Class #2476

Tower Workout

40 min - Class


Grab your unitard and join Tracey Mallett in this fun Tower class! She integrates the upper and lower body for a total body workout. She also adds a few balance challenges and she reminds us why it is important to keep practicing.
What You'll Need: Tower

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Hi, I'm Tracey Mallett. Today I am sporting my new unitard, and you're wondering why I'm telling you I'm sporting a unitard. Well, 25 years ago I was actually in London, introduced to ...


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Beautiful form and beautiful spirit! Love Tracey's workouts and instruction.
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All over body stretch and workout with great cueing! Thank you Tracey:)
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Awesome workout, as always! Your little tune made me laugh, you are always true to yourself and genuine! :)
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All my tower favorites in one workout! Thank you Tracey!
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thank you Tracy:)
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Loved this! I got nice and toasty on this snowy snowy day. Feeling stronger to go shovel.
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Nice mix of Pilates....and standing Pilates aka barre! Love it. Thank you
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Yes, great workout for a snow day. Thank you, Tracy.
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Beautiful class!! I loved the standing work especially! Thank you:)
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Lots of fun. I especially enjoyed the standing series at the end.
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