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Challenge your pelvic stabilization in this Mat workout with Deborah Lessen! She starts with a general warm up to make sure you are ready to move, and then moves on to a traditional Mat class. She includes many wonderful variations like Leg Circles, Up Stretch, and so much more!
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I'm Debra lessen and we're going to do an intermediate level Matt Class. Thanks to our ladies. So please could you come down on your backs, feet toward the center. Legs hip with the part, knees bent. Okay. Always the same. Warm up, no matter what the level. So you're going to inhale and expand through the ribcage.

Exhale, empty out and peel off from the bottom of the spine. Inhale up to a bridge, widen the ribs. Exhale, soften. Let the sternum fall through and move toward your feet. As you roll down. Stay connected to your feet. Exhale, empty out. Come up one vertebra at a time. Inhale, widen at the top. Exhale, soften and go toward your feet so you keep your hamstrings active underneath.

Inhale, drop the tail again. Exhale, scoop under. Inhale, come high up. Exhale, soften and roll. Good. Slide your legs all the way down. Turn over on your stomachs facing the same direction you are right now. One Hand on top of the other. We're just going to do two preparations, so inhale up into the thorax. Exhale, drop the sternum and send your face forward.

Press the arms down and had high up toward the ceiling. Exhale, roll down from the bottom to the top. Keep one hand all the way across the other. Yes, so that your elbows are more forward. It helps you open your back. Inhale, exhale, drop through the sternum. That's okay, Debra. Stay up. Wait for the others.

Good crown of the head is going to the souls of the feet and exhale. Roll from the bottom to the top. Good. One more time. Inhale at the bottom. Exhale, drop. Elongate through the upper spine and inhale, high up. Good. Exhale, roll. Come all the way down.

Take the legs off. Take the upper body off with the arms so your hands are still up under the forehead. Good. Now I want you to feel the line of your spine and bring your head into that line. Five beats to inhale. Five beats to exhale on your own time, so you're going to come up, Deborah, off the mat. Stay up, hands up under your forehead. The legs beat five to inhale, five to exhale.

Good. Now I'm just going to talk while you're moving, your arm pits are facing the floor. The edges of your shoulder blades are wrapping down toward the floor, and you are outward rotating at the top of the arm. Good. And when you're finished, just come down. Give a little wiggle. Waggle okay. Did you feel that position of your shoulder girdle? That's what we want. So when you arch your back, you don't want to pull your shoulder blades back towards your spine.

Okay? You want to stay nice and open? Okay, so let's face the ocean first on your side. Okay? You're going to take your underneath arms straight up, and I want you to lie right on the edge of your shoulder blade. Okay? The other arm is in front of you, like your formal dance partner. Inhale up into the top ribs. Just hold there. So I don't want you to Overdo, you're just bringing your spine up parallel to the floor.

And now take the legs off in that same line and hold. Find your balance point on your hip. Good. Just take that front arm a little farther away. Yes. And now you're going to do a small scissors. Topliff forward underneath, like back and together and reverse and together. Good.

Visualize your spine parallel to the floor and keep the support on the underneath side. Nice. Broad shoulders. One more close and hold. Bring your front arm up parallel to the underneath arm. Good. So you're elongating both sides of the spine. Good rest. And let's go to the other side. Just roll over.

Okay, square off the front arm. All right, so if you could see yourself from ceiling down, your top shoulder is directly over your underneath shoulder. So that underneath shoulder has to feel almost like it's a little forward. That's it. Okay. So inhale up and legs off and hold. Good topic forward and together and back and together.

Feel your balance point forward and together. So in this position, usually your rib cage rotates a little bit on your pelvis, so you have to keep the relationship of the rib cage and the pelvis constant. Stay. Bring your front arm up and balance. That's okay. It's all in negotiation. Good knee hydra. Just bring your legs forward a little bit. That's it.

Good and rest very good. And you can come on your backs. Okay. So this is a really good thing to add into your warmup and you get to know where your body rotates. You can anticipate and start working on it before you get into big exercises. Okay? So let's bring the knees into the chest.

Head forward into the knees. Give yourself a hug. Now you're going to keep the inner borders of your feet together. Heels together, knees open. Pull those knees all the way back towards your ears. Good. Feel the position your pelvis is in.

Now go directly into position for the a hundred and you can start on your own time. Five to inhale and five to exhale. So you can experiment if you want. Keeping one leg up and taking one leg all the way down on the mat and push down against the floor with that leg. So if you push down, it's going to help you deepen the abdominals and round your pelvis under more. Good. And when you get to the end, bring both knees into the chest. You're going to give yourself a good hug. Yes.

