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Coordination and Balance

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Work on coordination and balance in this Mat workout with Deborah Lessen. She includes variations that will challenge your mind like her Developpé exercise and others. She also includes a Teaser series that will keep you working until the very end.
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I'm Debra lessen and we're going to do an intermediate math class. Let's go. So starting supine. Knees comfortably bent, feet hip with the part, palms down on the mat. Let your tail hang into the mat. Feel the back of your head heavy and take a couple of good deep breaths. Expanding the rib cage in all three directions, all eight directions, and exhale on your next exhalation. Scoop under.

Appeal the tail off and inhale, coming up to a bridge. Good. Widen those bottom ribs. Exhale, soften the chest. Let your sternum hang and roll out one vertebra at a time and inhale at the bottom. Exhale, empty out in the front. Send your tail through your feet, up the wall. Inhale at the top. Exhale, soften.

Let your upper back widen and roll down one vertebra at a time. One more time. Exhale, empty out. Inhale, high up. Exhale, soften and [inaudible] roll. Good. Slide your legs all the way down and just turn over on your stomachs.

Palm over, palm under your forehead. Good. Nice, wide shoulders dropped into the mat. Inhale into the upper back. Exhale, drop through the sternum and send your eyes forward up the wall, high up onto the ceiling. As you inhale and exhale, descend from the bottom to the top. Delaying the head. Good. Inhale for nothing.

Exhale drops in the face forward. Inhale, high up. Exhale, soften and roll. Inhale at the bottom. One more time. Exhale, drop. Good. Inhale, high up. Exhale, roll down.

Come to the bottom and stay. Keep your forehead attached to your hands. Take your legs off the Mat. Upper body off the mat. Keep weight on your bottom ribs. You're going to do five beats to inhale, five to exhale. 10 sets. Good. Keep the abdominal wall supporting you in the front. Nice, wide upper back. Your armpits are facing the floor, shoulder blades, nice and wide. Good. Stretch the knees if you can, and when you get to the end, just come down and wiggle. Waggle good counting.

[inaudible] ten one thousand good. Okay, so let's have everyone lie on their left side facing the ocean except for you. You'll be on your right side. Okay. Now, if you're comfortable, you can lie all the way out. If that bothers your arm, you can take your arm forward or put your hand underneath your head. Okay. And the front arm is away from the body, elbow, open hand in front of the center of the chest. So it's like a flying buttress that you're using for support. Good.

So you're right on your side. Inhale up into the top rips and exhale, dra. Inhale up and exhale drop. I'm just going to bring this hip forward a little bit. Inhale up and stay and this back a little bit. Yes, that way. Take both legs off.

Good and lower the legs down. Keep the support underneath and legs off and lower down and looks off and stay. Take your front arm up parallel to the other arm and balance. Good. If, if negotiation is going on, that's a wonderful learning experience and rest. And let's do the other side. Just turn face the opposite direction.

So you want to be lying right on the edge of your back. So think of the edge of your shoulder blade being on the mat. Take this hand a little farther away and come back. Let your legs come forward. That's it. Okay. Inhale up into the top rips and exhale.

Drop. Inhale up and stay and take the legs off and hold good. Pelvis flat and lower the legs down and legs off and lower the legs down. Legs off and hold. Bring the front arm up into balance. Good. Keep the abdominal wall back. Lengths in the low back and rest. Excellent. Okay, let's have you come sitting up facing me and you face them.

Okay, so just a, let's start with your hands behind your head. Okay. And exhale. Scoop under and rolled down just onto the back of the pelvis. Stay there. Inhale, exhale, round forward and inhale and sit tall. This is small. You're only going maybe a third of the way down. Exhale, scoop under and roll. That's enough. Stay there.

Inhale. Exhale, deepen, and sit tall. Take your arms straight up to the ceiling. Stretch your legs forward. Flex the feet, legs together. Exhale, roll this time. Go all the way down. Inhale, reach the arms back behind you. Arms up to the ceiling. Exhale, soften the chest and round. Forward. Good.

Reached towards your feet and sit all the way up. Arms up to the ceiling. Good. As you roll, keep reaching your arms up to the ceiling. Good. So you're pulling out and lengthening that curve. Good. Arms Up. Inhale. Exhale, round forward and sit all the way up. Exhale. Roll this time.

