass, and exhale curve first and then come back up. We're going to go one more time down. Exhaling as we go. Finding that active tuck of the pelvis. There's off, there's, we hear the cue often of curling the spine from underneath the ribs. So first find the slight tuck and then see if you can press your ribs down towards the front of your hips. It's very small, not as small as the pelvic movement, but small indeed feel as you bring your chest towards your pelvis. The hollowing or a sense of hollowing out through the waist, so it's almost in my mind, that feeling of pulling the stomach out of the way under the ribs so the ribs can move forward. I don't know. That works for me. Let's do three more.

There's one too. It's possible that if you're really tight in your back and you're really working your abs to around that place, you'll get a stretch possible. Not always true, not always probable roll all the way at, well. I said roll all the way at you being argumentative. Chrissy's going to be argumentative today. All right, we got the ball between our knees.

Now we're going to come all the way down, so maybe as you roll down you'll feel a little freer in your low back. I do head and chest come down. Slide your feet a little closer to you preparing for the pelvic curl. So I'm just going to ask us to put a little focus on the inner thighs. We're inhaling and we're going to exhale and articulate the spine up. So there's a one bone at a time coming up away from the mat, lining up the hips and align with the knees.

But keeping the rib cage below the pelvis. Exhale to roll down. Let's speed it up. A little, rolling through the lower back, letting the pelvis come all the way down. There's an inhale deposit. Xcel peel the pelvis up, feeling equal weight on both feet as you lift arms along in straight. Inhale and exhale to roll down. So here's something to think about as you continue to move your spine a, it doesn't happen without the abdominals or doesn't happen efficiently. B. As you roll down, if you press the backs of your arms into the mat and your shoulders down, you'll tone them back. Severe arms, which I don't know.

At least women are pretty vain about. So there we go. This vein, a good word. I don't think so. We all want toned arms. Here we go. Inhale and exhale to go down. I think I need to stop being so sarcastic because it might hurt feelings. Last one. Rolling up. Hold yourself at the top.

Squeeze your ball. Try to lift one leg straight out in front of you. Read them that knee folded in. Pick up the other leg. Not a lot of shifting back and forth with the ball. Ben didn't put it back. I was one that has the opposite leg lift. You press into the ball. The hip doesn't drop from side to side and opposite side.

Let's do one more on each side. Pelvis stays high level. Arms are active. Abdominals are active. This is it. Reaching the leg back down. Inhale to pause and exhale to curl. Slowly taking your time, finding a stretch.

And I'm going to bring the hands behind the head, coming into a chest left. Exhale to lift. Inhale to pause and exhale to lower down. So there's our movement pattern. And since I can't seem to stop talking, I'll just keep talking. Still. Ribs press down the front of the body. Can you feel that you curl up high enough to flatten the low back release back town? Here's another place where we can just check in.

Do the inner thighs actually have an effect on the ABS? I believe they do. Any pause? Squeeze the ball is you linked in your spine, down, feeling the back of the ribs, staying connected to the ground on at the bottom. Accelerate into lift. Initiate by squeezing the ball. Then squeeze the ABS. Then curl well in heel-to-toe and Xcel to go down. We're going to lift up one last time. So here it is.

Let the hands come behind the size for a moment. Uh, find that same curvature of the spine from just below the ribs that we talked about earlier. Hold right there. Let go. Bring your hands back behind your head. This is what we just did with our hips off the ground. Sen one leg out straight. Squeeze the ball, bring it back down. Can you alternate sides without shifting the pelvis? Challenging for sure. Belly button down, one leg straight.

Keep the NFIS working. Rebound, other side rebound. Pull your feet a little closer to you. Right up close to your hips. In fact, stretch both legs out. There'll be separate rebound top the toes to the ground. Keep lifting through the chest. Stretch both legs out. Revenge. Noose and see if you can't curl just to look. Pressure ribs down into the mat a bit. That's it.

And really challenged that curl and down. One more time. Up and down. Put your feet down on the ground. In fact, lift your legs back up. Bend your knees towards your chest. Reach forward with your arms and place your head back down on the ground. Had chest down, ribs down on the ground. Inhale, exhale to lift.