Slide your legs all the way down on the mat. Arms up to the ceiling. Good and reach your arms only as far back behind you as you can. Keep your rib cage on the Mat. Flex the feet. Inhale arms to the ceiling. Leave them like a window frame. Exhale, round your head through your arms. Good and reach. Reach, reach. Keep the head under and roll down.

If you can keep your arms up by your ears. Yes. If it's too hard, you can lower your arms. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, round. Push through your heels. Good and reach. Stay on your sit bones. Exhale, roll down and arms back. One more time. Inhale, arms.

Exhale, round. Good. Head toward the knees. Waist is going to the wall behind you. Good. And roll back. Good. Bring your arms down beside you. Okay. Let's bring the right leg up to the ceiling.

Okay. Let me just give you your combination first. So we're going to do circle up. Reverse up. Close. Fifth. Yep. Pos Se second close. Fifth past a front.

Close Fifth and change. Okay, so left like up. We're still marking. Circle up. Circle up close. Fifth Pos. Say second closed. Fifth Pos. Say Front. Close. Fifth and change. Here we go.

Right leg up and circle up. Reverse up close. Fifth Puss. Say Second. Close. Fifth Pos. Say Front. Close Fifth and change fifth leg up and circle up. Reverse up close. Fifth Pos.

Say Second. Close. Fifth on a vome. Close. Fifth Change. Good. Now we're gonna reverse the posses. So instead of coming up and open, you're going to bop. Ma, PA, say close. Okay. Right leg up and circle up.

Reverse and up. Close. Fifth to second. [inaudible] Pos. Say close to the front. Bought Mall. Passe clothes change. Fifth and up. Circle up reverse and up. Close. Fifth bought Moss. Second. Pos say good, but mom. Front. Paseo closed. One more set on each side.

Lift and circle and circle. Close together to second Paseo. Close to the front. Posse. Close change. Fifth. Good Circle. Up and up. Close. Fifth. Bob Moss.

Second. Passe. Good. And Front posse. Close and hold. Good. Just shake out your legs on the floor. Okay. That was really good. I liked that a first for all of us. Okay. So come on up. Let's do rolling like a ball. Alright, that's a lot of stabilization to move your legs around like that.

Really challenging. Okay, so head into the knees. Point the feet. Good. Press your legs against your arms and your arms against your legs. And inhale, roll. Exhale, stay. Inhale, roll. Exhale. Now as you go back, extend the legs. Inhale, extend, come back in, knees bent again. Inhale, good. Come back in once more.

Go out to second as you go back and stay open. Leg rocker. Inhale up. Good. And inhale back. That's a lot of inhaling and come up. Inhale, back and up. Go back one more time and stay good. Bring the toes together on the floor and just leave your arms back there on the floor. So let's do rollover.

Leave your arms this time if you want, you can hook your thumbs together and keep reaching back behind you. Roll down through the spine. Good. Arms back, legs down and open and come right back up and toes together. Good. Roll down. Legs down, open second and come right back up and toes together. One more time. Roll brush. And upstate wide this time and roll down, brush together and right back up. Excellent.

Open and rolled down together and up. Last time. Roll down together and upswing yourself up. We're going to go right into saw. Oh my God, that was fabulous. Okay, so lets everyone go toward the camera first you're going to inhale to turn and reach, reach, reach, [inaudible] dries up and center. Other side reach, reach, reach, Tris up and center. Once more on each side, right reach, reach, dries up and center and [inaudible] reach, reach, reach, rise up and center. Just go to the first side and hold. So go down.

Take your left hand along with your right hand. Left hand to your right hand. There you go. Okay, hold onto your foot with your left hand. Now I want you to open your chest to the ceiling and take that right arm up to the ceiling. Hold onto your foot. Yes. Yes Debra. Switch arms. Yes sir. You're on the other side. You have to transpose left and right.

Now hold onto your right foot with your right arm. Yes. Now take that right arm. Careful Christy behind you. Good. Good. And now turn back towards your foot. Give yourself a stretch. Good. Come up to center. Okay.

Go to the other side, into your soft position. Take your other arm forward. Give yourself a stretch there. Good. Open to the inside of your leg. Wrap that arm around behind you. Good.

Good. Come back. Reach towards your foot. Rise up. Oh, okay. All right. Are you okay? Okay. All right. So now let's do Spinx a facing in toward each other. So Deborah, we did this yesterday, so just keep, keep your eyes peeled. What an image.