Go down into position for the hundred arms, lower legs off. Good. And go on your own time. Good. So remember you want to keep deepening the chest, you want to feel the pelvis rounding under so the head and the tail are both coming off and moving toward each other. Good. When you get to your last exhalation, lower your straight legs all the way down onto the mat. Okay, that's hundred-ish lower the legs. Roll down and just stay for a minute. Good.

And actually press your body back into the mat. Bend your right knee in. Extend the leg up to the ceiling. No arms, arms down by your sides. Good. Okay, we're going to do leg circle and let me give you the timing first. You can cross center if you want. You don't have to. This is the timing. We're going to go down, up. Okay. Ready and down. Up, down, up, down, up.

Once more. Down, up. Reverse. Yeah, and up and up and up and stay. Good. Lower that leg down. Good. Other knee bend. Inhale up. Ready to go. And down. Up and up and up. Once more and up. Reverse and up and up and up.

Last time. M stay lower the leg down. Cross your right leg over your left. Fifth position. Okay, so you are going to come into, excuse me, for speaking French in a pilates class up into front passe. So slide your foot up. Turned out right under the knee. Turned out. Extend the leg up to the ceiling.

You're going to close that right leg on top of the left. Straight leg back up. Bend the knee. Turn out and slide all the way down again. Slide up, extend to the ceiling. Straight leg down and up.

Bend the knee and slide down once more open. Inhale up straight leg down and up. Bend the knee. Stretch out and stay and just change legs and slide up. Inhale, extend. Bottom on, down and up.

Bend the knee and slide down. Close high inside the thighs. Slide up. Inhale up straight leg down and up. Open the knee and slide down. Last time. Slide up.

Inhale straight leg down and up. Bend and slide down. Good. Okay. And come sit up for rolling like a ball. Okay, so I don't want to wear you out. We're only gonna do three and then we're going to go right into open leg rocker.

Okay? So take your arms around your legs as much as you can. You're going to explode your legs out against your arms and hug in from the outside so you have lots of energy going on in that circle inside. Okay? Let all the breath out and inhale to go back. X. Inhale.

Exhale. Last time. Inhale, exhale, stay. Extend the legs. Hold on. Where you're comfortable. Keep pelvis rounded under and inhale rock back and exhale up. Good. Inhale, rock. Exhale. You're going to go back and stay. Inhale. Good. Now you can let your toe go all the way down onto the mat.

Hopefully you have some mat there. Good. Okay. Now I want you to hold on to your feet if you can reach. If you can't just hold what you can. All right. You're going to use your arms opposing your legs and I want you to roll your tail toward the Mat. You don't have to come all the way down. Just come halfway and then you're going to use your pelvis and push your feet into your hands to go back where you came from.

That was really good. Exhale, this is unrehearsed. Folks at home and roll back and exhale, roll. Excellent. And roll back. We're going to go right into rollovers, feet together back there. So start with that roll. Exhale, roll all the way down, legs down and open and come right back. Grab your feet. So I want you to do that. Roll down the same way.

Resist good. Let go and throw the legs and come right back. Once more. Resist. Let go and throw your legs. Stay now with the feet open. Hold onto your feet. Resist and roll.

Legs down and together and right back up and grab. Open. Exhale, roll. Good. And up. Last one. Exhale, roll. [inaudible] and come up. Good. Bend your knees. Just hang there for a minute. Good. Just to let your legs hang on the floor.

That's it. Okay. Now, straight legs, feet together. Just roll down until your legs are vertical. We're going to do a preparation for corkscrews of cross the right leg on top and you're going to go away from your legs. We're not rolling back. We're just circling the legs and coming to center. That's it.

And stay. Same direction around and center once more around and centered. Change and reverse direction around and center and around and center and around center. Stay. Bring your head forward, hands behind your head. Lower your straight legs down to the mat. Good and roll all the way. Good, and let's turn over, but face in toward each other.

And let's do Sphinx. So you don't know this exercise because it's not [inaudible]. So you're going to take fist in hand. You're on a tripod. Okay? Press your forearms into the mat. Get your sternum as high out of the mat as you can now without dropping on your exhale.

Round your spine as much as you can without lifting your pelvis off. And then you're going to reverse. Pull forward and sternum high up and exhale round and the you long gate. Good. And reverse the spine weight high about are the arms.

