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Clean and precise movement are what you get in this new Mat workout with Deborah Mendoza. She teaches a Fletcher-style class that works your entire body from your fingertips to your toes. Her detailed cueing and deliberate pace make it easy to follow along.
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Hello. My name is Debra Mendosa and we are here for a mat class of wonderful students with me today, Michelle Mckenna and David. Um, so let's begin starting with the feet together. Just finding the organization through your feet. Let's take four. Just big breaths in reaching the arms out and up and harassing down and again [inaudible] [inaudible] reaching the arms all the way up. Anchor the shoulders and two full breaths to roll down through the spine. Peeling over eh? Yeah. Reaching the fingertips to the floor.

Walking the hands out across the floor. Okay. Oh, but in the hips. Coming down to a plank position and holding here feeling the foot centers. Yeah. [inaudible] feeling the energy and the reach from the heels all the way out through the top of the head. Broaden the collarbone.

Broaden the space between the shoulder blades and really push the floor away from you. One more breath holding here. Yeah, you're on your right leg in. Draw the left leg in. Yeah. Lifting the feet. Tuck your toes under, sending back onto the heels. Roll up through the spine and just warming up the wrist.

Flexing and pressing down. Yeah. Yeah. [inaudible] [inaudible] circling the arms back and up. Contract over place in the hands to the floor, releasing the feet, sitting back towards your heels, rolling up through the spine. Find that organization and only sit in the hips off to the left. Bring your legs around in front of you.

Adjust slightly forward on the mat so there's room for the spine behind you. Lifting nice and tall, growing taller through the spine, out at the top of the head. Contract round in the back and continued to roll yourself all the way down. Adjust the feet slightly closer to yourself so you can feel their feet solidly planted on your mat and take a deep breath in. As you exhale, curl the tailbone, hollowing out the belly.

Actively lengthening through the low belly all the way out through the tailbone and again, curling through the belly and lengthening out. Continue Curling [inaudible] and laying thing long through the tailbone. One last time, finding that curl through the pelvis and reaching it long. Actively working through the low belly, stabilizing the lower spine. Inhale, lifting the arms, stretching the arms overhead towards the floor, reach in the arms up. Press them right down by your size. Just one more time. Lift and stretchy longer from tailbone out through the fingertips and lift and harassing.

Yeah, drawing the legs up to 90 90 really feeling the weight of the legs dropping into the back of the pelvis. You feel that nice and stable pelvis getting ready to go into our hundredths. We'll reach the arms up to the ceiling and exhale, curling forward. Finding your upper contraction, reaching a little bit deeper and lower yourself back to the floor. And again, inhale and exhale, curling forward.

Reaching a little bit more and lowering down curly forward. Going into four. Inhale, four. Exhale, breath pattern and oh, that wasn't for, there we go. Yeah. Inhale for four and exhale four extending the length to the ceiling. Stretch low in your legs, away from you as low as you can. Take them opening up the hips, keeping the nice and long you're on the mat. One more set. [inaudible] deep in the upper contraction reach.

Draw the legs to you and low or down length in the legs, out across your mat, reaching your arms overhead, going into your roll-ups. Reach the arms up, flex the feet lifting, head reaching, looking through the frame of the arms rolling up through the spine, finding that contraction over the legs. Point to roll back, opening up the lower back, lengthening your front of your hips, stretching long across your mat and again, peeling through the spine. [inaudible] point to roll back. Continuing the movement Hointer roll down. Continue that articulation through the spine. Use all the time.

You have to find that stretch across the mat again, arms up, flex, curling forward, peeling up and over through the spy and point to roll back. Opening through the front of the hips and stretching long across the mat last time. Arms up in full and curl hollowing out to reach four and point to roll back. Okay. Reaching all the way open through that why lifting the arms up and open to a t position. Take an extra breath. Feel the width across the collar bone. Broadening the upper back, pressing it into the floor, and going into your leg circles. We'll [inaudible] pay the right leg in, extending it straight up to the ceiling.

