Class #2450

Mixed Equipment Workout

60 min - Class


Feel the burn with this Mixed Equipment workout with Courtney Miller! She teaches a circuit-style class starting with the Reformer, then the Wunda Chair and Tower. She focuses on finding strength without creating stiffness in the body. Have fun!
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Tower, Wunda Chair, Mixed Equipment

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Hi, I'm Courtney Miller, and I am gonna be teaching a circuit style class today. Now, the way that I'm gonna be teaching it for you is I'll start on the reformer, and I'll be on the re...


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Loved it! Great ideas and workout. Beautiful cover on Pilates Style on recent issue!!!
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Wow!!!! This was perfect and the type of workout I want to see more in PA. Thank you very much
Thank you Shirley and Z A! I sure did have a bast doing this class! In fact, after watching it just now I think I'm going to jump on my tower/mat and do some extension work! :) Thanks for your comments and likes! Happy 2016!
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AWESOMENESS!! Thank you Courtney for yet another fun fun fun class!
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Courtney Miller você é umas das minhas favoritas!!! amo suas classes, obrigada por compartilhar!!!
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Yes, agreeed with Z A. We need more classes like this, inspiring with fresh teaching, off the repetitive list.
Thank you.
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Fun footwork and absolutely loved rolling like a ball!! Thank you for another beautiful and uplifting class!!
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Great workout! I enjoyed the creativity and the clear cuing. Many thanks!
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Another amazing class! You do such an excellent job at teaching! Love your videos!
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Great class! I was able to do most of the tower work with my Exo chair and slastics ( and heavy hand weights on the seat of the chair to keep it stable) on the days where I don't have time to get to my studio.
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