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Ladder Barrel Workout

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Loosen up your body in this Ladder Barrel workout with Adrianne Crawford. She teaches stretches that will make your entire body feel wonderful. This is the perfect class to unwind after a long day or to add after an intense workout. Enjoy!
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Hi, I'm Adrian. I'm going to be teaching Marta a little bit of the latter Brower barrel today. Um, we'll do some exercises. There's lots of stuff that you do out here, but we're going to start with just maybe some ballet stretches. Let's do, I'm gonna have you first start with the swan stretch, which is part of the reformer workout, but I went with great stretch. It feels so good. It's a great limbering spine exercise. So she steps inside and she's going to around her body over the barrel.

Her arms are down, her head is down and her hips are down. Good. Keeping her heels against the bar. She's going to take her arms up and take a nice inhale and now exhale back. She's got great extensions so she's able to really get back there. Feels wonderful. Exhale, stretch, reach.

She's going to pull those ribs up and come back down. Now there's a couple of different ways you can do this. This time she'll do two arches. She just did. So start with the first one and I'll show you where this second part changes stretch and she's going to reach out along when you reach out long, get those ribs deep. So scoop ups who are nice and long, a little lower through chest though so that she's in a straight line. Now she's going to keep those legs straight this time and arch back a little more challenging. If that's too much of a challenge, Bend your knees and then do the art come back.

So let's do the next one with bent knees. Deep breath in on both sets. Exhale back. Inhale, stretch one straight line, right where those ribs and exhale stretch. I want to come in front of her on when I grab those arms, gets those ribs up and exhale back with bed, knees, stretch, scoop and down. I had her do two more. You cannot, you can decide now and now that you know those two transitions, you can either have bent knees or straight legs. So ready, inhale up. I'll let her decide. Exhale back. Inhale, stretch, exhale back. She did a little bit of both.

Stretch scoop just okay to too many. That's good. She really liked the feeling of strategy. So only two times. Okay, and deep breath and exhale back. So these are flowing. We'll do three sets. I lied before. Exhale, reach, scoop and come down. So two more. Just like that. Inhale up. Exhale back, reaching back. Retell long exhale, back reach. Scoop those ribs and around. Back Down. Last one. Inhale up. Exhale, stretch. Loosen that spine up. Reach.

Exhale, back reach and come back down. And that is a swan on the barrel. Now I'm going to have her stand on here and put her. Let's do your ballet stretches. So she'll step backwards. She's gonna bring one leg inside her body and on top of the barrel you want to check your hips. Getting those hips to line hip to hip.

Shoulders are also squared off. Once you've got your lines, you are going to pull in and draw up your nose to your knee and hold. I'm just going to double check. She's got to get into more scoop here so she gets a better stretch and then she's going to articulate back up keeping the chest tall and I'm going to have her arch back opening up the chest. Now you don't have to do that, but it feels good for some of us and go back down and come back up and tall and arch, opening the chest and straight and one more time. So she'll do three stretches down. Hold the down there Martha and turn her head. Turn your right cheek. Tyranny, looking away from the leg and hold.

Keep those shoulders where I keep your scoop. Good. Now Center your head and around, back up. Finish with the lift up and then arch back. Good. And you can move your hands for that. Chin to chest. Okay, now she's going to hold onto those bars and she was going to attempt to lift this leg three times. So I don't want to see a lot of strain and going on two, it will feel like a hundred pounds three and rest national.

You're going to stay centered and you're going to bend this knee and you have your heel on here and your knee down. So get your heel to kind of align with your belly button or the left hip to the opposite side. Get yourself squared off good and three stretches. So she's going to go down and she was going to hold keeping those hips against the Barrow and try to drop that right hip a might be lifted. So the bent knee that's on the barrel, that's the hip that you probably need to drop and then she's going to come back out. So the idea is just keeping that alignment in those hips in the shoulders.

Two more times going down and rounding up at a Walmart time and hold one side will be tighter than the other. And lift. Okay, now you can straighten that same like, and now I'm going to have her pivot by turning and facing forward. Okay, so you want to make sure that your hips are aligned to right now they're not to move that leg a little forward. And let's start with this hand on the barrel or on the bar there. Here, and take your left arm up. Pull back into those ribs. Stay tall though. And she's going to keep the shoulders slightly in front of her knee as she bends to the side. I want you to keep this arm close to your ear for that left arm.

Bend your and reach away. Keep their arm close to the air and come back up. So now the arm is straight. You and your arm come up together. Left and now she's going to switch arms. So right arm up, stays on the ear and just stays open. This hip will want to lift. Keep pushing it down. Good. Bend the elbow, reach out. Keep pulling into those ribs as you rise. One more set. Switching arms, grow tall.

Get those ribs scooped over. Bend the elbow, reach it away and left or more time and left. Right arm up. Get those rows back. Now let's get just squared off a little bit. Good here. Yes. Hip down. Dropped this hip. Yes. And uh, okay. Now you don't have to do these.

If you have any back issues, but she can turn her face the opposite. So turn her back to the barrel leg stays up. You have to feel these out. If they don't feel good, don't do them. Drop your right hip. So ideally the hips are square. How you doing here? Okay, you're just going to hold good and shift your weight forward a little bit. Can you drop that right hip anymore and just hold the stretch?

Now I like to bend this knee and slide it down and just kind of stretch back that you can arch your back if you'd like and open up your chest. Good. As she comes back up, she'll curl her chin towards your chest and forward call. If you'd like to grab your ankle and take your foot off of there, you can get a little deeper stretch. Okay. And then she's ready for the other side. As soon as she, I drop that foot turn around and you always want to cross inside the body to place the foot. Okay, so now your left leg is up. You want to get those hips square? That's pretty good. So you should be able to kind of feel that out. Good.