Let's reach an out of the hip long and lower it down all the way to the floor. Doing the same thing with the left leg. Drawing it in, finding that placement of the leg right up out of the hip, weighted down into the back of the pelvis and open the hip as you stretch it down again. The right leg draws in, reaching up and lengthen all the way down. One more Drynan exhale. Feel the length through the ribs and reach and drawing the right leg in and extending it up. Leg circles coming across the body around and center.

Reach and center. Reverse that circle. Open around center. Okay. Reach that leg out and all the way down. Left leg draws in and it ah, and across, around to center.

Feel the stability through your standing leg on the floor. Reverse the circle out around and center. Breaching that like, Oh and all the way down. Rolling up. Lift the arms, flex the feet, lifting the head into the frame of the arms, continue that rolling up and over the legs. Contract back, drawing the legs to you, finding your rolling like a ball position.

So really wrapping those legs low onto the legs. Feel that hallway now out in that curve through the spine, up and over. Also feel that three dimensional aspect that out and around from the upper back in the arms wrapping around the legs to hold that position. Okay, here we go. Rolling together, rocking back or all up and balance. Rocking back sits bones to the ceiling pole through the belly to bring you are rocking back. And one more time rocking back and all the way drawing your right leg to you.

Extend the left leg out right into our stomach series. Full breath to switch outside, hand to ankle. Inside Hanton knee. Feel the folding of one hip as you feel the opening of the other [inaudible] with the same organization. Speeding it up. [inaudible] [inaudible] both likes pull to you deep in your upper contraction. Keep that length of the pelvis on the Mat.

Double leg stretch, arms and legs reach. Exhale, pull it all in. Lengthening, open through the hips. Fold and sync that belly. One more reach and pull it in. Right leg up. Left leg out for scissors. Sh switch again. Going into a double breath. Yeah. Yeah.

Last set. [inaudible] both legs up, hands behind the head. Deep in the upper contraction. Flex and lower the legs away point and pulling them up. Reaching open, full to pull up. Keep that going. Really good. Push through the heels.

Fall through the hips to come off. Push through the heels, God bringing the legs to 90 90 deep and that up or contraction. Rotating to the right. Extend the opposite leg out and rotate to the other side, right one more to each side. Coming to center. Place in the hands on the thought Shins. Rock and roll up to a seated position. Stretch the legs forward.

Arms stretch out, flexing. The feet are ready for spine stretch. Here we go. Grow Taller through the spine from the top of the head. Peeling over, articulating the spine. Nice big curve through the spine. Well back through that low belly rolling up, lengthening out the top of the hat.

Inhale, gathering through the sitz bones all the way up through the spine. Peeling it all the way over. Yeah, rolling up. Feeling that lengthening out through the top of the hat. Inhale, lift, stretchy.

Keeping that length and energy through the arms. Rolling up. Open the arms out, finding that nice tee position. [inaudible] and just rotate. Inhale as you go to the right. Exhale back to center and left pulling back to center and Roy and center and and center going into the saw. Rotate three. Exhale, reach a little further, a little deeper. Lengthen up still in your rotation and pull yourself to center and to the left.

Reach Holloway. No over reaching, growing up and center. One more time. Each side. Find that rotation. Ring out that way and stretch the spine. Growing Taller to come to center and reaching. Exhale, get all the air out with the breath.

Roll up, lowering the arms. [inaudible] draw the shoulders up and glide them down. Reaching out through the arms. One more time. Shoulders lift and gliding out. All right, moving into seal, contract back. Draw the legs into a diamond, the Redding, the hands through underneath the ankle.

Okay. Really feel here that your elbows are drawing out against your thighs and at the same time your thighs again are rapping in against the arms to again create that third dimension in the shape of your CEO. Here we go. Rocking back, clap, clip and forward. Rock back and hold. Switch in the hands to the tops of the ankles and extending the right leg out and pull it though. And then both legs together.

[inaudible] reach and that left leg. Extend all the way straight through that knee, both together and in both legs. Extending out. Find that ve holding it here for a moment. Really feel the reach longer through the legs. Sink back through that belly without dropping the spine back.

All right, open leg rocking, rocking back, axial roll up. Find that balance. Oh into that low belly stirrups, those like fun rock back and roll up a neural loveless balance altogether. Here we go. Rocking back and coming up. Oh, let's get one more good one in there. Stretch your back and Pan Balance Ass.

