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Osteoporosis Safe Workout

40 min - Class


Rebekah Rotstein of Incorporating Movement offers our first Pilates Anytime class specially designed for those with osteoporosis and osteopenia. It's also terrific for those with back concerns since it avoids the spinal flexion motions that Pilates traditionally relies on which for some people, can be troublesome. The class emphasizes alignment, body mechanics and strengthening techniques that are important for bone health. She uses a magic circle for additional resistance, challenge and inspiration, making it fun for anyone!
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Hello, thanks for coming. I'm Rebecca Rotstein and we're going to be doing a class today that is safe for anybody with osteoporosis and as you may have seen in the other clip that we d...


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Wonderful!!! I will be applying this next week in my mat class for my afternoon 50 something ladies!Thank you Rebekah!!
What a great warm up, very creative, didn't expect any less...and the rest is just as dynamic, safe and fun.
What a great instructior.I felt so relaxed afterwards. Hope she will become a regular.
A wonderful class for my age & weight challenged clients. So calming & relaxed yet a really nice workout.
A little to gentle for me however, as a 34 year old diagnosed with osteopenia, this class offers an extremely valuable opportunity to learn how to modify 'regular' pilates classes so that they are safe. I'd love a more challenging class from Rebekah.
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Second time I've done this class - the last time I commented that it was too gentle - what was I thinking! Great class. I'd love more from Rebekah.
Well done Rebekah and Pilates Anytime - more like this please. Very safe and nice modifications which are still challenging. Will definitely be using these ideas in my Over 50's classes. Loved the "breath into your bat wings" cue for encouraging a deeper lateral breath Thank you.
That's awesome Kate! Thanks for sharing... again!
I love Rebekahs teaching personality ! I also love this class...I teach Pilates and have just been diagnosed with a bit of lumbar disc degeneration. This has been an incredible opportunity to go back to the basics. I feel I will be a better teacher for it and I really appreciate Rebekahs classes for inspiration and information !
This was simply brilliant. I do not have osteopenia but I found doing the exercises flat really made me focus on my core. The difference in it from being in flexion was tremendous for me. So much so I am beginning to wonder if I am in the correct position when doing my ab prep and other exercises in flexion.
Thank you so much Rebekah. I can't wait to do another osteo class hurry back!
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