Or have somebody look at you like a trainer and then you're going to start to around down and really your nose goes kind of between the knee and that's more centered. So on the inside of the knee, lift up, good arch back or you can just stay put and just keep growing tall, round by pulling in to stretch. Lots of little variations you could do here with the foot and whatnot with flexing or keeping it pointed. Lift and stretch, but you want to do about three of these last one port in going down there. Hold that and let's have that left hip. Drop a little bit more and pull it backwards a little bit. Not by adjusting your whole body. Just the leg and the left hip.

That's it. Yeah. I feel you. Stretching. Good. Come on up. Arch, back and center. Now she's going to hold that bar. Keep the leg straight. She's going to lift this leg three times. Oh, it's heavier than the other. Like on. It's not going very far too, but that's okay. I want to help her whole try to drop your left hand. Nat, can you hold that?

If I were to start to let go and she giggled. Okay. Bend your knee. So again, it's going to feel very heavy, especially the tighter that one side is. Okay, so the knee is down the heels line with her belly button or the right hip, two opposite hip and she'll hold, I didn't have you do your head turn on that side, but that's okay. Pull those ribs in. So what you would want to do is when that leg is straight is turned or head the opposite direction away from the leg. That's just a variation that can, you could have that in there or not and come back up.

Keep your hips still. Don't let that left hip arise with you. You know arch back if you'd like. And Center. Okay, she's getting now straightened her leg. Now her back, she was going to face the ocean. The beautiful ocean that has calmed down. It was very rough earlier. Okay. Take your left hand. Hold the top bar, square off those hips. Good. Pulling up.

Keep those roofs together. Keep your shoulders square and then now longer backward Tar Ben the elbow. So open up here more. There you go. Now reach for me. Stretch. Keep those arms and years together and now come up to gather with the ear. Good switch arms. Get those ribs together.

Stay tall though. Keep the hip from lifting. As you go to bend. Keep dropping that hip. Bend the elbow. Reach away. Scoop and grow tall and switch and over. That's it. She fixed her hip. Bend your elbow. Reach for me.

Keep those that arm close to the air and come back up. Yes, I had one more time up. Get those ribs in. Left hip down. Yes. Rich. Stretch up and lower. She is now going to face the opposite direction cause now she's gonna turn so that the leg is behind her. Yes. So you just want to get it placed where it's comfortable.

And now if you can move your right foot over to the right a little bit. Nevinger turn your left leg in more if you can. Great. All right, hold that. It's not easy. These are tight. Try to drop this hip and just hold, hold, hold. And if you want arch your back, you can, if you don't, you can just go to grab that ankle squaring your hips. Yeah, fall back. It feels really good. Chin towards your chest. Stand tall. Good. Grab your ankle, get a nice stretch heel to your seat, but keep your naval lifting up and your chest open and rest.

Yeah, drop that like, okay. I'm going to have her step out of that. So we're just doing stretch to say you're going to come to the front and put your back against here, your bottom to walk your feet a little bit forward and hip with the part and what I'm gonna have you do is take your arm straight up. She's going to round down, pulling in, keeping your seat against here, and she's going to grab between her legs. There's a bar, he grabbed that bar and you just try to hawk. Now if this is too challenging, you just move your feet forward or you can grab your ankles and hold. No, physics isn't challenging enough. You can shimmy your feet backwards a little bit more.

Just go to where you still have balance and you don't feel like you're gonna do a somersault. Okay. Now to come up, there's some adjusting that has to happen. She has to got to move her feet forward a little bit. Bend your knees and now she's going to go into a back bend and she'll rise to her tippy toes to reach for those bars behind her. She's going to have to kind of push her way back. [inaudible] there might be some noise going back, but that's just that adjustment. Good.

These are some of my favorite, but you have to have a nice lumbar spine now to come up. She lifts her arms, she curls her chin towards her chest. When she pulls in, she drops to a flat foot, walks your feet forward just a little bit. You're going around that or reach inside those legs. Now you could skip that whole back bend and just do this front one. So it really depends on what the body is feeling and capable of.

Good. So I'm gonna have her do two such two more sets just like that and come up, bend your knees. So you let the barrel kind of support your back chest to rise to her toes and kind of push herself back in order to find that not everybody is able to get this far kind of letting those legs hang, eh? Yeah. And now arms will come up, Chin curls, you pull in, you drop to that flat fi you move your feet forward and you round back down. Hmm.

And do stretch. Good. And again, if that's not challenging enough, you walk your feet back. I'll help hold you so you don't do any somersaulting today. She was doing pretty good on her own. Okay. And you're gonna move your feet forward. One last back. Bend good. Bend your knees, stretch back, find the bar and just let yourself kind of thing. Yeah, good that feel good. And Arms Up, Chin last stretch will be down. She'll move her legs back, her feet backwards. Angela's hold.

And just try to relax your shoulders in this, and now she's not going to go into back then, but she'll still need to kind of bend those knees and move your feet forward to start to come up to standing. So she's rounding up now she's going kind of, that's it. Shift your weight forward. Take your arms up, finishing. Bring your feet together, heels together, toes apart, and arms open to the side. Exhaling lower, they arms down. Okay. And she's all loosened up today. All right. Good job.


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Nothing new, sorry. This is definitely meant to be added after a workout because the instructor starts with swan right away.
Dear PA, I'd really like to see a ladder barrel workout with NEW material. A lot of the ladder barrel videos particularly the classical stuff are major repeats. Thank you.'ve seen the last video of Michael King ladder barrel?. It is very interesting and variants to the traditional work that might interest.
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It would be helpful to have some initiaal instruction of how toget the right setting on the barrel for the client
It would be really helpful if she would say what the client should be feeling as they stretch.

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