Draw those legs together. Reach those arms long, slow yourself down, opening the arms open to a tee. Position our legs straight up in the air holding here and let's work the fee. Flex the feet and point and flex and point to more flux and point last one and point warming up for corkscrew, rotating the legs and the hips, taking the legs to the right and bring yourself back to center and coming to the left field. The whole rotation of the pelvis. As you come over and center the legs, rotate the pelvis, pull the pelvis back to center, rotate, pulling back. Go ahead, take a moment with the arms up, press the arms open again into the floor. Really making sure as you go into this movement that the upper hemisphere, that shoulder girdle is nice and stable on the floor and rotating the hips to the right, taking the legs to the right, reach them down around and back to find center and reached to the left, out and around, back to find center, rotating through the hips, reach around and center. Last time reach and center.

Just the right leg reaches out and plants down to the floor. So the same rotational element of the pelvis will help us for our advanced leg circle. No, the left leg is reaching up and rotating the pelvis. Aqura leg down. Open out and come up. And sure. One more in this direction. Reverse it. Open out.

Reach it down. Rotate across, pull to center. Turn the pelvis open. Reach, rotate the pelvis, spine center. Last one, rotate. Find Center right leg reaches out to put them up to vertical and the other leg reaches out and plant's down. Hold here for a minute. So being aware, even though we're taking the rotation of the pelvis, that you're holding onto that wearness of midline, that you're not shifting off of it. Just rotating around it. Here we go. And rotate down. Open out, find center, rotate down, open out the center and reverse it. Reach out of the hip. Come across, find center, reaching out of the hip.

Rotate across spine center and open reach across sign center left one. Reach across and center. Reaching that leg out to the floor. [inaudible] reach the arms up, flexing the feet, curled ahead into the frame of the arms and continue to roll up and [inaudible] rolling up to vertical through the spine. [inaudible] draw the legs into you, reaching them around and coming onto your stomach.

[inaudible] moving in to our basic baby swan. So we're going to find extension just through the thoracic spine, not through the entire spine yet. Okay. Here we go. Reaching out through the crown of the head, lifting the sternum to extend up, lengthening and lowering down to the floor. And again, reaching out [inaudible] two more times and lengthening and going into full swan, full extension. So finding the through the entire spine, starting with the head, reaching out and up, lifting the sternum, extending all the way up through the spine and laying the nene to roll yourself all the way back down and again, feeling the turn of the head, the movement through the neck, broad into the collar bone as you come up and link the nene to come all the way down and reaching out, extending up. Hold the Mae here.

Make sure that low belly is pulling in even more. Stretch that sort amount a little bit higher. Inhale, lift, rock forward and heel lift and lift and rock. One more. Lift and rock and lifting up pool from the belly back to a rest position. Feeling the expansion through the sides in the back of the ribs. Hex Heal.

Sink the belly again. Breathe into the back one more time. Yeah, and bringing yourself forward again. Opening the hips pool, lacing your elbows down underneath the shoulders, hands and fists pressing into the floor. Starting with the right leg, single leg kick and we will flex point and reach left side. Flex point and reach at.

Keep it going. Flex point and lengthen out. Keep the lift of the low belly. Broadening the color. [inaudible] when holding here, lengthening down to the floor. Turning your faces at the right cheek is on the floor.

Reach the arms around placing one hand on top of each other, high up on the back, pressing the elbows forward towards the floor so you feel that Nice Perot traction through the shoulder blades working just the upper half of our AA kick. At first we'll take an inhale, lifting the sternum, squeezing the shoulders together, reaching the arms long and turning ahead as you lower down. And again, drawing the shoulder blades. Lift the sternum, stretching open and low rain down. And again, inhale, lift. Feeling the width and the reach and low or down.

Feeling the width between the shoulder blades and reaching. Draw the shoulder blades together, reaching long and lowering down. Adding in the kick. Inhale. First three exhales. Okay, inhale, reach. Three exhales. Yeah.

Okay. Re, one more time. Each side. Kick Paul Paul, end laying thing. Last time. Kick Paul Paul and lengthen. Holding here, releasing the arms. Keep them reaching back.