So I were heading into the a hundred a different set, but uh, stretch the legs out if you're want to. If not, keep them bent. We're going to inhale and raise the arms up, reaching them towards the knees and squeezing the ball. Exhale, press the arms down. That's it. Inhale, raise the arms up, squeezing the ball. Exhale, press them down in, curve the spine or put an intentional focus into curling more. Excellent. Yeah, and how that [inaudible]. It's our duty, I'll say to challenge our bodies as much as we can. So if you don't feel much or we may be hanging out a little low, you counted for me, Chrissy. So here's the last three. And as you reach to your knees, can you reach just to the outside of the, maybe touch a little.

Lost it already. That's it. Then do your knees in. Hug your knees to your chest. That's going to be it for right now. Let's take the ball out from between our legs. What? Hold the ball just over your chest and give it a little squeeze. Let me say that differently. Feel first that the shoulder blades are down.

The collarbones are long in. Then without changing that, squeeze the ball so you'll put a little focus into your back. We're going to pick up the head and chest, squeeze the inner thighs, squeeze the backs of the legs, curl yourself up. Keep the pointed the arms pointed just in front of you and pause as we exhale, we're going down. Don't look underneath your arms. Look at your ball, bring the head down. You can challenge this by bringing the arms over the head. Although for it may not feel great if your shoulders aren't very flexible, so feel free to just keep the ball over the chest at that bottom position. Curling fluid at that high position.

We're really squeezing the of abs back XL to roll down back of the head touches. Let's just keep the ball over the chest. Inhale. Just know that it can go overhead still. [inaudible] squeezing more of a back squeeze or more of a squeeze from the back muscles in the front muscles or the chest muscles or the Pec muscles. Precisely. Rolling down. Well, head, chest up, rolling up. One more time like that. Rolling down and rolling.

Okay. All right. Take a stretch for just let your ball rest on your ankles or wherever next to you and just guide yourself forward into a stretch. All right. And then when you're ready, roll yourself up so that you're sitting up tall. We're gonna [inaudible] in a ball with us.

It's going to be in that same hands just in front of us. Position Tall Spine. Press your abdominals back into your spine, creating a column of strength and then find a sense of lightness as you turn towards the ocean, reaching forward. And then inhale, come back. The position with which you've set or the angle of the arms to the chest, to the ball is staying consistent. So the war happens around the waist and we come back and we change. And with you guys now Nooshin sit up just a little bit taller. Come in back.

So I think about leaning slightly forward as you come, as you come into that twist. Exhale over to the other side. Inhale to come back. So we're going to turn towards a window one more time. Hold the ball with the hand closest to me. Stretch the arm furthest away from me back. Bring the hand back. Find the ball and XL to come back center. There's your upper back Christy, and he'll turn XL. Let the back hand go. Maybe you'll turn a little more.

Jennifer, the other one. So hold the ball with your left hand and the right hand reaches outside. Inhale back and exhale back to center. So the side that you're turning to, that same arm reaches and back and come back entering and spread out the chest and bring it back and bring it home. Last one, turning the body, stretching it, coming back and coming home. Last one, keep thinking about leaning slightly forward. As you chart feet, stay lined up. Bring the Yam back.

Come back to center and lower the ball. Placing it between your knees. We're going to do a final articulation exercise called the long back stretch. It's on a reformer exercise, but we're gonna do it on the mat today. Fingers behind you facing either in or out to the side. It's important to me that the ball is that you see the ball trying to get squished or the pillow. If you will lift your hips.

Keep reaching up away from the ground with your chest. Curve your spine, so you start to press your pelvis right up towards your chin. Then take the knees away from the chest. Here's where we're spiraling out. Creating a flat line, straight line with this spine. Inhale, exhale, drop the chest down, but do not drop the pelvis yet. Keep lifting the pelvis up, curling back through the spine, bringing the ribs back towards the arms only when you can't go any further with your abs. Then do let your pelvis come down. Exhale. Let's do it again. Curling the spine, pressing the pubic bone up towards the nose when she get the hips as high as you can. Then you start to stretch forward. There was our big shoulder stretch. Squeeze the back of your legs. Lift your hips up, hold as you exhale.