Okay. Alright, so you're going to actively press your forearms into the floor and keep your upper body as high out of your arms as you can and scoop under in the spine round. Good. And reach forward through the sternum and press high up out of your arms. Two more. Exhale round and reach forward and high up and scoop under and reach forward and up. And we're gonna go right into single leg kick, right leg and heel. Toe and stretch. Left heel, toe, hips into the mat, heel toe. Think of this as a little.

So a stretch. Good. Now you take the leg off when you finish. Good. Lower down and heel toe, leg off and heel. Toe, leg off and heel toe. Leg Off. Good. Okay. That's enough. And roll down. Okay. So we're going to do a version of double leg stretch.

So just take your hands behind you. Um, this is inspired by Kristy because her shoulders bothering her. Okay. So I want you to keep your palms facing the ceiling for right now. You're going to start with the legs, heels in, toes in. As you stretch the legs, take your chest forward, bring the arms around to the side and all the way in front of you. Good.

Bring them around, fold palms up and come all the way down. Good. Okay. So in this position, remember I want you to try to drop your elbows toward the floor. Yes. For some of you it's actually a stretch and it's a good one. Okay, so legs first, heels, toes, stretch, chest forward, arms come through the side to the front. Now stay there for a minute as if you're pressing on the floor. Good. Stay up there and bring your arms back.

Palms to the ceiling and roll both ends down. One more time. Legs, first heels, toes and stretch arms around to the front. This would be a good place to swim, but we're not going to and bring the arms behind you and rolled down. Excellent. Okay, so let's have you turn over on your backs again, a heads in toward each other. Okay. And let's take the knees bent. Feet hip with the part.

I want you to come up to a shoulder bridge and take your thumbs together underneath you if you can. Good and stretch your arms. Okay, so again, your outward rotating at the top of the arm. Okay, bring the right knee into the chest, extend up flex and lower the leg point. Come up, bend the knee and down. Other leg. Knee. Extend. Flex and reach. Point up, knee in, lower down. One more set in.

You're done right knee. Extend. Flex down, point up, bend and together. Other leg up. Extend. Flex down, right up. Bend and in and roll down. Just let your arms move out of the way. Okay, excellent. Okay, now let's turn toward each other again in front support. Front plank position.

Okay. Now again, I want you to always think of pushing high up out of your arms, but not so that you round your lumbar spine. Um, okay. Just listen carefully cause we're improvising here. So you are going to turn toward the camera. Just swivel on your feet and open that top arm up to the ceiling. Reach it overhead. Bring it all the way down.

Come back to front support and plank. Other side swivel, open reach overhead. Continue that arm down. Back to front support. Good. Now we want to make that transition whole body, so try not to move one part at a time. Okay. Swivel as you open. Good.

Reach overhead and come back to front support. Excellent. Other side, reach overhead. Come back to front support. Good. Walk your hands back. Hips high up to the ceiling. Now take your hands flat on the mat again. Screw your arms into the sockets.

Bring your head up just a little bit. Even though you're flexing your spine. Debra, you can walk your hands more forward so that you can drop down through here even more. That's it. Okay. First just releve a heels up and lower the heels down. Good. Try not to round the spine. So as your heels come up, your tail is coming up. That's it. And lower back down. One more time.

Progress and lower down and stay. Now Deborah, walk a little more forward. Okay, everyone start from the pelvis round under and roll into your upstretched position. Good. Just up stretch. So your rounded, your rounded. So this is like your hundred position upside down. Okay. Round the head, way under round the pelvis under straight legs. And now you're going to lift the pelvis and go back to your starting position. Good. Again, scoop under and roll. Good.

Stay when you get there. Push out of your arms. Deep, deep, deep chest and lift the pelvis high up and come back. One more time. Scoop under. Good. Now let's go to down stretch. You can bend your knees if you want, but you don't have to. Good. Stay there. Press up out of your arms and now keep your eyes up and lift your tail up like a cat. Yes, all the way up. And Go back to your starting position. You can do this.

Lasciviously exhale, scoop under scoop under head, under all the way. Go to down stretch. Good. And lift the tail high up. Beautiful. We have to do one more scoop under and roll. Two down. Stretch and lift up.

Good. Okay. Bend your knees. Come down to a child's pose. Good. Just be careful of your shoulders. Okay. And let's have you sit facing each other and we're going to do teaser. Okay, so in the next level, class down, we did three torso, three legs, three alternating, three together.

So okay, it's better that you don't. So let's repeat that and then I'll give you a rest. And then we're going to do hip circle. Okay. All right, so come up into your teaser position. The arms are parallel to the legs, palms down. Now this roll back can be tiny. Okay. Exhale, roll. And inhale up. Exhale. Inhale up. One more.