Circle them out and around. Place the hands right underneath the shoulders. Press yourself back into your rest position. Okay. And again, feeling the breath into the back. Xcel hauling into the belly, and two more breasts last time.

All right. Coming into sidekicks. Let's put the left hip on the mat, bringing the legs slide forward at an angle. Make sure that elbow is right underneath the shoulder. Other hand comes behind the head. Really reaching out long through the spine. Bring the right leg up to a hover and reach it forward. Double breath long.

Exhale as it reaches to the back and, and reach to the back. Keep going. Really feeling the hips stacked. One on top of each other. Sane, stable, and bring the legs together. Turn the top leg out. Take a moment to reinvest. Drawing the underneath side of the rib cage up to feel the length through your sides. Seams and devil a drawing in up flex. Squeeze leg down in, up and squeeze together.

[inaudible] coming up. Reach it up. Keep that top waist long as it comes up. One more time. Sure. And turning the leg back to parallel.

Bringing both legs back so they're in line with your body. Feed her flex marina. Find a side plank position. So lifting through the hips. Begin feeling the length through the side seams with the body. Take an extra breath here, lowering the hips toward the floor, just touching and pull them back up. Lower the hips and pull them back up.

One more time. Lower the hips and bringing them up, lowering the hips to the floor and then drawing those legs and sitting yourself up. Find that side sit position. Really feel that lift through your left side trying to draw a straight line between the hip and your arm pet. Really reach both arms up to the ceiling. Drawing the shoulders down, stretching up and over the legs to the side. Pulsing here. Less set, lifting up, lowering the arms, drawing your legs around to the other side.

Feed. Start forward at that slide angle. Opposite hand behind the head, hovering that top leg and it kicks coming forward and reach to the back and forward. Deep in that hip full. She'll feel the fold of the hip and the opening through the hip. [inaudible] two more times. Grow longer through the body and bring the legs together. Turn the top leg out. Devil, pay in up and squeeze together in, up and squeeze together. Yeah.

Last time. Here we go. Room versa. Coming up and reach out and up, lengthening longer and up and reach out and up and reach out. Turning back to parallel. Press those legs back so they're right in mind. Really make sure here that you're lining up heels, hips, shoulder girdle.

So they're one straight line with each other. As we come to this side plank, standing on the side of your foot. Press those hips up. Create that long line holding it here, making sure you have that line through the midline of the body. Stretching longer and lower the hips to touch the floor and press back out to your line and lower the hips to touch. Pressing last time, stretching and lower drawing the legs and sitting yourself up by not lift on that side. Reaching the arms up. Draw those shoulders down, stretching over the legs and pulsing.

Making sure that you're not collapsing on that underneath side, but you're feeling that length and that lift. Okay, one more set and coming up, lowering the arms, turning the body, extending the legs out. [inaudible] take a big breath up, lifting up out of the back of the pelvis and harassing the arms down and coming up. Press the arms open to a tee position. Relaxing the feet, rotating to the right with a double inhale and exhale, pull to center and Pauline Taller. Grow longer. One more time to each side and center and open and center.

Lowering the arm. [inaudible] contract back, drawing the legs to a 90 90 position. Reaching the arms towards the ankle. Favorite one we've been waiting for. Modified teaser, keeping those legs right where they are. Rolling down through the spine. Circle in the arms, out and around. Rolling it up.

Try not to shift the legs away from you and rolling down. Sure. Circle peeling through the spine. Up to your position. Two more times. Roll one bone at a time. Reaching out.

Gather your space and roll enough. And one more time. Rolling down. Okay. And rolling up. Excellent. Reaching out through the arms, out through the leg.

Full teaser. Open the hips as you roll down, circling out and around. Gather the space. Rural. You're saying Silva and open and, and coming up. And this time we'll roll down to stay for us in the arms up and open to a t position. Okay. Draw both legs into stretching them straight up to the ceiling. Open the legs hip with distance apart and place the feet to the floor, right in line with your sits bones. Ah, nice easy pelvic press. We'll have two breasts. Articulate the spine. Up.