Drop the chest back. Keep reaching up away from the floor with your upper back muscles. As you draw the ribs back, draw the abs back and finally at the very last moment, drop the hips again, please. Two more times, excelling to curl, sending energy out through the knees, lifting the hips, and then as you come back, keep some working your feet so that you can focus on the back muscles lifting up. So this the next days, long reaching up out of the shoulders. Is that enough or do we want one more? Enough? Okay. Take the ball again. Open up the knees to the side.

A modified side is what we're all doing now. So we've got the ball. It's not the biggest rotation through the spine available to you, or maybe it is. Sit bones down. You're going to turn to me fold forward. So now we're rounding, then lengthen the spine. It's perhaps the feeling of lifting the chest towards a ball and drawing the ball slightly back towards you by pulling your shoulders back and then take it back to center. Here's the breath pattern. I'm looking for. Inhale. Now exhale. Flex the spine, meaning pull the abs back as you reach the ball forward.

Keep the shoulders down, eyes down. Inhale, exhale. Lengthen the spine back, Huh? And then returned to setting a little faster. Now inhale, exhale, fold. Abdominals, go back anytime the spine goes forward. Inhale, as you lengthen your spine, support yourself from the front of your body. Come back to center. Inhale, turn. Excellent. Flex the spine forward. Big stretch there. Inhale, lengthen up on the diagonal, pulling the shoulder blades back and exhale back to center. Last time for the day. Folding forward, lengthening out. Continue to press into your ball. I might as well get a little arm work while we're at it or upper back work and reach to lift to come back center. Lower the ball down, put it, be uh, maybe just ripe in front of your belly and then bend your knees coming into rolling like a ball. So just use this as an illustration.

You may not be able to be as close as you normally are, but get your legs right up close to the ball and think about pulling the ball into your abdominals by rounding away from it slightly. Then pick up the feet. Now, once we're pressing, pulling away from the ball with the ABS, but pressing the thighs into the ball, we're going to rock back. Can we keep the shake and exhale to come up and hold shoulders reaching down throughout. It's the action of pulling the abdominals off the ball ball and rounding the spine even more. That creates the movement. It's the action of pulling the abdominals away from the ball at the top.

That puts the brakes on. Let's do three more shoulders. Stay down throughout last time. Place the feet down. They get the ball. Bring it with you as you roll yourself down onto the ground. Okay, so what you're going to do now is put your a variation on the single leg stretch. It's kind of fun to play with a row left heel on the ball, right leg on the ground, knee bent. So we're going to start with the hands behind the head.

We're gonna push the ball away. It'll roll up the back of the thigh. So that's there. Our starting position. As we exhale, we're going to come up pulling the ball in towards us and lifting the chest. Push the ball away as you lower your spine down and come back again. That's three more. How intense can you create the action through the backs of the legs to assist you in flexing your trunk. Two more times, and one more. This time we're going to stay lifted. Hold there. Inhale, keep the chest up, but press the ball slightly away.

Exhale as the knee bends. Turn towards the thigh. Inhale, come back. Exhale though you're going to pull your ball towards you, bending your knee and turning towards any that you're pulling with. Inhale back three more to go. Inhale back two more to go. Last one and bringing it back and lowering the chest to the ground.

Alternate feet. So just roll the ball over towards your right foot. Starting with his straight leg. So allowing the ball to roll up towards the back of the calf. We inhale elbows as slightly wide of the mat or in your periphery. Xcel lift the head and chest.

Pull the side towards you and inhale to come all the way back. Push down into the wall as you go. XL to Paul. Sigh bone pressing towards chest, chest pressing towards sideburn. Inhale, reach back. Exhale to lift. Inhale to reach back last two times and one more. This is the one we're going to leave our chest up. Stay there, stretch the leg back out. Now as the same leg bend, you're just turning towards the thigh, the upset nation. Pull that ball in. Keep pushing down on it with your heel. Inhale, stretch out. Exhale, push down on the bone. Turn towards it. Inhale, stretch out.

Three to go. Big Twist and back. And another big twist and back. Last one for the day of this exercise anyway, and then bend your right knee, put your head on the ground and roll the ball inwards so it's underneath your feet. So this is a pelvic curls. Expect for it to be slightly wobbly. We're going to keep our knees together here. Press down into your feet, start to lift the hips away from the ground, curling up through the spine, inhaling at the top, and then exhale as you come down through your spine.