Exhale down. Inhale up and stay. Just the legs. Lower and lift. Lower and lift. Keep the chest deep. Alternating torso down and up. Legs down and up.

Good and up. Once you get tired, just lay down and stretch out. Good legs down. Both ends. Lower and lift. Lower and lift. Last time, lower and lift. Lower the legs. Roll all the way down. Good. Bend your knees.

Just come up to shoulder bridge and stretch out the front of your hips. Good. And come down and shake out your legs. All right, so technically in teaser position, you're controlling with your abdominals and you limit how much your hip flexors are working. Okay? That's why it's so important that the pelvis is under. Otherwise you're gonna kill your hip flexors. Okay? So come on back up. And before you get in position, let me just tell you what you're going to do.

You're going to start in teaser position. You're going to take your arms and legs in the opposite direction and come to center opposite direction and center. Yeah. Okay, so let's start up. I don't even care which direction you start in. Arms are parallel to the legs and arms. One way legs, the other and center and reverse and center.

Good and reverse and center and reverse. Good. Bend your knees. Roll down on your backs. Give yourself a hug. Pull your knees in. Okay, so that's a start. Um, Rome wasn't built in a day. Okay, so Nia Dre, I'm going to ask you to mark this through. So come sit up.

Everyone can sit up and you're going to start with your legs crossed in front of you. Okay. Head to the knees and arms up behind you. Now the arms stay narrow the whole time. So you're going to scoop with your arms and roll back and hold. Stay right there. Good. Change your legs. Now you're going to come up to teaser position and hold. Just roll up and stay.

Good. That's good. Sweep the arms back and head over and go to your starting position. Scoop under and roll back. Good. Stay. So that's your first balance. Change the feet. Come up to teaser position. Stay. Sweep the arms back and head over.

Okay. So I'm normally the arms would go back as you come up, but I'm just breaking this down so that Christy doesn't injure herself. Okay. Um, let's do three like that and if you're happy and you can keep going, then we'll up the ante. Okay. All right. So you're going to start head to the knees, palms to the ceiling. Yes.

Arms swing through and scoop and go back to your first balance position. Change the feet, come up to teaser position, arms are forward now. Sweep them alongside and head over and down so your arms are behind you, up to the ceiling. Sweep them through and they're back on the floor. Change the feet, come up to teaser position, stays, sweep the arms back and had over. That was excellent. Let's do it again. Arms are behind you and sweep through and balance.

Change the feet. Come up and sweep the arms back and head over. Good. Last time. Sweep through and balance arms back behind you. [inaudible] come up, teaser, sweep the arms through and had over and rest.

Oh, okay. All right, so this is um, almost how I learned it with Corolla. And when Corolla did the mat work, there was a lot of rocking in it. So I'm assuming that when she was with Joe, that's how they did a lot of, a lot of these rolling exercises. It's sort of like throwing and catching. It's not slow and controlled even though it requires a lot of control.

Okay, so let's finish with rocking on the stomach. So you're going to have heads toward each other. [inaudible] good. Grab onto your feet behind you. Come as high as you can. So press your feet away and pull your sternum away from your feet and inhale up. Good. Good. So do about five.

Good. And when you're done, come all the way down. Take your hands by your shoulders. Extend your legs, Tuck your toes under. Lift your pelvis high up like you did before off the mat. So you're going to jack knife up. Good. Walk yourself all the way back. Good.

Now stay down there and walk your hands and feet forward into the middle of your mat. Yeah. Okay. And roll all the way up. Arms high up. Reach your sternum in your face to the ceiling center, the head and arms open and rest. Thank you ladies.

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Excelente clase.
great calss, thank you
Jodi H
Lovely class -- that One Leg Circle sequence is so beautiful! Brava!
This is excellent it's a nice learning pace and easy to follow without looking at the screen too much thanks!!! And I recognize some of those students!
Love it...."can do this lasciviously"
Great class Deborah. I can see where the breast bone breathing comes in so handy now for so many exercises. Like your variations and starting with a warmup, before the 100's.
Lovely class and great teacher. Thank you.
I officially have a bucket list forming that starts with going to NY to work with you one on one (no cameras!). Thank you Deborah!
Excellent love this class!!
Kaisa M
1 person likes this.
Absolutely lovely class with a great teacher I'm going to take a workshop with in Stockholm, Sweden, Europe in the end of February. Looking forward meeting Deborah Lessen in person.
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