Three breasts to articulate the spine down. Here we go. And curling the hips. Rolling up, creating a nice long line from armpits all the way to kneecaps energy. Reaching out through the knees. Open the throat. Soften that sternum. Roll through the back of the rib cage.

Actively lengthening through the low abdominals to place the tailbone down. And again, curling. Rolling up the three breasts down. Opening the throat, rolling through the middle, back. Stretching law. One more time.

Okay. Bringing the legs back to 90 90 legs right together. Reaching the arms up. Stretch them overhead, circling them around again. Gather your spacing. Roll enough. Right leg will crossing left leg places down. Lift that right arm up and over. Rotating the body.

So we're ready for twist. Okay, so here, anchoring, especially that standing arm, that shoulder blade, back and down, feeling as you come up, that the right hip is going to pull up towards the ceiling. As you dive that arms through and rotating the hips to set yourself back down and coming up to go through and lift to come. Oh and lift to dive and will list and Oh, and to dive through. Let's stay here for breath. Feel that reach of the sits bones off to the ceiling. Deep in that rotation God and rotate the hips to sit back down. Switching to the other side and coming up to dive through and rotate and Oh and ah to dive.

Okay. Last time. Hold it. In this position, she feeling the lift of the sits bones, the rotation through the spine and rotating and opening up. Extending your legs out. Roll yourself onto the stomach, extending the arms forward. Slight v position of the arms opening. Finding The v position of the arm and finding the length through the legs.

Separate the legs also so their hip width distance apart. Going into slow swim. First, reaching out through that right arm, extending through the left leg. Lift to hover and lowering down. So just the left arm and the right leg. Reach to lift. Hover and down. Right arm, left leg. Reach to hover and down.

Left arm, right, like reached a hover. Both arms, both legs reached. Hover holding here. Feeling the length through that lower back. Draw those shoulder blades down. Lengthen to the armpits. Just a little bit more going into our swimming.

[inaudible] keep the length through the body. Two more sets. Last set and lengthen more and lower. All the way down. Draw the legs together. Tuck your toes under. Circle the arms around, placing them right underneath the shoulders.

Keeping the organization through the body. Press yourself up to a plank position. Yeah, and holding it here. Finding again that width of your collarbone, the space between the shoulder blades growing longer out through the top of the head. Lift your hips to the ceiling. [inaudible] walking the hands back towards the feet.

[inaudible] rolling up through the spine or reaching the arms up round. You know, walk in the hands out across the floor. Keep those hips high and then open the hips up to find that plank holding here for a breath. Lower the hips and lift the hips to the ceiling. Walk in, hands back. [inaudible] rolling up through the spine. One more time. [inaudible] walking out.

[inaudible] opening the hips, finding that plank position, holding it here. Really feel nice. And even through the foot centers, the balls of the feet planted the heels right on top of those foot centers feeling and taking that length up through the midline of the body all the way out in the tops of the head. Feel that with even more. Cross the shoulder girdle. Lift the hips to the ceiling, walking the hands back and rolling up through the spines for big breast is reaching out now through the arms. Pressing them down, reaching the arms out in and press last time. Shoulder blade. Slide up and slide down. Shoulder Blade slider and slide down.

Plea I keeping the arms low. Easy breath. Inhaling. Exhale. One more breath. Feeling their breath expand through the body and exhaling all the way. Oh, thank you guys.

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Looks great, can't wait to do this tonight
Very clear instructions.That was the smoothest transition into crab I`ve ever done! Deborah's reminders about opening/straightening/stretching/li fting etc were all beautifully timed with the movement. Humbling to think pushing up from floor to plank position is considered well within the level 2 repetoire. Still not there.

I had not done a mat class in a while, focusing on equipment, but this was great - the cueing, flow and pace were just perfect to get me back in the swing of mat work :)
2 people like this.
It is a good week for Fletcher Pilates on PA! New Diane Severino videos and now Deborah Mendoza! I am so excited!! This is a beautiful class!
Lovely class with nice flow. Enjoyed this very much.
Divine. Meditative, yet sweaty! :)
Such a great representation of the Fletcher Mat work. Thank you so much.
Love a good transition - there were many in this workout:)
This work out has beautiful transitions!
great ideas for transitions
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