Can you get a sense of, I don't know, I to have him feeling like I want to say being light on your feet. So I think that, I don't know. It's a weird Q XL to lift. You definitely aren't wanting to work the backs of your legs in both directions. But in my mind, the lightness on the feet can perhaps enable us to get more movement in the spine. What do you guys think? Hey Huh? Yeah.

So do you feel the hamstrings working but allow the ball to, I don't know. It gives you more space. Anyway, let's do one more. Excellent. Rolla, I've got another thing I've never done before. You guys want to it with me? Let's just push the bile out an inch. Oh Man. And pull back. One more. Alright, one more time. Okay. You guys can do it any more that you want.

I'm cramping like crazy. I'm coming down. Holy Moly. Maybe that's the best days. Yeah. All right, so let's just leave the ball where it is or put it away. Bring the right by close to your body. We're going to stretch. And so from there you're just going to, you want to keep your thigh quite close to you as close as you can. Now that means, but to keep the thigh there, you may or may not straighten your leg all the way. You can try, oh, let's inhale to bend it and exhale to stretch it and inhale to Bendet and exhale to stretch yet. And with that, just walk up toward your ankle, draw the leg a little closer to your body and then walk down and then stretch the leg out and pull the opposite side. [inaudible].

Okay, so pretty close. Pull into the chest. The pelvis is level the opposite leg anchors and it's just three extensions at the knee. Inhale, bend, pull the abdominals allway from the leg as the leg travels up. One more to go [inaudible] and then walk up towards the ankle or the shin or wherever you can comfortably reach. Making sure that you're not picking the entire hiphop off the ground. And with that bending both knees in towards your body, lift your head and chest back up. We're going to continue the stretch the legs as we work the ABS. We're going to set the right leg back down onto the ground.

I want you to anchor that. Pull the left leg or the other leg back toward June and then try to pull that away from you with your stomach change. Like look for perfect stability as a legs. Pass one another by and then pull and change legs and pool. So [inaudible] and again, try to come.

Let your arms help you be not quite so hot about there and then focus on holding it there from here. That's it. That's it. That's it. As you let go, your stomach's gonna want to push out. Don't let it. I'm going to go a little faster for three. So it's a double pulse and a change and a double pulse and a change. Here's two. One more.

[inaudible]. Bring both legs that hold them on. Hands behind your head externally. Rotate through the hips, lower both legs as the legs lower. Can you pull your chest up higher? Maybe, maybe not. Exhale to bring the legs up.

What I mean by that is not that you're really trying to get really high is that you're crowing. Again, challenging the attention just under the ribs. Challenging the flection of the trunk. We're going to do two more and be done. Pulled deeply. Tried to press the chest towards the thighs. Here it is. Last one. We're up the legs. Bend the knees, stretch out the right leg.

Hold onto the left thigh, right hand twist to your right to look over your left shoulder and joy. Come back and chain sides. Okay. And then come back and just reach behind both sides and give yourself just a couple of rocks back and forth through your spine. And then a little spinal massage and come all the way up.

I'm going to take the bottom. We're going to put it between the ankles and do some sideline work. So just once you get it in between your ankles, you're going to have to hold onto it and slide yourself all the way down onto your side. Okay, so [inaudible] rather than thinking about squeezing with the ankles or the knees, think about pressing into the ball with the thigh bone. It's like chopsticks three. My why that [inaudible] came out of my mouth. Either.

Reach out through your legs, stay there. Now can we apply that same concept of squeezing the chopstick size together, but doing it from our waist? Just squeeze in fact, put your free hand on your belly if you can still bounce like balance and then as you squeeze, feel it back. Feel it. Pull really strongly back. So yes, the inner thighs are certainly working, but we're working from the waist to make that happen. We're going to do that two more times and one more.

And then keeping the squeeze. We're just going to raise the legs up a little and don a little and up a level and on a limb. So again, learning the lesson that the action of drawing back is what's moving the but like through space. Last three, two [inaudible] and one hold there. Put your hand down. Do just a little shifting motion through the feet. So it's a s v baby scissor. Can you do that? Shifting motions, still staying in control. If you're balancing, and I know I said you had to, but you don't have to.