Once more exhale and go forward and up and stay. We're going to go right into single leg kick, right like first and heel. Toe and stretch. Left heel, toe stretch, heel toe stretch. Keep your upper body really strong. Heel off the floor. Change Heel, toe off, heel, leg stays off. Good. And he'll stay and roll down everyone head to the right.

Okay, so Christy, just be really careful with your shoulders and when you come up just let your arms separate. Yes. Okay. All right everyone else hands be hind your low back. And if you don't have a shoulder problem, let your elbows hang down toward the mat. Okay, so heel, toe, stretch and kick, kick, stretch. Good. And roll down other side and kick, kick, stretch and roll down.

First side heels, toes, stretch and roll down. Last time. Heels, toes, stretch. Stay. Let your arms come around to the side and in front of you. Good. And come all the way down to the floor. Take your hands beside your shoulders, forearms, all the way down on the mat.

So wide enough that you can open your upper back. You can come back a little bit here. That's it. And let your shoulders go down toward the mat. Just really open there. That's it. So inhale for nothing. Exhale, stern and forward the head off. Come high up. Keep coming up and push your arms opposite the direction your head is moving.

And now stay high up and the elbows and pull forward through the chest and roll all the way back down. Get your elbows on the floor. Shoulders open and dropped. Inhale for nothing. Exhale, move forward through the sternum. Inhale coming high up and stretch and pull forward. Really active through your shoulders. Arms. Good.

We're going to come up one more time and go right into diving. Elbows on the mat, elbows on the mat. Good. So when you push up, I want you to use your whole forearm on the mat. Inhale for nothing. Exhale forward. Inhale, come all the way up. Bring the arms.

Oh, and rock and rock and rock and rock and stay down. No, let's do it again and stay up. All right. That was wonderful. Okay, let us, um, turn on your sides. Let's face the ocean first. Sure. Okay. Okay. All right. Is your shoulder okay under there as okay. Alright, so I want you to take that front arm square in front of you.

This is like a formal dance partner right in front of your sternum. Okay. So that you can stay square in your, in your upper body. All right. Inhale up into the top ribs and take the legs off. Turned out good. And you're going to take the top look forward. Turn out, open second position. Come back to Tom, do back, but keep your pelvis flat to the next continent and close together again.

Forward, open, open the front of the pelvis as you bring that leg back. Good. So the top hip has to stay forward and close together. One more time. Forward. Open to the back. Come together. And now let's reverse to the back. Good. If you can keep that underneath leg off and stay on one balance point on your hip to the back. Rotate. Open, forward and together.

Last time back, rotate forward and together and hold. Take the front arm up to balance. Just keep that top hip forward, right. So imagine you have an eye on the front of your sacrum and it's looking straight ahead. Just like life and rest. Okay, let's do the other side. Okay. Okay. Temperatures rising. Alright, so square off the front arm.

Your legs should be, if anything slightly ahead of you. Yes. Okay, so you're going to inhale up into the top ribs. Take the legs of hair off. Come forward here. Just that sit and circle forward. Open Second Tom, do back and close together. Good ladies.

Circle forward. Open. This is so much more work without a spring, isn't it? And together and circle forward. Open Tom, do back close together and reverse tongue. Do back. Open. Forward and together.

Good back. So the range of motion is only as great as what you can do with your pelvis. Staying Square. That means it can't tilt forward or back. Can't rotate. Okay, good. Last time.

Up Forward. Come together. Find your balance. Good. Take the arm overhead. Good. Stretch both sides. All right, we're now going to do a leg poll and I want you to come up onto your tripod in a plank. Okay, good. So you want to be straight as a board, really pressing out of your arms and take the right leg slightly back. Don't change the pelvis and come together left and together and right and together and left together and hold.

Now you're going to send your sternum forward and let your pelvis come lower to the mat. Take your head as high as you can. You don't have to come all the way down and now scoop and change the back and come into one long curve. But don't lift your Tush to the ceiling. All right, so your head is under your pelvises under good and go forward. We're only going to do this one or two more times. Press up out of your arms and exhale, scoop and round. So this is sphinx off the floor. Once more forward and up and round under good. Bend your knees, sit back on your knees.

Stretch your low back. Excellent. Wow, good. And now come into position for leg pull front. So you're going to be sitting legs forward, legs together. So this is um, the version that I like to do and you don't have to do it if it bothers your shoulder. Okay? So just take your hand slightly behind you. But notice that even though it looks like a turn in position, you actually are outward rotating. Okay? Start scooped.

