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Mat Workout

20 min - Class


Counteract the negative effects of sitting with this Mat workout by Brent Anderson. He teaches simple movements that can be at any time of the day so you can get your body moving. He focuses on the restrictions in the thoracic spine, front of the hips, and ankles. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Mat

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So this class is our little 20 to 30 minute class that you could do anytime during the day. You could do part of it. You could do it at work. You could do it at home. Ideally we want y...


Yes!!!! Happy dance
Thanks Brent, as always, simple and to the point. Gotta love that! Happy hokey pokey!
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Thank you Brett! You are a great the q's...and I agree with Lynn on this... simple and to the point! I've watched a couple of your workshops and they are fantastic.
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Brent this is FABULOUS! I feel extraordinary after doing this quick class and will be doing it regularly both myself and with my clients. I cannot wait to take some of these exercises to my office working clients, I just know they will LOVE them!
Thank you for all the positive feedback. I am always working on improving my instruction and facilitation of delicious movement.
All my favorites in one!! I love Brent's workouts! I love a quick, potent workout I can easily do any day! Thanks Pilates Anytime!!! You make my day great!
Thanks Brett. As always a great class :) I'm always want to improve my instruction in the class. Love it :)

Fantastic class- thank you Brent. I have to ask if Hayley is a student in teacher-training, because if so, she is getting the BEST Pilates education ever by some AMAZING master instructors! Well done Hayley!
Yes! Thank you!
Fantastic as always, never considered that the hands were clasped in the double leg kick to open up the shoulders. Thought provoking as always ,thank you brent
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