If you're balancing, keep the shoulder down. If you want to keep your hand on your belly and feel what's happening there, do that. We're doing one more and we're lowering down. That was tough to bend your knees. I think we're going to take the ball out for now. Put it right in front of yourself, trying to use it for everything.

So 90 degree angle at the knee joint. Well right in front of your belly and just hold it there. Now as we're just going to do a little bit of hip work, but your, your ball is there. So a, you can push down on it from your back. B as you open up your knees, you feel your stomach pulling in so much that the ball and perhaps move towards you and up. So it's just gonna be a tool shoulder down [inaudible] so it's going to be a tool just to encourage us to use our abs.

Well faster. Five squeeze together for, don't ever let their stomach push on the ball. Bring the knees together, lift the feet high up as she can. And then when he comes up top leg and it comes up again. So you keep a consistent inward pressure. Jennifer, you're getting just a little Nicky again.

Okay, last three. It's kind of hard and I keep finding myself wanting to push out. One more. Say up with the intention of rotating the knee backwards. Stretch the leg up. Keep your abs pulled in, rebound the knee. Return the knee to back to towards its partner up abs in.

Extend full back in and returned by pooling the abdominal CAEP three more times. Keep the bottom foot lifting and back. Shoulders down to bring it back and down. Last time I'm bringing it back and lower it all the way down. We're going to change sides. Let's come up first and just bring the neat, I think across the body will work for everyone in here.

I'm just bringing the knee right up into the chest. If it doesn't work for you to have both knees bent, straightening the bottom leg is a great option and all. Another option is just to go here. So what is important is that you're heavy on that hip, that that hips not coming all the way off the ground. And secondly that you're trying to lift your back.

And then as you lift your back, let your shoulders be heavy. And with all of that, pull your stomach in. Okay, let's change sides. I hadn't over onto the other side. Um, might be a good idea to put, set your ball first and then lie down. I don't know. That's what I'm going to do. Alright, so just to revisit, we're not squeezing with the ankles.

We're squeezing with the thigh bones. From there, we're just going to lift the leg. It's a sense of reaching away. We're going to put our hands on our belly and all we did there was feel the contraction of the waist as we pressed. You're trying to pop the ball from way up close to your pelvis. Try not to let the ball with all back and forth. Your top hip is slightly back. That looks straight to me.

Last three, two and when, and here's where we just did a little lift. It doesn't happen by pushing the stomach out. It happens by pulling away. It doesn't have to be a big lift. In fact, it probably won't be. What can we do with it? Keeping the ankle bones turned inwards so that both meet the ball equally.

Feeling that contraction through the center of the waist go in three more times, two more times. And here's our last one. So here's where we did the scissor. Feel free to put your hand down if you wish. You were going to squeeze the top leg in front of the bottom leg and then alternate an alternate, an alternate. So again, you can keep holding your belly, you can rest on the hand on the ground, won't lose your ball, Jen. So in order you got to keep the bottom leg lifting just as much as the top lick has to push down. Let's do one more and I think that was it. It was the engineer's grabbing [inaudible] ball.

Put it in front of your belly. We've been turning east to about a 90 degree angle here. Just using the ball as a tool to remember our abs feet lined up, knees lined up. Here we go. You can push down on your ball from your lats to work your back. Open the top knee and pull down.

Every time the leg moves you check in with what the abdominals are doing. If you're pushing air, the harder you push on your ball, the more you have to be sure that you're not squinching your shoulder up into your ear. The action of pulling the shoulder away from the air is where we're going to get the back work. Here was last for three two, one knees together, feet up as high as she can without pushing your stomach on the ball and then lift the top knee. Lower the top knee. Okay, continue to pull the ball into the waist. Relax your shoulders.

Last three, two here's where we lifted the leg. Keep the leg intentionally, externally rotating or the knee intentionally trying to pull behind that shoulder and then down, knee up. First rotate. Pull the ball in through your belly, into your spine. Reinvent and come down again right then and lower down the last two times for the day. And did we all remember to keep those abs pulled in? I just caught myself not up. Alright, take that leg, cross it over. Remember it. Every side's a little bit different. So Phil, just feel free if you need to to straighten out the bottom leg energetically lifting the spine into the leg.