Now you're going to start from your pelvis, move forward through your pelvis. Come up into as much of a plank as you can. Now you're going to send your chest in your face, high up to the ceiling. Bring your tail back under your head that sit and round back into your starting position. So start from the pelvis, scoop under. Send your pelvis through your feet. Open the chest. Good.

And bring the tail back and down. Don't drop the head. Keep your face reaching to the ceiling. That was beautiful. Nia dra and round. One more time. Scoop under. Open the chest. Bring the tail back under you. Good. Open the ribs. Good.

And just lift the arms up and round over your legs and stretch for a minute. Flex your feet. Grab onto your feet. Good and make sure you get a good calf stretch. Okay, and now it's time for that exercise that we love to hate or we hate to love teaser. All right, so let me tell you what you're going to do so that you don't wear yourselves out. Don't look at the crib sheet. [inaudible] you're going to start up in teaser position and just the way we did the preparation at the beginning of the class, you're going to only roll down part of the way and that and then come back up.

That's the teas. I had a Brazilian client who thought the name was tweezer because it's like the action of a tweezer. Okay, so we're going to do that three times. Then you're going to lower the legs only as far as you can and bring them up three times. Then we're going to alternate torso up, legs up three times and then both. So don't be too ambitious with how low you go because you have to get through to the end. Okay? All right, so arms are up parallel to the legs. Scoot back and raise the legs off the mat. All right, so just the torso first exhale.

Just go few vertebrae and roll back up to more. Exhale. Inhale up last time. Exhale. Now stay up at round and legs lower and lift and lower and lift and lower. Now alternating torso down and up.

Legs down and up. Torso. Good. I don't see any eyeballs rolling yet. One more set down and up. Legs lower. Go for broke. Both ends down and up. Small is fine.

Lower and up and lower and up. Lower all the way down. Reach your arms behind you and just stretch your whole body. Oh, that was wonderful. So at Carola's we had to do five of each and then if you could hip circle at the end, but maybe we'll leave hip circle for another day. Okay. Okay, so I like you all to turn on your stomach's facing in again.

Okay. Okay. Now take your left hand under your forehead. Take your right arm forward and slightly open. Okay. All right, so we're doing this as a stretch. So you're going to take your right leg off the mat, peel it off the floor, and send it behind you over to the left.

So you're gonna push down with that right arm and spiral that leg over to the left. That's it. Goes as far as you can without falling over. Now you're going to return from the top to the bottom, one vertebra at a time, shoulder, ribs, waist, hip, bone, and then lower that leg down and change to the other side. That was really nice. And take the left leg off and wrap it around. So use the extended arm for balance.

Good. And keep sending that left arm forward to start your descent. Come down. Good, good, good, good. Change arms. Let's do one more set and right leg off and wrap the leg around.

Long diagonal from your right shoulder to your left hip and send the right shoulder down to start your descent. Good, good, good. Okay. Other side and leg off. Good. So this is really good. Pure flection. I mean rotation, dull and return.

Okay. Stay where you are. Bend your knees and grab onto your ankles, bring the head high up, legs off, tiny rocking. Start forward and forward and forward and forward and come down. Stretch your arms and legs away from each other on the floor. Okay. And I think it's nap time for us ladies. And we're going to finish right here on the floor.

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It is immediately apparent, that the Lady on the Table has great control of her movements. May one ask, how many times each week has she been practicing the mat and for how long?
Could you please confirm the names of the Ballet terminology used?
Ms Leesen is a great innovative Teacher. Are there more mat videos coming along soon with her Instructing?
Thanking you.
Lovely clear instruction. Loved the sphinx exercise, particularly when done in plank position.
Deborah Lessen !
Really different for me - I enjoyed it - thank you will look out for more videos from Deborah.
Thanks for inspiration and clear cues Deborah. ????
another wonderful class deborah!
perfect antidote to the gardening i did today....
needed all that extension and back-opening.
101/365 -- a lot of tummy time, some complicated moves but few reps of each. I did a lot of exercises I don't think I've done before in Pilates. Felt very good. Thanks!
Always a learning experience :)
Found it in my favorites. My, that felt good after all afternoon in the kitchen!

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