Alright, I'd like to do a little bit of upper body work if we may. Um, can anyone, everyone sit comfortably on the ground with your legs crossed or at a diamond or out in front of you? Just need to be able to sit up. Perfect. Hold onto your ball, squeeze it and notice that when you squeeze it, your shoulders aren't curling forward. So it's a sense of squeezing in from the back nation. Just lean forward the littlest bit. There you go. So with that squeeze, we're going to start to pull the ball into the chest.

And as you pull the ball in, try to feel that hands pressing in. But the shoulder blades pulling away, does everyone feel what I'm talking about? Great. Keep squeezing the ball as you press back forward. Now here we just, we don't squeeze the shoulders, we just keep them broad. Press into the ball pole hands, push in shoulder blades, pull away abs. Support the spine. Press back forward.

Okay. If you're feeling a great deal of neck tension, ease up, ease up on the squeeze. So if we are putting so much squeezing that all we can feel, maybe we still feel out of it back. But if you're feeling a lot in neck, maybe it's worthwhile to try to find the sense of hands and shoulders apart without such a grippy, for lack of a better word. Squeeze. All right, let's do two more. See here, press into the ball. A little presses squeeze from that same place in your back that you feel pressing the shoulder blades down the back, pulling the abdominals in. Five, four, three, two, one. Stretch your arms out. Hold there, press again. It's a little bit of a different feel, but we should still be able to gently lean forward a little bit.

Access the upper back. Four, three, two, one squeezing. This is our last set. We're going to do the pulses again. Just quick. How else? How else? How else? Well, it's every time you post. Pull your stomach in war two, shoulders down, Jen. That's it. [inaudible] and squeeze. Pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse. That's all. Why were the arms down?

Stay sitting. Just reach your arms out to your sides. Let's go right here towards right shoulder and then just allow the neck to be heavy, but don't allow the entire body to lean. Once you're there, just inch or a spider crawl the left fingertips away from you. Not a place to force a big stretch, but just allow the heaviness of the skull and the heaviness of the arm to pull on the muscles in between. And then before you let your head come up, let the stretch go just by relaxing. Walk they hand back and then once your neck is free of stretch or attention, pick it up. Going over to the other side here, left ear to left shoulder, no movement through the trunk, and then just walk and enjoy the stretch and breathe.

Carefully. Release that stretch. Walk or slide the fingers back in and I'll have the head to come up. Maybe a little dizzy. Um, come on to your stomach. I think I want us to put, and again I'm, I'm troubleshooting a little and feel, let me, let's go first. The ball underneath thinking it's going to be different depending on how voluptuous me are. So, um, you may, it may not be comfortable to put it. Just uh, let's go chest just underneath the chest. Okay.

And then the arms, Jen, you might want to go just on top of or underneath if that's not comfortable for them. Okay, good. Um, not single you out. You're just, I'm not as well in doubt as you, I don't know what it feels like. So forearms on the ground. Think about this. First of all, your stomach in, so you're already in back extension. Then gently, gently present to the forearms and keep the chest on the ball, but try to go a little bit lighter on it and then release down. But as you release down, think about going forward and pressing on the ball by continuing to pull the elbows, the arms, the shoulder pit, just shoulder fits. Oh God. Present to the forearms, the late leads. That's where we engage to our upper back. Lifting the chest. Stop light, still touching the ball, but lightly.

Now on the way down there is where we push into it a little bit. Shoulders are reaching way down as we press down on the ball. Go again. Inhale, extend the spine lightly. Press up away from the ball. Exhale, push into it. Let's do that two more times. Abdominal strong. I'll say it again, and then reached down. Last one for now and he'll extend around the shoulder blades down.

Stayed there. No push down. Allow your arms to just gently reach out in front of you. So at this point, we're pretty much just resting on the ball, but a the balls allowing us to be in back extension. We're going to do a swim prep exercise. So strong legs. Raise the left arm as high as you can towards your right ear, but barely lift the right leg as you reach it away, barely lift it and then release. And then the right arm is going to reach its, that was what we're looking for as far as height. But the left leg barely leaves the floor. I just pulls away and then change. We'll go a little quicker.

Arm goes high leg stretches away and release. And again, big reach away. I didn't release. Okay. Okay. As the arm travels upwards away from the body, the shoulder blade travels down downwards. It's in the direction that the foot is reaching two more times and down last one. And then I just, um, just carefully bring the ball up and underneath. Yeah, said it where you need to, uh, let your back settle for a moment before you let your s help yourself up.

And when you're ready to express up with your arms curves through the spine and just sit all the way back onto the fee. Okay. Come back to hands and knees. We're going to do the cat stretch. Hands on your knees, shoulders, knees. Underneath the pelvis, straight back, and your head reaching forward. Breathe in. As you breathe out. Allow the pelvis to press forward, talking the tailbone, involving the backs of the legs somewhat so you get the best around low back that you can manage without arching the whole back. Inhale, return to neutral and Xcel. Feel the shoulder blades reached down the back as the chest reaches out and forward. Inhale to move back. Neutral.

Exhale, pelvis first. So as you do, go through these two movements, revisit the idea that the shoulder blades stay broad on the back and you should bring your hands a little closer to underneath you, not towards one another, but towards your knees. Yeah. So as we round the shoulders, stay broad. That's nice, Jen. And then back towards neutral. And as we extend, they dropped down the back, the eyes travel slightly forward. And then we come back to neutral. Let's do two more times around flexing through the lower spine first. And then here I think you'll get a better stretch. You guys would get, you're on your own. Um, come back just a bit. So if you don't go quite so far here, but you focus on letting this move go, I'd come up, pull away from my hand. I'll keep pulling. So come this way. Yeah.

But keep this as we kind of still keep going here. But yeah. So that's where you're going to get more of the stretch in here and then release back and then the extension was lovely. And just letting the chest come up slightly. Okay. Sit back on your feet for one brief more moment when? More brief moment. Okay. And then come up when you're ready.

Just going to put the hands right in front of the knees and we're gonna press over our feet balls. We're done with the balls for today. Uh, maybe press up with your hips and drop your forehead towards the ground. Staying there. We're going to bend one of our knees as that knee Benz, that side of the hip will draw and we're going to press it back into the straight leg. Stretching back through both legs straight. Allow the opposite knee to bend. Once again, take, go right like Ben or when the Ben, if I didn't specify before, and then change and then stretch both legs and exhale as you start to bring yourself up.

Kind of slow looking for a strong articulation. The spine. When you arrive at the top, allow your arms to just float up towards your ears. Allow them to be weightless as your shoulder blades glide down their back. We're gonna reach the arms back out to the side. We're going to try and come forward with a flat spine, which is good to involve some abdominal strength or support to support the spine. Fold all the way down. When you get to the bottom, bend the leg for this away from me, the leg that's bent that same hand. So I've got my right knee bent, my right hand down on the mat and I'm in a reach my left arm up.

That might not be right and left for everyone, but what we're doing is twisting towards the ocean and then we're going to stretch that leg straight. Exchange hands and exchange bent knees. Take the opposite arm back, and as you turn your body, try to take the spine forward, not just around, and we're going to head back towards straight down. Allow the knees to bend slightly. Allow this spine to cascade over the thighs to release, to stretch, eliminating tension from your body with one last big inhale. Exhale to come all the way back up, and we're done for the day. You're welcome. Thanks for coming.


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I am so honoured to have such good instructors from basi pilates right in my living room everyday. I humbly thank all of you for giving such wonderful classes. blanche.
Blanche, we are positively thrilled to be there with you! :)
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I believe I have just found my favorite instructor thus far...I love the use of the ball. excellent pacing, cueing, delivery. I love this site !!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks !!!
Thanks so much Janice! You made my day!!
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This is a wonderful class - one of the best I've tried yet!
If you don't have the right kind of ball, don't despair. I
used either a volley ball or a pillow for the different exercises. Worked fine.

Thanks! Patricia
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I love your classes. More stability ball classes would be great.
Thanks ladies!!!
Judy, I'll see what I can come up with...
I appreciate you guys!!
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I know this is an old class but its great! I used a few variations today and everyone enjoyed themselves. More please. Thank you!
Thanks, Justina...I believe there is a lot to be found in any class...old or new. Thank you for going back in time... :)
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Such a great class - loved the variations with my favorite prop!!

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